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All the Queen's Horses

In 2012, Crundwell was arrested as the largest municipal fraud perpetrator in the nation's history, embezzling upwards of $50 million as the comptroller and treasurer of Dixon, a city in the heart of Illinois. Rita Crundwell became one of the nation's leading quarter horse breeders, traveled the world, and threw lavish parties, all while forcing staff cuts, police budget slashing, and leaving public infrastructure in disrepair. All the Queen's Horses aims to illuminate this landmark case and bring to light the blatant negligence of auditors and bankers the public relied on to keep their tax dollars safe.

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Sharon H. photo
Sharon H.

In 1982, the British government passed the Protection of Scotland Bill, which protected Scotland from being part of the United Kingdom. That didn't sit well with a group of Scottish nationalists who were unhappy with being a part of the British Empire. So the nationalists put together an independence referendum, but the British government refused to let them vote. The separatists then attempted to hold a referendum on the referendum results, but the British government refused to allow it to happen. Eventually the separatists agreed to vote, but the government in Scotland and the British government in London decided they wouldn't allow it to happen. That all changed when a group of Scottish nationalists and the English called themselves the Scottish National Party. It was the start of what would become known as the Scottish Independence Movement. The separatist referendum won, but the separatists never lost control of Scotland. The story of the Scottish independence movement and what led to independence for Scotland is very interesting. It's also one of the more complicated stories I've seen about the British government trying to prevent an independent Scotland. This movie was written and directed by Andrew McDonald, who also directed the Oscar-nominated The Fisher King. The two films are different in tone, but both focus on the importance of British nationalism. I recommend this movie, but I recommend it for people who don't care about the history of the British government and want to watch a movie that's entertainment.

Juan Hunt photo
Juan Hunt

This is the most moving and most compelling documentary I've ever seen. I went into it with a very low expectation, and it exceeded my expectations. I was moved by the story of the people involved, the ability to communicate with the animals, and the beauty of the film. It is truly a story of hope and the power of love.

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Jesse W.

This film is a lot like the documentary "In the land of the blind, the one eyed, and the king's horses." While some of the subjects in the documentary were, for the most part, innocent, you do end up feeling like they were really guilty of something. It's just a shame the camera-work was terrible. I would recommend this film if you want to learn a little more about a controversial subject, but if you want to learn how a person who is not a parent actually got hurt by their child, skip this film.

Gerald Keller photo
Gerald Keller

I don't think this documentary could be more appropriate. To all those who feel that this film was inadequate, this documentary will certainly stir up your emotions. It is the human story of the phenomenal quest to secure a horse named Henry, who was stolen from a boarding farm in the early 1950's, and who has been since re-homed. It shows the many twists and turns of the quest, and the various resources that have been used, ranging from 'real' good luck to magic. The final decision, which ultimately secured Henry for the horse to live and to be trained, is incredibly moving. The cast is made up of real horse owners, owners who had to 'win' their horse, trainers, and other people who had to work tirelessly to get their horse. I personally feel the film is more than adequate. If I had to choose, I'd definitely pick the documentary. The trailer for the documentary was highly misleading, and I felt that the editing of the film in the trailer was pretty poor. I don't think this was the case. However, the trailer for the documentary was very interesting. It showed the process of how they decided on which horse to take on the journey. I would highly recommend that you watch it. The film itself is very well-made and does not disappoint.

Amber Arnold photo
Amber Arnold

The day the Queen left for the countryside, some thought it would be the end of the union. Others thought she would bring her country to a new age of progress. But, in the end, it was merely a goodbye to the Empire and the monarchy, while leaving the economy of Britain as the biggest for the time. As the long march of time comes to an end, many people are left to wonder about what happened. But the BBC made the documentary that many thought would change their views, but this documentary also holds up its end. It begins by showing the American revolution and the King's acceptance of it. However, the first part of the documentary doesn't follow the revolution and instead follows the Queen, the 1776 revolution and the growing of her empire. This documentaries looks at the union between England and Scotland and how the union was formed. The first thing you need to know is that the union between England and Scotland is different from the union between the U.S. and the U.S.A. The two countries fought a civil war between them, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was formed in 1921. The documentary shows the Queen visiting the memorial to the American revolutionaries and she sees the one-person-one-vote in the U.S. Constitution. She doesn't have a good time with it, but once the revolution ends and they come to terms with the two countries, she can come to terms with it. After the Revolution, she deals with the economy and the impact it had on her country. She deals with the nuclear attacks on London, the people's protest and how she dealt with it. She deals with her duty to the nation and the relationship between England and Scotland. She also deals with the population that she was forced to leave behind. And the movie ends with the Queen returning to her country and the relationship between England and Scotland. I'm not sure why people say the film was a documentary. I think it was more a documentary about the Queen's relationship with England and her relationship with the country. She dealt with the economy, she dealt with the revolution, she dealt with the problems between England and Scotland. So, the documentary only showed the Queen's relationship with England. However, this documentary showed many aspects of her life that you didn't think were true. The film did show her relationship with the people in England, her relationship with her country and her relationship with her people. This documentary is really good because it shows what made the Queen of England. It shows the problem that was present between England and Scotland, her relationship with the people in England and her relationship with her people. It also showed her decision to give up her British identity and the effects that she had on the country. This documentary is also worth seeing. It's not as long as it should be, but it's worth seeing.

Paul Phillips photo
Paul Phillips

After the release of a documentary that made its audience angry, the cast and crew of Queen's 'Rolling Stone' decided to take a closer look at the filming of the Rolling Stone cover story, and what it took to make it happen. It was all too raw to be handled by the screen. The cast and crew had to deal with the new town of Davenport, Iowa, where they were filming. The documentary addresses the right way to handle a raw subject, and how well the cast and crew handled it. With a lot of raw footage, the film provides a unique look at the movie-making process. It is the most honest look at what it takes to make a cover story in the modern era. It is a very revealing documentary, and hopefully it will raise awareness and ask the question, 'what can we do to fix the injustice?'

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Larry H.

This is a documentary about the working conditions of the World's largest pig farmers in the United Kingdom. They are called Hogwills and their operation consists of raising 1,000 head of swine and harvesting the meat for the local markets. It is the largest agricultural operation in Britain and we see the slop churning its way through the lower rows of the hogwills. The employees are not used to the conditions of modern day agriculture and they talk openly about their high rates of stress and short hours. Most of the cast are either in or around the industry and many are expats. I really enjoyed the experience of being on the set of a pig farm. The filmmakers did an excellent job of filming the everyday lives of the Hogwills and making the audience feel as though they were there. As a documentary, it was well done. As a documentary, it is not. This is not the best film about the industrialization of pig farming. It is not a documentary that anyone would want to see. If you are a pig farmer or a pig lover, it's not for you. You are better off watching the documentary by yourself. It's not easy to watch but you will be better off.

Evelyn B. photo
Evelyn B.

I saw this movie at the very last screening I saw it at. If you have seen it you know what I'm talking about. I actually read the book and enjoyed it as well. I enjoyed the story and how it was told. The concept of taking an audience to a live version of a children's book and trying to adapt the story is a concept that can never be duplicated. The director took the idea to the extreme to capture the attention of the audience. The entire movie was like a real live show, filmed on location in Utah. The actors, and the location in general captured the feel of the book. The actors acted in a real live way that drew the audience into the movie. I believe that one of the most important elements of any movie is the story. The movie did a great job capturing the essence of the story, and that of it's source material. My only complaint would be the ending. I think it was a great concept to end the movie on a "T", but it was not necessary. This movie was made for children and I believe that they should be able to enjoy it.

Jordan S. photo
Jordan S.

This is a very interesting and entertaining documentary about the world's largest horse breeding facility, where the horses are bred for sale. It's a great way to get a look at how the horses are raised, how they are raised, and how they are sold. The documentary features the owners of the facility, as well as other people who have a personal interest in the horses. This is a must see documentary.

Jose Franklin photo
Jose Franklin

This movie was very disappointing. I have no clue why they did not even try to adapt this idea into a good movie. I'm sure that the idea of a young man doing the knight thing and also getting promoted was cool, but what was with the cat in the movie? There were many other points in this movie that made me think that maybe they did not even really understand what the point of the movie was. The film could have been a lot better if they would have just given this idea a good try. There are a lot of great things about the movie, but unfortunately this one is a poor addition to the film. This was an excellent idea, it would have been great to have made a great movie out of it. But instead they just ruined it by not even trying.

Tiffany photo

I was really surprised with this documentary. I have been a big fan of the Queen since I was a child. I remember when I first saw the TV show, I was so excited. I was expecting to see the Queen sing, dance, and play a guitar. I was so disappointed. This documentary shows what life was like for the Princess and the rest of the family. There are some beautiful moments, and I can't wait to see the final concert. The documentary also shows how they made the film. It was an amazing production, and I am so glad they did not make the film with the Queen's voice in it. I was so surprised at how good the film was. The film is also about the press. They interviewed people who knew the Queen, and they did not have any negative feelings towards her. This documentary also shows the press reaction to the Queen's death. The press loved the film, and the press loves the Queen. The Queen herself was surprised at the number of positive comments the film received. The documentary was very informative, and I recommend it to anyone.

Phillip Day photo
Phillip Day

I've watched this documentary about the end of the world, and it is very well done. You can easily tell that the film makers put a lot of effort into it, and it is easy to see why this documentary has received so much praise. The film makers do a great job of showing the differences in opinion and the passion of the people who want to make a difference, and the people who want to make the change, but don't. There is also a lot of information about how to get involved in the cause, and how to become involved, and how to become more involved. The documentary really makes you want to do more, and it really makes you want to be a part of the change that is needed, and I really hope that the people involved with this documentary do more for the world.

Carolyn S. photo
Carolyn S.

This movie is just about the truth. I was told by a friend that this is a documentary but I wasn't sure. I have been in a couple of prisons and I know about this stuff. I found this movie to be very informative and very moving. I was on the edge of my seat. This is not a movie about the guards. I thought the movie would be a little boring. But it wasn't. I was very impressed with the way they documented the stories of the prisoners. I was also very impressed with the way the guards were portrayed. The guards were portrayed as people who are really good people. I thought that they were very honest with the prisoners. This movie was very educational and very moving. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Dylan photo

I really enjoyed this documentary. The story it tells about the granddaddy's (Jack) and the young (Ashley) horses is something we should be seeing more of. The horse scenes, the interviews with trainers, the personal testimony, and the unique chemistry between Jack and Ashley are what make this film great. I am a big fan of the horse racing genre. This is a must see. For the race fans who do not care about the horses, this documentary will make you think. You should go to the movie and get all the details that you need to know. This is a must see documentary.

Eugene photo

This movie was written by (Gregory Hines) who had previously written the book, and yet he managed to totally ruin it. This is a great film about how the kingdom was founded and what it is today, but also the story of the King and Queen. A complete waste of time and the quality of the film is horrible. I'm surprised that a director like Greg Hines (director of the movie, that was produced by some small budget) got involved in such a project. I hope he never works in the future. I can't believe that he got a budget to do a movie like this. The visuals are great, but the story is horrible.

Eric R. photo
Eric R.

As I watched this film, I was mesmerized by the sheer size and scale of this project. This film should be required viewing in every high school biology class. The sheer scale of the project and the audacity of the people involved is astounding. I was impressed by the way the project was done, and I am glad that the project was able to be completed. I applaud the students for their efforts. The students were so dedicated and committed. I was so impressed by the way the students handled the project. I will certainly be watching this project again. I will definitely be recommending this film to my students and teaching them how to do a project like this. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has a passion for science. I have seen this film several times and will continue to watch it.

Nathan O. photo
Nathan O.

I always thought that there was something wrong with the US. The only reason it seemed so bad to me is that I was also in Europe and saw it on TV. But, in fact, I was wrong. In America, the weather is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the people in general are good. When the film was over, my husband said "it was like watching the whole country". It was a little too naive and predictable, but I don't mind. The US is a country which does not want to make mistakes, and many things which I've heard the US is "tolerant of" are, in fact, nothing but a weakness. I hope that more people will see this documentary, and maybe, in the end, things will improve. But, I'm sure, there will be more problems and people will be angry. If you've never been to the US, and you want to learn more about it, do yourself a favor and watch it. You won't be disappointed.

Daniel photo

This documentary is absolutely fantastic. I am a great fan of the series, and I'm glad to have seen it all in its entirety. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who has not seen it yet, as it has a lot to offer.

William H. photo
William H.

The subject is a story that would have shocked any child of the 50's. On the contrary, its value lies in its fascination. The story is not only an expression of freedom and self-determination but of a unique love between two people, always. The first film deals with the historic event of the British defeat at Waterloo in 1815. The second film deals with the story of two people who have not met, but of the course of their lives together. This allows us to observe the love that is built between the two people and is the source of the impact of the movie. In fact, the first film tells the story of a love that is far from love. The second film tells the story of a love that is far from love, but it is love that can change lives, and lives. The second film is as much a story of courage and creativity as it is a story of the achievements of two people who were not in love, but who cared about each other and for their love to grow. It is about the acceptance of difference and the courage to be who you truly are. The story of the two people is one of the most important in all of history. The film opens with the meeting of two people who will change the lives of generations. Although the story is based on a true event, it is not a biography. It is a true story. The main character is a man, who was at the time of Waterloo, a hero in the British army, but he is not a hero. He was a prisoner of war and he was taken prisoner by the French and made a slave. That, of course, is the story. The story is a little far-fetched, but that is the story. The French captors are shown as the worst barbarians of history, and the American colonizers are shown as the best of the best. A friendship developed, a love and respect that never faded, and a complete transformation of the two people who had never met, but who were the ones who were closest to each other. This is a film about two people who have never met but whose love was such that their lives would never be the same. In a similar way, the love between the two people in the movie, King George VI and Lady Henrietta Kemble, and the love between the two people in the real story are so great that they will never be the same.

Alice R. photo
Alice R.

My husband is a 'huge' fan of The Beatles. I have never heard of them, but am interested in their music, and their career. It was really interesting to see the difference between the Beatles and the Stones. As well, it was funny to see the car show and some of the things they were doing there. I also thought that it was very amusing to see how many celebrities there were there. I thought that the most interesting part was that the celebrities, while they were there, told us the story of how they met, who they were, etc. I was impressed with the person who had the most wonderful story. I really liked seeing the Car show, and I think that it is one of the best shows out there, if you like cars. The show is entertaining, and I think that it was well done. I would recommend it to anyone who is a Beatles fan. A lot of people did not like this movie because it was not Beatles related, but I thought it was very entertaining and interesting. My husband thought that the movie was well done, and that it was well worth the price of admission. I thought that the movie was very well done, and it was very well done. I would recommend this movie to anybody, regardless of what type of Beatles fan they are. I would rate this movie a 7 out of 10.

Eugene Reynolds photo
Eugene Reynolds

It was a great film. The narration was amazing. I really appreciated the sense of time and place, and the use of the theater and setting. The story of the film was very moving. The film also showed the tragedy of the cancer. It was a very well done film. It was very emotional and I would recommend this film to anyone who is thinking of seeing a documentary film.

Eugene Holland photo
Eugene Holland

What an amazing film! I saw it last night and I am still thinking about it. I have never heard about this documentary before but I am so glad I saw it. It is a must see! I have been listening to this documentary for a long time and I have never been able to understand how the British government was able to convince the British public that the Arabs were terrorists. The people in this documentary were the most honest and objective I have ever seen. I am now convinced that the British government is the most corrupt and corrupt government in the world. It is my opinion that the British government has no intention of seeing this documentary and I am very proud that I was able to see it and learn from it. I hope this documentary is able to change the world and make the world a better place. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this documentary. I am so grateful.

Daniel K. photo
Daniel K.

I am so pleased to have found a great documentary on the horse racing industry. I am a horse lover and this movie was very informative. I was shocked to see how the industry has changed over the years, and I can only imagine how much it has changed since I was a child. I have been a horse lover since I was a little girl, and it is good to see the good things that have happened to the horse racing industry. I have seen some documentaries that were not that great, but this was a great documentary. I am glad that there are still people like Bill Foster, who are dedicated to the horse racing industry. He is a true inspiration to the horse lovers. This movie is a great way to learn about the racing industry, and I can recommend it to anyone who is a horse lover.

Tyler photo

In the 70's I worked in a theater where we used to play all kinds of movies to the audience. When I worked in this movie theater I had never seen a movie that was actually shot in color. It was an experiment to see how far we could go in our film making. After this experiment was over we became friends and went back to the movies. After seeing this movie I realized the greatest thing about it was the fact that no one can take the shine off of a good movie. After seeing it you will want to share it with your friends and family. This movie can be a little hard to watch for some people but is not that bad. It's about a group of students that are making a movie. They have some extra funds and are shooting the movie on the streets of the city of Philadelphia. The film director is an intelligent young man who has a good relationship with his father. The main actors are the students, people who were in the theater when the movie was being shot. One of the actors is named Daniel Heys and he was a successful actor before he got into this movie. The film is filmed on location at the train station, the zoo, and the library where the students hang out. The only problem with this movie is the production values. The quality is not great. The film looked great and it was interesting to see the actors on location but it's not a movie that you will see again.

Gregory Gray photo
Gregory Gray

Porn movie aficionado and part-time driver Joe Felter comes across his old buddy and the old jockey who won him his first Golden V-spots. When he got his V-spots, he set about visiting all the original owners. And when he goes to visit his old boss, she has new paperwork that has been signed. But Joe finds out that his boss was murdered by her husband, who was a corrupt cop, who died of a heart attack. He is not sure if the one who is trying to kill him is one of the original owners or the new one, who wants to take the V-spots. At one point, when he was looking through old photos, he found that the head of the horse-loving family was still alive and well. When Joe had his old pal come back to get the information he had missed, they found out that the old man's wife had been killed by a new owner. When he talked to the wife, she revealed that she had been faking it all these years because she had to make a living. So now Joe is out to find out who the new owner is, to find out who the family is, and to get his own hands on his old boss' papers. As Joe digs through old documents and old photos, he finds out that he has been tricked by someone who claimed to be a horse-owner. A man named Billy Linetti claims to be a horse owner, and tells Joe to put his name on the paperwork, in order to get his V-spots back. Joe, not knowing who Billy Linetti is, initially believed him. But when he finds out that Billy Linetti has been writing to his old pal Joe, he confronts him with the information that he knows that Billy Linetti is trying to kill him. He confronts Billy Linetti in his house, with Joe's camera. Billy Linetti tries to shut Joe up, but he reveals that he really is Billy Linetti. So Joe finally gets his V-spots back. As he makes his way back home to see his old boss, he finds out that the new owners are the very people who killed his old boss. The man that Billy Linetti killed, has found a new owner, who wants his V-spots back. Joe eventually finds out who Billy Linetti is, and who is behind the assassination of his old boss. This is a great documentary, that also has lots of interesting facts about the porn industry, and lots of juicy juicy facts about what happens behind the scenes. The documentary is in French, but it is well worth the time to see.

Alice photo

I watched this on Netflix, which was one of the only ways I could actually watch this film, as it was on a par with a movie with much bigger budgets and/or production values. I'm not going to say it was good, because I don't think it was. I can't see what it was trying to be. A documentary on the whole Royal family, the film is kind of a one-sided portrait of them, and it is in fact very stereotypical of the monarchy. However, I did like the occasional pep talk. The film does also seem to take a lot of pot shots at the Royal family, while also not being as critical as some of the other royal biographies out there. However, I would say that the filming, which was admittedly expensive, was all well put together, with decent camera-work and the two main actors did a fine job. I don't know if I would say it was worth it, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in monarchy, and to those who are into the monarchy in general.

Russell photo

It's not a brilliant documentary, but a true story is always a good thing. The very next day I found out the cast is much more popular and important than they would have told you on the day of release, which makes this film even more powerful. The documentary covers the first seven years of Prince Charles' reign and how he rose to become the most powerful monarch in the world. The film is incredibly entertaining and insightful, showing how this man rose from humble beginnings to become the world's most powerful monarch and how his advisors helped him accomplish his remarkable goals. The film is visually stunning and includes some interesting things like an interview with Prince Charles' family and friends, his eldest son's trip to Iraq, and the Prince of Wales, played by Matthew Macfayden. The film also includes clips of Charles' conversations with Princess Diana and when he became King. There are some fascinating clips of Charles telling the world what it is like to be king and what he would do in the event of a war. He also reveals his real name, details about the monarchy, and how the monarchy affects his life. It is also interesting to hear how Charles and Diana both thought that the Queen would love him, but later that day it became clear that it was an entirely different story. I enjoyed this documentary very much and would recommend it to anyone who has ever had a monarch at the helm of their government. Charles gets the credit he deserves for how he rose to be the world's most powerful monarch.

Maria D. photo
Maria D.

I just got back from the screening of this film and was very impressed. The film is a very important part of the history of Britain, and I believe that this film will be a great educational tool for all ages. The film is a must see for anyone who wants to know more about the history of Britain. It is very informative and extremely well done. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the history of the UK. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the history of Britain.

Harry J. photo
Harry J.

This is the documentary that my mother asked me to watch at Christmas. It's a movie for all ages that tells the story of how a highly-respected and skilled rider was murdered. I enjoyed it immensely. We will see in the future. My mom didn't want me to go into detail, and she was adamant about not showing the interviews with the lawyers. However, I think that if the movie has any strengths, it is its very easy-to-watch script. It's definitely an emotional film, and I think the audience will get a good sense of the people involved in the investigation. There's a good amount of evidence on file, including both DNA and other evidence that's not readily available. In the interview clips, we see the events that led up to the murder, and there are some twists and turns. The interview clips of the witnesses are not presented, and that could be a detriment to some, as it might diminish their credibility. However, I think the interviews were excellent, and I think this is the movie that my mother requested to see. It was worth the price of admission.

Madison photo

With a hint of hope for the future, "The Queen's Horses" (2017) is a beautiful documentary by Director Richard Harris. The film was shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland and features interviews with people and events that took place during the Great Depression. A lot of the events were related to the horse racing industry. It's a fascinating look at a time in history that we may never forget. "The Queen's Horses" is a very entertaining documentary that is a lot of fun. It's a very personal look at one of the most important historical moments in the world. I highly recommend it. I think it's a great documentary that I will watch again. I'm a fan of Richard Harris, he's always been a talented filmmaker. I think he's one of the best. He's one of the most interesting filmmakers in the world today. He's a genius!

Hannah photo

The film is a good example of what could be done in the "new documentary" style. It starts with a look at the work of the BBC's "Muse" program, which is a great showcase of some of the best images from the recent past. The first half of the film is dedicated to the interview with the artist, while the second half is a look at the various documentaries he's done, which range from the late 60's to the early 80's. I liked the interviews with the artists and the way the filmmakers used clips from his work. The music is also really interesting. The movie is an important reminder that there is a lot of work to be done by artists to get recognized by the general public. It's also a reminder that it's not always the music that sells, it's the art that sells.

Jerry C. photo
Jerry C.

This film is one of those films that was great to watch, and to think about afterwards. Not only was the film made by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, but the story is a true one of the history of the late 1800s, and of course of the Royal Family. The film is of course about the Windsor Family. It is a great story, and a very informative one. I think that it is good to watch this film to understand what the film is about, and what the film is not. This film is not about the history of the family, but about the Queen's personal life, and how she lives. The film shows the Royal Family, but it is more about the Queen's personal life, and the personal relationships that she has. The film does not show the Queen's private life, but what she does with her time. She is a very busy woman, and when she does go on her private time, it is mostly with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and her children. It is a very personal story of the Queen, and of the way she lived, and the way that she is remembered, and of the way that she is remembered.

Bryan Vargas photo
Bryan Vargas

This is a well-made documentary that doesn't make many concessions to the viewer. The cast and crew, while they make a point of talking about their personal experiences with the work, keep the focus on the film itself. The film is definitely one of the most well-made documentaries I have seen in a long time. The film covers many aspects of the project and the difficulties the filmmakers had with the law. One of the main points that the filmmakers make is that the project was a bit of a cross-border affair because the French and the British government wanted to do something that they hadn't done before. It's a fascinating story, one that I wouldn't mind seeing again. 8/10

Elizabeth M. photo
Elizabeth M.

The Queen's Horses is a documentary that examines the people who have worked tirelessly for many years to bring the dream of a Queen's Horse back to life. While many of the people interviewed in the film have dedicated their lives to the cause, they all have some interesting stories and facts to tell. The film takes us on a journey through London, Scotland and the English countryside and has interviews with a wide variety of people, including many horses. The film is not about the horses but the people who have worked tirelessly to bring the dream of a horse back to life. There is a great deal of humor and enjoyment to be had from the documentary. The documentary is an absolute must see for all horse lovers.

Jose photo

I'm not a horse person. I know a bit about horse racing, but that's all I know. But the movie is great. It shows that horse racing is much more than just a sport, it is a way of life for the people who participate in it. It is a very beautiful film. The horses are very beautiful. The scenery is wonderful, and the music is wonderful. The movie is so moving and it will bring you to tears. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is about the love of horses and the importance of them. And the people who love them. I can't recommend it highly enough. It is a must see. It will bring you to tears.

Nathan photo

We have heard the old saying, "Be good to each other." But what about "be good to God"? This film explores that theme in a compelling way. The subjects of the film, all Christians, each come to a point in their life when they realize they are being forced to choose between God and their own well-being. The viewer will be gripped by the conflict between their own personal beliefs and their personal values. The moral issues involved are those that are most important to each of us, and this film captures the challenge with courage and integrity. I have never before seen a film that has touched me so deeply. My friends have all expressed that they are drawn to the film. I have never been so touched. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to see it. I encourage everyone to see it. It is a powerful, uplifting, and beautifully acted piece of work.

Jack Smith photo
Jack Smith

It is a brave move to create a documentary that is more about a story than about a person. The movie is like a montage of many stories about the Queen and her children. The majority of them are very entertaining and engaging. The stories are interspersed with the same actress that is in the movie as a prop and the most interesting story is about the Queen's children. I thought that the documentary did a very good job in that it was very clear about the Queen and her children. The Queen herself, of course, is the most interesting part of the documentary. This is a great movie to see and to listen to.

Helen photo

In 2007, when the world was stunned by the shooting of Theo van Gogh, there were also those who blamed the Catholic Church. For those who didn't have to think, the Catholic Church in Holland had just sent the Dutch equivalent of the "Rocky Horror" and a group of "death to the Catholic Church" leaflets to its members. But the film shows that the Catholic Church wasn't the main reason for the killings. Some of the killings had a religious element, such as the killing of the "Anon" girl, who had tried to help a friend who had been abused. The film also shows that a group of angry Catholics called "Nieuwe Ruhrgebouw" (Anti-Ruhrgebouw) decided to launch a campaign to try to stop the filming of the movie. The film shows that, although the Catholic Church was behind the killings, they were not the main reason. There were a number of reasons that people could have had to be angered by the film, but the most common were the statements that Van Gogh made about the Jews and the movie's portrayal of the Dutch nobility. Those who would have been angry by the film have been. And the film has also been condemned by Dutch historians, who see it as a "nonsense" (Dutch: "Nonsense") that simply did not exist in the time. The Dutch have been fascinated with the "Queen's Horses" story for some time now. And it is also interesting that the film is set in Holland. Many people outside of Holland have been fascinated with the story of the "Queen's Horses". And this film is the first to really give a good account of the story.

Albert photo

This documentary is a welcome addition to the collection of documentaries about the monarch's horses, which usually is a collection of songs, re-enactments, or other visual aids. I especially liked this film because it was truly about horses and the animals that they are working to make people's lives better, and not just the song and dance versions of the queen's speeches. This film is not only about horses, but also about the history of the royals and their involvement in horse breeding, which has now become one of the world's largest businesses. The documentary is very well produced, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of horses.

Amber photo

It's one of those things where the documentary that's right on, but the information itself is still more compelling than the documentary itself. It's a common phenomenon, as in: a documentary that's really good, but the information that's presented isn't really that great. There are a few examples in here, but there are a lot of documentaries that are better than this one. But it's still a great documentary. If you're interested in this subject, go for it.

Kelly R. photo
Kelly R.

The documentary is a must for anyone who has ever loved a horse. This film was made with the love of a friend and family. The love and sacrifice this film took to get made is amazing. This film is a reminder that there is a lot of love and kindness out there and that everyone has a different experience of the world and that all races and other races are not the same. I truly loved this film and hope it will be released on DVD.

Mark M. photo
Mark M.

At the time, I was a kid. I saw the film on television, and loved it. It was great for me. The young actors are superb, and the film has a realistic look. I loved the horse-drawn carriage. It is very realistic. It has a beautiful film-noir feel. I just hope that the film will get a DVD release, because I really loved it when I was a kid.

Christopher photo

I'm not going to say much about this film because it's not really about the documentary. It's more about the people involved. For the most part, this film is about the horse. The horse and the horse trainer. For the horse, the trainer and the film maker. It's about the emotional attachment that people have to horses. It's about the isolation and the emotional struggle that they go through. The horse is used to show the people how to live a horse life. The trainer is there to make them understand that they are not like the horses, they are just people. I think it's a good film. It's not the most successful, but it is a good film. I recommend it.

Bobby Stone photo
Bobby Stone

I recently watched this film on HBO. I found it to be a very enjoyable documentary that covered a variety of topics from the environmental aspects of the film to the social aspects. It is a very well made film and does a good job at covering a variety of issues that we all care about. It also touches on issues that are not often discussed in films. The documentary covers the environmental aspects of the film, including the use of horse manure, the pollution of rivers and lakes, the use of horse manure in making soap, the use of horse meat in many different dishes, and the use of horse meat as an ingredient in many processed foods. The social aspects of the film are the way that the film was shot and the way that the director was able to convey the issues that the filmmakers were trying to raise. The director, Menno Meijer, was able to present the issues in a way that was understandable and understandable to a wide audience. The director was able to convey the issues to the audience in a way that was not preachy or very academic. The director also was able to use many different sources to present the issues that the filmmakers were trying to raise. The documentary also includes interviews with many people that are involved in the film, and they also give their opinions on the issues that were covered in the film. The film also includes the opinions of many people that were not involved in the film, but they still gave their opinions on the issues that were covered in the film. I think that this film was well worth seeing. I highly recommend it.

Kyle A. photo
Kyle A.

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. I read the book and I've seen the movie and I just can't believe how good they are. I have watched the movie twice and I'm already thinking of the next time I watch it. It is a very honest and compelling story about how one family dealt with the loss of their horses and how they dealt with it. The movie really captures the feeling of what it was like to lose a horse in such a way that you would never want to be a part of. I am so glad that they are making this movie. It really makes you feel the pain and how much the loss affected the family. I was so moved by the movie and it has really made me think about the loss of horses and how it affects a family. It really gives you an idea of how much it affects families. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about the topic. I am so glad that they are making this movie and I hope they will make more of these movies.

Michelle J. photo
Michelle J.

I found this film very interesting. I liked the fact that it was based on a true story, and it showed a side of the American culture that I thought was seldom shown. I also liked the fact that the film was very well done. I thought the director did an excellent job at capturing the American culture and how it affects the people who live in it. The soundtrack was also very interesting. The film also shows the main people and places in the American culture, including the main ones. The film also shows the small towns and farms in America. I found the music to be very interesting, especially the "Texas" song. I also liked the film. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the American culture.

Beverly R. photo
Beverly R.

The movie is wonderful and a true story about a young boy who was abused by his stepmother. The movie is a must see for any parent. I am a mother of two boys and a few other children. I have to say that the movie was so real. The story was very sad. I cried so hard. I want to see this movie again. I am glad to see the director did not show the abuse or the stepmother. I hope that this movie will get some more recognition. I also want to say that the actors were great. They did an excellent job and the actors were real. The stepmother is a very strong woman and the stepson was very well behaved. I recommend this movie to all parents. I hope that the movie will be nominated for a best picture award. I also hope that the movie will get some more publicity. I want to see more movies like this. I think that the movie is a real story about a great man and the abuse he suffered.

Michelle Cruz photo
Michelle Cruz

This documentary tells the story of the last 50 years of the British monarchy. It covers the events that have shaped the British monarchy, from the rise of the monarchy in the 19th century to the current situation. The film focuses on the three main events of the British monarchy: the coronation of Queen Victoria, the coronation of King George VI and the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The film is extremely interesting and insightful. It shows how the monarchy has changed over time, and how important the monarchy is to the British people. The film is not as informative as it should be, but it does provide a great insight into the history of the British monarchy.

Aaron W. photo
Aaron W.

The documentary is a nice piece of work. It's the kind of thing that's going to be hard to forget. It's a bit hard to understand at first but the more you watch it, the more you understand. I'm a little bit confused at the end. What was that about? It's a little bit confusing but I'm going to give it a 7/10.

Brittany Owens photo
Brittany Owens

I've been a big fan of Andy Warhol for quite some time. I think his work was revolutionary. I think he was one of the most innovative artists of the 20th century. I love his compositions and the way he made films. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that. I've never really had a strong interest in the art of photography, but the documentary of Andy Warhol's photography classes was a refreshing change. I really love the way they used video and sound as tools to communicate his methods. I really enjoyed it. I think Andy Warhol and his crew were a few of the best instructors in the world. One thing that I really liked about this documentary was how much detail was put into the classes. It was great to see a glimpse into a world that Andy Warhol created. This documentary was a great film, but if you're just looking for the latest Andy Warhol documentary, I would definitely suggest "Andy Warhol: Hollywood Portraits."

Karen W. photo
Karen W.

This documentary about a movie has some really great interviews. For example, it includes a number of the cast and crew of the movie. It also includes a number of actors who were involved with the production of the movie. For example, it includes the movie's producer, the movie's director, the writers, the cinematographer, the sound editors, and the editor. It also includes a number of actors who worked on the movie. For example, it includes the film's stars, the movie's director, and the movie's writer. The interviews are pretty interesting. There are some very interesting things in the interviews. I particularly enjoyed hearing from the director of photography, who was also involved with the production. He was kind of amazed at how he was able to make the movie look so good. The director also talked about his efforts to make the movie look as good as possible. This film is very interesting, especially for those of you who are interested in film history and filmmaking.

Johnny D. photo
Johnny D.

This documentary is great for all of us! Well, as for me it is better than the original because it is the true story! This is a family-friendly documentary about a family of five horses and their unbelievable adventures. It is a real drama and is filmed very well. The actors were great. It was wonderful. My favorite scene is when they are in the circus and I saw that two of the horses have a heart attack and are obviously dying. The pain was so intense! I thought this was a great documentary. Well, as for me it is a better story because it is a true story. It is also true that I like it better than the original because it is more realistic. This is also because I have also seen the original documentary. If you like dramas you should watch this documentary.

Kenneth Duncan photo
Kenneth Duncan

We had been asked to make a film on the life of Margaret Thatcher and the times that surrounded the Queen and the government she inherited. The story is very simple. The story of Thatcher and her troubled relationship with her father, the Prime Minister, and the government he led. After the death of her father, the leader of the Conservative Party, the nation changed. The change was for the better and for the worse. As an outsider, I didn't understand the changes, but I could see that they were made for the better. I also felt that I had a sense of being there and not really knowing what was going on, so I could let my own thoughts go. I was very surprised at how good this film was. The directing, the cinematography, and the acting were very good. The film starts out with a lot of moments that were reminiscent of the good old days. There was also a sense of present-day so when the film opened, I was in fact sitting in a theatre where I was watching "Theresa May's Vision for Britain" and I was moved to tears. But it was the story of Margaret Thatcher that really brought me into the story. She was my hero. This film shows her life in great detail. The film shows how her life changed from childhood to her political career. In particular, the film shows the first encounter between her and the Prime Minister and how they formed a relationship. The film then moves into her rise to power and how she fell apart. I found that the movie started out slow, but by the end, it had me thinking about all of the things that she did during her long career and how she failed to make the best of it. I loved the way the movie showed how she was a woman who made mistakes and then overcame them. But the film also showed how she made a lot of decisions that ultimately failed her. And this was what I found most interesting about the film. The director was able to show that she didn't succeed in everything that she tried to do. I also thought that the director was able to show how much she was an outsider in her relationship with the Prime Minister. The director showed that the Prime Minister was probably more like her than he was like her. The director also showed how he was as strong as he was because of her. But the director also showed that she was capable of being a strong leader, not just because of the Prime Minister but because of the fact that she was a woman who was strong enough to lead the country. The film also showed how she was able to turn around her personal life, the end result being that she was able to win the election. However, I did not love the way she did this. For one, I felt that she changed when she was on the campaign trail. She appeared to be older, but I found that she looked like a woman who was just coming out of a bad divorce. I thought that the actor portraying her husband had no charisma. I found his voice to be wooden and the way that the film was filmed made me think that he was not the person that he was supposed to be. The end result of this was that the actor played a weak character. I also felt that the film did not fully portray how she was

Joan photo

Why are there so few documentaries about this classic movie that tells the story of the Queen's training for her last trip to France and her acceptance by the country's elite? Well, one reason is that the makers of this film were understandably influenced by the biography written by her life coach, but another is that they were unfamiliar with the source material. The biographies of the early royals in England told the story of their daily lives from birth through to the beginning of the monarchy. These told of royal members, but they didn't look into their private lives. The idea of the Queen, however, was that she was a figurehead of the aristocracy and was above ordinary people. It was this aspect of the story that this film aimed to portray, and a key element of this was to depict how she grew up. The film is a mixture of fiction and documentary. The first half is a documentary, the second half is fiction. It is the fiction that really matters in this film, because it is based on the real story of the training of the Queen for her last trip to France. The second half is fairly good, but the documentary side of the story is just too slow and unwieldy. There is no real point to this film, apart from the hope that it might tell a story about the Queen that might have been better told in a more coherent way. This film also could have benefited from some additional research on the actual training of the Queen, and on the long term health problems of the period in which the film was made.

Roy F. photo
Roy F.

I thought this documentary would be entertaining, like most of these docu's. But I was sorely disappointed. I thought I would see a human version of the horse's story. It was not what I expected. I got a lot of news footage, a lot of emotion and a lot of humor. I really wanted to see a human version of a documentary. I felt I was watching a news program. But in this documentary, they had too much emotion. It was too much. They had a lot of people who wanted to share their stories. I would recommend this to any one who loves documentaries, but I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't. It is a good documentary for those who like to see a documentary with human touch. 7/10

Frances Clark photo
Frances Clark

This documentary tells the story of the world's most successful horse racing organization, the Equestrian Federation of America (EFAA), who have become the world's biggest horse racing organization. The documentary follows the history of the EFA from its inception in 1900, through the creation of the EFA in 1963 and its current status as the world's largest and most successful horse racing organization. It is told from the perspective of the people who are involved in the organization, who are mostly white, male and male-dominated. The film is filled with interviews with many of the major figures in the organization, including Bob Baffert, chairman of the EFA from 1980 to 2000. The film is very well-done and informative, and is well worth watching.

Bruce photo

This is an excellent documentary about the infamous horsemeat scandal that rocked the British food industry in 2009. It is well made, informative, and very entertaining. In a nutshell, the film takes you through the production, the investigations, and the conclusion. It is a very well put together documentary, that gives you a good feel for the time frame and the fact that the scandal was relatively new. It also provides some really interesting information about how the film industry deals with this sort of thing. It is well worth a watch.

Bobby L. photo
Bobby L.

This is a great film about a generation of British women that have risen from the social cellar to become a force to reckon with in our country. A family and friends' view of the times of the 1960s and 1970s, when women had to prove themselves and have the courage to say 'enough' to society. The film is fascinating in that the women were treated like a reality to be studied and discussed and to have a voice in the country. The film is very good in showing the different attitudes of different groups of women. The film is well researched, and it shows how hard it was to find a place in society for women. I liked that the film did not attempt to tell us that it was all just a fad or that it was all just a fad. It made it clear that women had to fight for their rights and that women were the voice of change in society. This film shows that we need to remember that the voice of women is very important and that we need to continue to fight for our rights.

Jose Patel photo
Jose Patel

If you're a fan of the director's previous works then you will be interested in his latest work, but the main reason to watch this film is the story and the filmmaking. The film is a story about a young man, who is just like any other 20-something-year-old. But he has a unique ability to communicate and write things down, which is something that only a few people have ever seen. We see this in the film and then we see the story. The film follows the story of a young man named Jacob (played by Tom Wilkinson) who lives in a small town in the UK. He has a dream to make a documentary about the British Royal family and to find out who the Queen really is. His friend, who is his roommate, decides to help him. And so the journey begins. There are many things that the film did well, but the main one was the photography. The film uses a real-life location, which really gives the film a real feel to it. The photography really brings the story to life and adds to the film. It's really interesting to see how the camera was used. There are some interesting scenes that were shot that really add to the story. This is a really good documentary film. I definitely recommend it.

Kelly photo

This is a must see documentary about the lives of women in rural, poor communities in India. I know that the documentary is focused on the lives of these women but it also includes interviews with a group of men in the community. I found this interesting because there are women who are free to choose to be there and others who are simply compelled by the traditional cultural and religious norms. As a woman, I find this documentary to be very helpful in understanding my own place in the world. The women's stories are incredible and really interesting. The documentary is a must see for all women who have been or are women. It is a good film to show family members and friends about the women's lives. It is also a must see documentary for anyone who is interested in gender issues and women's issues in India. This documentary is very informative and really well done. The documentary is very well done and it is well worth watching.

Virginia photo

The film is filled with real information about what happened in North West Pakistan in the time of Partition, and a great account of the various stories, both British and Pakistani. The film is a real eye opener for those who have not seen it, and if you have a chance to see it, please do. This is a must see for anyone interested in the history of Pakistan.

Denise McDonald photo
Denise McDonald

This documentary is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of the Queen or Queen's music. This documentary is really well done and the interviews with the performers, band members and members of the public are interesting. The film also includes interviews with the late Queen drummer Brian May, who was a friend of the Queen, and his brother Roger. The documentary is also interesting to watch because it is about Queen, but it is also about Queen fans and the Queen's legacy. It is not a documentary about the Queen, but it is about the fans and how they are important to the Queen. It is also interesting to see how Queen fans are different from Queen fans. The Queen's legacy and the fans are a perfect combination. This documentary is not only for Queen fans, but it is for Queen fans and the fans of Queen. I give this documentary a 9 out of 10.

Joan R. photo
Joan R.

First, I would like to say that this is the best film I have seen in a long time. It was not easy for me to watch this film because it was really moving and had an unbelievable story. I have not seen a movie that could make me cry and this movie was like that. I feel that it is a must watch. The first part of the movie was very good. It showed how the mother of the bride has become a princess and how her husband is dying. The film did a great job showing the problems the family has and how the mother has become a queen and how the husband has become a prisoner. I have never felt so happy for a movie since The Matrix. The last part of the film is so sad, I felt so sorry for the mother. I feel that she should be happy for what she has done for her family and the husband. The husband was a prisoner for being a royal. The movie is really moving and will make you cry. The movie is not that great and I think it is a good movie to watch. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give it a 8/10.

Cynthia photo

This is a fascinating film about how the British colonialists treated their native peoples and how their treatment of the Native Americans affected their own lives and their impact on Britain. One of the things that struck me the most was the lengths that the British were willing to go to in order to gain control of the land, in particular the treatment of the native people. In many ways, the British colonialists are similar to the Americans, who have taken land away from the native peoples of their lands and have in some ways alienated the native peoples by using violence and fear. The film is fascinating and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Jason photo

It is sad that more people are not aware of the importance of the artwork on this piece of art. This film was a beautiful piece of art. This is not a short film. This is an artistic masterpiece. A man, who is a painter, but not a professional. An artist. A man. I am sad to say that we have not been exposed to a work of art like this for so long. This is the best movie I have ever seen. The best way I can describe this film is that it is a piece of art. It is so beautiful that it would have to be preserved. It is beautiful to look at. This is the best movie ever. I will never get tired of watching this film. If you want to know how to make art, go see this film. If you want to see a great film, see this film.

Steven Welch photo
Steven Welch

This is an excellent documentary about the building of the Empire State Building. The film shows the building of the Empire State Building from its construction to its dedication in 1966. It also shows the many problems that came with the construction of the building. The film was made by Paul Gondry, who was one of the people who worked on the project. The film is a must see. It is well worth the time. I highly recommend it.

Justin photo

The film is pretty much a historical account of the Battle of Waterloo. The main character, John Silvers, is portrayed as an excellent strategist. However, I think that the film exaggerates the impact that the Battle had on the morale of the British forces and the morale of the French. I think that the French were more concerned with capturing the king, than the fate of the army. If we want to know what really happened in this battle, we should read the book by John Garth Williams.

Carl Hoffman photo
Carl Hoffman

This documentary about the legendary Queen of England is a rare insight into the people behind the legend of the Royal Family. What makes this documentary special is the way the Queen is portrayed, which is not what you would expect from a film about her. It's not that she's not nice, but her personality is more than her physical beauty. The Queen was so frail and frail-looking that I was not able to fully grasp the character she was portraying. I was reminded of the story of the Statue of Liberty, but instead of the idea that a little girl would want to live in a place where there are no wars, it was a picture of a frail old woman. This film is not a love story, and it's not a story about the Royal Family. It's a story of the life of the Queen, and how she was a person who was not happy. I think this film is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, and I'm not talking about the subject matter. The film is an excellent way to get a look at how the Queen lived her life. The Queen herself has a fascinating life, and it's great to see how she was not happy. I think that this film is a wonderful insight into the Queen's life, and shows how she is different from most people.

Keith Daniels photo
Keith Daniels

This documentary is amazing. It shows how little money that many, many people have to live and that we are all in the hands of a few. It's wonderful to see a documentary that does not sugarcoat the facts. In a time when we see so much propaganda about the war in Iraq and the American military, this is a breath of fresh air. It is a lot of fun to watch. It makes you realize that people are living a very difficult time. You get to see some of the children who are going through the trauma of war. It makes you feel like you are watching a documentary. It is amazing to see that so many people are getting off of the war and not being affected by it. The documentary is very, very emotional. I had tears in my eyes the first time I saw it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see a documentary that is not about the war in Iraq, but about how people are dealing with it. It is a great documentary and it will make you laugh and make you cry. It is one of those documentaries that will have you thinking about what you would do if you were in their shoes. It's great.

Gregory W. photo
Gregory W.

This is an interesting documentary about the evolution of the Royal family. The documentary does not tell the story of the first Queen Victoria, but the Queen Elizabeth I, the last Queen Elizabeth I. The documentary is a lot like a documentary about the history of the American Revolution, with the Queen Elizabeth I and the American Revolution. I was surprised that the documentary was not as well known as the Revolution. I liked that the documentary did not try to tell the story of the Queen Victoria. I liked the documentary because it gave a glimpse into the life of the Queen Elizabeth I. It is a very interesting documentary, but it is not a documentary about the history of the American Revolution.

Robert G. photo
Robert G.

This film is so beautiful and moving. It is a true story about how the queen was forced to give up her dream of becoming a great singer to become a great mother and to give up her beloved horse, but she was able to keep it. She was able to go on to be the queen of England, and to be a great mother and grandmother. This is a film that is so inspiring, and will make you feel good about your own life. It will also make you feel like you are in the same boat as the queen. It is a very beautiful film that you will not be able to get out of your head. I have watched this film many times and it is still very moving. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a heart, and a dream.

Jean R. photo
Jean R.

I've been following the work of the Red Cross since its inception in the 1950's. I was able to see the documentary before it was shown in my school. It was very moving. It is truly a story of how a charity can be used to help people in need, but it also shows how much more the Red Cross can do. The film is a wonderful way to learn about the work of the Red Cross, and how it can change lives. I highly recommend this documentary.

Marilyn photo

This is a really great documentary that really gives you a very good overview of the events of the day. The thing that makes this film really special is that it doesn't go into the details of what really happened that day. The only thing you really learn is that the American military had a big problem with their troops being overworked and under-equipped. The people in the military were just trying to do their job and not be pushed to the limit. This film does a really good job of showing the people of the American military that they weren't just there to fight wars. They were there to protect the people and the country. This film really shows you that there was a lot of racism in the military. The people that were there that day did a great job and did a lot of good things. This film really gives you a great overview of the events of the day and really gives you a good overview of what really happened. I recommend this film to everyone that likes a documentary.

Robert Keller photo
Robert Keller

This is a documentary about the Queen's horse breeding. The Queen is featured as a horse breeder, and her son is featured as a breeder. There are some great stories about the horses and the Queen's experience. There are also some great stories about the people who live in the area and the people who breed the horses. The documentary is not the most important part of the film, but it is a great story. It's a little slow at times, but it is worth the watch.

Terry Morgan photo
Terry Morgan

This documentary was truly a must see for anyone who is a true horse lover and understands the importance of the sport. The film was very well made and the audience really got a feel for the challenges and hardships of the sport. It was extremely well made and informative. The entire audience was riveted and involved. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has a passion for the sport of horse racing. I hope to see more films like this made. It is a great feeling knowing that more people will be able to see this film and understand the importance of the sport. The film was truly well done and I hope that the film will be able to get into the theaters and be widely distributed. I hope that this film will be able to reach as many people as possible.

Alan D. photo
Alan D.

A wonderful documentary that spans generations. The documentary touches upon the subject of history in many different ways, and explores it with a good dose of humor. The narration is very informative and well done. The documentary is well worth watching.

Patricia Lane photo
Patricia Lane

I just saw this film in Chicago. This was one of the most enlightening documentaries I have seen in a long time. I was so moved by the filmmaking, the wonderful storytelling, the insight into the lives of all these people, that it was impossible to leave. I cried. The people in this film are real. The viewer will feel their pain and understand why they chose to live their lives as they do. I also found the content of this film to be very relevant to current times. My life has changed greatly over the past couple of years, and it has never been as exciting or life changing as I experienced with this film. It is a must see film, and one that I will be re-watching many times in the future.

Donald Stanley photo
Donald Stanley

I've read and heard of many tragedies in the British Railway, but never knew what they did to people to be able to perform such a shocking act. I was lucky to be in a school where the teacher and the staff was shocked by the deaths and wanted to warn other people not to do such a thing. This film really gets you into the way people were treated in the past and how their lives are still affected. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in the subject.

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I found this film fascinating, and I find myself commenting on it again and again. The film was made in an incredible time, when the era of the Hollywood film was dying. It is a film that looks at the effect that the changing times had on the film industry and on people. The film is narrated by the late Andy Warhol. It is a beautiful film. It looks at what a movie made by someone with the potential of making a huge impact on society might be like, and it looks at the period of the film's making. The film looks at the development of the film, from the idea of Andy Warhol as a producer, through the production of the film, through the story of how it was made, and then into the interviews with the people involved. There are some beautiful moments in the film. It looks at how the film was made, and then into the interviews. This film is a must see for anyone who is interested in the history of the film industry. I hope that this film makes you want to get into the world of the movie industry. The film is very educational and very interesting.

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Gerald G.

I don't know what was going on with me when I first watched this, but I remember being very moved. I remember being terrified. The music was very moving. I was sitting there trying to figure out what it all meant and I was completely lost. When I finally did understand, I was still upset. The film is very graphic, but I felt the emotions of the people. It was a very powerful film, and I am very happy to have seen it. I recommend it highly.

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A documentary about horses in the United Kingdom. They were almost completely destroyed by British air power in the war. The film gives a sense of the scale of the tragedy. It also gives a sense of the devastation the animals suffered during the war. Many of the horses were auctioned off, including a couple of the winning horses. The film shows the faces of many of the horses, many of which are now homeless. The film also includes a story about a young girl named Meena. She was a horse trainer who loved her horses very much. The film includes her story, and it shows the devastation and sadness the animals suffered. She was a little girl when the war ended. She went on to live in England, and she is now in her 90's. She is now able to give a speech about her experiences. She was given a special prize for her work. There is also a story about a horse who was auctioned off in the U.K. and was never seen again. This film will bring the memories of the horses to the viewer.

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I loved this movie, not because it was so good, but because it's so beautiful. It's not just about the subject, it's about the lives of the people. I liked it more than I thought I would. It's amazing how much the lives of these women have changed, but also how much they have not changed. The people were wonderful and inspiring, especially the women. I was moved by how these women were given the opportunity to share their stories and to share their experiences. This is a great film about women and how they live their lives and how they move forward. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

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This documentary is a true love story and is a MUST for any romantics who have lost someone to cancer. When they are not acting as an actor, they are voicing their love for the man that made them a star. It's a sad, sad, sad, sad story of one man's love for the people he worked with and the people that he helped to make famous. But the real tragedy of it all is that he was not able to be there for them anymore. A man who loved his job, loved his family, and loved his life, died for a job. I hope he would have been there for us in the end. And that his family would have been there for us too. But sadly, no. He was a 'man of action' that is no longer with us. Thank you to all the people who have made this movie possible, and to everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey. And for those of you who have been to the hospital and have seen this man's bedside and know him, you know the love he had for his family and for the people he helped to make famous. We will miss him. Thank you for sharing his story. You made a difference. You are heroes, and we miss you.

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Eric W.

I saw the documentary at the Seattle International Film Festival last month. As a massive Trekkie and as someone who loved the original movie, I was blown away. It was a very personal journey for everyone. I have read some of the other comments on this movie, and they have all been very critical. To me, the film is a portrait of a very specific time in the history of film. It's a story about how, with the lack of action, the advertising world, and the need to "sell" something to make a buck, the movie-making world was just starting to grow up. This is a movie about the effects of this, and it's just beautiful. The movie is an incredible piece of art, and I highly recommend it.

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Thomas R.

This documentary is an excellent introduction to the history of horse racing in the United States. It is very well made and the way the story was told was a pleasure to watch. I really enjoyed it.

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I remember the first time I saw the documentary "The Horse Whisperer" in the theater. It made me realize that I wanted to be a writer, a writer who loved horses and animals and a writer who was open to the idea that maybe my life was not the one I wanted to live. This documentary is a must see for anyone who has ever been a horse lover or even a horse lover in general. This documentary will show you a side of a horse lover that you have never seen before. This documentary shows you that not only do the horses feel pain and fear but they also know that their owners are not just thinking about them and their happiness but are thinking about their happiness. I am a horse lover and I have been since I was a child. I have never known what it is like to be a horse lover but this documentary will change that.