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Rat Film is a movie starring Theo Anthony, Dan Deacon, and Matt Fouse. Across walls, fences, and alleys, rats not only expose our boundaries of separation but make homes in them. "Rat Film" is a feature-length documentary that uses...

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1 hours 22 minutes
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Theo Anthony
Theo Anthony
Will Kearney III, Dan Deacon, Matt Fouse, Theo Anthony
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Across walls, fences, and alleys, rats not only expose our boundaries of separation but make homes in them. "Rat Film" is a feature-length documentary that uses the rat--as well as the humans that love them, live with them, and kill them--to explore the history of Baltimore. "There's never been a rat problem in Baltimore, it's always been a people problem".

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Peter G. photo
Peter G.

This is an excellent documentary, by a great director, about the history of the movie industry. While this is not a "documentary", it does have a definite documentary feel to it, and the director really pulls the viewer into this movie, and into the discussion. There is not a lot of dialogue, but the director keeps the audience on their toes throughout. The film is at times light, and at times very dramatic, the viewer can't help but feel for the characters. The history of the industry is one of the most interesting topics ever touched on. The movies we see today look like an almost comical version of the old industry. This movie makes you understand what movies were like in the past, and it makes you realize that the movies you see today are not the movies that were originally made. The history of the industry is definitely a film that should be seen. It's not a movie you want to miss. It's a must see for anyone interested in film.

Harold photo

This is one of the few documentaries about the church I have ever seen, and it is a pretty good documentary. It's not perfect, but it is a good one. The people interviewed for this movie are extremely high-profile, and the way the interviews are put together is very well done. The problem I have with it is that there are a few things that don't make a lot of sense. For example, the way they talk about the people who have died is really strange. They seem to be talking about people who are still alive and they never mention the person who died. In the end, the person who died is never mentioned and never even mentioned by the people who were interviewed. That is strange. Also, the way they talk about the people who are being interviewed is really strange. They talk about how the person who died is not the person who was talking to them, but a different person. The people who are talking about the person who died aren't even talking about the person who was talking to them. There are a few other things that don't make sense, but that's not what this movie is about. The movie is just about one person who died. I don't know if this is a good movie, but it's a good documentary.

Robert M. photo
Robert M.

The documentary is not about a specific person. It is about the film industry and its relationship with society, which is often overlooked. Many films, like The Blair Witch Project, are still classified as horror films. This documentary is an examination of the dark side of the film industry. It shows how the people involved in the industry are often portrayed as "dumb" or "idiotic." This documentary is not for everyone, and many people will not relate to the film's subject matter. However, the film itself is good and is worth seeing.

Joyce G. photo
Joyce G.

The trailer for "The King of Kong" was exciting and well-done. So, we were pretty excited when we first saw the film. Unfortunately, it wasn't all that great. The King of Kong was about 30 minutes too long. I was expecting more from this movie. Also, there were a lot of points in the movie that just didn't make sense. And finally, the movie's message was pretty much "just go see the movie." To me, that's not enough. The story of the movie was good, but I think it could have been better if they had trimmed a little more. But overall, the movie was good. It had some good points, but they weren't enough to really make it a good movie. So, I'd say, it's worth seeing. I would recommend it, but don't expect a masterpiece.

Theresa photo

The film "The Devil's Advocate" was a favorite of mine as a teenager. I thought it was a great piece of work. It deals with the homosexual lifestyle and has a lot of great music in it. However, I can't help but feel that it was too subtle. Some of the music sounds like it was taken straight from a video game. The film is so violent and some of the scenes are so graphic that I don't think I would want my children to watch it. However, the acting was pretty good and it was well-done. The acting is more of a comedy than a drama, but the director did a great job of making it seem like a drama. The film does have some moments that are very shocking and powerful, but most of the violence is pretty tame. I am not sure what the film is trying to say, but it certainly is not any kind of a statement.

Helen photo

I must admit that I don't usually go for documentaries. However, I really liked this one. It was very interesting and informative. It was also very entertaining. I was also impressed with the content of the movie. I don't think it was the best documentary, but I thought it was a very good one. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the importance of conservation in the United States. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the conservation efforts of the film's producer.

Victoria S. photo
Victoria S.

In 1981, at the height of his career, Roddy Piper was at the peak of his popularity and he was asked to take part in a feature film called "Psycho IV", an experiment by famed Hollywood director John Landis, a TV director who had an obsession with his own, and Roddy's, career. In the film, they used real "Psycho" footage from both the original film and the 1969 re-make. What makes the film so special is that it's both a tribute and a commentary on the careers of the actors in the original film and the way they interacted with each other. I found it to be an interesting, disturbing, and ultimately fascinating documentary, and would recommend it to any movie fan.

Craig R. photo
Craig R.

This documentary follows the life of a young man in West Virginia who develops an extraordinary relationship with the land and nature. This film is very good because it is an exploration of the themes of what a person's relationship to nature is and how they come to terms with it. In the end it is very good because it is clear that the young man has no interest in becoming an activist or a teacher, and that he is simply drawn to the land. It is not clear how this ties in with his activism, but it is important to note that he is an activist because of his strong connection with nature. Overall this is an interesting film and one that will be of interest to anyone interested in the nature and activism of the young man.

Carl S. photo
Carl S.

I liked this film. I was looking for a film on the mind and the effects of torture. This is it! First of all, the film has some amazing footage and interviews. It makes you wonder about some of the situations people have been through and what has happened. The interview with the American journalist, Bradley Manning, was the most moving part of the film. I'm a soldier, and the footage of how he felt during the war, the time he spent in prison and the feelings he still has after leaving the military is so real. In the interview, he says he felt like he was living on a very bad nightmare. The photographer who documented his imprisonment, Steven Pagones, made it a very chilling experience. A great film about a terrible subject. This documentary is great and has an important message. If you want to see the reality of the effects of torture, this is a great film. It's important to note that the book "The A-Team" is also a great film about a group of soldiers who were captured in Viet Nam and fought in a secret war. It's a very informative film, and it gives you the important message of how a culture can change. It's something everyone should see, and it will be a very important film to see.

Jessica photo

A nice documentary that gives you the inside of the film, the actors, the crew, the big name actors and directors who took part in this film, and who have produced the film and who we don't see very much of but in the documentary. It's not a really big budget film, but you can tell they had a lot of work put into it. There is a lot of love and care for this film and they are very happy with the result. They are a very caring and close family. I would recommend this film to everyone. There are a few hidden messages and it is good to hear the actors and directors story of what went into making the film.

Laura Taylor photo
Laura Taylor

It's not a romantic comedy, it's not a comedy, it's not a romance, it's a documentary. Filmmaker/journalist Jarrad Chara creates an unique and unique documentary film. Chara has a passion for the film-making process and he takes great pride in his work. I loved this film. It is a fascinating look at the characters of indie film-makers, it's unique, it's fascinating, it's a really entertaining and engrossing documentary. Chara captures the essence of the medium with unparalleled insight and insightfulness. A special mention should go to Rob Reiner, the director, and Robert Greenwald, the producer. These two men have put their hearts and souls into this film. I thoroughly recommend this film to anyone interested in film-making. It's a truly special, and unique documentary film.

Kathleen Ortega photo
Kathleen Ortega

While this movie focuses on the other, more dark aspects of drugs and prostitution in the city, it is also a good look at how far human beings are willing to go to feed their addiction, and how far they will go to survive. No amount of drugs or prostitution could stop a person from becoming a junkie or a prostitute. In fact, the more you prostitute, the more you get addicted, and the more likely you will become a junkie. The film opens with the founder of the Black Market, who died in an accident and who took his own life. The film has a very good sense of timing, as it is a movie that is very well shot, very interesting, and has a good storyline. There is also a sense of humor that permeates the film. This movie is not intended to be a movie to entertain the viewer, it is meant to show the true, ugly side of human nature, the dark side of what is at the core of addiction. All in all, a great movie. 9/10

Ruth Vargas photo
Ruth Vargas

Ever since the dawn of the visual novel scene, there has been one film franchise in the world that has tried to be a series and one of the top two is the Berserk franchise. But this film doesn't have anything like the Berserk franchise. Instead, it tries to follow a simple plot. It is told in a way that makes you feel like you're watching a documentary instead. It is also a world that is filled with comedy and the music is not in the least bit mainstream. It is something else. This film will not appeal to a mass audience and it is a niche film. But this is still something that you can watch over and over and over and it still has the same effect.

Linda Evans photo
Linda Evans

What a great film this is, I've never really thought much of films before, but I am now getting into the indie film world and I can't get enough of it! What I really liked about this film is the storytelling, how the director keeps you involved with each character and makes you feel like you're a part of it all. It has a good story to it, I think that a lot of people might not like the style of it, I personally really liked it and it was great to see a documentary film about a documentary, it's very interesting to watch and I think it was a great idea to make it a documentary, it really helped the storytelling in the film. I think that the ending of the film was pretty depressing, it was really depressing to see someone leave a film like this, but I think that the people who make films are the best at what they do and I really liked the way they were able to tell a story that is way beyond any normal human experience. The film really made me think about how we view our world and how we can learn from it, I think it's great that people can be inspired to make documentaries about this subject and how it's done, because it really is a fascinating subject and the way that the film was made was really cool and I think that people should go watch it and really watch it, it was really great and I think that people should watch it because it's really great!

Diana Morales photo
Diana Morales

The reason this film was made was to show the world that there are those who were born with the power to possess the body of another and to give them a name and give them a place in the world. I liked the film but there are too many side characters who give the film a Hollywood feel. The film would have been better without the side characters and the film would have been much more intense. I give the film a 7 out of 10.

Daniel photo

The reason this movie has gotten so little exposure is that there is simply no plot to speak of. Everyone knows about the titanic, but only an idiot would not know that not a single person has ever walked on a mountain peak and not been hit by a lightning bolt. This is all speculation, but the film does give the viewer enough information to understand the true scale of the earthquake. It is just as exciting to me as the earthquake is to the people who were in it. The movie doesn't try to tell you who was in it, how or why. The camera work is beautiful, and it just looks amazing. It is worth the rental, but I would give it the watch if I had the chance.

Lawrence photo

First of all, I'd like to say that I am a person who appreciates good documentary films. This film is no exception. It's more than just an informative documentary, it's a human story. This film is about how two brothers come to know about the way they look and how they act. What happens when one brother's in love with a girl and the other one wants to be a soldier. How does this affect the relationship between the brothers and the others? This is something that we all should know about. What you'll learn in this documentary is a bit more than what you see in the commercials. It's a story about how you should not let what you are seeing on the TV or the internet influence you. I also learned that you can't always trust your instincts. Sometimes, you need to take a little bit of time to think about things. Sometimes you need to wait for something to happen. Sometimes you have to sit down with a friend and have a talk about how you think things will go and how you will react when they happen. I also learned that you don't have to have a big budget to make a good documentary. A little bit of knowledge and a little bit of patience will go a long way. In conclusion, I'd like to say that this is one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time.

Mark Fernandez photo
Mark Fernandez

This is a great documentary about the dark side of the industry of porn, and a discussion of the reasons for it. There are many good points in the film, but the worst thing is that it tries to present porn as a normal adult activity. Pornography and adult activities are two completely different things. You shouldn't be able to talk about it as normal adult activities, when you have no evidence that porn is normal. If you want to learn more about it, watch porn or porn addiction, because it's a lot more important than this documentary. You shouldn't be able to say it's normal and then turn around and say porn is normal. There are two kinds of porn, and they should be two separate things. To learn more about porn or pornography, you have to watch the films and learn what porn is. I liked this film because it has a good balance between documentary and comedy. It's not trying to be funny. It's not trying to be shocking. It's trying to be humorous and informative about what's wrong with this industry and what's wrong with the porn industry. It's also informative about how porn and the porn industry is different from other adult activities. Porn is a business and it is supposed to be successful. It's not meant to be fun. Pornography is a serious thing and is only meant to make money. If you don't have to think about it, then you have to. It's not a great documentary, but it's a very good one. I give it an 8 out of 10. Recommended. 9/10

Peter photo

This is an extremely long documentary that's also incredibly entertaining. The director/producer/writer tells a somewhat crazy and fascinating story about a documentary he was involved in. It's almost like a character-driven story, but it's also a very, very funny and entertaining one. It's a great film to watch if you're into your self-documentary type of thing, or if you're into some of the other weird and interesting movies that the director/producer has made. It's a very strange and odd film, but it's also a really funny one, and it's one that I would highly recommend.

Mary photo

First, I'm not familiar with the tradition of making films about the death penalty and thus I'm not going to take a position in that subject matter. But I can say that this is one of the best. It provides a very interesting look at one of the most controversial topics in our society. The film is a compelling and honest look at what is going on in the justice system, the ethics of a trial and the ultimate outcome of the case. The result is a documentary about justice in a country where the death penalty is still on the table. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I strongly recommend it.

Louis S. photo
Louis S.

This is an interesting film. It's an extremely different documentary from what you'd see in a normal feature length documentary, and it has a lot to say about the human condition and its role in the environment. It was a pretty interesting film to watch, but I can see why it might not be for everyone. The acting is pretty good, but it does get quite intense at times. Overall, I recommend it.

Brittany photo

There's no doubt about it - the state of health care in America is a disaster. It's not a health care system that works. It's a system that doesn't work. It's a system that is too expensive, too slow, and too slow to get any value for the money we pay. A system that doesn't work is a system that should be closed down. The film "The Commonwealth" is a real look at the problems and what is being done about them. At its best, it's an honest, realistic look at what the American health care system is and how it could work if only the government would be more concerned about what it was doing to the American economy. At its worst, it's a soap opera. The only thing that saves this film from being a total waste of time is the acting. Jason Mraz, Terence Howard, and James DeBello are all outstanding. The film is a must see. Although it's not a bad film, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good documentary that will make you think. A must see for anyone concerned about the health care system in the United States.

Janet R. photo
Janet R.

I'm not a fan of "classic" documentaries and this is no exception. It's a great idea to put together a series of archival video clips and then put them together to make a film. While it's not an objective film, I didn't find it hard to take it all in. The sound quality is excellent and the clips are worth watching. One of the most interesting things to me was the quick succession of clips from a variety of movies, and one clip even included a selection from a Spike Lee film. I recommend it to people who like to see some of the film industry's finest working. 7/10

Cynthia F. photo
Cynthia F.

I was fortunate enough to be in the audience at the screening of this documentary at the New York Film Festival last week. I am not a documentary director. But I am a film lover. I was deeply touched by this film. It reminded me of the time I saw "Something Wild" at the '67 Cannes Film Festival. It is a bold movie about a filmmaker in danger of losing his vision. His spirit, his obsession, his humanity. The woman who was with him in the beginning of his journey is also in danger of losing her humanity. His fans and audience all felt the same way. But in the end, all the people who knew him best showed him that he was still alive, that he was still able to make films, to speak his mind, to be himself, to make the movies he wanted to make. He made them with love. He made them with his soul.

Anthony H. photo
Anthony H.

If you want to watch a documentary on the movie, I would recommend watching the documentary "The Emperor's New Clothes". It's a very interesting look at the production of the movie. The production is very interesting and there is a lot of information on the production of the movie. The only thing that I found somewhat annoying was the music that was used in the movie. Most of the time it was used in the background to emphasize the messages of the movie and that's why I think it was annoying. But, I have to give the filmmakers credit for making a movie that is truly based on reality.

Tyler Long photo
Tyler Long

A friend gave me this film when it first came out in 2010, and I have been a fan ever since. The story is about "Bucky," a young man who can't decide whether he wants to be a football player or a basketball player, and when he meets a girl, he has to decide if he should live with her, and his older brother and sister. I also liked the different scenes from the team's practice and games, which really show how hard the guys worked to be great. The guy who played basketball and the guy who played football were both very talented, and that really shows through. When watching this movie, you can't help but notice the changes in the players over the years, and how they have progressed. They have continued to go through the same growth as they have been going through in their youth. It's really amazing that they have grown up so much over the years, and how much better they have become. If you ever got the chance to see this film, please give it a shot, you won't be disappointed. The guys, the kids, and the coaches were all great, and I believe this film shows what goes on in the world of high school sports, and the special people who go through the pain and challenges that come with playing in college. It really does show that hard work pays off, and that sports truly can make the difference in people's lives.

Julie Lane photo
Julie Lane

This is a very unique documentary. First of all, it's a very interesting look at the film industry of the 80's and the corruption it can lead to. The main character is also a journalist. So, what does that tell you? The film really doesn't offer any answers, only takes a look at some of the films, as if it is some sort of a journalistic investigation. This is of course not the case, it is simply a documentary about a film, and there is nothing that you can't discover. This is a good thing. The film has some very well made interviews and clips. It seems that some of the critics of this film are wrong. It also reminds me of something I saw in a small Finnish movie theater, the kind of people who work on the production. The argument that the film industry is corrupt is, for me, not the most interesting part of the film. The most interesting part is the history of the film industry. I think it was interesting to hear a lot of things that you wouldn't usually hear in a documentary. The film also shows how they are important and how they work. A lot of people got their start in the film industry. The film also has some good clips from the film industry. It was very interesting to see the interviews with the main character. I can't think of a better way to make a film than to take a look at it. This is a very interesting documentary, that looks at the big film industry of the 80's.

Jane photo

I was a fan of the TV show, and had no intention of watching this film. I'm glad I did, because this film is very well done. I watched this film as a follow-up to the TV show, which I saw a lot of in the 90's. It was the first time I'd seen the whole series, and I thought this film was an excellent follow-up. I thought that the characters were very well drawn, especially in the flashbacks, and the plot was very good. It was exciting to watch the characters evolve, and the battle scenes were thrilling. This film was very exciting, and I thought it was a good follow-up. I enjoyed the movie, and I was very satisfied. I'm glad I saw it, and I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen the series. I thought it was very well done, and I would recommend this film to anyone who has not seen the TV show.

Patrick photo

I saw the movie for the first time recently and I was very surprised. It's a must see for anyone who loves movies. It's interesting to see how many different styles can be in one movie. What's amazing is that all of them are directed by a single filmmaker. It makes the audience feel like they're right there with the filmmaker. The first person who approached him for the directorial rights to the film said that they had never done a movie like this before. The movie is about his love for movies. The main character was not only a geek, he was also a director. The movie had a lot of pop culture references that people seem to be doing in real life. I thought that the cinematography was beautiful. There are some very artistic images that are worth mentioning. The cinematography was definitely an artistic achievement. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in film.

Samuel H. photo
Samuel H.

If you think you're good at watching movies and you do it well, you're a "filmmaker". It's a good thing, though. I think. You can make any movie you want and it's going to be good. I did. I didn't like this one. Not because it's bad, but because it was so boring. I didn't like it at all. I think the movie was trying to tell a story and it just didn't get out of hand. I don't think I even understood half of it. The movie made it seem like it was a big hit. I just can't get into it. I'm not saying it's bad, but I'm just saying I don't like it. I'm not saying it's good. I'm saying it's boring. I don't even know what I'm saying. It's a good movie if you like movies. I'm not saying it's a bad movie. I'm just saying it's boring.

Phillip M. photo
Phillip M.

The truth of life in prison is what drives the film, and it's a powerful and revealing look at life inside the prison system. With a gritty look at the prison's conditions and the brutalities of it all, and a stunning soundtrack, the film really comes to life and is one of the most powerful films I've seen. It's a very powerful story of the harsh life of a prisoner and the circumstances that make them what they are. I think that's the best part about it, because it's so realistic, and that's the kind of film that I really enjoy. I think that's the reason why the film has such an impact on me. It really hits home on the reality of the situation that we see. It really hits home on the kind of things that the prisoners go through. There's the fear of being left behind, the fear of not being able to reach out for help, and the fear of not being able to reach out for help. It really shows what prison can be, and how cruel and savage it can be. The film also shows the harsh reality of the prison system, which is definitely something that the rest of us don't see. I think it's an incredibly powerful film, and it really does a really good job of showing the harsh reality of the prison system. It's really powerful and powerful and powerful, and I think it's a very powerful film.

Cheryl F. photo
Cheryl F.

The film is a documentary about the "Make America Great Again" campaign, the so-called "white nationalist" movement, and the racist attacks against them. The film is a look at the violence and vandalism, and the ways in which the police and other groups attempt to deal with the problem. The film explores the various groups involved, from the neo-Nazis to the "black nationalists", and it does this in a very civil way. In fact, there are few, if any, confrontations between groups. This is a good thing, as it means that the film is very much a docudrama, not a propaganda piece. However, the film is very slow and uneventful. There are some great moments, but it does feel like the film is just going through the motions. It is very well done, but it is a bit too much for a docudrama to do. The best part of the film is the interview with Mark Potok, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He is asked about the current state of white nationalist groups, and he tells a fascinating story about how he and his colleagues have dealt with these groups, both in the past and now. Unfortunately, the film does not go into as much detail about the neo-Nazis as it could, as there is a very good reason for this, and the film could have benefited from a bit more detail. Still, the film is great, and it is a good documentary about a very important issue.

Marilyn L. photo
Marilyn L.

It is absolutely fascinating to watch this film. I was very surprised that this film was given the 100% rating that it had received by the critics. I am glad that this film is out there and that people are still able to see it and be enlightened. A few comments from other reviewers here on IMDb: 1. About the color scheme. Is it supposed to be black and white? It is the same color scheme used throughout the film. 2. Why do some of the characters have such an air of mystery about them. Maybe it's a good thing? 3. How come these movies seem to be getting worse and worse with every passing year? 4. When you think of the zombie films, you think of zombies that have been dead for years, probably decades, but this film is almost a comedy. I believe that this is a good thing because it makes people realize that when a zombie is dead, it is just another day at the office. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking for something different.

Hannah M. photo
Hannah M.

This documentary is basically just a series of interviews with various character actors of the 1970s who are still around, and generally not well, and some of the people that were friends of "Bad Bill". The film is basically telling a story about a guy, and what happened to him when he became a drug dealer, and ended up going to prison for the rest of his life. As he's talking to these people about what happened to him, it becomes clear that he was a really intelligent guy, but also really troubled, because he was the product of a family and a crazy environment. The film was kind of interesting and enlightening, but it really is just a personal story about the time, and some of the people that were around him. It really does not touch upon any themes that are really controversial, such as drugs and other substances, which is very surprising, since it's clearly shown that the guy was just a very talented actor, and didn't have anything to do with drugs. In a way, I think the film was really a rather boring one, and in some ways, I would have been more interested if it were about the lifestyle of this character, and the people around him. There are some people in this film that I've never heard of before, and I guess they were the people who were close to him, but that is not really the case, and most of the people interviewed didn't even know him. So, the whole film is kind of a personal story about a character, and it is really interesting to watch, but it's really not an excellent film, since it is very obvious that the director is just trying to show how crazy it was, and I think that's really unnecessary, since it really didn't touch upon any controversial topics, so I think it's just a good documentary, but I don't really like it, because it's so much boring and not interesting, but that's just my opinion.

Steven H. photo
Steven H.

A very good documentary on how one man can make a difference in a time of crisis. The film focuses on the Indian community in Boston and their struggle to come together and be one person. The film is very honest and straightforward, and it never resorts to forced sentimentality or political correctness. This is a documentary that the entire family can watch together, without any preconceived notions or biases. The director is clearly a very good documentary maker and I hope he continues to make films like this one.

Joe photo

The interviews with some of the people who worked on the film are excellent. I'm a huge fan of Robin Williams and I think that this film captures his best work, but it's not perfect. It's not the greatest film ever, but it's still worth seeing. There are some really funny moments in it. Williams is the most enjoyable part of the film. I really love the first part of the film, and I really enjoyed the second half. I would recommend this film to anyone. There are some funny moments in it, and it's a great film to see with your friends.

Philip photo

I would like to comment on the film as a whole. It was fascinating, I laughed a lot, and at the end of the day I was struck by the fact that I'm actually the same age as the people in the film, who were of the same generation. They were making decisions that were based on the very same information and morals I was made to believe I was. They didn't have to make a statement, and the film wasn't an example of taking the easy way out, the movie was about people who made decisions based on their own beliefs, and had no idea what they were doing. The film was also very dark, especially with the characters who were supposed to be the heroes. They didn't know what to do with themselves and didn't really care about the consequences. As the film began to show some of the things the characters were doing, I started to get annoyed. They were both behaving irrationally. It was like the characters were trying to hide their emotions. The film also made me think of my own parents, who did the same thing to me when I was younger. I was a dumb kid, and my parents pushed me away and told me not to go out with the wrong people. I felt responsible for what happened to them, but I didn't know the consequences. The film made me aware of how uneducated I was, and that was a good thing. I didn't know how to handle the responsibility I had created for myself.

Nancy P. photo
Nancy P.

This is a great documentary about a man who makes games. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in playing games. The filmmaker did a great job capturing his experiences and the reactions he gets from others. The writer/director did a great job focusing on the game industry, which I think is pretty important to his film. He did a great job of bringing game studios and consumers together and helping them understand what the gaming industry is really about. This movie was really inspiring and in a sense made me want to learn more about game development. If you are a gamer, I think you will enjoy it. I think you will also learn a lot about video games and gaming. This is a great film that can help both the gaming and film community understand each other better.

Cynthia S. photo
Cynthia S.

This is the story of a family living in a small village in Scotland, where three young girls are murdered in the area over a 15 year period. The film contains a lot of scenes of violence and brutality, and is extremely disturbing to watch. I would say that if you are a parent of a child who is dying from some form of child abuse, this documentary may be of some interest to you. However, I think that the viewer will find this documentary disturbing regardless. The documentary is based on interviews with people who lived in the village during the time of the murders, and interviews with people who knew the children in the village. I think that the two main characters were the most compelling parts of the documentary. Both of them were extremely disturbed and had disturbing behavior that was hard to watch, but they are also very likable. The two main characters were very talented and their behavior was very disturbing. One of them had a history of drug abuse and had a history of sexually abusing children, and the other had an unstable past and was involved in a series of run-ins with the law. They both made very compelling and convincing arguments that the events of the village and their deaths were related to abuse and neglect. I think that if you watch this documentary, you should make a point of watching it. It will make you reflect on what happened to the children in your family and on the events that happened in your community. The documentary is a very difficult and disturbing movie to watch. But it is not necessarily a bad thing. It will make you think about what happened in your own family. I think that you should watch this documentary to understand what the point of the film is.

Edward Flores photo
Edward Flores

One thing that I think was overlooked, or that I feel the need to make clear in the DVD commentary, was that the filmmakers tried to create a film that actually had a lot of substance. That is, they wanted to show what happened in one town after another. They didn't just stick with one topic, and thus, the film feels like it's rather one-sided. I think that's a good thing, because I think the other things in the film are worth watching. For example, the filming location of Green River, Utah is amazing. It's a beautiful, pretty, but dark place. It is very much a contrast to the sunny city of Chicago. As I said, it is not a perfect film, and it has its shortcomings. It is, however, a great film. It tells a great story, and it is an excellent film for those who like to learn more about the story behind the scandal.

Michelle H. photo
Michelle H.

Many of the comments in the IMDb seem to think that this is a classic documentary, which it isn't. However, it does show the reality of the exploitation that can happen for young people. I was really shocked to hear that the young person killed had a rap sheet that included assault and battery and robbery. In addition, the other young people did not seem to have a rap sheet. They appeared to be homeless and drug addicted. It also showed the homeless. I understand the intent of this documentary was to show how one person can have so much power over another, but this was not shown in any detail. I really think that this is a very important movie and it should be shown to children so they can see what can happen to a person when their human rights are violated. It is definitely a great movie, especially if you have a child.

Patrick B. photo
Patrick B.

I like the way they talk about something as a way to get an idea of what they're talking about. It's more engaging and creative than "it's going to be a disaster" -it really gives you the insight into what they're talking about. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because of the music. I really didn't like the first song in the movie, so I wasn't too excited about the next one. As it turns out, the song didn't really fit. It's still one of the best songs in the movie. I also wish the "sad and pathetic" song had been left out, because it just seemed so self-important. Overall, the story of the movie was really interesting and fascinating. I really enjoyed the movie and I'm really looking forward to watching the follow-up movie.

Teresa Valdez photo
Teresa Valdez

One would think that after the passing of the 50th anniversary of the cinematic death of Bertolucci's great film, Psycho, that one would assume that the people who created and oversaw this "Gothic" would give it the respect it deserves, but they failed to do so. If you want to see what the people behind Psycho were trying to do, watch this, as it is very well done. The film, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, is a very entertaining and well-made depiction of how, in the modern-day world, a crazy and sick serial killer would terrorize the streets of London. Some of the scenes that stand out the most are the ones where the killer rides a bike around the streets, stalks the streets in a car, or waits for someone to walk in a certain direction. As with Bertolucci's other films, this one features a terrific supporting cast that include a young Christian Bale, who gives an excellent performance, as the detective who is dispatched to the scene of the crime. Another great performance by Bale is when he tries to catch the killer with a friend while they were trying to be helpful to an elderly woman who had just been raped. One of the scenes that stands out is when Bale is eating at a cafe with a friend, when he hears a terrible scream. This is when Bale is so shocked that he has to take off his shirt to hide his identity as an actor. It is the best performance he ever gave in a film. The other great performance is by Russell Crowe. He gives a very understated performance in his role as a policeman who is forced to play a very important role in the investigation. Crowe's acting is not only good, but very understated, as he never overplays his role. In fact, when he is at home with his wife and child, he doesn't speak a word. Crowe is truly an underrated actor, and this is the first time he has won a Best Actor Oscar, as he did not win that for Gladiator, but he did win it for Bronson, which he did not win for Ghandi. Crowe is truly underrated, as he is deserving of a lot more recognition than he has received. Overall, it is a great film that is highly recommended. While it does not have as many plot points as some of Bertolucci's other films, it is still very entertaining and well-done.

Billy photo

One of the most popular television films of the 70's and early 80's, this film is a "must see" for any fan of horror movies. It covers the same territory as all the other Nightmare on Elm Street films, but it does it in a very different manner. The film starts out with the masked killer making his presence known as he strikes one of the girls. The killer continues to come and go at will, and the people who don't pay attention, aren't that smart. Although the film is a little overlong, it is still an excellent and entertaining horror film. Overall, this is a very well made film. I think you will be surprised.

Austin photo

While it's not an excellent documentary, I did enjoy this. The film shows an excellent insight of the ways that the workers in these factories are treated. The film has some humorous scenes, but also some powerful and poignant scenes. It's really hard to get the details about these factories, but I highly recommend it. The interviews with people who worked in the factories were very insightful, as was the time lapse with these factories. The black and white footage shows what it was like to work in the factories, as well as the photography of the factories. Some of the images were so dramatic that I have to laugh about them. The film is very well done and leaves a lot of room for debate. It does show that these factories are still in operation today, but it also shows that they're not the same as they were in the late 60's, early 70's.

Edward Thomas photo
Edward Thomas

One of the most acclaimed and feared directors of all time, Peckinpah once again gives us a look at the man behind the mask.I had the pleasure of seeing this in a screening and really enjoyed the film.It's very heavy and extremely informative as it gives a very personal view of Peckinpah, and a look at his childhood and youth, and his thoughts on violence, the role of cinema and the human condition. I was a fan of his before this film came out and it was a great look at his career, and his thoughts about violence, the role of cinema and the human condition. If you have not seen it then I suggest you watch it immediately as it is a must see. I would really recommend it for anyone who has not seen it, or for anyone who has and wants to hear more of the man behind the mask.

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

I was unable to watch this movie in the theaters. For a limited release on DVD in the fall, it is simply a brilliant documentary. The filmmakers are a wonderfully organized bunch of guys, all excellent filmmakers, who have never before given a film of this magnitude a decent commercial release. It is the rare case that a documentary that contains interviews with people of great stature in the film industry, is the reason for making a documentary. For many filmmakers, the interviews are only about their work, but the vast majority of these people are behind the camera, working hard to make an entertaining, entertaining movie. It is the rare moment when a director gives an interview that is a story, not just an overview of the shoot. For directors and their film school students, this interview provides a good context for the work they are about to produce. For the filmmakers who have already made a film, the interview is an opportunity to hear from those who made it, and that is a true testament to their work. I encourage everyone to watch this and be amazed at the scope of the collective filmmaking. A must see!

Charles photo

I know it's been a while since the last time I watched a film from this festival, and I was excited to go again, seeing as I had missed the first one. I was also hoping to see some more of the Wenders films that I had enjoyed so much in the past. The film I watched was an English translation of the film "Drowning Bride" from 2007, and it was great. The entire cast was great, and this film was much more of a "tear jerker" than a tear jerker. I was a bit surprised that this movie wasn't the best, since I really enjoyed the first one. This one had some great points, like the mystery of the island, and the relationship between Isabelle and the killer. I think it was good for the most part, but I still don't think it was as good as the first one. I would recommend this film to any Wenders fan out there, but I think it will only appeal to people who love Wenders.

Frank E. photo
Frank E.

Very good and true but it still doesn't give you the whole picture. I like to read about the lives of people who are not like me, so I'm not going to judge them. But what I can say is that most of the people in this film were a real pain in the ass to be around. They had not been given a voice, or the opportunity to make a living, or to make a mark in life, or to tell their own stories. They were all just trying to survive, or trying to not be forgotten. The fact that this film was made by a woman gives us a very true glimpse of the way the world works. It shows us that even when people don't have the money to live a comfortable life, or to support a family, or to get an education, they will still work hard to make a living, or to stay alive. It also shows us that even when a person is in the lowest of the low, they still have a soul. I think that the other reviewers should see this film, because they need to see it. It shows that we need to do something about it, even if we don't know how. It also shows us that even if we don't know how to do anything about it, we can always come together and form a movement. And, if you want to watch a good documentary, watch this one.

Lisa Hayes photo
Lisa Hayes

I have been a fan of film since I was 12 years old, and have seen almost all the major Hollywood films. I am a big fan of documentaries, and this one was truly remarkable. The cinematography, the acting, the plot. all amazing. I have watched the film twice, and have seen it twice more. I have been amazed by how the story was put together and how it was so easy to follow. I am really looking forward to seeing it again, and will be buying it to add to my collection.

Ralph photo

I was so excited to see this film. I have been a fan of his since I first heard about him. So when the trailer first came out, I knew I had to watch it. I will admit that I didn't get to the end of it, but I think that was the point of the film. It was a story about how he is trying to be a better man. I think that is what makes it so interesting. I think the film will not be too much of a disappointment to anyone who is a fan of the director. I hope that his next film will be better than this. I am not sure what he is trying to accomplish with this one. It was probably a mix of different things. But I think that this film is worth seeing. I was surprised how well the director was able to show the contrast of people in different situations. I would love to see more of his work.

Deborah L. photo
Deborah L.

The behind the scenes of an independent feature film is not always enjoyable. There are some films that will take the time to set up for you what's going to be on screen and how things will play out, but not every film needs to be a serious film. In this case I like this film, it is just all about the behind the scenes of how they created the story and the real actors in it. They found the perfect cast to play the lead characters, and even though they found the most talented actor ever to play opposite Cary Elwes, they made him so believable as a real bad guy. This film is extremely well done and they had an amazing story to tell. If you have seen this film, you will like it because it is just so well done. The plot is really well done and you really know what's going on. It's just a very well done film, and I really liked it.

Joyce photo

Owing to the importance of this film to film buffs everywhere, it's only fair that I note the most prominent of the good things about this film: how the words of its author, Woody Allen, are translated and used by the actors in the film. In one scene, a young, young black man, John Singleton, tells Allen that his father taught him the most important things of life - "First, be a good man, and then, be a good man for the sake of the other man". As Singleton gives Allen the punch line, he says to Allen, "You have no idea what that means. I told you." If you watch this film, you will begin to notice the subtle, almost invisible signs that Allen puts into the script that add depth and detail to what the film is really about - love, friendship, forgiveness, and of course, love. This is a film that shines a light on the implications of human relationships, and it's a movie that is certainly worth watching. That said, I'd like to add that this film will never win any Oscars, and I won't be surprised if it never wins a single Oscar.

Harry photo

I loved this movie. It was the best documentary I've ever seen. I wish there were more documentaries like this one, it's a must-see!

Jean T. photo
Jean T.

this movie is a great guide to what to expect from any human organization. it gives a realistic point of view of what it takes to run a $17.2 billion enterprise. it covers how they had enough cash to take a major risk, and even had room to learn from failures. in the end, the journey they took to be our partner in fighting the right to prevent waste was worth it. the whole time I was thinking of my dad and my mom. my dad said the organization he worked for was a joke. what's up with that? it was only a joke. today we are much better. just the way they've changed. see it and learn from it. and if you want to go to sleep at night, you can't say you weren't warned.

Dennis photo

One of the best documentary I have ever seen. This movie was a dream come true. I was looking forward to seeing this movie because it had the potential to be a very entertaining film about a subject that I am very passionate about and have worked with the entire time I have been in this business. It was something different. It is very easy to talk about all the good that comes with being in a team. The process of coming up with a story to film, tracking down and securing the most talented actors to play the characters, coming up with a script and then getting the actors to commit to it. The script is then rewritten, prepped, then filmed and ready to go. It is also very very hard to do so without being required to take any pay cuts or other compensations in exchange for a short-cut role. That is what the guys in this film did. They had to work on short-shifts for the majority of the film and after they left the company, they took on additional roles in a few of the projects. This was truly a labour of love for these men, but it was also an absolute requirement. It had to be consistent. I can say for a fact that they will be very proud of themselves as the members of the cast and crew. Not many people in the business would have the discipline, perseverance and dedication to actually make a real movie of this kind. It was very satisfying for me to hear all of the stories that were brought up. I learned a great deal and I am going to be telling my friends about it and telling people about it. This is a story that needs to be told. As this film shows, the men who made it happened not only because of hard work and passion, but because they were united by a common goal. They did not have to come up with any money and they did not have to commit any of their time to this film. It was simply a passion project that they made happen. I can't wait for the DVD to come out, but if you can get your hands on it, check it out.

Johnny H. photo
Johnny H.

Seeing this in a packed theatre, and it felt like being on the other side of the world with the 60's. Looking around, almost all of the audience was in their 40's. I don't know how much of this was because of the age gap and because of how open-minded the crowd was, but it really resonated with me and the same sentiment was felt by the audience at the very end of the film. It's hard to be shocked and I haven't had many moments like that in a film that has impressed me. There is nothing left out, all the film is about is the lives of the people who came before us and we're just paying them some tribute. The way the characters are treated in the film is exactly what the time was like and the way the camera/hologram is used to 'be' them and create the illusion of movement in a room is absolutely haunting. Thank you again to whoever did this and I hope that it gets on DVD soon. It is so well done, it should be on my must-see list!

Laura Stewart photo
Laura Stewart

For someone who has to read and watch about 75% of the reviews on IMDb, I had never heard of this film. But I love these sort of documentaries, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I really liked it, even if it is a little different from the typical doc. I think the intention was to show how bizarre things can be, and show us what we don't know about ourselves or our family members. It's a bit of a rant, but it makes me sad to think how normal we have become. At times it's funny, but it's also pretty disturbing. The music makes it perfect, too.

Megan photo

A film to make you think. That's the most important thing you need to see. Thank you for being open to ideas and new experiences. I thought that this film was very entertaining and educational. My wife and I are both on Medicare, and had a great time. I can't wait to see more of your films. I hope to see you again soon! I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about life. And I have to say that after watching this film, I can't wait to watch it again and again, to understand it better! Please keep coming back to our site, and check out some of our upcoming shows and projects. We will do a special show featuring art from "The New York Tapes", which will include the film. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. It's very easy to get lost in the chaos of the real world, but the art of painting and photography can help you catch up. It helps to look at the world through fresh eyes. Thank you for letting me share the experience of this film, and thank you for all the time you spent making it!

Nicholas Day photo
Nicholas Day

I always liked the fact that Disney movies have always had a girl in them and women made up the majority of the directors. I wanted to see this film for a long time, but was afraid of the fact that I was going to be disappointed. This film is a true gem of a Disney film. It has so many great parts and so many moments that I am never going to forget. I really enjoyed the ways that this film showcased the history of the Southern states and showed us what it was like for all the different states to live together. My family really enjoyed this film and it is something we will treasure for a long time. The film has many beautiful scenes and it is just a joy to watch. This film is a must see for all fans of Disney films and hopefully others will be able to relate to the fact that we all belong together and we are all one family. I am so glad that we can all be proud to be American and to live in a country that values and values its people and is very respectful of its values. This film is a great reminder that we must always remember that each of us is special. I think the fact that we are all different and that we are all a part of one great family is something we should all enjoy and cherish.

Bruce Marshall photo
Bruce Marshall

i was raised a Christian and started reading the bible and then just became a Christian and was so moved and so sad. this movie really went into details and opened my eyes to the real meaning of it. this documentary could really be the way to face the things of the world and get your self out of the fight and get to the peace in your life and still find the joy of the gospel. i cant believe the points this movie made and the honesty of it. you really see it in this movie and don't see it in the world. so really a must see!

Kathleen R. photo
Kathleen R.

I enjoyed this documentary the most because I believe it highlights the negative side of humanity. The purpose of the documentary was to show the ways in which people are being influenced by modern society and how it works and how they are not the way they would like to be. They were really frank about how that is happening and how it is affecting the future of the world. I think that is a great thing and should be recognized. The information they did give was very good. They talked about the ethics of their actions, they discussed the issues of pollution, but most of all, they were honest and realistic. I can think of a lot of the comments in the forums and forums I post on, where people are actually saying that this documentary is propaganda and that this is not actually what happened, they simply do not want to believe in the propaganda they see. They know that there are many people who are either lying or simply do not know the facts and just want to know the truth. If they look to see who is telling the truth, they will know that there are many people doing good things and that the situation is very bad. To see it on a small scale and really dig into it, they are telling a very important story about how we are affecting the future of the world and how we are manipulating the world to help our own personal happiness. If you like documentaries, you should definitely watch this. It is an awesome documentary that should be made as many times as it is going to be made. I think everyone should be made to see this documentary. Even if you are not a big fan of science documentaries, you should definitely watch this one and learn some things. I give it an A+

Marie photo

This film is a must for people who have never seen it in all honesty. Its a must see for people who have seen the movie only because of the publicity surrounding it. I personally can't see any problems in this film. Im just trying to stress this. Its an award winning film. Its a must see film for everyone. Anyone who has seen this film and is thinking that its a waste of time should see it again. Its the only way for you to understand. It takes a genius to make a documentary like this and to make sure that it stands up to any standard. Its an amazing film that anyone who loves cinema should see.

Amy photo

The reality of what we see is very different from what we think. This film tells us that it is the intentions, not the actions, that make a difference. If you find yourself thinking that certain characters are liars, manipulative or just people who act like they are in a soap opera, then you should watch this film and try to see things from a different perspective. What is so much fun in this film is that you try to figure out what is happening and what is real. Sometimes it is impossible to tell what is real and what is not. But you can always tell that the actors are acting and this is what is so much fun. The actors have a good time and laugh at the different things they see. You see them as you would a family or friend. What you see is what you get and it is not all bad. I have just watched this movie and I am glad that I have watched it.

Steven Carr photo
Steven Carr

The most recent documentary on black children in America by Jason Russell was one of the most important pieces of work I have seen on this subject. I am not sure how much of his work is fact based and how much of it is fiction, but I find it hard to believe that the stories he has assembled are entirely fictitious. He certainly does not seem to be a single black father in his family, but I am willing to bet that he had some kind of father figure in his life. His father, who is of African American descent, was a dead ringer for his father, who was in fact the very first African American president. This film does not really focus on black families. Rather, it explores the disconnect that exists between black and white children of different races. I would recommend the film to anyone who is interested in this issue. The film takes a very close look at the quality of the parenting in all kinds of communities. Russell's focus is primarily on black children, but it would be interesting to see what he had to say about black fathers, about white fathers and about those who had no fathers at all. His documentary is very informative and the information is also very interesting.

Lawrence R. photo
Lawrence R.

I went into this film not expecting much. I was wrong. I think a lot of people would have not gone see this film if they hadn't been warned beforehand. This film is a remarkable story that should be told. It's an amazing and in some ways unexpected turn of events that took place. I recommend it to anyone who has a desire to see something about the "cult" that I, myself, think was extremely fascinating to learn about. This film will bring tears to your eyes as you learn about how a single person can actually do something to change the world. I think everyone should see this film. It is an amazing story that will make you feel a lot of emotions.

Bobby photo

This documentary is not as thought provoking as it may seem. It is more of a fact based documentary on various incidents that occurred at the turn of the century, and also of course the question of the validity of the supernatural in our world. The many deaths of high profile individuals that occurred around the globe, such as the Great Fire of London, the Titanic sinking, and the recent earthquake in New Zealand, are all examples of some of the events that happened that we see in the film. The documentary is much more of a historical document than a scientific one. For those who are interested in this type of documentary it is a great one. For those who are interested in a documentary with scientific principles it may not be that great, but it is still a great documentary. I will give the film a rating of 8/10, but because of the way the documentary is presented it is not something I would want to watch a second time. The reason I say this is because of the way the documentary starts, with the apparent inclusion of a documentary in the movie as well. But the documentary does not end with a documentary. It ends with the final scene of the documentary, which gives a sense of finality to the film. I think that for many viewers this will be a definite spoiler, so please read the summary above if you don't want to be spoiled. One thing I will say about this documentary is that it has a bit of everything, and I will not name any of the subjects. I will just say that this documentary is a bit of everything, and I would highly recommend watching it.

George K. photo
George K.

This is a serious investigation of the hidden history of African Americans in the United States. Black children are kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed in the worst of ways. This film will awaken the deep rooted emotions of the black community. I will be looking for more films by this director. Good luck and keep on going.

Brenda photo

This is a great documentary. I first learned about the Agta from a movie called "Schindler's List" when I was in high school. In it, the film makers interviewed prisoners in Auschwitz and put on a powerful visual. The Agta today are no different, but I am sure that the members of the film group took the time to question some of the people they interviewed and I applaud their honesty. The film also gives a look into the mindset of the members of the Agta and how their own experiences have changed them. They also focus on the German ethnic group and the very different ways that Jews were treated in Germany compared to the US, where the U.S. government was actively working to help Jews. One of the things I was impressed with was the small villages they visited that were the opposite of the tourist attraction- all cramped, ugly and bleak. They also highlight the poor quality of the agriculture in the countries they visited and the fact that people had to work on land that wasn't theirs. Finally, there are several pictures of animals that are killed and destroyed in this country and the end of the film seems to be more about saving animals than saving lives. Overall, I would highly recommend the film and have not been disappointed. It is a very powerful documentary and I highly recommend it.

Peter photo

I highly recommend this documentary to everyone. It tells the true story of a man who loved life and died doing it. Nothing could have prepared him for what he encountered on the opening night of Roxy and being alive. I have never written a review before but after seeing the film I felt compelled to. People who haven't seen this film need to. I'm embarrassed to say that this film is one of the most honest documentaries I have ever seen. It's not very often that documentaries are shown to the public and everyone is happy about it. And it's not rare that they show the truth, which I've always believed about the media and news, but it's rare that the truth is this extreme. I never thought I would be so moved by a documentary as I was on the opening night of Roxy. Although I have never had an affair, I now know that life is never easy. The filmmakers are very honest and true in their portrayal of Roxy. The directors must be at least a dozen times married. There is no single reason for Roxy to have a drug problem. I think that it is probably the result of her first love, but it's also possible that she was manipulated by the older man that she loved. The death of Roxy is such a tragedy for both her and her family. She was only 24 years old when she died. She just had three kids. They still haven't gotten to know her well enough to be able to understand her. They would probably just like her. I hope she gets the dignity that she deserves. I'm not going to ruin the ending, but I will say that Roxy's story is inspiring. And that's the main reason I felt compelled to write this review.

Emily Harris photo
Emily Harris

The documentary film "Cape Fear" is one of the few films that I have ever seen that combines good acting, good writing, good directing, and a very interesting plot. Although, I am a big fan of Ridley Scott, his work was not really what I was expecting. This film did not show his masterpiece film "Alien" (1986). I was expecting something else, but it was better than I expected. I am glad that the film was made because I really wanted to see this film. The film tells the story of Martin Landau, who is a movie director in New York City. He was also a murder detective in the 80's. He is assigned to investigate a murder of an actor in New York. Landau is only in New York for a week, so he needs a good detective to follow him. His investigation leads him to a family with an odd man named Ed Crane. Landau and Crane soon fall in love and eventually the two have a son. This film is not your standard romance, thriller, or crime film. It is a real drama. The film shows Landau's investigation, along with a great crime story. The cast is incredible. All of the cast members are brilliant. Kevin Bacon, Cary Elwes, Michael Gambon, and others. The story line is great. It is funny, suspenseful, and interesting. I can not understand why it did not get the recognition it deserved. I will say that it was not my favorite film of the year, but it is still one of my favorites. The film is about a great story. The acting is great. It is a good crime film. It is interesting. I can not find anything wrong with the film.

Rachel Howell photo
Rachel Howell

This is a great film, and it is so easy to get caught up in the history of the movie industry. It's a great film, and I hope that you watch it and enjoy it. I don't want to give anything away, but this film is a great film, and I hope that you enjoy it.

Carol photo

I think that if you were to watch "The Hateful Eight" you would find that it would be a very entertaining movie. It has everything a Tarantino fan could want, but I think the most unique aspect of the movie is its main character, Michael Madsen. He plays a very unusual character that no one has ever seen before. He has these really weird glasses that make him look like a man in a wheelchair, and his accent is so strange that it actually makes him sound very different from the way he normally speaks. He does say a lot of the lines that make you cringe. The last thing I have to say about this movie is that it is a very unique film that can only be described as an "Enemy of the State". It has everything that is expected in a Tarantino film. However, you do have to be very open minded. The majority of the movie is mostly about the Madsen character, and he is very unique in this film, as well as the director and writer. I have never seen an actor in this role before. It was a very interesting character, and a very unique one. I think it is worth a watch, but I don't think you would ever be bored. The movie is not long at all, and I think most of the people that watch it would enjoy it, but it is definitely not a movie for everyone.

Joseph E. photo
Joseph E.

I thought I would say that I was disappointed. It was that I thought this movie would be good. It was actually very good. And I didn't realize how good until I looked at IMDb. But anyways, it is definitely worth watching. It is a good movie to show young kids and older teens about drugs, gangs, and many other subjects. Even though it is rated "R", it is not really a bad movie. It is more of an "R" for inappropriate language and sexual content. It is not what I would expect a movie to be like. I was actually surprised. The movie itself was very well made. It was not like what I expected from this movie. I wasn't expecting a little "violent" movie. I didn't expect it to be like the "R" rating. I was expecting it to be in the "R" category. It was entertaining. And the ending was good. I felt like it was good, but not a great movie. I think they should have shown more of the characters and the real story. The characters were very important. It was good that they made the story about the gang members and not about the drug dealers and gang members. And I think they should have showed the true story of how they were putting drugs into the community. The real story of the drug dealers and the drug dealers and other drug dealing and drug dealing was never really shown in this movie. It was interesting, but it wasn't what I wanted. I really enjoyed watching this movie. It was not a good movie, but it was still a good movie. It was really good and worth watching.

Stephanie photo

I was very excited to see this film. I have never heard of the man before, and I was excited to see his film. I am glad I did. This is a great documentary. The only thing I would have done differently is to have the man play himself, as he is a very good actor. It would have been interesting to see how he would have played the part. It was a great interview. I hope he continues to make films.

Andrew A. photo
Andrew A.

I really enjoyed this film. I was a little skeptical at first, but it was a great film. It was well researched and the subject matter was interesting. The film was very well edited, and I liked the interviews with the people involved. I think it is a great film to show people who have never seen the film before, and people who have seen the film before. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is well worth watching.

Johnny photo

The documentary shows how undercover police in the Dominican Republic were involved in the drug trade of the early 1980s and how they were captured and brought to trial. These people had shown incredible courage and bravery in the face of certain death. This film should be required viewing for anyone who is concerned with the impact of drugs on society. For anyone who is interested in how governments in the United States and elsewhere are handling the problem of drugs, this is a must-see documentary.

Anna R. photo
Anna R.

The only actor,who I can relate to is Mr. Roy. He does not want to get into the camera, which is good, but he is a young man who wants to leave the noise behind. He is an example to the people who are afraid of cameras and get all the fame. I like the story, the photos, the memories, the beauty of cities and places. Every time I watch the movie, I learn something new, but it is not the same every time. I recommend to all of the viewers that they try to understand,not understand. Keep an open mind, and watch and be amazed. I hope that you will enjoy the movie as much as I did.

Diane photo

My 16 year old son, as well as others in the theater, absolutely loved this film. No one left or stayed. I thought it was great! What can I say? This film brought home the fact that whatever we do, we can and should learn from other cultures and learn to appreciate that we are each other's only connections. From this film, we found our own religions and religious organizations to be more than the sum of their parts. This film is truly a "Must See."

Ashley Sims photo
Ashley Sims

I'm still stumped by all the comments that this is a "bitter" film. What does that mean? I think you just said you hated it. This is a great film, but it doesn't claim to be great. There is no wrong. There are hundreds of excellent films that people have released, so don't let the haters keep you from seeing the amazing things they have done. I'm sorry but my sense of humor isnt like yours. I am a big fan of many directors and I have seen many of their films. I know what they do and know what they are about. If you want a movie that is not about politics or religion or dancing, rent 'Trainspotting'. I am sick of all the negative reviews of this film. What are you expecting? I hope this film gets seen more widely. It deserves to.

Laura Gardner photo
Laura Gardner

I agree with my brothers that the first was a bit too short. I agree that these films should have been edited and then aired as part of the final season of History Channel. This film is an important documentary on the truth about the Holocaust, and should be made available to the general public in the form of a documentary series on the History Channel. It is a great shame that the public doesn't get to hear about the truth about the holocaust and the holocaust itself, not just through the holocaust films. I hope that these films make it to the History Channel and eventually become a TV series. Now I know that there are many people out there who have never even heard of the holocaust, but I hope that they learn about it. If you do want to learn more about the holocaust, go to the History Channel website at: It contains information about the holocaust and a great deal of information about the holocaust itself.

Amanda N. photo
Amanda N.

Yes, I'm sure you have already heard about this film already. It's been the talk of the town. "Don't miss this!". "We have to show this to everyone we know!" I have been fascinated by the picture for almost 2 years now. Since the first time I saw it, I have searched it on the internet and in all the news newspapers. "This is the best movie ever!" Yes, yes it is. The only thing missing was the short scenes which, considering this was a student project, would have been OK to save and edit. Well, thanks to our friends at the WETA Lab in Switzerland for producing this marvelous film. I will be one of those who is going to show this film to everyone I know. Please, just go see it and keep an eye out for the actors. If they are not the best in their careers, they should be. The possibilities are endless. Once again, thank you for helping us share our life with the world.

Ethan Wood photo
Ethan Wood

Hollywood has a long history of "arts" films, made by this filmmaker with such talent and thought, such integrity. I think his career began with "The Arrival", and probably his best achievement, was "The Last Detail". Without a doubt, this is his best film. His "conversations" with the soldiers are priceless, and the pictures and soundtrack are like a great album by one of his favorite artists. He's an artist who has made his own contribution to the history of the future, and his film has been a crucial moment for the world. It's a shame it's not seen more. I was sad when he passed, and my condolences to his family and friends. I hope we can find more films like "The Arrival", because they have been missed by the masses.

Olivia M. photo
Olivia M.

This is a spectacular film. It is amazing how people from all walks of life can come together and share an understanding that we all share a common understanding of what it is like to be an American. The film is one that will stick with you for days. It is important for anyone to see this film. I highly recommend this film and especially the message.

Eugene photo

This documentary is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to discover how government agencies work. It delves into a lot of details that are not only interesting to those who follow the secret government, but are also useful to those who want to better understand the work of agencies like the CIA and the NSA. For instance, it explains why the NSA used the word "allied" to describe all kinds of agencies while the NSA did not. Also, it explains why agencies like the CIA are more secretive than other agencies because they are afraid that anyone might figure out what is going on. The interviews are very interesting and interesting to listen to. Not a lot of movies can compare to this documentary. It is absolutely amazing how the director and producer are able to obtain access to all kinds of agencies. It is an incredible story that is worth hearing.

Albert Baker photo
Albert Baker

This is a pretty good movie that the whole family can watch. I found it to be a little bit confusing at times, but I've watched it a few times and will continue to watch it. If you're a fan of K-9 movies, then this one is for you. I liked the whole premise and the main character was likable. Good movie. -sheesh. Why does no one seem to know who the main character is? -It is like "Don't look for a wall, look for an oasis!" There is nothing wrong with trying to figure this one out. A great movie to watch with the kids. -Really? There was no way this movie would be better than The Walking Dead? Yeah, because zombies are really big and tough. The main character, Mom, is such a badass. She's very strong and has a beautiful wife and kids. I don't know who in the world would enjoy this movie more. This is a great family movie.