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Gunhamdo is a movie starring Jung-min Hwang, Ji-seob So, and Joong-Ki Song. During the Japanese colonial era, roughly 400 Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island ("Hashima Island") to mine for coal, attempt to a...

Other Titles
The Battleship Island, Đảo Địa Ngục, La Isla Acorazado, Ostrvo Hašima, Hashima Kömür Madeni, Goonhamdo, Battleship Island, 軍艦島, Hashima
Running Time
2 hours 12 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Action, Drama, History
Seung-wan Ryoo
Seung-wan Ryoo
Jung-min Hwang, Ji-seob So, Jung-hyun Lee, Joong-Ki Song
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

During the Japanese colonial era, roughly 400 Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island ("Hashima Island") to mine for coal, attempt to a dramatic escape.

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Dorothy photo

It's a fascinating journey, full of swashbuckling and beautiful scenery. The movie is very entertaining and is very well directed. Some scenes are very well shot and the soundtrack was very good too. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the British history of the time. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a "classic" British film. A big thumbs up!

Rose W. photo
Rose W.

I am very surprised to see that there are people that think this is not a good movie. The movie has a good message and is very entertaining. I like that the movie is not boring. The story is not about Jesus or Pilate, it is about the man who is martyred. There are many things that can be seen from the movie: the Romans who are bad, the Spanish who are good, the Jews who are bad, the Christians who are good. The movie is not about a specific religion, but about people. In the end, the movie shows what happens when a man dies. People are killed and there are things that are not shown in the movie. But the message is very good and the movie is very entertaining. I recommend this movie to everybody.

Jean photo

This is one of the few movies to be released during the period of the French occupation of Iraq. Despite the fact that it is set in the 70s, I don't think it really fits that time period. However, it is still a good movie. I haven't seen the original (which I think is excellent), but I haven't seen the sequel or any other movie made in Iraq during that time. The movie starts off with an interesting and unusual fight scene. However, the fighting sequences are the main thing that make this movie worth watching. Although it is very short, the movie has a great story line and the characters are interesting. I recommend it to anyone who loves war movies.

Karen Crawford photo
Karen Crawford

A movie about a mercenary who is a mercenary for the king. A movie about the fact that you can't make a movie about a king without being biased. I found it very interesting to see the history of the movie, and the people involved in the movie, from the king and his people, to the mercenaries, the women and the King's men. I found it very interesting to see the actors and actresses involved in the movie. I was so impressed with the actress who played the king's mother, and how she played the part. I found the acting to be very real and very believable. The acting was very convincing. The movie was very interesting and very well done. It is a very well made movie that will keep you watching. The movie is very realistic. There are very many things in the movie that are not very likely to happen. The people in the movie are very good, and the movie is very interesting to watch. I hope that the movie will make more people watch it and find out about the movie. It is a very interesting movie and I highly recommend it. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that are realistic.

Jacob Ward photo
Jacob Ward

I'm not too sure what the critics were expecting when they wrote a bad review of this film, but I don't think they were expecting anything good. There's plenty of action, violence, and action-adventure to be had in this movie, and even if the action isn't as good as the action-adventure, it is still an enjoyable watch. This is a film that's so realistic it's not for everyone. That's not to say it's a good film, but it is a good film. It's not a movie for everyone, but if you like action-adventure movies that are also believable and well-acted, then this is for you.

Juan photo

Just got back from the film and was so impressed! I think everyone should see this film! I am not much of a James Bond fan but this film was so much better than all the other films combined. This film was about a man that went from being a rebel to a king and how his son made him realize he was not cut out for that position. He became so involved in the King's life that he took on the name of King Hamdo and basically ruined his father's life and his brother's. The story line was very unique. I really enjoyed the fact that there was a plot and it didn't happen in the first five minutes. The action was great. The weapons were also cool and the music was great. I really liked the fact that the leader of the rebels was a woman and that was so much different to any other film. The main thing I liked about this film was that it was different than the other James Bond films. There were no guns and explosions, which I think is a good thing. This film was great! I have seen this film on HBO and will be buying the DVD.

Keith photo

THE PLAGUE is a film that I have always been interested in but I didn't want to spend too much time with it. The film is set in the Roman Empire in the early first century AD and it focuses on a family of Romans who have been infected by the black plague. The film is quite violent at times but it is all done in a very serious way. The film is very bleak and it is a little hard to watch at times but the cast is good. This film is not as good as I expected but it was worth the watch.

Dorothy photo

The film is a classic example of how much film can be made from the heart. With a strong cast, a beautiful and bold script and a powerful direction, it succeeds in all regards. The story of Diyab Hassan, the first prisoner sent to an island and a man who couldn't live with the isolation, is told from his point of view. The acting is superb and not one single actor or actress makes a mistake in this film. The film is shot with a lot of authenticity and that makes this film one of the most vivid historical movies I have ever seen. You can feel the heat, the fear, the despair and the hopelessness that the prisoners feel while they are being captured by the Spanish and it seems to be happening to every single one of them. In the end, it is a movie that is very challenging to watch and even more challenging to believe. The movie is not always easy to watch but this is because it is not so much about entertainment as it is about history, and it is a great movie for history buffs. If you are not interested in history then you will not get anything out of this film. It is a film that you should watch, you should talk about it and you should be proud that you watched it. The story is powerful and the film is a must-see for everyone.

William photo

The depiction of South China is often one of the key elements in a movie. There is a common misunderstanding in some of the forums about South China. This movie is not about South China. It is about a military action that happened in South China in the past. The main character is the son of a general that is being captured in the beginning of the movie. He escapes from the Chinese army and makes his way to the US, where he is met by a detective and a senator. The detective explains that the general is in charge of a large army that is stealing gold and that his father is a colonel. This leads to the movie going back to the area of China to show the effects of the time when the military was stronger than today. The movie is about two things. One is the aftermath of the military actions. The second is the military actions themselves. The movie is about the power of the military and the way that it operates. The movie is very good in showing the long arm of the military, to which some people say it is a curse. I like the movie because of the depiction of the military and the power that it exerts. The movie is not for people who want to understand the Chinese culture or have a high school education.

Crystal photo

I really liked this film. I don't really understand the negative reviews. I'm not going to go on and on about how much I loved the film. I just want to say I think everyone should see it. There are some beautiful cinematography, the locations are great and the characters are very interesting. I'm not going to give any spoilers because this is a great movie. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but if you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it.

Daniel A. photo
Daniel A.

The movie is really good, and I think it is really, really good. In a way it's an English film but it is based on the real story of the Mahdist regime in Tunisia. I'm not sure why there's a English subtitle, it's like a 2nd language. It's amazing that the French have been able to produce something so sophisticated and entertaining, with some really amazing scenes. I just like the whole movie. I really like the characters, the atmosphere, the music, the acting, the story. I really like it, and I think it deserves all the praise. It's a good movie. It's not an Oscar winner, but it is definitely not a bad movie either. I think it is one of the best movies of the year. I recommend it to everybody. You won't regret it. Just see it, you'll see.

Rose photo

One of the best films ever made. Without doubt a must see for all the film lovers. This film shows the impact of the Spanish Reconquista, and how the peasants took up arms against the Spanish Crown. The film's background is through the eyes of its protagonist, Banderas, and his dream to become a hero. The story is very gripping and emotional. The film is full of great cinematography. The movie is also full of beautiful scenes. It is very romantic, and it does not fall to the raunchy comedy which is a part of the Hollywood movie industry. The film's director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, has done a fantastic job. The film has a good cast. The film is full of great acting, and very good directing. It is very interesting to watch this movie, and I suggest you watch it!

Jennifer Elliott photo
Jennifer Elliott

I am not a big fan of the Middle East. I was not looking forward to seeing this film because of the name of the director but I was wrong. This film is great. It is not a documentary and it does not try to show it as a documentary. It is a movie about the struggles of the Muslim Ummah. It shows the human side of the Arab and Muslim world. This is a film that will be a must see for any Muslim.

Alice Fields photo
Alice Fields

I saw this movie with my family and i must say that i was completely surprised by the movie. It was not a movie that i expected to be good but it was really good. It was a great film to watch with my family. I am a huge fan of war movies but i don't usually watch them with my family. But after this movie i wanted to watch a lot of war movies with my family and this movie was the best choice i have ever made. My daughter was really into the movie and she asked for me to watch it with her. I was really surprised that she liked it so much and that it is her favorite movie of all time. I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes a good war movie. I think everyone who sees this movie will love it. This is my new favorite movie and it will always be in my top 5 movies of all time.

Larry photo

There are some talented actors in this movie, but the plot is not so entertaining. If you have a chance to see it in the cinema, give it a try. The film has some beautiful scenes, and the director did a good job, even if the main character is not very impressive.

Aaron photo

I think that this movie is an amazing work. I think that it is not an accurate portrayal of the event, but it does show what happened. I think that there were a lot of things that weren't documented, but this movie shows what happened. I think that there is a lot of blame put on the government, but I think that it was a lot more of a power grab than an assassination. There are many great movies that show what happened, but this movie is my favorite. I recommend that you see this movie.

Megan M. photo
Megan M.

One of the very best War movies ever made, this is a must see for the History or Drama lover.I was expecting a typical Hollywood or Hollywood type movie with a little twist, but it was not the case. This was a nice mix of History and Drama.The acting was good, the film was well directed and the acting was good.The story line was well written and has a lot of mystery and intrigue, but also a little bit of romance, it makes it a great movie to watch with your loved one. This is a movie that I will watch over and over again.I give it a 7/10.

Ethan Montgomery photo
Ethan Montgomery

A lot of people had high expectations for the movie after seeing the trailer, especially after seeing the trailer to 10 Days of War. Many critics from the audience (in Australia, I believe) had really high expectations for this movie, and when I saw the movie I have to say that they were very disappointed. The movie itself is very slow paced. I know that a lot of people have been waiting for this movie for a while, but I am here to tell you that you need to watch the movie as the trailer and your expectations have been pretty high. The trailers was misleading in terms of the plot, the main antagonist was just too over the top to be real, and the plot was too slow for the audience to be able to follow it. The first 5 minutes of the movie were pretty much a wasted opportunity to make you think about what was going on, because the first 5 minutes of the movie is the most important part of the movie. There was not enough information given to the audience to keep them interested in what was going on. Also, there was not enough emphasis on the movie being a movie, or any kind of suspense in it. If the movie had been a thriller, this could have been a great movie, but as a movie it was just too slow paced. There was only one single scene in the movie that was really suspenseful and hard to believe. I was never really scared, and the ending was pretty predictable. Overall, I was disappointed with the movie, but I'm sure that the people that were really into the trailer were the ones that would have really loved the movie. If you are looking for a movie to watch, I think you should give this movie a shot. I think you will like it. If you are looking for a thriller, then I think you would be better off watching the movie "10 Days of War".

Denise photo

I knew very little about this film up to now and I felt it had a great opportunity to get a much better message across. In my opinion it did not. I'm a bit confused as to why so many people are giving this film such a high rating and yet so few are giving it a low rating, I understand that I am very critical and I'm not going to change my opinions of this film but I feel it is rather harsh to do so. A lot of people are still giving it a 10 because it is a historical epic and because it is based on a classic story. But I don't think that this is the case. I thought it was very slow and boring. I thought it had a long and very drawn out last act that was quite over the top and I thought the film had a poor connection with the audience. I did not feel that the film had a great story to tell. I think it was very rushed and not very exciting. I was quite disappointed in the ending. Overall I didn't think the film was as good as the reviews suggest. I didn't find the film very exciting and I didn't like the over the top ending.

Jean photo

What a delight to see this movie, a film that was able to take a few liberties with historical events. Some of the action scenes were a bit over the top, but it was done in a tasteful way that made it watchable. The character of Mughal Raja has become somewhat legendary, and this film is the culmination of what was a story that was told in countless books and documentaries. Many have referred to the movie as a statement on Indian history, but I think it is more of a statement on the kind of people we have become. I don't think that was a bad thing, as the film would have been boring without a large dose of entertainment. The real-life rivalry between Mughal and Shah is probably the most interesting aspect of the film. The story has some nice historical facts, as the chronology is true. The costumes and the costumes of the actors are wonderful, and are a perfect match to the period. I have never seen such an amount of exquisite work in a film. The photography is very artistic, and the camera-work is at a very high level. The music is very well chosen, and I love the use of Brahms and Brahms. The most interesting thing to me is the casting of the Shah of Persia. He was in many ways, a symbol of the rise of the Mughals, and how they have destroyed their empire. The character of Mughal Raja is a reflection of the Shah of Persia. The setting of the film is very beautiful, and the cinematography is excellent. It is very easy to get caught up in the film, and enjoy the characters and their interactions. I think that this film is a great statement on how the Mughals have destroyed India, and how they destroyed their own culture, but with a good sense of humor.

Thomas H. photo
Thomas H.

Ah, the movie that inspired the original book. I have to say that I was not disappointed. The movie is very good in the sense that it was very well directed and acted. The characters are so different from the book. I really liked how the movie kept the story and the characters with the book. It is very hard to make a movie without the original story and characters. It was a really good movie. The actors are good and they did a very good job of portraying the characters. I really enjoyed the movie and it was very good. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It is very good and it is worth watching.

Vincent photo

I am glad I didn't read a review before watching the movie, because there are so many things I would like to add, but I won't spoil the movie, because people who have seen it know what they are getting. It is a good movie, very well made. The fight scenes are not very realistic, which I can understand, but the characters are well-developed. The acting is good. The story is great. The message is great. I would say that I enjoyed the movie very much, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good movie.

Helen photo

I was hoping for a movie to make me laugh and this did that. Not a great movie, but a movie that will make you think about the events and the story. If you like movies that make you think, then I highly recommend this movie.

Ronald W. photo
Ronald W.

This is a great movie with lots of action and it has a great story line. I liked the fight scenes but the acting was a little bit lame. The guy who played Irv Stein, he was really good in this. I think the guy who played Helo is the only real acting failure. I liked this movie more than the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights". It has a little more action and has a great story line. This movie is in my top 10 list of all time favorites.

Alice photo

The film, Hamdo, tells the story of the second Persian Empire, the last great empire of the medieval era, that came to an end in the 12th century. It was an era of great historical events, the great battles of the Mongol invasion, the fall of Constantinople, the fall of the Russian Empire and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The film depicts the life of a nobleman, Darius Hamdo, the son of a Russian nobleman. Darius is the grandson of Genghis Khan, the conqueror of the world. Darius is a reluctant hero, a born warrior. His father Genghis Khan is a reluctant, selfish man. The story of Hamdo is told from the point of view of Darius, his wife and his adopted son. They have the dream of living in a paradise, which is quite different from the real world. It is a fairy tale, a fantasy. Hamdo knows it and so does his adopted son. Hamdo knows that it is a dream, but he is not afraid to try and achieve it. He follows the example of his father, the conqueror Genghis Khan, who has the dream of a paradise. The story is told in a very good way, the way that I like to see. I recommend the film to anyone who loves history and who likes a good story. It is a good movie. I give it 9 out of 10.

Frank W. photo
Frank W.

In the beginning, we have to wait for the major scene, which is a mixture of the two main roles of the main character. At first we are a bit disappointed because of the very slow pace but it gets better and better. As a whole, I think the movie is a good start to the Indian cinema. The script is very good, the dialogs are very good, and the actors perform their roles well. The art direction and the cinematography are very good and the story is very good. I recommend this movie to people who want to know about the history of the early days of Bollywood, or to the people who like movies in which the subject of the movie is the history of the early years of the British Empire.

Joseph B. photo
Joseph B.

A former Turkish Navy captain who is now a Spanish military officer, is in charge of the rescue of a group of rebellious Basques. His main character is a young man who is completely cut off from society and finds his world in a primitive village. As the story unfolds, we realize that this young man is a native of this village and has nothing to do with the Spanish. The Spaniards think he is a savage. The Basques think the Spaniards are uncivilized. This is an interesting and very well-made film. The acting is first rate, the effects and cinematography are outstanding and the story moves along very well. The acting is very good and all the actors have strong parts to play. A very good film.

Brenda photo

I have never seen a movie that has managed to capture the drama of a war like "Hamdo". The fact that this movie is based on a true story and that the fact that this is a true story makes it more of an art to watch. As a war movie, it is nothing but a must watch. The only problem I have with this movie is that it is too long. I just could not feel the emotion and the brutality that was captured. I was almost at the point of getting bored with the movie. But then, the last 30 minutes or so, I was almost at the point of cheering. This is the most emotional movie I have seen in a long time. I am not a fan of movies that go too long, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. This movie is a must watch for anyone who has not seen it. I rate this movie 9 out of 10.

Laura Marshall photo
Laura Marshall

Just a word about the pacing and pacing alone. The film was slow, but not in a boring way. And it was not boring like the movie might have been if it had been a bit longer. This film has a slow pace and it does not drag on forever. It felt like it was about two hours long. But I did not feel like I had wasted my time watching this movie. The music and the cinematography were excellent. I am not a big fan of Richard Kelly, but this movie showed him that he can do better than what he did in Trainspotting. I recommend this movie to anyone that likes a movie with a slow pace and good music.

Raymond W. photo
Raymond W.

This movie is not so bad as it seems. In fact, I liked it better than I thought I would. I thought the director was way too cynical about the whole thing. In fact, I'm not sure I can say I liked the movie. But I liked it. It's one of those movies that you just have to see to believe. It's definitely worth seeing. And it's definitely worth a second viewing. But it's not a movie you'll be talking about for years.

Jeffrey photo

Like most of the other reviewers, I like the movie, but I was slightly disappointed in the execution of the plot. I think the director could have used a better writer to develop the storyline in such a way that the audience can follow and understand the plot. The movie is based on an extremely realistic view of the Indian history. This is a very realistic movie that takes a very realistic view of the life of a brave Indian and a brave Indian woman. I think the movie makers had an opportunity to make a more historical movie and failed to do so. This movie is an excellent action movie that has some really great action scenes. The action is realistic and the characters are well developed. The villain is played well and he is a ruthless killer. The movie has a nice story and interesting characters. The movie is rated R, but it could have been much better if the director had worked on his script. Overall, the movie is a very good movie and an action movie. The actors in the movie were great, but the story and the story of the movie were not believable. If the director had worked on his script, the movie would have been much better. The movie is a very good movie that is definitely worth watching.

Jonathan photo

I watched this movie with a group of friends and we all liked it. We have a lot of different opinions about movies and this one I think is better than the other movie I've seen. I don't know why it is rated so low. It's not for everyone, but if you like history, action and drama then you will like this movie.

Juan Olson photo
Juan Olson

I was really looking forward to see this movie, but was really disappointed in the movie. This movie is supposed to be a political drama, but it is just too forced. The first half of the movie is much better than the second half. The second half is all political drama. This movie is not very realistic and the movie is too long. The movie was really disappointing. This is a movie that could have been really good, but was not. This is a movie that you can skip if you want to. My Rating: 6/10.

Janice photo

I can't think of any other movie to compare this to. I believe it's a masterpiece. The story is a little too slow to get you into the action, but the cinematography is top-notch. The score is amazing. I believe that you'll love it and want to see it again. I also have to mention the acting by all the actors. Even though I haven't seen the original movie, I can tell the actors had a lot of fun with this. I've also read other reviews about the actors acting but I think it was just great. The actors really put their heart into the role. You don't see any real flaws in the performances. It's a true story and there's no doubt about that. It's not Hollywood, but it's not crap either. It's not meant to be taken seriously. I believe that everyone should see this movie. It's the best war movie ever.

Jonathan F. photo
Jonathan F.

This is the second film directed by Mohammad Abbaspour, and the first by him. The first one was "Athenaeum" and the second one was "Najaf." I can't really say if they are the same film, because it's hard to tell when the story is told and what is being shown. It's a great story. "Athenaeum" was a story about love, and the sacrifices that one has to make to be loved. "Najaf" is a story about the two nations, and their wars. The story is very simple. It's about two people who are coming to terms with their past, and they both have to decide between the two, and the consequences that one could face if he chooses to go with the other. It's a simple, but great story. Both films are very impressive. "Athenaeum" was very good, and "Najaf" is better. I didn't like the music very much. I don't know why, because it fits the story well. I liked the film "Najaf", but not as much as "Athenaeum."

Maria S. photo
Maria S.

The final battle in this epic movie is so beautifully filmed. I just love this movie. It is very exciting and stunning. It is a must-see for any film lover. The acting is very good, as usual from Denzel Washington. I can't say enough about this movie, it is one of the best movies of the year. The music is excellent too. I am a big fan of the music. This movie is one of the most amazing movies of the year. It is a must see.

Kathy photo

I've never read the book, so I was not familiar with the title of this movie. But I can say that it was very well put together, and was more than worth the time and money to see it. I had read the reviews before going to see it, and I didn't want to see another version of the story. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the movie followed the book, and when I saw the movie in the theater I was very surprised at how good it was. This movie would be perfect for a date, or a late night movie. The only thing I would change is to have more character development. There is a lot of history of the main characters and they do not get enough time to develop them. That said, if you are a fan of the book, you will love this movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Harold photo

This film, while a relatively recent effort, can stand as a case study of the nature of war films in general. One of the best of the genre, "Battlefield Earth," was a sort of pure-war epic in which the characters were all named after famous soldiers. Here, however, the characters are named after fictional tribes. That may not seem a big deal in the context of the film, but it does serve to obscure what could be a pretty good film. The film is centered around a group of three scientists, and their journey into the arid environment of Australia. The film was written and directed by director Paul W. S. Anderson. Anderson is no stranger to the genre; he made several notable entries in the genre, including "Virus," "The Last King of Scotland," and "The Woman in Black." Still, in all of Anderson's films, he's been able to write some really good films, and "Battlefield Earth" is no different. The performances are strong, and the direction is good. The film features some great one-liners, and the action is pretty exciting. Anderson is not without his critics. The film is a bit slow in places, and some of the characters are pretty annoying. Still, "Battlefield Earth" is a good film that I would recommend to people who are interested in the genre. (B-)

Ronald F. photo
Ronald F.

I really like this movie. The movie has a lot of emotion and an interesting story. The actors do a good job with their characters. The plot has its ups and downs, but the movie is so well acted that it keeps you interested throughout the movie. I like the characters. Some of them have a bit more depth than others. I really like the movie.

Gary J. photo
Gary J.

I will be completely honest, I was expecting to be blown away by this movie, but I was not. It was quite good, but not spectacular. The story is quite good, with some interesting characters. The action is decent, but not mind blowing. The acting was decent, but not Oscar worthy. It was very well done, but there were a few things that I did not like. The way the characters die is very unrealistic. They get killed by lightning, and they do not seem to die. They do not seem to be dead when they are shot, they just seem to be "dead" and they die. The good guys do not seem to die at all, and it seems like they are being hit by bullets and getting knocked down, and it seems like they are just having a bad day. The story is a little too predictable, but it does not really matter, the movie was enjoyable, and the ending was very satisfying. I would recommend this movie, I found it to be very entertaining, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. The acting was good, and the story was pretty good, but the execution was pretty weak, and a few things were way too unrealistic.

Timothy Young photo
Timothy Young

Very good movie. I like the story and the main actor played the role very well. This movie is a must watch for those who want to see a very entertaining movie. I recommend it to all the people who like to watch a movie.