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Félicité is a movie starring Véro Tshanda Beya Mputu, Gaetan Claudia, and Papi Mpaka. Félicité sings in a bar in Kinshasa. When her 14-year-old son has a motorcycle accident, she goes on a frantic search through the streets of...

Other Titles
Felisite, Felicidade, Felicite, わたしは、幸福(フェリシテ)
Running Time
2 hours 9 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Music, Drama
Alain Gomis
Delphine Zingg, Alain Gomis, Olivier Loustau
Véro Tshanda Beya Mputu, Gaetan Claudia, Papi Mpaka, Nadine Ndebo
Senegal, Germany, France, Lebanon, Belgium
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Filled with pride and a sense of freedom, Félicité is a night singer in a bar in Kinshasa. Her life changed totally when her 14-year-old son had a motorcycle accident. To save him, she embarks on a frenetic race through the streets of an electric Kinshasa, a world of music and dreams. Her path crosses that of Tabu's.

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Juan N. photo
Juan N.

The year is 1969 and the world is changing. The Vietnam war has ended and a new generation is coming into the world. This is a picture of the first half of that century. In a small village in France, the young Christian and Pierre (both played by the legendary Claude Akins) are studying to be priests. But they have to leave because the law in the village forbids the worship of the Virgin Mary. There is a scandal in the town. The prosecutor thinks that the young priest was involved in the scandal and that he must be punished. Pierre has to defend himself. As the story goes, Pierre has to defend himself against the prosecutor and the public. There are also two other things in the picture: the prosecutor's wife and the mother of the prosecutor. The mother has a secret. The film is about the Catholic Church and the priest-priest relationship. It is also about the innocence and innocence of the French. It is a beautiful picture of the first half of the century and it is about the Catholic Church. I was disappointed that there were not more miracles. The only miracle is that the film was released in 1969. It is a very good film and I recommend it to anyone who loves cinema.

Catherine Lucas photo
Catherine Lucas

I had the privilege to see this film at the MoMA in New York City, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the big screen. It was good. But the movie was a bit too long, and the acting was pretty wooden. The story, as with most of Agnes' films, is a bit convoluted, and the final scene is a bit abrupt. But overall, the movie is well worth watching, especially for fans of Agnes De Mille.

Brandon photo

It's been a while since I've seen a movie where I've been really invested in the characters, and it's not just because of the very creative ending, which is just one of the many things that make this movie special. The characters of Jacques and Dora are completely likable, but they are also extremely believable, especially Jacques. He is the type of man who has everything in his life and yet still doesn't feel like he has enough. Dora on the other hand, is someone who can't see herself without feeling guilty about not having a boyfriend. The two characters that have the most to say about their feelings are Broussard and Janek, the former of whom is the only one that doesn't seem to be very realistic, but the latter is the one that is just as interesting. Broussard is the man who seems to be more about what he does and less about what he feels, and Janek is someone who is able to see a lot of things and is able to see things without thinking too much about it. As for the rest of the characters, they are all pretty well-developed. The only character I felt a bit underdeveloped was Dora's mother, who I thought was a bit underdeveloped, but it's not the main problem of the movie. The main problem of the movie is that the movie is too long. It's a bit long for what it is, and the end of the movie is just too long, and it's not that I wanted to see it end, it's just that I expected it to end differently. That being said, the movie is still pretty good, and the acting is great. I have to admit, I don't know how much the actors actually know about the band, but they did a pretty good job. The song "L'Auberge" was by far the best song in the movie, and I would say that this movie was more about the song than the movie. Overall, I would recommend this movie, but not for the people who have a love for movies, as it is a bit too long, but it's still worth seeing. I give it a B+.

Austin P. photo
Austin P.

For the most part, I enjoyed this movie. However, it is not without its faults. First, it could have been a lot longer. The last half of the movie is definitely lacking. The music in the beginning is too long and boring. The rest of the movie, however, is actually quite good. The action is well done and the movie is enjoyable. It is worth seeing, but don't expect anything more.

Terry W. photo
Terry W.

I'm really glad that I found this movie at my local library, because it was so well done. I'm a big fan of the musical, but I haven't seen the Broadway show. I was hoping that it would be as good as the stage show, but it was not. The performances were the same, but the movie was better. I think it's a good movie for someone who loves the musical and also for someone who loves a movie that shows how great the stage show is. I really liked the movie because it was just so good. I am sure that the Broadway show is better than this movie, but it's still better than the stage show. The movie was entertaining and the music was great. I highly recommend this movie. I rate this movie a 7 out of 10.

Timothy Elliott photo
Timothy Elliott

The movie itself is a mixture of documentary and fantasy. The cast is actually quite good, and the way they portrayed their characters is very interesting. Unfortunately, the story is somewhat thin and doesn't give you a lot to go on, but it's still a lot of fun.

Anthony Hayes photo
Anthony Hayes

This is a movie that would have been better in the hands of a different director. The film was made with a much smaller budget than what was spent on the original version of the play, and it is no surprise that this is a much more effective film than the original. However, there are some problems with the movie. The ending, for example, is completely different from the original play. The original play did not end with the execution of the last of the accused, and the movie ends with the execution of the last of the accused. This change of the ending is a huge problem. The film is based on a play that was based on a play, so the director should have done what was done with the original play. However, there are other problems with the movie. The plot is predictable, the film has very little action, and the acting is subpar. Still, the film is an interesting movie that should be seen by anyone who has read the play. However, the film is not worth seeing in a theater.

Roger photo

This is an intriguing film, not unlike the book it is based on, that shows the struggle of a young woman to find herself in the face of tragedy. The young woman is Constance, who is struggling to come to terms with her husband's death and the fact that he was a drug addict. Her drug habit was a part of her life and she was a woman who had to deal with the fact that it was her husband's life that was destroyed by drugs. Constance is able to do this by being aware of her own drug use and not being ashamed of it. Constance's self-awareness is the driving force of the film, and it is this that makes it so interesting. I found the film a little bit slow in the beginning, but it picks up quite well in the second half. It is a very beautiful film that is both interesting and tragic. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes films that are both touching and realistic.

Jason photo

The French director Gerard Jugnot was in his 70s when he made this film. I believe that the film is very well done and shows the difficulties of the life of the theater. The performances are very good and the production values are good. The film is well paced and the story is easy to follow. The cast of actors are not very familiar to the viewer. This film is not as good as the other films of the director, but it is still very good. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Vincent photo

I watched this movie, and was really shocked by it's acting. It was absolutely amazing. The movie is about an aging singer who is struggling to make a living and is looking for a new singer. I was really surprised by the acting and how good it was. I don't think that there is a single person in the world who could do a better job than Stellan Skarsgard. He was the best actor in the entire movie. There was no one else that I would choose as the best actor. He is very talented and I have not seen anything else that he has done that was that good. His performance was phenomenal. He was the only one that I could really pinpoint as being the best actor in the whole movie. I really do not understand why this movie did not receive the best actor award. I really do not understand why the film did not receive the best picture award. I would think that this movie should have been nominated for best picture, because it is amazing. This movie was fantastic. I highly recommend this movie. It was one of the best movies of the year. I highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Donna photo

The first half of "Félicité" is definitely a "Sydney Pollack" film. However, when it comes to the second half, the film falls apart. The movie doesn't have any strong points, and even the one good point is only for the film's cast. Pauline Collins is pretty good, but she doesn't do much. The other actors aren't as great either, but I think they are OK. The main reason I gave this movie a 6 is because I like the style of the film, and it's a different kind of film. The story itself is very predictable and predictable, but that doesn't mean that it's bad. It's good. And when you put all the good points aside, it's still a pretty good film. It has a very good script, a good director, and a great cast. It's not a great film, but it's a good film. 7/10

Jerry Keller photo
Jerry Keller

I was delighted by this movie. I'm a feminist and it made me feel good about myself. I've been taught that it's not "correct" to talk about female oppression. It's only about "oppression" when it's against women, in this case, because they're a man-hating race. I understand the reasons that the movie was made. It's not "important" to be "socially correct". It's important to be "socially correct" to protect women from violence. I'm not a man. I'm a woman, but I also care about women. This movie shows that. The ending was a little predictable, but that's to be expected. But, it was a beautiful movie. I really hope that this movie gets more attention. The men and women in this movie, they are fighting for equality. I really like that!

Joyce photo

Jean Dujardin is a poet and one of the best screen writers of France. I don't know if this movie is a commentary on his writing or on his life, but it is a very interesting movie. It's a mystery to me why this movie is not known in the US. I'm not saying this is a bad movie, it's just not known. I really enjoyed the film and it's worth watching. It's a lot of things that made me appreciate it more than usual, the actors, the writing, and the cinematography. I recommend it.

Lisa G. photo
Lisa G.

I haven't seen "Le Soir De L'Adele" in a long time, but I remember I was quite impressed with the main character, and the rest of the movie was very good. I liked the music and the visuals of the film, and I was very impressed with the casting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a romantic movie with a bit of mystery.

Steven B. photo
Steven B.

As a lover of French music, I found this film to be a charming adaptation of the musical "I Loves You, You Love Me". It tells the story of an unconventional love affair between two people who had a similar style of singing. The story is based on the fact that the woman, who was the better of the two, was about to marry the man. They were both highly talented singers and as the marriage approached, she began to get bored with the music and moved on to another man. She was very jealous of her husband and made it very clear that she would never accept another man. Her husband, who is a successful composer, was put on a pedestal by her, and his music became very popular, and he was even invited to the White House. His music had an effect on her that she did not like. The story takes place in Paris. I found this story to be a little unrealistic. The music was very good and the actors were very good. I did not find this movie to be overly dramatic. However, I did find the story to be somewhat confusing. I am sure that if you are a lover of music, you will enjoy this movie. I am not sure how it will be received by the general public. I hope that this movie does not lose its popularity, because it is a beautiful adaptation of the musical.

Nicholas photo

Brigitte Bardot plays herself in this film about her marriage to an agoraphobic painter, Albert. She is a beautiful woman with a high voice, but also very fragile. Albert is a man with a certain personality disorder. He is the sort of person who doesn't understand why the world should be fair, and then has a violent outburst when someone tries to explain things to him. This is the kind of man that people see as being a monster. But he is not, in fact, a monster. He is a person with a personality disorder. He is a real person, with feelings and needs. The film is very well done. There is not a lot of dialogue, but the way it is presented is very well done. It is very funny, but also very serious. The actors all do a very good job. I would not call this film a great film. It is not that good, but it is a very good film. There is a lot of sadness and anger in this film. There is a lot of violence. It is a very dark film. But it is a very good film. I recommend this film.

Adam Gray photo
Adam Gray

This is a French film, with a strong black theme and a very good performance by Milla Jovovich. She is perfect in this role, and I hope that she continues to work in film. She is a strong, great actress. If you like Milla Jovovich, then this is a film that you should see. She is beautiful, talented and wonderful. This is a movie that I recommend. And I do recommend this film, if you like the style and style of black. The film is very good, but it's a bit too long, and it's not a story you want to see again. The acting is good, but it's not really Milla Jovovich, so you can't say that she is the best actor. If you like movies about black people, and you like strong black people, then I recommend this film. And you should see it, and you should see it.

Pamela A. photo
Pamela A.

The movie is a beautiful study of the love between two people. It's based on a true story, and it's told in a very artistic way. The scenery is beautiful, the acting is very good, and it shows the passion and emotions of the characters. This is a film that you should see, and then you will understand the love that it has to show. I am not sure if it will be able to reach the number of "cinema" or not, but it's worth watching.

Shirley G. photo
Shirley G.

I'm a fan of this kind of movies, but this one really left me with a bad taste. Not because of the plot, but because of the characters. There was a big misunderstanding between the lead actress and the director, and I'm sure the actor and the director didn't care for their roles. I really hope they can mend their relationship with each other. It's a shame. But the only thing that made me feel this way is the music. I really like the songs of the music video. I even enjoyed the french song that was used in the movie. It's really not that good, but I still recommend it. My vote is 7.5/10. Rated PG-13 for some sexual content.

Michael photo

This is a very good movie, but not a good movie in my opinion. First, I'm not French, but I understand the language and I'm aware of the great history of the film. The story is a good one, but I didn't understand the point of the movie. I'm not sure if it's about the French Revolution or the French Revolution, I have no idea. But the actors are very good, especially the one who plays Jean-Baptiste. He is a very good actor. Second, I'm not a great fan of the French Revolution. I'm not a historian, but I'm sure it's very complicated. I'm not sure if this movie is really about the French Revolution or the French Revolution, I'm not sure if it's about France or France. I don't think this is a great movie. It's a very good movie, but not a good movie in my opinion.

Jonathan photo

If you are a fan of Meryl Streep, then you are going to love this film. She is simply stunning. The story is a bit long but it never gets boring. The scenes are beautiful, and the scenery is breathtaking. The movie has a kind of ambiance that has to be seen in order to understand the movie. It is not just a love story but a story about a woman who is a mother, and her daughter. It is a true story that shows us a little bit of life, and a little bit of love.

Zachary J. photo
Zachary J.

It's pretty obvious that not much was accomplished by the director in this movie. The script is mostly full of well-done dialogue and characters, but the movie doesn't have a very good flow. The only thing that made me want to stay was the wonderful music, but after a while, I got bored of it. It's not that it's bad, it's just that it's not very memorable. It's a really good film though, and definitely worth watching, especially if you are a fan of the director.

Amber H. photo
Amber H.

If you like this movie, and are looking for a strong female lead, then you should be watching this movie. This is a movie that is very much about the power that women have in the film industry. This is not a movie that is about sex, and this is why it was such a good movie for me. If you are looking for a movie that is about sex and has lots of action, then this movie is not for you. This movie is about a strong female lead, and it is about power. This is a good movie, and I recommend you to see it. I am not a feminist, but this is definitely a good movie to see, and I give it a 7/10.

Zachary photo

The film was well shot, but at the same time I felt like I was watching a documentary. It was a slow moving film and it was not a great film by any means. The director was good at capturing the mood of the film, but the cinematography was terrible. I think the film was shot for the most part in black and white, which made it very hard to understand. I have to admit that I do not care for the director's style, but I thought that he did a great job with this film. I also felt that the film could have been much better. I think the only reason I would watch this film again would be for the music. It was very interesting and it really helped to show the mood of the film. It was also nice to see some of the musicians in the film. I think that the film was great and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film about the underground music scene in France. I also recommend it to fans of the band The Killers. It is very interesting to see them in the film, and it is very entertaining to see them play live.

Gregory C. photo
Gregory C.

I am not a big fan of movie musicals, but I did like this one. It was very emotional and intense. It did not need any special musical numbers, it was very well done. It had a nice plot and was interesting to watch. The cast was amazing and they all did a great job. I was impressed with the acting of the main character. The plot was very good and it was very interesting to watch. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a movie musical. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Nicholas C. photo
Nicholas C.

The film opens with a girl (Shirley MacLaine) playing a guitar and singing. The movie is set in 1920. I've never seen a film where the musical and the film are intertwined. As the film progresses, the musical is given prominence and is the focal point of the film. I love the way that the film is filmed. It's a beautiful film and the film uses the music and the camera to enhance the music and the film. The music is fantastic. I really loved this film and I really hope that the people who see it enjoy it as much as I did.

Karen Gutierrez photo
Karen Gutierrez

A very interesting movie, one that I had been looking forward to seeing for a long time. In spite of a somewhat predictable plot, I found the story very interesting, and I liked the performances. The movie is very visually appealing. The cinematography and music are both top notch. The acting is also very well done, especially by the leads. I was very impressed with this movie. I was expecting something different, and I found it very engaging. I don't know how this movie was received, but I am sure it is one of the best movies of the year. It is a movie that I would recommend to anyone. It is very well written and directed, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Evelyn photo

It is a good story. Good music. And a good ending. But I don't understand the French. I don't understand the french for example. Sometimes it's difficult to understand. I found myself laughing. In the beginning I thought it was going to be funny but I couldn't understand it. So I was watching it and I thought it was funny. But then it was like they had the whole movie in English. I think that was a bad thing. I don't understand French at all. So it is a good movie. But I'm going to watch it again in French.

Steven Ortega photo
Steven Ortega

I have always liked Dreyfus, even though he is one of those actors who is more famous for playing French characters. The most famous French character is of course Louis XIV, played by Olivier, but Dreyfus is a good actor too, so I found the movie to be quite interesting. I have always liked the way that Dreyfus was able to portray a French king, especially one who was so obsessed with art, and this movie is one of his best performances. It is very difficult to say what is the true meaning of this movie, but I find that the movie is very interesting. I also liked the actors who played the characters in the movie, especially the ones who played with Dreyfus. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes historical movies. I am not a big fan of Shakespeare, but I do like this movie. 7/10

Eric Schmidt photo
Eric Schmidt

This movie was actually pretty good, but I could not help feeling that it was somewhat contrived. I feel that the story was made up to give the viewer a sense of hope for the characters, but the story itself is not one of hope. I am not really sure why the film makers wanted to make this film. The film makers seem to have tried to make the film a little bit too realistic, and I felt that the movie was not all that great. I think it is a great movie to watch if you have nothing to do, and you just want to think about something. The actors did a great job with the material they were given, and I would recommend this film to anyone.

Julie Hart photo
Julie Hart

I saw this film for the first time last year in Paris. I was impressed by the work of the actors and especially by the director. The characters are quite complex and the plot is interesting. However, I was somewhat disappointed by the story. I'm not familiar with the French language, so I can't say that it was well written or the characters had a clear explanation for their actions. Nevertheless, it is a good film. I give it 7 out of 10.

Teresa S. photo
Teresa S.

This film is an outstanding piece of work by Pang and is certainly a little too long to be good. The film starts off good enough but loses its way after a while. The music is great, the photography is good, and the characters are interesting but not all that interesting. I was left feeling kind of empty after the film ended. The acting is good overall, but it could have been better. It is good that it is not a 2 hour movie but could have been better. Overall, a good film but not one I would watch again.

Laura Arnold photo
Laura Arnold

This is an excellent movie. The first time I watched it, I was disappointed, because it was very slow and too long. I had to fast-forward through some parts. But the second time I watched it, I was very impressed. The movie is very well made, and the story is very interesting. The characters are very good, and the music is great. The actors are very good too, and I think they have a good chemistry together. I think it is very rare to find a movie about this subject, so I think this is a very good movie.

Craig W. photo
Craig W.

I was really looking forward to seeing this film, but was let down by the first half. This was the worst film I have seen since The Virgin Suicides. In the first half, I was constantly worried that they were going to ruin it with the music, because it was a pretty slow film. The music seemed to have no purpose, and I think they should have just stopped the music after the first half hour. I also thought the movie went on way too long, and the first half hour was so slow, I just wanted it to end. The last half hour was really good, and I would recommend it to anyone, but if you have a slow brain, I think you might want to avoid it.

Diane W. photo
Diane W.

I'm not really a big fan of the jazz genre and of the music in general, so I had very low expectations for this film. However, it turned out to be a very well made film. It was full of details that I missed the first time around, which made it interesting to watch the second time around. There were so many points in the film that made me laugh and I was even surprised at how many things I had missed the first time around. I was surprised by the fact that there was a significant amount of nudity and sex scenes in the film. I also thought that the film was very well acted. The film was full of dramatic scenes, especially when you see the characters trying to cope with the death of their mother. The acting was quite good throughout the film, and I was really surprised at how well the actors were able to do the material. The only thing I thought that the film could have used more of was a little more comedy. I found myself laughing quite a bit during the scenes where the characters were in a tavern, but I thought that the film could have used a little more comedy, especially during the dramatic scenes. Overall, I thought that this was a very well made film, and it was good to see that it was well acted and made. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film that is well made, well acted, and has a good amount of drama and comedy.

Russell photo

This is the story of a Jewish teacher who was on a plane with his wife when the plane crashed into the North Pole. He is thrown in the water, but he swims to the surface and learns to swim. The most amazing part of the story is that he survives and is able to teach at a local school. He is an important character, but I have to say that the ending was a little disappointing. I would have liked to see a little more of the plane crash. Overall, I found this film to be very interesting, with some great performances from the cast. The story is well written, with a nice balance of comedy and drama. It is also a great lesson in life and love.

Julia Anderson photo
Julia Anderson

The film opens with a beautiful shot of the sea and then cuts to a woman, played by the incomparable Dafne Schipper, who is struggling to hold on to her job as a nightclub singer. The woman then goes on to tell the story of how she got there and how she got fired and eventually went on to become a famous singer. This story then becomes the basis for the rest of the film, which is essentially a retelling of the story. The film takes place in a beach town and is set in the early 1980s. The film is very much about the music business, the people who make the music and the music business. It's a very depressing film and the only reason I could think of why it was released in cinemas was because of its striking photography. The film is well acted and is well directed, but it's not the sort of film that I would want to watch again. It's a pity, because it's a well made film, but it's not the kind of film that I would want to watch again.

Megan E. photo
Megan E.

The first time I saw this movie was in 1988 in my home country France. I liked it and I saw it again about 30 years later, on a different movie theater. I have been a huge fan of the movie ever since. And it is not just the story that is incredible, but also the way the movie is shot, the lighting and the soundtrack. The movie is shot in a way that is a perfect match for the story. It is very interesting, that this movie is based on a book and it was made by the same writer. It is a movie that shows you the movie that is in front of you and you can't go to another movie without it. This is a movie that is really worth to see. If you haven't seen it, then I would recommend it.

Crystal H. photo
Crystal H.

The story of Sophie's boyfriend was presented in a realistic manner. No complicated family issues. For Sophie, there were only the two of them. Their interactions were intimate and could only be explained in a literary way. The acting was excellent, it was a really important element to convey the feelings Sophie felt. The setting and the music also added to the story. It was really clear that Sophie was in a different world, when she sang. The time that they spent together was portrayed in a really interesting way. It was sad when Sophie had to leave Paris because her boyfriend was working in the States. The music helped her to break through to another world and was not just music. It was more a sign of her individuality and a way to express her feelings, but it also showed the reactions of other people. This movie is very nice to see.

Sarah Rogers photo
Sarah Rogers

Why is there such a shortage of new film (or film-making in general) directors/writers/producers/screenwriters/screencasters in France? That's why I decided to write this review.I don't really know why. I saw some of them at the Baftas and other festivals here and in Europe, but I have a feeling that none of them really took a serious interest in what I wrote. And also, why can't French film makers make films? Not only that, but why can't they just put some effort into it? Because French film-makers are still focused on making films for their own consumption and no one wants to have to watch a film by a person who is not interested in making films for his/her own consumption and then making a film about it. And I am talking about Francois Ozon, Fanny Ardant, Bertrand Tavernier, or Darlene McCall - the names are no longer recognizable. A few years ago, during the Cannes Film Festival, I met with some talented French film makers and they told me that they were still concerned about making films because they were still interested in them. They still wanted to make films and they still wanted to be filmmakers. They were serious about making films and they wanted to make them well. So why in the world don't they make films? It doesn't seem that they're interested in making films. I am not saying they should stop making films.I'm saying that they shouldn't put so much effort into making films. It's as simple as that. But why does nobody want to make films anymore? Is it really that hard? And I'm saying this from the point of view of a very professional filmmaker, as I was already acquainted with several of them at the Baftas. A couple of days ago, I watched a very good film by Damien Dahan (who I saw at the Cannes Film Festival) and I really appreciated his work, as well as his directing and his acting. But I really think that a great deal of effort has to be put into making a film, and that a lot of effort can be put into making a great film. I would really appreciate any comments, criticisms, and advice from French film makers in general. I would be very grateful if you can point out any particular films that you think are good or that you have seen. As a French filmmaker myself, I would be very grateful if you would tell me what you think of my film, my directing, and my acting.

Daniel M. photo
Daniel M.

Taken with 'The Devil's Advocate' and 'The Last Exorcism', I was interested to see what's happened to Dario Argento since his last great film. I was totally shocked when I first saw the 'House of the Devil' and the images and sound (despite some classical music and music video from the 80s) didn't quite fit the situation of the film, but since then it has gotten worse. Maybe 'House of the Devil' was a bit too long, and the change in the tempo (from loud and annoying to quiet and melodramatic) doesn't really fit, but I think 'Death Proof' is an even worse film and one of the worst of Dario's career. 'House of the Devil' may be a perfect example of a poor script and poor editing. The music is loud and completely inappropriate, the images are cheesy and unnatural, and the story is incomprehensible. If Dario Argento's career wasn't over, I probably would rate this film even lower. Still, 'House of the Devil' is an awful film and Dario is the worse of his works. Overall, this film is a great example of how an Italian director could ruin a great film with his poor script and terrible editing. If you like Dario Argento, or just want to see a great film, you should definitely check out 'House of the Devil', but I would not recommend it to anyone, even if you're a fan of Argento.

Rebecca M. photo
Rebecca M.

The song is sung in the first scene of the movie and so the movie goes in a straight linear direction. It's not a bad movie but it's not a good movie either. The film is shot in a very painterly and beautiful way with the colors that are supposed to be specific to the music of the film and the film itself is very good but the story is too simple and dull. It's not a movie that can be enjoyed for very long because you'll lose your interest in it very quickly. I can only recommend it to fans of the music or just music lovers. The music and the film is very good but not good enough to recommend it to the average movie goer.

Angela Howell photo
Angela Howell

This is a film that takes you on a ride. It can be a bit boring, but it is good to know that there is still movie making out there that can make you feel good. If you have seen the movie Premonition, you will not be able to guess that it is a remake of this film, but it is worth seeing. I will warn you that there is a lot of scenes that make you jump, it is hard to understand and understand, but it is worth it. You will not be able to see this movie once, but the more times you see it, the better it will become.

Joe Barnes photo
Joe Barnes

What if any movie has the power to influence the hearts of its audience? A film like "Solitary Man", a true story about the impact a rock musician can have on a quiet town in the heart of Scotland, certainly has. A music festival - quite unlike any I have ever experienced - is taking place on the remote Scottish island of Paisley, in the summer of 1982, with just the right amount of snow and rain to keep the crowds in check. The music festival, run by a producer named William Braithwaite (Christopher Eccleston) has been the most successful one in a long time, but despite this success, there is a sense that something isn't right with the town. Most people seem to leave Paisley after a day, or a couple of nights, without a word to anyone. Some have been kidnapped. Others have been locked up in the local jail. The locals have told the story of William Braithwaite's secret prison and have made his jail their own - but will this help to bring him out of his prison and into the town's good graces? Who will pay him a visit, and what will happen to them when they come? "Solitary Man" is one of those movies which, although seeming like a very low budget film, has an aura of quality which makes it extremely difficult to look away from. We are given a sense of the dramatic tension and drama as well as the characters' tension and drama, and this quality is so effective that we find ourselves constantly watching the events on screen. The performances by the entire cast are brilliant, from the small cast to the big ones, but the biggest part of the movie's impact is due to the performances of the main characters. Christopher Eccleston as William Braithwaite is simply great, while Christopher Eccleston as the townspeople are amazing. Their performances are believable and it is obvious that they have been acting on a fairly large stage. If you have ever been in a music festival and seen the people get so close to one another, it is this film which has made you feel like you were actually there. In "Solitary Man", the tension and drama is there, and it is clear to see that the actors are being able to "relate" to the characters in their scenes, as if they are actually there. The mood of the movie is very good, the music, as always, is a big part of it, and there is also the fact that "Solitary Man" was based on a true story, so everything is genuine. "Solitary Man" is a movie which I would recommend to anyone, and

Jack photo

The Spanish photographer Guillermo Navarro, who was the subject of "The Illusion of Life", "The Celluloid Closet", and "A Night at the Museum", is famous for his work on fairy tales, in particular a couple of myths involving princes, princes, and princesses. The myth of the Prince of Darkness, which explains why some children become morbidly ill from eating the prince's forbidden fruit, and why those who become princes are destined to be evil, and therefore cannot see the light. This myth was the source of a fantastically melodramatic poem by Luis Patino, who also adapted it into an operatic play. I'm not sure whether or not Navarro is really the prince of darkness, but I think he's the prince of Fairy Tales. Well, the Prince of Darkness was a boy born into a noble family, so he is the prince of darkness. This is a fabulous story, with clever and subtle characters, and a clear image of the middle-class world of 19th century Spain. The words are often, but not always, dark. Navarro is the Prince of Darkness. Navarro is an excellent and talented storyteller. Navarro writes fantasy stories. A man who has the power to turn the darkness into light is a powerful ruler. But the Prince of Darkness is not a good or noble person. He's a vile man who would never hesitate to do anything to have his way. The prince of darkness wants to be king. So Navarro had a very difficult task in the beginning of his story. The prince of darkness wants to be king, but he doesn't know what he wants. He wants to be a ruler. But he's the wrong man. He has the power to turn the darkness into light, but he has the power to do it badly. He turns the darkness into a light. The story ends with the prince of darkness, or his wife, turning the darkness into light. He's not the Prince of Darkness. He is not the hero of the story, he's the Prince of Darkness. Navarro is a wonderful storyteller. He is talented in telling fantasy stories and he is also a good writer. The movie is filled with magical touches. For example, when the prince of darkness goes to the village, he does not come with a sword or a badge. He comes with a bag, an umbrella, and a coat. When he passes the village he appears to be the prince of darkness. But it turns out to be nothing. Navarro also knows how to use the music. The movie was always played with the Spanish version of "The Voice of the Lord", which was also popular

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Alexander G.

Jabhat Al-Khatib (the two-time Oscar nominee) leads a company of underground filmmakers, also known as The Al-Qaeda of Pakistan. He has successfully created a devastating soundtrack to accompany his subversive work, which is banned in Pakistan. He has released a number of independent films, but these movies are primarily made to counter the efforts of the Pakistani government to have him extradited. This is a film for the open-minded viewer to appreciate, because it presents a story of two peoples who fight against tyranny with a creative take on the classic formula of anti-authoritarian struggle. The film includes the work of two people, one is the filmmaker, and the other is the musician, with the filmmaker and musician involved in several levels of conflict. This film is a must-see for those who appreciate what the Palestinian struggle is all about.

Aaron photo

In a time when the mainstream action film is dominated by the likes of "Top Gun" and "The Hurt Locker", a little film called "Félicité" from France has managed to go places rarely seen in the French film industry. The title refers to the fact that this movie is about a woman and the ending is tied to the theme of death and the pursuit of what lies ahead. It's a pretty difficult theme to convey in a film and it's an artistic masterpiece in itself. Jean-Pierre Jeunet has managed to pull it off and with the same style he did in "The Arrival". The film is about a woman, played by Uma Thurman, who is beginning to question her own life, in particular her marriage. It is set in the 1970s, she is from the island of Martinique, and is about to turn 50. After a plane crash, she is being questioned by her ex-husband, played by John Malkovich, who is trying to prove that she is insane. It is clear that she is on a journey of self-discovery and wants to live an open and meaningful life. It's a very difficult question to answer and the film is not for everyone. There is no obvious explanation for the theme, and the ending is very hard to stomach. It's an emotional film that will not be everyone's cup of tea. If you have a love for the history and art of film then you will enjoy it, otherwise, it will be a little too intense for some viewers. But, if you are into the deep films, then it will be a perfect choice.

Tyler Simmons photo
Tyler Simmons

Everything about this movie is great, the film is beautifully shot, with spectacular shots of the New York City and its streets and other parts of the city and on top of that the film's score is a fantastic piece of music by composer Giuseppe Verdi. Even the actors were brilliant. Everyone in this movie was perfectly cast and their performances were very good. Meryl Streep, I've always loved her, she plays the role of a woman who is a real artist and has her eyes set on her goal. Mark Ruffalo plays the role of an actor who is trying to get to his dreams but is being hindered by his own inner problems. The only actor who I would compare this movie to is Anthony Hopkins in "King Kong". Although that movie had an African American theme, it had a unique movie plot and was more a remake than a sequel. "Faire". was a very good movie and I highly recommend it.

Gary Aguilar photo
Gary Aguilar

Film-making is difficult. Some films get made simply for the sake of being made. Other films are produced in order to tell a story. What kind of film-making should one ask, exactly? It is difficult to answer this question, as we are drawn into a world that is foreign, mysterious, and entirely strange. This film, "Félicité" by Claude Chabrol, could be called "abstraction" film-making, and it is what I like to call "cultural abjection." This film is about how a kid named Maurice (Nicolas Riel) spends his time after school telling stories of imaginary friends. His parents (Francois Duhamel and Sophie Marceau) are extremely agitated about Maurice's strange behavior. When his parents eventually catch on to Maurice's stories, they find a long way to go in order to understand the boy. What the parents don't know, is that their son's behaviour is only the surface of a deeper story about a girl named Isabelle (Karin Roeg). Maurice must have told Isabelle of all his stories in order to get her to fall in love with him. Because she is a very unique individual, Maurice must tell her of the stories as well. Maurice has been alone for a long time, and he comes to understand that he has missed many of the important things in his life. He is lost, he is bored, and he has decided to tell his stories to try to "unlearn" his life. Maurice does this with Isabelle, but it becomes clear that he will always be alone. When Isabelle goes missing, he discovers that she is missing. Maurice goes to the police to try to find her, but he is told that they have already given the woman's name to a friend. Then Maurice tries to find Isabelle. But when he finds her, he realizes that she is not what he thought she was. "Félicité" is about a film-making made with a specific story in mind. There are many other films made with the same kind of story, but this one, which tells the story of Maurice's imaginary friends, is a different one altogether. The other films I've mentioned are documentaries. "Félicité" is another kind of film. As you know, there are documentaries, and then there are films. Films have two different types of viewers. Some film-goers want a documentary to go down in the memory forever. Others want to see a documentary that they can immediately share with others. I'm in the middle of the second category, and I can only say that I had a very interesting time watching this film. This is

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Yesss. That's what I have to say about this film. I'm a bit of a film buff, but this is the one that's really taking me away. I'll admit that I'm a bit of a romantic and admire the attitude of the narrator of the film, but here is another one of those movies that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The cinematography is really well done. It is a bit too long and in places the characters seem to be talking in French (that's a bit of a problem though). I feel that the time is better spent on the writing and the actors' performances than on the acting. That's because they really don't do a good job in conveying their feelings and emotions. But that's just a personal opinion. All in all, the movie is a great example of how film can express a great deal and its not just a matter of a well made film, but one of a movie that leaves you feeling good and makes you feel good. And that is really something that this film achieves. 9/10

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It is all about the music, the characters and the relationship between the female lead and the male lead. It is a story about two women's journey in their relationship with one another and with their lover. The movie is shot very well and the settings are very beautiful. But the movie is very touching and it makes you feel sorry for the main characters. My favorite part is when Jean goes to Paris and comes back to her husband with the gorgeous Parisian girl. All the important characters are wonderful. The actor who plays Jean is amazing. Her performance is wonderful. She is talented. The main female lead is brilliant. She is very beautiful. She is also very talented. The actor who plays her husband is also very good. All the other characters are wonderful. All the songs are wonderful. I am very happy that this film is produced by the French film industry. I hope it will be successful. All the actors and actresses who play in this movie are brilliant. My only criticism is that they could have done more with the ending. I feel like it was a little disappointing and it didn't give the audience the "meaning" that it was supposed to. But in the end, it was the most beautiful and beautiful love story ever.

Ann P. photo
Ann P.

This is one of the best films I have ever seen. I love Tarr as an actor. He always gives an excellent performance. I have always thought he was a great actress, but he gives an absolutely stunning performance in this film. My favorites here are the music, the camera work, the setting, the story, and the characters. It's worth seeing, and I think you should. 9/10

Jennifer L. photo
Jennifer L.

I liked this film a lot. The photography was beautiful. The cinematography was beautiful. I don't think there was any wrong with the film, it was a great film, and I loved it. My brother, who is a painter and a photographer, and I went to the theater and it was great. I thought it was amazing, I really enjoyed the film. I also think that this film could have been better, there was not much that I could really comment on it. I would recommend it, but not the same people that I love.

Kathryn J. photo
Kathryn J.

I am not sure what to make of this movie. On the one hand it is beautiful, poetic, and thought-provoking. On the other hand it is quite boring. It is like the end of the line. It is not "chic", but it is not "romantic". It is not "educational". It is not "excellent" either. In short, it is not worth your time.

Daniel H. photo
Daniel H.

Here we are, at least five years after the passing of Bouchard, and the once-world-famous French actor (as well as the pop singer) is still going strong, albeit in increasingly smaller roles. I must admit that, when I first heard that he would be playing a piano player in this film, I had high hopes. As it turned out, I was pretty disappointed. The story is a nice, interesting one. But the way it's told is not very good. The film has an interesting structure, where we see the dynamics of the relationship between the two main characters, played by Bouchard and Claude Brasseur. And, at the end, we have the conclusion of the story, which I consider a pretty uninteresting one. All the actors are good in their roles, especially the young ones. I must admit that I was quite surprised by Bouchard's performance, but it's not a great performance. His character is rather weak and the fact that he can't really express himself properly, makes him seem quite cold and he doesn't really show us his emotions. But, unfortunately, this is the only negative thing I can say about this film. I think that the film should have been better made. The directing is good. The cinematography is excellent. But the story is not very good. The use of the movie soundtrack is interesting, and it's one of the best things about this film. But the music is good and the film does have some good shots. But it's just not enough to make up for the weak story and the weak characters. The film is a little bit overrated. I'd say it's not as good as "La femme infierte", but it's not bad as "Les Contes de la liberte". But I'm not really sure what's the point of that film. I think it's not a good movie to watch, though.

Tyler Greene photo
Tyler Greene

A young Frenchman's journey to the Adirondack Mountains and the epic battle between a whaling ship and the giant squid are set against the backdrop of the coming of the new millennium. I have to say I was surprised by the quality of the film, since the trailers for this film were quite disappointing. I was expecting a travesty of a film as far as quality goes, but I'm happy to say that the film was not one. The visuals are fantastic and the story has plenty of depth and emotion. It's very impressive to see the set pieces that were filmed on a budget, and I found the acting to be very good. It is very difficult to tell what was going on in some scenes, but I must say that I did enjoy the film and it was an excellent piece of work from director Yann Demange.

Jason Matthews photo
Jason Matthews

I think the story of a woman who can't stop thinking about the death of her beloved is very interesting, and I thought the movie was very well made. I didn't know how much this movie was based on reality. It was very interesting to see the film's beginning. The music was also very good. The first scene with the song "I'm Afraid of People" was also very good. The characters were very well written and the actors did a great job. I thought this movie was very good, I give it 7/10.

Joshua Armstrong photo
Joshua Armstrong

A number of critics have claimed that "La Vie Est Belle" is a manipulative film and that the final scene, where a character flees from a car accident to a deserted street, is staged. While this is certainly true, the film is not that manipulative. The point of this film is to show how the end of a relationship can be so devastating that it breaks apart. The real problem with the ending of "La Vie Est Belle" is that we never really see the end of it, but instead we are presented with a more emotional scene of the two in a car and then we are taken to a lake where they sit and reminisce about their lives before their breakup. I don't think this is particularly emotionally moving, but it is a different type of ending that leaves the viewer with an understanding of what happened. It also shows us what these people go through when they have a breakup. I guess this film could be called "two people who have been separated" because it does have a sort of sadness in it, but I felt like the ending was done in a way that was more emotional than it was real. Overall, I think that the ending is excellent and the film is very powerful.

Megan H. photo
Megan H.

I love this movie. I love everything about this movie. It's a truly underrated film. The scene where Laura ends up at the village with her mother, and her mother's speech is truly incredible, and absolutely heartbreaking. And the little boy who played Ruelle.who's name I cannot pronounce.He's so well-cast, he's so well-cast. He's a fantastic little actor, and I wish he had a bigger part in the movie. I know he's a kid, but he's too young for his character. And some of the scenes just are incredibly, truly beautiful. It's such a shame that there are so many films out there that are very very mediocre, that are so small budgets, and do not deliver a masterpiece, but this film is definitely so, and it deserves more recognition. I think that it deserves its place in the Academy. So thank you, thank you, thank you to Marie-Josee Croze and Jean-Jacques Annaud, thank you to all the actors and the crew who made this movie a true masterpiece. And so, thank you to Pierre Rivette, who also did a really beautiful film, and also gave this film a much, much smaller budget, but he did a great job with it. He truly deserved his Oscar. It's a film I can't get enough of. I hope to see more films from him. I hope to see more films from both his and Jean-Jacques Annaud. Thank you so much to all the people who made this movie, and for all the people who like this film.

Lawrence photo

I first heard of this movie a few years ago from a friend of mine who said it was a must see movie for anyone who loves travel movies. I've just watched it again and I thought it was really great. The movie has so many special effects it could be in a movie about a 6 year old trying to pull a pin with her fingers. But the special effects just keep coming and coming. The actors in this movie are really great. I thought the main characters were great too, but the main character was especially great. I think the whole movie is really great. I think you should watch it and make up your own opinion about it. If you do, then I think you'll love the movie as much as I did.

Samantha Pierce photo
Samantha Pierce

In my opinion, the movie tells us something that no other film ever could. The fight between the old and the young. I liked this film because it shows the truth of the old vs the young. This film also shows the truth of the rivalry between the religious and the secular. Finally, the film shows the fact that the movie, "La Vie Boheme", (a French title for "Love is Blind"), is still the best. "La Vie Boheme" tells us a message that has never been told before. I hope that this message will be told by others in other films, and by others, and it will be told by other people. The film "La Vie Boheme" is a true masterpiece, and, although the story is an historical one, the movie is an inspirational one. The movie is all about love and "la vie boheme".

Ruth photo

That's what you would expect in a film made in French in English with French dialogue and subtitles. That's also what you'd expect in an adaptation of a novel by a Canadian writer. So why does it have to be a French film? The film in question is La Vie en rose, adapted by Claude Chabrol and directed by François Ozon. You might say it's a rather boring story told in a predictable way, and it does indeed lack the engaging wit and depth of the novel. What Chabrol is good at is character development and story telling. In "La Vie en rose", the best story telling here is the one that occurs between two characters, played by the actors Jean-Pierre Morel and Jean-Hughes Drouot. Morel plays Monsieur de Lorraine, a frustrated painter who believes the painting of Jesus is incomplete and therefore must move on to an even more ambitious project, as a way of curing his narcissistic feelings. Drouot plays the oblivious painter who refuses to acknowledge his own faults, including his short attention span, his inability to get along with others and his tendency to drink excessively. It's only by the actions of Morel and Drouot that Lorraine begins to discover who he really is and, at first, is given a moment of doubt when he confronts Drouot with a painting that his own child has painted. Morel and Drouot spend most of the film discussing the painting, with Morel reminding Drouot that his own child has done the same thing. It's through this dialogue that Morel becomes more deeply involved in his character, even if the story itself isn't anything new. Morel, by now, has developed a special relationship with Drouot, which is one of the more interesting aspects of the film. Another major development is the relationship between Morel and Drouot's mother, played by a lovely Christine Baranski. We see Morel in a mirror, almost showing Drouot the mistake his mother has made and that Drouot must learn to live with. Morel in turn has developed a special relationship with Baranski, a relationship that is shown through their many personal visits to the same hotel. He has learned a lot from Baranski, and they have become a team. As the movie progresses, the relationship between Morel and Baranski becomes even more intimate and fruitful. Morel and Drouot become friends. They grow more distant, but Morel continues to know Drouot's mother, and that brings them closer together. In the end, Morel realizes that Drouot has become a man, and that he is himself capable of understanding the love and compassion he has for Morel and his mother. In this film, Morel seems to be rather detached from his own story, and even his own relationship with Drouot, even though he is the one in the film who will face a major crisis in his life. The story is good, but the characters are forgettable and the film is not an improvement over "The Great Beauty" or "La Vie en rose". I give it a 7 out of 10. I don't know if I would have given it a higher rating, but I wouldn't have minded either. For fans of Chabrol, you'll find a nice addition to the collection of his films. You can tell that he is a director who knows what he's doing, and if you are a fan of his, you will be pleased to see this film in the collection.

John R. photo
John R.

Well, this was a very nice film. Although I felt that the only real problem with it was the end. However, overall, I really enjoyed it. The film follows a group of South African black metal musicians as they try to get a big budget deal. For those unfamiliar with the music, they play in a style that is similar to the "neo-classical" music of the 60s and 70s. I would have liked to see some more of the music in the film, as the music was beautiful and I think it was a nice way to represent the period of time in the film. Overall, the music was good and I loved the casting of the lead actress. The other actors did a good job with their parts as well. Overall, this was a very good film that would have been a lot better had it been a little shorter. I'd recommend it to people who are into the genre of black metal music, as it is very well done.

Madison photo

This film is one of the best I have ever seen. It is very beautiful, very touching and very human. I was amazed that the characters were all so real and what a beautiful film. I have to say I was so touched by it. The story is beautiful and will make you laugh and cry. I really liked the songs, and they were so strong. I loved the music and the songs were really good. I would recommend this film to everyone and anyone. I really liked it and I would like to see it again. I have been watching it more and more and I still love it so much. I hope you do too. :)

Jeremy R. photo
Jeremy R.

Great drama based on true events. This movie is in France by chance but it is worth the watch.

Diane Gonzales photo
Diane Gonzales

A good way to define this film is in terms of the way a lot of people seem to be responding to it. As you might expect, the casual viewer is going to have trouble distinguishing between what is a real documentary and what is simply staged, scripted material. On the other hand, some people are probably going to have a hard time distinguishing between what is realistic and what is fantasy, and the use of several female performers to add the necessary female element seems to be very much like the way many people are describing the movie as fiction. You'll be hard pressed to tell the difference. If you're a teenager, the obvious contrast to the focus on the overbearing mother is the way the father in the story seems to have no particular interest in the family's fate, whereas the mother seems to be very active. If you're older, the scene with the teenager talking with the mother is probably going to get under your skin. In terms of symbolism, this film is very similar to Fassbinder's "Before Sunrise," which I think I've seen twice and consider to be one of the greatest films of all time. In terms of its overall impact on the viewer, this film is better than the former because there's a lot of symbolism in here, but it is not as good as "Before Sunrise." In terms of its reception in France, I think this film has gotten the most attention. To some extent, this might have been the result of it being released in the middle of the world crisis, which, with the exception of the financial crisis of 2007, is still raging, and the crisis being a political issue. And, finally, this film is a good example of the exploitation of children. Not only is the mother overtly controlling, she is also being portrayed as controlling the children. So, there is a very strong emotional connection between the mother and the children. In many cases, the mother is being the adult who is usually the strongest, and is taking the children into her protective arms. This is not to say that the children are passive victims, but rather that they are being used as tools of manipulation by the mother.

Raymond R. photo
Raymond R.

The film is rather slow moving and boring, but its story is enthralling and wonderful. The stories tell about four families that are trying to work out their differences. The story follows the individual's lives as they are trying to find their way. For example, the son who is gay tries to find his place in the family. The father is recovering from being fired from his job. The mother is dealing with a new relationship and the daughter, an artist, is trying to stay close to her mother. These are the main characters of the story. Some may be a bit confused by the fact that some of the family members are from different countries. That is okay. It is not that important because each family member is important in their own right. It is the story that matters.

James C. photo
James C.

Fondly known as "The Year of Fighting" in Vietnam, Jean-Claude Van Damme's movies from the seventies and eighties were the formulaic revenge films made by a legend, which was synonymous with some kind of "Greatness" and "Hollywood-ish" portrayal of the "Hero" who has to be pampered by the owner of the theatre he is in. This film does not glorify the "hero", but rather shows the ridiculous lengths these men would go through to get back at their enemies. The film is divided into two parts. The first part "The Rage" takes place in South Vietnam. The second part "Crimson Hearts" takes place in Cambodia. The film is filled with the sights and sounds of the "War" (and its people). The cinematography is very good. The colors are realistic. It's a film full of colors. The first part is entirely shot in colors. We watch Vietnam, Cambodia, and South Vietnam during the opening credits. There is lots of street shooting, assassinations, and the like. In Cambodia we follow the Vietnamese peasants as they go on a "Operation" to destroy the Thai and American Army that are invading their villages and murdering the inhabitants. This film is very brutal. The "War" is so brutal and bloody that the blood and guts that this film shows are like nothing we've ever seen before. You will not see this in other movies. As an action film, this film is good. As a film for a "great" viewer, this film is good. I liked it very much. It's good to see Van Damme in his purest form. When he's not playing a "Hero" or an "Assassin", he's a "Violent Denialist" (laughs). The film has some bad stuff. There are two set pieces that are just horrible. The first is when a couple of soldiers attack an innocent villager and take him prisoner. Their plan is to murder him. In this scene the dialog is terrible and the movie is devoid of any kind of humor. The second set piece is when a group of Vietnamese peasants attack the village of the Vietnamese peasants and try to force the villagers to take the Americans and the Viet Cong prisoners away. In this scene, the Viet Cong are unceremoniously executed by the villagers. They look and act in terrible manners. This film has more profanity than any other Van Damme film. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. It just adds to the realism of the film. But the film is very violent and hard to watch. There are a few scenes that are just not good. For

Dennis Hayes photo
Dennis Hayes

I liked the movie and enjoyed watching it. I also enjoyed the concept. But I think the writer/director of the film has been a bit too over-the-top about some of the characters in the film. I think the writers of the film could have done a better job in showing the significance of each character and the connection they have to each other. I also thought the ending was a little confusing. I think a little more foreshadowing would have helped with the ending. The film is great and worth watching. I just think the writer/director of the film could have used a little more foreshadowing.

Richard photo

I enjoyed this film from the first minute, I think it was well done and it is good to see that the French are getting it right. I think the soundtrack is great, the best soundtrack I've heard from French cinema. There are good performances and the story is interesting. The ending of the film is very interesting and I enjoyed the final few minutes, although I think it is not enough to satisfy the viewer.

Willie James photo
Willie James

A great movie about life of a family during the 1980's. The movie takes a hard-hitting subject, makes it look beautiful and explains it without being to preachy. There's even some unexpected surprises (we don't see exactly what happens in the end, but that's not a bad thing) and it manages to be very relatable. With its wonderful soundtrack, great acting and interesting story it's a great movie that will touch your heart.

Samantha Weber photo
Samantha Weber

This movie reminds me a lot of the 2007 movie "Boys Don't Cry". The main character is also named "Tracy" and both movies had a teen coming of age story line that is very similar. If you haven't seen that movie you should. It was great! But this movie is about two girls who are at a convent where their father has left them and is back in the present time. The movie is also about a young man who is being led to the convent by the nuns to learn the secrets of the convent and of the convent. Both movies are good and the ending is very similar.

Carolyn photo

I haven't read the book yet, but the movie gives the impression of the book being a little bit too long and not getting to the point. It might have worked better without the narration and getting to the point faster. But the narration was a little too long and made me feel like I was watching a play. It also became a little too sappy and did not let me connect with the characters. There were some interesting plot points that were not revealed at the start. I had to give it a 7 out of 10 for the way it went. I'm also not sure if there was a plot to the movie. It was just a story about a girl who goes to New York for a job. I was also surprised that it had the American flag in the movie. I thought it would be more appropriate to have a French flag or French song instead. Maybe they did not want the movie to be too political or political oriented. The movie is worth watching, but it could have been better.

Marilyn T. photo
Marilyn T.

This movie is not for the faint hearted. The "Berg" played by Vincent Lindon and his family are not in the least bit sympathetic. They don't even feel bad for themselves. The Bogey family is run by a man named Erik Kipvør who is not very likable either. His wife, Margarita, is a stern old widow who can't seem to find a replacement for her husband. He is treated with a great deal of contempt by his daughter, Irene, and by his grandchildren, Andreas and Olaf. There is a musical-style "love song" to her, and there is a "fantasy" song where a little boy is trying to convince her to come home and join him. While there are some scenes that are very realistic, such as when she is rejected by the family who shunned her, and when she is left alone on the doorstep to go and ask for help, it is a movie that does not try to be uplifting. It is more realistic than "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (which I also have not seen) and so far more realistic than "The Deer Hunter". I think that is the best compliment that can be paid to this movie.

George Freeman photo
George Freeman

I have not seen the movie, but from reading the reviews and reviews from viewers that have seen it, I thought it would be a good film to watch. I was quite wrong. The movie is very slow and boring. I am a big fan of Béatrice Nott's work and I think she is a fantastic actress, but this movie was too slow and her character was just not believable. The directing is quite poor, and the movie does not even have a strong theme. The acting is just okay, and not outstanding. I think the movie could have been much better if it was made with a stronger director and actress. In conclusion, I think this movie could have been better if it was made with a strong director and actress. This movie was just not good.

Ronald photo

I was waiting for this movie to come out and finally have seen it. I had very high expectations because i love Denys Arcand and even read some of his books and i thought that this would be great. But i was very disappointed. The movie was not very good and i also did not like the french actors who gave very bad performances. The music was not very good and the actors also did not have very good performances. The story of the movie was not good at all and i think that this movie was too long. All in all the movie was not very good. If you like Denys Arcand or music of the 60's then watch this movie but if you are looking for a good movie, then wait for the video or watch it on TV. I give it a 9 out of 10

Carl photo

There is no other film that captures the spirit of the 1960's so well. The story line, the music, the casting, everything is perfect. The acting is especially outstanding as are the costumes, the photography, and the sound. The sound is also wonderful. I think the cast must be praised as they deserve the Academy Awards for best picture, actor, and actress. This is truly one of my favorite films and I recommend it to anyone who loves musicals. I give it a 9/10.

Brian Hunt photo
Brian Hunt

To be fair, it is a simple story. In some places it is funny and some parts are tough to watch. However, I really enjoyed it. I liked the characters, and I liked the way the movie plays out. The theme is very real, and the way the story is told is a breath of fresh air for a genre that is tired of showing the same thing over and over again. It is also a great film for those who like to see a romantic comedy with a plot twist, because this movie doesn't try to be anything more than what it is. It isn't your typical romantic comedy. It is what it is, and that is what counts. It has a great story, and it isn't afraid to show the characters in a very realistic way. I really liked how it dealt with religion, and the way it portrayed the family dynamics. I thought it was funny that there was a scene where the father takes a drink of water from the toilet, and a servant runs in and starts to wash it, and one of the servants asks him if it is his first time, to which the father replies 'Yes.' To top it off, it is also a very enjoyable film. In my opinion, it is a good watch.

Angela Freeman photo
Angela Freeman

This film is pretty entertaining. For those who like movies with little drama, it is a good one. The best part of this movie is the acting. Everyone did a good job, and the songs are actually quite good. I think it's worth to watch, but I wouldn't suggest it to anyone. It's not a great movie, but it is worth to see.