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Svanurinn is a movie starring Ingvar Sigurdsson, Laufey Elíasdóttir, and Thor Kristjansson. A wayward nine-year-old girl is sent to the countryside to work and mature, but finds herself instead deeply entangled in a drama she can...

Other Titles
Der Schwan, The Swan, Svanen, El cisne, A hattyú
Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir
Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir, Guðbergur Bergsson
Ingvar Sigurdsson, Hilmir Snær Guðnason, Laufey Elíasdóttir, Thor Kristjansson
Germany, Estonia, Iceland
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A wayward nine-year-old girl is sent to the countryside to work and mature, but finds herself instead deeply entangled in a drama she can hardly grasp.

Comments about drama «Svanurinn» (16)

Anthony Cooper photo
Anthony Cooper

This is a great story that will stay with you for a long time. This is a story of a young boy who lived a life of hardship and had to live with that for his whole life. I liked how the story developed, the characters, the music and the colors. I think it was very good. I would recommend this movie to people who like beautiful and sad movies. This movie is worth watching.

Victoria Oliver photo
Victoria Oliver

This is a beautiful and heartbreaking story about a young woman who has to live a double life. She tries to live the life she wanted to have, but it ends up causing problems for her and her family. The film was made in Norway, in a small town in a country that is not too well known. The town has a lot of history and the people are very friendly. I was very surprised to see that this film is being produced in Norway. This film was made very well, and the actors and the setting is great. I really enjoyed this film, and hope to see it again.

Sarah photo

It's very interesting that I've just finished watching this movie and I just have to say that it's not really the movie I expected. I've heard so many negative comments about this movie that I don't understand how they got it so wrong. I've watched this movie and I've just finished it. And I have to say that I think it's a very good movie. I've watched it for more than two hours and I didn't get bored or the ending was very satisfactory. It's a very slow movie, but it's a very good movie. The acting is really good, the story is good, the acting is very good and the direction is good. The cinematography is good, and the color and the lighting are really good. The acting is really good. It's very surprising to me that there are so many bad comments about this movie. I think they must have watched it on a different channel or something. I was surprised when I watched this movie, because I didn't expect it to be so good. This movie is very very good, and I can't wait for the DVD. I really recommend it, but it's not for everyone.

Christine Moore photo
Christine Moore

Well, how did I get on this site to watch this movie? It's pretty much the same thing as every other movie where a priest loses his job. The director even tried to add something to it, but it wasn't enough. I thought the movie was about an older priest who was teaching children. Instead, I got nothing from it, and there were many stupid lines. I also had an idea that it would be about a family and how the father got on the good side of the mother, but that was not the case. My suggestion is to go see it, but don't expect to be surprised. Just as many movies are made nowadays, so are all the same. The only thing that differentiates them are the different faces.

Randy Bowman photo
Randy Bowman

This film has such an interesting, dark and sinister feel to it. I thought it was very entertaining, very enjoyable and very well made. I love movies that have a gritty, dirty, bleak, gritty feel to them. There are plenty of great movies that have a dirty feel to them. The film is a dark look at the world of the "bad guy", the violent, exploitative drug dealers. We see this from the very beginning and it shows the roots of this "darker" side of the world. The first scene is with a man who has just robbed a small town store and killed a few men and a girl, for a few grand. He's sitting in his car, watching the world go by and doing what he does best. This scene is really violent, sad, sad and sad. And it's an amazing scene. He makes this comment, as he's making the shot, that the world is going to end in this last hour. And then he pulls the trigger and a lot of people die, a little girl, a man, a little girl, a man. And the scene cuts to the next scene, which is a happier, carefree, very happy scene. He's driving, his car is smoking, he's smiling, the movie has a fun, sunny, light, feel to it. So much so, I've watched it several times and I still find the scenes when he's driving and the happy, carefree, happy scene are very memorable. I find it's very enjoyable, very entertaining and very well made. It's not a horror movie, but it's still very frightening, very grimy, and very dark. There are some scenes where it's very very dark and depressing, like when he's driving to pick up the "bad guy", where the guy's car breaks down in the middle of the street and he's screaming at him, "I don't want to see you, you're bad. I don't want to see you, you're bad." So sad and sad. I found it very entertaining and very entertaining. And I thought it was very well made and I think it's one of the best films I've ever seen.

Rebecca West photo
Rebecca West

I think the movie is a great piece of cinema and I think it will help you appreciate how strange life is and how you can see it only when you don't know what to do with it. It tells you how a dream can be very real and how everything is possible and is possible to do without being good. I think that's what the movie is saying, how you can be happy and what is happening in your life. I also think the character of Svanurinn is very good, I like the way he talks and behaves and I like the way he has become the person he is. I also like how the movie shows how a dream can be very real and how everything can be possible and I like the way the characters react to their dreams. The movie is also about having a dream and how you can try to create a dream for yourself and to be able to live your dream. I like how the movie was made and I think that the movie is great and worth watching.

Angela photo

A pretty well thought out movie about a person's vulnerability to the big bad world. As a viewer you have to get used to not being a kid in the movies, because this movie is really aimed at young adults. The most important thing is that the movie is not all about the action or fighting, although it has plenty of that too. But the movie is all about the person's pain, and the effect of that pain on them. This is the best movie of the year for me.

Theresa F. photo
Theresa F.

This is a very good movie, and I would be very surprised if it doesn't do well on the festival circuit. There are few flaws, but I will give the movie a generous 8.5/10. What I enjoyed most about the movie was the portrayal of the couple's relationships. I have never seen anything like this. The main character, Svanurinn, is essentially the perfect middle aged man, and the rest of the cast is perfect fit to that image. There is a great chemistry between the actors, and it is very realistic. It is hard to imagine that a beautiful woman like Svanurinn could fall for a much older man. But, that's what happens, and it is all about the actors. I would compare the movie to a good romance novel, in that there is nothing lacking in the characters. The movie is very much a coming of age story. The male lead is the center of the story, and his relationship with the women is very important to the story. Svanurinn is a sweet man, and he has a close relationship with his father, a man who is very dedicated and loving. His father doesn't look at his son the same way as his father. His father is very jealous of the relationship between his son and Svanurinn. Svanurinn is a lover, but not just for sex. He wants to be accepted and loved by his father, and so he tries to make his father understand the importance of his son's relationship with his father. Svanurinn's father is very happy when Svanurinn and his wife start getting close, but Svanurinn feels left out, and that is where the relationship between the father and son is the weakest. He finds comfort in his wife's friendship with the other women in the neighborhood, and he is happy when Svanurinn gets the chance to be with one of them. He is not happy when Svanurinn and his wife are having an affair. Svanurinn doesn't have the best life, but he has made great choices. Svanurinn is not the type of person who enjoys partying, drinking, and living the high life. He likes to live his life, and he's happy with his life. I don't want to spoil any of the movie, but I will say that the movie was very realistic and was very well written. The movie is beautiful and I recommend it.

Hannah photo

This is the story of a young man who, on his graduation from college, decides to enter the drug trade. Having to take a few cars, and to have a couple of families help him out, he decides to do so as he is all alone in the world and not making any money. He works for one of the leading drug dealers in the city, who gives him the main task of finding two "runners", who are willing to bring more drugs, and more people, to the dealers' house in a certain area. The runner also agrees to stay at the drug dealer's house for six months, to teach him everything he needs to know, as well as making sure the drugs get delivered. He learns all he needs to know about how to deal drugs, how to transport them, and how to get them to the dealers, so that he can take them to the street. The main reason why I liked this movie was that the story is very interesting and the movie stays on top of the story with very few gaps. The only thing I didn't like about this movie is the ending. As I said, the story is interesting, but I don't think it ends with a happy ending, because I don't think he had the chance to win back his family. I think he would have had to get out of jail first, and then have to take responsibility for his actions. I think the director tried to make him to have a happy ending in the movie, but I don't think he managed to do that. Also, I don't like the fact that it was not shown what happened to the runner. He was already dead, so I don't think the director made him be alive and fighting for the drugs that he had earlier. All in all, I liked this movie, but I would not recommend this movie to everyone, as there are some parts that I didn't like, but the main story is still interesting, and this is probably the best movie I have seen from the Danish film industry. I would recommend it to any movie fan, because it is a very good movie, and I think it deserves a very high rating from everyone.

Lisa photo

This is one of the few movies in recent years that really tried to push the envelope. It was pretty much a no-brainer, what the hell is this movie supposed to be about? But what I like about this movie is that it had a good amount of drama, and I like that too. It was not supposed to be some deep philosophical rant, but it is rather a movie about the duality of life, and how the decisions we make can affect our lives. The cast is good, with the usual four inclusions: Fran Drescher, Nick Nolte, Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken. And there are many other great names like Courtney Cox, Andre Benjamin, Catherine O'Hara, Paulie H. Goodnight and Cynthia Nixon. I think the cinematography and soundtrack really fit the movie. Some scenes are downright beautiful and the music is also very effective. This is not a movie that I would buy, but I would definitely buy it on DVD. The DVD also has some interesting behind-the-scenes information. I think this is a movie that will probably receive good feedback from fans of "Pride & Prejudice" and "Sherlock Holmes".

Lauren M. photo
Lauren M.

I have not seen the Danish version of this movie, but I think it is a great movie, just like all the other movies about the Jewish mafia, only about the Jewish mafia. I also liked the movie "Eben-Knut: Ein Nebensoflichter, Orsin" (Eben-Knut: a wise man) with Danes, by Johan Engh, and the movie "Europa: Europa, Europa, Europa" with Danes. I thought it was a good movie. You don't have to be a Jewish person to like the movie. Maybe the most important part is the story and the movie makes you think. I recommend it. I have never been to Israel. Maybe I am different, but I think the movie makes a point of seeing that it is possible to visit a country without having an Israeli passport.

Harold Robertson photo
Harold Robertson

I am a great fan of Peter Stormare and in general his movies are the only ones I can watch without getting bored. So I was really excited to watch this movie. The beginning of the movie was a little bit slow, but still I didn't mind. The story starts very good, with a young boy and his mother on the road to an apartment together. But the story starts to get a bit slow, but once we get to the apartment the story becomes better and better. After the apartment we see the growth of the boy and his mother and the growth of his relationships with the other people around him. The movie has a lot of emotional moments that we can feel with. One of the best parts of the movie is the birthday party for the young boy. The music is very good, and the movie is not boring. All in all it's a very good movie to watch. I give it 8/10.

Hannah L. photo
Hannah L.

This is the kind of film that I love. It is not only visually striking, but it is also quite funny. The reason it is so good is the fact that it is a real depiction of a world that is so different from our own. You will not understand why it is the way it is, but you will understand why it is the way it is. This is a film that you need to see. You will not be disappointed.

Gregory photo

Very quietly a film about a virgin, about a dying dream, about what lies beyond death. And a good friend, who sadly left us before the film was completed, was a virgin himself. A sad story of life and death and a great film. The film, which only recently screened at The Berlinale, runs to about 90 minutes, and it is so well shot and edited that it is hard not to have a tear or two in your eye. Very moving and moving.

Diana Dunn photo
Diana Dunn

This is the second movie from the popular writer-director, Olav Jonsson, and the first since the fantastic Konguudra saga, which he co-wrote with Poul Anderson. Despite being almost identical to the first film, this one is rather unique in that it is a coming of age story with the young hero being an outsider in a society which prefers the older, more conventionally-minded males. This is an old-fashioned story in a world where technology has been completely eradicated, as we have only been able to witness the advancement of technology through books and films. There is a strong message about social equality, but it is not the only one. What is interesting about this film is that there is no sex or nudity, and the film is a fairly downbeat story, a child learning to be a man. A very good story, but one that is not for everyone. Olav Jonsson did not write the screenplay, he was directed by Jussi Jokinen, who also co-wrote the film. Jussi was already well-known in Finland for his long-running popular radio show, which is currently being broadcast in English-speaking countries. This is a kind of "evening news" show with some political correctness thrown in for good measure. Overall, the film is excellent. It is also quite impressive to have the film released in a small town, which is very rare in Finland. There is some wonderfully shot landscapes, and the cinematography and score are excellent, as is the cast. Although I'm not particularly a fan of modern Finnish cinema, I must say that this is a film which is of very high quality and merits a recommendation. Recommended.

Nicholas photo

The story of our hero is very tragic and tragic. This film is more a metaphor of the film industry and it also describes our modern day lives and their uses and we also want to glorify the mythical and superstition. The scenery of Iceland and the locations are the best in the film. The contrast of the cold, dark snowy landscapes and the white colorful sunshine and gold of the atmosphere are a perfect combination. The backgrounds also add more depth and ambiance to the film. The voice of the villain is also excellent and creates a sense of evil. The villain's whole concept of magic and illusion is also quite realistic. The whole film is very visually appealing. The soundtrack of the film is also one of the best. It is very popular in the country. The film is a very different and unpredictable film. It has a lot of humour and has a lot of action. If you like this type of film then you will probably enjoy this film.