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I'll Push You is a movie starring Patrick Gray, Justin Skeesuck, and Ted Hardy. It all started with three little words. I'll Push You is an up-close and personal look into the dynamics of a life-long friendship between of two best...

Other Titles
Ti porto io, I'll Push You: A Real-Life Inspiration
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
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Adventure, Drama, Documentary
Chris Karcher, Terry Parish
Chris Karcher, Terry Parish
Michael Turner, Patrick Gray, Ted Hardy, Justin Skeesuck
Spain, USA
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

It all started with three little words. I'll Push You is an up-close and personal look into the dynamics of a life-long friendship between of two best friends - Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray - as they travel across El Camino de Santiago. This feature-length documentary covers the struggle of the 34-day, 500-mile hike across mountains, deserts, hills, and valleys and features perspectives from family and friends. Even though the story begins with the challenges that come with Patrick's answering of the invitation to push Justin in a wheelchair across northern Spain, it also explores the struggles related to Justin's rare neurological disease. The parallel paths of Patrick's experience in Spain and Justin's life journey come together in a singular moment to reveal to Patrick something unezpected. The story's beautiful cinematography is set to poignant music tracks that underscore, perfectly, the inspiring example of generosity and vulnerability on display. The film is an intimate portrait of an epic journey and explores the true meaning of friendship, generosity, and vulnerability. It's a one-of-a-kind documentary chronicling their pilgrimage, which will resonate with viewers craving stories of faith, hope, love, and the power of community. Their trek in 2014 captured the imagination of the world and was featured in the Huffington Post, The Meredith Vieira Show, Der Spiegel, Fox and Friends, and many other outlets. Since their return from Spain, the subjects of the film are sharing their message of hope, faith, and community worldwide.

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Crystal photo

My brother and I were really interested in this documentary. We went to a screening and it was the most positive response we've had for any documentary. We have been friends for a very long time, and we're very passionate about the things that we love. I loved this documentary and wanted to see it again and again. It is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It truly shows the life of one man in the face of injustice. It is very emotional and very well done. It is very informative and shows how it feels to be a woman in the world today. I don't know what to say other than that it's one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It is an important piece of history and I recommend it highly.

Nicholas photo

This movie shows the effects of global warming and how it will effect the planet. I've always had a soft spot for animals but this movie really shows what it's like to be a lion. It also shows the effect that the effects of global warming will have on us humans. A great movie to watch, especially if you're a lion lover.

Bruce photo

One of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. It's a must see for anyone who cares about our environment, or wants to become more aware of our way of life. It's a documentary that shows what is happening right now, but it also shows how we can make a difference. This documentary shows how we can create a whole new way of life. It also shows what can be done to stop the cycle of destruction and how we can use our brains to make a difference. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has ever watched something and thought it was dumb, or who has ever wanted to make a difference in the world. It's a must see, and I'm sure that you will like it as well.

Bryan photo

I found this documentary to be a wonderful reminder of how life is and how much we have to take for granted in our present existence. How hard it is to live in a world that's full of worry, and how much we can give to others and ourselves if we just try to make a difference. If you've ever been on a road trip or you have a long commute, this film will move you. If you've ever been in a situation where you've been put in the position of being called into service, this film will move you. It will remind you that no matter what we do, nothing ever changes the world. Life is simply what we make it.

Crystal L. photo
Crystal L.

I have to admit that I watched this movie after reading the book, because the movie was so much more touching and believable. In the book, the woman didn't even mention how she felt for her husband. It was all about her. In the movie, the husband never complained about anything. The only thing he was complaining about was his wife. And the whole movie was just his complaining about his wife. It was so much more real and I was so touched by it. I would definitely recommend this movie. I don't want to give anything away, but if you haven't read the book, watch the movie first, and then read the book.

Douglas Mendez photo
Douglas Mendez

This is the kind of movie that you really need to see. I don't know why this movie wasn't nominated for best picture or best director. Maybe because it was not so "A" film. This is a great movie for anyone who wants to see what our country is becoming. It is great to see that our first responders are really heroes. I really hope that they get recognized in some way. The first responders deserve all the recognition that they are getting. The parents of the other responders deserve to know that their children are not being put in danger because of their beliefs. That is why we are in a fight. To be able to see these guys like they are heroes is great. I think they deserve to be recognized and to have their stories told. They deserve to be able to feel the same way that we do. This movie is about what our country is becoming and what is happening to our veterans. It is a great movie that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in how our government is treating our veterans.

Joyce Webb photo
Joyce Webb

I've never seen a documentary quite like this one. It shows the hidden underbelly of how the system works. It goes through the different legal systems, the different lawyers, the different stories, the different laws and how it all came to be. It is so well made, it makes you feel like you are a part of it, it makes you feel like a part of the story. It also does a great job of making you understand how important the documentary is and that you shouldn't be afraid to talk about the issues. I highly recommend this documentary. It is well worth watching.

Melissa C. photo
Melissa C.

I just saw this documentary and I must say I enjoyed it a lot. The subject matter is very important and there were many good moments in it. But, the last twenty minutes of it where the documentary is talking about some other people and not so much about the oil industry are just unbelievable. I thought I had been duped. My advice is to skip this documentary and go see "Cowspiracy" instead. The documentary is about big corporations, not about the oil industry.

Linda R. photo
Linda R.

I found this film on the Web and had no idea what it was about, but I was very impressed. The film is very well made and informative. It's not exactly a documentary, but a documentary that covers several important aspects of this country's history. I thought that the film did a good job of introducing the subject of slavery and it is a very important subject to the world today. The film is not as bleak as other documentaries that focus on the civil rights movement and its impact on the black community, but I think that the subject matter of slavery is still very controversial and one that I think the film did a very good job of covering. The documentary is also very informative on the history of the Civil War. It's not exactly the history of the Civil War, but it is a very important aspect of the Civil War. This film was extremely informative on this aspect of the Civil War, as well as the military role that slavery had in the Civil War. The film is very well made, and I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in American history. It is a very well made documentary that is very informative.

Bryan Barnett photo
Bryan Barnett

Hands down, this is the best documentary I have ever seen. It has everything you would want in a documentary - It's well shot, it tells the story well, it was very interesting and engaging. There was no question of "Are they telling the truth?" I think it is true that this documentary was shot by an independent filmmaker, so there is no hype in the way the documentary was shot, but that didn't hurt at all. There are a few things that are obviously misleading, like the interview with former Anonymous leader, Hector Xavier Monsegur. He is certainly not an idiot - he knows all about these things - but he does not discuss them with the film-maker, nor with his brother. He just casually mentions them and they're left to their own imaginations. I don't know what the producer of this film was thinking, but it's not as if the director, who actually did work for Anonymous, is the only one who knows about these things. Also, the documentary is only 92 minutes long - which isn't that long at all. The camera is never on the interviewees, which I think is important, as if the camera is on the participants, they're completely alone. I've read some of the other comments here about this, and it's sad how some people think that these people are liars. I think they're telling the truth, so I don't see any problem with that. It doesn't bother me, I just think it's better to have a more objective look at this. I don't think it's entirely accurate, but I think it's still interesting, because it's interesting how these people had to be interviewed and what they're going through. It's also interesting how this documentary is made, as if it's not like the documentary I saw years ago about Anonymous. This is a documentary that is good to watch, and it's a documentary that you can't take your eyes off of. I recommend this to anyone who's interested in Anonymous, or who has an interest in the world of Anonymous. 8/10

John photo

This is a great movie. And it's about a man that became a musician after his parents divorced. He had a lot of problems and became addicted to pills. He was a drug addict, but he didn't want to get out of his rut. He worked really hard to get out of it. The movie talks about what he did and how it affected his life. It's a sad movie but a good movie. You will probably cry at some point. This is a great movie.

Denise Cox photo
Denise Cox

These guys are some of the best, as evidenced by this documentary. It's a deep, well-researched, and amazingly well-made documentary. There's so much you can take away from it, and you'll be able to connect with it on a personal level. And it's not one of those documentaries that just tells you a story that you already know. These guys know a lot of stuff about these men. This is what they went through, and this is what they would have gone through if it was a bigger story. This is their story. These are the people who built an empire, and they're a bunch of guys who are still in it. And it's fascinating to see how things could have gone a whole lot worse. We can also understand how we'd react differently, had we been in their situation. Some of the things that they describe to us, and how we should have reacted, we can feel the same way. What can we learn from this? It's a very compelling documentary.

Anna W. photo
Anna W.

If you want to watch an intelligent, balanced, and entertaining documentary that answers all the questions about the events of 9/11. This movie is for you. I give it an A+.

Mark Vasquez photo
Mark Vasquez

Praise for this movie is overwhelming. I've read the other reviews and am amazed that the reviewers were so negative. This movie is incredibly powerful and should be seen by all. There are a number of elements of the movie that I found very powerful. It's great to see a movie that deals with the concept of trans-racial adoption, and also deal with the negative effects of the adoption process. I was moved to tears several times and felt the need to say things like, "I'm not okay, I can't believe this is happening to me, and I want my kid back. I want my kid back." This movie is very powerful, and should be seen by all.

Raymond photo

What an incredible movie this was. What a wonderful thing to see a documentary and a story told to the highest possible degree. What a joy to watch the colorful world of the corsair in all its glory. What a gift to see a person who was a monster and a fraud but who at the same time was a passionate, loving, family man. What a pleasure to see a group of people who were there and were part of the corsair, who were as "corsair-y" as the rest of us, and yet who also loved and cared for each other and were as much a part of the family as anyone else. What a gift to see a story told with such honesty, wit, and passion. It's a great story of love and friendship and family.and it's a story that touches all of us.

Dorothy Kelly photo
Dorothy Kelly

This is a well produced film that is in my opinion as good as the first. It is well worth watching. It was interesting to see the reactions from a variety of people from the 'forgotten' people of the world to the 'celebrities' that the film was made for. Many of the people interviewed were actually much more liberal than I was and some were actually very conservative. The people interviewed seemed to feel that this film should have been shown to them and they should have known the impact it would have on their lives. The film is not all doom and gloom. There is a lot of humour and it is a good thing that the film was made before the over-saturation of many documentaries that only show a few things that are related to current events. The documentary also makes you appreciate a few people who do not conform to the stereotypes that you have heard so much about. The documentary does not try to force the viewer to agree with the opinions that it is presenting but lets you see people who are different and maybe even quite different from you. Some of the people interviewed are very different from the stereotypes that you have heard so much about and this was very interesting to see and a great way to get to know a variety of different people from different backgrounds. There are no doubt a lot of people that will not like this film but it is an interesting insight into the minds of people who may not be as 'normal' as you may think. The film also makes you realise that sometimes our beliefs about people do not come from the facts and that there is more to the lives of people than what you see on the news or in the papers. It is a good film that can be appreciated by many people. I would recommend this film to everyone and I look forward to seeing it again in the future.

Lori K. photo
Lori K.

When the show got cancelled I was extremely disappointed, but I knew I had to see it. I never thought I would feel the way I did after seeing the movie. I was in shock, I could not believe it. I felt like crying and it was so emotional. This is what real journalism is all about. I am going to be the first to admit that I am not a big fan of the radio show, but I really do believe that Michael Moore is the real deal. I think he has the ability to change peoples lives for the better. I'm also very excited to see the second part of the movie. I hope it's as good as the first part. I'm not sure how it's going to end but I hope it's as good as the first part. I can't wait to see it.

Walter photo

I thought this was a very well made documentary on the history of the film industry and the industry in general. The story is a little slow and the story is not well developed. I am a big fan of music, especially the rock music. I loved the documentary on the Beatles and it was great to see that they were also a part of this documentary. It was interesting to see how they were able to use their music in a different way. I thought that they did a great job of showing how they used their music to make their films. I really liked the way they showed the importance of music in making a film and the importance of a great film to the film industry. The way they did this was a great way to show how the film industry worked. I also thought that they showed the power of the music industry and how they were able to use it to their advantage. I think that it was a great documentary on the history of the film industry. It is a little slow and it does not have the depth of a good documentary. However, I still enjoyed it and I would recommend it.

Jacob H. photo
Jacob H.

I watched this film last night, and was instantly moved by the subject matter. I am a former hippie and have always been a very spiritual person, so I was very much affected by the film. The hippie ideals are brought to life in a way that most people who were living that era probably would have found distasteful and would not have been very comfortable with. However, this is not a film that shows hippies as a bad or evil group of people. Rather, it is a film about the contradictions of their ideals, and the reasons why they were sometimes so uncompromising in their beliefs. The film is an interesting look at the people that were involved in the hippie movement, and how they interacted with the rest of society. It is a very realistic look at the way that people were forced to live in those days, and how they became very divided from each other, especially when they started to leave the movement, which is the film's main focus. The film is well-acted, and is quite well-made. It is an interesting look at how the hippie movement came about, and it gives a good insight into the ideas that motivated them. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the hippie movement, or just has an interest in looking at how the hippie movement was perceived. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in looking at the way that society reacted to the hippie movement, and how it impacted the way that people thought and lived.

Ann photo

I'm not sure if I'm giving this film any more weight than it deserves. It's simply an incredible film that touches every corner of our lives. I've always been interested in the message it sends, and what it has to say about our own lives. I really appreciated this film, and would recommend it to anyone who has not yet seen it. I think anyone who likes movies and their message can find something to enjoy in this film. As for what it is, it is simply a film that talks about the importance of gratitude and forgiveness. It does not pretend to be a social comment, but rather a way of connecting people to each other. It is not anti-American, but rather pro-America. It is a movie that tells us that we can all be better people if we can help each other. In that, it succeeds. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did.

Joan photo

I just saw this movie on DVD, and I was blown away. There was an amazing documentary that captured the entire journey of the most famous and controversial rock band in history. The documentary is very much a documentary, but it also tells the story of how one man decided to make a documentary about the band. The documentary is very informative and interesting, and I highly recommend it. I loved the story of how the band became famous, and the journey of this man who decided to make this documentary. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the band. I hope that this documentary will be able to bring some peace and happiness to the fans, and I hope that this documentary will help to bring more peace and happiness to the fans. This documentary is a must see!

Olivia M. photo
Olivia M.

A few months ago I watched a documentary about the process of making "The Last Waltz" and it was quite interesting. The story of the making of the film is interesting and it is a good way to get to know the director and the cast. However, the documentary was very biased towards the director and the film itself. The director was interviewed by the producer and the director's wife. They were biased and they didn't really explain anything about the film. The director's wife was very negative towards the film and the director's wife seemed to be in love with the film and the director. The documentary made the film seem like it was a disaster and a waste of time. I was also very disappointed with the documentary. I didn't really understand the film and the director was biased towards the film. It was a very biased documentary. I would not recommend this documentary to anyone.

Joshua O. photo
Joshua O.

When I saw this film at the 2013 International Film Festival in Vienna I thought it would be a kind of documentary. It's a rather rare event when a film can do this with a major film festival. So I decided to go in expecting the worst. I knew I was in for a good film, but this was nothing but the opposite. The real question is why this film was so good and why it was not recognized at all. The question of the film is whether it's a documentary, a propaganda, or a fictional. If you know the subject, you will not miss anything. But if you don't know the subject, you will not miss anything. The film goes on very well, but there are certain parts where it is not quite clear what it's about. It's not easy to explain it. But I must say it's a great film. I recommend this film to all people who have seen or heard about the subject.

Judy photo

As someone who has suffered from a family history of Down Syndrome, I am very sensitive to the issues that this documentary addresses. Although I have no personal connection to this family, I am aware of the consequences of this condition. I am also aware that this family has experienced the loss of a son and a daughter, who were also born with this condition. I have visited the family at their home and have seen the reality of the physical and mental pain they have been forced to endure. The documentary addresses these issues in a very human way, and does so in a way that is sensitive and sensitive. I would like to say that I would recommend this documentary to everyone, regardless of their views about Down Syndrome. It is a well-done, sensitive documentary that I would say has been very well-received. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about the issues that are being raised and the realities of what the family is going through.

Joan photo

This documentary is about a little girl who is bullied by her classmates for being the weirdo she is. She is then taken in by a foster family and brought up with a loving family. But this is not the only family that has a little girl who has been bullied. We are introduced to the family who is making the film. This family has a young boy who is being bullied by his peers and is also being bullied by his mother. But this family is the best one for the little girl. She gets to be the center of attention and is treated very well by her new family. This documentary is really good because it shows you the whole process that a little girl goes through when she is bullied. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is a child who has been bullied.

Matthew photo

This documentary is a great example of what documentary film-making should be. The camera is in close-up, the story is told in a very straightforward manner, and the message is clear. The cinematography is also very well done. The story is told in a very simple manner, and the camera is in close-up almost all of the time. This is one of the reasons why I like this film so much. It doesn't try to be anything other than a documentary, and it succeeds in that. I really liked this film. It is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time.

Kathy N. photo
Kathy N.

I was hoping this movie would be interesting enough to pull me in. But I couldn't help but laugh at the very few things that I didn't like. "Watch The Hateful Eight" was entertaining. This film is boring, and the only thing that kept me from giving it a "0" rating was that it was only 90 minutes long. For me, it was the equivalent of watching a movie for two hours and then complaining that the movie wasn't nearly long enough. If you love movies that you have to watch over and over, then this movie is for you. If not, I wouldn't recommend it.

Gary Morrison photo
Gary Morrison

The movie is an informative portrayal of a man who is truly dedicated to his work, and this dedication is shown in his actions and in the way he is treated. The basic plot is that at an early age, a man named "Willy" (played by David Schwimmer) was born in the United States, he went to live with his parents, where he worked as a musician, and was the best of friends with his best friend and his band. However, one day he was beaten up by some kids, and he lost his hearing, he couldn't play guitar, and the only thing he could play was his wail. This event changed his life completely. He left his friends, and took a job at a college. He wanted to be a musician, so he started playing the guitar. During this time, he met his brother's wife, who told him she was a fan of his music. He asked her if she could come over, and she accepted. He also met his best friend, and they became friends. They both had a lot of success, and they went to visit the band, but after a while, the band broke up. And then he went on a motorcycle trip, and became the band's manager. But he wasn't satisfied with what he was doing, he wanted to do something better, so he started making his own music. He learned about different styles, and wanted to show his friends that he was better than what they were doing. He was very passionate, and was able to impress many of the musicians with his work. He started to work on a bunch of new music, and eventually his father would let him, and after a while he started playing on a band, and after some time, they were able to make a record. The band is called The Never Scared Crew. They became a big success, and their fame spread all over the world. The only problem with this is that after a while, they wanted to go to more places, and started to get more money than they could ever get. This is a true story, and I recommend that people watch this movie, to learn more about the man who was Donnie Donowitz.

Thomas Barnett photo
Thomas Barnett

A great documentary that documents the process of a small group of people from the African continent who are trying to help a group of people in the United States. The African people are trying to help the American people by selling their own land and building their own home. They are willing to go to jail in order to make their dream come true. The film is very informative, as it goes into the history of the African people and their relationship with the American people. This film is very inspiring and the people are very proud of their achievements. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in African culture.

Edward Herrera photo
Edward Herrera

It is impossible to watch this movie without thinking of a young boy. The story is about a boy who was abandoned in a prison and when he was younger was reunited with his parents. He is now in his late teens and wants to get a job. He meets a guy who is interested in him and wants to make a documentary about him. The boy is quite intrigued and willing to do anything. His wife doesn't believe in his story and they start to worry. But eventually, they decide to take him back to their home. The two get along well and start to make a documentary about their lives. The documentary shows a part of the boy's life. It is the same story as I have heard about and seen on TV in the last 10 years. It is a very special story and one I could relate to a lot. The main reason I wanted to see this documentary was because I like the actors and it was nice to know that the story is still being told. I don't think the story was a waste of time because I learned a lot about the story and the people involved. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I will give it a 7/10.

Edward M. photo
Edward M.

I found this documentary to be rather interesting. It's about a group of female protesters who were arrested in an anti-war protest in the '60s, and how it's related to the recent war in Iraq. They talked about their history and what they were doing at the time, and how they've changed over the years. The film is quite interesting and gives a lot of information. I found it interesting that they went into great detail about their historical background and about how they started their protests. Also, it's interesting to hear their thoughts on how the protest became a protest and why they were protesting. Overall, I liked the film and it's definitely worth a look.

Kathleen photo

I really loved this film and it is the only film that I can watch over and over again. The documentary is filmed with the same style as the first documentary. That is what made the first documentary so great. You could tell exactly what was going on and what was happening. This film is even more powerful. It shows the rise of the Black Panthers and the many issues that they are still dealing with today. This documentary is a must see for everyone who is interested in the Black Panthers and their issues.

Beverly Barnett photo
Beverly Barnett

This is a great documentary about one of the most famous rockers in the world. His name is Slash, and he's known for being a huge-ass rock star, and being a rebellious young man. I'm not a huge Slash fan, but I really liked this documentary. This is not a documentary about his music, and he's not very good at talking about it. It's more about him as a person, and how he has changed throughout the years. It's very entertaining. But, it also goes into his life and his relationships, and how he treats people. This documentary is good for anyone, and it's good for all the fans of rock. Also, I liked how they didn't tell Slash's wife, who was very mad that he had done drugs. I know that many fans of Slash are mad at him because of this, but, I think that it's important to show that he's just a guy that does drugs. It's just like what the Queen's did with the music. Slash is the same way. He's just a guy who does drugs.

Karen A. photo
Karen A.

When a little girl is kidnapped, her family wants to get a 'positive' news of the kidnapping to the news media. They put a 'bad' news to the family and then prepare the news, but they also try to get the girl back. This documentary follows the family members, relatives and journalists trying to get the 'positive' news of the abduction of the little girl, as well as the reporter and the reporter's camera man trying to get the footage of the abduction. A great documentary which shows how a family can fight and make the wrong news and still be able to keep their hopes up and also how the news media will try to tell the wrong news to the people, making them doubt and despair. A must watch.

Janice Schmidt photo
Janice Schmidt

This film is a must see for anyone who loves the music of Led Zeppelin. It's like a musical that can be seen through the eyes of a fan. The film focuses on the band as they continue their tour of the UK, during which they play a number of their old songs. I have to say that the film was very well done, and well worth my time. The music itself is great, and the characters are very well portrayed. I have to say that I thought the film was done very well. However, I would have preferred to see the music more often. If you are a Zeppelin fan, you will definitely enjoy this film, even if you aren't. However, if you are not a Zeppelin fan, it's a good film to watch. It was a good idea, and the film was done very well. However, the music, for me, was the most important element of the film.

Dylan photo

I thought this was an interesting film, but I think that it could have been better. It does not explore the question of why this happened, it just explores the people who were involved. One of the main characters was older than his age, and his father was not doing so well himself. The first half of the film is a lot of talking, and it is very interesting. It just seems like the director has been waiting to get to the big question: Why did he do that? I do not understand the problem with the film that it is too slow. It needs more pacing and more editing. I thought that this film was about that, but the focus was on the people involved. I am not sure what they were trying to say, or what the point was. I was more interested in seeing the people involved than what the film was saying. I would have liked to have seen more of the fathers, and of the children. It was a very interesting film, and I think it should have been much longer.

Adam photo

I enjoyed this film and found it to be interesting and thought provoking. Although the story was a bit rushed, it was still very moving and worthwhile. This is a must see for those of us who believe that the past is not written in stone and that the past can and will be changed by changing what we do with the present. This is a film that is worth watching.

Ruth Smith photo
Ruth Smith

These four friends don't really have anything in common other than being underdogs. Their lives are a maze of lies, deceit, and deceitful deals. Their own family is a central, vital part of the story, but it's not really something that's explored in any depth. I found the short documentary about them to be very moving and poignant, but in the end, I couldn't quite connect with any of the characters. All of the interviews are conducted from the perspective of each of the friends. There is a lot of insight in their stories, but I felt that I didn't really get a good sense of why these people were the way they were. There's no way to put a name to what the narrator calls a "myth," but I found myself thinking about it often. This is a personal film, and it's an interesting one. But it's not a film that I think people should rush out to see. I think that if you really want to learn about the people in the film, you should probably watch a few documentaries.

Keith Larson photo
Keith Larson

I've been going to New Orleans for almost 30 years, and have been surprised at how many people are unable to get their perspective of the city. I believe it is best that this documentary do not take sides and simply explain that it is not just an American phenomenon. It is global in scope, and the people of New Orleans and the rest of the world are affected by the city. I was shocked to see how some of the images were difficult to watch. However, I felt the movie was worth it, as it led me to not only better understand the city, but also to understand that there are many issues that don't get enough attention, and this documentary will provide information that many people may not be aware of. I believe that the viewers are the ones who will understand the most, and the overall message is clear: enjoy the city, but also be aware of the impact it has on people. The film also provides information on the cultural aspects of the city, such as the way people dress and the way people perceive fashion, which is something that most people may not have a chance to experience. The problem of Hurricane Katrina is the only one in New Orleans that the people of the city have had to deal with, but it is not the only one. This is not a documentary that will only serve as an educational tool, but rather a tool to help people understand the city and its people. It's a great way to begin understanding the city and its people.

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I'm a big fan of documentaries, and even if they're not always the best thing ever, they're always interesting. This documentary about the jailbreak of some Japanese rock star was a treat to watch. This guy is not even a musician, but he is a tough and courageous man who is willing to risk his life for the people who need it. I was not able to take my eyes off of the screen. It was so riveting that it was almost painful. I have never seen such a powerful documentary on an individual's story. This documentary was extremely well done and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to watch documentaries. The best part is that the film has been made so well, and I believe that the film will be a classic.

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I recently viewed this documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of the filmmaking. It was clearly a very, very labor intensive project and yet the results were truly heart warming. The first part of the documentary tells the story of one person who was an adult, but he was still a child at the time of the shooting. He was completely destroyed by the police, they were saying that the child was responsible for the actions of the adults. The adult child had no idea what was going on. But as the documentary goes on, the story of the child grows. The director and crew made the decision to focus the attention on the child, who was truly a lost soul. They also showed how difficult the family's life was, as well as how difficult it was for the child to process what was happening. The film went through the entire progression of the child's life, from a young child to a teenager. The child was sad and scared, and yet the audience was left with a feeling of empathy and love for the child. The scenes of the children's childhood and youth were very powerful. We felt a connection with the children and the director captured the feelings of the child in his interviews. The director does a great job of capturing the loneliness of the children and the need to fit in. This documentary will give a lot of people hope that, in the future, we will not only see documentaries like this, but that we will see documentaries that will do justice to the stories of the people they were made about. The children were filmed by an artist and the director captured the same feeling of being a child. The director made great work of not only capturing the humanity of the children, but also of capturing the humanity of the parents. The film was shot on a hand-held camera. It was slow-paced, but the director managed to capture the emotion of the children. This was a wonderful documentary that I would recommend to anyone.

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Joseph K.

The best thing about the documentary is the soundtrack. It's so beautiful. The way the music is put into the film is really worth mentioning. I can't wait to watch it again. The cinematography is great. The camera movements are subtle, but very effective. The editing is also pretty good. Overall, this is a must see documentary. It makes you feel what it is like to live in the U.S. in the 50's, 60's and 70's. It really made me feel like I was there.

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Virginia W.

I recently caught this film on PBS and was impressed by the way the filmmakers portrayed the widespread poverty in the US, and the extreme views held by some people about the other. The plot summary, as it stands, is too simple to be truly compelling. I've been around the drug war, and know of its cost in human lives and the destruction of a promising future. I also know that drug use and its effects are to be prevented, but the reality is that drug policy is complicated and the only thing we can do is try to bring about change by educating people about the realities of drug use, and hopefully changing the way that people think about it. And that's what the documentary is about: educating people about the reality of drug use, and how it can damage an individual and a society. This is not a movie you'll want to watch more than once. The filmmakers are good, but the film itself is rather dull. It's not the only documentary about drug policy I've seen, but it's one of the most effective. I didn't get to see the film in a theatre, but I'm sure I will see it sometime soon, and I will definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested.

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Evelyn F.

My comment was based on the trailer and the shortness of the film. The film is a lot longer than it should be. The film has a lot of info and details about the real life events that happened in the war, but the documentary is not that good. Some of the info is slightly unclear, but if you know the history, it doesn't matter. The film should have been at least an hour long, but it felt like it was about an hour and a half. The information is good, but the interviewees are not that good. The most important information is the movie itself. It's not a bad documentary, but it's just not a good one. I don't think that it is an Oscar-worthy film, but it is interesting enough to watch and it is worth seeing. It doesn't make a big impact in terms of history, but it's worth seeing.

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I'm not a big fan of James Franco, but I think he was pretty good in this movie. He's pretty funny, but the movie is just so sad. I think it's a good movie to watch if you're looking for something that makes you think. I think the movie is very sad, but it's a good movie. I think it's one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

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Paul Hicks

I like watching documentaries, and so I was very intrigued to watch this documentary. I had heard good things about it, so I decided to watch it. I have to say that it is a good documentary, but it's not as good as the movie that the documentary is based on. I thought that this documentary would be more about how the film was made and how the documentary was received, but I was disappointed by that. I liked the film, but I also thought that the documentary was more about how the film was made. I would have preferred a documentary that focused more on the actual documentary that was shown and not the actual film that was made. I was also disappointed by the music used in the documentary. I thought that the music was just okay and not the best that the music used in the film. I also thought that the film was better, but that didn't come from a documentary. Overall, I thought that the documentary was good, but I thought that it would be more about the film than the actual documentary. Overall, I think that the documentary was better, but I did not think that it was as good as the documentary that the film was based on.

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I would have enjoyed this film more if it was more of a documentary. As it is, it has a nice touch of humor, and the whole movie is worth watching. A couple of the scenes are painfully obvious, but other than that, this is a great documentary. There are a few things that I found too funny though. One was the florist. I thought she looked like a cross between the first 2 little girls from the trailer and Betty White from "Who's That Girl", plus I thought her butt was awesome. And she seemed to be trying a little too hard to act like a total phony. This is the only thing I found a little annoying. Also, the way that the movie is filmed makes it look like it was filmed in one day, and there are scenes that seem to last forever. But other than that, it is an entertaining, slightly enjoyable film.

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In the words of the late Professor Bernard Harcourt, "everybody has got to start somewhere." Billions of people are facing hunger, but too few have started. This documentary examines how the rich and powerful fight back against an overreaching bureaucracy, its citizenry, and the people it employs. The documentary was a National Geographic special, but it should have been much better. The filmmakers focus too much on food and its production, and not enough on the people who feed them. The documentary is peppered with visuals, but too often, they are static or static-like. The film is shot in black-and-white, which seems like a good idea until you realize that the film is shot in color. For example, the film's most memorable image is the shot of the "food pyramid" that I watched while watching it. However, the food pyramid was in black and white, not color. I am sure the Food Pyramid was in color, but the black-and-white shot of it was more interesting to me. The filmmakers spend too much time talking about the concept of the Food Pyramid, but not enough time on the images that are shown. They should have focused on the food pyramid, not on the people who make it. The filmmakers focused too much on the Food Pyramid, but they should have focused on the people who make it.

Daniel photo

I found this documentary really interesting and very moving. I think it was great that they used both interviews and footage from the program to show their own perspectives of the work they do. I enjoyed hearing about the many different roles they play in their communities and how it impacts their lives. I also liked that they didn't necessarily focus on the financial difficulties of the project, but rather on the social issues that can arise when people are trying to take care of their family and their communities. I thought that they showed a very deep and sincere love and support for the kids and the families. The director is very talented and I think he really brought this documentary to life.

Amber Butler photo
Amber Butler

This is the best documentary I've seen in a while. It is the most powerful film I've seen in a while. This is a film about what it means to be a human being, and what the people who make it their life's work do with that life. The people who make documentaries are people who are driven, driven by a passion for what they do, and they want to get better. The documentary is beautifully made, but the characters are so interesting and the story so real that it can't help but be more than just a documentary. I highly recommend this film, and will be recommending it to everyone I know.

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As I watched this documentary on YouTube, I was captivated. It had a lot of a great information about hip-hop and the culture of rap music. It also showed the highs and lows of the group N.W.A and the situations they had to go through in their lives. It showed the struggles of each member and their own opinions about the group's music. It also showed the inner struggle of the group and how they got from one low to another. The documentary had a few interesting facts about the group. For example, how they got their name and how they met each other. And also some facts about their life in general. The documentary did not show the real relationship between Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, however. Although it was a good documentary, it could have been better. I think the director did a very good job showing the life of N.W.A. but it could have been better. Overall, the documentary was very good and it really showed the life of the group. It had a lot of good facts and interesting facts about the group. Also it was a good documentary about the group.

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Christine W.

In the title, I think the movie is not really about boxing, but about the power of the human spirit. The theme is about the relationship between two people that can't be easily separated and the power of love. I love this movie because it's so true about love. It's also about the power of a great fighter and his team to help a poor fighter, just because they are poor. The movie's message is so powerful. This movie is a great movie. I would recommend it to all boxing fans. The movie is very emotional and gripping. It's a great movie.

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Henry L.

I enjoyed the documentary, it was a little bit too long and it didn't touch on many of the important issues that are going on right now. I would have liked to have seen more action on the issue of fracking and the reasons that the oil companies are so desperate to get rid of natural gas. The oil companies and their supporters are using every trick in the book to keep the public from getting the facts and to stop the fracking of the planet. I'm not going to waste time on the names of the people who are doing this. We don't want to say anything about the people who are responsible for the disasters that are happening in the world today. We don't want to have to put our names on a list. We want to stop the crimes that are going on right now. I'm glad that they brought up this issue and that they brought it up in the context of the people in the world who are not being treated fairly and are being killed. We are the people that are being killed. We need to fight back, and that's what this movie was all about.

Brittany photo

This movie was the most honest and most truthful depiction of the corporate world I have ever seen. There are not many films out there that really show what the corporate world is really like, so this movie does an excellent job of it. The music is great too. If you have any question about what you are about to watch, just watch it and you will know. It's worth it.

David B. photo
David B.

I saw this movie with my friend a couple of days ago and I really enjoyed it. I never knew what to expect from it. I mean, I thought it would be a typical boring documentary with some silly guy talking about his dreams. I wasn't expecting to get so much in my stomach. I don't think it's meant to be a documentary, I think it's meant to be an insight into a person's life, and what he wants out of life. And the movie was really beautiful. It's an interesting insight into the world of psychedelic drugs, and the people who use them. The movie was really good, and it showed a lot of real life stories that we all know. It was really inspiring to see how much the drug use has affected people's lives. I think that if people see it, they'll think that they should do more to help those people who are affected by drugs. I hope that people can find out more about the drug use in their lives, and find out more about how it affects people's lives. I know that the drug users in this movie are not like other drug users. They're not the typical drug user. They're really different, and they have some really good qualities. I think that people should see this movie and know more about the drug users in their lives. And that's what I hope people will do.

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The most shocking thing about this film is that it is true. This film tells the story of how a young man, Robert W. Young, managed to leave his life in rural Ohio and eventually land a job as a limousine driver for a large firm in New York City. He was just 22 years old. He found a chance to help people in need and he did not think twice about taking on these jobs. His love for the people in his life and his mission to help them was unbelievable. He also had a huge sense of humor about this. I feel very sorry for the young man and his family. He had a great future ahead of him. He will be missed by so many people. We need more stories like this to bring about real change in the world. People need to know that they do not have to be white or black or rich or poor. They just have to be able to do something for someone else. This film is a great example of a young man doing what he believed in. He had a vision and he was able to accomplish what he set out to do. I also would like to say that the director of this film was able to capture the message and spirit of the people of the small town in Ohio and the small town in New York City in a way that you would not be able to capture on film. The people of the small town were very helpful and they knew what he was doing and what he wanted to do. It was not just some big corporation giving him money. He was able to make his own money and live a good life. This film is a must see for everyone. It is very inspiring and it will leave you with a great feeling about the world. I truly hope this film will inspire people to do more in their lives. I hope that Robert W. Young's story is not an isolated incident.

Christian Wells photo
Christian Wells

I was really surprised by this movie. It is really the most beautiful documentary I have ever seen. I was really moved by the story and the actions of the people. The reason why I started watching it was because I was really interested in the documentary and I was interested in seeing the lives of the people and the way they were living. It is a very real documentary and the way they lived their life was amazing. This is a must-watch documentary. The thing that I really liked about this movie is that it is based on a true story, so you can't get any information from the movie, except what they told you from the people themselves. I think that this movie is the most beautiful documentary I've ever seen, because it is based on the lives of real people, and it is not only about what they did or did not do, but also what they were like, what they were thinking, what they were feeling. This movie is really an amazing documentary and I can't wait for the next one. The most beautiful part about this documentary is that you don't have to be from the people that live it to understand it. It is based on real people, and you can't get any information from it, except what they tell you from the people themselves.

Karen James photo
Karen James

I have to say that this is the best documentary about the current situation in South Africa. It's really inspiring. There is no commercial propaganda here, and it's all about facts, not personal opinions. The documentary has a very simple and clear message: If you are in a position where you have to fight for your rights, then do it! The movie is about something, but it's all about a single event. It's about South Africa, and how it's a country that is fighting for its future. The movie is not about the Apartheid, but about the South African government's policies, that took away the rights of the black people in the country, because they have a very different culture, and they don't know how to adapt to it. There are a lot of good points in this movie, such as the fact that they don't show the whole thing. They show only the events that happened in the streets, and they do it very well. There are a lot of events that we have never heard about, such as the "Nelson Mandela Law", or the "Non-Cooperation Law". There is also a lot of information about the economic problems of South Africa, but they don't show all of the things. It's not only about the economic problems, but also about the political problems, because the government of South Africa is a very big problem, and it has the power to ruin a country. I'm not saying that you should not watch this movie, but I am saying that you should watch it with an open mind. It's not just about the black people, but also about the black people who are in a different position, who have to fight for their rights. I don't think that it's a movie that you have to watch twice. It's a very simple and clear movie, and it's really inspiring. I think that you will like it, because it's a movie that you will be very happy about.

Brenda J. photo
Brenda J.

I liked the documentary because it left me with some questions. First, I am a little bothered by the fact that the filmmakers do not explain how all the people involved became involved with the topic of child trafficking. What is it about? Is it an international issue? What is the motivation? If it's international, why do these people do this? The film also seems to be out of sync with the older generation of young people who were raised in the 70's and 80's. For me it is important to note that I am not really into the 1970's but I have been taught about child trafficking. I am not the only one who believes that child trafficking is an issue and that this documentary is an important reminder. There is a great deal of tension in the movie between the younger generation and the older generation. There are also a few scenes where the parents of the victims are shown as being incredibly indifferent to what their children are doing and to their own children's well being. To me, this is very hard to watch because I have heard from friends who have been there. This is not the issue that is portrayed in this film. This is an issue that people should know about. There is another aspect of this documentary that I find interesting. A lot of the time, I find it hard to understand why the women who are caught in the crossfire of the sex trade are so obsessed with getting their children out of the streets. It's not like they are running a convent school. They are just desperate to get out of there. This is one of the themes that I feel is missing from the film. As a viewer, I felt like the director was being too kind to the people that were caught up in the sex trade and also too harsh on the people that were not caught up in the sex trade. It was a difficult balance to make and I think that this film does a good job of it. I also liked that the documentary did not dwell on the victims' family or friends. The women are portrayed as having no way out. I believe that this is because the victims themselves were not the main characters of the story. The film does not really focus on the individuals that were involved in the trafficking. I think that that is also a good thing. I feel that the film could have done a lot more with the footage that it had. The fact that it was filmed in very beautiful surroundings, in the city, in the forest. All of that shows that this is a great film that is worth seeing. I think that the film is not perfect. I am not really a fan of the interviews that were done with the men. The documentary was better when it focused on the women and children and their families. This was not the case. The interviews with the men were not particularly informative. I think that this could have been better and I think that the film could have done more with this. Overall, I think that this is a great film that will be of interest to anyone interested in child trafficking and to anyone that is a fan of documentaries. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Edward H. photo
Edward H.

As I watched this film I couldn't help thinking that this is what America is really like. In fact this is so realistic that it has become a part of our lives. A few years ago I went to a beauty parlor and was shocked at the extent of the lying that was going on. There was nothing to lie about, and this film helped me to see how little I knew about what was going on in our country. The lengths that people go to to get a job is shocking. They are scared of losing their jobs and of losing their house. They are desperate and they are desperate. It is a sad story that the only thing that is good in our country is the media. I will not go into the details of the film because it is very hard to describe. It is a very moving film and it is extremely important that it is made and that it is released.

Megan Wright photo
Megan Wright

I wanted to see this documentary because I was a big fan of the cast, and I really enjoyed the documentary. I think the reason I was so pleased with the documentary is that I wanted to be more active in my own healing, and I was pleasantly surprised. This is a great film to watch if you are in need of healing and want to see a documentary to help you. I believe that it is important for people to know what they are doing wrong, and what they are doing right. You can do so much with the information that is available in this film. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to know what is wrong with them, and what is right. It is important to know what you are doing wrong, and what you are doing right, and to take action.

James F. photo
James F.

I am not a big fan of film, but this one was the best one I have ever seen. In the beginning of the film, I didn't like it, but the more I saw it, I liked it. I am not a fan of documentary, but this one was good. The way that this movie was shot was awesome. I am a very good student, but I am not a genius, but I learned a lot from this movie. This is a must watch.

Zachary photo

I was always a fan of "The Office," so I was already pretty excited to see this documentary, but it turned out to be more than I expected. It goes into the behind-the-scenes of the show and of the cast, and really digs into some of the personalities and relationships within the cast. It's also interesting to see how the show developed. While they do talk about how the show came about, they also talk about why they made it. It's not something you'd expect from a documentary, but it's still fascinating. I think what made this more than just a documentary is how it was a really well-rounded story. I think it's important to point out that the cast was still very much the same as it was in the original show, but they had to adjust to the new cast and some changes. I also thought the director did a really good job in telling this story. He was very clearly explaining what happened and why, which is something I always like to see in documentaries. Overall, I thought this was an entertaining documentary and definitely one to watch.

Dennis photo

An investigation of the "stalking" of a young woman in small-town Texas. This film was filmed on the same location as the famous incident, which occurred back in 1979. It's a much better documentary than I thought it would be. There are a lot of personal and dramatic moments in the film. It's worth watching.

Cynthia photo

A compelling documentary that I believe all audiences should see. Don't believe the negative reviews because there is plenty to like about this film, and in fact, a lot to dislike. It's well worth seeing, although it's not an action-packed film with an extremely long running time. The documentary, which follows the rise and fall of an Internet advertising company, is very well made, with a very interesting and wide-ranging cast. It's not one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen, but it is well done. This is a film that anyone can enjoy, but I think that it's for people who have an interest in what people have to say about the Internet and the "Internet" as a medium. There is a lot of interesting stuff to say about how the Internet is changing the way people think and communicate, and how it's changing the way advertisers and business have to think about their clients. The documentary is pretty well put together and enjoyable to watch. Although I'm not the target audience, this documentary is one that I think anyone could enjoy and it's worth seeing. I'm not saying you should go out and see it, but I'm saying that it's a good one to go out and see. I would have rated this a 10/10, but I had to lower it a bit because I think it's a bit too long. Still, it's a good one to see, and I recommend it.

Joshua L. photo
Joshua L.

This movie follows the lives of a group of American soldiers in Afghanistan, who were all stationed together in the same field. It is told through the eyes of one soldier, and the use of hidden cameras and footage are used to highlight some of the darker aspects of life in Afghanistan. For a very good example of how the media can be used to make a point, see 'The Killing Fields'. It's not a documentary that tells a story of war, but rather a documentary that makes you think about what you have seen and heard. This is the main reason that this movie is so great. It shows the harshness of life in Afghanistan, the extreme poverty and lack of dignity that the Afghans have, and the lack of respect for the lives of others. It is a very interesting movie, and one that should be seen by anyone interested in the region, or anyone who can appreciate an interesting look at life in a war zone.

Olivia Lane photo
Olivia Lane

When we first saw this movie, we thought that it was just a bit of a drama, but as it continued, we realized that it really wasn't a drama, but more of a love story. I am a little bit biased in this matter because I am a student at one of the schools that the students went to and met these students. I still remember the feelings that I felt. One thing that I have been very surprised about is the way that the movie was filmed. It was very hard for me to watch this movie because the movie really made me feel like I was there and I was watching the school, not just the students. I can honestly say that this is a must-see movie, for everyone.

Dylan Butler photo
Dylan Butler

this documentary is a brilliant insight into the effects of the EU on shows how the EU has shaped and changed the UK, and what it means to Brits and Europeans alike. if you are a Brit you will not want to miss this film, as it will push the boundaries of what you think you know about the EU. there is a lot of background information and analysis that is not immediately apparent and is very insightful. the film has a great message that you can learn from, and can hopefully take away from the film. i was totally riveted by the film. it has everything you would want from a documentary: history, humour, a human perspective, and an overall message that you should know.

Madison G. photo
Madison G.

There's a great film made here, A Gay and Lesbian Movie. That's all I have to say. This is a movie about a young gay man who has been rejected by his family, who lives with his mother and her sister, and who has been thrown out of school for the way he dresses. This film is made in a way that shows how people can feel alienated by their families and by the environment they are raised in. And it shows how they can find a way to cope and come to terms with what they've been through. The acting is great, especially the kid who played the lead. He really makes you feel his pain and his confusion. He's a boy who's had a lot of ups and downs, and you can see the struggles he's had with his family and with the environment he's been raised in. I also like the way the film is made, it's not like a movie where you're just told the story of a movie and you're supposed to get it. This film is an actual documentary, and the way it's made is really interesting and really makes you feel for the characters. It's a great film, I really recommend it. 9/10

Jesse Nichols photo
Jesse Nichols

This is a story of a "family" of people who come together to raise money to keep a home and start a family. The original "family" was made up of the main characters. But as they got older, they lost interest in their cause. I'm not sure if it was because of the work, or the money. But I'd bet the latter. The main character, Simon, says he's very good at what he does. He is the main character, and the main character in the movie. The other characters are secondary characters. The story is told from the perspective of the father and the mom, and the kids. The main focus is on the kids. The family is just an ordinary family. It's a typical "family" of people that you see on the television or in the movies. I recommend this movie to anyone that has ever been in the middle of a divorce or a separation. It's a story that everyone can relate to. And it will be a great movie to watch with your family, or anyone that is really hurting.

Joyce photo

To be honest I did not know what to expect when I came to this film. The previous film was a remarkable documentary about the heroin epidemic that swept across the country in the 1990s, but the new film tells us about the rise of a small gang of German teens who began using the stuff in the early 2000s. I was intrigued by the film as a whole, but in the end I felt a little torn about the central message. There is a huge difference between gang members and junkies. In my mind the term 'junkie' simply implies that a person is addicted to heroin, but in reality the term can be applied to anyone who has ever had an addiction to something, whether it is coffee, tobacco, or heroin. I'm glad that the filmmakers didn't try to justify the term "junkie" as it would have made the film into an anti-drug propaganda. However, there is a point where the film does take a rather negative stance, and in my opinion it was towards the end of the film. I found that they tried to convince us that the teens were selfish, and that they were just looking to "get away with it". I would have liked to have seen more evidence to support this stance, but ultimately I was left with the impression that these kids were too immature to know better. I think it is a shame that the filmmakers chose to portray these kids as victims of their circumstances. They would have been better served to present these kids as the people they were, rather than as the "bad guys". This is a film about the rise of a group of teenagers who were deeply addicted to heroin, and the consequences that the addiction had on their lives. It's not a film about drug dealers, nor is it a film about the addict who can't control his behaviour. It's a film about the people who were addicted to heroin, and the consequences that the drug had on their lives. I think that this film is important, but it is also a film about drug use, and addiction in general.

Rebecca Douglas photo
Rebecca Douglas

This film was shown on BBC's World at One at the beginning of 2015. I'm not a fan of the BBC, but I went to see this film because I was impressed by how well the story was told. It tells the story of how the actress (Madonna) and singer (Scorsese) were injured and why they decided to leave music. A very interesting story, and a good insight into both of their lives. I also felt the film was very informative, and of course, the music was magnificent. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys music.

Patricia photo

As a friend of Adam's said to me, "they can't be telling the truth". I have to disagree. Adam's statements were not very well researched, the information was not very clear, and the interviews were not well planned. Adam is the most honest person I've seen. He can't just say, "oh yeah. I told everyone that" or "oh yeah. I told people." It's not like he was a scout leader. There were a lot of reasons he didn't do it. The bad guy's strategy was way too complicated for a kid his age. Adam couldn't give a clear answer to why it was important to be very brave, if they are willing to die, and why they don't have to tell anybody. I think he didn't want to give the kids the impression that they were heroes. The one thing that did hit home for me is that Adam's father was a scientist and was killed in a work accident. Adam said that he was afraid to talk about his father because he didn't want it to be like his dad, but Adam's father said that he was proud of his son, and his son was proud of him. He didn't want it to be like Adam was afraid of talking about his father. I think that this film was a good movie. It gave a good idea of what being a scout leader is all about and told the story of one kid who was very brave. It is a good documentary to watch with your children. I hope that this film does a good job to inspire people and give them a better idea of what being a scout leader is all about. I would give it a 7/10, but I would have liked it to be a little bit clearer. The other comments on this page were much better.

Jonathan L. photo
Jonathan L.

When I first heard of this documentary I had low expectations. I mean if you're going to make a documentary about a rock band, at least make it interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by this film. The film is not a boring look into a band's life, rather it's a look at the work that goes into the band's music. It is quite interesting to see how they create their music, how they take it from start to finish and it is a look at the process that goes into creating a good song. The film is structured in a way that allows the viewer to get into the band and learn about them. The filming of the band's rehearsals, the recording of the album and the live performance is very entertaining. It is really a great looking documentary and I would highly recommend this film to anyone who likes to learn more about bands and what goes into making a great song. This film has a great idea, a great production and is an excellent film. A great documentary that is enjoyable to watch. 7/10.

Judith H. photo
Judith H.

In an attempt to protect the art of African-American culture, or rather the culture of African-Americans in general, it is easy to look back to the 1950s and 50s, when black people weren't allowed to express their feelings in public, and the media's racial bias toward them was prevalent. This documentary looks at this period in time and the way the media's political bias has affected the way black people are seen. The film explores the American Dream of the middle class black family, the joys and pains of raising a child, and how the media's racial bias has affected the black community. This documentary is excellent for any viewer looking to understand the African-American community's history.

Matthew Carroll photo
Matthew Carroll

No one could accuse this documentary of being anything but unbiased. It follows the private lives of the members of a rock band who find themselves stranded on a remote Indian Reservation after the band had to go on a break. By the end, the two groups - the followers and the critics - are united in their strong opposition to the band and its manager, who's back in town with his girlfriend, and the government which refuses to help. However, the fans soon find out that the only thing they can do is cheer for the band and support them in whatever they do. The documentary is actually quite lengthy and shows the band's reactions to the world around them and their thoughts on their actions. While this is a good thing, it is also a very human thing. As the movie progresses, the viewer gets to see how the band members grapple with the criticisms, their real feelings and their beliefs. It is a highly interesting subject and is one of the more complex documentaries I've ever seen. The documentary is very well edited and focuses on the most important aspects of the story - the band members and the fans. While the film does a good job of keeping you on your toes, it is also a very good documentary. Overall, this is a very good documentary about a great story and the band that makes it all happen. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of music and wants to know more about what really makes a band great.

Robert photo

I'm just an average Joe who had to face the struggles and frustration of having the children of his friends around him. I want to see the stories of the little girls and what happened to them, as well as the boys' lives and their families. And I'm sure that it's true that there are many many girls who have been forced into prostitution to support their families. It's a tragedy. But I'm also pretty sure that the movie doesn't talk about the abuse of the children, or the problems of the families, or even the money that was made by the children for the parents. What we have is a small documentary about the girls and their families and the problems they face. The stories are interesting and you'll have a great time watching it. This documentary was made by the British filmmaker Mark Webb. He's known for his documentary about the suffering of the women in Haiti. That one was very moving and very interesting. But this one is much more of a drama and a look at the lives of the girls. I liked it a lot. It was a very interesting movie about the struggles and issues of the girls. I recommend it to all those who like documentaries. I also recommend to all those who want to see a real movie about the issues that the girls and their families face.

Madison Hansen photo
Madison Hansen

For years, the well-known Brazilian-born Hollywood director Fernando Meirelles has worked on movies about the effects of war on the human psyche. 'Forces of Nature' is one of them. I remember seeing this movie when I was a young man, and thinking that it was very interesting. However, I couldn't understand what was going on in the movie, until I saw it again recently. 'Forces of Nature' has been made and reviewed by many people, and it's one of the movies that has been criticized for its lack of realism. However, what is depicted in this movie is what really happened in the war-torn world of the Brazilian countryside during the 1960's. The reality of the situation is presented by a series of images, photographs and video clips that are clearly and clearly understood by the audience. 'Forces of Nature' is a very emotional movie, with several scenes that will make you sob. The performances are great. Every one of the cast members does a great job, and the ones who are not present in the film are really great. The direction is very strong, and the acting is perfect. The only drawback of this movie is that there are too many scenes that are a bit too long. This movie is definitely recommended to people who have never seen it, but for those who have seen it, you can still understand what is going on in the movie. It is recommended to watch it, but only if you can understand it.

Scott photo

The film was very well done, but it was too short. The length of the film was a little too short. It would have been better to have a little more time in the film. It was a great film and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the 1960's. I would give it a 7/10.

Frances Griffin photo
Frances Griffin

I've seen this movie before, but never in a theater. This is the first time I saw it on a big screen. I don't know if this is because I'm a big fan of the director or I just like big screen movies. I'm not sure, but I enjoyed this movie. The movie is about the people who are being persecuted in the Muslim world. I've never seen the movie before, but I'm sure it's one of the best movies about the Muslim world. I really enjoyed the movie, and I think this movie is really worth watching. I think it's a great movie to watch with your family, and I recommend it to everyone.

Michael B. photo
Michael B.

I really didn't expect much from this film, and I wasn't really expecting much to begin with. However, this film is a must see. It shows the true world of the working class in America, and what their struggles are. This film really does show what life is like for the working class, and it is realistic. I would recommend this film to anyone that is interested in the working class, or just looking for a great documentary film. It is really a must see.

Walter photo

This film is not for everyone. The truth is, it isn't. If you like documentaries, you will love this film. If you like movies, you will love this film. If you don't like movies, you will probably hate this film. I think the truth about human nature is more powerful than any propaganda or religion. That's why I love this film so much. I give this film an A-plus. I hope everyone finds this film as amazing as I did.

Megan photo

The documentary "Pushing Through" is a powerful and inspiring look at how people who are battling cancer can actually do something to help others. This film was not only a personal one for me, but it was also a look into the world of cancer and how it is treated in the UK. The documentary is focused on the young people who are battling cancer, but it is also about the families who are affected and how they cope with the problems that arise. There is a lot of detail in the film about the individuals who are battling cancer, but also about how it affects those who are around them. It is also a look into the world of cancer, the people who are involved and the people who are affected. The documentary is definitely worth a watch, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jessica photo

There is an old adage that a documentary should not tell you more than you want to know. That is, if you have been there. This film is about the documentary process. For those that have not been, the title is a bit misleading, as it does not necessarily show the same thing that the film is about. It is not a movie, it is a compilation of clips from different sources of news and interviews. The subject is, of course, the "conflict" between Israel and Palestine. The film takes on many different angles. One of the most interesting aspects of the film is the personal stories of the people involved. There are many stories, but none are all that interesting. I think that this is because it is the stories that are relevant to the viewer. Not only is this a film about an issue, but it is also about a personal story. One of the best parts about this film is that it can tell you about some of the people involved, as well as how they dealt with their personal stories. The most interesting aspect of this documentary is that it shows what is wrong with journalism. It does not show that journalism is a bad thing, it shows that it is just one of the tools that we use to tell our stories. And for some people, it is their only tool. As a result, this film is a valuable documentary. I think that this film is an eye opener. I would have rated it higher if it had been more about the "conflict".

Timothy Ramirez photo
Timothy Ramirez

This movie is not for everyone. However, if you are willing to watch it, then it will show you the true realities of the real life of the world's richest and most powerful person. I am glad I watched it. My comments are not that big, but it shows that the truth is not something you can pass from one generation to another. I believe this movie will help other people to open their eyes and the world will be a better place. I also think that we must have more films like this to show the truth and the suffering of the poor and the vulnerable. I hope this movie will be widely shown and it will show the truth. I hope I am not the only one to believe that this movie is real.

Helen B. photo
Helen B.

After the film, which was very good, I watched "Adventures in Diving" on the Discovery channel, with the same title, starring Josh Lucas (who does the best of his character) as Alex Woosley, a diver for the United States Army. What made the film better was that Lucas was allowed to act out the character and talk about the character. He had the advantage of being able to read the lines and then imitate them. This enabled him to do a good job. I wish Lucas would have used the same script. The film is a good story about how a young man finds a way to make money by diving into a container of chemicals. He gets to go on an adventure to get back at the real thief who stole his money. It's worth a look. I would not be surprised if Lucas would do a better job in the future.

Johnny photo

I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed this film. The subject matter was incredibly important and the subject matter was the subject matter. The people in the film were extremely honest and very real. I felt very connected to the people in this film and I felt like I was there. This was a very interesting film and I hope you watch it. I also recommend watching the documentary, "The Invisible War" which is also very interesting.

Jonathan Gordon photo
Jonathan Gordon

I've always loved documentaries. I think they are one of the best ways to tell a story and they are not always the most glamorous thing to do. I found the documentary to be fascinating, it kept me interested and entertained. I was on the edge of my seat and wanted to know more about the story. I think this documentary is a great way to get to know more about a subject. It's a shame that this film is not available on DVD. I would love to have this documentary on my home DVD collection.