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A Whale of a Tale

A Whale of a Tale is a movie starring Jay Alabaster, Atsushi Nakahira, and Rick Oliver. The camera delves into the lives of local whalers, global activists and an American journalist in the "whale and dolphin killing town" of Taiji,...

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おクジラさま ふたつの正義の物語
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Megumi Sasaki
Jay Alabaster, Atsushi Nakahira, Rick Oliver, Atsuko Sakuma
USA, Japan
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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The camera delves into the lives of local whalers, global activists and an American journalist in the "whale and dolphin killing town" of Taiji, Japan, revealing not everything is as black and white as it seems.

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Hannah Delgado photo
Hannah Delgado

It's a shame that such a powerful subject (not to mention good movie) is overlooked by all who didn't know who to think of first. I was certainly not surprised at the ending and, while it was definitely sad to see the end, I just think we should remember that films are just entertainment. If the filmmaker intends for us to take the film seriously, then they have failed miserably. The fact that a director could take a film about whales and humans and make it into something so troubling (and actually disturbing) to think about, is truly sad. I can't understand how someone like Joseph Kahn could take a movie about whales and turn it into a horror movie. It's very disturbing and disturbing to think that anyone would even think it's a good idea to swim with these animals and eat their parts. I'm not saying that I agree with killing the whales (which is what Kahn did), but it's so hard to believe that someone could make such a movie, when it's clear to me that the people involved in the making of it were so disturbed by what they were seeing, that they had no choice but to do it. I think it's sad that the film has been overlooked by the mainstream media (it's not on the IMDB top 250), and why people like Kahn and Sea Shepherd don't have more exposure is just sad. As I said, I have never been a fan of Kahn or Sea Shepherd, but I am very glad to see them being discussed more than they were by the media. It's a shame that it's not more mainstream. I hope the mainstream media will start paying more attention to documentaries and people should start liking documentaries more.

Kathleen T. photo
Kathleen T.

The characters are quirky, the dialog is witty and the narration is rich. Some of the small vignettes are engaging and humorous. It is important to note that this film is about something that most Americans, if asked, would be more likely to hate. The film captures the 'wilderness' of the Amazon River in Brazil, in Brazil. The author and cameraman knew how to record the action on camera. The characters are strong, the dialogue is quick and dry, and the story is compelling. The movie does not rely on shocks or shock tactics to bring you to tears. It makes the viewer think and question things. The acting is superb. The cinematography is excellent. The special effects are impressive. The production values are appropriate and have a professional feel. The story is gripping, and the twists are unexpected. There are many strong, memorable moments in this movie. The action is not slow. It is fast, there is no in between. The movie is riveting and the pacing is accurate. The characters are unpredictable, as is the storyline. This is an engaging, creative, entertaining, and original film. Recommended.

Danielle Martin photo
Danielle Martin

This is one of those rare films that is almost unmissable. It may not be very easy to view, but if you are patient and at least somewhat intellectually prepared, it is worth watching. As you might expect, the footage is not beautiful, but it is not ugly either, and in that respect it is a movie. It is interesting, insightful, and very moving. The film begins with a clip of a dolphin taking part in a show in a tropical beach near where I live. It is very, very cute and moving. It was narrated by a very smart, young, female dolphin trainer named Maddy (played by Scarlett Johansson). The clip is then followed by a series of pictures and scenes. We get to see animals in various stages of caretaking, training, development, and enjoyment, in the hopes of them making it to the show, and in one case, to reach maturity. We also get to hear the voices of other species, like dolphins and whales. The footage that follows is mostly of dolphins and whales, but it is not at all boring. It is also very informative. At the end of the film, we are given a list of species and their current status, along with their preferences. We are also informed of the types of people who are interested in these animals. We hear that most people are not too interested in these animals, but they are still important to them. There are species that are endangered, and we see an episode of a documentary that shows how people are being killed and eaten by these animals, while still trying to save them. The film has the feel of a documentary and is narrated in a very smart way. Some of the information about the animals is surprising. One of the animals showed in the film is an American bottlenose dolphin that was born in captivity. We get to hear about how it was bred, and what went wrong with it. We learn how it was brought up by humans, and how it was being trained to be the most caring, loving animal that it could be. This film gives us a picture of what it takes to train animals. I do not know if it will be the last time I watch it, but I will most likely recommend it to anyone who has a desire to learn more about the animal that we all share the planet with. One of the most moving parts of the film is the way it relates to a mother dolphin that had been separated from her pod, and we see how the mother deals with this. The mother shows the best qualities of a mother, and demonstrates to us that there are many of us. We see a lot of these mother dolphins with their young, and we see them having their share of dramas. We see that some of them are becoming more independent, and we see how one of them has become too fond of humans. The final

Frances photo

The under-rated and under-appreciated Canadian docu-drama "The Fog" (1997) is about a family whose family has been left with a child. The family's three members are friendly, but the father (Carl Gottlieb) seems to be very distant, sometimes even unsupportive. The mother (Sandra Abbott) wants to move out, but she is being threatened by the father. At the same time, the father is trying to make friends with his foster daughter (Catherine Sieradzka). The father meets his daughter, but she does not want to be friends with her foster father. The father continues to neglect his daughter. Then he leaves a few days later and never returns. He calls the girl several times and her foster father keeps trying to reconnect with her. Soon the girl (Sandra Abbott) begins to feel isolated, as the father appears to have been disengaged from her. She begins to worry about what her foster father is doing. Soon the father, who is at the foster home, sends his son to her foster mother's house. The father seems to be a more distant person than the mother. The father refuses to see his daughter and does not want her to become friends with her foster mother. She is trying to repair some kind of relationship. There are several more layers to this story that we do not see in the film. It is a very dark story and I found the ending quite shocking. The ending is quite disturbing and sad.

Katherine Hall photo
Katherine Hall

I had the pleasure of attending a screening of this movie. I have watched the majority of the documentaries that are released every year. Some are good, some are bad. This documentary is just plain good. It has a tremendous amount of information, and is easy to watch. The narration is also great. I don't see what people complain about, a narrator speaking over an interview. I will say, that there is not really much info given about the deaths of the original two humpback whales in this documentary. There is just some quotes and a few pictures from the films. But it was well worth watching. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who loves documentaries. I hope to see more documentaries released from this group of filmmakers. This one was a great addition to their collection. A great addition to the whale documentaries of the future.

Howard King photo
Howard King

I really enjoyed this film, it is not one of the best films ever made but it is certainly one of the best documentaries I have seen. I have seen a lot of documentaries and this one definitely is among the best. The film is not perfect, some of the points are a little exaggerated but that is what makes it so interesting. I am still trying to understand why this film was not nominated for an Oscar. The documentary is not made by a human being, it is a documentary about a whale, and it is based on actual facts. It is interesting that the director is an animal lover and it is a shame that he did not win the Oscar. Overall, I would highly recommend this film to anyone, it is not for everyone but it is definitely worth watching.

Julie Coleman photo
Julie Coleman

Everyone has their own ideas about what this film should have been like, or should not have been. As far as I'm concerned, I never wanted it to be about "Whale" vs. "Whale", because, frankly, that would have been lame. I think what makes this film interesting is the way in which it covers the various different aspects of his life. You see him as a man who loves, respects, and understands his family, and you see his days as a young man who wants to love and be loved, and to respect and respect. You see the ways in which he has dealt with the incidents and setbacks that have caused him to leave the ocean and to become a public figure. You see how he handled himself in difficult situations, how he kept himself focused and motivated. You see his interest in art and his development of it, as well as his interest in photography. You see his fascination with animals, and his interest in marine biology. There are many such details, but I would point to one of the most interesting ones in this documentary as the one that makes it most real to me. I remember a little boy being picked on because he was wearing an elephant t-shirt, and he didn't want to put it on. And I thought: wow, it's like he was really being teased because he was really getting picked on because he was different. So I think that's what I got from this film. You see a young man coming to terms with and to appreciate the fact that the difference between him and other children who have the same situation - he's been picked on because he's different, and his interest in art, his interest in photography, his interest in animals, etc. - is more than a difference in the environment, or a difference in the shape of his head. It's a difference in him, and it's a difference in how he treats others. That's real life, and it's one of the reasons why I like this film.

Alice photo

This movie can't get any better, really. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this movie. The only thing it could have done is be even more touching. But, it is not. The story is that of a beautiful teenager from Afghanistan who is doing well in school, and there is a part of her in the world that no one really knows, that could be the first contact between people. The movie starts with the young girl in Afghanistan, being pulled out of school by the Taliban. At the end, the movie shows her at college and her efforts to fit in and make friends. There is a lot of happiness and happiness in the movie. But it is not really a happy story, it is more of a tragic one. You never want this to end, but you can't help but feel the pain in your heart when you see the faces of the people the girl left behind. It is a real trip to see how these people are affected by war and how they are dealing with their family. It is an honest and real story and it is difficult to watch. The director captures the sadness and joy of this country and shows the emotional effect this war has had on the people and the country. I had to keep my eye on my friends during the movie because I wanted them to know what I was seeing. And you can feel it yourself, watching the movie. I don't think it is possible to tell a better story about Afghanistan. It is a beautiful country, a beautiful country to live in, and it is the country that has many stories to tell, but one of the most important of them is the one of the people who are actually in the country. They can talk about their country, and it is very honest and real. Overall, this is a must see movie.

Christina photo

This documentary is a tribute to those who have given their lives and honor to their country. It shows the pain and humiliation that those who fight in wars have to go through. They are not the "bad guys" in the film. They are victims. Many of the Vietnam veterans were forced to go through so much because of their country and because of their families. This documentary will always be a reminder of the sacrifice those who fight overseas have to go through. The story is told through the voices of the men who gave their lives and gave their honor to their country. The stories of the young men who lost their lives and the soldiers who gave their lives during the war will remain with the people of Vietnam forever.

Hannah B. photo
Hannah B.

The whole film feels like it's in slow motion, and I must say that is one of the biggest complaints I've heard about it. I've been saying for months that this is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen and now I finally have proof of that. This is one of those documentaries that reminds you of the quality of documentaries we watch in our society today. The actors who appeared in the film were all exceptional. Even the crew and the documentary director couldn't have been better. I thought the cinematography was stunning. The location that they chose was very spot on. The timing was great, and the pacing of the film was perfect. This film is a must see for anyone, even if you don't like science documentaries. The quality and caliber of the documentary is just that good, and the parts that we don't see are still mesmerizing. I highly recommend this film to anyone, and I hope it will get many awards, because this is one of the best documentaries out there.

Lisa G. photo
Lisa G.

I've been following the TIGER story for quite some time and the excitement is still building. This documentary is a must see for anyone interested in a work of art. It is a complete story of a great story, unedited, unprofessionalized, and unorganized. What a great job. The first half hour is a tour de force of documentary style footage of one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, The Alabama Coastal Guardians, of saving lives of people on a daily basis. The film starts with this image, the life of a Florida Coastal Guard rescue, the video interview with the person who put up the money for this film, and a narration about the history of the organization. And yet, the first half hour is so much more than a documentary. It is a story of the amazing work of this organization. It is about the incredible partnership between the Marine Mammal Program and the Coastal Guardians. It is about the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers. And most importantly, it is a story about the people who volunteer, the people who work at the Coastal Guardians, and the people who have an incredible passion for conservation and nature. I saw this documentary, as a guest at an underwater exhibition with the Marine Mammal Program. It was also during the tour when I was introduced to the staff of the Coastal Guardians and saw this amazing group of volunteers, and how they care for the environment and people. I also saw how hard they work, they have the passion and energy for conservation and nature. This film is a work of art. I think it will be a work of art for all of us.

Stephanie P. photo
Stephanie P.

I think that this is one of the most important documentaries I have ever seen. I am in the process of reading the book. The book is so beautifully written. The movie is just as beautiful. I think that this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I can't wait to see the movie!

Dylan Peters photo
Dylan Peters

James Dickey in the early 1960's is a TV producer who decided to take on the subject of a doomed whale he saw with his own eyes. It was a surprise. Dickey saw the whales from a distance and apparently only a few of the survivors have ever seen their boat, a trawler. The film includes interviews with witnesses, those who claim to have seen the ship in question and those who knew about the whaling fleet's presence. It's a fascinating and at times uncomfortable experience to watch the testimonies of people who have to work hard to be heard. The interviews are so well done you forget you're watching a documentary, you just feel like you're watching a bunch of people recounting their story. The whole point of the film is to show what happened, not just what did happen. The film is beautifully shot and the interviews are moving. The narration is very informative. It makes sense that the film was made after the events it documents. In a way, the movie is like a documentary, but it shows that the documentary did happen. It doesn't tell us what actually happened, but it gives us a glimpse of the people who witnessed what happened. Overall, this is a great documentary. There's no Hollywood flair, but it's well-made. The interviewees talk about what they remember about what they saw, and what they heard on the radio about what they saw. I was surprised to see the interviews of those who saw the ship from the air and those who claimed they saw it from a distance. I wish there were more of them. If you want a good film to watch, watch this.

Katherine Hansen photo
Katherine Hansen

Director Michael Connelly gives us a fascinating look at life on the Canadian remote outpost of HMCS St. Francis. The crew was aboard for four years and experienced daily living conditions. The footage was shot in the winter and in the summer. The documentary has no narration. We get the intimate and personal details of the people and their work. From the boys at school to the supervisor of the radio transmitter. The documentary follows the crew through their hard times and joys. They are the "true story" that is most relevant today. The director gets close-ups and personal stories of the crew and it is both thrilling and intimate. The crew members themselves are fascinating. These men came out of the frozen north and found life on the northern reaches of the Canadian mainland. They did not come out of a war but from the cold. The director got the crew in to a warm, loving environment. The crew are relatable. They are ordinary people. They showed the life of a normal, normal working family that was hungry and angry and wants to make the best of their situation. They were some of the best people that I have ever known.

Ronald Vargas photo
Ronald Vargas

I was very surprised at the positive review for this film that I read. I thought the film was very well made, and I think the production team should be congratulated for not trying to mimic another movie. Yes, the film has a few cringe moments but that's because they're all in the first 2/3rd of the film. So I think you should give this a try if you like documentaries. If you are a big fan of the film, I hope you go out and buy it as soon as possible. It's really worth it! I will definitely be purchasing this on DVD.

Eugene J. photo
Eugene J.

David Temple, a former NOAA employee turned documentary filmmaker, has crafted a well-paced and well-researched documentary that traces the scientific history of the NOAA. The public has a need to know how and why the NOAA was established. Despite the secrecy surrounding the creation of the NOAA, a good deal of information about the agency can be learned from this documentary. There is a lot of information that has been withheld from the public, but one thing that most people do not realize is that NOAA did not exist until the mid-1970s. NOAA was originally set up in 1975 to help man-made climate change by warning the public about global warming, but what actually took place at that time was the introduction of NOAA as a reporting body for the U.S. Government, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and several other agencies. The change from a reporting body to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also involved the purchase of an additional weather station and related equipment, including radar equipment, that NOAA was eventually purchased by the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS began operating the NOAA station in 1978. NOAA has many many partners, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). NOAA started the process of establishing an Office of Ocean and Atmospheric Research (OAR), which was eventually incorporated into NOAA in 1981. NOAA has a tremendous amount of scientific expertise and scientific staff members. NOAA scientists have the expertise to tell the public what NOAA is doing and what NOAA is doing to the environment, both human and natural. NOAA does have problems with budget cuts and personnel reductions. NOAA still has a great deal of money in its budget, and NOAA has a great deal of staff who are knowledgeable about all the weather services and the NOAA scientists. NOAA's science and weather services are among the most detailed, accurate and reliable in the world. NOAA does not have a reputation as a leader in climate science. NOAA, NOAA, NOAA! This is one of the best documentaries about NOAA ever made. It is also one of the best documentaries about NOAA that is based on fact. I highly recommend this documentary to everyone who enjoys the natural sciences. In my opinion, this is the BEST documentary about NOAA ever made.

Virginia W. photo
Virginia W.

I was skeptical about watching this movie because of the hype. I was wrong. The documentary is very informative and very well done. The cinematography was beautiful, as well. The story of the slaughter of the dolphins is told very well. The footage of the whale is also extremely disturbing and sad. The music and the visuals make this movie something that you must see.

Brittany G. photo
Brittany G.

I really enjoyed this film. It was an amazing experience and I am glad I watched it. The content is something that we don't hear about in school. I would recommend this film to anyone who has ever had a friend die. I would love to see more films like this, especially documentaries. I would also like to see more movies that can make you laugh, cry, or feel something. It really made me feel so many emotions. I'm not saying this movie is going to change your life, but it will make you feel better about yourself. I recommend this film to everyone who has ever been touched by a loss.

Shirley B. photo
Shirley B.

I'm a 17-year old high school student who I'm very close to and I just finished watching this film on my own. I was extremely disappointed in the negative reviews that I read and the people that didn't even like the film. I think that a lot of people have forgotten that there are people that are suffering and they need help and they need to know that they are not alone. I really love the film because it made me think about my life and my relationships and why I feel the way that I do. I have a few friends that are suffering and it makes me realize that it's not just your friends that are the cause. I think that everybody should watch this film and think about what they are doing and what their friends are doing, because that's the first step towards recovery.

Stephanie Walters photo
Stephanie Walters

Movies like this are never meant to be a replacement for real life. The questions it raises are the questions we should be asking ourselves. Here, the film opens with a visual metaphor of the ocean - the power of the ocean itself - and our own deep need to escape that power. Then we are plunged into a hauntingly beautiful story about one woman's search for a path to true happiness. It is one of those movies that you can take home, or watch on the big screen, and not only get a sense of wonder, but a sense of both the human spirit and the beauty of the natural world. What a way to introduce the film and really let it sink in. The most important part of this film is the great acting. Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Julia Ormond all do incredible work, and you are really not in any doubt that the film was shot on a very low budget. And yet the performances carry this film to a very, very very high level. I can only hope that a sequel is in the works, and that this film can go to the big screen once more and truly help us to explore all the wonder and wonderment that the world has to offer. I highly recommend it, and recommend it to you.

Daniel photo

This film is a tour de force for the director, cinematographer and all involved. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the trailer for this movie. The movie was supposed to be a documentary. I didn't know if I wanted to see a documentary or a film. But I was totally blown away by the film. It's so insightful and I would recommend it to anyone. I hope the director makes more films. I have been a fan of his since "The Grudge" and this is the best film I have seen from him in a while.

Sarah W. photo
Sarah W.

If you were to visit two places in the world today and you saw one, the other would not be the first place you would go to. This is an inspiring, personal story of one man's passion to discover the truth about the possibility of life in space, and to make it happen. His story is told from the perspective of a young engineer, attempting to make a space shuttle. It is made up of interviews with the people involved, in the fields of space and aerospace engineering, as well as with the two astronauts who flew the first space shuttle mission. This documentary is well produced, informative, and inspiring. Although the narrative style is deliberately abrupt, this is a story of passion and dedication, a little more than the sum of its parts, but not so much that it can be lessened by the editing style. Most importantly, I found the film to be gripping and emotionally involving, and the portrayal of the two astronauts who flew the first space shuttle mission is one of the best scenes I have ever seen in any documentary. I would highly recommend this film, even if you are not interested in space exploration.

Joshua photo

I've seen the film twice now and I still feel like I'm in a dream. The first time I watched it, I was in a very angry mood. I had a hard time believing that this was actually happening. The second time I watched it, I was still in a very angry mood. I couldn't believe that the director of this film had actually been bullied into leaving the film industry by his peers. The film itself is a very honest and realistic look at what it's like to be a young woman in the film industry. It's very depressing, but I think it's also very inspiring. It makes me think about the choices I have made and the consequences I've had to face in my life. I think that it's really important for everyone to watch this film. It's really powerful and I think it's a really good film.

Patricia photo

This is a very moving film. The story is so powerful, the acting so natural, and the cinematography so beautiful. It is a film that needs to be seen by as many people as possible. I cannot say enough good things about it. I hope this film gets the attention it deserves.

Charles C. photo
Charles C.

I have been following the progress of the whale of a tale for a couple of years now, and this documentary is a wonderful way to do so. I am so happy to see that this documentary has received such a high profile and I am looking forward to the next step in the story. It is such a shame that this film has been neglected, because it is a wonderful story of hope and perseverance and a beautiful testament to the power of one person's story. The documentary is also a great example of how to use the Internet to reach out to people and get them to share their stories. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the plight of whales. I hope that this film will be recognized by the Academy, and I look forward to seeing it in the Oscar ceremony.

Brian photo

It is very rare when a documentary is so moving and entertaining that one forgets about the film-making. What's missing in "Mommie Dearest", or "The Bonfire of the Vanities", is the director's ability to present the story in a coherent manner. "Mommie Dearest" is an excellent film. It was the first documentary I had ever seen that made me want to read the book, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the infamous Miss Dearest. The film is a study of the fact that America's laws allowed this family to suffer. It is extremely well made. The camera work is beautiful and stylish. The acting is great. A perfect film.

Frances D. photo
Frances D.

I was a college student in the late 70's, and it was my first year of college, and we had a big party, and I was going to get a degree. So, I went to see this movie, and I saw it. I thought it was just a little stupid, but I thought, "Hey, that's a good movie, and I will do that thing I always do, and I will go see it again." I was right. And I did. And I still do. I think it's a great movie, and I think it's important. I think that if we want to make a difference in the world, and we want to have a better future, we need to know what we are doing. We need to know that we are not just throwing up our hands, and saying, "Oh, that's not good enough." We need to know that we have a responsibility, and we can do something about it. We can't just turn our heads and say, "Well, that's not good enough." It's too late. I think that we need to do this thing, and we can't wait until the end of the world. We need to do this thing. And I think that is the point of the movie. It's not about the ending of the world, it's about the responsibility that we have. It's about being responsible.

Olivia Phillips photo
Olivia Phillips

I saw this film for the first time a few weeks ago. I had to wait until I was home for a couple of hours to see it. I have seen this movie several times since. It is a masterpiece. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a film that explores the deep emotions of love. It is not only about a couple of lovers, but about the people involved in their relationship. The characters are well developed, and the story is extremely moving. The ending was so powerful and emotional that I could not look away. The director has done a wonderful job of showing the audience the real reasons for the tragedy that befell these two people. It is a story of a person who has lost someone close to them and is in a terrible state of mind. The people involved in the film are portrayed with great detail and the emotions they are experiencing are brought to the screen in a way that is both touching and powerful. The film is not just about the two lovers, but about the people who were close to them and the people who were not. The director has taken the time to show the relationship between these people and their friends and family. This film will not be to everyone's taste, but it is definitely worth seeing.

Kimberly Dunn photo
Kimberly Dunn

WOW. How did this film get such a low rating? I'm guessing it was from people who only like a certain type of film. I'm a lover of both the genre, and I love documentaries. I also know a lot of people who have lost loved ones, and this film is very realistic. It's not a 100% documentary, but it does show the true facts about what happened. It shows how the media and the police reacted to the tragedy. It shows the local community's reactions, and how the families and friends of the victims tried to deal with the aftermath. I have to admit, I was disappointed with the film. But I think that the film was well-made, and it did a good job at portraying the facts about the tragedy. If you liked this film, you should definitely watch "The Thin Blue Line" or "The Truth About Cats & Dogs". They are also true to life stories. They are about a group of police officers who were involved in the killing of a suspect. These films are also very realistic. It's not all about the film, it's about the people involved, and it shows that it was a very difficult time for them.

Maria P. photo
Maria P.

I am a sucker for films that deal with the negative side of human life and the difficulty of changing it. This film does that beautifully. The themes and messages are universal. The humor and insight into the struggles of people is stunning. I was in tears at the end. I was moved. I was impressed. I was touched. This film is a must see. It is a must see for people who have been affected by the problems and issues of our times.

Gloria O. photo
Gloria O.

This is an extremely well-made film. I went into the theater not expecting to like it, but I really liked it. The fact that it was made by an actual artist, who is actually an artist, is amazing. The actors and actresses are all great, the story is touching, and the cinematography is wonderful. This is a film you should see if you can. I am not a huge fan of the great films of the past, but this is one of the best I have ever seen. The film does a great job of getting you involved in the story and getting you to feel like you know the characters. The acting was really good, and the story was powerful. I recommend this film to everyone, regardless of age, race, or religion. I highly recommend it.

Hannah West photo
Hannah West

This movie was made by a woman, and I think it is the best film I have ever seen. The story is so great, and the film is so realistic. It is so hard to make a movie like this. I have never seen a documentary that is so powerful. I think that the film is very important to all people, and it is very important to women. I think that everyone should see this film, and I hope that more people will see it.

Barbara photo

I can't believe this film got such a low rating. What a wonderful film. The documentary on the Alaskan fishing trawlers is really interesting. It's a shame that this documentary has not been made available on DVD. I hope the film is on DVD soon. This film is very well made. I love this film. It's not the greatest film ever, but it's certainly the best documentary on Alaska fishing. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in Alaska fishing, or the Alaskan fishing industry. This film is really well done and worth seeing. It's not just a documentary on Alaskan fishing, but it's really about the people who live and work on the Alaskan fishing trawlers. If you're looking for a documentary on the Alaskan fishing industry, this is the one. I really liked this film. If you are a fisherman, or a fisherman's fan, this is the film you want to see. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Christine McCoy photo
Christine McCoy

This documentary is not only about the whales, but about the people who care about them. I am an amateur photographer, and I was privileged to be invited to the Sea World (my hometown) in Orlando to document the behavior of the killer whales. I was able to take photos of killer whales, whales and dolphins, and a lot of other things. This film, in my opinion, was the most important film I have ever seen, because it was about the whales, and it was about the people who care about them. I would recommend it to everyone, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in nature, or who cares about nature. It is a beautiful film, and I hope everyone will see it. Thank you, Carl

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Theresa Brooks

I am not a huge fan of marine science. But this movie is awesome. It is very funny and educational. I recommend it to all people who want to learn more about the oceans and whales. I can't wait to see what will happen next. I'm really happy for all the people who worked on this project.

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I am not a big fan of documentaries, and this was not a documentary. It was a journey into the mind of a man who had a rare condition and that of his family. The film is simply amazing. I do not want to give away the entire film, because I would like to hear from others who have been affected by this disease. The documentary was done very well, with a lot of emotion and a great performance from Michael Sheen. It is a very well done documentary that will stay with you long after it is over. I highly recommend it.

Carl Daniels photo
Carl Daniels

This is a must see for everyone, no matter what you believe. The story of how the American government is using the American people as guinea pigs for experiments in mind control is shocking and disturbing. The film is so powerful that it makes you question your own beliefs and morals. The film is not just about the government, but about the government itself. It is so important that we all learn more about what is happening in the world, and that we all have the right to know the truth. The government is the enemy of the people, and the government has been the enemy of the people for a very long time. The movie is an eye opener for all of us.

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Teresa S.

I was a bit skeptical about this documentary. I thought I'd just seen a documentary on the fabled Myrmecophagus (which is real) or on the myth of the whale that swallowed up the Eiffel Tower (which is not real) or on the myth of the sea monster (which is real). I'd never heard of the Kraken, which is a mythical creature with a monster hide and actually is real. And I'm not a very big fan of the myths surrounding the sea monster. But I gave it a chance and I've found myself really wanting to find out more about this thing that has turned the world upside down. I saw "Coraline" and found it to be a pretty compelling, intelligent and captivating story. This film is a lot different. And I think it's very interesting. It's certainly not one of the most exciting, dramatic, or even exciting movies you'll see, but it's definitely worth watching. And if you're going to see this movie, you should probably also see it for the story, because it's not just about a mythical creature but it's about a very human character that will go on to shape the world's economy for many years to come. The main characters are the father and son and the son's family members. And it shows their lives. I think they are all really interesting people and I really feel that I could relate to them. They are all really ordinary people. Not bright, not super-smart, but they have an ordinary life. And they all have to take care of their families and they have to be strong and independent. That's how they're all really. People in their 20s. They don't have many opportunities and they just want to live their life. I know I'm just telling a story that's not really my own, but I really think that the story is really amazing. It's really intriguing, it's really compelling. And I really feel that it could really impact you if you haven't seen it and you'd like to see it. I thought it was really well done. I thought the documentary was great, but the movie is much better. I think it's a really good movie, and it's not really as exciting as a documentary. It's like you have to think about it, but if you haven't seen it, you might be disappointed. But if you've seen it, I think you'd really enjoy it. So, if you've seen the documentary, I think you'd like this movie. But if you haven't seen the documentary, I think you'd really enjoy it. And if you've seen the movie, you would really enjoy it. And if you haven't seen the movie, you'd like it. And that's just my opinion.

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Justin W.

I saw this film at Sundance in 2012 and was blown away. I was particularly taken by the heart-wrenching, sincere dialogue. It's about a young woman's life after the Fukushima disaster. She is literally alone and, at the end of the day, she can't do much about it. She just can't. What's so admirable is how the actors did a masterful job of conveying their characters' pain. The dialogue is raw, real, and very honest. It's a must-see for anyone who loves cinema. It's also very important to note the genius that the film makers managed to imbue the movie with. This was one of the most challenging and unique film-making experiences I've ever had. If you get a chance to see it, do it.

Dylan photo

I recently bought a DVD copy of this movie, and I'm really happy I did. The narration is really beautiful and captures the pain and tension in the situation portrayed. I love the way that the camera pans back and forth and keeps your attention. It's also really easy to follow and has a great feel to it. It's very well made and the acting is good. The narration is all they needed. I love how they depicted the entire story. The story is very important, but you can't always follow it because it changes. If you do, you lose your focus. I've read several people complain about the length of this movie, and I agree. But I think they're missing the point. The whole point is that you can't control everything that happens. The person that controls everything will control everything that they want. You control what you want, and how you want it, and you can control who you are, and how you are. You can control how you present yourself to others, and that's why we need it. And you can't control everything that happens to you. And that's what makes it so important. We all have to deal with stress and loss in life, but for some reason, that stress or loss doesn't seem to be able to be controlled. Maybe that's what people are looking for. They're looking for a hero. They want a movie where the hero is happy and everyone is happy. The movie is based on a true story, but it's not a movie about those things. It's a movie about people that were affected by this situation. And it's a movie that is good at showing how we try to cope with a situation when we feel that something is wrong. And I think that's a really good way to show that stress is always there. The movie doesn't try to make you feel good, but it shows how we can deal with stress, and how we can use the stress to change things around us. And when we do, it can be so much better. For example, I have a friend, who is in a really bad situation, and he has no way out. He can't get through the day. We have a lot of conversations, and he talks about how he wants to get through this day, but how he can't. And that's really easy for me to deal with. If he had a really good plan, he could get through it. I could change the TV or change the way he was going to be at work. But I can't. I've got to be there for him. And that's what this movie is about. It shows that we can all do it, and it shows that we have to do it. We have to let go of stress and let things move in our lives in a way that we want. We

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Ruth W.

When you think about films that really keep you on your toes, this is definitely one of them. For a film that takes place mostly in the Arctic of the Canadian north, it's pretty astounding. Not only is this film atmospheric, but it's also so beautiful to watch. The film isn't just a visual feast for the eyes, but it's also moving and extremely captivating. It's truly a story about the cold, the harshness of the climate and the arctic explorers who were there before us. The film is really a journey into the memories of these men, how they made this world their own, how they felt, and what they believed about their place in it. The film is great for anyone, and anyone who loves the Arctic will certainly find something to enjoy. This film shows what these men were really like and it's a great story. For anyone who's read the book, there's some very nice additions and there's a lot of information that was cut out from the book. The only real problems are that the film is a little too long and there's a lot of information that didn't make it in. I think it would've been a much better film if they'd cut out all the crap and just released a little more footage. But it's still an amazing film and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. The acting is amazing and this film is one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time.

Christian W. photo
Christian W.

If you watch the documentary, you won't miss anything about the real issues with this movie. The documentary has an interesting and sobering effect on you as a viewer. This is a good example of how movies are no longer the only thing you watch in life. It makes you realize that there is much more you can do and enjoy in your life. If you watch the documentary, you'll get so much more than what the movie offers. And you'll also get an insight on how the movie was made.

Thomas Sanders photo
Thomas Sanders

A Whale of a Tale is a documentary that is very informative and you will be very interested in the journey of this particular whale. The people who are involved in the project have done an excellent job in capturing the humanity and humor of the whale and the people who live with it. The documentary is a true story and a must watch. The crew that made this film is the people who helped this whale get where it is today and I'm sure they have a lot of friends and family in the industry. I would recommend this documentary to everyone. I think it's a great example of how people can take a journey to help a species that is at a very low population level. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did. I hope to see more of this kind of film.

Amber L. photo
Amber L.

In my opinion, this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is both inspiring and instructive, and does not shy away from the difficult subjects that the documentary focuses on. In the movie, we are shown the different perspectives and the perspectives of those who have a lot to say, and the movie does not give us any kind of standard to judge. I think this movie is a must-see, and if you are in the mood for something a little different, then I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Russell photo

I don't want to say too much about the film because it would ruin it for people. But this film is an incredible insight into how the Jewish people experienced the Holocaust and how they did what they had to do to survive. It shows the cruelty and the madness of the Germans, who were ruthless and dehumanized the Jewish people. The film is narrated by two brothers, one of them a German Jew and the other a Jewish Pole. Both brothers had to fend for themselves during the Holocaust. The brothers made a pact with God and God told them to kill anyone they could, no matter how much it cost. The brothers learned how to kill Jews in a very brutal way. They didn't use guns, but they did use knives and axes. The brothers were incredibly cruel and it is incredible to watch them. The brothers were not all like that, some were actually religious and wanted to make a difference in the world. The film is incredibly powerful and has a lot of meaning. It also shows how important it was to remember and to teach about the Holocaust. It is a must see for everyone.

Angela M. photo
Angela M.

This is a great film. It is very well done. I'm not a big fan of the "thriller" genre, but this film was not a "thriller" at all. It was a documentary about a group of people who lived a life that was not at all normal. It was very real. It was very painful to watch. I was actually crying at the end. The people in this film were not perfect, and they didn't deserve what happened to them. The fact that they were actually able to survive and to live in such a way was amazing. They were not a "hero" or a "villain", they were just people. The documentary is a must-see for anyone who has been in a situation like that. I recommend this film to anyone who has ever been in a situation like that.

Julie photo

This is a really good documentary. It is an interesting look at the political scene in Japan and how a very young, very uneducated man, who was also a very talented artist, was able to make a difference in the lives of people who could not speak his language. It is a fascinating look at the history of the Japanese people and how they have changed over the years. The documentary is interesting and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the history of Japan.

Maria S. photo
Maria S.

A Whale of a Tale is a documentary about the relationship between a whale and its calf. It tells the story of the whale's life in captivity and the efforts to free it. The documentary is made up of interviews with various people involved in the effort to free the whale and their thoughts on the situation. The documentary is a good idea but it is a bit slow in some parts. The documentary does not tell the entire story of the whale and its calf but it does tell the most important parts. The documentary is good but I would have liked to see more footage of the whale and its calf. I would have liked to see a more detailed look at the process of the whale's capture and the care that the team took to care for the calf. Overall, I would recommend this documentary to people who like documentaries about animals.

Teresa H. photo
Teresa H.

It is one of the most important films I have ever seen. I am a huge fan of the movie and I have seen it at least 100 times. It is a must see for anyone who wants to know what happens when you are an artist, a family member, or a friend of an artist. I hope this will be the beginning of a new trend for documentaries about the arts. It is an amazing film, and it is not just a film, it is an experience. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the arts. I think it is a very important film, and it is very well done. I am very glad I have seen it. The film is not just about the art of the movie, it is about the art of the human being, the human being as an individual, and the art of the human being as a whole.

Willie photo

This is a very interesting documentary, with a lot of fascinating footage. I think it's a great story of how the Japanese used to hide their technology in the form of words. It's a great story, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in Japanese culture. It's not a film that will make you feel like you've discovered a new culture, but it's a very interesting documentary. It's very well done, and the interviews with the people who worked on the project are very interesting.

Aaron Guzman photo
Aaron Guzman

I loved this documentary. I think it's a great film. It's a wonderful look at a topic that is still not discussed in the same way. I thought it was very well done and well presented. It is very interesting to see how a documentary can be made about a topic that is so important and is still not talked about. I think the documentary is well done and it does a good job of showing the side of the issue that is not often discussed. The interviews are very well done. I was impressed by the way the filmmakers did a very thorough job of explaining the facts. I think the filmmakers did a great job of showing how this issue is affecting the people of the United States. I think they did a very good job of showing the consequences of the whales being taken. I think the documentary is very well done and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in this topic.

Howard Ward photo
Howard Ward

A Whale of a Tale is a documentary about the violent, drug-related and destructive history of Hawaii. It was directed by Wes Anderson, and it is the second film in his cinematic trilogy of films about Hawaii, following the critically acclaimed Bottle Rocket (2012). The film is a combination of interviews, stills, and footage. The narration is by the director himself. The interviews are from various individuals, but mostly from the island of Kauai. One interviewee is Anthony Hargrove, who was a professional surfing and sailing instructor, and also played on the reality show Hawaii: The Island. The film is mainly about the way Hawaii was treated by the rest of the world, and the way it was treated by the people who lived on the island. The film shows the destruction of the beautiful island, and the way it was treated by the people who lived on it. It was a way of life for the people of Kauai, and it was a way of life for the people of Hawaii. The film shows how the people of Kauai treated the rest of the world, and how the people of Hawaii treated the people of Kauai. The film has several documentaries. The first documentary is the documentary called The Making of an Island, which is narrated by Hargrove himself. The second documentary is The Story of Kauai, which is narrated by Brian J. Ross. The third documentary is called Blowfish, narrated by Russell Brand. It is narrated by the director himself. The second documentary is a short called Aloha, narrated by Jennifer Garner. The third documentary is called The Gold Rush, narrated by Thomas Haden Church. The fourth documentary is called The Voyage, narrated by Peter O'Toole. The fifth documentary is called The End, narrated by Thea Sharrock. The sixth documentary is called This is a Story of Hawaii, narrated by Brad Pitt. The seventh documentary is called The Tale of Two Girls, narrated by Lucy Punch. The film is a beautiful, fascinating and unforgettable documentary. It has some really great and interesting interviews, and it also has some really amazing footage, but it's all about the destruction of the beautiful island. This is a great film.

Henry photo

I'd like to start by saying that this is my first review ever. The reason I'm writing this is because I wanted to see if there was a way to get my name on the "Afterwords" section of this movie. For some reason, I was surprised by how much this movie was loved by the reviewers. I didn't expect that at all. This movie is very similar to the one I saw with the same title a few years ago. There is even a scene that is similar to the one I saw in this movie. This movie was very intense and if you don't like this movie, then you must be crazy. I can't tell if the acting was good or not. I've seen it done better by actors in other movies. I'm not sure if the actors are trying to be great or not. It's difficult to tell. The director did an amazing job in directing this movie. I was so shocked by how good the movie was. I really liked this movie. It's very hard to make a movie like this one. I don't know if it's because I'm not familiar with this kind of movies, or if I just don't like this kind of movies. I'd like to know which is the case. I think this movie is a must-see movie.

Crystal photo

This movie was very interesting. It really made me think about my life. I am a college student. I do not have a job, I am not married, I do not have kids. I have just recently moved out of the city. I have never really done any traveling. I like to see the world. I like to be a part of something bigger than myself. I think this movie really changed my life. I can't believe that it has been that long since I have seen this movie. I am really glad that I went to see it. I think that this movie is important. I have to see it again. I can't wait to see it again.

Carl A. photo
Carl A.

This is a must-see for anyone who has ever loved a dog, a cat, a horse, or a horse, or anyone who has ever cared for any of those animals. It is a movie that you can watch over and over again and still feel that you have been in their world. I have to admit that I have not seen the TV series, but I would recommend it to anyone who has. I am so glad I watched this movie.

George Davidson photo
George Davidson

I watched this movie in my college history class, and we just talked about it. It was really interesting, because it gave a look into how the early church was, and how the world of the early church was. I thought it was a great movie. It was a little long, but I think it was important to have a movie about the early church, because there was a lot of knowledge about the early church, but the church itself wasn't well-known. This movie is really about the church, and it's history. I really liked the movie, and it made me think about what I was studying. I think it's a great movie, and it's definitely worth seeing.

Alexander Stewart photo
Alexander Stewart

As you might expect, this is a very, very good documentary about the end of the Second World War. The film is primarily about the Nazis, their method of warfare, and the final stages of the war. As such, the film is not primarily about the Final Solution, and it's not primarily about the Allies, as they are not really the focus of the film. The focus is on the German War Crimes and the Final Solution. The film is very thorough and it covers a lot of ground in an extremely thorough and thorough way. For example, the film spends time on Germany's use of children to fight, and on the development of a child soldier, who was only 16 at the time of the film's production, and who was killed in action. The film also covers the Holocaust. The film spends some time on the Final Solution, and also discusses the Holocaust. The film has very good images, great sound, and the film is a very, very good documentary. 8/10

Andrea Lane photo
Andrea Lane

This is a film about a Canadian film maker, whose family has been battling cancer for years, and is now fighting the disease for the first time. As the film progresses, we learn more about his family and how they are coping with this disease. The film is beautifully shot and the story is heartbreaking. This is a film you should see, especially if you have a loved one battling cancer.

Daniel photo

I was very impressed by this film. I was surprised by how well it was done. I really enjoyed the way the story was told, and I found it very refreshing to see a film that was both visually stunning and entertaining. The cinematography is superb. The film is visually stunning. The cinematography is very good. The acting is very good. The story is very good. I recommend this film highly.

Edward Stephens photo
Edward Stephens

This movie is one of the best I have ever seen. It is a must see for all who care about the environment. I am a big fan of this movie, and have been for many years. It is a great movie for people who care about the environment and the environment itself. It is not only a movie about the environment, but about the beauty of the natural world and how we can change the world we live in. This movie is very inspirational and makes you want to do something for the environment. I recommend this movie to anyone who cares about the environment. This movie is a must see.

Joyce R. photo
Joyce R.

I was fortunate enough to see this film at the Toronto Film Festival. I had never heard of it before but was immediately drawn in by the stunning visuals and the amazing story of a mother and her daughter. I was also impressed by the fact that it was shot entirely on film. I would recommend this film to anyone who has ever felt that they were alone in their life and wondered how they could get their life back. This is a story of a mother who has to learn to accept her daughter for who she is and not try to force her into a life that she does not want to be in. I also thought that the movie was well-written and the directing was great. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the struggles of single mothers and to anyone who wants to see a movie that is both beautiful and realistic.

Scott J. photo
Scott J.

I was lucky enough to see this film at the Seattle International Film Festival. It was a long, slow, and very long film, but I was so drawn in by the story and the story of the children. I will never forget the story of the little girl and the boy. They were so beautiful. I think it is a must see film for all the family. It is very educational and very emotional. It is so moving and emotional. I can't imagine a better film to show children the wonders of the world. I can't wait to see it again. I am so grateful that I was able to see this film. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the United States and the world.

Rose M. photo
Rose M.

I love documentaries. I think that this documentary is very well made. It was interesting to see the effect that the media had on the human rights activists. I have always been interested in the human rights activist movement in Africa. I know that this documentary was made in 1998 and yet it had a great impact. The story is about a woman named Priscilla Parker, who has been in the Ivory Coast for the past 15 years. She is a social worker and works for the UN. Priscilla has been arrested several times in the Ivory Coast. One of the times was for filming and it was also the most violent arrest. She was then arrested and taken to a prison where she was tortured. This woman has been to the UN, the UN refugee agency and a few other places. She is a very brave human rights activist. One of the things that I enjoyed about this documentary was how much she was able to speak about her experiences. The reason that she was able to talk about her experiences is because she was allowed to see the situation through the eyes of the international media. This is a very well made documentary. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Africa. I really like the way that this documentary was put together.

Kimberly photo

It's the stories behind some of the biggest mysteries in our history. And it's about the case of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. I had the pleasure of watching this film at the Tribeca Film Festival. It was great to see a film that was both informative and entertaining. The film does an excellent job of following the case of the missing plane from start to finish. It is a well-rounded film with great visuals and great performances. It is a fascinating story that is too interesting to be told in one movie. It's a must-see film. It's not just about the search for the missing plane. It's about the search for our own humanity.

Philip photo

It is hard to go into the movie with nothing to say and I was expecting a movie about whales but was pleasantly surprised at how much information was given out about this majestic species. I was also surprised at how much information was given out about the people who live and work in the whale watching industry. It is sad that so much time is put into writing things like this and never seem to be shown on screen. A Whale of a Tale is great for everyone but especially those who love whales and nature. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Mary photo

This documentary does a great job of showing how the true horrors of the Nazi war machine were done and shown, in a very candid and entertaining way. It is a shame that this type of documentary is not more widely known, and the majority of people never see this film. It is one of the most important documentaries ever made, showing the true horrors of the Nazi regime. If only more people had seen this film, and then it may never have happened.

Samuel photo

An extremely rare opportunity to view a life of one of the greatest and most controversial authors of all time. "Swimming with Sharks" was directed by Jan De Bont, who is also the screenwriter of the film. "Swimming with Sharks" is one of the most visually stunning films of the year, and it is an achievement in itself that it was shot entirely on location in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and has been shot entirely in one location. "Swimming with Sharks" tells the story of Swami Sri Sri Radhakrishnan, a highly successful businessman who is a former Indian Mujahideen (terrorist group), and is currently on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Palestine. One of the main goals of his trip is to see the Holy Land, but he has to come to an impasse in his way of traveling. He is to meet a Palestinian woman named Salmaan, and he needs to pay her a visit, but before he can meet her, he is kidnapped by the Israeli army. "Swimming with Sharks" is a very interesting film, and I recommend it highly. The film is very well made, and the documentary style of the film is very powerful, but it is also very disturbing at times. I would not recommend this film to those who are easily shocked. "Swimming with Sharks" is a powerful film that will make you think about the situation in the Middle East. However, if you are easily scared, I would not recommend this film to you. If you are an avid film critic, this film is a must see, and it is extremely well done. I highly recommend "Swimming with Sharks", and I am confident that you will enjoy it.

Marilyn Chen photo
Marilyn Chen

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a screening of this film at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was impressed by the beauty of the film and the stories told, especially the one about the elephant who was shot by a police officer. The director, Alex Silverstein, is a filmmaker with a passion for telling the stories of animals and their lives. The film was shot in a way that captured the feeling of being in the same place as the animals. The film also captures the emotions of the animals, which is something I can't say about many films. The movie also captured the beauty of the natural world. It's a great film for the whole family.

Danielle photo

This film is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It was an eye opener for me, to the extent that I was able to see the true nature of the suffering of animals in the animal abuse industry. I was shocked to see the amount of animals that are used in the film, and how much pain they go through, especially to be slaughtered. It's very difficult to watch the pain that these animals are subjected to. It's also very disturbing to see how much suffering is caused by people who are involved in the animal abuse industry. The director, Jason Reitman, did an amazing job of capturing the essence of what the film was about. He had a great camera and a great sense of style and camera work. He had a great sense of story telling and editing. The film was very well done and the music score was excellent. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in animal rights. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Raymond photo

It's been a while since I've seen a documentary like this one. The film was not only a fascinating look at a very rare and beautiful creature, but also a great example of how documentaries can be used to change the world. The film is extremely well made, with a great soundtrack, a great cinematography, and great acting. I was really impressed with the photography and editing, which really makes you feel like you are in the aquarium. The documentary was a great insight into the lives of the people who are involved in the breeding and caring of the whales, and how they deal with the stress of living in captivity. It is a great documentary that anyone would be interested in. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Joe O. photo
Joe O.

I was a big fan of The Blair Witch Project, and I was very excited to see this film, but it was not the film I expected. I thought it would be a lot more scary and intense than it actually was. I thought the actors did a good job with their roles, but it just wasn't scary enough. I think that the film would have been much better if they had added more of the Blair Witch Project footage, but it was still a good film. I thought the ending was good, but it was a bit of a letdown. Overall, I think that this is a good film, but it was not the film I expected.

Bruce Mason photo
Bruce Mason

This film is truly amazing. The director did a wonderful job. The editing is superb and so is the color. The documentary style and the way the director went about showing the film was very impressive. It was very informative and I liked the film so much I wanted to see it again. The director is a professional and very thorough in his approach to his subject matter. He covered many topics and the entire film was well organized. It was great to see so many people's perspective. I feel that the director and the crew really pulled together and made this film what it is. I am sure that this documentary will be a film that will be a classic for many years to come. I highly recommend this film.

Samuel Brown photo
Samuel Brown

With the release of the trailer for this film, I was already expecting a film that would be excellent. That's exactly what I got. The film is a true look at the modern day journalist in a very bad situation. This film is a must see, you will not be disappointed. You will see a man going through a difficult time and how he tries to deal with it. I thought the film was a bit slow and not that deep. There were times where I felt that the characters were a bit one dimensional. However, I did think that this film was a bit better than most. The film is a true look at what it's like to be a journalist in a bad situation. If you are looking for a movie that will make you think and will take you on a journey, then I recommend this film.

Crystal photo

This is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. A must see for those who like to know more about whales and marine life. Whale Watching, Whale Shaming, Whale Nudity, Whale Pornography, Whale Sickness, Whale Suicide, Whale Slavery, Whale Stealing, Whale Jockeying, Whale Extermination, Whale Hunting, Whale Contamination, Whale Killings, Whale Consumption, Whale Causation, Whale Fatalities, Whale Sexuality, Whale Commodity, Whale Species. The film is a true testament to the way we look at the world. From the Sea of Japan to the seas of New Zealand, this film shows the real people and their true story. The cinematography is breathtaking, and the raw footage, audio and visuals bring the truth to the audience. I am so glad that this film was made. It is just a shame that the media was so quick to discredit it. It is a film that everyone should see. If you are a whale fan, I highly recommend that you see this film. There are some really shocking moments, that no one would want to see. It is one of those documentaries that make you really care about the people that are portrayed in it.

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Jack W.

Although most of the documentaries have a message or a theme, "Whale of a Tale" is not. It is very unpretentious and has a pretty simple story to tell. But it is also incredibly funny and very much worth watching. "Whale of a Tale" is actually a collection of short documentaries with many interesting facts and observations. In this short film, the director of the Australian National Library (the country's National Library) tells the story of a whale that went missing in the ocean. What was going on with the whale is not really important. What is important is that the director tells the story of this whale and how the Aussie National Library had to sort out the paperwork that they had to handle. And the film is just a bit of fun with all the facts and observations. If you are interested in whales or the oceans, then you might want to watch this documentary. If you are looking for a documentary, this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I hope to see more from "Whale of a Tale".

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Amanda Johnston

I'm not going to try to explain this movie in a way that a friend of mine could follow, I just want to make sure that anyone considering watching this film, that they watch it. If you're into a movie that deals with the reality of human suffering and you're ready to watch a movie about something that is important and inspirational to many people, then you need to watch this movie. This movie deals with some very real issues, and it deals with them in an honest and powerful way. I think it's important to watch this movie and try to make up your own mind about the movie, but I think it's very important that you understand the main message. It's an important movie, it's an important movie for everyone, and I hope that all the people who are looking for an emotional movie to watch, will watch this movie.

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If there was ever a documentary that should be shown at schools to teach young people about the Holocaust and other war crimes, this documentary would be the perfect choice. It is a powerful and beautifully shot documentary that has been shot for the Holocaust Film Festival in 2013. It is very well-filmed and depicts the atrocities that the Jews were subjected to. The film is very long but it doesn't feel that way. It is a long film that doesn't drag on. The film does a good job of getting the audience to feel like they are in the trenches of the Holocaust and hearing stories of the people who were affected. This documentary should be seen by anyone who wants to learn about the Holocaust. This documentary is a must see and is highly recommended. Highly Recommended.

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George G.

I saw the documentary "Watership Down" and was impressed with the visuals, especially the movement of the animals. I thought the ending was tragic. The film takes place in the late 1950's, and shows us a wonderful world that many of us will never get to see. I am going to see it again. But, I am worried that the film will become more of a sad commentary on modern society. I think it is worth seeing, but if you can, please wait until you see the documentary, it will be much better.

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From the director of The Danish Girl, Black Book, The London Heist, and The Brother's Keeper, To this movie, we have a look at the life of Oscar Wilde, one of the most famous writers in Europe, in the early 20th century. It's a biography, an account of his life and a portrait of his works, what he wrote, who he was and what he was thinking. We see a lot of detail about his intellectual activities and personal life. It's fascinating, because it shows how people did not only admire him, but also try to outdo him, by challenging him. We see all the details that went into the creation of his works, and a great deal of the behind the scenes, including the conversation between him and his friend and sometime collaborator Georges Clemenceau. There are many other scenes in the film that are interesting, such as a famous moment when he walks down the street and a group of men stop him. Wilde says to them, "You're too old for this kind of nonsense." They respond, "No, we're too young for this kind of nonsense." And then the man who says that is Carl Sandburg. I'm not sure whether it's because of his gender or something, but he's really the main character in this movie. He's an actor who is well known and has a long career. It's fascinating to see him, his life, his work, and his relationship with Clemenceau, who he had a long relationship with. It's interesting to see him try to beat Wilde. There are many good scenes in the movie, such as when he talks about his wife and how he's so poor that he can't afford to pay for his room, and that his wife wasn't fond of his ideas. He also talks about his sexual relationships. It's interesting to see how they had a lot of sex. It was a very honest relationship, and they had to be willing to have sex in front of people who were uncomfortable with that. It's also interesting to see how he gets upset when he learns that Clemenceau is a man who is attracted to women. They get into a battle of wills, and Wilde is clearly not a man who would be happy with such a woman. There are a few moments in the movie where it's pretty clear that he's a man who is not comfortable with sex, but it's also clear that he doesn't have a problem with sexuality. He's happy to have sex with a woman, but he's not very comfortable with other men. He does seem to have some form of a problem with women, because of the nature of his work. But he's also not a womanizer. He's not someone who is in the business for sex. He's just very comfortable with sex, and the part that he does have a problem with is women

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Daniel P.

This is a wonderful documentary about the life of John Cage. In his last years he was able to tell the story of his life with passion and accuracy. This film is not only about the last years of Cage's life but the final years of his life and how he struggled to deal with his illness. The interviews with Cage and his friends and family are fascinating and revealing. The fact that Cage lived in this house at the time of his death is extremely touching. We see footage of Cage with his family and friends and we hear their voices telling stories of their lives with Cage and his music. It is fascinating to hear stories of Cage's greatest achievements in his music, his personal life and his struggles with his illness. Some of his greatest songs are also shown, but the true value of this film is the stories of his life. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes to learn more about a great artist like Cage.

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Gregory D.

For a low budget film about a child and his parents who were rejected by society, this is a moving story. We see the child, his mother, his father, and the local priest trying to find a way to a better life, and ultimately become the happy couple they always wanted to be. The film is very moving and not too difficult to watch, but the subject matter is not very well known, and the quality of the film is not very good, not a lot of music, and it seems that a lot of it was cut out of the film for a more conventional format. Still, it is very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a child who is being rejected by society, or a parent who is at a loss for the direction of their life. The film is not perfect, but it is still a good movie that I would recommend to anyone who has children, or a parent who is at a loss for what direction to take. A Whale of a Tale is an excellent movie.

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Angela Berry

In a documentary on the infamous (but not very well-known) John Paul Getty Museum, which is one of the most famous museums in the world, director Jennifer Famiglietti reveals how it was that Getty died, how his family bought the museum, how he and his wife (whom he hired as a personal secretary) became "famous", and how he had the privilege of meeting his daughter (Jennifer Lawrence) before his death. The documentary includes interviews with a number of people, including Getty's friend, widow, and daughter-in-law, and it is quite fascinating to watch the documentary, especially because there is a lot of information that the film does not include. Also, as you would expect, this documentary is very interesting, but it doesn't cover much new information. As such, if you are a fan of Getty's work, it would be well worth watching the documentary. However, if you are not familiar with Getty's work, it might be difficult to understand the documentary. However, the documentary is definitely worth watching, because it covers a lot of information about Getty's life. Also, if you are a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, it would be interesting to watch the documentary because you can see that she is very similar to Getty. I really hope that the documentary will be released on DVD in the future, because it is a very interesting documentary that I would definitely recommend. It is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a while. Rating: 8.5/10

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Ralph Gray

There are times when you get to think that you really must be really old. We don't know for sure, but it is more than likely that you have seen your share of movies. The more often you watch them, the less likely you are to have a positive experience with them. Sometimes, like in the case of this documentary, the truth comes out. We discover that films are really just pieces of entertainment that are being produced for the same reason that you watch a movie every day. It's just entertainment. But if you're looking for a deeper meaning, if you're looking for a different kind of entertainment, then I strongly recommend watching this documentary. This movie was made with a very important goal in mind: to tell the truth about the worst things that can happen to any human being. The movie is very well made and it's definitely worth watching. It really doesn't have any points that are going to make you feel good about yourself or anything, but it does serve a purpose.

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The film that made Kubrick so famous. Although I had never heard of him before, I found this film to be a fascinating look at Kubrick's life. I was not impressed with the "director's cut" DVD, as I felt the movie was incomplete, and the commentary and director's commentary were cut. I also think the director's commentary was a little long and dull, and didn't cover many of the key events of the film, including the Oscar. The film is basically a biography of Kubrick, and the film is fascinating and often funny. Although the film is too long and boring, I would recommend this film for Kubrick fans, and anyone interested in Kubrick's life.