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Dayveon is a movie starring Devin Blackmon, Dontrell Bright, and Lachion Buckingham. In the wake of his older brother's death, 13-year-old Dayveon spends the sweltering summer days roaming his rural Arkansas town. When he falls in...

Other Titles
蜂巢少年, Stupid Things
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1 hours 15 minutes
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Amman Abbasi
Amman Abbasi, Steven Reneau
Kordell Johnson, Lachion Buckingham, Dontrell Bright, Devin Blackmon
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In the wake of his older brother's death, 13-year-old Dayveon spends the sweltering summer days roaming his rural Arkansas town. When he falls in with a local gang, he becomes drawn to the camaraderie and violence of their world.

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Michelle S. photo
Michelle S.

This movie was a must-see for me. It was a refreshing take on a popular genre. It was dark and powerful and I was left with a lot of unanswered questions. I think that I will never be able to look at a movie the same way again after seeing this. It will forever remain as a special movie for me. I was not disappointed by the ending. I think that it was one of the best endings I have ever seen. The scene where she was telling the story about her husband, she looked out of place in that movie. But, I think that the scenes were perfect for that movie. They were very realistic and really showed the dark side of human nature. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but the ending was great. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Eugene C. photo
Eugene C.

This movie is a rare gem for me. I watched it in theaters in the late 80's, and I must admit that I was totally blown away by the story, the characters and the themes. But I have to admit that the film is not quite as good as I remember it. The beginning is a bit slow, the characters are kind of bland and the story is a bit too complicated. There is a little too much "wow" factor in the first part of the film, but it does seem to lead to a satisfying ending. The other characters are not that interesting and the story takes way too long to come to a conclusion. The ending of the film is almost a disaster, and I have to admit that it is a bit more depressing than I expected. Still, I have to say that it is a very good film. It is not the typical romantic comedy, and it is not the typical "problem child" movie. It is a film that is not to be missed, but I do think that it is not the most successful film of its genre. If you liked this movie, you will definitely like "American Beauty", "The Crying Game" and "The Squid and the Whale".

Walter photo

I have never been a huge fan of Tony Jaa, but I have always liked his acting in 'Knock Off' and 'Sasquatch', and I was really excited to see his latest project, 'D2'. It was even more exciting to see him in a leading role in a movie with such a good plot and well-written dialogue. 'D2' is about a man who is trying to get to know his family more, but he keeps getting caught up in different conspiracy theories, and in the end he finds out what his family really is. It is the story of a man who loves his family and wants to make his family proud, but is frustrated when he can't get to know his family and can't prove that he loves them. Tony Jaa plays a good character, but in this movie he can't prove that he loves his family and that he loves his family. I also felt like this movie was too slow at times, but I think that it is a good movie. I also like the way the movie was structured, but it was also a little boring at times. I also think that there is a lot of potential in this movie, but it didn't make it big. I am not a huge fan of Tony Jaa, but he does a good job in this movie. I think that this movie could have been a little better, but it is still a good movie, but I don't really recommend this movie.

Amanda photo

First of all I want to say that I'm a big fan of the Rufus Wainwright, and I don't want to discourage anyone from watching this movie. It's a good movie. And it has a very good ending. There is a lot of talk about the subject, and there is a lot of discussion about the subject. The subject of the film is not that hard to understand, even if you don't understand a lot of the original Tamil language. I'm not sure if the people in the movie were really talking about the whole subject, or if it was just a movie that they made themselves, but it was pretty interesting. I'd say that the movie was not a great film, and it didn't really touch me emotionally, but it did make me think. It wasn't like a really good movie, it was a good movie that you can watch a few times. I wouldn't really recommend it to everyone. It was okay, but not great.

Edward photo

I recently saw this movie at the theater. It was one of the better movies I've seen in a long time. The story was well-written, and it was interesting to see how much the characters had changed since the beginning of the movie. The acting was good, and I think that the director was able to bring out the best in the actors, since it was the actors that were actually the main focus of the movie. I can't say that this movie is for everyone, but it is definitely worth seeing. It is a little long, but that is why it is so good.

Katherine Nichols photo
Katherine Nichols

I am a very open-minded viewer, I am not a conservative, and I do not have a problem with the different approaches to the subject of AIDS. However, I feel that this film was poorly executed. The "B" rating may have been deserved. The first hour of the film was very interesting, as it seemed to be the story of a young boy, in his early 20's, who had a terrible childhood, but a very sweet one. Unfortunately, this was about half of the film. The film seemed to go off on tangents at times, and for the most part it seemed to have no point. The last hour of the film was very interesting, but could have been better. The movie was very long, and I was not convinced that the movie was entertaining. It was not terribly good, and was probably more about sex and drugs than it was about AIDS. In conclusion, I believe that this movie was not very good, and was not very good for what it was. It was not a good movie, and could have been much better. I give it a C-.

Ethan McDonald photo
Ethan McDonald

This movie is worth watching.The characters are beautifully done. The concept of all the characters is well done. The story is about a rich person's attempts to save a man who's daughter he never knew. The acting of the two brothers is perfect and they have a really good chemistry. The music by Bo Ma is very well done and makes the movie even more beautiful.This movie is just too beautiful. Not only is it very well done, it also has a very moving story. All in all, a great movie!

Albert Morris photo
Albert Morris

Loved it! I've never seen a movie this honest and true. Great acting, great plot. All for what it is. A story of forgiveness. I feel this is a film that needs to be more appreciated. It is very unique and a film that needs to be seen by everyone. I think people who have never seen it are being really selective and most likely missing some of the deeper meaning. I didn't feel the need to describe it too much because I think people will enjoy the story on it's own. See it, love it, and support people who support them. It is great entertainment and if you are looking for a film to be seen and not really understand, this is your film. Just let go and watch it. Take the time to take in every scene and listen to the dialogue. As I said, it's a story about forgiveness and it is a story of an artist. Great actors, great plot, great acting, great story. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Steve, I can't wait for his next film!

Samuel M. photo
Samuel M.

The story of a common boy growing up in South Africa, despite the lack of knowledge and awareness of the country he lives in, and the difficulties he faces is one that is beautifully told by director Rosie Davis. That very fact in itself makes this film so fascinating and it is certainly an important aspect of South Africa today, as well as the country in general. This is a film that will make you look at your country and see the things that it needs to do to stay that way. It is a story about how people can be divided and how they can have different interests and how it has to be protected, as well as the way it can bring up that divided line. This is also a story about the fact that many of us may not want to see our country, as it is, but cannot ignore it. It is a film that shows that South Africa is an amazingly beautiful country. This is an incredibly interesting and insightful film that should be watched. I urge everyone to watch it and consider it for themselves.

Ronald Torres photo
Ronald Torres

This movie is the story of a Korean boy who is very lonely. I just finished watching this movie. It really touched me. It's the story of a Korean boy who is lonely. This is not only a story about Koreans and their loneliness but it's also about the black masses in Korea. A great movie. It really makes you think about the Korean experience in the past.

Frances W. photo
Frances W.

I am very impressed with this film. First and foremost, I am a firm believer that all films can be classified as art. What film is not art is not art. The key word here is "shall" The screenplay, the direction, and the acting are outstanding. This film should be required viewing in film schools around the country. This film has all the elements of an art film: story, plot, character development, etc. I am not the sort of person who would see a film without first watching it and getting a feel for the acting. This film was superb. I know many people have mentioned "plot holes." I think it is fair to say that there were plot holes. But if I had to put one up, it would be the character of Mr. Long (Bardem). I think that the actors did a marvelous job in their portrayal of characters who were complex and difficult. I can think of no better way to introduce a character, a plot, or a scene than to have a complete stranger introduce a character to you. This film had just the right amount of depth and mystery. It was beautifully filmed and acted. The main actors performed so well that it made the story captivating. Also, the locations were just perfect. There were no distracting reds or grays. They were clear and vibrant, even in the darkest of scenes. I do not want to give too much away, so I will just say that it is a film that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in fine films. I look forward to future movies by the same director.

Roy Patel photo
Roy Patel

I've seen the movie and I liked it very much. First of all, it's a good story, with a beautiful music. The movie is about a young man named Michael (Adam Shankman), who lives in a country with a strong religious community. He is not allowed to go to school, he doesn't have a job, he doesn't own a car, he doesn't get a cellphone. When he's rejected by his girlfriend, he decides to take revenge on the people who rejected him, and he sets out to the woods, where he decides to get revenge on the people who rejected him. He becomes a killer, and then he kills all of his friends, even though they are friends of his. The movie is very good, and I really recommend it.

Marie Taylor photo
Marie Taylor

If you think this is going to be like Romeo and Juliet or Shakespeare plays in the style of the 16th century, you will be wrong. The story is very deep, and the acting is well done. The dialogue is easy to understand, and the director uses dialogues in a very direct manner. The picture itself is very exciting and impressive, and the cinematography is beautiful. In a way it reminds of the cinema of our times, the photography and the sound are quite good. The music is like no other film I have seen, and I think this is a masterpiece.

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

After one of the best films of 2014 so far, Phantom Thread, this one is on a completely different level, and is undoubtedly one of the best I've seen in years. A subtle, contemplative look at a modern young man's quest for self-discovery and friendship in India, of a group of friends on an adventure. The end of the film is incredibly satisfying. It is the first time I have ever cried so hard in a film. The camera holds constant, and gives the audience a full view of the action, while also feeling like they are a part of the scenes. No cutaways, no forced smiles or expressions, and definitely no cheesy one-liners. In fact, the most painful thing to me was the sense of having been fully immersed into the movie, and feeling like it had taken me back to the time I first watched it. Definitely a movie to watch with a couple of friends.

Teresa H. photo
Teresa H.

To me, this film is the best film ever made. I was not prepared for the depth of the story and the film and the life that a young boy experiences. This film is not to be missed. Heath Ledger was perfect in his role of Detective Spots. The two detectives that worked together in the film were amazing and just perfect in their roles. I have the film and I have seen it about 7 times. So you have to see it once. My mother-in-law said to me that she wanted to take my 2 year old son to the film, because he is such a great fan of the film. I think he will get to see the film the first time he can. He said that he liked how he could take him to his favorite restaurant and he could see the actors at work. There was one scene that he said he didn't like and that is when he played the piano and it was in German and he had to sing "A Train" to the very end of the film. I told him that "it was a beautiful way to end the film, to show the end of the world." He was a little upset at that moment. I love that movie!

Douglas photo

I really loved this movie. So often when there is a movie that is good, that keeps you thinking about it and keeps you wanting to watch it again and again. this is one of those movies. It has a great storyline, has great characters, and great acting. The ending was very unexpected and left me with more questions than answers. A great movie.

Patrick W. photo
Patrick W.

Poppy, what a look and what a voice. What a great introduction to Yash Chopra. Every time I see that amazing picture of Poppy, it gives me the feeling that it is a part of my life. And when I see Yash Chopra on the screen, I want to be a part of him. Yash Chopra is one of the greatest directors of all time. And this film was just beautiful. There was a great story, great characters, great dialogues. Even the music was great. Poppy is one of the best movies I have ever seen. And my friends, take the chance and see it.

Aaron photo

The plot is familiar: "I have to get out of this city, I have to escape this city." The actor playing "The Man" does a good job. The problem is that the film is a little too long. It would have been better if the film was a little shorter, especially since it was only ninety minutes long. The only real flaw is that the director is too into showing us everything that is going on. This movie is really good for a lot of people, but if you're looking for a really good thriller then I wouldn't suggest this film. There are better films out there.

Helen Gilbert photo
Helen Gilbert

Simply put, it is a superb work. I mean, this movie is more than just a dramatic thriller. It's also a thriller without any suspense, a thriller in which the audience is directly exposed to what is happening on screen. And it's a thriller in which the director chooses to hide his emotions, for this particular story, instead of showing them. It is a thriller without love. And, like the character said, the story does not start in the beginning, but in the middle. It starts from the point of view of the most present and silent of the characters: the monkey. If I had not seen this movie, I would have been shocked by the shocking scenes, that I had never expected from the director. In fact, it is one of the first movies in which I have been convinced that you don't have to have a huge budget and have all kinds of big stars in order to make a movie. Actually, he could have made the movie on the same way as in the other great films, but it would have been a shame. I think this is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. It is a movie that manages to tell stories from the point of view of animals, without showing any of the emotions. That's why the story is one of the greatest I have ever seen. The acting was great. I have never seen the actors speak so quietly and never in such a way. It's like they are so silent that you cannot hear what they are saying, and they are in the frame. Of course, the story is not told through action, and it is just told through the monkey. The monkey is the main character in the movie, and you don't get to know much of him, except that he is a natural born talker. A really good movie.

Nancy P. photo
Nancy P.

All my friends and family have been saying how brilliant this movie is. So let me tell you that I am a huge fan of the thriller genre, I love all of the James Bond movies. I am not going to spoil the movie for you, so you will just have to watch it. First I must say that this movie is a personal opinion of mine. My friend loved it, and my mom loved it too. The film is about a young woman, who has been accepted at a medical school, and what happens when she is told that her father is dead. She learns that she has a brother, who she had known for about 15 years. The film was very well done. This is not a film for everyone, but I enjoyed every minute of it. When you go see a film, you don't expect to be entertained the entire time, but I loved every minute of it. A lot of people are saying that the film is predictable. But I think it is a realistic interpretation of what happens in real life. I like the characters, and I liked the plot. I'm not going to tell you what happens in the end, so don't be worried. The best part of the film is when the film is over. This is my personal favorite film of all time. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the thriller genre.

Timothy Jensen photo
Timothy Jensen

This is the second documentary I have watched on William Nance, the last one was 'A Menacing Legacy'. While both films were written about Nance's life and works, I wasn't sure if I would be able to relate to any of the characters in those two films. This documentary makes it clear that Nance was not just an artist, but an artist in his own right, who was there for everyone to see and to appreciate. Even his creations and the way he depicted them was much more than just art. In 'A Menacing Legacy', Nance's art has been compared to Jackson Pollock and certainly to Andy Warhol, but there was a difference. In 'A Menacing Legacy', we see how Nance's art was about the lives of people, not about himself or his creations. Even though this was not the case with Nance, the documentary does show how art can serve as a force of good, and bring the people together in a way that no words can do. The documentary really does say something about this man, and his art.

Jordan photo

I have to admit that I am not very fond of the old films, so this one was definitely a surprise for me. It was a very interesting movie and I really liked the idea of not using the usual standard of stories about love and how one should develop in the world. I really loved how they made the characters more interesting than you would think. I liked how they gave some hints of their relationships and I really liked the way they were able to show that there is a good side to some of the characters. This movie was really good and I would definitely recommend it.

Scott Carr photo
Scott Carr

A story of the stories we don't know, about the story we know, about the story we don't. a movie that doesn't require that we know a great deal about a story in order to be able to relate to it. a film that focuses on stories and allows the viewer to fill in the blanks of what they want to know, when they want to know it. i wish the director had taken his time in directing this film, to bring it out of the style of a typical narrative film and into a cinematic tale that pulls you in and only draws you out. this movie could have been quite a lot worse. it could have been more of the same (if this is what we get to see) but it was able to show us that we can tell stories that are a bit more complex than the typical "the story of" or "this was the story of" or "this was the story of" and instead we are presented with something completely different and a bit more introspective. it's a movie about the movies we don't know. it's a movie about the stories we know. and this is why i feel it deserves 10/10

Nathan W. photo
Nathan W.

I am not from Pakistan but just recently I have been interested in it. So I thought to myself that perhaps I will check this movie as I am a Bengali person. I watched it and have to say that it was a lot better than I expected. And that is what I have come to think. This movie is a movie that is different from the conventional ideas of Indian cinema. The people involved in this movie are not some other movie professionals who are only actors and in some cases are only directors. They are real actors who try their best to show the world what they are capable of. It is a true documentary and not some video clip from a documentary. This movie is based on a true story and its message is truly the difference between a true movie and a documentary. It really is a movie that needs to be seen to be believed. To conclude, it is not just the background music that is making it a cult movie. This movie is not only about music. Its a movie about true story and it is a cult movie that deserves to be viewed. So go to the cinema, sit down and watch it. You will love it. And the only thing that I can say is that this movie deserves a chance to be seen by the world.

Roger photo

A sincere heartfelt documentary about humanity, regardless of status and respect. I'm a big fan of the film and will watch it again and again. It's a wonderful celebration of human existence. One of the greatest films I've ever seen.

Bruce S. photo
Bruce S.

Not a lot happens in this film. The story is very simple and the whole premise is rather simple. A village is attacked by a group of criminals, one of the villagers is killed, the police are called in and investigate the crime. There are several other people in the village who know about the crime and the police are looking for the criminals. The police are also investigating a rape and murder of a young woman. The film has a good ending and it is not very long. The film is not very well acted and I think it is better than I expected. I liked it. The director did a good job in keeping the plot very simple. The story is very simple and the movie could have been longer. However, the ending was a bit disappointing and I was expecting something more. The film is worth a watch. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Roy photo

This movie is about a 17 year old boy (Akshay Kumar) who is the son of a politician (Siddharth Malhotra). He is a very gifted kid, who can communicate with animals. He is really in love with the politician's daughter (Diljie). But he has a strong self-esteem and tries to fit in with the crowd. He is also a very self-confident kid. One day, he is made to help the politician's daughter's daughter's daughter, a prostitute (Kareena Kapoor). The prostitute is a very vulnerable girl. She doesn't know her own father and so she makes fun of him and takes advantage of him. In the end, he takes her back to her home and is very happy. But, the politician's daughter, who is a very wealthy person, can't forgive her for the whole thing and wants to kill her. This movie is about how love can get ugly and how it can be very painful. This is the first movie I saw by Sudhir Mishra, who also directed The Tillman Project (2013), which I really liked. I am not a big fan of Kajol, but I liked her in this movie, although her character is very similar to her character in Vem (2008). Kareena Kapoor is also very beautiful and it's a shame that she is a very ugly person. She has a great look and is really cute. She has some really good acting in this movie. Overall, I liked this movie. It is about love and about how you can hurt someone if you don't love them. It is about how things happen, even when you are with them. It is about the power of love and how strong people can be when they love.

Shirley D. photo
Shirley D.

I have seen this movie many times and it is still the same. I have to admit that this movie is a bit boring but I still like it a lot. I think it's good because the characters are real and they have their own ways. I know that I am not the only one who does not like this movie. The characters in this movie are not very believable, but that is what makes it so realistic. It is like a movie that has its own rules. This movie is one of those that I watch over and over and enjoy every time. It is definitely not for everyone, but it is still good and worth watching.

Doris S. photo
Doris S.

First of all, I don't like religious movies. I really don't. And I'm not going to watch the whole movie. But this movie is really good. I was very much involved in the story. I was not bored one bit. The film was beautiful. It was very emotional. I really loved the part where they are in the church. The ending was perfect. This movie is so amazing. I really liked it. I am very much looking forward to see the next one. So this is my first review ever. I'm not going to write something like 'I love this movie'. I'm going to write something like 'I love this movie'. I just love this movie.

Brandon P. photo
Brandon P.

I don't know why this film didn't get more of an audience in Korea, but I'm glad it did, because it's a very well-made movie, and it really shows that people who are foreign can act just as well as those from their own country. If you like "The Karate Kid" or "A Christmas Story" then you should enjoy this movie.

Justin Pierce photo
Justin Pierce

Niharika Jayaram's "The Killing of a Buddha" (1990) and Anthony Ketkar's "Ramayana" (1994) are much more entertaining than most of the Indian films produced in the last decade. Ketkar's film is a documentary and recounts the life of a 16th century Indian monk called Manmohan. Manmohan is in love with a young lady called Venkata (the brilliant and gorgeous Anupam Kher) but she is really Manmohan's disciple, and he is secretly in love with Venkata. In the end, he meets a strange man and decides to commit suicide in order to get Venkata. But he is saved by a holy monk, and he makes a new life for himself. He abandons his obsession with the holy man and he forgets all his earlier hatred for other women. This film is very serious, even for a Tamil film, but it is so realistic that it is so cool. And Ketkar, while making this film, is totally a man of the world. His script is so clever and so inspiring that the viewer can feel that he is being led by a good man. Anupam Kher, while playing the main character in Ketkar's film, is also one of the greatest actresses of our time. She is beautiful, charming, but at the same time, she is intelligent and very independent. Her performance is very subtle and not so demanding. You cannot see a character like that. Ketkar's film is an excellent way to study the life of a Buddhist. The film is interesting and very real. Ketkar never shows that in his film, and he lets his emotions and feelings come through. The film is so moving that you cannot see it all. I cannot think of any movie that has been better made than this one. I recommend it to everyone. I can not give the film more than ten stars, because every film has a limited rating. I give the film ten stars because it is very deep, interesting and a film that deserves all of the praise it gets.

Adam Webb photo
Adam Webb

the third movie of the "Jaya Dhansika" trilogy, "Baazigar Baazigar Baazigar Baazigar" is an absolute gem! What a superb script! Great performances by the entire cast. Who can forget Aamir Khan! You should definitely watch this movie!

Kenneth S. photo
Kenneth S.

Pang and an older man both have outstanding performances, also the photography is lovely and beautiful to watch.

Jonathan Roberts photo
Jonathan Roberts

This is a movie that could have been made with one artist but one human being can do it. A story that is one of the few movies that involves the loss of a family, a life that is taken away by disease and what that does to the soul, both inside the characters and the people around them. What it does to the people who have had the misfortune of knowing that a loved one, or perhaps the family member, has been taken. In this case, that friend was Ray. The words that come to the mind after watching this movie are, "they're gone, but they're not forgotten." Every human being should see this movie. It is not a movie for the faint of heart, nor is it just for those who want to watch a movie about a famous dead person. It is a movie for all who can appreciate the importance of a great movie.

Angela photo

This is one of the most chilling movies I have ever seen. The entire story is told through a series of blurry, dream-like images that keep changing. This is truly a story about power and control. The movie moves at a slow pace, and the ending is stunningly amazing. After watching this movie, I immediately went out and bought it on DVD. For those who haven't seen it yet, get ready for a shocking ending!

Jane Morris photo
Jane Morris

Love movies, I mean, it is always exciting to see those that are supposed to be in the middle of a very long path and making something of them. And what is the movie like about, with a clear story about character, about the people that the hero faces, the other things. I've never seen such a beautiful movie. A real one. I really wonder why it has not got higher recognition. It's a good, very good movie, especially in this time of the year, but even the title of this movie is too much. I love it.