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Mubarakan is a movie starring Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, and Ileana D'Cruz. Join Karan and Charan in a very crazy yet chaotic marriage of the year.

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Running Time
2 hours 36 minutes
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Romance, Comedy
Anees Bazmee
Balwinder Singh Janjua, Rajesh Chawla, Rupinder Chahal, Balwinder Singh Janjua
Athiya Shetty, Ileana D'Cruz, Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Twins Karan and Charan loose their parents in accident when they are infants their custody is then given to their uncle Kartar Singh. Kartar being a bachelor can't take care of the kids hence Karan is taken care by his London based aunt Jetto and Charan lives with his uncle Baljeet in India.Karan loves Sweety in London and Charan loves Nafisa in India.Jetto wants Karan to marry Binkle daughter of their family friend Sandhu.Charan can't tell his father about Nafisa as she belongs to another cast.Karan somehow convince's Baljeet that he can't marry at this moment and that Charan should expect Binkle's proposal.In London when Kartar finds that Charan doesn't want to marry Binkle he tries to break the proposal which goes haywire and create drift between lovable siblings Jetto and Baljeet.Kartar gets smashed between the love of his brother and sister as he should be on which side further he also has to deal with a situation when Karan is to be married to Binkle and Charan to Sweety.

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Thomas photo

Its an amazing movie. I had seen it in theater and was so excited to watch it again. I was expecting a typical action-comedies movie. But this one was so much better than expected. I was surprised by the ending. It was so good. I really enjoyed this movie. It's really well written. The director did a great job. The actors are all great. The story is good. I really recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good comedy. I really enjoyed it and it's a great movie to watch with your family or friends. I'm really looking forward to the sequel.

Ralph Valdez photo
Ralph Valdez

As a fan of Bollywood I have always enjoyed watching movies of the genre and this one is definitely a winner.The movie has a lot of humor and the story is interesting.The movie is not just about a love story but a story about human relationships and the challenges faced by each of us in our daily lives.I love the characters in the movie and the chemistry between the main characters is great.The movie has a good pace.I liked the way the movie is directed and the cinematography is superb.The songs are good and the songs are also very catchy.The songs are more of an accompaniment rather than a stand alone song.The characters are very interesting.The characters are very likable and I liked the way they interacted with each other.The movie has a very good story.I think the movie is a must watch for Bollywood fans.

Thomas P. photo
Thomas P.

The best comedy in recent times. Ajay Devgn, who did an excellent job as Abhay, is fantastic as Kancha. Anupam Kher's direction is terrific. There is a constant funny and touching song in the movie. I enjoyed the movie very much. I am sure you will too.

Jose R. photo
Jose R.

I am a big fan of the movies of Bollywood and this movie is the best movie of this genre. Every character of the movie is so real and so well portrayed. The screenplay is just brilliant, it is very funny, very nice. A very unique and fresh movie. I loved it and I will love it again. A perfect 10/10

Jesse Ortiz photo
Jesse Ortiz

This is the best movie i have ever seen. A great story, good acting and a great cast. The movie is a must watch for the whole family.

Ruth photo

While I've enjoyed the mumblecore cinema of Yash Chopra, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan, they've all had films with mediocre scripts. However, "Mubarakan" is a very nice film, in its own way. The story revolves around a 24-year-old doctor who has to take care of his ailing mother, and in doing so, has to deal with her chronic illness, which makes him a tad selfish. The supporting characters are all very nice, especially the girl who plays the nurse. The only problem I had with this film is the length. While I'm glad to see Yash Chopra still going on, he needs to get on with the script. The movie drags a little bit. The film does drag towards the end, and the story gets a bit heavy at the end. This is a good film for the fans of Yash Chopra. Fans of Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan should not let this movie get into their hands. If you're looking for a film that doesn't try too hard, this film is for you. Overall, "Mubarakan" is a very good film, but not a great one. If you're a fan of Yash Chopra, or Akshay Kumar or Hrithik Roshan, this film is for you.

Brandon Alvarez photo
Brandon Alvarez

I didn't know anything about Mughal art, but I was surprised to find out how much they loved it. The movie starts off with the opening of a pachauri (Indian set, like a palace), and a beautiful lady in a dress and hat, looking rather silly. She has been poisoned, and has been lying in bed. At the same time, there's a black magician and his servant who are trying to poison a white bull. They all try to murder each other, but the black magician is the one who ends up getting killed, while the servant escapes. It seems like a simple story, but there's a lot of drama, love, and comedy in it. The final scene is a little too long, but it doesn't matter. It's a movie that you will love, and be in tears of happiness. And it's not your average Indian movie, it's a good movie. I've seen it at least 10 times.

Elizabeth Ruiz photo
Elizabeth Ruiz

I think this movie was very good. The director is a professional. I am a very proud of that. As a friend of the director of the movie told me, he is not a "star", he is an "actress" or "an actress". I think the movie was very good. I am not too sure if it was so good because of the star, but maybe because of the director. The movie is not for all viewers, but for people who love music, movies and music in general. So, I think it is very good and I recommend this movie to everybody. I am not sure if I will watch it again, but it was so good and the director was very professional. I was very proud of the director. The music of the movie was also very good. I think this movie is a "best movie of 2008" because it was very good. The movie was a new version of a famous movie called "Mubarakan". The movie was very good and I would say that it was very good. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Phillip photo

I have just watched this movie in theatre and it was brilliant.The movie was very funny,nice dialogs,interesting characters.The story is very well told,it has the message of love,but is not preachy.The movie is a must watch for people who love to laugh and also for people who love to watch a good movie.

Brittany Walsh photo
Brittany Walsh

This movie is basically about a man who wants to change the world but ends up being forced to be a male after an accident. He is an alien to the human world and is taken to a man's prison. At first he is allowed to be a man and works as a laborer, but eventually he finds out that his body is unable to go through the male gender. He finds a woman and goes through all the changes in the process. I love the movie, and it is a great way to be introduced to the gay world, but I think it could have been a little bit better. It is a bit boring and the story is not that interesting. I am sure if you are interested in it you will find something about it, but it is not the best.

Tammy S. photo
Tammy S.

This is an entertaining and satisfying romantic comedy that is much better than the average romcom. It has its good moments, but at the same time has some flaws and a few flaws in it. The most important is its ending. In the middle of the movie, the main character is interrupted by a rude and loud woman, which disrupts her from getting her part. This is completely unrealistic, and is completely unnecessary. She should be kept out of the movie, and the movie should end on a good note, rather than a bad one. Another flaw is the ending. They get married, but she never sees the man she loves, and it's implied that they are together and they're going to be together forever. All in all, it is a good movie, that has it's good parts and it's bad parts, but it's not a bad movie. I think it's better than most romcoms. It has it's good parts and it's bad parts, and if you like romantic comedies, I think you'll like this one.

Roger J. photo
Roger J.

The movie is a must watch for people who love this genre of movie.

Thomas photo

It's not easy to make a film about a problem that nobody wants to talk about. The main character of this film, Malini, is a college student living in the suburbs of Bangalore. When she goes to a friend's house for a weekend, she discovers that her friend is not there, so she decides to go to the city to look for her. There, she meets a doctor (G.N.Rajan), who is the head of a group of female friends. They help her find her friend, but she tells her she will not go with them. She wants to talk to her. When she goes to the city, she meets many other people, some of them are in love with her. It's a comedy that talks about real problems in life, not just a little one. The performances are good, but the director has directed it in a different way. He is a big fan of Bollywood and loves to use Bollywood songs. He has told us the lyrics of the songs to make it fun. The story is not very complex, but I was surprised that it was so funny. The screenplay is not that good, but I liked the idea of the film. The film is well directed and the music is very nice. The film is not a comedy, but you can laugh till you cry. Watch this film, you will like it. I recommend it. (A)

Willie Stone photo
Willie Stone

At least that's what my friends told me. At first I thought that "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" was a really bad movie, that's why I went to the theater, but it turned out to be a pretty good movie, if you like Bollywood, or especially if you like Rajini. First of all, the story, that's pretty good. The story is simple, a guy who has a contract with a lady, he has to go on a date with her, and then he has to go to prison for 20 years. The story is just the whole movie. You will not find any flaw in this movie. It's a very good movie, but I have to tell you something, I don't like Rajini. I really don't. This is the reason why I didn't like the movie. If he would've been in the movie, the movie would've been better. But the problem is, that Rajini has no charm. If you want to watch a Bollywood movie, you better watch Rajini, and not this guy. I still liked the movie, but I would have preferred a different Rajini, like he is my favorite actor. I would have preferred another actor, but I will watch the movie again. A good movie, but it's not Rajini. I'm sure that you will love this movie.

Heather W. photo
Heather W.

It is very rare that I like a movie that is really well done, but this one was. I feel that it was a very well done movie. I really liked the story, the music, the acting. I think the acting was really good, especially in the first half. It is a very entertaining movie, and it has a lot of heart. A lot of heart, too. It is not the kind of movie that you would see in the theater. You would go to the theater, and you would see it, and you would enjoy it. This movie is very much a different movie, but it is really enjoyable. If you like movies, and you have not seen it, I strongly recommend that you see it.

Billy A. photo
Billy A.

I am a huge fan of "Madras Cafe" movie. I have watched this movie 3 times already. It is one of the best movie I have seen in the last few years. I was a big fan of Pritam and I am not a fan of Aditya. This movie however, is great. The movie is based on the same story as the Madras Cafe. The story is more complex than the Madras Cafe movie. This movie, I felt, was more dramatic than Madras Cafe. I would recommend this movie to those who liked Madras Cafe and want to watch a serious movie. Overall, this movie is good, but not as good as Madras Cafe.

Ethan Schultz photo
Ethan Schultz

Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai have done an incredible job on this movie. They have given us a new look into the world of love. I have no words to describe this movie, but it is a one-of-a-kind. I would recommend this movie to everyone who wants to see a good romantic comedy movie with a real twist. "Mr Mummy" is an all-time movie that everyone should see.

Tammy Hall photo
Tammy Hall

An emotional movie. That's all I have to say about it. An emotional movie.

Jacqueline Ruiz photo
Jacqueline Ruiz

Bollywood can do better than this! This movie is really great! I have watched this movie more than 10 times and I am still amazed. This movie is one of the best movie ever! Anupam Kher, the director has done a fantastic job! The whole story is really great! I really liked the story! The actors have done a great job! The songs are really great! The songs are really good! I would like to give 10/10 for Anupam Kher, the director and the entire team!

Christian photo

A must watch for all those who like the Bollywood films of the 70's and 80's. Its one of the best of the 90's. A film that shows that there is no difference between the Indian and Indian films. There are many things that were going on during that time in the film industry that I never knew about. Its a very enjoyable film to watch.

Roy Riley photo
Roy Riley

It is a romantic movie, with a touch of comedy and a touch of romance. It is very much like a soap opera. The scenes are set in the background and you cannot take them seriously. I had a great time watching this movie and was very entertained. It was funny, it was romantic and it was really great. I loved the humor and the romance. It is a must-see for all romantics. It is not a movie for everyone, but if you are going to see it you will love it.

Anthony photo

The film is a lot of fun and you will never get bored watching it. The movie is very entertaining, it is very funny, but also very sad. The story is very easy to follow, but if you have not seen the film, it will make you cry. The movie is a lot of fun and you will never get bored watching it.

Brian J. photo
Brian J.

Mubarakan is a strange one. I thought it was going to be the typical gay romance movie, but it turned out to be a very good and funny film. The script is simple and has some funny parts, but the main theme of the film is good and I love the way it's presented. There's some good scenes with a few good laughs, but the movie is just good. I think this is a good movie for all ages. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely not for everyone.

Teresa Bishop photo
Teresa Bishop

I saw this movie in Mumbai recently.I was not expecting much.And I did not expect much.But it did exactly what I expected.I had no idea about the story so I didn't know if it was a romance or a comedy.But it was a comedy.It was a mix of both.The story was pretty good.The movie was funny.Akshay Kumar had his moments.Akshay Kumar is one of the best comedians in Bollywood.He had his moments in the movie.He was funny.The dialogues were good.The songs were good.The movie was all about comedy.The movie was good.I would recommend it to anyone.You can go with family or friends and have a good laugh.I was surprised.It was a good movie.I would give it a 7/10.I would recommend it to anyone. You will love it.RATING: *1/2 (out of *)

Christopher photo

I love this movie. It's a must watch for anyone who loves a good romantic comedy. I'm not going to give away the plot, but I will say that it's a very realistic movie. I know it's not realistic, but it's a movie that is very realistic. You can't help but love it. I also love the music. I love the songs in this movie. They are great. The actors do a great job in this movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good romantic comedy. It's a movie that's worth watching.

Rebecca Powell photo
Rebecca Powell

When we go to the cinema to watch a movie, we are expecting that there will be some different things, like new story, which is amazing. And that is what I was expecting from this movie, and I have to say it was a really good one. I had watched it on DVD, and the first time I saw it I was a little bit confused because the subtitles weren't working, and the subtitles were a bit distracting for me. But I kept watching the movie, and then I found the story and I really enjoyed it. The movie was about a group of friends who were talking about the recent happenings in their life and their friendship, and I have to say that it was really a very interesting story. It was funny and realistic. I really liked the way the characters were speaking. I had a hard time understanding how they were acting. And it is hard to understand the language in some scenes. But it was still a good movie. I liked the way the characters talked to each other, because they were really good at it. The story was really good and I really enjoyed the movie. And I am not sure that there is any place in the world where you can't enjoy a movie, but this movie is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen.

William S. photo
William S.

Siddarthan was the first movie of the Telugu and Kannada movie industry. The movie is also a milestone for the industry. It was a huge surprise to see Amitabh Bachchan in a movie with a character that was different from his usual work. In fact, he was seen in another movie in his very best. His presence as the lead character made the movie interesting and entertaining. The plot was predictable. However, the storyline was still engaging and there were some minor twists. Amitabh Bachchan's character was an important character to the plot. His work is very intense and every moment he is in the movie, the movie is over and is not able to be disturbed. Siddarthan, though, was a different story. Siddarthan was a character that you can't help to like. He was a simple guy that had a sense of humor. The plot of the movie was too predictable and some plot-related plot-twists did not have any impact on the story. However, the movie was still enjoyable and worth watching. One must have an open mind for this movie. It is a movie with some cursing and sexual references. One must also realize that some characters in this movie may be considered as homophobic or misogynistic. However, Siddarthan's character was not the most popular. He was more of a person that would do anything for his son. However, his character was more of a character that would do anything for his son than the son himself. He could even give him a small amount of money to save his son from losing his job. However, the last act of the movie was different. Siddarthan was a coward. He gave up on his son. He told him that he would never see him again and could not leave his son alone. He was not a selfish man. He was simply a selfish man. It was the most important part of the movie. Therefore, Siddarthan's character was much more interesting and the audience can see why Siddarthan had become the character that he was in the movie. In fact, Siddarthan was able to live up to his character. He was the main character in this movie. Siddarthan was able to get all of his son's desires to live his dream of becoming a movie star. I would recommend this movie to people who are interested in seeing a movie about a character that has made a big impact in the film industry. This movie had a good story, and it was entertaining. This movie was similar to the previous movie that was made in the same year. However, I feel that this movie was more entertaining and I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy movie.

Jeremy Brewer photo
Jeremy Brewer

A highly entertaining and heartwarming movie.A must watch movie for all.

Phillip D. photo
Phillip D.

This movie is a bit strange, for me, it's better than a sex movie. I just watched it last night and it was very interesting. The movie is about a young man and his mother, who's father is a terrorist. They meet with a girl who lives in a very small town, and she is an actor. He has a very important role in the film, and she has a very important role in the film. They fall in love with each other. The plot is very interesting. And it's the same story every time. I like the story, it's very funny. The movie is a little slow, but I like the characters. It's a very good movie, if you want to have fun. It's not too serious, but I really like the movie. And it's very much better than a sex movie.

Thomas photo

Jokes about Kichri's sexuality are there in this movie, and the movie does a good job of making it seem real. The way he's played here is extremely realistic. The movie has an interesting plot, and the characters are all very interesting. I especially liked the relationship between Raju and Kichri. I enjoyed the way Kichri had to change from a young girl to a woman, and to a person who can communicate with men in the real world. This was very realistic. And there's the twist at the end. I really liked this movie, and I recommend it.

Alice photo

I love this movie. It's a must watch. I love the characters and the way they act. I don't want to say too much about the story, because it's very good. It's like a romantic comedy, but with a different twist. You will like it, if you like Indian movies.

Harry Hicks photo
Harry Hicks

A bit overlong, but still a great comedy. The film is somewhat slow but it keeps you engaged. Rishi Kapoor has more than enough material to fill his blank look. This is an example of the genius of Amitabh Bachchan, who excels as a writer and director. This movie is a must watch for everyone. Be it the couples or the kids, this is an excellent movie. Don't miss it!

Jane Peters photo
Jane Peters

The movie is really funny and entertaining! The comedy is funny, the love story is good and the story is really cool. I don't really understand the negative comments that this movie is bad. You are really not supposed to understand this movie. The characters are really nice and the story is really good. I really don't understand why some people complain about this movie. I think it is really good and I can't understand why some people didn't like it. So if you want to watch a movie with lots of funny jokes, good love story and good story then I recommend this movie.

Marie photo

I loved this movie. It is the kind of movie that you can watch over and over again. The story is simple but it has a great twist in it. The characters are all funny and the actors do a great job. The film is funny and romantic. The story is about a boy who is a genius and his brother who is not very smart. The brother has a girlfriend who is also a genius. The brother's best friend is also a genius. The brother and the brother's best friend are in love with the same girl. The movie is funny, romantic and has great music. It is a must see.

Bruce Harrison photo
Bruce Harrison

Amar is a fire-breather with good sense. His first hit film is a masterpiece. What else can be said about this wonderful movie? Great songs, great background score and very very good actor. The movie starts with a great tragedy that amazes the audience. The opening scenes is very good and the rest of the movie is flawless. The movie is a treat for the audience. The cinematography, the music and the plot are the elements that makes this movie a great masterpiece. Don't miss it. This is a must watch movie for everyone.

Lisa Brooks photo
Lisa Brooks

The movie was good. Had a good rhythm. One scene in the movie was very good. I liked the ending song. But I think the story needed more research. It was very predictable. The story could have been better. Some of the characters could have been better. The movie needed a more direction. And they should have shown more about the men that were married to the women in the movie. The movie was good. The girls in the movie were very good. But the story was very predictable. And the story was too long. And the movie was not funny. If you want to watch a movie that is good and romantic, then you should watch this movie.

Robert photo

The movie is very nice and funny. I'm sure many people will love it. There are also many women who like the movie. I think it's a movie which is not to be missed. The story is very nice and amusing. The cast was really good. All the actors are good at their roles. I like the songs very much. I think they are very good songs. If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend it. But if you do not like movies like this, you can't blame the producers of this movie for not doing the film justice. You should watch this movie. It's really nice.

Emma photo

This movie was awesome. It had a happy ending that was satisfying to all the people. The plot was entertaining and unique. The storyline was brilliant and you never got bored. This movie is a must watch and a must buy.

Kyle photo

Let's be honest. I'm not much of a Malayalam movie goer. I watch even more as a filmmaker and a movie buff, but this movie is my favorite. It's a mature, witty comedy, full of excellent laughs and truly worth watching. I loved the plot, the script and the characters. The whole cast had performed splendidly, especially the main lead A.R. Rehman. I haven't seen much of him since his earlier Malayalam movies, but he sure delivered in this movie. He's one of the better Malayalam actors I have seen, and this was his best work since this movie. Sajid-Ul-Hussain is one of my favorites, and I was amazed by him. His character was truly hilarious, he's so natural, and just a pleasure to watch. I was surprised to see him in a comedy movie, he has quite a bit of experience. The other main cast members did well, I loved all their characters. I think the screenplay, the music, and the great screenplay will make you laugh for a long time. I loved this movie, and I hope there will be more movies like this to come from Malayalam, and there's plenty of good comedy movies to come from Kerala. I also hope to see some Malayalam movies in the near future from Malayalam directors. Congratulations to the Malayalam filmmakers and actors for making such a good movie.

Jean photo

I have watched this movie many times and I always find it hilarious. I am a big fan of Bollywood movies and I also like good comedies. It is one of the best comedies I have ever seen. It is not a story that makes you laugh but rather a story that makes you laugh. It is a tale of a man who is a doctor and wants to marry his friend's wife. The story is simple but the humor is just as good. I would recommend this movie to any one who is into comedy movies. It is definitely worth watching.

Samantha P. photo
Samantha P.

A very rare film that hits you from the beginning to the end. I felt as if I was watching the real life of the writer of this very movie. The cast is great, every actor was very convincing. They all did a wonderful job and their characters were so likable. I think the way the movie was filmed made it very realistic and you really felt for the characters. The storyline is great, very believable. It is not a western version of the story, but a movie based on real life. The songs in the movie are very good and will make you fall in love with the songs. I recommend everyone to see this movie. It is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is very well made, and the whole story was very realistic. The only thing I think is missing is a bit of romance and comedy. But it is definitely worth it.

Jack Peters photo
Jack Peters

One of the most romantic and funny movie ever. It's a perfect movie to watch with your friends and family. You will not regret watching this movie.

Judith H. photo
Judith H.

I watched this movie yesterday, and I am very happy that I did. It is an excellent movie that you will not regret watching. The story of the movie is very entertaining, and you will not feel bored after watching the movie. There is no boring scene, and the movie is not too long, and it is not too short. The movie is very funny, the characters are very good. The story is very good, and you will not feel bored after watching the movie. The movie is very romantic, and the characters are very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I give this movie a 10/10.

Juan photo

This movie is a good movie to watch if you are bored of watching other movies and want to watch a good movie. The story is good and good cast. Boman Irani is amazing. The way he talks and how he acts. I like how he talks. The way he acted and looks. Everyone in the movie is good. The music is good. I like how they used the music in the movie. All in all, the movie is good. I give this movie 7/10.

Andrew Peterson photo
Andrew Peterson

A very good movie. But why is it rated 7? It is a remake of a Hindi movie. The story is very good. And the acting is very good. A must watch for all. If you like Hindi movies and you like movies with bad acting, then I recommend you to watch this movie.

Carol photo

I thought the film was quite entertaining. I was impressed by the acting of both Ranvir and Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar was the best, as always. I was also impressed by the film's script. It was a very interesting story. I really liked the chemistry between the characters and the plot was very interesting. I think that the film was very good. I would definitely recommend this film to people who like romantic comedies.

Frank K. photo
Frank K.

I remember the first time I watched the movie. I was in the middle of watching the movie, and I didn't know what to think. The story seemed to be about a guy named Mr. Raman (Keeravani), a husband and a father, who is always on the verge of breaking down in every single conversation he has with his wife. He is always trying to control his wife. But the movie shows him to be a man of great passion and faith. He is always trying to bring happiness to his wife, and this is what he does, especially when she gets in trouble. He believes that women are weak and the only thing that can make them happy is to have a good relationship with their husbands. This is the main theme of the movie, and Keeravani is portrayed as a man who takes action to bring happiness to his wife. There are many other scenes in the movie which are similar to those in the movie. The movie is full of jokes and also there is one single scene where Keeravani fights with his wife and breaks his leg. But Keeravani is able to get over his injury, and has a good relationship with his wife. I also enjoyed the movie a lot. The story is good, and I liked the performances of the actors. But the movie could have been better. There are some parts in the movie where the movie seems to be a bit slow. But I am sure that this will be corrected in the next edition. I like this movie very much and I will be watching it again soon.

Alexander W. photo
Alexander W.

This film is so much more than a romantic comedy. It is also a great story of life. From the moment you start watching, you feel that it's going to be a great film. But I think the film has more to offer than just a simple romantic comedy. It has a great story of love, hate and life. You don't need to be a romantic comedy fan to get it. The film has a lot of humor and I really enjoyed it. I hope it will do well. I can't wait for the sequel.

Judith Thomas photo
Judith Thomas

This movie is a winner. A story about a street kid who is forced to grow up into a man. And there are many things that happen. All the emotions are shown. One can enjoy this movie. A good story. A nice role for Ram Madhvan and Rishi Kapoor. All the songs are good. Good Music and direction. The only problem is that you cannot find any mistake in the movie. Sometimes you don't know which actor is who. There are so many people in the movie. I like it. This is the type of movie that will be missed.

Mark photo

As I had watched MUMBAI BOTTOM 2 and MUMBAI BOTTOM 3 in the past, I am a big fan of Hindi movies. And when I watched MUMBAI BOTTOM 3, I thought it would be a good movie for me. After watching the movie, I was disappointed. The movie is very cliche, its just like MUMBAI BOTTOM 1, 2 and 3. The music is great and the acting is okay. The movie does not have much twists, its just a typical "happy ending". But the movie is good for family. I think the best part of the movie is the ending, its the best ending of the movie. Overall, the movie is a good movie, but I think it is not a good movie for everyone.

Julia Grant photo
Julia Grant

This movie is a must watch for the entire family. It is funny, creative and it has a good message. The film has a very funny script and the cast is superb. I would say that this is a must watch for all ages.

Grace J. photo
Grace J.

Being a big fan of Indian Cinema and Rajini, I was interested to watch this movie. I have been surprised to see that a movie with a social message is not a common theme in Indian Cinema. In a way it is a game to see how well you can cover all the issues with entertainment. For me it is Rajini's show. And he did it in a way that is comfortable for me and I never found it annoying. That said, I have not seen any of his movies that are of the same genre. This movie is really good, not because of the content, but because of the style of the movie and the actor's performances. Rajini does not have the best acting skills, but he does a good job with his material. The other actors in the movie are also good, but some of the scenes are very melodramatic. The movie is very entertaining and entertaining, but not much thought is put into the movie. It is really the same story, the same story with some twists. The movie is not a masterpiece, but it is a good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who is into Indian Cinema. 8/10

Brittany Nichols photo
Brittany Nichols

This movie is a must watch. It is one of the best movies of all time. Sushant Singh Rajput,has done a brilliant job. All the actors have done their part. The story is not really good, but the plot is absolutely brilliant. The movie starts from the last scene of the movie and goes on for a whole two hours. The movie ends in a very good manner.I don't know how to describe this movie, but it is definitely a must watch.

Charles photo

It's sad that this movie got the low rating, because the movie is a real gem. Not only is it funny, but the story is good too. It's not a simple comedy, but it's a fun movie with a good story and a good message. It's one of those movies you can watch with your family or friends. It's not a perfect movie, but it's not a bad movie either. I think it's a really good movie.

William C. photo
William C.

The movie is a modern day Indian film with a typical twist, with a traditional song in the background. The film has lots of humor, yet stays serious. The story is about a girl who is constantly running away from her family. She meets a handsome prince who gives her a surprise gift. When she discovers the secret she goes on a journey. The prince then finds out the secret and returns with a plan to save her. This film is a great film with great music. It's a nice movie to watch with family.

Katherine photo

Mubarakan is a very good movie. If you have seen the movie you would definitely like it.The movie has really the right story and it is a good idea.the concept is good. The director has done a great job. If you have a good time in your life and you have a big time you can watch this movie.I hope you will love it as much as I did.I am sure you will enjoy it.

Kenneth B. photo
Kenneth B.

Not many movies can make me feel like i have lived a life full of memories and it's still going on. It can also be emotional and powerful at the same time. Just like this one! The story is simple and the characters are still recognizable but the cast has taken it up a notch! In a way, it is a love story, but it is also a tragedy. It's the story of two people who are in love but in different ways and it's all the more important because the world is in danger of going to hell if we don't help the one who is in love with her. The story is not without its flaws. The pace is not very good. It is a bit choppy in places. The pace of the film is slow but I believe it is necessary. The movie should have been longer, maybe a little more dramatic. The movie is also not without its faults. I think that there were some things which were never developed or even mentioned and there were some scenes which I didn't feel were necessary. Overall, I really liked this movie and it is one of my favorite Indian movies. It has a great cast and a great story. I strongly recommend that you watch this movie.

Michelle photo

it's the best film ever made.the best comedy,the best action,the best music,the best songs and the best scenes.a rare gem.I can't wait to see it again and's so funny,it's so sad,it's so fun,it's so warm,it's so's so cute,it's so pure,it's so funny,it's so intelligent,it's so honest,it's so beautiful,it's so.great. It's the best film ever made,so i give it 10/10.

Roy H. photo
Roy H.

I have seen this movie many times, I have seen it on TV many times and I have watched it in the cinema and I have enjoyed it as much as many of the other critics, but I never understood why it was given such a bad review by some critics. There are a lot of beautiful stories in this movie, that are worth watching. This is a movie for all ages, that can give you goosebumps and enjoy yourself. A good movie that will never be forgotten. It will be mentioned in all of the movies list for many years. My vote is 10. For me, this is one of the best Indian movies ever. A must watch.

Jane W. photo
Jane W.

it is a great movie that was totally produced by a girl in her twenties.and it is a must watch movie. Akshay Kumar was good in his role. the love triangle between mom and son was good. the music of the movie was very had some hit songs and a lot of popular songs.i would rate this movie 10/10. i think this is one of the best movies of the year.

Keith Bishop photo
Keith Bishop

A very good movie. The story was really nice. The music was very good. The movie is like a puzzle. There are several parts that will make you think a lot. The music was good. It has its own lyrics. This movie has been very good. A must watch.

Mary K. photo
Mary K.

This movie was so good! I like to watch a movie a few times to understand the movie. This movie is a must watch! I will give it 10/10. The movie has a good story line, it was good the way they used the characters, the characters had a good chemistry with each other. The action scenes were good. The music was good. The songs were good. The acting was good. I would like to see this movie again. I recommend this movie to everyone, especially those who love movies.

Albert Herrera photo
Albert Herrera

I don't understand why people say this movie sucks. This movie is very good. You should watch it. The songs are so good and the story is good. It is not as usual movie, but it's good. The movie is not a waste of time. People should watch it. It is not a waste of time. I can't say this movie is good because people don't like it. I think everyone should watch this movie. If you watch it, you will see it is a good movie.

Alexander Smith photo
Alexander Smith

I watched this movie on TV a long time ago and never got tired of it. It is an entertaining, nice story. It is a nice attempt to create a normal family life. The movie also shows the "different cultures" that can exist in a family. The movie is not perfect, but it is a nice attempt to show a normal family life.

Adam R. photo
Adam R.

Mubarakan is a melodious love story about a popular show host in Mumbai, who has to do a background check on his fiancee and then tell her he is already engaged to another. This takes place in a village where everyone is completely unaware of the newly wedded couple's relationship. The film has a captivating and touching story line. The music by Kishore Kumar is very good and the songs are arranged very well. All in all, this is a must watch for those who love a good melodrama. Don't miss it.

Alan photo

The movie's story is simple, yet very effective. The story of the girl, as well as her relationship with the other characters, is very well conveyed. The ending was very unexpected and very poignant. If you're looking for a romantic comedy with a great message, look no further. It will keep you laughing, but it also will teach you a lesson.

Victoria B. photo
Victoria B.

Funny, and very, very entertaining. I think that was the best performance of the year. And like I said before, he's going to be a huge star. I also thought that the last half of the film was great. For some reason, it's hard for me to find films that are good but not very great, and I can't say this film was that. But I'll tell you this: I'm looking forward to see more of his films.

Dorothy photo

A very nice movie, and one of the best in this year. It is a very good mix of comedy and drama. It has good performances, and the music is good. The story is very good, and the music is good. The best part is the humor, which is very funny, and the songs are very good. The only thing that I do not like is that the movie is not long, and the movie is a little bit too long. The movie is good, and I recommend it to all.

Cynthia Price photo
Cynthia Price

I saw this movie at the cinema with my friends. I loved it. It was a wonderful movie with a lot of laughs and a good story. It was very funny. I would recommend it to anyone who likes comedy. The movie is not that bad, it is a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh.

Arthur H. photo
Arthur H.

I'm not sure how I missed this movie in the first place, but I just happened to catch it on TV one night. I had no idea what it was about, so I decided to watch it, and I was totally surprised. The movie is so good, that I couldn't stop watching it. The acting is great, and the story is really interesting. I can't wait to see the movie again. I recommend this movie to everyone, because it's a great movie.

Linda photo

I loved this movie. I can't remember a time I laughed so hard. It was an awesome comedy and one of the best comedies I have ever seen. I didn't expect much from it, but I was surprised by how good it was. The script was very well written and well-thought out. I liked how it kept the comedy from the beginning until the end. And the acting was great. I loved to see how they went about making it. I loved how they incorporated a lot of different genres into the script. There are some very good comedies out there and this is one of them. I think the best part of the movie is how they handle the romance. I felt that it wasn't necessary for the movie to be about romance. I think the whole movie is about how they work together and have a strong bond. Overall, it was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Martha J. photo
Martha J.

It's a very good film with an outstanding script. The plot is based on a real-life murder case, and the performances of both the leads are very good. It's a film that will make you laugh, cry and will have a deep impact on you. It's a must-see.

Brandon photo

I watched this movie with my brother and brother in law. We both had a blast. The movie was fun. I also love it. A friend of mine told me the movie was bad but I couldn't believe it. This is not bad. It's actually good. There are scenes where you will laugh. The movie has a lot of comedy. It's not a movie to watch for your kids. It's good for people over the age of 30. I like the jokes. The best part of the movie is when they dance. I would recommend this movie to anyone. If you are not used to watching movies with the music, it might be a little difficult to follow. But if you can do that, you will enjoy it. I recommend this movie to anyone. My rating: 9/10.

Kimberly Gibson photo
Kimberly Gibson

A fabulous movie which comes with two themes. One, revenge and the other is love. A story about the love between two girls. Aa, they have been living together for 10 years and they have not shared any intimacy. As they are about to move in together, the head of the family sends her away to find a husband. The girls are both in love with each other and soon they find out that they are also married. As the heads of the family, they decide to set their minds and hearts against each other. All this was done in the backdrop of a ballad which is played by Aamir Khan. It is such a beautifully written and acted movie and it is very entertaining. As the story is very good, it also has its humorous moments. As the story is very well written and its direction is very good. The songs are also very good. Aa, it is a really great movie and a must watch.

Laura photo

I loved the movie. Yes it was a tad long but the whole time i had to laugh. And when it ended, i wanted to go to my room and watch it again. But this is one of the movies that are not so easy to watch. I've been in love with Aishwarya Rai since her movie "Fakir" came out. But she is good in "Rani". She has always been great in those movies, no matter what she is in. But she is good in "Kashmir" too. I will also like to mention that this is the first time I've ever seen Rani's eyes and mouth. I like this style of movie. And for those who don't like it, go watch "Rani".

Edward photo

It's a comedy, not a drama, but it is fun. It has a nice rhythm. The romance is a bit disappointing, because it doesn't really show the passion and deep love between the two protagonists. But the chemistry between the two actors is so real and the music is so charming that it makes it worth to watch. It's not a masterpiece, but it's definitely worth to watch.

Hannah photo

The movie is very good, the story is great, the screenplay is great, the background score is very good. This is a movie which does not disappoint. The cast is superb. I liked the performance of Salman Khan. If you are a Salman Khan fan, I suggest you to watch this movie, you will not be disappointed.