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For Sama is a movie starring Waad Al-Kateab, Hamza Al-Khateab, and Sama Al-Khateab. FOR SAMA is both an intimate and epic journey into the female experience of war.

Other Titles
Kirje Alepposta, 娘は戦場で生まれた, Alla mia piccola Sama, 親愛的莎瑪, Für Sama, Pour Sama, Till min dotter, Para Sama, Brevet från Aleppo
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
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Documentary, War
Edward Watts, Waad Al-Kateab
Sama Al-Khateab, Waad Al-Kateab, Hamza Al-Khateab
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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FOR SAMA is both an intimate and epic journey into the female experience of war.

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Wayne R. photo
Wayne R.

A moving, inspiring and well-written documentary. This is a film that I felt I needed to watch even though it was being shown in the film section of my local video store. It's a story that I had never heard about. About an obscure, little country village that had suffered much during the Second World War. The children's tales were heartbreaking and moving. A village that had suffered from a concentration camp, but a small school, and a small hospital, with just a single doctor for every 7,000 people. When I heard about this film, I was so excited to see it. I waited a week before I saw it, hoping that I would be able to find a copy of it, and it didn't. It's just one of those films that you have to see to believe. I'll never forget the night that I finally saw it. I had been waiting for it for two years and I finally got to see it on the big screen. I knew what I was going to see and I didn't have any expectations. I was just blown away. The children's stories were so moving and I never knew what to expect. The only thing I could think about was that this would be the movie that would show my children the beauty of Poland and the incredible beauty of Poland's people. It was.and it is. I will never forget the day I finally saw this film. I am so thankful that I had the chance to see it. It is a film that I will never forget.

Sarah Rogers photo
Sarah Rogers

As a child, I had only seen movies about Nazi Germany, which I wasn't too excited about. But now I have seen a couple of movies about the atrocities committed in WWII, and I am very excited. Sama is a movie that depicts the life of a young girl in the 1940s in Poland, after she was sent to Auschwitz. It is told in a simple and powerful manner, because the filmmakers didn't try to get the viewer to connect with the events in the movie. They show the events from a girl's perspective, which makes it even more powerful. I think that the director has taken a courageous and really deep approach to the subject matter, and made it more understandable and realistic for viewers. In addition to showing the events from the girl's point of view, the movie also highlights the humanity and courage that the SS officers and guards had to show in order to protect the Nazis. I think that the main purpose of the movie was to get the viewers to feel what it was like to be in Auschwitz. The movie is a must see for anyone who wants to learn more about what it was like to be in the concentration camp. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the subject. This movie is truly one of the best I've seen.

Margaret photo

I watched this documentary with my wife on a rainy Friday afternoon. We've seen this story unfold several times and are now prepared to watch it again. It is truly remarkable and is a true testament to the dedication and hard work of those who support the Palestinian struggle. It is a documentary on Israeli security measures in Jerusalem. It provides extensive information and interviews with Israelis and Palestinians in the area. The film was filmed by Palestinians and Israelis who were in close proximity to the death of Khaled Khilineh, a young Palestinian man from the occupied West Bank. The story is told in the documentary in several different versions and interviews. There are times when it's hard to understand what's being said and how it relates to Khaled's death. The filmmaker uses words and phrases to describe what is happening on the ground and the personalities of the people in the area. It helps the viewer understand the situation better. The film is based on a series of interviews, many of them from Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, with Israelis who were also in close proximity to the death of Khaled Khilineh. In the course of the film they each recount the events and the emotions they feel after being in the situation. The interviews were interesting and made for a very powerful documentary. The man who filmed the documentary was a Palestinian cameraman. He was at the Al-Aqsa mosque when the Israeli military first entered the mosque and he witnessed the first shooting and the deaths of the worshippers. He did not have the opportunity to film the events in the mosque or the events after. It was very difficult to find any camera equipment to record what he saw and this made it difficult to give us the full story. The film is not edited and it is shot at a very slow pace. It allows the viewer to get a better understanding of what is going on. The film is very engaging and I feel that it was also shot in a very difficult environment. The use of the "magic lens" is very effective. The lens was pointed at Khaled's body and the focus was kept on his face, head and eyes. This gave the audience the sense that Khaled's body was being watched by the camera. It was difficult to use a tripod or any other equipment because of the difficulty in getting the shot in the narrow spaces of the building. The cameraman was able to work through these difficulties. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the situation in the occupied territories. I hope that we can see more like it in the future.

Henry Guerrero photo
Henry Guerrero

The results are truly remarkable. From a small town to a major city, the story of survival is a good example of how people around the world could be saved from destruction of their homes and family. We must learn to appreciate the power of small gestures and small deeds. It is truly inspirational, inspiring to see what small individuals can do. To show that God can and does work miracles, if you do what you know to be right, you will have success. It is not enough to have a good job, a home, and a car, you must have all these things if you want to be successful. This movie shows that the meaning of love, faith, and loyalty can be achieved by just having those little things, and the results can be profound. It is wonderful to watch the way that people are organized and acting in harmony to save their homes and families.

Christine photo

I am going to watch this movie again to remember how this war is so bad. It has been a year since I saw the movie, and I still remember every scene from the movie, like the soldiers where smiling, and they were talking about the war. I think this movie can change many things in the war, and can bring back people who are thinking about joining in this war. I really hope that the next time the government is able to convince the soldiers to help the Vietnamese people. This is a movie that will be forgotten for a long time, but will be remembered for a long time. I think that it will be a very important movie for many people in the world. I really hope that I will be able to see this movie again.

Austin Fowler photo
Austin Fowler

I first saw this movie as a child and have since seen it every year. A must see for everyone.

Andrew W. photo
Andrew W.

I am a documentary photographer and I saw this film and wanted to tell everyone about this awesome work. This movie is very interesting because it shows the close ups of the soldiers on the ground during the conflict. There are so many people that died and yet you see only one man and you don't know who he is or what he is doing. This movie is very interesting and it was very informative. It was very interesting to see the war and the dead soldiers that were really important. And to see the amazing work that these soldiers did. It was also very interesting to see the people that were behind the scenes of the war. This was a very special movie and I really recommend it to everyone.

Maria C. photo
Maria C.

After watching this, I couldn't believe it was this good. It is amazing to think that we actually need such powerful, and seemingly non-material, things like these. What a shame that some people are so blinded by money that they don't realize that they are being conned by the wealthy people who fund these projects. These are real people. I strongly believe that the movie was able to document this amazing event and allow the viewer to question why so many people have taken to the road of suicide. It is a sad and painful story that we all know about. The destruction of the landscape is well documented. It is amazing that a community would allow it to happen in the first place. I wish the survivors the best of luck and hope that they find the strength and support to recover from the ordeal.

Amanda Jacobs photo
Amanda Jacobs

This film is so brave and heartbreaking to watch. It is so powerful and moving, that it just doesn't come out of a good movie. This film is an emotional roller coaster ride. I was so moved by it and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don't see this film if you are not in the mood for a good film. This film has so much going for it. The cinematography is very beautiful, it is powerful, and I can not recommend this film enough. It is so well done. There are some very moving scenes in the film, and the acting is excellent. I have only one problem with this film and that is it is too long. I think it is about 2 hours and 30 minutes long. There are many parts in the film that were good, but they were a little too long. Also, there are many parts of the film that were very poetic and moving. I recommend this film to anyone. It is very well done and it is very powerful and moving. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good film. It is a great movie.

Jerry photo

The film is a well constructed and beautifully made film. The way the images are captured is so well done. If you watch the film, you will notice that the filmmakers really tried to capture this refugee situation in a way that really makes sense. For example, the film uses a lot of humour and has several moments that are very funny. The film is very entertaining and has a lot of emotion to it. It is a very important film that should be watched and anyone who doesn't watch this film is missing out on an important movie.

Angela photo

Filmed in the field in the South of Poland, this documentary shows the Polish diaspora in Germany in the 1980's, from refugees to migrants. This film was produced in the period of the hard war. It is not only about the tragedy of the Polish refugees but about the other, not the German, Polish diaspora. There were also strong Polish diaspora in South of France. This is an important film to the Polish diaspora. It is only because of this film that the South is more open than it was in the past to the diaspora. This film is a must see. My vote is ten. Title (Portuguese): "Foto de Leidir-Sama: O Trocão Nao Dias" ("Foto of the Polish Refugee: The Defiance of the War")

Tammy P. photo
Tammy P.

I have never been to war but this movie is very important to me. It will bring tears to my eyes as I watch this. I will watch this movie over and over again. It is the most moving movie I have ever seen. When I saw it the first time I just knew I wanted to go back and see it again and again. I just want to thank everyone who made this movie. Thank you for making a movie about an event that most of us don't even think about. I loved it and I wish I could see it again.

James D. photo
James D.

The DVD of Sama is pretty basic, so no fancy extras or anything like that. It is, however, filled with fascinating footage of the conflict from various angles. Some of it is downright brutal, like the child from Afghanistan, or the young child from Syria and Lebanon. This might seem offensive at first, but you realize that there is a very good reason for it, and the main reason is a desire to see a lot of human suffering, both of the terrorists and of the civilian populations that have to live with them. And it is all too clear that the U.S. is not solely to blame for the violence. Russia has been there too, and as the film shows, the involvement of the Saudis and the Emiratis, their friends and enemies, have had a very negative impact on the situation in Syria, and the very few instances of cooperation and cooperation with the Syrian Government are just a part of this much larger pattern. To summarize, Sama is just another excuse to see a lot of bloodshed, but it is actually very insightful. Just don't listen to all the people who say it's anti-American propaganda, or you'll be blinded.

Deborah photo

This is the best documentary on Israel-Palestine. We all have our own opinions on this matter, but this movie will give us a real sense of what's going on in the Middle East and in Israel. Even if you don't like the politics, you'll understand that this isn't about the Palestinians or Israel. It's about the people in the Middle East and how these two societies are affected by each other. It's a shame that the world is so ignorant and narrow-minded in this regard. I highly recommend this film.

Laura Bailey photo
Laura Bailey

I have been seeing documentary's for many years. I am very impressed by the courage and perseverance that is put in to the final moments. This documentary tells the story of the pilot's continued efforts to bring the aircraft back to safety. I will not go into all of the details because I feel it would be too much. I feel it would be misleading to that the film could not be made without this fantastic effort. I found the movie to be moving. It was very emotional, you could see the effort that the pilots went through to bring the plane back. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the airplane.

Kathy M. photo
Kathy M.

This is a very interesting film, well done for the most part, and of course the main subject of the film is the front line in the ground war between Israel and the PLO, and how the Israeli people responded. I have been researching this and how it all went down for a long time. And there are many who will dispute this as if it was some sort of movie, but it's not, it's something that happened. For example, during the war, a person ran into a soldier, and he said to him that he was going to shoot him, because he had a gun and he is a soldier, but it was his second time to do it. So the soldier then had to go back and check it out. He was surprised that he had seen him earlier, so he told him that it was him, and the soldier said that he was at a restaurant and saw him, he recognized him, he said that he had been a sniper. So he gave him his gun back. So now the soldier is the main character, he is now the target of an assassination attempt, and he is not sure what to do, so he goes to his house and finds an arsenal of weapons. But the police arrive at the same time, and they find him at home, and are the main characters in the film. A lot of what happens in this film was really surprising to me. I will only say that in the beginning of the film it showed the PLO attack their headquarters, and the Israelis came in, and the PLO soldier has just killed an Israeli soldier, so then the Israelis are coming in to find out who did this, and all the world was talking about it, and then it got out that it was the PLO, and it went from being a big story to a big story about the PLO. So this is a story that really does show how the whole story was spread, not just for the Israelis, but for the entire world. It really does show the power of the media in the world.

Pamela S. photo
Pamela S.

For us in the west who have seen "Takeshi's Rage 2", "A better tomorrow" and "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" in our day, this documentary is not a sequel but a tribute to the original in which all those old-school action-hero, characters, designs and action scenes are clearly visible. And the fact that the bulk of the footage is first time-frame is the real reason why this documentary is special. Of course the story is very familiar. It has the same message of a world falling apart: we can't live our lives without destroying the environment and nobody can do anything about it except we ourselves. We see, that's the main problem with the world today and we, as far as the way we live is concerned, can only change what we can with our personal life. And the message in "Sama" is a lot more than a retrospective view of the original. The movie is very much packed with observations and insights, including clips from the original and many of the other great action-movies of the past. And the interview with directors on the whole DVD makes this documentary a valuable addition to any collection of action-movies. Everyone who loves action-movies should watch this one!

Aaron photo

I do not understand why people say this documentary is completely irresponsible and offensive. I would call it a shameful waste of time. It's a pity. I just don't understand why someone who is not a refugee or otherwise, cannot feel like they have a good life when they are living in a refugee camp. There are too many refugee people who have very good lives, they just want to be able to live in their own country. As a child, I couldn't even see myself to be a refugee. I am afraid to live as a refugee myself. That is why I hate it when people take a documentary and call it irresponsible. It's not like that, this is a very serious and some may say inhuman case. And it's sad, because the most important thing is to be free, and we can't just sit back and do nothing. I don't want to say more, just watch it.

Amy Wood photo
Amy Wood

Sama is a young Arab/Muslim girl with intense dreams of becoming a British nurse. From a young age Sama has wanted to be a nurse. Her family rejects her because she is Muslim, and they wish that she would marry someone like her father. Her father asks her to go to London and marry a man who looks like her father. Although initially this is a significant undertaking for Sama, it is not what she wanted. After much persuasion she agrees. However when she goes to London she sees a man who is extremely beautiful and handsome. She accepts this man and joins him in the UK. As soon as Sama arrives in London she finds her destiny has changed. Instead of being a nurse, Sama is now a prostitute. In London she meets other young Muslim girls. They talk about their lives and how they wish to become a nurse and become part of society. They are extremely proud of their Muslim faith and very proud of their strength and bravery. They praise the government in the UK for their religious tolerance. In other words, their behaviour is not Islamophobic, but shows that Muslims are very tolerant of other religions. Sama ends up marrying the man she had been rejected by. But when she returns to her father he is extremely angry that she has married a non Muslim man. He brings her back home and sends her to live with her abusive father. Sama cannot get used to her new life. Her father is very angry that she is not using her Muslim faith to hide her new identity. He attempts to impose a strict Muslim life on Sama and put a chain around her ankle. He wishes that Sama go back to her father, and allow him to raise her. Sama eventually agrees to go back to her father. She goes back to his home where she is very happy. This is because she has a powerful father who loves her unconditionally. Sama is now the proud daughter of her father. Sama never used to be a prostitute, but had to be because she was not accepted by her family. This is a powerful film that shows the strength of Muslims in Britain. It's very powerful because it shows how a woman who is raised with a strict Islamic upbringing can still become a strong young woman. It is also an important story of hope that Muslim women are not scared to embrace their Muslim faith, and they can be strong, independent, independent in marriage, independent in the workplace, independent in education, and independent in all aspects of life. These are the values that Muslim women should be pursuing.

Beverly C. photo
Beverly C.

What exactly is going on in Aleppo, Syria? During the Aleppo Civil War, warring parties are besieging the civilian population in and around Aleppo, the capital city of Syria. In a film by British filmmaker Jane Rosler (whose work I found extremely compelling and penetrating), one is forced to question what exactly is going on and why. I found that both her documentary and her news reports seemed remarkably accurate. There is really no middle ground. The coverage seems to focus almost entirely on the Syrian army. I found her reporting, combined with her music, quite moving and moving-forward. She talks to some rebels who are calling themselves "The White Helmets" (Syria's equivalent of the Red Cross) and they are very brave and courageous. She also interviews others and doesn't waste time interviewing all of them. This film is very focused on what the White Helmets are doing. I found this difficult to understand and suspect that it would have been more powerful if they had discussed the government in the Syrian government and not the White Helmets. The White Helmets are a small group of volunteer civilians who are trying to save lives and get those lives saved. I understand that these are not regular people but I am extremely skeptical that they are a group of ordinary Syrian people. I would like to know what this group is doing and if it is really saving lives. I do not believe that it is a good thing to be talking to these people because the government in the government of Syria is one of the worst in the world. There have been multiple battles in Aleppo, all of them have been fought against the government and people inside the city. The White Helmets have not saved any lives. They have not even made a dent in the government. I am not saying that they are not good people because I do not think they are. I am saying that this group has a better chance of saving lives if they do not speak to the government in the Syrian government and this group is in the government. This is an extremely serious issue and I would really like to know how they are doing. This is not a documentary or news program. This is real and I would like to know if this is real and is happening or if this is just a big publicity campaign to get more people to go to Syria. The government is one of the worst in the world and the White Helmets are a group of regular civilians who have the right to their own opinions and to do what they want to do. I hope that more people can see this film. I believe that it is not just a documentary. It is a film that is trying to change the way we see the Syrian conflict. The film has some very important messages that if we all take the time to read them, we can all see that we need to change our thinking. We can change our perceptions and opinions about Syria. This is a very powerful film that is sure to make you think. I strongly recommend this film.

Marilyn Russell photo
Marilyn Russell

It's about the "mercenary spirit" of a group of armed men in Colombia. The film was made in 2002. The subject is one of the main characteristics that makes this group of men some of the best soldiers of their time. They are constantly on the move. They always had some chance of being killed, as they are sometimes exposed to some very harsh situations. The film shows that the group - five people from four different villages - are totally fearless and can survive very difficult situations. They don't fear death. The soldier's motivation is that the Colombians want them to fight for them. The story of their "mercenary spirit" is compelling and interesting. The subjects, the leader - "Diego," and his co-leader - "Rodolfo," are both interesting. The only thing that should be made clear is that the film is in Spanish with English subtitles. The length is well made. I don't think it is overlong. The highlight is the scene where the fighters walk through the jungle with a painted army vehicle to search for their prey. It's a very emotional and thrilling scene.

Katherine photo

. is a surprisingly gritty drama about children, families, and war. The movie is surprisingly good for a documentary, and the performances are especially good. The three main characters (the youngest is six years old) are intelligent and give an honest insight into the hardships faced by children in the middle of a war zone. The older son, six, is troubled and shows some strange behavior. However, when he is 13 and joins the army, the war begins to affect him. And the youngest, 12, is torn between his father's dreams for him and his need to be a fighter. I think the film explores the issues that affect every single one of us. But I think it is especially effective because it is short, almost no dialog, the characters are extremely real, and it doesn't come across as propaganda. I give it an 8.

Dorothy C. photo
Dorothy C.

I heard about this film when it came out on television, but it never got any air time, since it only had a few minutes on TV. It was great when I saw it, it showed a lot of the tragic aspects of the war. I was surprised to see that it was filmed on location in Albania. I was really impressed by the cinematography, it was really well done. The color was great, I was very impressed with the costumes. I don't think I could have taken it any better, but it was very tough watching it, because I was so captivated by the camera. The music was so haunting and sad, I was crying a lot. The actors were amazing, especially as a witness to the events, especially that woman. I am so glad she managed to make an honest, raw documentary film like this. I was really glad she showed what really happened in that area. When I saw the ending of the film, I just sat there in silence, because I was so moved by the raw power and beauty of the music, and the amazing cinematography. I recommend this film to anyone. It is a beautiful and shocking film, one of the best I've seen in the last few years.

Martha Marshall photo
Martha Marshall

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Great White North. And if ever there were a great film about Canada, Sama would be the choice. We are such a welcome sight to many on their visit to our land. After seeing Sama I must say that I agree with the Director's comments regarding the aspect of the black community, that we are basically not accepted by our white neighbors. That's the reason why the directors chose to make the movie of a man with his hand in the bread. I'm sure it will prove a popular topic among young people. I thought Sama was a wonderful movie. I must also add that it was shot in Hollywood with a nice blend of color, of snow and of black people. I wonder why this movie wasn't made more widely known. Sama's story is well-written and well-acted, and the acting by the actors is superb. The character of a young boy named Sama was very well portrayed by the actor who portrayed him. His portrayal of Sama is very touching, and he was very well-casted. His role was in no way small. Many people from all backgrounds of this movie cast their votes. I give it a thumbs up for this movie.

Emma photo

This movie was a great story and had a great cast. The amount of people that were interviewed was a huge part of this movie. Some of the things that were talked about in the movie were very valid and realistic. This movie could have gone in any direction and ended up something different. But this movie turned out so unique and thought provoking. There were some that were just "oh how bad" and others that were "wow what a great story". This movie was worth the viewing and well worth of the viewing.