Steam Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton

Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton

Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton is a movie starring Nick Carroll, Darrick Doerner, and Laird Hamilton. This is the remarkable story of an American icon who changed the sport of big wave surfing forever. Transcending the...

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Laird Hamilton: pillar cada ola, テイク・エブリィ・ウェーブ
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Documentary, Sport
Rory Kennedy
Jack Youngelson, Mark Bailey
Nick Carroll, Gabrielle Reece, Laird Hamilton, Darrick Doerner
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This is the remarkable story of an American icon who changed the sport of big wave surfing forever. Transcending the surf genre, this in-depth portrait of a hard-charging athlete explores the fear, courage and ambition that push a man to greatness--and the cost that comes with it.

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Sean Patterson photo
Sean Patterson

The Life of Laird Hamilton (2005) * (out of 4) The Life of Laird Hamilton is a documentary that follows the life of the famous rock star as well as the people around him as well as how he died. The documentary starts off as Laird Hamilton was dying of a drug overdose and it follows him through his last days. It then jumps into his last days as he was dying and then into his death. The documentary shows how his family and friends were there for him as well as the friends that were there for him during his last days. It then jumps into the day before he died and then into the day of his death as well as how he died. It then goes into what his fans were doing in his honor and how he was with his fans. It then goes into his last days with his wife, his wife's death and then finally his death with his wife and her death. The documentary goes into his final days and then his death. The documentary was really well made and it shows the man as well as his family and friends. It was well made and it really did show the life of Laird Hamilton.

Cheryl Gardner photo
Cheryl Gardner

This is an interesting look at the life of Laird Hamilton, a character whose career and career choices reflect the changing times of the 1960s. It's a pity that the film didn't have a few more minutes devoted to the character, because this is a well-told story. The film is very well produced, and the photography is quite good. Hamilton's performance is very interesting, and you feel his pain when he realizes that he is too old to play the guitar. It's also interesting to see how the music industry reacted to him, and how he tried to adapt to the changes in the music industry. In summary, I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the music of the 60s.

Donna L. photo
Donna L.

This documentary gives a great look at the life of Laird Hamilton and how his work, which he used to launch his career, helped him make a lot of money. I liked the way it showed the support he got from his fans and how he helped the poor people of the world. He was able to help many people. I also like the way the documentary was shot, which showed the hard work and determination he had. I recommend this documentary to people who like to know what it's like to be a musician.

Jesse M. photo
Jesse M.

A very interesting and informative look into the life and times of Laird Hamilton. This is a must see documentary.

Catherine photo

I was lucky enough to see Laird play on Broadway, but this film was made to promote the film. In my opinion, the film was a good representation of the life of Laird, a man who had the power to make a difference in the world. As a child, Laird was a gifted musician and he wanted to do more with his life. One of his friends played in a band, but they were disbanded. They eventually reformed to perform in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It was the 1930's, and the music of the time was dominated by bluegrass and country. The film shows the passion and dedication that Laird had for his music. He dedicated himself to it. He made it his life's work. I highly recommend this film for anyone who wants to see a man who lived and died a life of passion and sacrifice. His legacy is that of a legend, and he is a true legend.

George Gardner photo
George Gardner

As a fan of Laird Hamilton and a teacher of grade school history, I was greatly disappointed by the abysmal ratings this film received. I am not a teacher, but I have a great deal of respect for these types of films, and I am a fan of his. The movie did not do a good job of portraying the lessons and life of Laird Hamilton. I understand that the material is a bit much for some people, but it was well worth it. I hope more people will see this film. It was a little slow at times, but overall I found it very educational and very interesting. I highly recommend it.

Jean photo

The film takes us through the life of Laird Hamilton, who was a star with the British television series 'The Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. The film is filmed in the same style as 'The Monty Python and the Holy Grail' with some great footage of the show. This documentary also tells the story of the creation of the show and how Hamilton came to be a star. Hamilton played one of the lead roles in the show as well as appearing as a recurring character. The documentary is interesting because it shows how Hamilton came to be a star, the creative process behind the show and how it was popular in Britain. It is interesting to see the similarities between the show and the Monty Python movie. This is a great documentary and a must see for all Monty Python fans.

Frank photo

This is a great documentary about Laird Hamilton. You can really see that he was an inspiration to many people and that he did a lot of good things for the world. This is a very informative documentary. This documentary should be mandatory for every high school history class. The fact that this documentary is so popular is a great sign that the world is looking for more films that portray positive things about the world. This documentary will not disappoint.

Rose Vargas photo
Rose Vargas

An interesting documentary that is not for the faint of heart. I was never a fan of Laird Hamilton, but I enjoyed this documentary. The life of Laird Hamilton is a lot more interesting than the life of Bob Hope. Hamilton had a good amount of luck with his relationships and was always very successful in his business. It is interesting to see how he became the famous actor that he is today. His life was a lot like the life of Hollywood. Hamilton's success was almost completely based on luck. He was able to get the most talented people to work for him and the people did not have a lot of success, but the people were lucky enough to work for him. This documentary is interesting because it shows how luck played a big part in Hamilton's success. The documentary also talks about the many successful men that he worked with. It also talks about how Hamilton was not the type of person that would go out and try to make the best of the situation. It is a little depressing to see how hard it was for him to get the most successful people to work for him. Overall, I enjoyed this documentary and it is a good documentary to watch. I would recommend this documentary to anyone.

Jerry Morales photo
Jerry Morales

I've seen this documentary before, and I have to say, it's still very interesting. It's about a musician, Laird Hamilton, who has worked as a musician since the age of 8. He was born in the USA, grew up in London, and now lives in San Diego. He also worked in the music business in the 70s, but he decided to retire at the age of 52. I saw the documentary on the BBC, and it's great to see that someone still keeps working in music, despite all the negativity surrounding the industry. One of the most interesting things about this documentary is the way it is edited. The documentary starts out by talking about the time that Hamilton was performing live, and then it moves to his life after retirement. It's a very interesting documentary that is worth watching.

Keith Price photo
Keith Price

If you're a fan of Laird Hamilton or surfing, you'll definitely love this documentary. I've never seen the documentary, but I can see why it might not appeal to all viewers. But if you're a fan of surfing, you will absolutely love this documentary. The film is narrated by Hamilton, who talks about his experiences on the waves, as well as his own thoughts about surfing. It's an amazing story about an amazing man. He talks about the time he spent in the hospital, which was after he got out of a surfing accident. He also talks about the time he spent in the hospital, and how he really needed to get out of it. He talks about his dad, who is an old-timer on the waves. The story of how he got out of the hospital, and how he got back on the waves was amazing. This documentary is also narrated by one of my favorite surfers, Eric Bierne. Eric Bierne is a long-time professional surfer, and he has a great relationship with Laird Hamilton. Eric Bierne is also the editor of the documentary. This documentary was filmed with a lot of music. The film also includes many interviews with people who worked with Laird Hamilton, including a lot of famous surfers. But the one who really stands out is Laird Hamilton himself. He talks about his surfing career, and how he was just really passionate about surfing. This documentary is amazing, and I think it's a must-see for everyone.

Jordan photo

The life of Laird Hamilton is a beautiful story. It shows that no matter what you look like or what your background is, you can be anything. It's a great story that teaches that no matter what you do in life, you can achieve anything you want to. The most important thing about this documentary is that it teaches that every person has a chance to make a difference in their life. They can make a difference in someone else's life. It's a great story about a young man who, at age 13, became the youngest and fastest person to complete a half marathon. He accomplished this feat by running on a treadmill, over and over, in less than 24 hours. It was the best thing he ever did. It made a huge impact on his life. The documentary shows the importance of his accomplishment and how it inspired him. It shows that there are people all over the world who can accomplish anything. It shows how he was motivated to achieve the impossible, despite the odds. It's a great story about a boy who was determined to achieve anything in his life. It shows how he got the motivation to go out and achieve his dream. The documentary is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It's one of the most important documentaries I have ever seen. I recommend this documentary to everyone.

Billy W. photo
Billy W.

It was a good documentary about Laird Hamilton and his career. It is not a very deep documentary, but it's a documentary nonetheless. It is also not a very short documentary. The interviews are not long, and some of the interviews were very short. It is still a good documentary. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that it was a little too hard to get into the personality of Laird Hamilton. The interviewer never talked about the music, and he never talked about the personal life of Laird Hamilton. This made it hard for the audience to get into the personality of Laird Hamilton. I would recommend this documentary to fans of Laird Hamilton and music. It is a good documentary.

Austin White photo
Austin White

The documentary on Laird Hamilton, the best known and best-selling pro-wrestler, is an interesting look at his life, and the roots of his work. The film is well-produced, and is as candid as it is interesting. It is a great movie that should be seen by wrestling fans. It also has a great interview with a number of former colleagues. The film is an informative one, and does not gloss over his career. I enjoyed it, and would highly recommend it to fans.

Jerry Dixon photo
Jerry Dixon

This is a pretty good movie about the life and times of Laird Hamilton. It does a good job at showing the beginnings of Laird's career and the struggle that he had to go through to be able to make a movie. It also goes into the work he did as a stuntman and a musician. I enjoyed this movie a lot and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the legend of Laird Hamilton.

Shirley V. photo
Shirley V.

It's quite a shame Laird Hamilton is no longer with us. He was a wonderful human being, someone who was always interested in what others thought of him, and he made sure he was heard. He was a good friend to many, and it's hard to imagine anyone else in the same position. It's a shame he didn't live long enough to tell us about what he was doing. A nice documentary. 8/10

David C. photo
David C.

I am a little surprised to see this film being so low rated, it's actually quite good. I'm not usually a fan of the actor but he's really good in this film, he is a legend of rock n roll. I also like how the director didn't just make it about Laird, but also his wife, and his friends. The film is about the whole punk rock scene in New York in the 80's. It covers all the issues that people had about the scene, and how they went about dealing with it. It's really well made, and I recommend it to anyone who loves rock n roll and music. It's also well acted, and it really makes you feel like you're watching the band. 8/10

Rebecca photo

Laird Hamilton was a truly inspirational person. I loved the documentary and learned about him and his work from him. It was a very entertaining documentary and you can see the passion he had for surfing. There are also a lot of behind the scenes footage of him and his crew. I was impressed with how well the film was done. It was interesting to see how he made his films. I wish I could have seen him more, but I will be watching his films in the future. This documentary was very informative and inspiring.

Alexander Carroll photo
Alexander Carroll

What a great documentary. I don't think it was supposed to be an endorsement of the man but just a look at how the story of a man and the man who helped him was written and told. Very interesting, interesting, interesting. I don't think it was meant to be an action or anything like that, I think it was a look at a man who was just a normal guy who just happened to be a legend in the surfing world. The man had a lot of strength, a lot of determination and a lot of will. And he was a good surfer and was very passionate about surfing. The documentary was good, the interviews were good and the whole thing was very interesting. If you want to see some awesome surfing, go see this documentary. If you want to learn a little bit about the man, watch it and see what he did in his life.

Dennis M. photo
Dennis M.

This is an excellent documentary on the life and times of Laird Hamilton, the famous comic-book artist who created "Daredevil" and "Spider-Man." It was made at the height of his popularity and is a film that needs to be seen in the theaters. The movie is not like any other documentary you've ever seen. It's not a collection of interviews with people who know Laird Hamilton. It's more like an experience of his life. It's like the kind of movie that you'd see in a music video, only with comic book artistry. It's a fascinating and interesting look into the life of one of the most popular comic-book artists of all time. I enjoyed the movie a lot and thought it was a very informative and enjoyable film. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of footage of the time when he was alive. As a fan of Laird Hamilton, I felt that the documentary should have been longer. If you're a fan of Laird Hamilton and you want to learn more about his life and work, this is a great documentary.

Phillip R. photo
Phillip R.

This film is one of the most revealing documentaries I've ever seen. The documentary is a visual tour de force and the interviews are very interesting. In addition, there are many interviews with people who have known Laird Hamilton personally and professionally. The clips used are truly amazing. The fact that there are some very shocking clips from the past is just too much. You really can't take your eyes off the screen, as some people have done. The interviews with Ray Romano and Dennis Miller were very interesting, especially as they expressed their opinion of the man who was probably the most influential musician in their lives. Many of the clips are from the 60s and 70s, although they did appear at the end. I recommend this documentary to anyone who likes to learn more about an important person. The film does not portray Laird Hamilton in a negative light. It portrays him as someone who made a difference in people's lives and contributed to the success of several successful artists. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the life of Laird Hamilton.

Marilyn photo

What an amazing man. Who did this? How does he get to stay in the Hall of Fame? This was a very well made documentary about one of the greatest athletes ever. If you are a sports fan, this is a must watch. I had seen this on HBO a few years ago and now on Netflix. Great work.

Evelyn W. photo
Evelyn W.

This is my first ever review, but it is one of the most informative I've ever seen. The creators of the documentary needed to get involved with the role in general because it is so unique. What we see is what we are going to see. This is definitely a "must see" for anyone that likes the surfing lifestyle. This documentary is so fascinating, that you have to watch it multiple times to catch all the different angles. I also noticed that they took the time to create a synopsis that was all about this character, his surfing life, and what makes him special. This is a must-see for anyone that likes surfing, or even just a person who wants to know more about the lifestyle. I recommend this documentary to anyone, because it will be something that will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next wave. So enjoy this doc and go watch it!

Kevin photo

The day that Laird Hamilton died I saw a biography on the BBC, and was immediately struck by the video footage of his all-time great performances and watching him having fun was just as entertaining as sitting down to watch him at his peak. I was at the back of the theater in front of me with two other friends, one of whom was a particularly devoted fan, and we were both laughing and smiling, as was his wife, who'd been sitting there with us. We'd have to agree that this is a documentary that should be on TV, and there is no better way to honor the memory of a legend than to have it put on the screen. The interviewer/producer/director of this documentary does a terrific job, and I hope that they do another one soon. It is a perfect evening's entertainment.

Deborah M. photo
Deborah M.

This film is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring and it is my favourite documentary ever. I think that anyone who is not born a star is a star. I think everyone should watch this and if you don't watch it.get it and watch it.

Nathan photo

This movie is a life saver. In researching the Life and career of Laird Hamilton, I read numerous accounts of the man, and his amazing personal and professional life. This documentary is well worth watching. In it, I learned how Laird Hamilton took risks for others. When this film came out in 2004, I was in high school. At the time I was a very, very young and impressionable youth. I loved everything Laird Hamilton's done. When I found out he was dying, I tried to think of ways I could help. This documentary shows that Laird Hamilton was an extremely important figure in American history, and in the world of music. I was very touched when I found out about this documentary. I am now 17 years old, and I am still trying to understand how this was a real life. It was something that I can never, ever forget.

Christina T. photo
Christina T.

It was very good to see Laird play the guitar again. This movie was very informative, and showed some of the lesser known stories of Laird and this band. I enjoyed it very much and will definitely watch it again and again. I highly recommend this movie to anyone that wants to see an excellent documentary on Laird Hamilton and his music. There were many behind-the-scenes stories of what was happening when he first started recording, and what was happening at the time of his passing.

Lori photo

This documentary about the life of Laird Hamilton was so great! It was so well-filmed and presented. It covered everything, from the birth of the movie to the so-called "lifestyles of the 70's", from the music that was played in the movies to the people that were in them. I believe that this is the best documentary about an actor of all time. I believe that everyone should watch this film and be inspired by it. It was such a great subject, and it was a great documentary. I am so happy that this film is being made now. I believe that it is a true tribute to the legend of Laird Hamilton.

Doris Keller photo
Doris Keller

On the surface, this is the story of a small-town, Midwestern town struggling to survive. However, beneath this surface, it's a deep dive into the soul of America's "birther" movement, and what the people involved had to go through to make their case. It shows the many sides to this debate, and the varying degrees of intolerance and prejudice that exist, both within and without the United States. It takes us on a journey through the lives of the people involved, and their arguments against each other, and the various parts of the country that each side is fighting for. The film is a must see for anyone who is interested in the idea of "what if" the United States did have a black president, or if there was any chance that the world would have a black president. It shows us a side of America that is largely forgotten, and is rarely seen outside of it's borders.

Charles A. photo
Charles A.

I saw this at the NEMO festival in December 2012, and I had to see it again when I got home. I cannot believe how much I liked this documentary, and how it affected me. I was excited to see this film when I first saw it, and I thought it would be a boring documentary about rock bands and a bunch of other bands, but it was far from that. This documentary really gets into the mind of Laird Hamilton, and his life, and really gets into the details of his life. This is a great film about a man who has a fantastic story and is not one of those rock stars who can make a lot of money. Laird is a true icon, and you really feel his pain, and you want him to be happy. I think this is one of the best documentaries of all time. If you like rock music, or if you are a fan of rock bands, you should see this film. It really is a great documentary. It really covers some of the things in a great way. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in rock music, or just wants to see a great documentary.

Jennifer photo

LARRY AND THE BUMPER is a great, funny, and touching look at the rise and fall of one of the great songwriters of the last 100 years. The film takes us back and forth in time as we follow Murray through his rise to fame and his life in the 1960's. We see him as a young man who grows up in a working class suburb of Chicago, eventually becoming a successful songwriter. He is also a man who finds his purpose and his love in the world. He puts his music first and his job second. There is also the great actor Arthur Miller as a man who is not too fond of Murray. There is also a wonderful, legendary singer-songwriter, Thelonious Monk, who is equally fascinated with Murray. We also get to hear the wonderful music of a great band called the Byrds. We also get to see the extraordinary writer, Rudyard Kipling. In addition, we get to see a great musical number from "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms of the Imagination". A truly great film. An excellent look at one of America's greatest songwriters. A must see.

Paul photo

This documentary was an eye opener. I thought that it would be a typical monotonous documentary about one person, but it was far from that. It is a true story that will touch your heart and make you want to be a part of the "Wave" of self love. It is so important for people to know that there is hope for those who have to struggle for their "freedom." My rating is a 10 because it is a documentary that is definitely worth watching. I wish that more people would see it.

Samantha photo

The film captures the reality of the young man from Utah, who was a boxer and a fighter, who was an inspiration to all who knew him. He took every day to a new level, and was a hero to all of us, and it is his legacy that lives on. It was a great thing to see him fight back, and defeat his adversary, and for all of us to see a hero in his own eyes. I highly recommend this film for all. It is a tribute to his legacy, and his life. It is a must see, and I hope it is watched over and over.

Harold S. photo
Harold S.

Loved every minute of this amazing documentary! The book itself is a wonderful book. The movie is fantastic! You feel like you are talking to someone who knows the story. I love this story and it is wonderful to hear it told with all of the passion that Laird Hamilton had for this story. And, this is a story of a guy who loves what he does and that is passion. The audience, everyone I saw this with was awed. I would say if you are a Laird Hamilton fan you must see this movie. And, I would hope to see more of Laird's work as well as his passion for the film. The film is wonderfully done! You should see this documentary and you should not forget that you are watching a great story and love this man. Thanks for reading, Jason

Lawrence H. photo
Lawrence H.

This film is about the true life story of Laird Hamilton, a WWII veteran, who was sent to the atomic bomb project in the summer of 1946. Laird Hamilton went on to fight the war for the United States, and to this day, he is honored in the same way he was at Pearl Harbor. This documentary tells the life story of Laird Hamilton and shows him through the eyes of a number of people that knew him, as well as people who were in his life. In addition to his WWII experiences, he was in the Navy during the Korean War, and his experiences were a large part of his war hero status. The film also tells of his feelings about what was happening at the time, and his comments at the time were made after seeing the film. This film is a wonderful and entertaining look at Laird Hamilton's life and the incredible part of the atomic bomb project. It was interesting to see all the comments he made after the film, and it was great to see his son in the film. This film is well worth watching.

Willie C. photo
Willie C.

This film takes a very personal look at one of the most famous rock legends in history, Laird Hamilton, and the very different aspects of his life, including his rise to stardom, his time with the Beastie Boys, his life with his brother Paul, his divorce from Patricia Hamilton, his death, and the impact that his death had on his fans. It is really amazing to see how the world has changed since Laird Hamilton died. This film really makes you feel as if you are part of the story and even though it is a fictional account, it is still very moving and it shows the impact of his life on those around him. I have seen this film on a few occasions and I still have to see it again to appreciate how powerful it is and how true it is. This is definitely a film you should see if you want to see the most famous person in history in a very different way. Overall I give it a 9/10, but if you want to see a really good documentary on the life of Laird Hamilton, watch this film. 10/10.

Joseph photo

This is a superb film about the life and career of Laird Hamilton. What a story, what a work of art. And when it comes to the music, this is the most important film ever about the music. It's truly an amazing film. The documentary is made on a massive scale and is almost four hours long. And it covers the entire life of Laird Hamilton and his music. And the story and the music is the most important thing in the film. I can't stress it enough: This is a documentary. It is not a Hollywood production. It is not a documentary on Hamilton. This is a film that is about the music. The music is the most important part of this film. It is the story of Laird Hamilton. And it is the story of his life and his music. It's really incredible. And I would recommend this film to anyone who likes music. But I would also recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries, because this is a documentary that is worth watching.

Danielle photo

I have been looking for a documentary about Laird Hamilton for a while. The only thing I could find was a non-dramatic explanation of how he became the "star" of the top baseball player in the world. I had no idea that Hamilton was, by his own admission, a closet homosexual. After this documentary, I am so glad that I had taken the time to watch this film. I loved it. I've never cared about the top baseball player in the world. I just know that I want to be a baseball player someday. I have to admit that my favorite part of the film was when Hamilton was shown on television playing "Man Out of Park" for his home town. He was so confident in his ability to perform that he forgot how much he hated being on the screen. I love watching baseball and watching baseball players. This documentary was wonderful and told a story that no one else had told. Everyone should see this film. This is one of my all-time favorite documentaries and I am glad that I had watched it. Thanks to the makers of this documentary for making a truly excellent documentary.

Nicole Patterson photo
Nicole Patterson

When the controversial Laird Hamilton was killed during a shark attack off the coast of Grand Bahama Island, an isolated tourist resort for his family, he made the decision to stay away from his family and go to the Bahamas. It was there that he and his son James followed his dream and opened the resort for the first time. This film highlights their amazing achievement and in particular the journey to open the resort. In the film, the son recounts the adventures he had leading up to opening the resort, the problems with the land, the relationships with the islanders, the difficulties with the locals and the most important issue - the relationship with his father. This is a very important part of his story and the film's message is one that I personally think is important. It is difficult to watch some of the footage and never see Laird Hamilton's father. It is clear that they are two very different men but their relationship is one of the main reasons the family was able to go on and open the resort. This film is very inspiring and brings back memories for all those who are or have been a family who have a dream, but never get the chance. It's also interesting to see that the family left Grand Bahama Island after the incident in order to pursue their dream and that is a shame.

Pamela photo

It is difficult to find someone who can truly express the love and respect a filmmaker has for his work. People have probably said "that guy is a wimp". No, he is not. He's a real professional. What is more important is that he understands the artist's vision, and with the respect, vision and passion that is important to the true artist. It's this passion that makes the difference between great artists and their mediocre followers. This documentary is fantastic and I highly recommend it. It will have you laughing, crying and questioning your own reality. The truth will touch you and at the same time make you think about the art world. It will make you feel proud of your art and it will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.