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Peurizeun is a movie starring Rae-won Kim, Suk-kyu Han, and Kyeong-yeong Lee. A troubled ex-cop imprisoned for a hit-and-run accident discovers that the entire penitentiary is controlled by an inmate who has been running a crime...

Other Titles
Więzienie bezprawia, A törvénytelenség börtöne, 監獄の首領, Kangoku no shuryô, The Prison
Running Time
2 hours 5 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Crime, Action
Hyeon Na
Hyeon Na
Seong-gyoon Kim, Rae-won Kim, Kyeong-yeong Lee, Suk-kyu Han
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A troubled ex-cop imprisoned for a hit-and-run accident discovers that the entire penitentiary is controlled by an inmate who has been running a crime syndicate with the help of the warden and guards which provides them 100% alibi.

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Hannah photo

This is a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat and at times, you get so much adrenaline rushing through your veins. The movie does not want you to get bored and it also does not want you to feel lost. It's a fun movie with a lot of action and fun to see. The action scenes are great and it has a good story line. The acting is good and the cast is great. It is also a film that makes you think about the effect of drugs on society. It is a film that will make you think about how people are treated. It is a great film to watch and it will make you think.

Crystal photo

I remember watching this movie when I was a little kid and it always seemed to be the "best of the year" movies. My friends and I would watch it and talk about the fights. Now as a woman, I can say that it is a movie that should be in the best of the year. The story is very realistic and has a very good storyline. The fight scenes are very good and the fight choreography is very good. I really like the way the director shot the fight scenes. The fighting is very good and believable. The story is very well thought out and it keeps you interested throughout the whole movie. The best part of the movie is the fight scenes. The fights are very realistic and realistic enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. If you like martial arts movies, then you should watch this movie. I have already watched it a few times and I would like to watch it again.

Christine Payne photo
Christine Payne

I've seen this movie many times, and I still can't believe how much I love it. The movie is about a big Mexican drug cartel in the USA, and it's about a group of girls who are looking for a guy. It is a movie that shows the consequences of doing drugs, of putting money on the line. The movie is full of action, violence, and sex. The plot is extremely deep, the movie is very well made, and I really can't find anything bad about this movie. I think the only bad thing about the movie is that it's too long, and I think it would have been a better movie if they cut a little bit of it. The only bad thing about the movie is that it has a very bad script, and the characters aren't very interesting. The movie is full of action, violence, and sex, and the cast is very well casted. The director is very good at making the movie, and he does a very good job at making the movie a good movie. The movie has a very good soundtrack, and the soundtrack is very good. The actors in the movie are very good at acting, and they did a good job. I love this movie. The movie is very good. I recommend this movie to everyone, and I really think that everyone should see this movie. This movie is very good.

Vincent Marshall photo
Vincent Marshall

This movie is for those who like to watch movies with some action. The story is not that great but it has a great plot and it is well written. The main character is a young woman who wants to have an affair with a handsome guy. This man is a soldier in a war in a country where she's from. When she finds out that the soldier is married, she starts to hate him and she wants to break his marriage. The story is a bit slow but the actors and the script are so good. The ending is great, because it is different from the usual ending and that makes it more unique and enjoyable. This is one of the few movies that is actually good and I recommend it to everyone. The female lead is great and it's the best romance movie ever made.

Brittany Gibson photo
Brittany Gibson

I am not a big fan of the martial arts genre. I have seen some of the most epic fight scenes I have ever seen, but this film doesn't have any of that. I saw it at the theater and it was brilliant. The film was funny, exciting, and did not bore me. I would not watch it again and I didn't even want to after I saw it. This is a must see film. I loved it. Now I know why martial arts movies have such a bad rap. I have seen many martial arts movies in the past few years and this one is one of the best. I think it is worth a watch for anyone who enjoys martial arts movies and is into action films. This is a great film. I recommend this film to anyone.

Brian H. photo
Brian H.

A.T.Z. is one of the best Turkish films I've ever seen. I watched it just today on Turkish TV. It's about a greedy gangster who kidnaps his daughter, his friend and another guy for some drugs. And he doesn't know about the big drug syndicate. One day, he finds out about a big drug operation going on, and he decides to take over the operation. That's how the film starts. The action in the beginning is great, and there's a lot of stuff going on. There are a lot of bad guys, and it's really a bloody film. There's also a lot of action and action in general. You have to know how to react to the situation. You don't know what's going to happen, and you're never sure what's going to happen. But this is a very good film. It has a lot of action, and it's very interesting. The acting is good, the story is good, and the music is good. The violence is not too gory, but it's realistic. It's also a very good movie, but I'm not going to give a rating. It's just an excellent film. It's very good, but I'm not going to give a rating.

Joyce Kelley photo
Joyce Kelley

I watched this film a few weeks ago and I was not expecting much. But I was not disappointed. I have never seen a movie that had a character that was so easy to dislike. The first half of the film was a bit slow and there was a bit of a plot that you could tell was coming, but it made sense. The second half of the film was fast and funny, but it did not make any sense. I just could not believe it was a movie. The last part was one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen. It was so hard to watch this movie and not laugh. It was just so funny, and so funny for some reason. I really enjoyed it. And I thought the acting was great, especially for an indie film. I thought the ending was very hard to believe and it was very hard to watch, but I am a big fan of the series so I can forgive it for that. And I loved the plot. I also loved the musical score, which was very memorable. I think the movie is a bit confusing, but I think the movie is worth watching, because it is really good and very funny. And it's really hard to understand if you haven't watched the series.

Edward Ortega photo
Edward Ortega

I saw the first movie on TV and it was an OK movie but not that great. I liked the movie the second time it was on TV. Then I bought the video. I was very surprised because I loved it the first time and I loved the movie the second time. I just thought the story was good. The acting was good. The humor was good. The story was good. I would recommend it to anyone who has seen the first movie. It was better than the first movie. It was a good movie to see in the theater.

Justin D. photo
Justin D.

As a huge fan of movie, I thought this movie was really great, I've never seen a movie like it, I never seen such a realistic movie, the actors really portrayed their character really well, the story line was really good, you don't get bored of watching it, I never get bored of watching it, the movie is a classic, it's a must watch, a must watch!

Dennis Long photo
Dennis Long

This movie is really not a typical "Salaam Bombay" type movie, this is a Bollywood movie made for the Indian viewers. The story is really good, the actor do a great job in his role. It is a must watch movie for all the viewers.

Wayne Wells photo
Wayne Wells

Wow. I just saw this movie on Netflix and I am very impressed. This is one of the few movies I have ever rented, because I could never find the time to sit down and watch it. It just worked so well for me, I just kept watching it and kept laughing. There are many things in this movie that are funny. For example, the whole dude who was trying to steal the head. I laughed so hard when that happened. And I'm not even a huge fan of Asian movies. I just watch whatever the hell comes on, but this one definitely ranks up there. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I'm sure everyone is going to enjoy this movie. I give it an 9 out of 10.

Jesse R. photo
Jesse R.

The biggest surprise for me was that I actually enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. The plot was intriguing and unique, the special effects were great and I had a good time watching it. The movie had a good cast, with some really interesting characters. The plot was well-paced, but I found myself being impatient for the climax and also wondering what would happen next. I think that this movie was a bit too long, and it was not the kind of movie I would usually enjoy. I would have loved to have seen more action, more action scenes and more fighting. There were some scenes where it was just too slow and the dialogue was not up to par. I think that the movie was worth watching though. I would highly recommend it. The actors and actresses did a great job and I was extremely impressed with the way they were able to pull off such a story. There are also some interesting twists in the story, and I think that the twist will surprise you. I really liked the way this movie was made, and I am very happy that they didn't waste a lot of money on special effects, and they actually spent the money to create an interesting movie instead of a generic action movie. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Karen photo

When I saw the trailers for this film I was actually really looking forward to this film, it's my favourite of the Mario van der Gucht films. I got to see the movie today and it was great. I was really surprised to see that the movie had a very good plot and story. The story is about an orphaned boy who has a guardian angel. They find the boy and they take him in to a "safety" home. The boy ends up with a rich man who buys his parents home and takes care of the boy and his parents. The boy ends up with the money to be a star and a famous performer. He takes care of his mother who is a waitress and his father who is a machinist and is also a star. The boy and his mother are having a love affair. The boy is getting really good in his acting and his acting skills have improved so much. The movie has a good storyline but it's still a little bit predictable. It's not a great movie but it's definitely good. The performances in the movie were great, it's hard to believe that they didn't use the actors they had to in this film. Overall this is a very good movie and I would recommend it.

Anthony photo

As with many films, I went to see this with a definite expectation of "dude, this is a MST3K film". I was pleasantly surprised. I think the whole point of this film was to parody so many different things, so you don't have to have any particular knowledge of comedy to enjoy it. I loved the irony of the film - a hit man kills his fiance's brother in a play that gets a little out of hand. Then the hit man is actually trying to set his sister up as a hit woman. He takes a gun to her, and she goes on a killing spree. There's a bit of "it's like a bad movie!" that will make you laugh, but I think the film is more of a "twist" than a "cringe". It doesn't come across as all that clever, but it is well-acted, well-filmed, and well-written. The ending of the film is what really got me. It's one of the most shocking, depressing, and horrible things I've ever seen. I actually cried. I don't want to give anything away, but if you are a fan of horror films, you will definitely want to see this film. It is, by far, the best movie of 2008.

Jessica M. photo
Jessica M.

Saw this at a sneak preview, and I'm glad I did. It's a good story with a nice twist. The film starts off with a chase, but it's a bit slow. The film then jumps to someplace else and it's really a shame, because the film really did deliver some great action. I was really surprised with how much they used in the film. I mean, the film could have easily been 15 minutes shorter, but they didn't. There was also a bit of romance in the film, but it wasn't so big that I wasn't surprised. The fight choreography was great. Some of the fights were great, but a few were a little too similar. If you're a fan of some of the Bruce Lee movies, then you'll probably enjoy this film. This is one of those films that you'll probably want to watch twice to make sure you didn't miss something. This is a good film that you can watch over and over and you'll still enjoy it. If you're not a fan of some of the Bruce Lee films, then you may be disappointed. This is a good film that you can watch over and over again, and you'll still enjoy it.

Theresa R. photo
Theresa R.

It's rare that a movie can truly be as good as it's predecessor. This one does. It's full of action, great camera work, great music and great acting. I can't really say too much without spoiling things, but it's a must see. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that's just as good as the first one, but in a much better way.

Kathy photo

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was stupid. When I finally saw it again, I realized that it was actually quite good. This movie is about a bunch of guys who get kidnapped by a bunch of Vietnamese gangsters. It's a great movie if you like the French. It is also funny if you like gangster movies. If you like French films, you should definitely see this movie. I think you should see it before you see "Run Lola Run".

Alexander photo

I have a small problem with this movie. Yes, I realize the plot is just a way to steal scenes from 'The Godfather', but I don't think that's really all there is to this movie. This is a film about loyalty and being true to yourself. Yes, the movie is over the top and full of violence, but the characters are so real and their actions are so realistic. I think the reason this movie works is because of the characters. The characters in this movie are truly human and not like typical Hollywood "villains" with their evil intentions. When you watch this movie you really feel for the characters, you actually want them to win. Not because they are villains, but because they are just ordinary people who have their own personal problems to deal with. That is what makes this movie so powerful. I think this movie has a great message to it and it is just as well filmed. The acting is very realistic and you can tell everyone was just doing their job. The music is also very well done. I think this movie is definitely worth watching.

Sean Bishop photo
Sean Bishop

The acting is really good and the story is very interesting. You don't have to be a French to enjoy this movie. It's a good comedy with some action and romance in it. If you like movies with French actors and action, this is a must-see. The ending is quite long and unexpected, but it is very good and it's very good to see a French movie with an ending like this. For those who can't appreciate this type of movie, just watch it for the music. The music is very good and the music at the end is very good. The music is very good and this is a very good music.

Rachel R. photo
Rachel R.

I watched this movie about 4 times and it was just great. The movie is in French with English subtitles and it was great to watch the movie. The movie is about a teenager who gets drunk and her mother leaves her for another man. She is brought up by her stepmother. The movie is about a few young men who are involved with a young woman. It is about an important role and what the teenage life is like. It was just great to watch. I would recommend to anyone to watch this movie.

Kimberly Hall photo
Kimberly Hall

Masters of the Universe, a movie that I had a good chance of seeing, turns out to be one of my favorite movies. I'd heard some good things about it, but I was a little nervous about seeing it. I went in to the theater with high expectations. I knew it was going to be a massive romp of a movie. I didn't know what to expect. I figured it would be a good mix of action and adventure. I was very pleasantly surprised. I found myself enjoying the movie. It has a good story, which has some of the best action scenes I've ever seen in a movie. I loved the scenes in the desert, as well as the action in the city. The story is interesting, and the characters are interesting. I think the movie was quite good. The fight scenes were great. I think it is one of the best action scenes I've seen in a movie. The acting was also quite good. If you like movies with lots of action, then I think you should check this one out. My rating: 9/10 Rated PG-13 for Violence and Language

Jennifer D. photo
Jennifer D.

I've always loved action movies, but this one is simply awesome! I never got the idea that this movie would be great but it was! My favorite scene is when their go to the middle of the country for the first time, to see the real thing, to see the freedom, and when they get back, they've lost their weapons, and they have to go to the place where they were last seen in the movie, and it's the same place where the movie was filmed! (Don't know why, but it was so cool!)

Louis P. photo
Louis P.

The film is about a certain person named 'The Punisher', who is being pursued by the US government and who is facing his own demons in a "race to the bottom" in terms of the way he is portrayed. The Punisher does not care about political correctness and in fact even opposes the US government. The film is a very interesting film, thanks to the performances of Jon Bernthal and Michael Stuhlbarg. In the first half of the film, the film really takes you into the mind of the Punisher, and the whole film is told from his point of view. He is seen as a hero, a man who does not care about political correctness and his own personal life. In the second half, the film seems to lose it's direction and in fact it is completely unbelievable. It all seems to come to a sudden end, and the second half of the film does not go in the direction that it was supposed to. The second half of the film is full of horrible scenes and sometimes it seems to be nothing more than a comic book to a certain person. In the end, the film seems to have been written as a parody, and it does not go well with the comic book character. It is worth watching, but the whole film does not feel that great. The film should have been a lot better.