Steam Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You is a movie starring Unshô Ishizuka, Rica Matsumoto, and Sarah Natochenny. Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town is 10 years old today. This means he is now old enough to become a Pokémon Trainer. Ash dreams...

Other Titles
Pokémon - filmen: Jeg vælger dig!, 劇場版ポケットモンスター キミにきめた!, Pokémon: Te elijo a ti!, Pokémon the Movie: Aku Memilihmu!, Pokémon 20, Il film Pokémon: Scelgo te!, Pokémon - Der Film: Du bist dran!, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, Pokémon ¡Te elijo a ti!, La película Pokémon. ¡Te elijo a tí!, Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You!, Pokémon de Film: Ik Kies Jou!, Pokémon O Filme - Escolho-te a Ti!, Pokémon la película: ¡Yo te Elijo!, Pokémon the Movie: Tớ Chọn Cậu!, Pokemon Filmen: Jeg velger deg, Pokémon la película: Yo te elijo, Pokemon la película: ¡Yo te Elijo!, Pokémon O Filme: Eu Escolho Você!, Pokémon, le film: Je te choisis!, Pokémon - Filmen: Jag väljer dig!, Pokémon: De Film - Ik Kies Jou
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fantasy, Animation, Family, Adventure, Action
Kunihiko Yuyama
Takeshi Shudo, Shôji Yonemura, Takeshi Shudo, Satoshi Tajiri, Satoshi Tajiri
Rica Matsumoto, Sarah Natochenny, Megumi Hayashibara, Unshô Ishizuka
Japan, USA
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A 10 year old trainer named Ash Ketchum dreams of being a Pokémon master. But when he wakes up late and gets a Pikachu from Professor Oak, Ash must try to forge his bond with his new friend and discover the secrets of the world they're living in.

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Andrea R. photo
Andrea R.

I absolutely loved this movie. It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The story was great, the animation was great, and the voice acting was great. The characters are all great, especially the Rat and Bouncy. I really enjoyed the ending, too. I was really surprised when I found out that the first movie was not canon. I think that that was really good. The first movie is great, but I don't think that it should be the best. I think that the second movie is better than the first. I really like the movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes animated movies. The movie was really good, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Jordan photo

In the 1970's, American children were faced with a new kind of political world-the world of TV. We were not used to watching animated cartoons as we now use to. But once we got used to it, the cartoons became a lot more adult than we ever imagined. Movies like The Adventures of Superman and The Golden Age of Radio made the TV cartoons a lot more accessible to the adult audience. But a movie like Batman and Robin shows us that kids will be able to connect with these cartoon movies that made us laugh and cry. The movie opens with a very long musical number. This is a perfect way to introduce the movie to the audience. It is very clear to the audience that this is not a cartoon movie. This movie is a very different story. There is a lot of action and a lot of humor. This movie has it all. The movie is not your average "kid friendly" movie. It is also not your average movie that appeals to the young. This movie is a very adult movie. The movie is a movie that children will love. This movie is not for children of all ages. But it is definitely a movie for the adults.

Beverly photo

The whole movie is filled with awesome moments. I especially liked the characters, the settings, and the music. I just love how the movie ended. It was great! If you have an hour and a half to spare, watch this movie.

Susan Anderson photo
Susan Anderson

It's not all that surprising that the original film was a box office bomb. The film was very violent and the plot wasn't really all that deep. However, the film was the first animated film to feature an animal, and it was the first film to feature an animal in an animated film. That alone makes it a great movie. The story is very simple. Animal Blue is chosen to go to the big city, and the main character, Gary Blue, has to choose a job to do in order to stay in his hometown. His job is to clean up a place where a cat and dog have been taken. As he does this, he finds out that there is a great deal of animal life in the city. Gary and Animal Blue end up helping each other. They learn that they have a lot in common, and they learn to work together to clean up the place. The movie is very good, and it is worth seeing. The movie is very heartwarming and the plot is very good. I recommend it to anyone. It is an animated film that you can watch with your kids. This is a very good film.

Ruth Kelley photo
Ruth Kelley

This is a very good movie for kids. It's very funny, very funny. The character are very well drawn and it has a lot of action in it. I don't know how it will be liked by the adults, because of the humor and the action in it, but it is very funny. I am very happy to see a movie with children who are not afraid to laugh. It is very good for kids, and even for adults. 8/10

Alexander M. photo
Alexander M.

After a day of not seeing a film I was eager to see the film I chose to watch. The film is excellent and the animation is excellent as well. It is great to see a film that is more than just a children's film, this is a great film for adults. I recommend this film to everyone that likes animation and action. My daughter loves it and I am excited to see her go see the movie I chose to see.

Jeremy photo

I found this movie quite enjoyable. The animation is outstanding, but the voices are somewhat uneven. When I watched it, I heard some people saying the voice acting is horrible, and I couldn't help but agree. The voice of Debutant has to be one of the worst I've heard. He sounds like he's trying to imitate Charles Dickens. He also sounds like he's giving a horrible monologue about how he's a popular children's book author, but he really is terrible. In addition to that, I thought the voice of Lancelot was kind of dull. Also, a lot of the voices are quite reminiscent of the voices of some other kids cartoon characters. However, this movie is enjoyable and a good family movie. It's good for kids and has a good amount of humor. I think the movie is even good for younger kids, because they will find it funny. So if you're a young kid, you should watch this movie.

Martha McDonald photo
Martha McDonald

This movie is based on the classic anime series and has become a favorite for kids of all ages. It is directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of such well loved films as Spirited Away and Ponyo. The story centers on the journey of a little girl who travels to the island of Kiko in order to find her father, and what happens on the journey. There is also a story line about the legendary "Pikachu and his friends" and the pirates who are always trying to destroy the island. The animation in this film is top notch, and the special effects are done to perfection. The characters are very well drawn, and it was nice to see the original voice actors, who voiced Pikachu and his friends. This film was very different from the original anime, and the animation is very distinctive. The film is enjoyable and it was a great ride for the whole family. I highly recommend it to children and parents, as well as people who like anime.

Nathan photo

This is an animated film based on the Japanese series of the same name. It is a standard, non-animated film in which the protagonist is a kid who decides to go on a quest to save his family. The movie is a little bit different from the previous movie, mainly because of the plot and the character development. It's worth watching, because it's a great adaptation of the Japanese series.

Andrea W. photo
Andrea W.

I was very impressed with this movie. I like it better than the other two. It's the perfect blend of the old, nostalgic, and new. The only problem I had with the movie was that there were some parts that were left out that were very important to the plot of the movie. I hope they make a sequel to this movie.

Heather R. photo
Heather R.

I would have to say that this movie was excellent. The animation was incredible, and even though it was one of the lesser known Pokemon movies, I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire movie. I would say that the plot and story was excellent and there was a lot of action in the movie, so if you liked Pokemon, then I would highly recommend this movie. But I will say that the dialogue was sometimes cliche, and some of the characters were not the most attractive of all. But still, I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie.

Michelle S. photo
Michelle S.

I had high expectations for this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. The animation is good, and the characters are cute and appealing. The plot was original and had some twists that made me smile. It was fun to see my favorite cartoon characters become a part of a movie. The voice acting was great. My favorite character was Grouchy the Seagull, who sang the best song in the movie. Grouchy was also voiced by Gary Oldman, and he did a great job. All in all, I would recommend this movie for a family movie night. My 3 year old enjoyed it as much as I did.

Brian G. photo
Brian G.

As I was watching this movie, I realized that I had not actually seen any of the previous animation adaptations of the Pokémon franchise. While I enjoyed the movie, I think the movie's execution was a little on the weak side. While I enjoyed the movie, it didn't really feel like it was a Pokémon movie. As a result, I feel that I would have enjoyed this movie more if I had seen the previous two movies instead. While I did not dislike this movie, I did feel that it could have been a little better. I give this movie a B-.

Julia Ford photo
Julia Ford

This is not a bad movie. The animation is stunning. The characters are engaging. The story is good. But I think there are several areas where the movie could have been improved. First, there's the plot. There's an argument made for having the movie take place in two different worlds. However, the movie is in the style of an adventure cartoon, so the movie could be shortened into two separate stories. But, this doesn't really detract from the movie. The plot is told in three parts, and the first part of the movie is told in flashbacks. It's as if the director thinks it would be more effective to show one of the stories as a separate story instead of showing one of the stories. Then, the second part of the movie is told in flashbacks. The director then tries to tell the story in chronological order, and this makes the movie harder to follow. The director should have made the movie in two separate stories. This way, when the audience is given the chance to view the movie, they can choose to watch one of the stories. The second problem is the ending. I believe the movie could have ended in a better way than it did. One of the films ending scenes are just too short. The other movies endings were very elaborate, and the director could have had more than one sequence in each of the movies. The last problem is the "new generation". The animation of the characters and the backgrounds are a lot of fun. However, the animation of the "new generation" characters is very short. The animation of the characters in the movie is nice, but it is almost cut off at some points. The "new generation" is depicted in a very bad way. It is not as strong as the animation of the older generations. The "new generation" is just a lot of noise, and the characters look very static. The acting of the "new generation" is also very bad. They are a lot of actors who are not good at acting. The script is very weak. The characters are poorly developed, and they are not very memorable. Finally, the story is very dull. This is because the plot is very slow. There is very little action in the movie. This is one of the problems with the movie. However, the movie is still not a bad movie. I give the movie a 7.5/10. If you liked "The Shaggy Dog Story" and "The Shaggy Dog and the Ninnies", then this movie is for you.

Julia Fuller photo
Julia Fuller

First off I'll say I am a huge fan of the games and animated films. My favorite games are Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. My favorite anime is Naruto, Pokemon, and My Hero Academia. I have seen all of these movies at least once and I really liked the way they were put together. I will say this though, I don't think this film is really all that great. I feel that the animation in this movie could have been a lot better. In some scenes it was so blurry that you could barely make out what was going on. I don't know if this was a flaw in the animation or the director, but it really does detract from the film. All in all, I do feel this movie was good. I think the animation was good and the plot was good. The main character Ash Ketchum was good. I also think the characters of the kids were very likable. I really liked Ash Ketchum. I think he was a good hero. I also like that he was a hero because he didn't try to kill anyone and he didn't really go after the bad guys. I think this movie was a good movie. It was an okay movie. I would recommend it to people who like the games and are into animated movies.

Ashley Dixon photo
Ashley Dixon

I must admit I'm a big fan of the animated show and this film is nothing to do with the series. The film is a funny film with some parts that make you laugh and some that make you cry. The characters are pretty good and some of the plot and acting are decent. There are some characters that are great and I will mention that the movie is funny and entertaining, but it's a shame that they could have done a better job with some parts. The animation is good, but the main character design is the only reason I can give this film a 7 out of 10.

Evelyn photo

This is a fantastic film. It had everything: humor, action, adventure, love, and it had many of the things a Pixar film is known for. The animation is very good. I highly recommend it. I can't wait for it to come out on video.

Joe H. photo
Joe H.

I went to see this movie for the kids because the ratings were so low. My son and I did not have high expectations, but we both really enjoyed it. I was really surprised at how much I liked this movie. The animation was very good. It looked like the animators did a really good job on the entire thing. The characters are very well drawn, especially Red and Silver. The characters are all very different and their personalities are very unique. There is some really funny dialog in this movie. The story is very entertaining and full of good laugh out loud humor. I really liked this movie and I recommend it to any kids and adults who want to enjoy a good movie.

Peter photo

I really liked this movie. It was pretty good. The film is animated and has great animation. The film is very entertaining and has great plot and some of the characters are cool and original. The film has a lot of laughs and makes you want to see the movie again. It has great action and the film is enjoyable. There is nothing that is bad about this movie. It is not great but it is great. I really hope that the upcoming sequels are great as well.

Sandra R. photo
Sandra R.

This was an animated movie. It is a typical animated movie with some of the best animation I have ever seen. The plot was not too complex, but the story was well done. I love this movie because it has the best voice cast ever. The voice acting was done very well and believable. The characters were all well written and acted. The story was really good. The voice actors did a great job with their characters and the characters themselves were all well developed. The movie was good for the kids. If you are not a kid, then I would not recommend this movie. The animation and voice cast was good for the kids and good for the adults. I loved this movie and it was well worth my money. I think this movie is my favorite of all time. This movie has the best voice cast ever in animated movies. I give this movie an A+.

Patricia photo

For the first time I found the movie very entertaining. Not so much as a sequel as it is a movie with a single story line. The story is about how the two main characters and a group of friends are taken by the evil magician while he is on a wild goose chase. The story is entertaining and entertaining enough to carry the movie to its end. The movie has some very good characters. Some of them are funny and a lot of them have a heart. The movie is very colorful. The animation is fantastic. The animation is very good and adds to the charm of the movie. The color of the movie is very nice and it adds to the mood of the movie. The soundtrack is also good. The music is mostly good and it adds to the movie's charm. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies with a heart.

Howard H. photo
Howard H.

A typical Disney animated film is the typical Disney animated film that you could see on the Disney Channel. It's very forgettable, but I did enjoy this film as a kid, and now as an adult. This movie is one of my favorites, and I wish it was available on DVD. I think there are a lot of things I could criticize about this film, but I'm going to go with something that I can't: I wish they had picked a better voice for Toto. I think the voice of Toto was the worst in the film. I think the voice was perfect for the character, but I just think it was too stiff and "old school." I also think the animation and the story were very predictable. The plot was predictable. I don't think it was a good plot, but I can understand that it was a story that had been done a hundred times before. I also think the dialogue was predictable. I think there was a lot of thematic similarities between the two films. I also think the storyline was a lot predictable. I know it wasn't a novel, but I do think it was a story that had been done a hundred times before. This film is quite predictable, but it's still a very good film. I think this film is a good film. I don't think it's the best film ever, but it's still a good film.

Jeremy R. photo
Jeremy R.

I'm not sure what movie fans are expecting from this movie, but I wasn't expecting this movie to be so bad. It's not really that bad. I actually liked this movie a lot. It's like the usual bad children's movie that tries to make everyone happy by making the main character look like a likable goody-two-shoes type character. It's so cliche and overused. It's actually one of the few movies in the last year that I actually enjoyed. I didn't think the animation was bad, but the story and characters were pretty generic and didn't stand out much. It was pretty predictable. My favorite character was definitely Buttercup, she was the most likable character. She was the most well rounded character in the movie. She was cute, funny, but she had a heart. Her friends were nice too, even though they were cliche. They were all cute and cute. This movie isn't as bad as the previous two, but it's not as good as the previous two. I'd say that kids like this movie a lot because it's not a kid's movie. There's nothing like it. The ending was disappointing. I liked how the main characters were always happy, and were always playing nice, but the ending was just like a normal kids movie ending. It was also a bad ending for the kids, and they didn't like it either. I can't really say I liked the characters, they were all just like the other cliche characters in the movie. The animation was okay, but it didn't really look as good as the other movies. The story was a little bland, and was predictable. It was really bland. The story was too predictable. The characters were cliched and the story was too cliche. Overall, the characters weren't really that interesting, and the story wasn't really interesting. The movie was pretty generic, but it wasn't very good. The movie is pretty terrible, and the movie isn't very good. It's really one of the worst movies in the last year. It's not even good. It's not worth it. I wasn't expecting this movie to be so bad, but it's not really that bad. It's still a good movie.

Charles K. photo
Charles K.

I was expecting this movie to be bad.but I was surprised! If you have seen the animated series, you'll be well aware of what's going to happen. You may have seen this movie a few times before.I have seen it once. But the plot is a lot more interesting than the animated series. And the film has a lot of different characters and story lines. The movie also goes back to the animated series and actually shows how the human princess and the human king had a baby in the past, and how the baby ended up with the human princess. The film also goes into the future, and even into the past. So, I thought this was a good movie to see. I think the movie was good. Not as good as the animated series, but I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.

Crystal E. photo
Crystal E.

I enjoyed this film from start to finish. It was very funny and interesting, although I'd say it was more for adults than kids. But still, I would recommend this film to anyone. If you're looking for a movie with a lot of action and explosions, this isn't the movie for you. But if you're looking for a good movie with a lot of fun and good family values, this is the movie for you.

Dylan W. photo
Dylan W.

I had no interest in watching this movie. I was sitting in a theater in NYC and was waiting for it to come on TV. I wasn't paying attention and I was too lazy to watch the movie. It was actually a "good" movie to be honest. I have a love for the famous manga series and the movie is just a great addition to the series. It is a little bit darker than the manga and it is a bit more explicit in some places. If you enjoy the series, you will enjoy the movie. I think you will enjoy it. I liked it. I have not watched the manga. I can only say it was an excellent adaptation. I highly recommend it. It was a good movie. 7/10

Kathleen photo

This movie is a great kids movie. I like how it's a mix of different worlds and different characters. It has a lot of action and I like how it keeps the action going all the time. It's like a live action movie but with some animated parts. It's good for kids and I like how it has some Disney references. I also like how they don't show the villains as bad as you think they would be. It's a great movie for kids and I recommend it.

Amber photo

I have just seen this movie for the first time on TV. It is really good. The movie is about 4 Disney kids, Aisha, Satoru, Shino and Hanabi. There is a whole story behind the movie and the animated shows. This movie has lots of funny jokes and it is also quite educational. The story behind the movie is very well told. There is a lot of amazing elements in the movie. I have also read the book and it is really great. The story of the book is really awesome. The movie is also really good and the animation is also really good. I think the movie is really worth seeing. I think the kids will love this movie as it is really nice to see the Disney kids in an adventure like this. The movie is also really good and will be entertaining for a long time to come.

Bobby Welch photo
Bobby Welch

I decided to watch this movie for one reason. One of my best friends told me that he liked this movie and told me that it was a good movie and that he loved it. I love this movie and I really enjoyed watching it. It is not the best animated movie of all time but it is still an entertaining movie. The plot is interesting, the characters are likable, the animation is great, the storyline is good. I don't think it is perfect but it is still a good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Amanda photo

I really wanted to like this movie. I just have to say that my expectations were a bit too high. And I still don't think that it is all that bad. It's not really as good as some of the other animated films of the past, but it's still very enjoyable and it has some very funny scenes. I still think that this movie is the best of the series. The music is still good and it's a very well put together film. I think that it was a good film for the kids as well, but the adults will still like this film as well. I recommend this movie to all of you. It's just a good film and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a really great movie. I give it a 7/10.

Rachel L. photo
Rachel L.

This movie is a great example of how to make a movie with animation. All of the characters are drawn in the way that they are meant to be drawn. I really enjoyed the characters and the story line. The animation is very fluid. The background music is good. The background music fits the movie. I really enjoyed this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I give it an 8/10.

Tyler Carpenter photo
Tyler Carpenter

The animation, the character design, and the plot are really good. But the animation and the plot. oh boy, I'm in a good mood. How many plot holes and inconsistencies do I have to mention? I have seen most of the films, but this one will not let me forget. Like I said, it's good, but the plot is a little bit over-complicated. The movie is also a little too long, and it does not have enough story development. So, if you like the film, it's probably a good choice for you. If you don't, it's probably a bad choice. Still, it's not the worst film I've ever seen, so it's not a bad choice. I give it 7/10.

Melissa C. photo
Melissa C.

I saw this movie in theaters and I liked it so much I wanted to buy the DVD so I could watch it again. I enjoyed it so much that I have now given it a 8 out of 10. The story is about a dog that has to protect the other dogs from a bunch of dogs. I thought this was a good story and the voice acting was good. I think that the story is good enough for a 3D movie and the voice acting is good enough for a 2D movie. I think that the voice acting for this movie is good enough to keep it up there with the best. I was very impressed with this movie and I would recommend this movie to anyone. I think that this movie is worth seeing.

Kevin photo

This is a great movie, although it has a slow pace. It's definitely worth seeing.

John M. photo
John M.

Just one of many Disney movies I have enjoyed. The animation is superb, the voice acting is excellent, the plot is clever and exciting. It has all the charm and fun of Disney classics like Snow White, Fantasia, Aladdin and many others. My only problem with it is that the film is a bit too long, but it is so engrossing and so fun, I don't mind. It has a good moral to it as well. The only criticism I have is that some of the characters are more like caricatures than people. I can't really say if this is a problem of the animation or the voice acting. In any case, I recommend it. 8/10

Brian O. photo
Brian O.

At first I thought I was going to hate this movie but it was so cute and hilarious. It was so funny and I loved it. It had everything that I love in a movie. It had a love story, action, adventure, and just a great story. It was full of laughs and I loved it. I can't wait to see it again. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good comedy.

Lauren Contreras photo
Lauren Contreras

This movie is not for those who do not like animation, but I personally like animated movies. I do not like action movies. This movie is one of the best. I really like the animation. This movie is like "Bravely. The lastful".

Harry Pena photo
Harry Pena

I don't think there are any major problems with the film, however there are a few minor problems. First, the movie was full of incredible scenes that had so much visual impact, it could have easily been a great film, but it ended up being a boring film. The movie is also the first in the series to have a plot that had no beginning or end, and this only made the movie much less enjoyable. I could have cared less about the main characters because they were so uninteresting. Another problem is that the movie was very slow at times, with a lot of scenes where nothing happened. The other problem is that the characters were so bland that they didn't make any real impact. The story is very basic, and it is a great example of a "baby" film. It is very easy to watch and even easier to get into, and there is very little of any emotional impact. However, if you are a fan of the series or have never seen the series, you will be able to enjoy this film, but it is not the film to be watched again.

Harold photo

The movie is a good one, but this is just not my cup of tea. Yes, the characters are more than fun and the story is entertaining, but I prefer to enjoy the movie in a more realistic way. I have a weakness for making my own Disney movies and I don't really like the Disney magic. I will never be able to find the magic that Disney has made with the story of a cat and a mouse. I am a very analytical person and I like to have my movie be different from the other movies. I'm not one to watch Disney movies in order to be enlightened. If I want to enjoy a Disney movie I will watch it with an open mind. My advice: If you like to watch Disney movies in a realistic way, I recommend you watch this movie. However, I would not recommend you to watch the movie with a closed mind.

Edward T. photo
Edward T.

The movie was better than I expected. My favorite character was the dog, but I liked the others too. It was a good story that could have been better. It was more about the effects of the past. It was a little better than the previous movie, but it was the same old same old.

Rachel photo

I am a huge fan of the Pokémon franchise, and this movie is my favorite to date. I went in not knowing anything about the movie, but I really enjoyed the film. The characters are amazing and the story is amazing. I think that this movie is one of the best animated films of all time. I'm really surprised that it did not do better at the box office. I think that the movie is a great way to start the year for the next one. If you are a fan of the Pokémon franchise, then this is the movie for you. I recommend this movie to everyone. I rate this movie 8/10.

Gloria H. photo
Gloria H.

I can't say I am a huge fan of the Pokemon series, but I do have a passion for all things children's animated. I'm sure the Pokemon world will be the same for all fans of animation. But I will never forget the first time I watched "Ash & Pikachu" when I was about 5 years old. I loved this movie. It had a good plot, interesting characters and great voice acting. It was a cute movie, a few slow parts in the beginning were a little too much for me, but I don't think it was necessary to slow it down for a child to watch it. The Pokemon in this movie were perfect, I've seen them all, and I never find myself saying "well, this Pokemon is too great." There were many times I didn't know what was going on and wondered what was happening, I was so into it. It also had a great ending, which I can't say I enjoyed. The writing in this movie was fantastic. I think they got all of the Pokemon's personality down perfectly. The new characters were also great. Their voices fit the characters so well. They all have a great personality and the voice acting was perfect for their characters. But, the most important aspect of this movie was the characters. I didn't see the Pokemon in this movie, but I was still able to identify with them. I feel that there are some characters who can be defined by their voice. Pikachu was the main character, and I believe he should have been the star. He was the main reason I was able to identify with him. The writers, directors, and actors of this movie did a wonderful job with the voice acting. I can't praise this movie enough. I would say this is my favorite Pokemon movie and one of the best animated movies I've seen. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Barbara photo

I really liked this movie. I mean, it was fun, and there was some funny parts, but the story was just too much. You know, the whole "I have to choose my friends" thing. But I really enjoyed it, and I think it was a lot better than the animated version. So I give it a 7/10.

Zachary J. photo
Zachary J.

I thought this movie was okay, I didn't really like it but it was okay. The animation was pretty good and they do a good job of giving the people a live action feel to the film. It's worth watching for kids to see how they would be able to use the animals that are included in the movie. There are lots of animals and it would be a good movie for kids to watch if they are interested in animals.

Kathryn photo

I had never seen the original animated film, "The Legend of the Legendary Pokémon" before this one, but I watched it and loved it, and I think this film was a lot better. It is a lot more creative and original. It also has some great ideas about how the Legendary Pokémon have evolved. For example, I was surprised to see a few new Pokémon that look a lot like the ones in the film. They have a lot of personality. Overall, I think this is a much better film than the original. It has more personality and better effects. I think it is more enjoyable than the original.

Ashley photo

I remember seeing this movie in the theatres when it was first released. It was a nice experience, not too much graphic violence, but still the imagery was great and the sound track was nice too. Now, after my time with this movie and hearing what people are saying about it, I do think that I would like this movie more. As a movie, it is great. The main character, Ed, is not very likable and I do not believe that he is really that kind of character. The movie is great though, the world of the movie is a great one and I really like that aspect. Overall, I do think that this is a great movie. It is not a terrible movie by any means, but just not a great movie. 7/10

Christian Kelly photo
Christian Kelly

I really enjoyed this movie. It was very well written and animated. The characters were all very well drawn and all had a good personality. I really enjoyed the story and how it tied into the first movie. It was very entertaining and I think the message was good. The movie had a good balance of action, drama, comedy and a good message. Overall, I think this was a very good movie. It is definitely worth watching.

Pamela R. photo
Pamela R.

The animation was superb. The music was wonderful. The characters were cute and lovable. They were my favorites. I was able to identify with the main character more easily than usual. The plot was unique, especially for the series. It kept my attention and my heart. The final fight scene was a bit too long but it worked. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a magical movie, that is appealing to both kids and adults.

Aaron Ryan photo
Aaron Ryan

This is a children's movie, so the story is pretty lame. But the animation is really well done, and the voices are actually pretty good. And the music is good, too. The voice acting is pretty good, and I'm surprised they didn't try to make more movies out of it, because I think it would've been much better.

Joyce Armstrong photo
Joyce Armstrong

A small town is facing a threat from an evil dragon. In order to protect the people from the dragon, a powerful dragon is protected by a group of local children. The other dragon from their village is a reluctant hero, who's job is to destroy the evil dragon. At first glance, the plot sounds a little too generic. And it is. But there are some interesting aspects that makes it fun to watch. In fact, I like the first time I watch this film. I can't deny that there are some things that are different from the anime. But I like it anyway. The story is simple and doesn't take itself too seriously, unlike the anime, which has many comical elements that do help the story to flow a little better. And the animation is actually good, it looks very realistic. So if you're in a mood to watch a cute and charming story with lots of adorable moments, then this film is for you. If you're looking for something a little more serious, then you might want to wait for the movie to come out on DVD.

John Lynch photo
John Lynch

I have been a fan of this franchise since the first movie. It has been a great time. But I was disappointed in the first movie. The plot seemed to go nowhere. The plot wasn't really clear at all. The animation was too choppy and was only good at the beginning. And the characters were all over the place. I was disappointed with the first movie. But I was so excited for the second movie. The second movie was the best of the series. And the ending was better than the first one. I will definitely see this movie again. The animation was amazing. The characters were really well drawn. And I loved the ending. I would love to see a movie where the characters go on an adventure and they meet a new person. They would have to face the evil Lord Merrick, who's been trying to get to them and makes them join the evil Merrick's army. The animation was amazing and the animation was really choppy. It was a good movie. It was better than the first movie. But it was not as good as the first movie.

Alexander photo

The animated version of "The Power of One" is an enjoyable kids film. The story is simple and predictable, but it is fun and the characters are likable. The animation is somewhat dated and some of the scenes may have been a bit over the top in the late 1980's. The music is upbeat and fits the film well. Overall, "The Power of One" is a very enjoyable kids film. I would recommend this to fans of the movie.

Albert Ortiz photo
Albert Ortiz

I'm not sure what I thought of this movie. I was anticipating it to be something great. But when it was over, I felt like it had a lot of potential to be better. I thought the graphics were incredible. The animation was beautiful, but the characters looked too familiar. And, they had the same problem with the bad guys as the good guys: they looked like robots. The voice acting was decent, although a few characters didn't seem like they had much of a personality. It was better than I thought it would be. If you're into the first two movies, it's worth watching. It's not a movie that I'll watch again. I'll watch it again if it comes on cable.

George photo

While the visuals are a little over-the-top, I like this movie a lot. It's more grounded in reality and is funny at times. The voice acting is actually pretty good for a kids movie, and they have some great songs in the soundtrack, such as "Happy", "Woo", "Happy", "Don't Give Up", "Back To Me", "If You Could Read My Mind", "I Want To Know Who You Are", and "You're A Weirdo". The characters are pretty well developed, even the villains. The plot isn't the most original, but it's solid. The animation is very vibrant and the battles are some of the most imaginative I've seen. I really liked the musical themes throughout the movie, such as "Woo" and "I Want To Know Who You Are", and the chorus-songs throughout the movie. I'm not a huge fan of singalong-like songs, but this movie actually has some interesting singalong-like songs throughout the movie. Overall, the visuals are pretty good, and the animation is very vibrant. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys animated movies.

Dylan photo

As a kid, I saw "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You" as a pre-school film. It wasn't that good, but it was a funny film. Now, as an adult, I have watched it for the first time on Netflix, and I think it's one of the best animated films of all time. I'm still laughing about how bad it was as a kid, but as an adult, I really loved the movie. It's about Ash and Pikachu, a young boy and a young girl, who, when they were children, were separated and have never seen each other since. The two of them reunite in a parallel world where they have to save a Pokémon village from a tyrant named Brock. The whole movie has the feel of a children's cartoon, and the animation is just so perfect. The movie's message of friendship and friendship is present in the film, which made me think of that. The movie's message of taking care of each other is present too. I think that this movie is perfect for all ages. The main character Ash Ketchum has a great personality, and the voice actors are perfect for the characters. The animated sequences are great too. I think that this film is great for kids, and adults too.

Joan photo

I really enjoyed this movie and i really liked the character of Panda. It was really entertaining and interesting to watch. It was also good to see that the movie wasn't just about getting the hero's ass kicked by the villains, it was also about the relationship between the hero and Panda. The end of the movie was really good, and it was really funny when Panda told the movie's hero that he was going to take his arm off. It was really cute and really well done. I liked the fact that the movie ended with a song that was really good. I really enjoyed the fact that the movie was really funny and good and it was also really entertaining. I really enjoyed this movie and i really recommend it to anyone who likes the movie The Lion King.

Charles White photo
Charles White

I have seen this film in theatres and the storyline is unique. This movie tells the story of two animated birds who have a spark of evil in them. This is a great movie to watch with the whole family. I liked the fact that it had both boys and girls in the movie, and the story is very heartwarming and just a great story for kids. I think that it's great that it tells the story of the true meaning of love. It tells the story of people from different cultures and differences that came together to save the life of a baby. This is a great movie to see and I recommend that everyone should see this film.

Roy photo

I have never seen this movie in my life. The first time I saw it was in Japan, and I was a little bit bored. But when I got to the United States, I rented it. I have to say, this movie is pretty cool. I like the fact that they didn't use a lot of CGI. Instead, they used hand-drawn animation. The characters are very well-drawn, especially the main character. And also, the backgrounds are very detailed. The movie is a bit confusing at times, but it's still a really cool movie. I also like the way they have a lot of plot twists and it's really surprising. Overall, I give this movie a 9/10. I hope you will like this movie as much as I did.

Rachel photo

I give this movie a 7. It's not a great movie, but it's entertaining and the animation is spectacular. I just want to point out that the human characters are a little shallow. If you want to see a movie with more depth, I recommend to watch the first part of the film, "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You." The movie starts off with Ash, Misty, Brock and James's parents dead. Ash decides to leave, but a small Pokémon named Squirtle decide to stay. Ash is then forced to return home, only to find out that the past is continuing. Ash decides to return to Professor Oak and confront the cause of the problems. In the end, Ash gets the answer he's looking for. I like the whole idea of the whole series being turned into a video game. I think it's great, especially with the special effects. I think this is one of the best Pokémon movies I've seen. This movie is one of the best for the whole series.

Amy Russell photo
Amy Russell

A very good movie for children and parents, but I think it was too dark for children. It was also too long for children, so it was best for adults. I think this movie was really good, and I think I like it a lot. I think it's one of the best animated movies for children. The plot was really interesting, and the characters were great. The characters are all pretty realistic, and they all had a lot of depth and a lot of personality. Some of them were really funny, like Ash and Pikachu, and even the little mice. The animation was really well done, the colors were really bright and vibrant, the animation was really well done, and it was really well done. It's really a good movie, and it's really good for children, so if you are a parent, I would definitely recommend it to you, but if you are a child, I would probably say you should watch it with your parents. I recommend this movie to everyone, and I really recommend it to parents.

Harry L. photo
Harry L.

After a long time, I finally saw the movie. The movie had been over two years since I last saw it and I was very bored. So I gave the movie a try and after seeing the movie, I was very happy with the movie. The movie was very well directed. The movie was well paced and the story was very good. The characters were well developed and the animation was good. I especially liked the sea creatures and the creatures they made for them. I liked the old style of the animation. The movie also had good music. Overall, I was very satisfied with the movie. I highly recommend that you see the movie. Overall, I give the movie a 7 out of 10.

Mark photo

I really like this film, I've watched it twice. It's a cute film, definitely. Some of the main characters are good as well. Some of them are good, but some of them are not. The movie is really cute, although some characters, such as Mambo and Chip, are pretty dumb. The plot is pretty simple, it is a very lighthearted story, but still a good one. I like the ending, it is really great. This is a great Disney movie, it's good for kids. The characters are good, but some are not. I also like the song, which is also the main character, Mambo's. The animation is great, and is really cute. The voice actors are good as well. It's a good film, but some of the characters are not. My rate: 7/10

Louis P. photo
Louis P.

I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much from this movie. However, I was still entertained and glad that I watched it. The animation was great and it was a good movie. However, the story is not as good as the animation and it's too predictable. However, this movie was still entertaining. I have to say that this is one of my favorite movies of all time and I give it a 7/10. I hope that Disney decides to make more movies like this.

Jack D. photo
Jack D.

The one part of the movie I have not seen yet, I have seen on TV, and it is better than this movie. This is a good movie for kids, adults will enjoy it. The characters are really great and the story is amazing. But I have to admit I have seen the movie and I love it.

Justin photo

This movie was very disappointing to me, as I was expecting a lot more. The story was predictable, and the characters were very bland. The problem with the movie was that the movie was very boring and not very interesting. I did enjoy the first two animated films, and I was hoping for this one to be better, but I think this one was a flop. I did like the animation, but it was too flat and dark for my tastes. It was like the story was made to be very much like the first movie, and I was bored by it. There were some funny parts, but mostly it was just boring. I know the makers of the first animated films are known for it, and I don't think this is the best of them, but I still think this was not the best. If you want to see a good movie, and have a good time watching it, I recommend this one. If you want something with a more solid story, and a good story to follow, I don't think this one is the best. You won't be disappointed. It's not a bad movie, but it is not a great one.

Helen photo

This movie has been so terrible, I thought it was just a parody of the first two. But, it is very good. It has a very good story, good music, and even a pretty good parody of the first two movies. I think the reason why this movie gets bad reviews, is because of the opening and closing sequences. The opening scene was very funny, and I liked it. Then, the song starts, and it just goes on and on. I could barely breathe during that scene, and I didn't even know what to expect. I was just amazed that it was going to be this long, and then it would be over. The ending is pretty good. I know that in a movie like this, it would end, but it ended with a good bang. The movie was very good. The music was good, the story was good, and the animation was very good. I like it a lot. The second one was better, but still good. I think this one is the best of the 3, but I don't really know what to say. This is a must watch movie for all children, and for adults as well. And I recommend it to all of my friends. 7/10

Mildred photo

Just like The Princess and the Frog, I chose you is the story of a young girl and her dog. The movie itself is cute and a good choice for a child's movie. But I did find it a little annoying that a character that would be an integral part of the story was never developed or seen. I also found the character of the dog to be one of the most annoying aspects of the movie. There are certain scenes in the movie that could have been taken out and the characters could have been developed more. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, it's very cute and enjoyable.

Karen photo

This movie was just what I was looking for. Not a good story, not a good story, just a great story with awesome animation. And the characters are just so darn cute and sweet. I love this movie, and I am not sure what I will do when the next one comes out. I will be sure to watch this movie, and I will be sure to enjoy it as much as I did. I hope this is the beginning of a new trend of animation. Thank you Disney, for making the best animated movie ever.

Joshua C. photo
Joshua C.

First off, I want to say that this review is not based on what I thought the movie would be like. This is a review of the movie itself. This movie is amazing. I think that the only reason that the movie is not as good as it could be is because the movie has a lot of similarities to the cartoon. I would not say that this movie is an exact copy of the cartoon, but it is a pretty close. If you have never seen the cartoon, then you will probably enjoy this movie as much as I did. The animation is great, the story is good, the characters are great, and the movie is awesome. If you have seen the cartoon, then you will enjoy this movie as well. Overall, this movie is great. I highly recommend it. I give this movie an A.

Diane photo

The movie is very creative and interesting. I personally didn't like the movie at all but I guess people who liked it will like it. I liked it. There were some parts in the movie that were very good. The animation is amazing. The voice acting was good. The characters were very well drawn. It's a very good movie to watch. It's not for everyone. It's good for the family. The story is interesting. It's really good. The characters were very good. I think it's worth watching.

Nicole E. photo
Nicole E.

The animation in this movie was so beautiful and colorful, it was really awesome. The animals looked like real animals, and they were all so adorable. I love the idea of the characters with their "Mysterious Species" feature. It made it very interesting and fun to watch. I loved the music too. The voice acting was great. I really liked the characters and how they were portrayed. I think this movie is going to be a big hit. I am really excited to see it when it comes out on DVD. I think the voice acting is really good and the animation is just beautiful. I really hope this movie makes a lot of money because it really is a great movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a fun and adorable movie. 8/10.

Theresa M. photo
Theresa M.

So i just finished watching the movie. My first thought was that this was going to be a good movie, but I was wrong. The story is very cliche and cheesy, the music is really good, the animation is really good and i liked the plot. However, the movie is so short, it was hard to keep my eyes open. There are a lot of characters that i didn't care for, like the ice queen. And the protagonist was a weak, weak character, like he is really weak in the beginning, but then he just becomes really strong later. The plot is really weak, there is no point to it. The characters are not that likable, they are not really interesting, like they are not really likable. The main character is not very good, but he is likable. Also the animation is very good, and the voice acting is good. My favorite characters are the ice queen and the ice girl. The villain is also pretty good, he is very scary, and the villain is very good. The story is very weak, there is no point to it, and it's really cliche. Overall, the movie was really bad, but it is a very good movie, and it's definitely a good movie for kids.

Philip D. photo
Philip D.

I have been a fan of the Pokémon movies for years and I had the opportunity to watch this movie as it was released. I was very excited to see this movie since the first one was released. I also wanted to see the movie because I love the Pokémon universe. I was not disappointed. The movie is very enjoyable and the animation is incredible. It also has a good plot and the story is entertaining. It is also a very well done musical. The only thing that I did not like was that the movie was rated PG-13. It is not for children under 13. But I will not say that I do not recommend this movie to anyone. I rate this movie 8/10.

Wayne Alexander photo
Wayne Alexander

I think the kids would like this film more than the adults. This film was really good. It was really funny and the animation was great. It was like a kids movie, but it was good. It was like a movie I could watch over and over again. If you are a kid, and you are looking for a kid movie, this is the one. It is really fun to watch.

Joe Williamson photo
Joe Williamson

I just got back from seeing this movie. I had heard about it, but I didn't know what to expect. I was a little disappointed in the animation, and the plot was a little lacking. But I was totally hooked by the characters. I was really surprised at how much I liked the characters. They were likable, and I really felt for them. The story was very interesting, and the characters were really likable. The movie is a little short, but it is worth it. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Brandon H. photo
Brandon H.

I have been a fan of the animated series for many years, and I have always thought that the movie was a disappointment. I have been watching the show on Cartoon Network, and I was very disappointed with the movie. However, I was very happy to see the movie finally being released. I have watched it twice, and I am glad that I did. The movie is great, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the animated series. I hope that this movie will bring in the same kind of success as the animated series.

Melissa photo

Now, if you're a fan of the original cartoons, you will love this film, or at least the first one, because you will recognize the voice actors, the personalities, and all the little details that make this film so great. If you're not, you'll still have fun watching this film, but you won't connect to it as much as you did with the original. The characters are played out the way you've seen them in the cartoon, but there is a whole new aspect added to them that makes them more colorful, as well as a new group of people. For example, when Red is in the air with everyone, he looks like the main character in the cartoon, but with the new voice actors, he really looks like he is in his own world. You can feel his emotional attachment to everyone, and you will also feel his feelings as the movie progresses. The actors play off each other very well, and it is an easy adjustment to the actors and the characters, because they seem to be the same. The animation is colorful and fun. The world is colorful, the characters are colorful, and it is fun to see the city from the cartoon that looks like the city in the movie, and it looks like it is going to be a great world. The characters are colorful, and they have unique personalities. Some of the characters will appeal to kids, and some will appeal to the adults. For me, the animated characters appealed to children, but adults will have a good time with it. The voices are great. I like the characters as they are, but I can't say the same for the voice actors. Sometimes they sound like they're talking to the TV set, and they make the characters sound too old. You also have to think about the character's age when you watch the movie. They are only 30 in the movie, and they seem to have played off the cartoon characters as much as they can. They don't sound like they are speaking to a child. If I was the voice actor, I would have to bring in the same emotions they do in the cartoon. They could be a little stilted. The music is enjoyable. It fits in well with the movie and doesn't stand out as bad as a lot of the voice acting, but it isn't great. If I was the music composer, I would have done the same things that the music composer did in the cartoon, and tried to use the original music that was in the movie. The songs are fun and fun to listen to, but they don't stay with you. Some of the songs are fun, but they don't stay with you, and when you hear it, you'll think of the cartoon. The animated film is fun, but the voice actors are great, so it's easy to enjoy this film.

Steven C. photo
Steven C.

The animation and the story were amazing. The animation is stunning and I have watched it many times. It has a great voice cast and makes you feel like you are a kid again. I have loved the story. It is the most important part of the movie and I don't think it's ever been more important. The story of the movie was amazing. I was really shocked by it. I can't wait for the next movie. It is truly an amazing movie and I hope to see it soon. The characters were awesome. The story is amazing. I was impressed by it. I cannot wait for the next movie. This is a great movie. You should really see it!

Diana photo

I saw this movie the first time in the theatre on opening night. I was excited to see what else this franchise had to offer, and I was pleased that it didn't disappoint me. For one, this film is clearly superior to the last film. The ending was better. Also, the overall tone of the film was more mature and a little more realistic. I also think that this film was more enjoyable. This movie is clearly aimed at younger children, and I think this makes it a better film. I would also like to add that the voice acting is really good. I loved the voice acting for the characters as well. I loved the voice acting for the new characters as well. Overall, I was very satisfied with this film. It was a good time. I give this movie a 7/10.

Donald Richards photo
Donald Richards

Don't know about the others but I went to the theater to watch this movie on a Wednesday afternoon. It was a great film for the whole family. I was really bored at times with the story line and I did have a few problems with the acting in parts but that's nothing like the other Disney animated films. The reason I went to see this film was because of the rating it got on Rotten Tomatoes. This was not the type of movie that I would have expected to be this good but I have to say that I was very pleased. This movie has good animation, nice music, and a good story line. It has a good balance of laughs and moments of action and drama. This movie is not a children's film but it is one that you can enjoy with your family and I would give it a 7 out of 10.

Lawrence Patel photo
Lawrence Patel

The story of a computer, Mickey Mouse is seen in his third animated film. This time, Mickey is the star of the show and has to act his way through a game. His voice and action are so captivating that he's able to draw a whole audience. In the film, the computer has to act as a surrogate mother to a mouse who is genetically altered to be a human being. The film's plot is not simple but is still fairly intelligent. The film tells a story of two rivals who love each other, but can't seem to tell the difference. It's like a mosaic of family values. When Mickey wins, he becomes the king of the mouse kingdom, but when the world is destroyed, he has to choose to be a hero or a coward. One would have thought that the computer would want to destroy the mouse world, but that doesn't happen. Mickey becomes the star of the show and is able to use his voice to do a lot of the technical work. I found the animation to be beautifully detailed, although the action sequences are not up to par. The script is a little cliche, but it's well written. The voices of Mickey and the computer were great. It's a different type of animated film. The story is interesting, the acting is good, and the visuals are stunning. I would recommend it to anyone who likes animation films.

Timothy Walker photo
Timothy Walker

I'm a huge fan of the animated series, so I decided to see this movie and I was very pleasantly surprised. I love the way they made the movie, the way they made the characters and how they brought the characters to life. I think the movie was a great way to start the franchise and it definitely did the series justice. I think it was a good idea to have the movie be about a single year and not just a single month. It also did the series justice. I was so happy to see the movie end on a positive note and not just a bad one. I think it was a great way to end the series and I'm looking forward to the next movie.

Michelle R. photo
Michelle R.

I saw this movie a couple of days ago and I have to say that I was really surprised by how good this movie was. The animation was outstanding, the music was good, and the story was really interesting. I liked how they gave the characters a personality and made them feel like real people. The characters in this movie are really cute, and I really like the way they were made. This movie is really worth seeing, it has a lot of good things going for it, and I recommend that you go out and see it. This movie is definitely a movie you should see, and I really recommend it.

John Phillips photo
John Phillips

I watched this movie when I was younger, and I loved it. I still love it. It's a great movie. The animation is beautiful, and the characters are great. The story is simple and the characters are all interesting. The animation is very well done, and it's a shame that it wasn't a big success at the box office. It's a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone.