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Bronx Gothic

Bronx Gothic is a movie starring Okwui Okpokwasili, Umechi Born, and Peter Born. From director Andrew Rossi (Page One: Inside the New York Times, The First Monday in May) comes an electrifying portrait of writer and performer Okwui...

Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
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Andrew Rossi
Kate Novack, Okwui Okpokwasili, Chad Beck
Ralph Lemon, Peter Born, Okwui Okpokwasili, Umechi Born
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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From director Andrew Rossi (Page One: Inside the New York Times, The First Monday in May) comes an electrifying portrait of writer and performer Okwui Okpokwasili and her acclaimed one-woman show, Bronx Gothic. Rooted in memories of her childhood, Okwui - who's worked with conceptual artists like Ralph Lemon and Julie Taymor - fuses dance, song, drama and comedy to create a mesmerizing space in which audiences can engage with a story about two 12-year-old black girls coming of age in the 1980s. With intimate vérité access to Okwui and her audiences off the stage, Bronx Gothic allows for unparalleled insight into her creative process as well as the complex social issues embodied in it.

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Michelle Lewis photo
Michelle Lewis

I am not sure why this movie is called the "grunge" movie. Although there are a few grunge songs in it, there are also songs that are similar to Country, Pop, and Rock songs. The acting is very good and makes the movie seem more real. For instance, when the kid at the beginning told his brother how his mom died, the camera stayed on him for quite a while and he told us he wanted to talk to his mom one more time. I had heard this before, but this movie made it seem more real. I saw this movie at the Old Cowtown cinema in Vancouver, BC. It was at the Free Cinema, and it was very easy to see. The only problem was the people in front of me could not understand what was being said. This movie is worth seeing. I am glad that the director, singer, and guitarist(of the band) had this movie made. I think the movie would have been better without the music and lyrics. There was some missing in the movie, but in the end it was worth seeing.

Andrea Turner photo
Andrea Turner

All I can say is "wow." A man and a woman have gone to the most difficult times of their lives and each is now able to express their feelings and feelings with the words of others. A testament to the strength of the human spirit. This movie is incredible and will be remembered long after the credits roll. I can't recommend this movie highly enough.

Kathleen photo

In this film, we see some of the real effects of HIV-AIDS, and see some of the real effects of HIV-AIDS. It is not very difficult to see that the impact of the HIV-AIDS is much more than just the economic burden. It is a terrible tragedy, and the illness affects many individuals. There are many stories that were told in this film. People are losing their friends and family, but these are not necessarily gay men, as there is a large number of gay men who are affected by HIV-AIDS. The movie is very well done. The atmosphere of this film is very good, and the story is very powerful. It is a very good film that I recommend to anyone who is interested in the HIV-AIDS and its effects. It is a very good film.

Bobby R. photo
Bobby R.

I saw this movie in a cinema in Bucharest, and the cinema was full of people. I'm not a big fan of Michael Moore, but he was really good at this. This is his best movie. It was very informative and it showed the problems of the people in Bucharest. This movie is very very important. It was the best movie I have ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating, I saw it about 3 times in a row. The people in Bucharest are suffering from the same problems as the people in Chicago, because they are suffering from a lack of information. This movie shows that the problems in Bucharest are not caused by the IMF, but by the people. This is an important movie and it should be shown more often. The movie is about the problems of Bucharest, and it is important because it shows the problems of the people in Bucharest. It is a great movie, and it should be shown more often. I recommend everyone to see it, it is very important.

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

My wife and I went to see this film on Saturday, at a local theater in Brooklyn. We were disappointed in the cinematography, which was beautiful, but not of the same quality as I had hoped. The opening scene, which is part of the narration, was very impressive and was a highlight of the film. I was very impressed with the music, which I found very enjoyable. But the film, although well made, didn't pull me into the story. This movie would be a wonderful addition to a movie night. But it didn't grab me. I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Woodcock, but he is a good actor and he's got a good sense of humor. I'd still recommend this film, but I'd wait for it to come out on DVD.

Howard photo

You know, I had seen "Longstreet" before, but not in such a visual, like a documentary. This documentary is totally different, but definitely very insightful. The performances, in particular, are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it to anybody who like cinema. I also think that it is really important to explain to the viewer what the problem is, and the solutions are the most important part of the movie. I think that this movie is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. A great masterpiece.

Paul photo

I thought this was an amazing documentary that did a great job at telling a story and really got to know the people involved in this great project. I am a graphic designer by trade and this documentary really made me think about the challenges graphic designers have in the world today. I thought it was well done and I am happy to see that people are seeing it. I hope it gets a lot of exposure and I can't wait to see more about the people involved in this project. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone that wants to know more about graphic design and graphic design in general.

Phillip E. photo
Phillip E.

A great film about the rise of the L.A. punk scene in the 1970's. I think this is one of the best documentaries I've seen. The film focuses on the punk rock scene of the 1970's, the bands that formed, the music they made, and the individuals who inspired them. The film also goes into some history of punk music and culture. I think the film is very interesting and very interesting in the way it takes you on a journey of punk rock history. This is a very well done film, and I think it is one of the best documentaries I've seen. It is very interesting and very interesting. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Eric Boyd photo
Eric Boyd

I had the opportunity to see this film at the Miami Film Festival. It was a beautiful and thought-provoking film. There were some great interviews with people from the community who were in the film, and it was a great educational film. I am planning on going to the film festival again to see it again. I can't wait for the DVD release.

Alexander James photo
Alexander James

I enjoyed this documentary a lot, especially when I first saw it. I think it shows the subject's point of view and makes the viewer feel for the person, his/her feelings, and the situation. You really get a feeling for the man who was abused and how he came to be what he is. I really hope this documentary comes out on DVD. I would buy it.

Carolyn G. photo
Carolyn G.

This is a great documentary, full of great insights into the lives of the artists, the city of New York, and the art world. It is very informative and entertaining, and provides some excellent background information about the artists. The interviews with the artists and the musicians, and the movie clips, are all very interesting and worth watching. The movie is not for the faint of heart. It is not an uplifting or a happy film. It is depressing, but not to the point of being depressing. It is about a very dark time in history, and it is about the people who lived through it, and the people who are still living through it. It is not a happy film, and the only reason I would recommend it is to see the interviews with the artists. It is well worth seeing, and the documentary is well worth seeing. This is a must see documentary.

Lauren A. photo
Lauren A.

The documentary that all critics seem to adore is this film. Not just because it's funny or cool or cute, but because it's an example of the kind of humor that made Hipsters unique. And that's a good thing. But the only way to enjoy this is to know and understand the group and the culture, and to realize that all they were doing was entertaining themselves and anyone else that was around. I didn't know anything about the culture of the hipsters, but now that I do, it's amazing. There are more funny, interesting, insightful, and important documentaries about the culture of the hipsters out there, but this one is still the best.

Kevin K. photo
Kevin K.

As a Brooklyn native, I've long been curious about the cultural and cultural differences between my hometown and the surrounding areas. One of the primary reasons that I came to view the documentary was to see how the subjects were able to find and share their culture with the camera. I also had to ask myself if the people shown in the film were actors or real people. My initial thoughts were that the majority of the people in the film were people who were already famous, and had appeared in countless television shows and movies. The director and his team filmed the people who we think of as the "Rich Kids" of the neighborhood. The documentary was very informative, and I highly recommend it. I believe that the most valuable lesson for the kids and their parents was the realization that we are all unique individuals and that our ideas of what is important in life are constantly evolving.

Joe photo

I went to the NYIFF screening of this film with my daughter, who is a big fan of horror. I found the film to be very entertaining. I especially liked the scene where the kid is on the toilet. It was a good story and the actors did a great job with the parts they were given. I am surprised that this film was not distributed by a major studio. It is a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is into horror.

Roger Rodriguez photo
Roger Rodriguez

This documentary is an excellent and entertaining look at the history of the music industry in New York. It is a must-see for any fan of music and for anyone who has ever wanted to be a musician. What makes it so great is the fact that the film is done in the style of a documentary, with interviews with music industry people, music critics, critics, and fans, and it has a wonderful "behind the scenes" look at the creation of the film, as well as a look at how music was brought to New York in the late 60s and early 70s. The documentary is very informative, as well as entertaining, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in music.

Jessica Ortiz photo
Jessica Ortiz

This is a documentary about the life of Ernest Hemingway, the famous American writer. I did not know that he was born in Cuba, I only knew that he lived in Spain and that he had a wife and a daughter. This documentary is an entertaining look into his life. It was edited very well, and I really liked the way the director showed how the two main characters met, how they both became friends, and how they met and fell in love. This is a very well made documentary, and I was entertained throughout the entire film. There is a lot of funny stuff that I didn't expect to see, and it's definitely worth watching.

Tyler H. photo
Tyler H.

This is one of the most comprehensive and compelling documentaries I have ever seen. There is no way to describe it in words, and the only way to describe it is to see it for yourself. It's a perfect example of the power of film to change people's lives. This is a film about a man who came to New York City from his native Jamaica in search of a better life. He was a member of a large Caribbean family, and he felt like he was missing something. So, he decided to leave his home in Jamaica to seek a better life in the United States. He found a job as a janitor at a Bronx building, and he found a way to meet the people who had taken over the building. He began to befriend the people who worked there, and eventually, he met one of the owners of the building. The owner, Michael Caine, had just finished a movie called "The Town", and he wanted to know if he could get his old friend to play in it. He asked for Caine's help, and Caine agreed. The film was produced by the people who worked in the building, and it was shot by people who worked there. The film is a compilation of interviews with the people who worked there, and it is very moving. It is a true story, and it was told in such a way that it is almost impossible to not feel for the people who were in this film. It is a documentary that is extremely powerful, and it is a film that should be shown in schools all over the country.

Helen Patterson photo
Helen Patterson

The "No" to this film will be because the subjects in this film are not generally subject to such extreme censorship and their innocence is often called into question. For this reason, the film is quite a bit more heavy handed than some of the others I've seen. That said, it's an interesting look at the subject of censorship and how it can affect an individual's lives. The film includes interviews with people who were subject to the documentary, as well as various others, and as I said, this is a film that is quite a bit more heavy handed than some of the others I've seen. The interviewees are more detailed and in some cases more personal than usual, but it's still pretty interesting. I found the interviews to be very interesting, and I have a feeling that this is a film that will be seen by many more people than this one. I would definitely recommend this film, but be warned, the subject matter and the historical context may be more challenging for some people.

Jeremy H. photo
Jeremy H.

The documentary follows the director, Gary Sheppard, as he makes a documentary about the musical style of the Village People and their influence on the music of the 70's and 80's. The documentary is filled with interviews with the actors and band members, who talk about the history of the Village People and how they influenced music. The band is interviewed as well. They are as surprised as anyone that the music has not aged well, but they still manage to perform songs that are very much like the original. The documentary is divided into two parts. The first half is about the history of the band and their music. The second half is a discussion of how the music is now. The second half is a bit more interesting, as it focuses on the band's current problems. I felt that the second half was a bit more interesting than the first half, because they try to explain how the band is doing. The band is doing well financially, but they still struggle financially. They are also dealing with some legal problems, and they are constantly dealing with other band members who are not happy with their work. The documentary also covers some of the problems they have with the music industry. Gary is trying to get a deal with a record label, but he is not getting very far. The band is having a hard time getting people to buy their music. The documentary also covers some of the problems they have with their music, and the band members talk about how they have dealt with them. I think that the documentary is really interesting. It is a very interesting look at the history of the Village People. It is very well done. I think that the documentary is well worth watching.

Douglas Dixon photo
Douglas Dixon

This documentary about the Barbizon hip-hop group was released in 2012. It covers the band's rise to stardom and the group's influences. It also talks about the group's public image and what they've been up to since. The film was well-made, though the focus is on the group's rise to fame, which wasn't very interesting to me. It was also very quiet and I didn't get the sense of the band's musical influence on others. I also found it very boring. The music was okay, but the sound wasn't that great. The documentary is definitely worth watching, but I don't recommend it.

Doris photo

This film is the most visually stunning of the lot. I can't get over the imagery in the film. It's almost like a documentary, and it's just beautiful. The film is set in a period in which the "Great Depression" was not over, and I would love to have seen a film that chronicled the period. This film does that, and it's fantastic. I've never been a fan of documentaries, but this is a fantastic one. It's a beautifully shot, well-acted, well-crafted piece of work. It's the most visually stunning film I've ever seen. It's just so cool.

Jane photo

This movie is more of a love story than a documentary. The stories told in the movie are amazing, the people featured in it are fascinating and have a great sense of humor. There's nothing like "real" footage of people around the world. The story of how this documentary was made is pretty interesting. This is not a "documentary", but more of a "love story". This is a love story between two people that wants to see how far they can go. They have a huge passion to see what they can do for the world and how far they can go. This is a story that everyone should know about.

Larry B. photo
Larry B.

This film was probably my favorite documentary of the year. I've never seen the movie, but it is well worth seeing just to watch the work of the film-maker, with the help of some amazing actors, including Robert De Niro, Mark Wahlberg, Kate Winslet and Ashley Judd. It's not easy to make a documentary about a famous actor who has been a famous actor for more than 30 years, but this documentary is actually worth seeing. The documentary focuses on Mark Wahlberg's past work and how it affected him when he became famous, as well as the film he directed after his hit movie "Magnolia" became a success. You will also see an interview with a cast member and some of the crew who worked on the movie. It is a must see, especially if you are a Mark Wahlberg fan.

Gerald Franklin photo
Gerald Franklin

The idea of taking a guy to see a bunch of actual photographs and taking their word for them is a great idea, but for some reason this movie tries to do too much, which only makes the whole thing seem more incoherent. The first problem is the premise: that the photographer is going to prove that this is the image of someone who was a slave, and that this image is the image of a man who was freed. How could this be so? If you're going to film a bunch of photographs, you don't need to film the entire image, you just need to have enough evidence to prove that you've got the image of the subject, and then you need to get the subject to prove that they're the person. This would be a much easier way to go about it. Second problem is the subject matter. This is supposed to be a documentary, not a piece of entertainment. It's supposed to be talking about a black man's life and his story, not a bunch of photographs that you can see just by looking at the camera. Third problem is the length. I think they could have cut a lot of this film down to maybe 45 minutes. They could have cut the jokes out of the film and replaced them with things like the n-word. Or they could have edited out the long, drawn out speeches and replaced them with short, funny ones. But there are so many more things that are wrong with this film that it's hard to keep track. I think this film should have been called, "The Greatest Story Ever Told", or "The Greatest Race Ever Told". There's nothing wrong with having a bunch of pictures. In fact, I think this film would have been much better if it just had pictures of people that were freed and have never spoken. But it's not. And that's why I say it's a disaster.

Janet Hernandez photo
Janet Hernandez

If you have been following the progress of this project for any length of time, you will be absolutely stunned by the amount of time and effort put into this documentary. It is truly a piece of art. The story of the lives of people who were brought up in the Bronx during the late 60s and early 70s is told in a way that is both funny and sad, a sort of poetic and dreamy, dreamlike experience. The film includes interviews with people who were involved with the film, such as Oliver Stone, Alan Alda, and Liza Minelli. You will also hear from people who were involved with the production, such as Marcia Schifrin, Debra Winger, and the director, Nick Broomfield. And, of course, the film features some amazing footage of the Bronx and its neighborhoods. It's a great film.

Juan photo

It's been a year since I saw the original "B" movie. I didn't really know what to expect from it, but the story is so familiar that I'm not sure if I should watch it again. This time I know that I should, because it's a great, gritty documentary. I think the characters are really interesting and I'm glad that they're all so authentic. I'm glad that they didn't give me a bunch of Hollywood-style explanations of how the movie came to be. I liked the fact that the story isn't as simple as you'd expect it to be. The story starts with the murders and ends with the people talking about the movie. The movie really does a good job of showing the kind of thing that happens to people. It's all a part of a group of people who see the film and talk about it afterwards. I also liked the fact that they didn't just show the murders, but also the conversations that people had when they were watching the film. It makes you think about the movie and I think it's really cool. I think that this movie really is different from other movies. It's not a film that will make you happy, but it's a film that will make you think about a movie that you've seen before and how much you enjoy it. I really like the way the film works and I really recommend it. The story is a little difficult to follow at first, but once you get the hang of it, it really makes sense. It's a good movie, but it's not a perfect movie.

Howard Holland photo
Howard Holland

The title of the film "Chronicle of a Street-Smart" refers to a certain character, a street-smart kid who became famous for his unique style of street-wise behavior. I won't reveal the story for the sake of those who haven't seen it yet. The director chose the name of this character as it will be a focus of the film. As for the director, I am not sure what his speciality is, but I can say that he can act well. The cast is not that important. It's the story itself. I've seen other street-smart movies and I don't find them interesting. However, I found the screenplay of "Chronicle" to be very good. I can't say more about it. For example, there are scenes where people are being attacked. I find this very dramatic. The performances are very good. The characters are very different from each other. I like how the characters behave. I like how they interact with the other characters. I think the director succeeded in creating a good film. I've seen the movie twice. I recommend it to those who like street-smart movies and I would like to see the director's next film.

Hannah Holmes photo
Hannah Holmes

This is an excellent documentary about the history of the Brooklyn Renaissance. It's a must see for anyone who is interested in the history of the Brooklyn arts scene. It is a fascinating look at the creative community of the city and how they came together to make something new and unique. This documentary is a very well done production and I highly recommend it.

Juan Ward photo
Juan Ward

I am a big fan of Kate Bush, and I found this documentary to be very informative and well-made. I have seen the film numerous times and I am always intrigued by how a person's personality may change during their lifetime. If you are a fan of the band, you will love the film.

Pamela Nichols photo
Pamela Nichols

Before I watch this movie I was wondering if I would enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is about a photographer that is spending some time in his childhood home in Queens, New York. He is asked by the owner of the house to document the place and the people that live there. He is there for a few days and later he is in the neighborhood again to photograph some girls. The problem is that he is a bit too close to the neighborhood for comfort. The guys who live there are pretty much dirty and in the end, even more so than before. One of the guys is a punk and another is a psycho. The rest are very different people. One guy seems to have a gun. I would not call it a documentary. It is more like an exploration. The guy who shot the documentary just seems to get to know the place and the people and then he just takes the camera away. He really doesn't have anything to say. The photographer who is there just sits and observes and he leaves. There is no more story. The documentary becomes a diary. The whole thing is really interesting and it made me think about the whole neighborhood and what I would do if I lived there. The camera was only an assistant, but the guy who made it really was a wizard.

Shirley E. photo
Shirley E.

It's been almost 20 years since I saw this movie, and I'm still shaking my head at how the idea of exposing a young lady to new cultures and traditions, with a seemingly naive mindset, still lingers in my head. I'm not an intellectual, so I had a lot of fun with this movie, and learned something I didn't know. For that, I give this movie a solid 9/10.

Johnny Chavez photo
Johnny Chavez

As a fellow African American woman, I was very surprised to see how much of a negative portrayal of African Americans in the media was portrayed. However, this documentary, as well as the Black Panther Party itself, is an inspiration for all of us to see our country as a beacon of hope for all of us. This documentary is also a great opportunity for people to learn about the history of the Black Panthers and their history. There are many things that are not told in this documentary. For example, the history of the Black Panthers was written by one person, but his words are not recorded by any other person. Many people did not know that the Black Panther Party was actually a socialist organization. We need to keep in mind that all people in this country were forced into the civil rights movement. For that reason, the Black Panthers were the first and most effective organizations in the country to fight for civil rights. I think that the film was very well done. I would recommend this film to everyone that is interested in learning about the Black Panthers and their history.

Heather Fuller photo
Heather Fuller

This documentary about hip-hop's rise to the top in New York City is fascinating and entertaining. Documentary filmmaker Jesse Gilleon leads a group of hip-hop artists on a tour of the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. The filmmakers interview and interview various individuals who helped to make hip-hop into what it is today, some who are still active today, some who have retired and become "lip-syncing junkies," some who have even died. In the end, the filmmakers are left with a feeling of being left in the dark about hip-hop's future, as the music scene that was developed by artists like The Roots, Public Enemy, Public Enemy No. 1 and Public Enemy No. 2 has since evolved into a sort of hybrid. Gilleon interviews the three remaining surviving members of Public Enemy, and they give their opinions on what they would have done if they were alive today. It's really cool to hear what these men had to say, and I don't think it's that surprising that they are not pleased about what they see as the superficial nature of the hip-hop movement today, particularly regarding the music itself.

Ruth Barnett photo
Ruth Barnett

Being the "Prince of Egypt", the best known historical person of the first half of the 20th century, Sir Christopher Wren is clearly one of the main reasons why this documentary was made. It's a fascinating look at the man who helped to found the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and to give it a national identity. The documentary opens with a wide shot of Wren's office in the Queen's House, where he was sworn in as King Edward VIII. It is a great way to see his style of life, his discipline, his thoughts, and his personal motivations. Then we see his rise to power, and the turmoil of the period. There are some interesting points about how people were affected by his rule, but the real story is his attitude towards religion. He was not necessarily a fan of the church, and the first sign of his problem with the Catholic church was when he went to an English Catholic chapel and turned down the crucifix. He saw the crucifix as a symbol of sin, and his main interest was not to destroy the church, but to use it as a way to achieve his goals. He was also a great supporter of democracy and freedom of the press, but he was not an atheist like so many other monarchs of the time, and he never said he would never believe in God. He said he would believe in "good" things, but would always put religion aside and his own motives first. He was very much a "democratic" king, and he had a dislike for the church and for Catholicism. This was also a great role model for many of the people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who were also not religious at the time. After Wren was crowned King Edward VIII, the newspapers were filled with rumors that he was not a true believer, but there was no proof to back this up. He was only 24, and he had been a bishop for a year. His motives were clear, and he had great ambitions. He had been offered the position of Archbishop of Canterbury, and he was convinced he would never accept the position. He did, but the British government refused to give him the job. The newspapers had become so suspicious of the king's motives that they put him on trial for heresy. He was found guilty, and he was excommunicated. This is the best example of a church in the Middle Ages that did not share a religious affiliation with the state. This period was the time of the Reformation, and Wren was not very tolerant of people who were not members of the church. He was an anti-Catholic who wanted to use the church as a tool to achieve his own goals, and he could not have been more opposed to the Catholic church. After the trial he was thrown in jail, and this was a long time in the making. He spent most of his time writing and working on the English National Dictionary, which was released after his death in 1547. It became the standard dictionary of the English language, and the people of England, including those in the United Kingdom, learned that the church did not represent the state, and it was not a holy place. In the 19th century, Wren was almost always on television, and this made him famous. He was very public about his views, and this made him a target for many people, and many saw him as a great leader, but there is no evidence to back up his claim that he had no interest in religion. He was also criticized for his treatment of women. His views were not universally accepted, but he was popular and respected. He was a great ruler, but he had many weaknesses. The documentary makes the case for the monarchy as a great institution, and it does so well. Wren was great at what he did, but he was not great at everything, and he was also a great problem for the church. This was also an important reason that the church tried to remove him, and the documentary shows the great lengths they went to. There is a lot of interesting material in the documentary, but the film is quite long. It does not have a lot of punch, but it is well made and it is informative. It is a good documentary about a great man.

Martha T. photo
Martha T.

I really liked this movie. I think it's well worth watching. The music is also really good and does a great job of creating the mood. The director was able to use the wonderful locations of Harlem in the film, and used the music to create a feel for the feeling of the area. I also liked the interview with the director about the film, as well as the author who co-wrote the book, J.C. Manning. In addition to the music, the director also used the photography to create a unique style of film. The interviews with the people featured in the film were very interesting and easy to follow. Overall, I recommend this film.

Angela W. photo
Angela W.

This documentary is a must see for anyone who is interested in the history of the hip hop community. It provides a comprehensive look at the history of the culture and the evolution of the music. It is a must for any fan of hip hop or music. The documentary is very well done. It provides an overview of the history of the culture, and the evolution of the music. The music is a lot of fun to listen to and it is definitely worth watching the documentary. I highly recommend this documentary.

Jose photo

It's a pretty cool film. It's a low budget film but it's still entertaining. It has some of the greatest lines I've heard in a movie in a while and the story line was intriguing. The acting was pretty good too. I think it's the weakest part of the film. The director was okay but the writing was a little off. There was a couple of weird scenes that didn't make sense. But all in all it was entertaining. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who loves horror movies.

Harold photo

This is a very good documentary about the plight of the poor in New York City. It shows how the poor people are living, working and dying in the city. The film is very moving and a great film. The only problem is that it is too long and the film makers are too busy to show a lot of the details of the lives of the poor people. This is a great documentary and a must see.

Sandra R. photo
Sandra R.

This documentary is for everyone who has ever tried to make it in New York City. It tells the stories of many of the people who have made it, and the challenges they had to overcome. It is very well done and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of New York City. I have also been to the Big Apple several times, and this film gives you a real feel for what it was like to live there.

Victoria photo

One of the better documentaries I've seen on New York City's Chinatown in the past decade. Well worth your time.

Andrea photo

I just saw this film at the Baltimore International Film Festival. I was able to see it for free. I am a big fan of horror, and I was expecting a good horror film, but this film was a total disappointment. I will not give away any of the story, but I will say that it was a total disappointment. The acting was very bad, and the story was very weak. I was very disappointed, and I am very angry. I have no idea why this film was even made. I am very disappointed, and I would not recommend this film to anyone.

Doris photo

We all know that the underground of Harlem was the center of some of the most important black movements of the sixties, but what many people may not know is that the African American community of Harlem was also a thriving thriving ghetto, a place of crime, drugs, prostitution, and violence. It was a place where street gangs were in full control, and where the most serious crime was committed by the local street gang. In fact, the average crime rate in the Harlem of the sixties was among the highest in the entire country, and it was the only city in which the black and white populations actually showed no differences in crime rates. That is why it was a prime target for Mayor John Lindsay, who led the city of New York in a massive effort to eradicate the crime problem in Harlem. The documentary "Big Momma's House" does a fantastic job of showing the diversity and the complex relationship between the African American community and the city of New York. The documentary also does a very good job of showing the difficult struggle of the black community in the seventies and eighties. In fact, it is amazing that so many black people could be in such a position to be able to become involved in a documentary about the city of Harlem. This is a powerful documentary that should be seen by anyone who has a serious interest in the history of the African American community. It is a must see.

Patrick C. photo
Patrick C.

This is a great documentary about the rock and roll lifestyle. From the famous band to the real life band, and even the more famous women that became famous in the scene. I don't know if it's a real documentary or a fictional one, but it's interesting to see the lifestyle and the politics of the time. I think it's one of the best documentaries about the music scene ever made. It's not just about the music, but about the lives of the people involved in it. It's great to see that the rock and roll lifestyle is something that can change your life. The documentary is well made and I recommend it to anyone who loves music. It's an interesting documentary that you can't afford to miss.

Elizabeth photo

An hour and a half of great images, many of them not captured on film, many of them not seen by most of the people I know. I found myself thinking about this film for days. And then the movie was over and I realized that I had seen this film about 2 hours before. My only problem was that I did not know what the title meant. I am not sure if it was a humorous title or not, but that's how it made me feel. There are not many movies that are worthy of this sort of a review. I am always struck by how many of the people I know are not aware of this film. What a wonderful place this movie has found in the film industry. I think that many people in the industry would like to be like this family. I think this is a great film to be able to watch over and over again.

Randy J. photo
Randy J.

What a beautiful film. The main character is a very important figure in our lives, the man who saved his girlfriend's life in a fire. This is a very good film and I recommend it to everyone. If you have never seen this film, I highly recommend it. I give it 10 out of 10.

Betty photo

If you're into the film industry and you like film history, this is a must see. The documentary is set in a time when films were going to the screen. It covers the period from 1925-1950, when films were being made. The movie is a fascinating look at the American film industry, the people who worked in it, and how they got their film out. The documentary is very informative and entertaining. The film is very well made and you will love it.

Judy Dunn photo
Judy Dunn

The only thing I can say about this film is that I don't care what anyone says, it is a great film. The characters are the most important thing in this film. There are a lot of people that will disagree with me about this film. Some people have compared it to the original film but I think this film is more in line with the original. It is a much better film. The original is a very moving story about a father and his son. I think the film shows that a father will always love his son no matter what. The director has really done a great job with this film. I think he is a great filmmaker and I think this is the best film he has ever made. I hope that the director of this film will be a big part of the new wave of filmmakers and the new wave of filmmakers will be making great films like this one. It is really amazing to see the change in the industry that this film has brought about. If you haven't seen this film, do yourself a favor and see it.

Dennis photo

I was fortunate to have attended a screening of this documentary at the 2012 New York Film Festival. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and found myself drawn to it throughout. This is a fantastic film about the lives of black artists in the 1920's and 30's, who were struggling to live and work in a white dominated society. The film focuses on the lives of a number of African American artists who were in the employ of both black and white companies. They live in a period of time where both race and class inequality are present. This film is extremely well done and extremely informative. It is well worth seeing. The filmmakers also touch on some of the issues of the time in a very interesting way. They discuss the discrimination that African American artists faced in the workplace and in society. I highly recommend this film.

Teresa photo

The movie is a bit of a disappointment for me, it doesn't give you a full picture of what happened and how the situation came about, you get a somewhat impression of what happened, but not enough. The only reason i gave it a 7 is because it's very good, but it's not an amazing movie. It just doesn't have enough information. It's not as good as the movie "Raising Helen" or "Narc", but it's good enough. The only reason i'm giving it a 7 is because i like the cast and the director, and the fact that they are from Brooklyn, and it gives it an extra special feel. If you want a good movie that gives you a full picture of what happened, then watch "Pineapple Express".

Pamela photo

A lot of people are disappointed by this film. I found it to be a very well made film. I think the director was really on target and really showed a lot of raw emotion. I think the problem with the film is that it is too short. If the film was a little longer it would have had a better chance of staying relevant. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the 'troubled' teenager. The music in the film is great. I think it's a really good choice. I also really like the way that the film focuses on the kids in the neighborhood. The director did a great job of showing how people in the neighborhood deal with their problems and their feelings. I think this film is a great start for the director and I hope he continues to do great work. I would really like to see him do more films like this. I think he should keep making films like this.

Joan Ramirez photo
Joan Ramirez

I recently read about the plight of the Black Panthers in the US. The most recent instalment of this group was in a prison. I decided to watch this documentary. It's an eye-opener. The American government has no right to do anything to the Black Panther Party. The Black Panthers were freedom fighters who fought for their rights and against the racist and fascist laws of the US government. The US government should not be allowed to interfere in their personal lives. The movie is informative, but not necessarily entertaining.

Michael Nguyen photo
Michael Nguyen

A film about the East Side, how black people lived on the Upper West Side. Not so much a documentary but more of a chronicle of the black community on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Very entertaining and moving. In some scenes, you might think it's a documentary but in other scenes, you'll find yourself saying "Wow, that is crazy!". If you want to learn more about the social and economic problems in the area, this is a good movie to watch.

Linda photo

The films of Marlon Brando are all based on the world of the 1930's, and this documentary examines the impact of this era on the people of Harlem. Brando's movies were very popular at the time, and many people loved them. However, the people of Harlem were being pushed out, and the people of the city were being pushed out. This documentary shows that in the 1940's, Brando lived in a very different world, and that he was not just a Hollywood star, but a real man. The director, Martin Scorsese, takes us into the lives of many of the people who worked with Brando, and shows how he created a world for himself. Many of the people he worked with, especially Marlon Brando, showed a great deal of love for him, and this documentary shows it. The music, of course, is amazing. The songs are very good, and the acting is also very good. Some of the performances are even excellent, such as Marlon Brando and Marlon Brando Jr. and Marlon Brando Jr. The film shows that Marlon Brando was a great man, and that he was not just a Hollywood star. This documentary is very good, and it shows that Brando was a very important man.

Helen R. photo
Helen R.

This documentary is an interesting look at the role of the underground music scene in the Bronx. I enjoyed it. The filmmakers did a great job at not going over the top with the subjects. I was never bored at all. I thought it was a good film.

Kevin W. photo
Kevin W.

I love everything that Kate (the film's narrator) does. It's a testament to her talent that she can come up with such brilliant stories about how she lived her life. For instance, in the first story, she recounts her experiences in New York City as a child, to the point where she speaks of her mother, who was a very intelligent woman, and was considered an "artistic" genius by those who knew her. As she was growing up, she also became friends with the acclaimed writer George Saunders. In fact, her own mother came to the city to visit her once a year. She told her that Saunders was one of the best writers in the country, and she and her mother often talked about it. After the death of Saunders' mother, Kate and her father came to live in New York, where she continued her travels in the 20's and 30's. When she was around 18, she met the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. She became a devoted follower of his work. She also discovered that the older man was in love with her. She went back to her home in Paris and became a professor at the Sorbonne. She was fascinated by the life she was living, but also with his. She felt that he had a wonderful sense of humor and was able to draw out a great deal from his subjects. He was also able to make her become a better person. She had a great experience of reading "The Atlantic" and was inspired by it to become a better writer. When she finally returned to New York, she began a new series of books based on Cartier-Bresson's photographs. As her fame grew, she became the focus of worldwide interest. The so-called "Sleeping Beauty" became a sort of cultural phenomenon, and became a sort of icon for women. Her mother was very upset by this, and tried to discourage her daughter from being so attached to the media attention. At the same time, her daughter began a relationship with the artist and painter Herve Villechaize, and began to have many problems with her father. As she became more popular, she also started to have the same problems as her mother, which led to her becoming a famous woman. It was this new, more-desirable status that she wanted. She also began to experience sexual fantasies about the famous man who was in love with her. She finally decided that she could no longer deny the fact that she loved the man, and decided to tell her mother. The director has great respect for the work of these great women, and does a great job of bringing these stories to life.

Louis photo

It's a shame that people who are new to NYC can't get the full picture of what's going on. I really enjoyed this documentary. It gives a lot of information about the history of the neighborhood and the development of the park. It shows how the park was constructed, what it looked like before it was built, what it was like before it was built, and what it was like when it was built. I was particularly impressed with the scenes in the park and the history of the park. I also enjoyed the historical context of the documentary. The narrator was very good at explaining the context of the park and the history of the neighborhood. I think it was very interesting to hear how the park was built. It's very impressive. The most surprising part was the details of the construction of the park. I was surprised to see how quickly the park was built and how much time was taken to build it. It's impressive. I think it's important to see how the park was built and how much time and money was put into it. The history of the park is really interesting and I was impressed with the information that was given. I also liked the way the narrator was able to explain the context of the park to the viewer. It was very informative and entertaining.

Virginia C. photo
Virginia C.

This film is amazing! I was skeptical to see this movie but I am glad I did. I am a student and I really loved this film. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has never heard of it or doesn't have a clue about what it's about. The story is amazing and the acting was amazing. The story is about a woman who lost her baby in the first trimester of pregnancy and the struggle she went through. I loved the way the movie portrayed the whole experience of a pregnant woman, and how the pregnancy and birth of a baby are a very personal experience for her. She is a person who has experienced so many things in her life, and the movie portrayed that. I am really glad I saw this movie and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about pregnancy and birth. I also would like to add that this movie is a great introduction to the realities of pregnancy and birth. This film is also an amazing lesson to all of us. We should all learn from it and be more understanding of the realities of pregnancy and birth.

Jennifer photo

I just watched this movie and I absolutely loved it. This movie is a beautiful portrayal of a time in history and the people who lived through it. It also speaks about the corrupting influence of money on politicians and how corrupting the system is. It also talks about the people who were in power during this time and the people who were on the side of the people. I loved the fact that the director chose to have the majority of the movie in black and white. It really made the movie more real and the people more relatable to the audience. The music was also wonderful and I especially loved the scenes with the orchestra and the songs. I was so impressed by this movie and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Cheryl T. photo
Cheryl T.

It's one of the most visually pleasing films I've ever seen. It's a "feel good" movie that contains a lot of uplifting messages. You can watch this movie over and over again, and it never gets old.

Beverly Berry photo
Beverly Berry

This is a very interesting documentary, and I would have to say it's my favourite documentary so far. It's a great look at what it's like to be an African-American in New York City. It's not only about the struggles of being an African-American in the city, but it's also about the struggles of being an African-American in the US, and how African-Americans have to deal with racism, and how the US is not what it used to be. This documentary does an excellent job of showing the different ways African-Americans have to deal with racism. I really liked the way they used the voice of John Waters to talk about how racism is a problem in the US, and that it's not just a problem in the US. It's a great documentary, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject of racism.

Michelle photo

When I first saw this film I was disappointed. I felt that the film was a bit slow and not all that interesting. The film was as good as it could have been. However, I recently rented the DVD and watched it. The film is about the struggle of the four main characters to get what they want. This struggle was shown in a rather dark way, but also in a positive way. It showed that it is possible for people to overcome their fear and turn it around. I also liked the positive and uplifting message. I loved the message that it conveyed, but also the fact that it was uplifting and helped people feel good. The characters were very interesting and the way they were presented was very nice. The film is very unique and it is one of those films that I would definitely recommend seeing.

Jacqueline Tucker photo
Jacqueline Tucker

This documentary was a very powerful one to see. I really enjoyed seeing all of the individuals interviewed, especially the ones that are also involved in the creation of the theatre. The "Raising of the Bar" is a great story, and I really hope that this will be a follow up to the second one, or possibly even the third. If you're a fan of the theatre or music, I highly recommend seeing this film. It really was a great story to tell and the actors and production crew were all very good. In addition to that, it was great to see people being interviewed that are not famous actors or famous musical performers. It was like a mix between a history lesson and a film school class. The students were actually really good at telling their stories. I am definitely going to see the next documentary!

Lisa W. photo
Lisa W.

This documentary is a great and moving story about a person who is trying to make a difference in his community. He is a good example of a person who's trying to help others, and he is an inspiration to all who want to do the same. The film tells his story, and shows the many different people he has met. It is a great story, and a great film.

Madison J. photo
Madison J.

I found this movie very interesting. I feel like I know someone who is a sex addict and they are a person who has done everything they could to stay clean. I feel like there is a lot of misinformation out there about sex addiction and I feel like this documentary is trying to spread the truth. I feel like the movie was very accurate and I think the producers did a great job. I really enjoyed the idea of the documentary and the way it was presented. I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions out there about sex addiction and this documentary is trying to spread the truth. I think this is a very good documentary. It really makes you think about the world we live in and I think this is something that I will remember.

Jessica photo

A truly groundbreaking film from director Donald Blake, who also wrote the screenplay. It's quite a shame that Blake didn't continue to make films, as this is an excellent, unconventional film, not just for a fan of the director, but for film fans in general. The film is about a trio of four friends who are all poor, and a short time after they graduate from high school, decide to do a little "mobster" type thing and the gang makes a living selling the drugs they buy from the street. They decide to quit, and head to New York, and the police are on their trail, so the group decide to stay in New York. As the film unfolds, the group begins to be aware of the corruption of the streets, and the corruption of the police, as the group starts to realize they aren't the only ones on the side of the mob. The film is rather amazing, and you'll find yourself both cheering for the gang, and rooting against them. This film is a bit like "Midnight Run" in that it's both a comedy and a drama, but it's also a little bit of a thriller, as well. Blake really has a way of making people feel sympathy for characters he's writing, and he doesn't even bother to use one of the standard Hollywood cliches to sell his characters, such as the family that gets split up, the couple that ends up being the heroes, or the evil mob boss. This is also where I would like to point out that the characters in the film are all human, so you really can't fault the acting as much as you could in some other films. It's not just a big-name star that's in it, but everyone's in it. The characters are all interesting, and you really feel like you're getting to know them. Blake does a wonderful job of making the film feel like a drama, rather than a comedy, and you can really feel the tension in the film, which is definitely one of the best things about it. I think one of the biggest things people will enjoy about this film is the soundtrack. The music is so great, and I'm not talking about the music that Blake included, I mean the music that the film was composed with. The score is very haunting and very well suited for the film, and I think the music was the best thing about the film. Blake also does a great job of directing, and the camera-work in the film is absolutely wonderful. Blake doesn't bother to use a camera very much, but instead he uses just the cast, and the way he shot the film. The film looks great, and is very well made, and I think the movie is very well done. This is a great film, and I recommend it to any film lover.

Sandra Hicks photo
Sandra Hicks

I liked this movie because I thought it was original. I thought it was really well done and had a good message. I also thought it was an interesting look into the world of the mafia and what happens when a good guy does not do what he is told. I do agree with some of the comments that the acting was a little wooden but I thought that was because I was not paying attention to the film at all and just watching the lead characters talk. I did like the use of the close-ups and the use of different types of lighting. Overall, this was a good movie and I will definitely watch it again. I really hope that more people will take the time to watch this movie because I think it is a great look into the mafia and it shows that the mafia is still out there, still doing what they are supposed to do, still doing what they are paid to do, and still doing it for their families. It also shows that when you don't do what you are told, you are out of luck. I also thought that it was interesting to see what would happen if people started following the law and stopped doing what they are told and started doing what they are supposed to do. I also liked the fact that they show how the mafia is really like an organized crime family, they know how to do things and have a way of doing things. I also like that they show that the mafia really does not care about what people think about them. They know that if they show people that they are bad, that will make them change their ways and will make them change. They do not need to say that they are good people and make people hate them, they just need to show people that they are not good people and show people that the mafia is not that good. I think that this is a good movie that should be shown to everyone.

Julie Gomez photo
Julie Gomez

I don't know how to rate this movie, because I saw it on television and was so bored I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I guess I just had to laugh a little. That's why I can't give it more than an 8. I liked it when I saw it at the theater, but I'm not sure how it would be even remotely interesting to see on TV. I think the general public has a hard time with these kinds of movies. I think they like the "straight" movies, which are just plain dull. But I guess the only ones I can find that are interesting are the ones with a quirky, quirky script and actors who know how to play those characters and make them interesting. I don't know about any of these movies, but I am a huge fan of Laurel and Hardy and I think I'd like it if they made a new movie. I think the movie was interesting, but that's about it. It would have been better if they had added a lot more in-depth analysis of the actors and the characters, instead of just saying they were "blond" and "funny" and "gorgeous" and "gorgeous girls." That's not a really good way to make a movie. I can't really recommend this movie, unless you want to see something that is so typical of the genre.

Amanda F. photo
Amanda F.

If you're looking for a film to pass the time and see what's happening in the world then this is a great movie. If you're looking for a movie to keep you company and to put on the menu, this is a terrible film. Not only that, but the editing is bad. For instance, at one point during a scene, a character is talking to a man who is pointing a gun at him. The editor cuts to another scene in which another character is talking to another man who is pointing a gun at him. The camera zooms in on the dialog as the actor points the gun at the camera and zooms out. The editing is bad. It's a shame that this movie could only be made in one color. The story is very good and the acting is good. The characters are interesting and give you a sense of what their lives are like. But the editing ruins it. It's like a badly edited movie.

Austin photo

The Bronx is not what it used to be. It is not what it is today. It is an underprivileged, urban neighborhood that is getting whiter and whiter. There are so many problems in the Bronx. If I had to pick one, the health care crisis is definitely in the top 10. The cars that break down and die on the streets are probably the most common. I would say that more kids have asthma and tooth decay. The city is being covered with concrete for the first time since the last World War. At least 80% of the buildings have been demolished. The housing that is remaining is dilapidated and dangerous. We are still recovering from the last World War. I have a friend that is very active in his church, and he recently told me that he is not able to take a Sunday at the church because there are no buses to bring people in. We are going to have a meeting soon about ways to get people in the church. I believe that this documentary will bring people together and get people to think about what they are doing and why they are doing it. I am a pastor and I do not like the idea of taking things into our own hands and making decisions for the people. I do not want to be in the position where I am deciding how to spend my time. I believe that it is important for people to know what is happening, but we are not there yet. Hopefully, this documentary will encourage people to do their part and work to improve the city and community.

Mildred photo

This documentary, focusing on the family of one of the six people who were murdered in the infamous November '66 'Scream Massacre' is one of the most affecting things I've ever seen. The film starts out with a nice introduction to the family, including brief interviews with each of the brothers. The film then delves into the history of the story. The film follows each member of the family, including the father, mother, son and the younger brother, in their childhood, as they tell their stories and recount the horror that occurred at the infamous Scream Massacre in November '66. The film is not particularly graphic in any way, and focuses mostly on the stories of the six individuals who lost their lives. What really makes the film is the honesty of the documentary. I can't say that I have ever seen a documentary that so honestly portrays the horrors of the horrors that occurred. The documentary is definitely a must see for anyone who has ever been a victim of sexual assault.

Paul Watkins photo
Paul Watkins

This documentary is a well thought out and well executed production that really grabs the viewer's attention and is an easy and enjoyable watch. Not just a trip down memory lane, but a journey of discovery and discovery of oneself as well. The information presented is well researched, insightful, and a refreshing change from the so-called "acid trip" documentaries that dominate the modern-day television landscape. Though this documentary may not be as accurate as it wants to be, the history presented is very relevant and the documentary does a good job at showing how life was lived during the time period. While not as accurate as the "nazi doc," this documentary is still a very interesting piece of work and an extremely important one to have in your collection. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone interested in World War II, World War I, World War II, and the story of life during the time period.

Teresa Miller photo
Teresa Miller

In this fascinating film, filmmaker M.S. Riggleman profiles the relationship between two important artists of the 20th century. Josephine Baker, the most talented woman in American art, and Annie Leibovitz, the most famous person in New York's art scene, come to terms with each other's historical differences. Each of them has become, through their work, an icon of their respective industries. Baker has become the national icon of the twentieth century, while Leibovitz, in her later years, has become a national icon of the 1960s. Yet Baker's work is both more respected and revered than Leibovitz's. Baker was a writer, whereas Leibovitz was a photographer. Baker is a writer because she writes about art. It's a different kind of writing than photography, which is what Leibovitz does. The story of their relationship is told in a series of carefully recorded interviews with both women. It is a powerful film that tackles questions about identity, nostalgia, and the history of art and the art of the era. The film itself is a revealing portrait of a couple, yet it is a portrait of a moment in history, not a portrait of the couple itself. (This review is from the documentary "The Artist," available on DVD from

Christopher H. photo
Christopher H.

What a waste of time. I'm a member of the Hip Hop group that have this movie on DVD and that is like an hour and a half of my life I could have spent listening to the album. I know the internet was created for some kind of rap/hip hop/music and these artists are only marketing it for a few thousand people and people like me that are fans of these artists are just kind of thrown in the crowd. Some of my favorite rappers that have released albums since the movie came out have been Ice Cube and Tupac. Not so with this one. I didn't even hear about these rappers. It would be like if I saw a rapper's mother on the TV or a movie about a man in prison. I mean who wants to hear about a prison or a mom who needs to get her son to his moms home after getting out of jail? The movie is only about 2/3 of the story. You'll know the rest by the end of the movie. The movie is boring and doesn't even add anything to the genre. I feel like I wasted my time with this movie. I thought the film was made with the intention of being interesting, hip hop fans or not but it was all hype. I thought the movie would be about something interesting and interesting people would go see the movie. I never thought I would have to wait over an hour for a movie to end. The movie is not interesting. It's boring and it's not fun to be a fan of these artists. I'll never see another movie from these artists ever again. I gave this movie a 5 because it's not horrible but it's a waste of time.

Frances Banks photo
Frances Banks

I really liked this documentary. It is a good film about the struggle of the New York City subway system. It is well produced and well shot. The story of the construction of the tunnels and the station is well told. The documentary also focuses on the struggles of the unions. This is a good film to see if you like trains, tunnels, or the subway system.

Harry Bates photo
Harry Bates

I saw this film at a film festival and it was well worth the $3.50. I've always been a fan of 'American Gothic' and 'Old Hollywood', but I was blown away by this film. It was one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I can't recommend this film highly enough, and I can't wait to see it again. It's a very emotional film. It's really, really good. The cast is excellent, and it's just a shame that the film is only two hours long. It's a very powerful film. I was also impressed with the music. I loved it.

John C. photo
John C.

This is a documentary about a film that was made on a shoestring budget and by a team of volunteers in a few months. The film is called "Loose Change", and it's about the film making process. It's a true story, and it's about a group of people who took a chance and decided to make a film about a real-life event. There was a lot of work involved, and it shows. The film is very low budget, and there are some parts that are hard to watch. It's all very slow, and I think it's very realistic. It's also very funny, because there are many moments that make you chuckle. It's not like a comedy, and I think that's what makes it so good. I love the documentary, and I recommend it to everyone. The people who made this film are heroes. I don't know what else to say about this documentary, so I will just say that this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It's not perfect, but it's a very good documentary.

Bobby S. photo
Bobby S.

In the last few years, this documentary has been produced in Canada, and it is the best of the documentary-style films. The documentary has a lot of great footage, and it is very interesting. It is a must-see documentary.