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Baaghi 2

Baaghi 2 is a movie starring Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani, and Manoj Bajpayee. A battle-hardened army officer squares off against drug lords and Russian henchmen to save his ex-lover's kidnapped daughter in the underbelly of Goa,...

Other Titles
タイガー・バレット, Baaghi 2: Le rebelle, Rebel 2
Running Time
2 hours 17 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Action
Ahmed Khan
Sajid Nadiadwala, Abbas Hirapurwala, Jojo Khan, Abbas Dalal, Hussain Dalal, Niraj Kumar Mishra, Adivi Sesh
Randeep Hooda, Manoj Bajpayee, Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A battle-hardened army officer squares off against drug lords and Russian henchmen to save his ex-lover's kidnapped daughter in the underbelly of Goa, India.

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Grace G. photo
Grace G.

The movie is so good, no doubt about it. Every actor and actress has done a great job. The story is so perfect, the director has taken the time to make the story perfect. The movie is so fast and it makes you jump. The special effects are so great. The movie is so good, I love it and I have watched it on a lot of occasions.

Brandon Perez photo
Brandon Perez

Aamir Khan, the star of the movie, is an extremely talented actor. It's hard for him to find roles that are good enough for him to be considered an actor. He was in the first "Aamir Khan" movie and then he was in the second "Aamir Khan". This movie is his best movie yet. His performance in the movie was outstanding. I don't want to reveal the story but I will just say that Aamir Khan was a security guard in Dubai and he was one of the best security guards in the world. The movie has a good story, the music was good, the action was good and the cinematography was good. I hope Aamir Khan is in more movies in the future and he will be considered an actor that can be considered as one of the best of the world.

Patricia H. photo
Patricia H.

It is time to stop fighting the evil.The world is in chaos and we are responsible for this chaos.This movie shows how we can stop the evil.I am proud of this movie and I hope everyone will see this movie.Watch this movie and you will be proud of our country and the people of Kashmir.

Arthur H. photo
Arthur H.

Bergamot is a very good director, and his movies have the same plot as his previous works. This time the plot is set in the 90s and there is a story that will surprise you. The movie is full of action and fight sequences, and it's full of laughs. The movie also has a very good message. The movie has the same feeling of a very good action movie. The only bad thing is that the movie is too long. The movie has a good message, but the movie is a bit too long. I recommend this movie to all movie lovers, but I would recommend that you watch this movie before you watch the very good series "Rang De Basanti" and "Rang De Basanti 2". The series is very good.

Benjamin photo

One of the most thrilling movies ever. First of all its the story of a group of college students who have to face a bomb attack. They are chosen by a Pakistani terrorist who is using them for his plan. The film is beautifully shot and directed by R.R. Murugadoss. The movie has a very interesting plot and it keeps you engaged in the movie. It is a must watch.

Katherine photo

So this is a big budget action movie but it is really good. The action scenes are well staged and the editing is perfect. The movie is also really good to look at and the acting is great. Most of the actors are really good in this movie. I really like the ending too. The music is really good too. Overall this is a really good movie.

Dorothy Berry photo
Dorothy Berry

I saw this movie last night. I have to say I enjoyed it. It was good to see the Bollywood film industry evolving. The action sequences were well executed and the story line was good. This is definitely a movie that I would recommend to all who want to see a decent Bollywood movie. The movie is not bad at all, it has some flaws, but it is still a good movie.

Karen W. photo
Karen W.

The movie starts with a bang. A gang of men is about to break into the office of the director of the film. But the director is still alive and he's ready to give the film to his son who has a violent history. The gangsters are about to enter the building. When they finally enter, they find the director dead. The gangsters don't want the film to be released, but the director's son wants to show it to the people. So, the gangsters shoot the director's son and he dies. The gangsters take the film and show it to the people. The director's son comes to find his father and tries to get the film. The gangsters don't know what to do. The film ends with the gangsters shooting the director's son and the director's son is dead. The film was pretty good. The acting was good, the story was good, the special effects were good. The only thing that was bad about this movie was the end. The film ended like the book did. I think that the director should have made the film longer and more exciting. The film is worth watching for the action and the gangsters, but don't expect anything more.

Edward Dixon photo
Edward Dixon

I had to watch this movie in my university. I don't know why but I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of action/drama movies. I think that this movie will be remembered for the next few years and it will be a hit.

Cynthia photo

BANGALORE: The return of Sholay as a gangster as he has not been seen in a long time.Sholay has become a mobster and is now running for the top as a respectable gangster.Sholay brings along with him a big bunch of criminals with whom he will have to deal.Sholay decides to make a deal with the mafia that the people who are involved in the project will be killed,this is what Sholay plans to do.All the players in the gang are killed and Sholay is left alone.But then he decides to get out of the situation and the first thing he does is to steal the red cheque,a very important red cheque in the gang's organisation.This incident that he was involved in gets the attention of the police and Sholay is arrested.He is convicted for stealing the red cheque and is jailed for a couple of years.This period of Sholay's incarceration is shown in a very realistic way.The jail scene is really good and Sholay is always smiling.The jail time is shown with an emotion and a great strength that the director was able to capture with his camera work.I really enjoyed this movie because I had not seen any Sholay movies before.The actor that plays Sholay is the very good Anil Kapoor.He is really good in this movie and he is one of the finest actor of Bollywood.This is a very good movie that I have watched and I have enjoyed it.A great movie.

Olivia Romero photo
Olivia Romero

It was an overall nice and entertaining movie. The plot was new but well-written. The action was very well executed and the intensity of the whole thing was just right. But one thing I have to say about it is that it was not as good as it could have been. The climax was not very good. There are two ways you can look at it. Either they ran out of money or they couldn't afford a lot of people to be involved in the movie. But they should have had more. It just seemed that the budget was too short to put in all those extras. The movie is rated R but I wouldn't let my kids see it.

Aaron R. photo
Aaron R.

A day after a policeman in Mumbai was killed by terrorists on duty, the Bollywood film director Rakesh Omprakash Mehra's latest movie Premam which was released in cinemas, with no pre-booking, was delayed by nearly a week. The movie has a very simple plot: Mumbai police officer Shoaib Akhtar (Prakash Raj) who is in jail due to corruption charges is released and comes to his old village to seek the help of his uncle Javed Akhtar (Prakash Raj) in order to locate his missing cousin Waqar (Vishal Bharadwaj). The two join forces and work as a team and thwart the terrorist attacks by the Pakis who have kidnapped Waqar's cousin. The story has been in progress for over a decade, which is one of the reasons why Premam has been delayed so much. The story has been developed quite slowly for a film like this. Premam has been heavily influenced by the likes of The Godfather and Clueless and this is something which the movie doesn't hide or hide its source. The story has been developed so slow because it has to be told in such a way that the audience gets hooked and feels like they've watched a Bollywood film. It is not an easy task to produce a film like Premam because it requires a very talented team, which Premam has but the problem is that the team members don't have any chemistry with each other. The most memorable scenes in Premam are the first and last half of the film. Premam was not an easy movie to make because the writing and direction have been so good and yet it still failed to satisfy the audience. The scenes involving the heroes of the movie where there is no emotion, no build up or any introspection. The problem is that the audience was never able to get into the characters. In Premam, the most memorable scenes are the first and last half. The characters of Premam are almost forgettable. Shah Rukh Khan's music has been impressive and it has kept the audience entertained. The movie has a cool and slightly disinterested style and it is very similar to the style of the actors in the movie. Shah Rukh Khan and Prakash Raj have done a terrific job as usual but their chemistry is not as good. Aamir Khan is seen as the villain but he is nothing more than a villain in this movie. The villain in the movie is more like a friend. Kunal Kapoor's acting has been better in the second half of the movie but it is still not enough to

Donna photo

I had heard of the name of this film, but I never got around to seeing it. I was finally able to catch it on a cheap Chinese DVD rental, and I was pleasantly surprised. This is a movie that is not meant to be taken seriously. The film is just a story, and the story is just a story. The story is told in the most simple of ways, and it is done very well. The story is told in a manner that allows the viewer to come to his own conclusions, which in turn, gives the film a very interesting and unique feeling. This is not to say that the film is perfect, and in fact, it has many flaws, but it is a very enjoyable movie, and if you like movies like this, then this is definitely a movie you should check out. 7.5/10

Nathan photo

This is a typical Bollywood movie, yes there are some quality that are missing but still i think that this movie is worth watching. The story is great and the best part of the movie is the special effects. They are realistic, no fake, it is a real movie. I think this movie is worth watching and its a must see movie.

Catherine photo

This is a very good movie. It has a very good story and it is very well written. The acting is good and the direction is good. The story is very good and the story is a little bit repetitive but I think the repetitiveness is a good thing. This movie is a good story, very good acting, and very good directing. I think this movie deserves a 7. It is a good movie and it deserves a 7.

Victoria photo

The first movie of this series is a great one. First movie was a cool one, but this one has more to it than a cool movie. The music of the movie is absolutely brilliant. The storyline is good, it's a bit bit different from the first one, but it's really worth watching. In this movie Ajay and Tuhur are really great. They are both cool in their roles. The scene between them when Ajay is about to get killed is really touching. There are a lot of scenes which you don't expect, like the one between Ajay and Sushmita. The visuals in this movie are pretty good too. Some of the shots are really beautiful, like the scene where Ajay is on the rooftop in the middle of the night, and then he gets killed by the police. There are a lot of scenes which you would never expect from a movie like this. Overall this movie is really good, if you have watched the first one you are going to like this one. If you haven't watched the first one you are going to like this one. Overall this is the best movie of this series.

Harry T. photo
Harry T.

A movie worth watching for its action, comedy and (sometimes) violence. Despite a few plot holes, the movie was very entertaining and has the best opening sequence ever! The direction and screenplay is so well executed that the movie has a great look. I was very impressed with the direction, it is very professional and it has an intense pace. Most of the characters are really funny and their reactions are really well acted. The story is also very entertaining and there are a lot of scenes that are very powerful and don't take much time to watch. The story is very original, it is full of twists and turns and there are some scenes that are shocking. The plot is also quite original and original is very good. This is a very smart and entertaining movie and a must watch for action lovers.

Brenda D. photo
Brenda D.

Tiger ki baat is a wonderful film,great entertainment.Most of the action is great and the story is great.The film is worth watching for this reason alone.I think it is one of the best films of the year.

Louis A. photo
Louis A.

I've seen this movie on the small screen and really enjoyed it. It had a good pace, it was well written and had some nice twists. This movie is one of the better movies made in the past year or so. It will not be everyone's cup of tea but if you like a good action movie with some good acting, than give this movie a shot.

Anna J. photo
Anna J.

In a nutshell, the movie is about a hit-man who has lost his wife, a beautiful woman with a secret who is trying to get rid of him. The hit-man is assigned to find her and bring her back to her husband. The story is not original, but the way the story is told is unique and really brings you into the movie. The movie starts out slow, but once you get into the story, you will find yourself glued to the screen. The story is a very good one, and it is a good watch for anyone who likes a good story. There are some slow parts in the movie, but they do not take away from the story. The characters are well written, and their stories are well told. The actors do a good job, and they are all believable. The movie has a very good message, and it is one that is very important. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story.

Samantha Coleman photo
Samantha Coleman

I have never been a fan of any of Bollywood's directors. Even though I have watched most of the movies of their films, I haven't been able to sit through any of their films. I do not like the way they make films, because they always come out with a big film that just goes on and on and on. It seems that the director just makes a film and then spends the rest of his time on the film. But I have to admit that the first half of the movie was good. The story was good, the acting was good, the direction was good, and the music was good. The second half, however, was just a disaster. I think the director's biggest mistake was to have the girl and the villain fight in the same scene. The director should have made the villain fight in the beginning of the film and the girl in the middle. If you don't mind a little bit of sex in your film, I think you can enjoy this movie. If you want to see a good movie, I would recommend you to watch any of the movies of the directors of Bollywood.

Albert F. photo
Albert F.

While many of the action stars of this era are getting older, Akshay Kumar is still at the top of his game. This movie has been rated by many as one of the best movies ever. But the fact is that it is just a movie, with an idea and story. And it has always been the same, only this time, the story is much better. This movie is truly one of the best films ever made in Hindi cinema. The storyline is great, the acting is great, the cinematography is great, the background score is great, the direction is great. I just can't praise this movie enough, it is the best film ever made in Hindi cinema. So if you are a fan of Akshay Kumar, and you want to see a good movie, I highly recommend this movie.

Roy photo

The first half of this movie was very slow. The second half was very fast. The third part was also very fast. The movie was very good. The ending was very good. I recommend this movie to all people who love action movies.

Dorothy photo

I think its the best movie was so good that the movie was very good and the action was great. this movie is for all age and it shows how the hero got the job to fight the evil and the evil got the job to kill the hero.

Eugene Wells photo
Eugene Wells

The last movie in the trilogy, The Baghi 2, was a big surprise to me. It was refreshing and a good film to watch. I have always enjoyed the first movie and wanted to see the sequel. I had a good feeling that I would enjoy the sequel. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The Baghi 2 was just a bit too short, it would have been better if they had done it in two films. The first film was long and slow, but then there were the funny moments and some action. In the Baghi 2, there is no action and some funny moments. The Baghi 2 had a bad ending that made me angry. The characters are more well developed in this movie and the main characters were even more well developed. This movie is definitely not as good as the first movie, but still good. The ending was good. The action is more intense and intense. Overall, I would say that The Baghi 2 is better than the first one, but not as good as the second one. My Rating: 8/10

Diana D. photo
Diana D.

First off, this movie has many talented actors. Akshay kumar, pradeep sir, mukesh kapoor, jayendra, all the actors have done their part very well. Akshay kumar is one of the best actor in the world. Pradeep sir and mukesh kapoor have done their part very well. The movie is very exciting and I was glued to the screen. The movie was very different from the previous one. The movie is very hard hitting. The story is very serious and there are lots of twists in the movie. I was very surprised to see the end. I have watched this movie over 3 times and I will watch it again. The story is very good. This movie is very good and I rate it very high. I am very satisfied with this movie. I really want to watch the movie again.

Theresa photo

A typical Bollywood movie from the late 80's with Kajol (Krishna Kulkarni) and Priyanka Chopra (Kareena Kapoor) who are now in their late 30's and 40's respectively. This movie has some good performances. I think the story line is very good, with some humor. It is good to see Kajol in a role like this. Kajol is also very good in the lead role and is doing very well for a newcomer. The other good performances are from Kareena Kapoor (the best Kajol ever) and Abhishek Bachchan (who really does not look old). I think Priyanka is very good and very well acted. I liked this movie. If you are a Kajol fan, you should see this movie. My rating is 8/10. This is a good movie, that is worth watching.

Louis C. photo
Louis C.

For the first time in a while, this movie delivers something that isn't a sequel. It's a simple story. But it's the first time for a Bollywood movie that is not a sequel. In this movie, we have a man who has lost his son in a car accident. He gets an offer from a small town to become a police chief. He accepts, and gets a new boy to help him. The boy is a troublemaker. He is a troublemaker who has a hard time keeping the peace. So he and his friends, a gang called the Chukela, decide to do something about it. They decide to hold a gunfight in the town and kill the mayor and everyone else in the town. This is the basic story. What is interesting about this movie is the way it is shot. The movie is shot with a very high degree of realism. The story is very well developed. And the story has a lot of twists and turns. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies. I really enjoyed this movie.

Jeffrey photo

Alok Nath-Tiwari is a guy with talent and ideas, he can make his film easily and takes risks.Alok has not made a film for a while and now he has managed to produce one of the best and original movies in the bollywood.Alok's previous movies were similar but he had it all mixed in one film. This movie is good and all. Great music by Saheb Jain. This is a great film and everybody should watch it. This is a movie that has everything for everyone.The best thing about the movie is Alok's acting and the music. There is also some nice songs like Azheer and Sadhna. The entire cast is performing very well. There are some great dialogues and few good fight scenes. It is a must watch movie and everyone should watch it.Don't miss it.

Terry Munoz photo
Terry Munoz

This movie is a huge hit in the country, and in the cinema. It is definitely the best movie in the history of Bollywood. You will be stuck on the seat, and will be laughing all the time. Don't miss it. Watch it for sure.

Kathy Murray photo
Kathy Murray

Having seen this movie a few days back, it is still one of my favourite Bollywood movies, even with the flaws that are in the movie. The story, which follows the story of various characters from the town of Thakur Sahib, during the time of a civil war between the British and Pakistanis in which the town's majority Sunni population was attacked and massacred by an extremist faction of the Pakistanis, is very complex. Although the film is divided into two parts (one when the sectarian attacks took place, the other when the British Army came in to help), the first half of the movie is quite intense and entertaining. The second half is quite dark and tragic. The use of the color yellow was effective and gave the movie a much needed emotional punch. The songs in the movie are also great, they are catchy and are played to perfection. The two main actors - Omar Shariff and Arshad Warsi - do a good job with the limited amount of dialogue they are given. The music in the movie is excellent, the background music, the songs and the background score of the movie are just perfect. The movie is a bit slow at some points, but it's definitely a good film. Even though it's a very dark movie, I enjoyed it, and I think this is a great film for the people who enjoy dark films and who love Bollywood.

Amanda F. photo
Amanda F.

NuShadak is the most popular name for Mujahideen in Pakistan. An excellent movie that can be watched without any embarrassment. The director has taken a lot of risks and what he has done is great. There are no unnecessary scenes, the movie has good pacing, good action sequences, great dialogs. The way the plot develops and the way the director has been able to portray the stories in a totally different way, the movie is one of the best movies in Pakistan. The movie is also well directed. The dialogs are very well written and the character's interactions are very good. All the actors have done a good job. The background score is good. The movie is very violent, and the brutality in the movie is very strong, so be careful if you are going to watch the movie.

Zachary S. photo
Zachary S.

In the post-Bhagvad Gita-era of Bollywood, which in the eyes of many people is supposed to be the best period of the year, 'Rajasthan Srinivas' is a rather timely movie. This movie is a must watch for the Shahrukh Khan fan, as well as a good entertainment for the rest of us. It is a shame that the Rajini Fan Club was left out. The director did not put any big stars or big names in his film, which in itself is a very big plus. But in this case, Shahrukh Khan was the star, and the star alone. There are several songs, some of them are of a bit awkward to hear. But the songs were not all bad. In my opinion, the best songs are 'Salaam Namaste', 'My Lady', 'Bhi Dhoot', 'Mekka Paas Haas' and 'Jamne'. The comedy part is not too funny. The story is not really new, but it is actually quite good. The acting is good, and the best part of the film is the background score. There are two songs that have been popular in the western countries. 'Mekka Paas Haas' and 'Chakki Mein Pehelwan'. I have watched both of these songs in the background during the movie, and I am sure that you will too. It is a good Bollywood movie, but not a great one. But, I really recommend this movie to all Shahrukh Khan fans. The final product is not bad at all, and the movie keeps you glued to your seat. And I would recommend the Shahrukh Khan fans to see this movie in the theater as well. There are many people who will watch the movie in the theater as well, and I can not understand how they are not recommending this movie to their friends. But, as an Indian, I would recommend the movie to my family members and my friends. I would also recommend this movie to the critics, but I don't think they would enjoy it as much as I did. There are people who like it because it is a action-packed Bollywood movie. But I think that action-packed movies are not good for our society. I don't think there is anything wrong with Rajasthan Srinivas.

Cheryl photo

This is an action movie, but with an emotion. I think it is better that action and drama together. The story is a little bit too long and complicated but the film was totally engaging.The music is awesome.Mohanlal's acting is a bit stiff but the rest of the cast was amazing.I recommend it to is the best movie in the past few years.The whole cast is flawless. Everyone of the actors do an excellent job.Anushka,Sohail,Reema,Ranvir,Allu Arora,Sushant Singh,Raghubir Kapoor.and many more. The whole cast is great. They have played their roles with great dedication.The story is gripping and exciting. The music is awesome. The most entertaining part of the movie is the ending.It is a perfect blend of action,drama,music,action and emotions. I think this movie deserves to be watched for its good quality.People should watch it for it's great performance.I think this movie is one of the best movies in recent times.

Katherine Cooper photo
Katherine Cooper

I have never been a fan of Bollywood movies. This movie was a breath of fresh air. I am so happy to see such a good movie. It is a treat to watch it. This movie was just a breath of fresh air. I can't wait for the next movie to come out. It will be good. I think this movie is going to be a best seller and it will be a big hit.

Hannah photo

I know i'm one of the few people that liked this movie. I really like that Bala is a completely different character from the original. The main actor looks like he was at the age of 13 when the movie was made. The music is a great one, and the story is really good. If you like the original, watch this movie.

Dylan photo

I am sure the one to watch this film is not a fan of Bollywood. I have watched this movie at the cinema and was totally happy to see how this film was turned into a movie. Bollywood has been turned into a leading film and the way of showing the different aspects of this film was pretty good. All the actors were very good and so were the directors. The film has some kind of magic which I could not feel when I saw the film. This film has a good story and its so simple to follow but it has magic which is not shown in other Bollywood movies. I am very sure that Bollywood will be a lot better in future. Bollywood has great talent in this country.

Aaron T. photo
Aaron T.

The lead actors have done an outstanding job, but the rest of the actors have done well. Great Action sequences, decent plots. Tho the final song does not work for me, but it is the only song which is not featured in the movie. The cinematography and direction of the movie is good. Rang De Basanti is a good film, with good acting by all the actors. This is the only movie I have seen in Bollywood which does not have any song like in a Hollywood film. It is a must watch film. The screenplay is good, and this movie is better than other films of its kind. You must watch this film for a great experience, and also for some ideas to work out in your life.

Gregory photo

A very good action movie with some funny moments. It's not really a action movie, more of a thriller and action movie. The story is very good, it's quite different from any other movie. The movie is so different from the first one, that you can't help but compare it with it. I was expecting more from the movie, and that's why I give it a 7. I liked the movie a lot. It has a lot of action, which is good. Some parts were a bit too long, but I think they were necessary. Overall, it was a very good movie. Watch it and enjoy.

Julie photo

As the opening credits roll, it is revealed that the title refers to the classic kung-fu movie, "Buddha", which was directed by Hong Kong director Chen Kaige in 1971. The movie is an action thriller that is based on the life of a lone monk who leads a life of peace. An assassin hired by a corrupt politician seeks to kill the monk. The monk, who had never committed any crime before, becomes a killer. With the help of the assassin, he battles his way to find the man who hired him. The film is visually stunning. The cinematography and art direction are a good match for the action. The production design and costume design were good and the special effects are outstanding. I would rate this film a solid 9. The film had me glued to the screen, and I was never bored. There is not a lot of dialogue, but it was never boring. The film had a strong sense of realism. It is hard to believe that this film is from 1971. The fact that the film is based on a Hong Kong movie is a testament to how far the film industry has come. The ending is great. If you like action films, watch this one.

Jonathan Rivera photo
Jonathan Rivera

Loved the movie,but not in a good way.One time watch, but to love it.

Helen Johnston photo
Helen Johnston

For me, this movie was more of a film that could have been better. I enjoyed the story and the characters. But the climax was a bit of a let down. The whole thing was very slow and the last 10 minutes was really boring. I enjoyed the fight scenes and the acting. I would recommend this movie to people who are into martial arts films.

Arthur Garza photo
Arthur Garza

This is a story of power and money. It's about a corrupt official who starts to use his power to get money and power. And this corrupt official starts a racket and is able to get even more money and power. To be honest I don't like to see politicians killing people. But I have to say that the story is good and I can't imagine a better story. The script is very good and is even good when you are watching it on DVD. The music is also good. I have to say that this movie is more a product of Sylvester Stallone's movie. But I don't know why Sylvester Stallone likes to be in movies that are not very good. But this movie is one of his best. Also I like to say that he can get even more money by killing people. To sum it up I give this movie a 8 out of 10. I think it is one of the best action movies that I have seen. It is not a good action movie but it is one of the best action movies.

Carolyn P. photo
Carolyn P.

Its a movie that will be remembered for a long time. Its a must watch for all movie lovers. This movie has lots of action, romance and a huge plot. It has been rated 5.5 on IMDb and I think that is just to much. I rate it 7.5 for the amount of action and romance.

Brian W. photo
Brian W.

Babaani 2 is a great movie. The storyline is excellent and the movie is well shot. The movie has its heart and soul. I think the movie has been well directed by Tashi Khanna. The movie is also well acted by all the actors. The movie has got some funny moments and the movie has its heart. The movie has a good message which is for the people of the world and the people of the world should see this movie. Babaani 2 is a must see movie.

Margaret photo

The movie was great, movie was excellent. If u don't have any expectations, this movie is going to be a great movie. But the best part of the movie was the story, the story of a small army in Karachi. That's the best part of the movie. This movie is worth watching. The acting was great, the music was great, the movie was great. This movie will be a great success. The movie is a perfect family movie.

Kevin photo

Movie is amazing. All the characters are awesome. Story is outstanding. All the stunts are very well executed. I am a hardcore fan of bollywood movie. Every movie of this genre is great. This movie is awesome.

Joshua photo

This is the best movie I have ever seen. It is an outstanding movie. The movie is full of action and a real thriller. It is a must watch. The action is great, the suspense is great, and the ending is great. The movie is full of action and a good thriller. A must watch movie.

Robert photo

This movie is worth watching for all the gangster movies fans. The movie has action, romance and a really good performance by Salman Khan. If you like movies with gangster theme, this movie is a must watch. If you have not seen any gangster movies before, you may watch it with an open mind.

Virginia K. photo
Virginia K.

This is one of the best Bollywood movies i have seen. I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time. I am a big fan of the Bollywood movie genre. I was not very impressed with the first one. This one was a real masterpiece. The movie has a great story and the acting was very good. I loved the music, the script and the action sequences. The music was superb. The acting was superb. I liked the character of the son. The actor had a good grasp on his character. The story was very good. I was very surprised to find out that this is a sequel. I was very surprised to see the director of the first movie, Vikram Bhatt, directing the second one. I hope that he keeps on directing. He has a very good grasp on the genre. I hope he keeps on directing. This movie is a great movie to watch. I think it is very much recommended for the fans of the Bollywood genre. I have seen this movie 3 times. I am waiting for the movie to come out on DVD. I hope this movie is as good as the first one.

John photo

I was pleasantly surprised with the film. It is more of a thriller and the plot is not too complicated. The story is based on the film "Amrita" and the story is told through the flashbacks. The film is a thriller and the movie is really good. The story has many twists and the movie is not that long. It is a good movie to watch in the evening.

Diane photo

Saw the movie. In one of the most wanted places in India, Chennai, I have to admit that I had doubts. But I was wrong. It was very realistic and I can say that the story line was very well written. The acting was good. I have to admit that in the first half of the movie the acting was quite good but the second half was a bit disappointing. I am not sure how the director managed to come up with such a great script and I will say that it is quite surprising for me. So, watch it, if you have some time to kill.

Tyler Alvarez photo
Tyler Alvarez

A well made action movie with great acting and a great story. I liked the story and the action. The story is about a woman who is wanted by the police and a cop who wants to take her to prison. The story was not that good. The action was good, but not as good as the first one. The story is good, but the story could have been better. The acting is good. The movie is good, but the story could have been better. This movie is worth watching. I would give it a 7/10. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good action movie.

Mark photo

A lot of people would have complained that this movie is too much like The Godfather. That's a good thing. What makes this movie different from The Godfather is the fact that it is a totally different story and you don't get bored during the whole movie. It was also nice to see the characters of both sides of the story. You actually get to know them. I actually think this is a very underrated movie. It was a bit too long, but it was well worth it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has seen The Godfather, but if you haven't seen The Godfather, I would still recommend it to you. It will make you want to watch The Godfather.

Lawrence W. photo
Lawrence W.

Don't go to this movie expecting a masterpiece. This is a good action thriller. The movie is full of action and most of the action is very realistic. The characters are well written and the actors are very good. A lot of scenes are very emotional and a lot of action is very intense. This movie is a good movie. I give it 7/10.

Stephanie F. photo
Stephanie F.

I think that this movie is the best Indian movie.I really like the songs and the songs in the movie are amazing.I think that the action is amazing and the plot is excellent.The only thing that I disliked is the ending of the movie.I think that the ending is good but it's very short.The movie is extremely good and it's really good.Watch it if you want to see an action movie with a good plot and great songs.

Billy K. photo
Billy K.

This is one of the most underrated Hindi movies of the past decade. It's a complete package of a thriller, action, and a good dose of romance. The story is simple. The movie begins with a kidnap of a girl in a small village in the north of India. The police officer is on a hunt for the kidnapper. The girl is rescued by a lawyer (Sohail Khan) and she goes to the police to seek help. The police officer agrees to help her, but he's not prepared to help the girl and she is kidnapped by the kidnapper. The police officer realizes that the girl will not talk about what happened to her and he decides to do the right thing and help the girl. This is the basic plot of the movie. The movie has several twists and turns. The twists are good but not perfect. The twists make the movie different from other thrillers. The movie also has a good amount of action. The action in the movie is good and the fight scenes are good. The best part of the movie is the romance. The movie is a romance which is good. The movie is entertaining and has good performances by the actors. The only problem is the movie has not enough action. There is not enough action in the movie. The movie is a complete package of a thriller, action, and a good dose of romance.

Elizabeth Collins photo
Elizabeth Collins

Majnu's war with Nanda is truly the highlight of the movie. There are several others besides this one. It's a movie that really doesn't leave you feeling tired. The movie's director Jigme Singh does a good job. He has done a great job. The actors have done a great job. Ravi Kishan has proved that he's the new superstar in Bollywood. Anushka Sharma, Asrani and Deepika have really played their role well. This movie has a big budget and a lot of expectations. What's more, the director did a good job. The movie has a lot of action. I have to say that this is a movie that's different from others. It has a lot of emotions and action. The movie has a lot of twists and turns. The movie is worth watching. It's a movie that everyone should watch.

Lori Hill photo
Lori Hill

R.A. Dickey, an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is asked to investigate the murder of a young girl. He is sent to a small town in Northern India, where he finds a group of five young girls, who have been lured to the town by a man called Naresh (Rakesh Roshan). The girls are being tortured and abused by the man, and the FBI agent is determined to get to the bottom of the crime. Director A.R. Rehman gives us a thrilling and exciting thriller, with an interesting twist in the end. The film has a nice mixture of action and thriller, with a twist at the end. The film is a bit slow in the beginning, but it picks up in the end. I would recommend this film to fans of action films. The film was shot in India and is a good way to spend an afternoon. The film is rated 'R' for strong violence and language. It is also rated 'X' for drug use and nudity.

Jacob photo

Really amazing movie. Go watch it in cinema, go watch it in DVD or watch it on tv. Also really surprised to see so many comments on net. You will not get any idea of it before watching it. Overall, this is a great movie. You should watch it and learn from it. Overall, I think it is one of the best Hindi movies of the year. This movie is not just one of the best movies of the year but it's also one of the best movies of all time. The plot is pretty much all around the same. You have the Hollywood bad guys and the good guys who are battling. You have the usual action sequences. You have the typical hit and miss moments. You have a little bit of everything. The only thing that is different in this movie is that the bad guys are not as bad as they used to be. This is something that I really enjoyed. A lot of people would say that this is a rip off of the Star Wars movies. The only thing that makes it original is that the good guys are not as bad as the bad guys. Another thing that makes it different is that the bad guys are not as evil as the bad guys in the Star Wars movies. The only thing that makes it different is that the good guys are not as evil as the bad guys in the Star Wars movies. Overall, this movie is very good. Go watch it, it's really really good. I rate it a 10/10.

Lori C. photo
Lori C.

This movie is a totally cool action movie that is much more enjoyable than the original. This movie has an interesting story with a good beginning and middle and a good ending. The acting is great from all the cast. It's very difficult to find a flaw in this movie. The action sequences are great and it's very well shot. The story is interesting and interesting. It is different from the original but is a great movie to watch.

Edward photo

When I first heard about this film, I was skeptical. I had heard it was to be directed by Shahrukh Khan but when I saw the poster for this film, I was expecting a typical Bollywood flick. But this was a big mistake. I didn't expect much from this film. I thought it would be the typical Bollywood fare. But this film blew me away. I couldn't believe it was made. This film is not only about Shahrukh Khan, it is about his character and his life in general. It is a story about a man who wants to see the world, and in the process of doing so, he meets and falls in love with a girl. It is not a typical love story. It is a story about a man who is trying to see the world, and does so in a way that is both sincere and meaningful. I am not a Shahrukh Khan fan, but this film changed my opinion. I could not imagine any other actor playing this role. He was perfect. I can't wait to see what Shahrukh Khan does next. This is a must see film.

Patricia photo

The fight scenes are jaw dropping and the twists are more or less planned. The story line is the core and the movie is a journey of a common man who is being forced to travel for his family. The movie shows the clash of two different cultures. And it will definitely make you think. The story is good and the characters are well chosen. The story has some differences but the main plot is the same. The first part is good and the second part is good. The cast is great and the music is very good. Overall the movie is good and the ending is good. It is a good movie to watch.

Louis G. photo
Louis G.

I just came back from the cinema with an amazing experience. I was scared, excited and happy at the same time. This movie was amazing and completely different from other Hindi movies. I was impressed with the suspense, the action, the story and the climax. All the characters were great and so were the dialogs. The music was also awesome. Even though the movie is still in BETA, it is not boring and the movie has a little bit of action and drama but it is not like a typical bollywood movie. The last part of the movie was perfect. I am very happy and I am going to see it again. I am going to give it a 10/10. Thank you for giving me an awesome experience.

Melissa Carr photo
Melissa Carr

I am a big fan of Bollywood movies. However, i never saw a movie with so many layers of sub plot, i can easily say that this movie is one of the best I have ever seen. So many characters are played so well. It is really hard to compare any movie to this one. It is just a masterpiece in my opinion. One of the most refreshing movies of the year, by far.

Christina photo

I loved the first Baaghi movie and this one has a lot of action and drama in it. It was very refreshing to see a film that is all about the action and drama. It's a film that is all about suspense and is always entertaining. This film will make you think and it will make you laugh and it will make you cry. The story is about a man who is involved in the murder of his wife. He gets a call from the police asking him to come to the police station and tell them who did it. He goes to the police station and he tells them that he is the killer and he had killed his wife. The police then arrest him. He goes to jail for three months and then he is released. He has to get his wife's body out of the van and bring her home. The first half of the film is about him trying to do that. He finds the bodies and puts them in the van and he drives to the police station. The second half of the film is about him trying to get his wife's body out of the van and bring her home. It is the most intense film I have seen in a long time. It is so entertaining and the characters are so good. The acting is very good. I really enjoyed the acting of Gautam Kaul and Shahid Kapoor. It is an action film and I have seen that a lot lately. I think it is one of the best action films ever made.

Alice photo

Hikurangi a district in Maharashtra in India. I watched this film after i watched Patidar leader Bihari Aadmi party leader Nirmala aorists. After watching this movie i can say this movie was a much better. The reason i like this movie is because the movie has story which has been worked into this movie. This is not just a one-sided movie, but a multi-sensory story. The story revolves around Ajith a general in the Bihari community and his quest for the rights of his community to have a job and education in a better place. Ajith's quest is for the right to own land and own property. This quest takes Ajith from his family in a small village in his village to a city and a country where he is settled and it is all about taking a stand for the rights of his community. As he travels he is able to meet many people and they all have a similar experience to him. This movie has a lot of truth to it and a story that makes you think. The plot of this movie is simple but it is a story that can't be easily explained. Its one of those movies that you can watch without any prejudice or feeling. This movie has been made to entertain people and i think the movie has done it. This movie is more like a multi-sensory movie, a multi-sensory story. This movie has been made to entertain the audience and this is what i liked about it. I can't wait to watch the movie again and again. This movie is worth watching and i can't wait to see it again.

Christian C. photo
Christian C.

The Hindi film industry has seen a lot of re-tooling with new titles. But this is the first film that has been made from a character and story originally created by Dr. Ramakrishna Gokhale. I am not familiar with the original story, but I am sure this is a different take on the same. The plot centers around the assassination of Raju, the head of the Congress party, in Pune. The President, Anand Rai, is outraged at the violence that has taken place, and a gang of rebels leads by Partho (Arshad Warsi) is under investigation for the crime. It is revealed that the murder was committed by the president's chief of staff. The film is a blend of suspense, action and horror. The gang is shown as being composed of 6 men. Two are members of the youth wing of the Congress party. The leader of the gang, Amitabh, is a young man in his early twenties. He is a clever and quick thinking, and he is determined to make a difference in the world. Partho, who is also a young man, is a drunk and extremely charismatic. He is ruthless and unpredictable. He is willing to kill anyone who stands in his way. But Partho also has a soul, and he cares for his family. As the film progresses, you begin to understand what his character is all about. He has a son, a daughter, and he is also a son of the president, Raju. Partho is the right hand man for the president. He is the leader of the government and an agent of the government. He is extremely influential in the government. And he is also the leader of the youth wing of the Congress party. One of the young rebels, Madhavan, has been recruited by Partho. Madhavan is a talented man and he has achieved fame for his music and art. One day he returns home from work, and he sees his wife, Madhavan, being beaten and raped by the rebels. Madhavan is forced to fight to protect his wife. He is soon joined by his friend, the rapper, Omkara. He decides to kill Partho, and he has his revenge. Partho is severely wounded and he has lost all of his strength. Madhavan takes him to the hospital and doctors have given him a prognosis of six months of paralysis. Madhavan takes his job in the hospital as a security guard, and he continues to do his job. After two months, Partho starts

Virginia Cole photo
Virginia Cole

Yes, the movies like XXX were watchable for the duration of the movie but their target audience are generally not that into adult movies. And that is why I would recommend this movie to a larger audience. But why the people who dislike XXX don't like this movie, is beyond me. This movie was a lot better than XXX. It has more action, a lot more excitement, and it also has a much better story. The story was actually very well thought out. It has a great ending which will leave you with a huge smile on your face. But the biggest reason to go watch this movie is because of the brilliant acting. This movie had a lot of great acting in it. I have watched all the movies with great acting but this movie has a special place in my heart because of the acting of Akshay Kumar. He was very good in this movie. His character was very well thought out. Not just one guy, but several different characters were very well thought out and they had great chemistry. This movie was one of the best movies of 2012. It was the best movie of 2012 and was my favorite movie of 2012. I highly recommend this movie to any and all who like adult movies.

Andrea photo

Tadveer Chawla and Katrina Kaif are the two and a half year old twins born to Sridevi and Sanjay Das. The pair, which is a part of the same family, is inseparable and is the last of their family. Their parents, Pran and Sonam, have recently moved to Hyderabad and are involved in various businesses. When Sridevi is invited by an old acquaintance to a wedding, she finds herself trapped by the wicked Vijay, who was introduced to her by his friend and former associate Vinod. The wedding is to take place in a private home, and no one knows who is going to attend. Sridevi makes her escape through a water tank and is chased by the villain, who is able to communicate through a mysterious speech device. Soon after her escape, Sridevi is found by a group of people who have been holding a mass dinner and are about to give her the party she has been promised. While she is recovering, she is contacted by Sanjay, who was hiding out in the same house. She agrees to go with him to stop the wedding and rescue her sister. The movie is an enjoyable story of two families, the first one being the villain, and the second family being the victims. The parents are not well-off and have become in debt due to a car accident. Sridevi is a burden to her parents and the family is more of a burden to the sisters. Vinod has a shady background, and is in the middle of the gang wars. He has worked as a bodyguard for various men and as a gang leader. He gets involved with Sridevi and his gang after some gambling debts. After Sridevi discovers that her sister is being used as a sex slave, she convinces him to help her in returning her sister back to her family. Sanjay is the most peaceful of the two brothers, and even though he gets involved with the gang, he is still doing his job of guarding the house. As the movie progresses, there is much action, and a lot of suspense. There is a large number of characters, and the audience is kept involved in the story, and so it is not easy to guess who is who. The audience has to keep on their toes, as the villains have many tricks up their sleeves. There are many scenes that are completely unexpected. The movie is very entertaining, and is full of action and suspense. There are many interesting characters, such as Vijay, a Chinese citizen who is in the habit of impersonating everyone. His character is very well developed,

Michael photo

As you would expect from an R-rated movie, the action sequences are very nicely done, especially in the early parts. It is almost like a movie in the nature of a schoolboy's club outing, with some of the shots looking more like music videos than they do real world scenes. However, the story itself is one of the most boring ever told in a film, with the characters almost seeming like extensions of the title character. The last ten minutes of the movie, when things start to go haywire, has many times when I nearly felt like I had fallen asleep. I'm not sure if it was the action sequences or the boredom of the characters, but I found myself falling asleep in the last few minutes. The characters all had their moments of brilliance, but all in all, I think the movie is not worth watching.