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Foxtrot is a movie starring Lior Ashkenazi, Sarah Adler, and Yonaton Shiray. A troubled family must face the facts when something goes terribly wrong at their son's desolate military post.

Other Titles
運命は踊る, Fokstrot, 今天跳舞不打仗, Foxtrott, Foxtrot - La danza del destino
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
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Samuel Maoz
Samuel Maoz
Shira Haas, Lior Ashkenazi, Yonaton Shiray, Sarah Adler
Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A troubled family must face the facts when something goes terribly wrong at their son's desolate military post.

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Juan J. photo
Juan J.

The book 'The Parallax View' by Stephen King (who also wrote the screenplay) is in fact a short story in the short story collection, 'The Tell-Tale Heart'. The film adaptation of this story was very well done. The film, 'Parallax View' is about a young man, who has a very unusual condition. A man in his twenties, is able to see and feel things from a distance, that is, if he is able to open a pair of sunglasses. A man, who works for the federal government, has been using this ability for decades, and it is now becoming more and more dangerous. The government, and the company that he works for, are not too happy with his "special" gift. But he has another gift, and that is a "special" gift of his own, that is, a gift of seeing and feeling the future. If the government can take control of his ability, it will not be long before they will be able to take over his life. The film is very good. It is very well made. The film is also very funny. The only problem I had with the film was that it did not end very well. I was a little disappointed that it did not end in a happy way, but it did end well. But that is my only complaint. I give the film a 9 out of 10. I recommend it to everyone.

Christine photo

A beautiful film, with a strong sense of the past, the present and the future. It shows a world that's rich in natural beauty and the beauty of the wilderness. It tells the story of the history of people, their values, their views and their dreams. This film is a study in the evolution of the concept of the human being, the very heart of the human being. I strongly recommend this film to anyone who loves a good story.

Christina M. photo
Christina M.

I am still amazed at the first time I saw this film. I was a young boy living in the area at the time of the invasion of Grenada. This film showed me how I felt about the war. I also felt like a child again when I saw the movie. This film is a must see for anyone who has ever been in a war or been around war. This film shows the differences between the people in the two countries and how the soldiers were treated. This film also shows how the war affected the islanders. It also shows the different attitudes towards the soldiers, with some seeing them as heroes and some seeing them as war criminals. This film is about how the soldiers treated the people and how they treated each other. I give this film a 9 out of 10.

William photo

I don't understand why this movie is not more popular. It's like a classic American movie with a different flavor. I think the cast was perfect for the role. If you are not familiar with the American film genre, you may be surprised by the few facts about this movie. You will be surprised by the story, by the actors, by the dialogs, and by the production design. You will also be surprised by the quality of the movie. I don't think I have ever seen a movie where I felt the need to write a review.

Kathryn Austin photo
Kathryn Austin

I've just seen this film and I have to say it is one of the best films I have seen in the last ten years. The film was directed by Jim Jarmusch who has worked with David Fincher on the films "Fight Club" and "Se7en". This film has a fantastic cast and is shot beautifully. I found the acting to be really good, the film was filmed really well and there was some great editing to make the film flow really well. The story was very well told and the acting was superb. I have to say that the film is very unique in that it doesn't follow a conventional storyline and that makes it very different. The film is a must see, if you are a fan of Jim Jarmusch or David Fincher then I recommend you watch this film. I've seen this film 5 times already and I'm going to see it again. I have to say that the film is a great story and the acting is very good. I think this is one of the best films I have seen in the last ten years. It has a great cast and an amazing story.

Pamela K. photo
Pamela K.

I just want to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of classic film, and I absolutely loved this film. I really think that this film was a wonderful blend of musical and cinematic elements, and was really fun to watch. There were so many things that were beautiful and great about this film, but it was the story and the cast that really made it great. The film was actually quite well done. The story was actually quite well thought out, and really allowed the actors to really shine. I think that there are so many people that are confused about this film, and I think that it really helps to have seen it a couple of times to really understand the plot. The film is very similar to other films that have been made, such as 'The Godfather', 'The Godfather Part II', and 'The Godfather: Part III'. It is definitely worth seeing. My favorite part of the film was definitely the music. I think that the soundtrack was very well done, and was very well thought out. The score really helped to create the mood of the film, and the characters were great at giving the appropriate emotional response when a certain song was played. The songs were all very well thought out, and really helped the film flow. The score was quite beautiful and very unique, and really helped the film to work on so many levels. The film did get a little cheesy at times, and was not perfect, but overall I really liked this film. I really think that this film was great, and it was really a great film. I would definitely recommend this film to any film fan, and really enjoy it.

Gerald H. photo
Gerald H.

I think this movie was great. I am so glad I saw it. The acting was amazing. It is a movie I can watch over and over again. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Linda G. photo
Linda G.

This is a truly spectacular film, especially if you are into story-telling. This movie is a real eye-opener for me, because it is a love story between a man and a woman. You see that there is so much more to life than just the material, that we all have to be at the top of our game to be successful in life. And the most beautiful thing about this movie is that the story is really about life. Life is about trying to find the right place for yourself and your loved one. Life is about overcoming the most difficult obstacles that life throws at you. And the best part is that it is true! There are no losers in life, and we all have to make our best of it, no matter what the obstacles are. We can't wait to see what the next generation will bring. It is a must-see for every single one of us!

Ann photo

As a 20-year-old from Hungary, I felt I had to see this movie, but I didn't see it at the theater. The only reason I rented it was because my parents wanted to see it and they really liked it. When I saw it, I could see how they loved the movie and I couldn't say the same for myself. I felt that the director (who is Hungarian) showed us a lot about Hungary. And the best part is that he did this in such a way that you will know why Hungarians have such a hard time dealing with the outside world. You will know why the movies about the Holocaust are so important to them. I think this is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I don't know why I didn't see it in the theater, but I recommend it to anyone who has seen it. And if you are from Hungary, I think you will enjoy this movie. I gave this movie 9 out of 10.

Marie photo

The movie was great. The story line was outstanding. I was amazed at the use of the language. I am sure that many will relate to this story. This movie is not about the love of the man, but about the love of the woman. I have to thank the director for the excellent cinematography. I thought it was excellent. The movie was more of a coming of age movie, than a love story. It is a tale of two lovers who are just out of the army and find each other again. The movie is one that you must see to believe. I am sure that many will relate to this movie.

Cynthia C. photo
Cynthia C.

This movie is for me the best movie of the year. I just can't stop thinking about it. The plot is easy to follow and it has a good atmosphere. The only problem with it is that the ending is really bad. The fact that the main character has to die is really sad and you can't help feeling bad about it. I can't believe that they didn't use the same ending. But in the end I can't say anything bad about it. I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

Tiffany Carr photo
Tiffany Carr

There is a reason this film is a best seller. It is very powerful, real and makes you think. The actors are incredible. I just wish there were more of them, as they really play their roles very well. I think the best part is that you can't look away from the screen. This film is a must see for all those who are involved in the world of sex and drugs. I think it is a great film for people who are interested in the human condition.

Donna photo

This is an interesting and touching movie about a woman who had to leave her small town because of the husband's death. Her mother had always been supportive of her, but her brother and father wanted her to move to another city. She was very upset and felt she was being used, and she was. I had a similar reaction to this movie, and it was because of the director. I felt that he was telling me what he wanted to say, without the heavy-handedness that sometimes comes with this type of film. This movie was well done and well acted. It was a real tear-jerker.

Anna photo

Tens of thousands of Vietnamese in North Vietnam are stranded on an island with no means of escape. The film tells the story of a desperate escape attempt by a small group of escaped prisoners. It has a very sad and bleak tone. I think the message is that life is too short. They are all trapped on the island and are essentially killed off by the war. The film was well done and I am glad I watched it.

Catherine photo

I saw this movie on the eve of the Cannes Film Festival, and I was struck by the brilliant performance by Adrien Brody as a man in a wheelchair, who tries to find his place in the world, and whose first great love is an old woman. The cinematography and the great sets are the best I've seen in a movie this year. The pacing is excellent. This is one of the best films of the year, if not the best. I highly recommend it. See it in the theater, it is a must see.

Joe Ford photo
Joe Ford

After a string of impressive indie films in the past couple of years, it was surprising to see a film like Foxtrot - it's a film with some of the best elements of indie film making. Foxtrot is a film that is hard to categorize - it is a hard film to describe. It is one of those films that makes you wonder what is going on, how it's supposed to be happening, and how the characters are supposed to be feeling. The acting in Foxtrot is brilliant. The acting is good, not great, but good. The film is filmed beautifully. It is a beautiful film, and it has the potential to be a masterpiece. Foxtrot is not about an outsider who is looking to get out of his life. The outsider is the film's main character, and it is his story. The film is shot beautifully, and the music is a nice accompaniment to the film. This film is a great example of how indie film makers can make great films. Foxtrot is a great film. It's a film that is hard to categorize, but it's a great film. 9/10

Henry A. photo
Henry A.

Foxtrot (2008) is an excellent film with a good story. It's just a shame that it's not more widely known. The story takes place in the middle of the 80's. I liked the look of the film and the characters. The story is very interesting and I felt very interested in the story. The acting was great, but there are a few scenes that are not as good as others. The story was very interesting and I enjoyed it. The film is very good, and I recommend it.

Anthony photo

I went to see this movie in a cinema because I saw the poster, and it was on TV. I had never heard of it before, but the poster was very nice, so I went anyway. I was actually not disappointed. This movie has a very good message. There are many things that the movie doesn't say. I like the story very much. I also like the fact that it doesn't use a lot of special effects. It's a very simple movie, so it's a very good one. If you like this kind of movies, you will like this one also. It's a very good movie.

Christian P. photo
Christian P.

A superbly crafted, witty, and very honest look at the world of drug addicts. It's a story of the heroin addicts and how they deal with the heroin addiction, and it's a story of the girls and how they deal with the girls. What I liked most about the movie was that it was not a typical, cliche Hollywood movie, where the "heroin-addict-escapes-the-crisis-and-comes-back-to-the-main-stage" movie, or the "heroin-addict-is-a-heroin-addict-and-has-a-prestigious-career" movie, or the "heroin-addict-is-an-out-of-work-actor" movie. It was a very well-crafted movie, which kept me interested, and it was very moving, and had a lot of heart. The characters were great, and I felt for them. The direction was great, and the cinematography was great. The actors did a great job. Overall, this was a very good movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has ever been addicted to drugs. It's not just for addicts, but for anyone who deals with drugs, or has dealt with drugs.

Justin photo

Well, I'm a big fan of German movies and I saw the film on TV. I must say that I was not expecting much from it, but I must say that I was really impressed by the way the movie was put together. First, the director did an excellent job. He put so much thought into the script and he managed to keep the story interesting throughout the whole film. The actors were good. They were not a bunch of amateur actors and they played their roles perfectly. I could say that this is one of the best German movies I've seen in the last years. The music and the cinematography were also excellent. I can't say that the movie was perfect. The way it was put together could have been better. I think that the director should have done a better job on the editing. But all in all, the movie is great. I strongly recommend it to everyone. It's not a typical German movie but it's a great movie and it's worth seeing. I give it a 9/10.

Amber photo

A charming story with a touching moral. This is the second film that I've seen by David Rolfe, and he is just too talented to be forgotten. The movie is very good, it has a very deep meaning, and is very funny, with a really unique script. David Rolfe has made a film that will never be forgotten. This is the best film of the year, and a must see for every person who likes romantic comedies. A lot of scenes are very meaningful, and it is a movie that you will want to watch again and again. This is the movie that I'm talking about. I would rate this film a 9/10. 9/10

Nancy Stephens photo
Nancy Stephens

I've watched this movie more than a few times and I still have not been bored of it. It has been longer than expected, but it's a great film, not for the faint of heart and definitely not for the weak of mind. That's the way I see it: someone who has never felt like their life was perfect, someone who has yet to find what they are after and someone who has never been moved by a movie. So it is with a sense of shame that I write this review for the first time and while I am extremely impressed by it, I do not feel as if it's deserved the acclaim it has received. I understand that this movie is a rarity, one that demands respect and not for the greatness of it's plot or characters. This movie is a great story, well written and beautifully acted, but it has its flaws. It is far from perfect, but it's certainly one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I have to say though that I would not say it is in my top 10 list, as I think it's still a good movie. It is far from perfect, but it is a good movie and I will give it a 10 out of 10. Maybe it deserves a 7 or 8, but I'd give it a 9 or 10, because I can't think of any other movie that deserves to have such a high rating. Go see it and see for yourself!

Kathy Coleman photo
Kathy Coleman

I loved this film! The movie is a true depiction of life and love. The best thing about the movie is the look of the film. The film is a very simple yet beautiful film, and the acting is superb. There is some beautiful moments that never get old. In conclusion, this film is truly great and is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I recommend it to everyone.

Aaron photo

I'm in love with the acting of Jack Palance. His performance as an elderly veteran of the Vietnam War, a former field medic, is something you'll never forget. And what makes the movie so poignant is that, though the older Mr. Palance is a widow, and the younger Mr. Palance is a college professor, they are not as alike as their bodies seem to be. This is an outstanding, Oscar worthy performance. Not only is this an amazing story about a man in his middle years and his transformation from the war to his personal life, but it's a touching, moving story about a person that you'll never forget. I highly recommend this movie.

Russell photo

I remember watching this movie as a small child. I was convinced this would be my favorite movie of all time. I thought it was a lot of fun. In time I realized it was pretty terrible. I still enjoy it but at the age of 12, I finally gave it a second thought. I'm now 33 and I still like it a lot. My favorite character was the one played by the great Rupert Everett. I can't stand the movie's "evil" and "greed" themes but I still think it is a pretty good movie. But I still enjoy it and I enjoy the way it was made. I don't have a problem with the special effects and there are some good scenes. There are a few "bad" scenes. Overall it is a great movie and I have not changed my opinion.

Phillip Watson photo
Phillip Watson

I saw the movie at an independent theater and thought it was amazing. The first 15 minutes were really good. It reminded me of a modern western, and I liked that. It wasn't predictable, and the actors were great. The best part of the movie was when it started getting good, it got really good, and it stayed good, and I started to cry, because of how great it was. This is a movie that I will buy and watch over and over. It made me cry a lot, and I cried a lot after I saw it. It was great!

Denise Keller photo
Denise Keller

The last film that I saw this year, "Hotel Rwanda", was an amazing film, and the first film that really got me thinking. This film had some of the most powerful scenes that I've ever seen. However, I felt that the film was lacking in a lot of other areas, and it could have been better. To me, this was one of the best films of the year, and it is definitely one of my favorite films. The story is centered around the Rwandan Genocide, and how it affects the people who live in the area. But there are many other things that make this film a great movie. It's very well made, it's filmed really well, and it's edited very well. All in all, this film was great, and I will definitely be watching it again. The acting in the film is very good, and the characters are well portrayed, as well. Overall, I would say this is the best film of the year, and one of my favorites. It was very powerful, and it was very well made. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in seeing a good film. I give it an 8/10.

Deborah Nguyen photo
Deborah Nguyen

I would have given this film an 11, had it not been for the relentless depiction of the many ways that men's violence against women can lead to their own end. What I especially loved was the way that the film took on the viewer's fascination with the killing of children. This has been an inescapable theme in recent years, yet in the hands of a filmmaker who understands the power of the medium, this imagery is very effective. Just as the film invites the viewer to confront the horror of child killing and yet can be compellingly sexy and compellingly sexy, the film is also also captivating in a more cynical and funny way. I know many who will not be happy with this film. I'm glad I saw it. It has touched me and I hope it can touch many others.

Sharon photo

I enjoyed watching this movie. I wasn't expecting a movie that made me cry, or not care about the characters, and to be honest, I didn't care. It made me laugh, sad, and made me want to see it again. It was a great movie that I was very proud to own and watch.

Julie Hamilton photo
Julie Hamilton

Oh My God. When the producers, directors, writers, actors and everybody involved in this film took the time to understand the complex story of this film and decided to tell it, it is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen. No exaggeration. The story is about two sisters, Emma and Alice, who are fleeing a huge crisis in their life. They have nothing to live for, they are extremely poor. Their father is not supportive, and they are left with a bunch of crazy boys who know nothing about them. Alice has a cousin who knows everything about them, and she comes to visit and teach them everything about them. Everything in this film is fascinating and realistic. It is so sad that these two sisters are in a lot of trouble, and that everything they had been raised to believe is completely a lie, that they are facing problems of their own. This film is very hard to watch. It is a fantastic movie and one that has really touched my heart.

Judith Palmer photo
Judith Palmer

This is a true story. It has been a long time since I have seen a movie that makes me feel like I am actually there. It is a beautiful movie that I will probably never get tired of watching. The acting is excellent, the story is true, and the music is beautiful. There is something about this movie that just makes me happy every time I watch it. If you have not seen it, I suggest you give it a shot.

Amber photo

I'm amazed that a film like this could ever be made. What a fantastic film. How many people will see it, I'm not sure. It might be a small movie that nobody will ever see, but it's a film that should be seen. I love it!

Carol P. photo
Carol P.

I have seen many movies that have touched my heart and soul. I remember the first time I watched 'A Man Called Horse' in the cinema. I was quite surprised by the ending and felt that it was one of the best movies ever made. I saw it again when I was 11 years old, and when I saw it again I was completely blown away by it. The movie has left a deep impression on me. I love this movie. It is one of my favourite movies, and it is a very personal movie to me. The movie is very interesting, and even though the story is quite simple, the whole movie is quite interesting. The performances are very good. I think the movie is quite a masterpiece and I recommend it to anyone who likes movies. I can recommend the movie to anyone who has ever felt lost or had problems with the people in their life, or has ever been sad or depressed, or anyone who has ever been lonely or not had a lot of friends.

Stephen F. photo
Stephen F.

I just saw this film on the big screen at the New Beverly Cinema in Beverly Hills, CA. I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be an average film. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I felt I was there in the small, tight-knit community of Foxtrot. I had no idea of what I was going to see. I was on the edge of my seat, and it was a great experience. I can't wait to see it again. The performances were very good, as was the storyline. This is a very sensitive, poignant, and well-written film. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the personal, and sometimes very personal, stories of two small, tight-knit, and very close-knit communities. I'm very glad that I was able to see it in the cinema, because I would have felt too embarrassed to sit in a movie theatre. I am sure it would have been an epic experience for anyone who was not a true Foxtrot fan, but the film has so many more stories to tell. Highly recommended. 9/10

Julia E. photo
Julia E.

I really loved this film. It has a very unique plot, with characters that are very different than the average movie audience would expect. If you like the characters in the movie, then you'll like the film. If you don't, don't watch it. This is a very intense, sexy, and realistic movie, which includes very explicit scenes. I highly recommend this film.

Henry Simmons photo
Henry Simmons

I didn't know what to expect from this film, but it was very good. There were moments that I thought I would enjoy the film but I wasn't, and there were moments that I thought it was a bit too depressing. But the films did their job and I'm glad I watched it. Some of the performances were great. My favorite performance was that of Daniel Auteuil. He really came off as a young man who had done bad things in the past. He really did show his emotions through his performance. I think this film is great because it's based on a true story, and it's a story about the pain of abandonment. It was a very good film that was very well done. I would recommend this film to anyone who has not seen it. The performances in this film were great, and it was a film that I would recommend.

Ethan F. photo
Ethan F.

The movie is pretty good. I liked it a lot. The movie is about a couple who is having problems getting over each other and have to decide to come together for a change. Well this movie has a lot of twists and turns. It's one of those movies that you don't want to miss. I think everyone will like this movie. It's a nice change of pace from all the crap that's going on in the world. I like how this movie is different from other movies out there. I mean this movie is different from all the crap that's out there. It's a movie that you will probably watch over and over again.

Howard B. photo
Howard B.

That's one of the things that I really appreciated about this movie. Everything about this movie is excellent. From the casting, to the cinematography, to the direction, to the story, to the acting, to the writing, to the story. It's really amazing how great the production value is. If I had to choose, I'd go with 'Pleasantville', because that's one of my favorite movies. But this one is just so much more enjoyable. The film is just beautiful. It's just so dramatic, it's just so exciting, it's just so sad, it's just so wild. It's just so cinematic. And then the acting. The actors, they're just incredible. They're so good, they're so good. And the way the movie is told, it's so emotional, so compelling, so tense, it's just really great. And you should really check it out, if you haven't seen it yet.

Teresa photo

This is a very compelling, beautifully acted movie. It deals with the tragedy of the French Revolution and the resistance of the French bourgeoisie. I am not going to spend time on the philosophical debates in this movie, because they are too full of fluff and the subject is too important for that. I would like to add that this is a movie that is more about the way in which we look at history, and the way we look at our history, than about the philosophical aspects. It deals with the violence that took place during the French Revolution. It is not a movie that tries to be educational. It is a movie that is worth seeing. The acting is very good, and the movie is very well-made. It is not a movie that will make you think very much about French history, but it will make you think about the French Revolution. I highly recommend this movie, and would give it a 9/10.

Jacqueline Coleman photo
Jacqueline Coleman

In an age where mainstream action flicks are pumping out a good enough product to fill a bathtub, this little gem stands out. I was at first skeptical when I saw it, because I found the first 30 minutes to be all but dull and uneventful. But after a while I was hooked, and it never let up. Some great dialogue and a beautiful soundtrack make it all the more worthwhile. As a former con artist I found myself feeling sympathy for all the characters, particularly the cop who had to re-enact his own childhood. As well, the movie reminded me a lot of "Pretty Woman", which is an overrated film that has a few parallels with this film. But in all honesty, this movie is no "Pretty Woman" at all. In fact, it's far better, because in "Pretty Woman" everything was perfect, everything worked out for the best. In "The Bandit" everything doesn't work out. The story is full of problems and difficulties, and the characters are completely unrealistic. Yet, because the characters are so interesting, you feel a certain sympathy for them, and in the end you care about them. One of the best aspects of the film is the atmosphere. The setting is fairly unique, yet the camera is never very wide. It keeps the action close to the characters, and keeps the camera close to them. A key element is the music. The soundtrack is great, and the music by Benny Blanco is another great aspect of the movie. The music is not played in the background of the action, but it's important to the story, and it adds a mood to the whole thing. Finally, I think this is the first movie I've ever seen that manages to create a realistic and compelling drama with no violence. The characters are likable, yet you are never really sure if they are going to die. You want them to survive, but the real fear of the film comes from the audience, the audience watching the movie with you. "The Bandit" is a movie that, even though you may find it to be weak, you'll be surprised by how much you love it. It has a great plot, an excellent story, and a cast of talented actors and actresses who can move you, make you care about the characters, and make you feel sympathy for them. If you liked "Pretty Woman", you'll like "The Bandit" too.

Ann photo

Although this is not a really popular movie, I think it deserves a more positive review. I have not seen the film yet, but I hope I will see it sometime soon. This is a really dark movie, in a sense that if you think about it too much, it might be boring. I think it is really well directed and the actors do a really good job. I really liked the actors, they fit the role perfectly. The movie was so well made, but I don't think it was a good idea to make it so dark, because it was more than enough for the scenes. The movie is very emotional, especially when you think about the end, and when you think about the characters you really feel for them. The characters are so good. I really hope that the movie will be released soon, because I really like it. I really hope that the DVD will be released soon. I really hope that you will see the movie soon. I really hope that you will like the movie, because I really like it. Thank you for reading.

Megan photo

Foxtrot is one of those films which by the time you see it you will know exactly what it is about. For the last few months I have been reading and watching a lot of reviews on this site and I just can't understand how these people can give this film such a low rating. I love a good, solid, film. This film is one of those. The actors are superb. The camera work is magnificent. I'm not a great fan of music, but I felt the music in this film was brilliant. I think it may have been the only soundtrack I've ever seen in a film. The film has something about it. The director is one of the most underrated directors working today. If you haven't seen this film, you need to see it ASAP. You'll love it.

Melissa Wagner photo
Melissa Wagner

This film is amazing! It's one of the best films I have ever seen. It's incredible and heart-breaking at the same time. The plot is simple but the characters are complex and you never know what's going to happen next. It's not just a love story, it's a movie about life, love, fate and everything in between. I really hope the Director's Cut is out soon. I would love to see the Directors Cut when it's out on DVD. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys beautiful film-making.

Bryan W. photo
Bryan W.

I agree with the previous reviewers. I'm sorry for the guy who said he had a heart attack when he saw it! It's so beautiful, the movie is a gem. I watched it with my wife (she also liked the movie) and she enjoyed it. I will definitely watch it again. My wife didn't like it as much, but I guess she didn't have the same time or attention span. I thought the movie was great. It's my favorite movie of all time.

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Brenda W.

This is my first review. I liked it so much. I'm not a rich man, I'm a family man. I was really impressed by this movie. I like movies with a good message. This one is very good. I think you should watch this movie. The movie is about two guys, an ex-cop and his new girlfriend, an ex-fighter. They get together and they become friends. When they get together they feel this sense of family, something that no one wants. I think it's a very good movie. I think the movie is about the time and the time is very important in this movie. The time is very important. This movie is very good.