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Suicide the Ripple Effect is a movie starring Kevin Hines, Marcus Butler, and Christy Frecceri. Survivor and mental wellness advocate Kevin Hines explores the lasting effects of suicide focusing on breaking stigma, advocacy, and...

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Kevin Hines, Pat Hines, Marcus Butler, Christy Frecceri
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Survivor and mental wellness advocate Kevin Hines explores the lasting effects of suicide focusing on breaking stigma, advocacy, and mental wellness.

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James K. photo
James K.

Greetings again from the darkness. Suicide the Ripple Effect is an important documentary that explores the potential of behavioral change within the human mind. The presentation of the film is compelling and is especially powerful when discussing the effects of such a policy change. This documentary utilizes the voice of a psychologist, Dr. Dacher Keltner, who works with the psychiatric community, specifically with suicide prevention, and his own personal experiences with the impact of the suicide prevention movement in his own lifetime. He also interviews the founder and President of the National Coalition to End Suicide, Dr. Sarah Wheatley, who also works with suicide prevention and is a mental health professional. Although the film is mainly concerned with suicide prevention, it also addresses issues such as suicide-related violence, domestic violence, family violence, racial discrimination and stigma, and addiction. Dr. Keltner is truly one of the most insightful and insightful interview subjects I have ever come across. In terms of suicide prevention, the film covers all aspects, including demographics, issues, and more. Dr. Keltner's personal experience, as a man with two young daughters, his own personal struggles with his wife, and his own career growth was incredibly interesting. The combination of suicide prevention, the importance of the importance of family values, and the impact of family violence on a family's life was incredibly insightful. Additionally, the subjects of suicide prevention and the impact of violence on the victim were discussed in detail. Also, the film examines the impact of stigma, and the consequences of being in the shadow of the stigma. The director of the documentary, Holly Johnson, is a graduate of Cornell University and an experienced journalist who has covered the impact of violence on families in her own personal life. The documentary is very powerful and deserves all the recognition it is receiving. Highly recommended!

Roy C. photo
Roy C.

I've been a die-hard fan of the original "The Bell Witch" for years, but never had any real interest in the various interpretations of the film. Then, after watching "Saving Mr. Banks", I thought, "Oh yeah, the internet has made me care about all sorts of stuff that I never really cared about before." This documentary is an interesting introduction to some of the theories about the original film, and is excellent for anyone who's ever seen the film. One of the highlights is seeing some actors who didn't get the film. The true fans will definitely enjoy seeing the reactions of the actors, and the non-fans will be pleased to hear how the film's critics have interpreted it. Most of the interviewees are notable, but the film is also packed with interesting bits, including comments from the producers, directors, and actors. In fact, many of the actors are interviewed by different filmmakers, and I was very impressed with how they were able to get their views on the film across, which was very different from the director's and producers'. The archive footage is very interesting, as is the old footage of the original version, and the entire archive is pretty comprehensive. I'm glad I got the chance to see the film, and I've definitely seen better documentaries on a variety of subjects.

Nicholas photo

Very good documentary on the suicide epidemic. It is a must see if you care about someone's life. If not, you will be terribly disappointed. The suicide epidemic of our time is beyond any control of any government. If you are an empath, you will be able to feel the desperation and agony of the people, the victims, and the rest of the world. If you are a skeptic, you will be able to tell that the entire documentary is a pile of lies and propaganda. There is a conspiracy to hide the true story behind the suicides and suicides of the victims of the depression of our society. I am glad that this documentary was made, but please watch it only if you are willing to see it. It is a must see if you care about the world.

Carol Contreras photo
Carol Contreras

I saw this movie last night at the New England Film Festival. It was a great experience. The film is very balanced and informative, and I got a great deal out of it. I was really impressed by the way that the filmmaker/director Stephen Ambrose and his team of filmmakers were able to get this type of story to the screen. The movie is certainly not for everyone, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see a very well thought out film that gives you a perspective on suicide and its impact on people. The movie is a must see for anyone who wants to understand the issues surrounding suicide.

Kyle Carpenter photo
Kyle Carpenter

This is a well done documentary with very good directorial work by David McGowan, it tells the story of a man named David Gunn, who has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and is in danger of losing his legs, but decides to give it up, in hopes of saving a young girl, Sarah Berg, whom he's been guiding and taking care of. At the beginning of the film he says "I have no idea why I'm doing this. I've lost all my hope of living, and I know it." The movie starts with Gunn going on a journey to find Sarah Berg, and gets more interesting as he follows her from the hospital to her home, and finally to her home. This is a very good documentary, I really liked it. It really does give the viewer the background of what a disability is, and what it is like to have one. It really does get into the character of David Gunn, and really gets into his mind. I really liked the film, it really did give a good look at disability, and the challenges that can come with it, and it really gave a good story to tell, with great camerawork, great directing, great editing, and great editing. I really like it, I give it a 9 out of 10. I really do recommend this movie, it really does help you understand disability, and what it is like to have a disability, and you really get to see a story that is really interesting. I really do recommend it. Suicide the Ripple Effect is a very good movie, I really recommend it.

Peter Stevens photo
Peter Stevens

This is a must see documentary for anyone who ever had a psychotic break as a kid. It is amazing to see a look into the minds of these psychotic kids as they are trying to cope with a world that seems to be out to get them. I have often wondered why the rates of childhood mental illness are so much higher than the rates of adult mental illness. This documentary gives me hope that perhaps those rates might be a bit different.

Sandra H. photo
Sandra H.

I think that the film "Suicide the Ripple Effect" is a good movie to watch. The message it tries to get across is really important and it is good to have a good source of information on what is going on in the world. I think that the director, Walter Tevis, should have used this film as a "ground-breaking" documentary. It is a good thing that the movie is based on true events, but I think that the information is not as clear as it could be. For example, the director makes a point of mentioning that suicide is a crime in America, but the audience doesn't really know why. Another point he makes is that "suicide is a crime in America", but I don't think that the audience would know that until much later. And I don't think that the movie would have been as effective if he had shown the real reasons behind the problem, for example, suicide is a crime because it's a crime to end your life. I think that the movie is not as effective if it just shows the problem, and then tries to get the audience to think about the problem. But I still think that it is a good movie to watch. I give it a 7/10.

Kenneth Davis photo
Kenneth Davis

The first hour of the film is a documentary on the lives of individuals affected by the suicide of a young man, James McNeil. It's a great story and I recommend it. Then, the film cuts to interviews with the McNeil family, many of whom have seen the film. There are some good interviews with the family, who are much more interesting than the people who talk about McNeil. The film also includes some commentary on suicide. This is a great film, but I don't recommend it for those who are into documentaries.

Ruth photo

Suicide the Ripple Effect is an excellent documentary about the suicide epidemic in the US and the associated effects on the families and the communities. The film also explores the effects of the suicide epidemic on the media and the culture. The film shows the rise and fall of the professional suicide group, the suicide crisis center, and the psychiatric hospital. The documentary is an important part of the suicide prevention movement in the US. It is a must see and well worth seeing.

Christine M. photo
Christine M.

The people who have given this film a bad review are probably people who have been victims of such a suicide. They probably didn't understand the movie or the book. This movie is about a man named William and his family. The book was about a family and how they lived in a home in a small town in Nebraska. The movie is about a father and his family. The movie is about suicide and how the suicide victims felt after their suicide. The movie is very powerful and touching. It is about the process of suicide and how it affects the families and the friends. The movie shows that suicide is a very serious problem and can cause great harm. The movie also shows that suicide victims are very sensitive and very strong and can cope with the suicide and deal with the pain. The movie shows that people who are affected by suicide can be very strong and can cope with it. This movie is very good and I recommend it to everyone. I rate this movie 8 out of 10.

Christine photo

A fascinating documentary on the effects of suicide on the lives of the people who had a similar experience to the one portrayed in this film. It's a fascinating look at the effects of the suicide on those who survived it, as well as the effects on the families who lost someone close to them. The documentary does a great job of showing the emotional and psychological impact of suicide on the people who experienced it. It's a powerful film that is well worth watching.

Dylan photo

If you like to have a thought provoking discussion, watch this film. This is not a documentary. It is a film that takes the viewer on a journey of discovering what makes people think and feel the way they do. I'd say it's one of the most thought provoking films I've ever seen. It took me all of 2 days to watch this movie. I will definitely watch it again. The film is also a great film for anyone who is questioning their life and going through a depressive episode. It will open your eyes to the fact that not everyone is normal and that there are people who are not only depressed but also have "bad" attitudes and "bad" values. This film also provides information on how to heal yourself and how to use your life in a positive way. If you are suffering from depression and looking for a solution, watch this film. It's a must-watch for everyone.

Juan G. photo
Juan G.

What is truly sad about this movie is that in recent years such movies have become very popular in the wake of the tragedy. This is a truly sad, but an important story of a child who was saved by a non-profit organization. I was fortunate enough to see this movie. It is truly sad that a child as young as 11 was taken from his family and never recovered. It's been a year since his death, and his family still has not received his body. This movie tells the story of the search for Jesse and his family, which is truly heartwarming. The video footage of Jesse's walk, the information he gave about his father, and the video footage of his "walk of shame" are absolutely wonderful. This movie should be a shining example of the power of the Internet, and the amount of time it takes for news agencies to obtain information about important stories. If you are interested in what is going on in the world right now, I strongly recommend this movie.

Amanda photo

In "Suicide the Ripple Effect" writer and filmmaker Robert Hoffman takes a look at the true story of two men who were wrongly accused of the rape of a teenage girl and later committed suicide. The film deals with the issues of a criminal trial, the media and the press, the 'black helicopter' journalists, and the judicial system. In the film, Hoffman explores why a story like this has never been investigated, and why people have a blind spot when it comes to investigating rape. This film was truly an eye opener to me as a viewer, and it truly shines as an art film. The film is very effective in that it takes the viewer on a journey of discovery, and I can't help but feel the desire to see what happens next. After all, I never thought I would be fascinated by a film on a criminal trial. The film does a great job at creating a haunting and depressing atmosphere. I'm not sure how the movie will do as a documentary film, but I am excited to see what Hoffman comes up with next. The film was a great deal of fun, and I look forward to seeing the director's next project.

Nathan C. photo
Nathan C.

This is a very personal documentary about the making of 'The Ripple Effect' which I had never heard about before. It is an interesting and well-made documentary, although the writing and editing are very poor. It is very difficult to tell the story of how they did it and how it was done. I think it is a very important film, but I think it is worth watching only once, because it is a very poor film.

Teresa Shaw photo
Teresa Shaw

The film was produced by the Pro-Life Action League and the film is about the effects of abortion on a young woman, Missy. Missy is a young woman who has been pregnant and is now looking to end her pregnancy. Her best friend is pregnant too and Missy's boyfriend has moved out. Missy's best friend has already been having an abortion and decided to stay pregnant, but now Missy is facing her future. We see that, for Missy, a normal pregnancy is very difficult, but that it is not an easy choice. We see the conversation between Missy and her mother and the comments Missy makes about the abortion procedure and abortion. We see that Missy is aware of what is going on in her world, and we also see that she is very thoughtful about what she is doing, especially when she is alone. The film is not easy to watch, but I think that it is a very important film. It shows the effects that abortion can have on a young woman and the people around her. It is not a happy film. Missy's mother is very angry at her daughter for having an abortion. We see that, in the end, the mother and daughter can not understand each other. The film is a must see for all people, particularly those who are pro-life. Abortion is a very controversial topic. It is a subject that should not be discussed in a civilised manner.

Jose Morgan photo
Jose Morgan

I am actually just a casual fan of Aaron Sorkin's and The Newsroom (co-written by him and Andrew W. Marlowe), but this was one of the best interviews I've ever seen. This guy is an absolute genius. He knows what he is talking about and really lets you in on the secrets behind the Hollywood industry. The power of film is undeniable. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys film and or reads books. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to see a documentary that covers a subject that is unique, but is not really too different than the average American's life. This documentary is an absolute must see. It will explain what it takes to make a film and tell you about the people behind it. The fans of the film should see it too. I highly recommend this movie. It's definitely one of the best documentaries I've seen. I highly recommend it. It's a must see. You've got to see it.

Jacqueline Carlson photo
Jacqueline Carlson

This documentary is not for everyone, especially those who are not familiar with the issues of suicide and mental illness. However, it does a good job in showing us what depression is like, and how one can only fully understand it when one has actually experienced it. The film also goes into detail about the suicide that took place in the film and why it occurred, as well as the emotional impact that it had on the family. Not only did it involve the family, but it also gave an insight into the community at large as well. The film is well done and is worth watching. It will also touch your heart and the viewer will be able to relate to it.

Carolyn B. photo
Carolyn B.

This is a film that is not for everyone, but it is very important to those of us that are having this discussion about the state of mental health in our country. Mental health and addiction are both very much related and can't be separated. Mental health and addiction are inextricably intertwined in our society and they are not just confined to our culture, they are inextricably woven into the fabric of our society. The film is not trying to turn a corner in the film, but it is trying to bring attention to the human condition and it is a powerful and inspiring story that should be watched by everyone. I think that the film will be talked about for years to come.

Brandon photo

First of all I'd like to say that I never heard of this movie until a friend told me about it, so I was skeptical, but I thought it would be a great movie. When I watched it I was amazed, it was really really good. I really enjoyed it. I was so moved by this movie and so saddened that these people were so caught up in depression, that they would do such horrible things to themselves. These people probably were doing something right, but I think that they were just really messed up. It's a great movie and it really makes you think. I think that people should watch it. I recommend it to everyone.

Carl Morgan photo
Carl Morgan

I've been watching for this type of film for a while now and I was not at all disappointed. I loved the cinematography of this film. The shots were so sweet and the editing was so smooth. I don't think it was all put together to create a perfect cinematic piece. I think they found the right balance between emotional scenes and the drama. This film has some excellent things going for it. The actors were very believable and gave me the feeling of these guys really feeling what they were feeling. I really think the audience will enjoy this movie because of the storyline. It's very hard to show this kind of thing in a film and it was a perfect way to do it. I would recommend this film to any film maker out there and I look forward to the next films that they make.

Judy S. photo
Judy S.

This movie was very interesting to me. I watched it with my son, who has been in a lot of shootings. I told him "You don't understand what it's like. It's hard." He didn't understand the violence in any way, which is why it was very hard to explain. I thought it was very disturbing to see how people could go on killing people. It made me think that most people didn't want to die. I wanted to believe that we could be better than this. I don't know if my son's brother was involved, but it makes me think. I hope this movie gets out. I would love to hear from anybody who has been involved with the shooting or a bystander to learn more about this movie. The more information we can get out about what's happening, the better. I don't think people know how to stop this violence.

Roy King photo
Roy King

I loved this film. What I liked most about the movie was how the subject was brought to life. The writer and director did a great job of showing the inner workings of a depressed person who believed he would die, and how he was holding on to hope that he would never die. I also appreciated how the director kept it simple. He showed just enough to show the main story, but not much to overwhelm the viewer. He did not use montages or excessive slow motion to show anything. Instead, he kept it as simple as possible, and made it as real as possible. One thing that I noticed was that he was more interested in the thoughts and feelings of the depressed person than in showing the actual illness or symptoms. He did a great job of keeping the viewer focused on the inner feelings of the depressed person, but not so focused on the symptoms of the illness. He also used clips from the movie and told the stories of the doctors involved in the treatment. Overall, I thought it was a very effective and honest film that will get you thinking about the things you are thinking about. I loved it.

Anthony photo

We have our shortfalls and we have our limitations as human beings, but what if we could be more compassionate toward each other and allow each other to flourish? What if we could focus on the healing, not the pain? I mean, a lot of people can be incredibly selfish, but could we do it? Could we be more kind and gentle towards each other? Could we learn to let go? What would be the consequences of letting go? Would it even happen? Could we change our views? Could we see and become more open to each other? How could we do it? A documentary with a story behind it? Well, yes, it is that. Is it a deep, challenging documentary? Well, maybe. Is it a documentary about depression, drug use and suicide? Well, it probably is. It is worth seeing. It is not a documentary that will be affecting you. It is a documentary that will give you some sense of what it is like to be depressed, and maybe you can be more compassionate to others in your life, or you can actually help someone you know. It is definitely worth seeing. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

Scott photo

This is a documentary about suicide prevention in the military. The acting and directing is great, the topic is a bit too sensitive to be brought to a general audience, but it is an excellent movie. The film is a little bit confusing at times, and I think the director tried to be too much of a preachy evangelist. I thought the ending was a bit contrived. I thought that the director did a good job of explaining the history of suicide in the military and the effects of suicide on the families and the military. The film was very informative and I thought it was worth the $10.00 it cost to rent the movie.

Mark Moreno photo
Mark Moreno

I have been watching documentaries and reading books on suicide since I was a kid. I didn't have to go out of my way to get them. I simply sat down and watched them. But I am a huge fan of the subjects of suicide, and I was excited when I found out that David Hess was making a documentary on it. I had read all the books, and I was curious to see what I would learn from them. Well, I found that I was not surprised at all. This documentary is about a man named Charles Widmark. Widmark, who was famous in his day for his well-made suicidally suicidal movies, made a very important film called "The Ripple Effect" which tells the story of suicide and its effects. Widmark was the first man to really make a documentary on suicide. I had read some of his books and watched some of his movies, but I didn't really know anything about the subject. Widmark, who was known for his mind-blowing work, was the first man to make a documentary about suicide. But he did not do it for the money, and he did not do it for fame. He did it for the pleasure of making a film. This documentary tells the story of Widmark's life, his movie, and the life of his family. I found it really interesting, and I was very surprised at what I learned. But I would recommend this documentary to people who are interested in suicide, and to people who have read the books on suicide. You will learn a lot about suicide, and you will learn how to talk about it. If you are a person who is interested in suicide, and you are looking for a documentary to watch, you should definitely watch this.

Stephanie photo

The Ripple Effect is a documentary about the increasing numbers of suicides in the USA. It focuses on the mentally ill and their families. It is well-done and contains a lot of information about mental illness, especially among young people. It shows that mental illness is a serious problem. It also shows the role of the mental health system in helping people. The documentary has some good information, such as the suicide rate in the USA. It also shows that the mentally ill are more likely to be unemployed, unemployed people are more likely to commit suicide. It also shows that the mental health system is not always effective in helping people, especially in providing treatment. The documentary does not show the consequences of the suicide. The reasons for the suicides are not given, but the documentary shows that suicide is a terrible crime. The documentary also gives some good information on the treatment of mental illness. There is also a section on the legal system and how the legal system deals with the mentally ill. The documentary has some good information about suicide, including the suicide rate. There is also a section on the suicide prevention. There is a section on suicide attempts, which includes some information on how the suicidal person might get help. The documentary is very well-made, and it does not show the consequences of the suicide. I liked the documentary and the information that it contains. I recommend this documentary to anyone.

Gloria Fowler photo
Gloria Fowler

This is a film which should be shown in schools everywhere. This film could save the lives of many people. Suicide is a one in six chance of happening. Many of the reasons that cause suicide are due to anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, and many more. This film shows the ripple effect that suicide has on the victim. The film also shows that suicide can be prevented. The film was shown in the movie theater in the school. This film has been given to many different organizations. There are groups that teach that suicide is not the answer. There are also groups that are working on suicide prevention. The film is very well done. There are many different scenes from the film that show the ripple effect of suicide. This is a very important film to show to children. There are many things in this film that can help prevent suicide. This film could save many lives.

Jean H. photo
Jean H.

This is an excellent documentary by Kari Green. It is about two women. Rita Monsoor, a single mother in the US, and her daughter Nikki, who was on the autism spectrum, now live in New York. They had a wonderful childhood together. Now, at the age of 17, Nikki is autistic and is being institutionalized. Rita is devastated by this and has taken to smoking pot and is depressed. She comes across Nikki at a pot-smoking house and they start to bond. There are some great photos. The last half hour of the documentary is the most moving and I highly recommend it.

Carl D. photo
Carl D.

The first review I've written for this film I was unable to give this film a 9. After reading the reviews of previous viewers, I decided to give it a 9 because I couldn't believe the amount of people who didn't like this film. I love documentaries, but even more so when they're real life stories about people who have been affected by suicide. The film was about a man named John, who committed suicide, not with a gun, but with a pair of scissors in the back seat of a car. He also killed himself with a needle. When I was watching the documentary, I couldn't stop thinking about the stories of people like this. The film is about his wife, Sally, and their daughter, Jennifer. They are both very close to each other, but Jennifer and John have known each other for about 5 years, and they are the main characters in the documentary. Jennifer was a counselor at the local mental health facility. John was a substitute teacher at the school where Jennifer teaches. She has been a substitute teacher for at least a year, and it is obvious that she cares about the students. In the beginning of the film, John and Jennifer make an appointment to see a psychiatrist to discuss suicide, but Jennifer doesn't want to see a psychiatrist. Her husband insisted that she see one. They discussed the pros and cons of seeing a psychiatrist, and Jennifer reluctantly agreed. However, John wouldn't agree to go. Jennifer was the one who wanted to go, and he was so upset that he was not going. After the appointment, John is crying inconsolably. He told his wife that he doesn't want to go, and when they discussed suicide, he said that it was better if he did not go, because they had been in love for about 10 years. Jennifer and John had planned on buying a new home, and he wanted to pay it off before he went. He wanted to put all of his savings into the house, and they had already taken out a loan from a financial institution to pay off the mortgage. As they got out of the car, they both said that they would never do that. He wanted to buy a car, and she wanted to get a new house. They both agreed to wait until they were in their late 30's. This was the main reason that he didn't want to go. John got a job and they moved to a new house, but in the last 5 years he had been working as a substitute teacher at a school in the city, and they had never met in person. They had a daughter, who had been in the same school, but she had not seen John since she was a child. John wanted to get a divorce, and he and Jennifer did not want to live with a man. But, since he had worked, they did not have to pay child support or joint medical costs. They were not able to have a child because of John's job, so he had to go on disability. Jennifer had moved out of their home, and she was now living with a group of friends. John didn't want to go, and he was angry at himself for not wanting to go. He said that he did not want to go because he was hurt, and he wanted to do the right thing, but Jennifer said that she wanted to do what he wanted to do, and she wanted to move in with him and the other friends. She said that she did not want to be with a man, because he did not deserve to be with her. John was angry and depressed, and he could not handle the idea of being in a relationship, and he said that he wanted to do the right thing, but he could not cope with it

Paul C. photo
Paul C.

I am a high school student, and I was shocked at how violent and horrible some of these kids were. I thought the film was a great way to introduce students to the true horrors of violence. I would have never thought a film like this would be made. I think the kids were actually more honest and innocent than I expected. I thought that the film was great because it was an eye opening look at the students life in school and the students that are out there in the world. I also thought the director was an amazing director, because he was able to get all the footage and get the kids to talk about it. I think he did a great job at showing the kids that the world is a dangerous place and that it is not good to be in school and live your life like a normal person. I would recommend this film to anyone, because it is a great film that shows the horrors of violence and how it can be bad.

Steven G. photo
Steven G.

I've watched a lot of movies recently, but I haven't been able to get the words to describe what I've just watched. It was like the time I watched a movie I had just seen once before and had forgotten how good it was. This was one of those movies. It was good, and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet, or anyone who wants to see it again. If you've seen it, you'll probably like it. The movie was about a man who is a Christian who works at a clinic. He has a little brother who is addicted to drugs, and he has to take care of him. He helps the little brother, but he feels guilty. He feels that he is not doing enough to help the little brother. He is a very good person, but he is so confused and he doesn't know what to do. He is trying to figure out what to do. It is a movie about a man who has to face his demons. It is a good movie, and it is worth watching.

Donald M. photo
Donald M.

This documentary has been one of the most talked about in my city. I have to admit, I was skeptical about the "conclusion" the film makers had to offer. They presented the film as a document of one particular drug culture and one particular subculture. I didn't really know what to expect when I first heard about the film. I wasn't really into drug culture or drug use. I was more interested in hearing about a documentary about one particular drug culture and one particular subculture. But after seeing the film, I was hooked. I really did not understand how the filmmakers could present the film in such a manner. The film had a certain authenticity that I could not help but admire. It was a documentary about one specific drug culture and one specific subculture. The film makers could have easily presented this film as a documentary about one drug culture and one specific subculture. The filmmakers did a fantastic job of presenting the documentary in a way that you can really get into the film. I will admit, the film was very slow and it was somewhat difficult to get into. I think this film will make people think about their own drug use. It's really hard to explain why this film was such a success. I think the film makers were really doing their best to give the film a good and accurate representation of the drug culture. I think this film is a must-see for everyone. I definitely recommend this film.

Alan photo

The Ripple Effect is a well-made documentary that goes into depth about the effects of depression on those who suffer from it. It's an all-encompassing look at the most common forms of mental illness, including mental illness, depression, and bipolar disorder. While the film shows both sides of the spectrum of mental illness, the documentary really focuses on the effects that it has on those who are afflicted. Those who suffer from mental illness, while they may be an incredibly flawed individual, are still human beings, with feelings and human emotions. It shows us that some individuals are able to live their lives with depression, and some, through drugs and alcohol, are able to ignore their own depression, or, in the case of some, actually become worse. Although I'm sure there are some people who have no regard for others or have been made into a very negative person by mental illness, I feel like there's something wrong with them, and not their mental illness. I understand that mental illness can be incredibly difficult to live with, but it is a difficult illness, and it does have a profound impact on a person's life. The Ripple Effect tells us about this impact, and it's really fascinating to see what it's like to live with mental illness. The Ripple Effect is a really interesting film, that really shows us the effects that mental illness has on a person's life. The Ripple Effect is definitely a great film, but I also feel that it doesn't show the full picture of mental illness. It doesn't show the extreme and the extreme effects that it can have on a person, which is what it's trying to do. It shows the effects that it has on one's life, but it doesn't show the full picture of mental illness, and I felt that that was a little bit of a letdown for me. I definitely think that this film is extremely important, but it's a little too long, and it didn't do a good job at showcasing how great the effects of mental illness are. I recommend this film, but it's definitely not a film that you should see over and over again, because it's definitely a documentary, and that's what it's meant to be. I think that this film is a really good documentary, but it does have some flaws, and it does lack in showing the full effect that mental illness has on a person's life.

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Julia Adams

This is a wonderful documentary that's never boring, never too long, never too long. I really enjoyed this documentary and so did the entire audience. It has an amazing mix of clips and real stories. It was inspiring to see what the Baha'i community is doing in the name of Baha'i living and giving, even in the face of persecution. The Baha'i faith is one of the most important religions of the world and is very present in Iran, the country with the highest rates of depression in the world. One of the greatest changes in Iran's social fabric in recent years is the way that Baha'is are getting recognized for their work in the Baha'i community. The Baha'i community has a great influence in developing children's health and literacy, as well as helping them to recognize the great potential in them. I have a particular interest in the Baha'i faith, and I have been living with the Baha'i community in the US for almost 15 years. The Baha'i faith has helped me to work on my own mental health, to make changes in my own life, and to be a better person overall. I was so impressed with the power of the Baha'i faith, and the very open and honest approach that the Baha'i community has to how they treat their followers. One of the things I enjoyed most was the idea of the ripple effect. Every person who participates in the community has a ripple effect on the whole community. The Baha'i faith has made many efforts to do this. The ripple effect is not just in the Baha'i community, but in society as well. Every person who participates in the Baha'i community has a ripple effect on the whole community. I've been to the Baha'i community a number of times and I've noticed how the people there have different levels of acceptance and understanding. There are different levels of understanding in different Baha'i communities. For example, one level of acceptance in the Baha'i community is when someone says that the Baha'i religion is the only religion that matters. Another level of understanding is when someone says that they are not ashamed of their religion. The Baha'i community has many different levels of acceptance, but one of the most important is the level of understanding that the community has. In this community, it is not that difficult to say that there is no God, but the people will say that they are believers of the Baha'i faith, because they know that their religion matters to them. This is a very powerful film, and I highly recommend it. If you are interested in Baha'i religion and have not yet seen this film, I would strongly recommend that you do so.

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Suicide the Ripple Effect is the sequel to David Geffen's Sundance Films and DVD release "Fatal Emotions" with David Geffen, Rufus Sewell and co. starring Thomas Jane and Daniel Radcliffe. In this one, David Geffen stars as Einar Burroughs, a father and father-in-law of Burroughs' son, whom he sees regularly. His son has a bad temper and kills his mother and father in a horrible car accident. He decides to do some research on the effect of gun ownership on the mental health of the family. He finds out that when people live with guns in their homes, they are more likely to commit suicide. The family starts to think the accident may have been the fault of the gun in the house, but the family discovers that it may be something more sinister. Director Kevin Macdonald and writer/producer Danny Frank, who also wrote and produced "Fatal Emotions," made a terrific movie that deals with a subject that has long been taboo. "Fatal Emotions" is also the only movie of its kind dealing with the effects of gun ownership. This is one of the best movies dealing with gun violence that has ever been released. "Fatal Emotions" is a must-see and a must-buy.

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I went into this movie expecting to find some kind of "underground" political movie about the Jewish people. Instead, I was confronted with an intelligent and thought-provoking documentary that shows the disturbing effect that the Holocaust has had on the lives of the survivors of that tragic event. It also looks at the survivors' attempts to find their own meaning in life and to put the past behind them. It is an uplifting movie that won't turn you off. It may be difficult for some to watch, but it will bring out your own personal feelings about the horrors of the Holocaust.

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Joyce H.

This movie is about the effects of depression on a young man and his friends, and how the family of the deceased woman can be affected by it. The movie is divided into chapters and is really interesting and well done. I found myself rooting for the character of Mike and feeling sorry for the character of his friend in particular, who is clearly in need of help. The end of the movie also left me with a smile. The scenes in the movie are good enough to put you in a really bad mood. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie.

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Linda D.

An in-depth look at the ongoing global crisis of HIV and AIDS. Starting with a discussion of the HIV virus, followed by discussions on the global epidemic of HIV and AIDS. As well as examining the role that pharmaceutical companies play in the epidemic. An interesting way to put a different perspective on the epidemic, although some may find it to be biased. A nice documentary that I think should be seen.

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Jason Hart

This movie is one of the most well done documentaries I've seen. It is so much better than most documentaries you can find in the theater. It gives a clear and consistent account of a suicide epidemic in the US. The documentary is not about the history of suicide, or the law. It is about the people involved in this tragedy. This documentary shows the stories of a group of people who loved each other, and of the people who took their lives. The documentary is very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to know what happens when people decide to end their lives. The movie is very well edited, with a high level of authenticity. The actors in the movie are very convincing, and the situations they are in are realistic. They all played their parts very well. The ending of the movie is very sad, but the emotions that it makes you feel are not just a good ending, but an important one. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves to know the truth about suicide. It is a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to know the truth about suicide.

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Benjamin L.

I think this documentary is wonderful. It's a very interesting and entertaining look at the dark side of life in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica. As many of the witnesses to the "slums" described the scene, it became very clear that the poor living conditions and conditions of the slums were a result of decades of policies and policies of the British and the UN. The big news in the documentary was the final death sentence handed down by the Jamaican Supreme Court to one of the original inhabitants of the slums. That sentence was totally unjust, but also is a testament to the fact that Jamaica's human rights laws are only effective if they are enforced. The documentary is very well done and informative. The interviews with the victims and witnesses are very compelling. One of the most poignant moments is when a young woman described her disgust and contempt for the British government and her desire to fight back against the government and for justice. The other women interviewed are also very passionate about their fight for justice. It is an excellent documentary that is very well done.

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First, to the other reviewers: you must remember that these are the folks that get the movies, and you probably haven't even seen a single movie before. It's no wonder you didn't like it. The actors were great, as was the cinematography, and the idea was excellent. I really appreciated the honesty and raw honesty of the way the movie was made. If you were a real fan of the movie, and it wasn't about Hollywood, you'd see this movie more than once. In my opinion, this movie was a very good choice for all those people out there who like real movies, and they're all alone and they can't find the movie they really want to see. What I did notice was that the title really did draw people in and I was surprised at how many people did see the movie, and ended up seeing it several times. In fact, my wife said it was the most over-rated movie of the year. In any case, don't listen to what the critics say, but listen to the people that watch the movies, because they all know the reasons that this movie has such a bad reputation. In short, go see it and find out for yourself.

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We've seen this movie before and we've seen the same things. It's a very different film. This one is much more reflective than the other. The main characters are much more balanced. There is no off-the-cuff flip-flopping by any of them. This movie is very balanced and there is no question that it is based on a true story. The director doesn't shy away from any detail. The real life details that we see in the movie have been verified by numerous eyewitnesses. There is no "garbage" talk here. The majority of the facts in the movie are based on actual events. The director even admits that the names of the police officers and the policemen who were involved in the crime did not come from the actual police files of the crime. In fact, there are no police files of the actual events that the movie is based on. It is based on what these men actually saw, what they heard, what they believed and what they wanted to believe. This movie is highly regarded. That is no coincidence. What makes this movie so great is that the actors are believable and they are able to portray their roles well. I enjoyed the movie a lot. It is a very different view of the war on drugs. In fact, it is very different than the other films that are out there. I recommend that you see this movie and then look into the history of the war on drugs.

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Wayne Sullivan

A great documentary. I recommend this movie to anyone who has been or is a student of the arts. I am very proud of my family for being involved in a program that helps students with their major. I loved seeing a documentary about a program that gives high school students a way to make change in their life.

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Sean C.

I enjoyed this documentary a lot. It was very informative, and had a really good flow to it. I'm a physician, and I would have enjoyed the information on medication side effects, and even more so on how to get them, because I've had to deal with it on a day to day basis. I don't think it was all done by researchers, but I do think they used real people to tell the story, and I really felt for them. I also felt for those people who were addicted to medication, and did not realize the side effects it was causing. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is in a position to understand medication side effects and not want to go through it. It is not glamorous, but it is really important, and I think it is a really good way to start a discussion about the effects of medication and how the people that are addicted to it have to deal with it. I also thought it was interesting to see that most people who are addicted to medication are white, which is interesting. I also think this documentary made some of the viewers feel a little better about themselves, because they can relate to these issues. This is definitely a great documentary that needs to be seen by everyone.

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Here's the deal: most of the film is about a guy who was homeless and worked as a night shift cook at a local motel, but found himself mentally ill and committed suicide. When he was found dead in his hotel room, a man who is supposedly homeless tried to frame his wife for murder, and in the process, his life was turned upside down. This man's life is a textbook example of the "suicide the ripple effect" type of situation. In his attempt to protect his family and friends, he harmed those around him. If this guy was trying to ruin his family, that's an example of the "life is short" type of situation. If this guy was trying to make a point to his family and friends, that's a prime example of the "life is a journey" type of situation. In the end, there was no clear cut answer, but there was a strong "gray area" in which he was trying to make a point, but this was only a symptom of the underlying depression and mental illness. In my opinion, if you were being followed and had a gun pointed to your head, you would not go to a police station to get help. That is because you would just get more depressed and more suicidal, and the police would not help you. This is because you have a mental illness that would end your life, and this is the result of this illness. What would you do if you were being followed and had a gun pointed to your head? You would most likely kill yourself. But, if you were a normal person with a mental illness, you would try to make a point to someone, not just leave it to the police to deal with it. This is also the point I am trying to make in the film. He was not just suicidal, but he was mentally ill, and he was going to do whatever it took to make his point, not just leave it to the police to deal with it. This is why, at the end, the man who was helping the police and his family, was the only one who could do anything to help his family. That is why this man was able to save himself and his family. The film was a very informative film. It helped to put into context what mental illness is. The film was very well done, but not perfect. It was a very interesting film, but not perfect.

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A must-see documentary for everyone who cares about the human condition, our interdependent relationship with nature, and the urgent need to restore the balance of our biosphere. I had the opportunity to see the film in Tucson, Arizona. I loved it, and it will be on my list of must-see documentaries for the foreseeable future. Although the film may seem slow to begin with, I still found myself surprised by how much I was learning. The audience participation was also very genuine. No one seemed to have an agenda or even an agenda of their own. Everyone was so interested and excited about the film that they were willing to share their knowledge and experiences. I was not aware of the existence of "super-storms" until the film began, but I'm glad I have now found out. I will definitely be watching this film again when it is released on DVD.

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Elizabeth B.

A great documentary that will be appreciated by everyone. It shows how in the US the media has become the biggest influencer of how people live their lives. I like to think that every day we are being inundated with information from every source. But what happens when the people get it wrong? This documentary does an excellent job of demonstrating how powerful the media can be when it is not even representing the facts. This documentary does not focus on what media outlets are "supposed" to be covering. The real story of how the media can affect our lives is being hidden from us. The film shows how, if we were to look, we would find the media influences far more than what we see on TV. This is especially true if we look at what is reported in the media as fact. This is why the US has the largest prison population in the world. This documentary does an excellent job of highlighting that we are seeing an epidemic of misinformation. If we look hard enough we find many examples of how the media can influence a person's life. How many of us have listened to the news and missed the great news of an event that really did happen? How many of us have seen the news but have no idea what really happened? This documentary is a must see.

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I found this film to be very informative and inspiring. It does a great job of telling the history of the issue and does a good job of showing why this issue has not been solved. It does not give a very clear explanation of why some people act the way they do and how they are influenced by others. I agree that there are many other groups that are affected by the suicide epidemic and are not told the same story, but I believe that the film shows the problem in a way that can be easily understood. I found it to be very compelling and informative. It is worth seeing.

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Suicide the Ripple Effect is an incredibly thorough look at the experience of suicide in the American psyche. It's a more personal story than the usual film on suicide, and certainly more compelling. The documentary follows four women - two of whom were involved in the execution of their friends - as they reveal their personal stories of the need to kill themselves. The film is presented in a somewhat raw and real way, so that the viewer is not feeling like they are being shown a "drama", but rather a thoughtful look at suicide. It is important to understand that all four women share the same emotions about suicide, and their stories have nothing to do with each other. The subjects who survived their friends' deaths all feel the same way about suicide. The film is a personal story that explores what makes a person commit suicide, and it explores the reactions of the other members of the family of the deceased. It is an important documentary that deserves to be seen.

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I have not been much of a fan of Sam Harris. I had heard of him before but have only seen a couple of his books. This documentary seems to be mainly about him but also to be very relevant. The subject matter is very disturbing and the filmmaker has a way of making you feel as though you are in the movie. There are some very revealing moments, but it is also a film that is not for the faint of heart. Overall, it is well worth watching.

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Amanda Parker

I am a person who has seen suicide and no matter how hard it is to watch, you just can't help it. The film is shot in a way that only allows you to focus on the person who has committed suicide. It shows the reactions of the people around them, the situation they are in, and the thoughts that go through their mind. It is very graphic, and there is very little dialogue. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has a heart. It is a true story and it shows what it is like to be a parent, a spouse, a son or a daughter. I have never seen such a simple story, yet so powerful. I give this film a 10/10. Its worth the price of admission. Its a must see.

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Judith L.

This documentary is the first film to tackle the topic of suicide, something that can shock and disturb some viewers. The documentary starts with a man with his head buried in the sand, and gradually cuts to a man looking at his life through a friend's camera lens. The man we see in the first scene has been through an event that has changed his life, and he has now been through a suicide attempt. He tells us that he had been hearing voices, and is now convinced that he was experiencing suicidal thoughts. The story of the man we see in the sand is told by his wife, who was with him for the entirety of the events. The documentary shows us how the suicide attempt changed his life, and also how he had an affair with another woman. The documentary also covers how depression and suicide affect family members, and how families can still be affected. I was greatly impressed with the documentary. The film is not too long, but does have some impactful points. It really is a great documentary to watch, and I would definitely recommend it.