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The Amendment

The Amendment is a movie starring Mike Vogel, Taryn Manning, and Silas Weir Mitchell. The Amendment is the true and inspiring story of finding triumph over tragedy, injustice and loss. In 1979, Brooks Douglass and his sister Leslie...

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Paul Brown
Paul Brown, Brooks Douglass
Brooks Douglass, Taryn Manning, Mike Vogel, Silas Weir Mitchell
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The Amendment is the true and inspiring story of finding triumph over tragedy, injustice and loss. In 1979, Brooks Douglass and his sister Leslie survived a devastating crime that rocked their community and took their parents' lives. Initially sent into an emotional tailspin Brooks regained his footing, became Oklahoma's youngest state senator and championed important victim's rights legislation. It is not until his question for ultimate justice brings him face-to-face with his parents' killer that he must reconcile military training with the lessons of his father to discover the path to finally finding peace.

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Craig photo

This movie is definitely an action thriller. But it is also a love story about a girl who is able to understand the feelings of her lover through her whole body. I'm not going to tell much about the plot because it would spoil the movie for you. You just have to see it. And of course I will also mention that it is one of the best movies of the decade. I'm also going to mention that the title is also the best title for a movie. I am talking about "The Regaining of Sam".

Janet Morales photo
Janet Morales

I enjoyed this movie very much. I would have not enjoyed it as much if it had not been so-so. I thought that it was one of those movies that you either love or hate. But in the end, you can't deny that it was well-made, very well-acted and well-directed. The actors and actresses gave it all and so did the crew and crew of the film. I thought that the plot was very well-thought out. It was a well-told story. The director and the writers did a wonderful job in telling this story and making it come to life on screen. I thought that it was very well-done, very well-acted and very well-directed. I loved this movie and would recommend it to anyone who likes a good action-adventure movie.

Pamela photo

The movie was very good. It has a good story, some funny scenes and it is very well done. The only thing that I did not like was that the characters were a bit weak and that they could not act as well as they should. However, it was a very good movie. I am sure that this movie will be a hit and I will definitely go and watch it again.

Kathy W. photo
Kathy W.

A new and impressive British action film. Not perfect, but then again, it's not supposed to be. The cast is great. All of the actors put in some good work and the two main leads (Jody Foster and Phil Coulson) are great. I know that I was expecting the best but what really surprised me was how much it was fun to watch. It is a combination of both the old and new Bond films and the British humour. It has all the elements of a good action film and it doesn't go overboard. It's got great action sequences, great scenes and really great action scenes. If you are a Bond fan, you will love it. It's not perfect, but it's certainly better than some of the other Bonds.

Andrea Lopez photo
Andrea Lopez

I just finished watching "The Great Menace", the second feature film from Pankaj Tripathi and I must say, it was a very good one. I watched this movie in a theatre in Mumbai and it was very exciting and satisfying. The entire cast was superb, especially the young cast, which was great. This is not a Hollywood movie and that was very good. The plot was interesting and I loved the way that it was shot. The music was great, the cinematography and the lighting was superb. The script was good and it was well written. It was well directed. The direction of the movie was very good. The photography of the film was good. The sound of the movie was excellent and it was loud enough for the audience to feel. The movie was full of action and I think it was the best film I have seen recently. I enjoyed this movie and I really liked it.

Willie photo

I saw this film at a film festival in London last week, and I thought it was great. It was the first movie I saw on a DVD from the film festival. I had been a fan of the previous films of the Remedy team, and I was very happy to see them in this film. The first half of the movie is so good, and it was so much fun to see the characters interact. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the team in other films. It was also interesting to see that people were actually there to see the movie, and I hope the film does well. I hope the film team will come back for more. Also, I hope to see the next movie of the Remedy team soon.

Aaron photo

I am a big fan of Mel Gibson. I have always enjoyed his films and was pleased to see him in this film. He is great in this film and even though the film is a bit predictable and cliche in places, it is still an enjoyable movie. The only reason I gave it an 8 instead of a 9 is because it was a bit slow at times. Mel is great in this film and is in his element. The only part of the film that was weak was the part where the bad guy wanted to kill the one who he thought was a bad guy. This part could have been used to drive home the point that he was trying to kill him. The bad guy could have killed him easily and it would have been a much better scene. This is a great film to watch if you like Mel Gibson and his films. I highly recommend it.

Sarah L. photo
Sarah L.

I didn't know what to expect from this movie. I had heard that it was violent and gritty, but I didn't expect it to be this good. The characters were well written, the acting was solid, and the cinematography was outstanding. I think that a lot of people are giving this movie a bad rap because it's a PG-13 movie. I think that PG-13 movies should be for kids, not adults. I think that there is a lot of violence in this movie, and that it should be rated R. If you're a mature audience, you should see this movie, otherwise, I would not recommend it. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Diana photo

I'm not a political junkie, I'm just a big fan of many different things. I think political movies are great, but they just can't be all good. There's the classic classic movie and there's the average, popular movie. This movie is definitely in the second category. It has great performances, a great script, and it's a great political movie. I can't say enough about the story and the characters. The characters are very well developed and the story is just great. The action is excellent and the way the movie is told just makes you feel as if you're right there in the middle of the action. In the end, the story is very good and I feel like I have learned a lot about how the world works. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. A lot of people have said that this movie is not politically correct. I don't agree with that. Political correctness doesn't mean that the film is not a good movie. I think people will like it, because they will not have to think about politics. I think it's good for everyone to be able to watch a movie without any political issues. It's great to have a movie that is as good as the old classic movies, but without the political issues. I'm very proud of this movie, it's a great political movie and it's a great movie. Don't get me wrong, this is a great movie, but it's a great movie for everyone. I hope that this movie will be nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture. It deserves it.

Carolyn Harvey photo
Carolyn Harvey

Let me start by saying that this is a great film. Sure, it was an American film made in 1995, but the fight scenes are very good, the plot is simple but good, and the film is a great mix of action, drama, romance, comedy, and a good dose of horror. Even though the film is a bit overlong, it's still a very good film. It's also one of the few films that I would be willing to watch again and again. It's not like it's a "must-see", but it's worth a watch. I gave this film a 9. It's definitely a classic.

Aaron C. photo
Aaron C.

I saw this movie in the theater as a kid and I remember the special effects were amazing, and I remember how much I enjoyed it. I think this movie is underrated. The special effects were amazing, and the plot was good. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the action/comedy genre. The acting is great, especially Michael Jai White, and I think the characters are very well-written. I like this movie a lot and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the action/comedy genre. I also think this movie has some great morals. I think the movie is good for all ages. I also think this movie has great morals and I think it's good for all ages. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys the action/comedy genre.

Ethan W. photo
Ethan W.

I have been a fan of Spike Lee's films since the 1990s and his work with Ta-Nehisi Coates in particular has been impressive. This film is no exception. In the wake of a horrific incident in New York City, Coates delivers a powerfully powerful film, which examines the causes of race riots and the impact of such incidents on the lives of all involved. The acting in this film is very strong. The actors make it easy to identify with their characters, and all are outstanding in their roles. The script is also very good. The script does not fall into the trap of trying to be funny, instead it focuses on the emotional and physical consequences of the riots and it is this that makes this film so powerful. I think that the film would have been more powerful had it not been for the very strong supporting cast. Robert De Niro's character was underwritten, and I think he should have been much more important in the film. The role was designed to be a joke, and in my opinion, it was. I would have liked to see a more important role for Robert, especially since he is a very powerful actor. The other actors were also very good. The supporting cast is important because it helps build the film's emotional core. I thought that the supporting cast in this film was superb. This is not a film that is only for those who want to see an anti-racist film. This film is a must-see for anyone who wants to see an intelligent film that will keep you thinking about it for weeks after you have seen it. 9/10

Craig photo

I really liked this movie. It was a bit of a different take on the Bond movie. The plot was interesting and the acting was great. I really liked the bond girl, who was actually really good. The director, who did a great job, did a great job of creating a great atmosphere. I think the movie was great, and I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to see a movie. I give this movie an 8/10.

Elizabeth Andrews photo
Elizabeth Andrews

Its the story of a man and his family who has been struggling to survive in post war Ukraine. From a young age, he was subject to a form of segregation from the other children in the neighborhood. The man that we see in the film has been living a life of survival by whatever means possible, but for the most part, he has lived in relative obscurity. In the end, he comes to realize that he is the center of a much larger universe. His story is a very relevant one. This film deals with the essence of survival in an environment where people are mostly unaware of what is going on around them. It is as realistic as it gets. There is a great deal of compassion that is shown in the film. It is a message that every person should take to heart. As the film progresses, the viewer will discover that he or she is not alone in their experiences. It will leave the viewer with a great feeling of hope and hope that humanity will prevail in the end. I give this film a 9 out of 10. It is a message that every person should learn.

Cheryl photo

While not a perfect film, the movie is an accurate depiction of the events of the massacre of D-Day. The directors did a great job capturing the sheer chaos and terror. Even though the movie was filmed in England, it shows the invasion of the United States of America and the horrors of combat. In this movie, the characters were presented to be not as one-dimensional as in the original novel, but were human. The main character, Harry, portrayed a great contrast to the main characters in the original novel. In this movie, he is portrayed as a young man with a strong will and heart, not a young man who has been brainwashed into believing that he is some kind of hero. The movie is also notable for not showing how the only two surviving officers came to believe the information about the German soldiers. In the novel, they do not find out about it until the end of the war. The movie also shows the aftermath of the battle. There is no scene of American forces marching through the streets of Paris, but there are scenes of the British troops being hunted down. The film is about what happened after the battle, but in a much more realistic way. The movie shows the aftermath of the battle in a realistic way, as well as the morale and courage of the British soldiers. The director also did a great job showing how the young men who were killed came back into the minds of the soldiers. The acting in the movie was very good. The characters in the movie are more realistic and relatable than the characterizations in the novel. The movie also had some very effective camera shots. Some of the shots were shot with a very slow motion, that I found effective and realistic. The director also did a great job of showing how the German soldiers behaved. They were very efficient in the battle scenes, but they were also very aggressive. The movie also shows the effects of war on the people. The British soldiers were very human and had a very positive attitude about their war. In the movie, the British soldiers were portrayed as just a little bit strong-willed. They were not portrayed as evil. The British soldiers were portrayed as not being soldiers, but people who fought for their country. In the book, the Germans were portrayed as killing and raping. In the movie, the German soldiers were portrayed as soldiers who believed in their country and their duty to their country. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a great historical movie. It was also interesting to see the reaction of the American soldiers after the battle. They had a strong positive attitude about the war, and there were many soldiers who were taken back to their families and had a good time during the movie.

Stephen Curtis photo
Stephen Curtis

This movie was nothing short of amazing. My husband was disappointed in the fact that it was not a musical. It is a film about how the President can be misused by an unbalanced person and in the end how it is in fact his fault for not keeping the nation safe. The director did a great job with this movie. It is a must see for anyone who cares about the US and what it stands for. I will not give it a higher score than 9 because it is a film you should see if you are interested in a balanced view.

Justin photo

This film was a very enjoyable experience. The only reason I didn't give it a ten was because I felt it was too long. However, it was very good and the performances were fantastic. I think the ending was a bit abrupt and a little weak, but I think the film was a very enjoyable experience. I loved the soundtrack. It was very emotional and brought the film to a very emotional conclusion. Overall, this was a very enjoyable film and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a very emotional film that is filled with emotions. It is a very good film.

Harry F. photo
Harry F.

this movie is awesome. There is only one flaw. You see the dead body. So is the dog. Which I also think was good. It makes you think of what you would do in the same situation, and if you had to do it the same way. So if you want to see this movie, i recommend it. I give it a 9.

Richard photo

I was the only person who walked out of the theater when the movie ended. I thought that it was great. I didn't think I was going to like the movie, but I didn't think it was that bad. But it was. The plot was intriguing. The characters were realistic and interesting. The actors did a great job. My favorite character was certainly Will Dormer. The ending was good, but it was somewhat predictable. The writing was brilliant. The movie had some dark and disturbing parts, but it was well written and very well made. The soundtrack was awesome. I could not find one negative thing to say about this movie. It was definitely worth the money.

Ethan W. photo
Ethan W.

I saw this movie at the Indy film festival and I had never heard of it. I was completely blown away. While the story is somewhat different than most other spy movies, it is completely unique. It's about an analyst who is assigned to the secret research group at an agency. She is very open about her feelings, but is forbidden to speak her mind to the boss. The story moves at a good pace, and it keeps you guessing until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes spy movies. The special effects are fantastic, and it was a real treat to see so many different spy gadgets and vehicles, and even a dog! I was completely blown away by the cast and crew, and I have a feeling that the movie will go far in the future. The director of photography, who is also the producer of the movie, also did a great job. You really feel as if you are there, in the location where the movie takes place. This is the kind of movie that really excites the audience and makes you think about your world and your country. I think anyone can see the similarities between this movie and the movie 'The Bourne Ultimatum'.

Samantha Alvarez photo
Samantha Alvarez

The original ending is rather cliched but this one is much better. The acting is pretty good, the direction is fine. The action is well done. The ending is better. I didn't like the original ending but this one is better. It's a shame that the original ending wasn't extended. I think it should have been. The film is better than the original. The best thing about this film is the action. It's better than the original. It's also better than the first film. I recommend this film to fans of the first film.

Arthur Alvarez photo
Arthur Alvarez

The real star of this film is the brilliant cast. Robert De Niro, Richard Gere, and Uma Thurman are all fantastic. They all play off each other perfectly, and give very good performances. This movie is very good, it's very funny, and it's very entertaining. This movie is definitely worth watching.