Steam Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Hale County This Morning, This Evening is a movie starring Latrenda 'Boosie' Ash, Quincy Bryant, and Daniel Collins. A kaleidoscopic and humanistic view of the Black community in Hale County, Alabama.

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Hale'i maakond hommikul, õhtul, Hale County, jour après jour, Okrug Hejl ovog jutra, ove večeri, Gdzieś w Alabamie, rano, wieczorem, 黑爾郡的日與夜
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1 hours 16 minutes
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RaMell Ross
RaMell Ross, Maya Krinsky
Quincy Bryant, Latrenda 'Boosie' Ash, Daniel Collins, RaMell Ross
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A kaleidoscopic and humanistic view of the Black community in Hale County, Alabama.

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George photo

It's been a few years since I watched this, but I still remember it vividly. It's a really good film, and one that I'd recommend to anyone who likes to look at the world from a different perspective. The film is made up of interviews with people who've lived in the Hale County area of California. It's a fascinating look at how the area is shaped by the natural world, and how the people who live there have adapted to it. The interviews are fascinating, and it's a good way to look at a part of the world that's so often ignored.

James photo

I saw this movie when it first came out and I was really impressed. I had not seen any of the other films of the series, and I was curious to see how they would all tie together. I'm glad I saw this movie, because it was a really good movie. It was really good. The first two films were really good, but this one was really good. It had some great acting, and the movie was very funny. The movie was very different from the other films, and it was a good change. The only thing I didn't like was that the music was very loud and it made the movie really hard to listen to. The last two films had some really good music, and it was really loud, but it didn't bother me as much. I think that this movie was really good. I recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen the other films. It is really good.

Joseph Lucas photo
Joseph Lucas

This movie is a must-see for all fans of the film. It gives a real sense of how big of a deal it was to the band members and the film makers. The story and the film were amazing. The cast, which includes the late, great Steve Buscemi, was brilliant. They all put their heart into the film, but you also feel that they were just ordinary people with their own problems and problems of their own. This was a well made documentary about a legend. My heart goes out to all the people involved in this film. I'm sure the people who did not see this movie will be in awe of how much it meant to them. My personal favorite part is when they are showing how the band started, and how Steve plays his guitar. This is definitely a must-see movie. I give it an A+

Samantha photo

This movie was the most well done thing I have ever seen. The people in it gave their life story, their pain and their pain. This is something that should be shared and shared well. In a world where the media is filled with phony stories, and the masses are manipulated, the true facts can often be a great tool. I hope that everyone will see this movie and learn something about how they could be a better person, or better in any way. Thank you everyone for the great work that was done in this great country. Great job.

Jacob Meyer photo
Jacob Meyer

I recently watched this documentary and was left speechless. The subject matter is extremely difficult and it was difficult to watch, but I was able to understand the thoughts and feelings of those who are affected by the issues of the day. I have seen a lot of documentaries on this subject, but I've never seen one that touched me so deeply as this one did. I'm a huge fan of documentary films and I think this is one of the best documentaries I've seen in my life. I can't say enough about this movie, it is truly a masterpiece. It is a very sad subject and the people in this documentary are living their lives in fear of their lives. I am a big fan of documentary films and I think this one is one of the best documentaries I've seen in my life. I don't know how they got the footage, but it is truly amazing. The film is very moving and I think it is a must-see for anyone who is interested in documentary films. This film is a must-see for everyone.

Cheryl photo

This is the first and hopefully not the last documentary of the late Stuart Blumberg, on television for years now. He was a comedian whose numerous hit songs (he composed them all, some of them wrote) made him the most widely known radio and TV artist in the country. As someone who has only seen him on TV, the following may seem a little bit biased. I've always considered him one of the greatest comedians of all time, and was very glad to see this documentary. What struck me the most was how close they came to making the documentary based on the actual interviews that were taken, as the actual recordings were not available. What is even more impressive is how this made me feel. So many people want to talk about what makes the "Silver City" of music and comedy so special, but their own personal interviews aren't as interesting. Here, they make the interview segments that the actual interviews had by revealing their words about the songs they did and the people who sang them. This makes it more interesting for those who are not familiar with their work. Also, of course, we get a look at what the actual singer, Danny Douglas, was like, and he has the most interesting story of all. It's even better to see the actual performances of all his songs, many of which I only recently started listening to. At the same time, some of the performances can make you roll your eyes. But it's a tremendous piece of work. And that's the best part. It's really a documentary, based on interviews and interviews and interviews. The songs are not just sung or played, but also tell their stories. The group is also well documented, so there is plenty of pictures to look at. I love how they get the actual songs and performances by making the compilation that the actual interviews had, but also the actual performances are the same. It's really incredible to see how they have the archive footage of the songs they did, and have the actual recording. It's an incredible collection of all the songs. They are a wonderful source for the songs, but also provide an excellent source of information on how they performed them. It's a brilliant documentary. The best part is the soundtrack. Songs that really stand out to me are "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Something Just Like This". I really enjoy the songs in the film. The things that stand out to me are how many different people perform the songs and the stories behind how they went on the tour. In that respect, I

Jesse L. photo
Jesse L.

I had the pleasure of seeing this documentary in a screening with some very knowledgeable people. I appreciated the fact that it was so much more than a political story. It was about the history and art of theater and music and was certainly a way to see how a day in the life of a theater-goer and his or her musical and musical group can change the world. I was left speechless. I loved the film and I would highly recommend it. It was a reminder of how great theater can be and how the love of theater can transform people. I also was impressed with the diversity of the people in the audience and the age range. It was a moving story and it was well-done. I think that it would be even more powerful if it were shown in more locations. I think that it was really interesting to see how a theater-goer can transform the world when he or she has the chance to see the way things used to be. I also thought that it was interesting to see the effects of a woman's career and how that affects the relationships in a theater-going family. I think that the producers, directors, and actors in this documentary did a great job of sharing their stories. I look forward to seeing the next one.

Diane photo

This is my first documentary and I feel that it is a very valuable one. This documentary reminds us that the people that make up the lives of the people that we see on television are not necessarily the most knowledgeable about a subject. Furthermore, this documentary gives us insight into the political process and the life of the person that is running for President. I also loved how both candidates received criticism for not delivering the goods in this documentary. I feel that this documentary is a must-see for everyone.

George Stephens photo
George Stephens

Throughout this movie, I found myself with my eyes glued to the screen. This is the first documentary I have ever seen that I enjoyed so much, and was so enthusiastic about. As a college student, I was genuinely interested in what happened, as a "reporter." I am extremely impressed with the entire team involved. They could not have done it any better. I was especially interested in the baby they picked up for the surrogate, and I hope to see more from this team.

Austin Hicks photo
Austin Hicks

This film is highly recommended. Although it is basically a documentary, there is enough factual and entertaining content to make it interesting and watchable. Some of the material is not true, but as history, that is not really a problem. I will add that the entire film focuses on one family over many years, but it does not touch on the new wave. My wife and I do not follow this wave very well, so this film is a good introduction to that period. I can see this film playing at your local theatre or even on cable, so see it at your nearest theater.

Judith Schneider photo
Judith Schneider

The first thing that comes to mind when watching this film is how influential it is to modern day climate change. It's clear that the film has an incredible impact on the general public. I am only one of many people who have been inspired by this film and are working hard to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. I would love to see more documentaries like this. This is what the world is looking for. We need to be more informed and active in the battle against global warming.

Gregory S. photo
Gregory S.

This documentary exposes a criminal system in which we all pay for our crimes and all of us, especially the black community, are victims of a system which depends on violent offenders to fund its social and political agenda. We see the criminals and the victims of crime as people who are robbed of their dignity and robbed of their basic rights. This documentary exposes both sides of the coin. At the end, it is shocking to think that the problem may be in our midst. This documentary could not have been made by any other person. It seems that Roddy Piper has one foot firmly in the fact that the criminal justice system in America has become inhumane and corrupt. He is in a state of shock. His wife, Desiree Young, is shocked by what she sees. The documentary is frightening. It is one of the most disturbing documentaries I have seen in recent years. Every person who views this film should be in awe of it. We need to learn to do better as a society. The human spirit must be protected. The camera operator, Michael Dunn, has created an important document of our shameful record on human rights in America. This is a must-see documentary.

Jane C. photo
Jane C.

This documentary was shown at the National Film Festival in Atlanta. I was one of the organizers of this film and was thrilled to be part of it. I'm a huge Hales County fan. I was drawn to this film by the original "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946), which was one of my favorite films of all time. And I was impressed by the director's previous work, namely, "It's a Wonderful Life". In fact, the whole family (parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and grand-nephews) are all impressed with the level of detail in this documentary. It's not a fluffy "Happy Days" family sitcom, but a fun, inspirational look at how "Hales County" is still so relevant. I was very impressed with the documentary, and was very excited to be able to attend the National Film Festival in Atlanta. The films in the second half of the documentary were great too. I have seen many documentaries that are part of the "National Film Festival" and this one was a great follow-up to the first half of the documentary. The kids in the film really seemed to enjoy it, and I'm sure they would all love to see this film at their high school reunion or other major event.

Jacqueline photo

As someone who grew up on the Saturday Night Fever days, I was able to see many of the cast and crew as they were filming the movie. I was very surprised by how many of the cast and crew had passed away recently, and how little was known about this movie before it was released. I think this movie did a great job of telling the story of what went on behind the scenes and how everyone was truly involved in the making of this movie. It really shows that everyone did their best to get the film made, and everyone is very proud of it.

Danielle Clark photo
Danielle Clark

I enjoyed this documentary as much as the first, and the second. I am not a fan of telling the story of the US and the events in the US. This one though, is not based on a book but an expose of the US Government in 1960 and how it is handling the next threat, the Korean War. I am a pretty objective person, and I enjoy many documentaries about the US government. I watched this one with an open mind and as long as it was about a different topic then I will watch it, but I am not quite sure what it was about. I recommend this if you enjoy an alternative view on the US government in this time of turmoil.

Thomas Weber photo
Thomas Weber

This film is so moving and funny. It's one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It will make you feel good about yourself and make you laugh so hard. The director of this film is amazing and makes you feel so warm and happy. It's a must see. I can't wait to see it again. I'm glad I watched it. It is really great and the director is amazing. The other director is also amazing. This is a must see. You'll never look at a bar and think to yourself, "that guy is the worst person ever."

Nathan Coleman photo
Nathan Coleman

This is the real story about how one woman can change a country's heart. It was heartwarming, but the subjects were not discussed enough in the movie. When is a documentary to criticize the government, but not a documentary about one man. I enjoyed the dialogue, but what was the movie about? I am not impressed with the topic of the documentary. The topics were not discussed enough. And, the movie is based on a true story, but the subjects are not presented in a clear way. Like, was there ever a serious race riot in this country. But the subjects, for example, did not talk about the system's corruption, rather they talk about her husband and the media. These subjects are considered to be the ones that needed to be made a part of the documentary, but the subjects are not discussed. This is not a comedy, but a drama. But the story is the one, not the other. The film's title is misleading because it's about her, but is the real story of the system's corruption.

Ronald Ray photo
Ronald Ray

I'm a large fan of the news media and a fairly active viewer of the news on TV, and I had the opportunity to see this documentary about this subject, covering the news coverage of the U.S. presidential election, in 2004. It was well-shot, well-edited, and very informative. I was especially impressed with the interviews with the subjects themselves, their voices, and their thoughts. One of the highlights was with former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan, who actually worked for both campaigns, and I'm very surprised that there isn't a documentary on her. I recommend this documentary highly, and look forward to more information about the news coverage of the 2004 U.S. Presidential election. I would also like to see more documentaries that cover the subjects in the U.S. Presidential election, and I hope that the current administration does more to make that happen.

Jonathan H. photo
Jonathan H.

What a great movie, I'm surprised that I didn't see it sooner. I'm not a huge fan of Michael Moore, but this movie definitely made me want to watch more of his movies. The story is about how the Feds made a deal with the Russians to have them hand over all of the nuclear weapons in the world, including the one in the Middle East. It was agreed that there would be no one to stop them. The deal was broken up, and it was revealed that they had the bombs and had plans to attack the United States. This movie is so well done and really makes you feel for the people involved. It's a great movie that has you thinking for a while. The movie is really good and will leave you with a good feeling after watching it. If you're a Michael Moore fan, then you should watch this movie, but if you're not, then you should watch it. It will help you figure out what kind of person Michael Moore is.

Harold P. photo
Harold P.

I didn't really want to see this movie. I knew it was a documentary, but I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of watching a guy eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for an hour. But the story really fascinated me, and I decided to see it. It's actually a pretty interesting story. The guy who gets his information from his grandparents and then eats peanut butter and jelly every day is really interesting and very entertaining to watch. The people who know about this are also entertaining to watch. I also thought that the way that they tell the story is very interesting. It's also good to see how life in a small town with a lot of different people. It's definitely a fascinating story.

Joyce photo

This is the best film I have seen this year. It has done everything I could have asked for. A little more will be needed. I was looking for a little more. I want more of the documentary. But I'm happy to have found this film. It's not "good" but it is so much more than that. I would love to see more from this film. It's the best documentary I have ever seen. It's so well done. I can't believe it's only been released in the US. It would be a perfect movie to show in school. I want to buy it and watch it over and over. I will be sure to watch it again when it comes out on DVD. It's a must see. I highly recommend it. It's a great documentary and I can't wait for the DVD release.

Alan P. photo
Alan P.

I really don't know what to say about this movie. The sheer passion of the production team, the special effects, and the fact that they went to such great lengths to give the viewer a first-hand experience of what it's like to be a child in that particular part of the world is impressive. The ability of these people to go to such great lengths to put their characters on screen and to make the story come to life is an incredible accomplishment. I was blown away by the production quality and the passion of the crew. If you want to see something truly special, watch this movie. It will make you feel what the children in this story felt.

Jessica Simpson photo
Jessica Simpson

This is a great documentary, it covers the history of the event and the people involved. I've been to several of the events and have loved every minute of it. I think this is a must see for any history fan. The music is incredible and the people involved are amazing. The cast is great, especially the three kids, who are the real stars of this documentary. The one thing I didn't like was the fact that they didn't include the people who were at the actual event. I'm a big fan of the three kids and I thought they were great in this film. I really think this documentary is great, I really enjoyed it. If you're looking for a great documentary, this is it!

Joshua W. photo
Joshua W.

Of course, the environmental movement is the worst thing to happen to the country over the last few decades. And here it is, just like it always is in the media, making money off the blatant lies of the oil industry and their government. But, that's just the US. It is not very much different in the world where a minority of citizens decides what is good for the country, as they have a lot of money and control over the government and economy. So, we really shouldn't be surprised about this story, in spite of the fact that it's done in the most eloquent way imaginable. In fact, it's an epic of a film. It should be required viewing in all public schools, and in all education institutions. For a history teacher, it's an excellent resource for her students. And for everybody, it is the film that really shows the dark side of the environmental movement. The issue is the issue, not the people who are for or against it. The image of these people, as they often appear in the media, are of a bunch of tyrants. They are not educated, and it's a sad fact that they are far from educated themselves. And they can not tell a story without sounding like jerks. They do not care about the truth. They want to use the media to power their claims to control the world, and then they would totally fail in doing that. The film also proves that it is actually very difficult to fight against the evils of the oil industry. It's the same industry that has successfully pushed out all kinds of harmless things and, in the end, helped to bring about the collapse of a whole civilization. This is just one of the many things that come out in the film, from the fantastic main character's narrative, to the details of the "POP UP" operation, to the constant reports of the oil industry's deceptive practices. It is, as always, a great film. However, the big thing about it, for me, is the sense of emotion, the horror, the hopelessness, the helplessness, the desperation, the absolute despair that is evident from the very first minutes of the film. It's also a real sense of fear, which we have seen in the same film numerous times over the years. So, if you are willing to watch it, you should enjoy it, and learn something.

Jessica Price photo
Jessica Price

Funny and informative and an invaluable piece of history. Can't wait to see this on a TV. I have seen this many times, and every time I feel a bit old, like I'm watching a TV movie, with the same humor, same humor, same humor. So it's not the most original movie, but it's definitely worth watching again. This is what PBS used to do, this is what The Disney Channel used to do, and this is what networks used to do. It's nice to see a true story about something we love, something we can learn from, and what happens when a company decides to change its corporate culture. It's good to know what's going on in the world, and in our lives. There are people like "Jimmy" here. I've never met him, but I think he's a wonderful person. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the truth. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Sandra Gordon photo
Sandra Gordon

A couple of documentaries which address the topic of drug addiction. However, this movie is not about drug addiction per se, but about the public health problems that arise from addiction. The movie is filmed in a low budget manner, but the camera work and camera angles are excellent. The editing is also good. The one thing that made the movie a little better than average was the use of sound effects. The sound effects were used to great effect, with some of the sound effects being as good as a feature film. I would recommend this movie to anyone interested in drug addiction. It is well worth the watch.

Bruce S. photo
Bruce S.

I am a die-hard Arnold fan, and I've been watching his movies, his TV series and his movies with an open mind. I don't mind Arnold going into cliches and stereotypes. But I don't mind his acting so good. He is always convincing, and his otherworldly acting is what made him a superstar. And his great moves in his role as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse make me wonder what else he can do. He is capable of a good acting. So for that reason alone, I gave this documentary a 9/10. I will watch it again. But for those of you who aren't fans of Arnold, you might want to avoid it.

Kevin Daniels photo
Kevin Daniels

This documentary is a love story of a Jewish boy who is forced to go to an orphanage after his father dies. He is raised by his aunt, a librarian, in a very liberal household. The aunt is a socialist, the boy loves books, and his life is filled with books and books. It's an interesting story, and it's worth watching. The acting is great, the music is excellent, and the filming style is wonderful. It's a very, very different documentary, but I think it's worth watching.

Brian photo

This documentary takes you to a film festival where you are invited to watch a film that you will be amazed by. It is clear from the beginning that you will not be disappointed. I think that anyone can enjoy this film and there is nothing wrong with a group of friends watching a film together. I have seen it in a few different film festivals and this is the best. I would have liked it better if there were more character building scenes but if that was the case I would have thought that it would be better than watching this one alone. It was definitely a good time and I enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of indie film.

Linda photo

This is a great documentary. It chronicles the struggles of four people to help create an arts community in Alabama. The documentary itself was a great idea, since each person involved was able to share their story. While there is no way to capture all the stories of the four, the film does an excellent job of showing all the diversity in this community. For example, there were people who were able to survive on their own while others were able to provide a great opportunity for others. Overall, I highly recommend this film.

Albert N. photo
Albert N.

It was a real treat to watch the screening of the documentary this morning. I thought it was very important to see this because of how it affected me personally. As a filmmaker, it is so refreshing to be able to see how a camera works. I think that in the same way that the internet has given filmmakers a platform to make a film and they have the ability to put their own voice on the film, we have all the tools to make a film on a dime, without any training or anything. We now have the power to create art without any money, but it's not a big thing for filmmakers. I feel that this film really encapsulates how photography is a technique used to express emotions. Just as a camera can capture people's feelings, it can also capture the way you feel when you're driving through a suburb or somewhere else that isn't your home. If you look at this documentary closely, you will find the film to be a compelling account of how photography is really a powerful tool. If you've ever wanted to be a filmmaker but didn't know where to start, you should watch this documentary. I feel like if you have any interest in the craft, you should take the time to watch this. I will be putting this one on my wishlist for future viewing.

Anna Estrada photo
Anna Estrada

As a regular viewer of the news I am used to seeing the same type of story over and over again. I also like to see the public get involved and help in their own way. This documentary does a good job of getting the public involved and gets them to take action. It is well done and informative. It is a good example of how to get the public involved in a story. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good documentary. I would also recommend it to anyone who is interested in the news.

Andrew photo

If you like the news and politics, and all things "high-brow" then this documentary is for you. It is in fact a mix of fact and fiction, and the film is so good that it requires multiple viewings. It is not perfect, but it is a great example of how to make a documentary and how to tell a story. I thought the film was very well done and thought the story told was real. This is a film that I will be watching again and again.

Bobby Hansen photo
Bobby Hansen

It's an interesting documentary on a small town in the middle of nowhere. What struck me the most is the fact that it was shot in the same rural community as the town is named after. The director, Matt Haney, was born and raised in the town. It's not that he was influenced by the town's history, but he was influenced by the town itself. He grew up in the town and he knows it like the back of his hand. It's not just an indie film; it's a documentary. I think the film is very well done. It's mostly an interview with people who live in the town. I really liked the fact that the director was from the town, and the director himself is a native. The interviews with locals are interesting because they're not just about the town and the people of the town, but they're about the people of the town. It's a very nice documentary. It's well done and it makes you really care about the people and what's going on in the town. It's interesting because it's just an interview, but you really feel that the director really understands the people and the history of the town. I like the fact that it's not just a town that they visited, but it's a small town and it's a very small town. The town itself is pretty small. The town is really small, but the people in it are pretty much the same as the town itself. I think that it's a very interesting documentary. It's a little bit long, but it's well worth it. I really enjoyed it.

Aaron photo

The documentary is a must see. It was a great journey for me to watch and learn about what it's like to be in a black neighborhood. I learned a lot about the issues of racism and how it affects everyone. I also learned that some people aren't aware of the issues because of the color of their skin. I also learned that people can be racist to each other and not know it. It's also important to remember that we are all human and we all have different views. I also learned that racism is not just a race issue. It's a human issue. I am a white male. It's sad that this documentary is not available on DVD. I wish that it would be available on DVD so that everyone could see this documentary and learn from it. This is an amazing documentary that shows how it's not just a race issue. It's also an issue that affects everyone. I hope that it will be available on DVD soon. I recommend this documentary to everyone. I hope that it will be available soon.

Roger photo

While these programs will be the subject of endless debate, I was left with a feeling of satisfaction that I was able to participate in a public forum that was less about politics and more about the vital role that the media plays in society. "This Morning, This Evening" is a series of interviews that I have been a participant in. These interviews are usually to be found on the television network that I work for, and they often contain me discussing the events that I cover. This is one of the "This Morning, This Evening" that I participated in this week, and while the show is aimed at adults, I felt the information I was receiving was of the utmost importance to the discussion. On the surface, the program was about a variety of topics related to the media, but it was actually more of a discussion about the media as a whole. For instance, it was mentioned that they had begun a series of video interviews on the news about political issues. In the past, I have had the opportunity to participate in the audio portion of the program, and in my opinion, it is more important to hear the audio. While the audio portion of this show was the most important part of the discussion, there was another discussion that was more important than the audio portion. The discussion was about how important the media is in society. I will leave you with this; the media is a vital part of society, and we must make sure that we continue to stay informed. We have to continue to be vigilant in ensuring that we keep up with what is happening in the world and keep up with what is going on in our country. I have enjoyed this program and I recommend it for everyone to have the opportunity to participate in this discussion. I would also like to say that I have seen some of the comments made on this program and it is apparent that some people have been taken out of context. I encourage everyone to keep an open mind about this program and to be sure to listen to the audio portions.

Frances Guzman photo
Frances Guzman

I've been an independent film maker for many years, and I don't think I've ever seen a more astute and understated documentary on film-making than this film. It makes for a great companion piece to those "Gimme a Break" or "Chick Flick" specials that run on late night television. And, it shows that no matter how tough it may seem, film-making is not that hard. Watch it.

Phillip photo

I saw the documentary at the Toronto Film Festival and was completely blown away by it. It is well written, with excellent interviews and footage, and is very insightful on the conditions of life in some of the poorest and most dangerous places in the world. The interviewees are amazing, some incredibly honest and frank, some very honest and blunt. It is an incredibly moving and insightful documentary that deserves much more attention and wider distribution. A must see for all who care about the plight of the world's poor.

Larry photo

I was somewhat disappointed with the second documentary. I expected it to be more raw and intense, but it wasn't. I was surprised that it was somewhat boring at times. It was so focused on the dogs and the people and their lives that I found it quite dull. But I thought it was important to know what is going on in the world of pooches and the dogs and the people. I didn't find it important to know what they're all up to or how they are doing. I think this film is a good example of an interesting documentary about a very important topic, but it isn't a great documentary because it isn't as raw and intense as the first one. I found it very boring and dull, but I still think it's an interesting and important documentary to see. I think it's very important to know what is going on in the world of dogs and the people and the dogs. I think that is an important topic to cover, but it is not the same thing as an interesting documentary. I think this documentary is a good example of an interesting documentary, but it isn't a great documentary because it isn't as raw and intense as the first one.

Susan Mendez photo
Susan Mendez

This is the best documentary of the year. I am very much looking forward to seeing it again, and have not had a single moment of regret watching it. The filmmakers must have some sort of award to justify this documentary, which has the most revealing and realistic portrayals of the worst aspects of American society. We are to blame for everything, we should just do something about it. What a waste.

Adam Perry photo
Adam Perry

I haven't seen a documentary as good as this one. I will say that some of the commentary is off the mark, but all in all, it's an outstanding work of art. And it should be required viewing for all of us. This is not a "so called" documentary, it's an education in the great humanity of the city of Baltimore.

Shirley Knight photo
Shirley Knight

Before I started watching this film I was in a restaurant having dinner with my boyfriend and his father. And, being the early evening, the restaurant was quiet. At first I thought this was my first taste of watching a movie for a week, but when I watched the movie I found myself feeling inspired to do what I love the most, writing a review on IMDb. Having lived in London for about three years, I know a bit about these things. It is very rare for a film to affect me this much. I found this film to be incredibly inspirational. As I have mentioned before, it is impossible to predict what will happen in any movie but in this film, it was more than 100% possible. It gave me hope that there is still hope for the future. I am no conspiracy theorist, but these guys really did think that this could happen and really worked to make it happen. It really gives me hope that there is still good out there. I hope to continue seeing movies like this that give me a good, positive, inspirational feeling. To all the people who saw this movie, thank you so much.

Laura P. photo
Laura P.

This is a documentary that takes a look at the life of famous actors and their creative process. For me, this film was very interesting and enjoyable. It was very entertaining and I enjoyed the performances of the actors. It also provides an interesting insight into how famous actors are actually able to maintain their jobs in today's society. I was also impressed with the way the film was edited. It kept my attention and kept me interested in the characters. I also thought that the movie was very well produced. I enjoyed the music, the fashion, and the acting. I also thought that the film did a good job of explaining the famous actors' creative process. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in learning more about the actors and the creative process.

Arthur photo

As a long time fan of Bill O'Reilly, I've watched his show almost every night for the past 20 years. I was surprised to find him on a regular basis, and was very happy to see him on the cover of a major newspaper. I was not expecting this interview. He was interviewed by Sean Hannity, and he was asked a question about the liberal media. I thought this was going to be a one sided attack on the liberal media, but instead it was a very interesting discussion of the media and how they are getting away with covering a lot of things that are not really newsworthy. I think there was a good balance of questions about the media and Bill O'Reilly. The interviewer did a good job in bringing out the negative aspects of the media, but still kept a positive tone. I think this is a very important topic that needs to be discussed, and I hope that the media continues to cover this topic and come out with some good things to say.

Arthur photo

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful documentary! It is very educational and fun to watch. There are so many things to learn from it! We started watching it about a year ago and we both love it! We both have our own thoughts about how the world works. I am in the information field and my husband is the real estate professional. We enjoy the different perspectives that the two of them bring to the table. I have been in several cities in the USA and I can tell you that many of the things that are shown in this film are quite true. The events that happen in the movie are just as true as the things that we hear about in the news. There are many things that I do not know about that are shown in this film. The story of how we get along with each other and love is told. There are many great points that this documentary makes. You will not want to miss this movie. It is definitely one of my favorites!

Kelly McDonald photo
Kelly McDonald

I saw this documentary on a film class and it was quite riveting and really got my attention. This film is not like most. I have a very strong bias to documentaries, so I found the segments on the issues quite interesting and it made me think a bit more about the issues. Overall, I found this film to be quite well done. It was insightful, entertaining, and had an interesting look at the issues. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Rachel Munoz photo
Rachel Munoz

This is probably the most comprehensive and comprehensive documentary on western civilisation ever. This film is about how our western civilisation came to be. The film is divided into 4 parts. Part one is the rise of the Roman Empire and how it lead to the Spanish Inquisition. In part two we get into the 'Golden Age' of the middle ages and the rise of Christianity. In part three we get into the 'modern' era of the sixties and the rise of democracy. Part four takes us back to the beginning of our current era and our beginnings in Europe. There is a lot of informative information in this film. I am not going to say much about the politics of this film. All I can say is that it is very informative, even for a non-Christian. There are moments when I could not look away from the screen. This is one of those films you need to see. I saw it twice and I plan on buying the DVD when it becomes available. There is enough content to hold the viewer's attention, even though they do not understand the political background. This is an excellent film for those who are interested in the history of western civilisation and the struggle to gain it.

Jane L. photo
Jane L.

I went to see this film with the feeling that I would enjoy it, because of all the positive press. And I did. The whole point of the film is to show what happens when people try to connect with the future, and in the process they come to the realisation that they have a lot of issues they haven't really talked about with each other in the past. It's an extremely honest portrayal of people who try to "connect" to the future and find out what is important in their lives. The big issue I found with this film is the messages it brings up. This is because it really is a film about things we do not talk about. The problems that people deal with and the issues they face, and I feel that this is something that most people should watch, but not everyone has the time to watch it. Also, it seems to be more of a personal journey for most of the characters, rather than a documentary about how the future is going to look like. This may be because I don't really see the same issues people have when watching it. The film does show what a big issue the public is facing, but it also shows what a big issue it is to people who are not affected by these problems. Overall, this film is a great way to watch for people who are into how they can change the world. People that are involved in politics or people who are trying to make a change. It is a documentary about how we can change the world. It shows how we can help and we can change the world, and in the process we see the reality that people face when trying to change the future. In the end, I think this is a film that people should watch. It's one of the best documentaries I have seen, and it is a really powerful film. 9/10

Marie White photo
Marie White

The documentary is a bit on the long side. It feels a bit like a Lifetime movie, with the quick cuts and some static shots. However, the interviews with people in the industry are very interesting. The people interviewed are not just actors, but they are also people who have been in the industry. The documentary is not for the faint of heart, and it is not a comedy, but it does not lack entertainment value. The interviews are very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the movie business. I give it a 7/10.

Roger Parker photo
Roger Parker

Even though there is a lot of talk about the state of Washington State, and even though some of the details may not be accurate, the film does show how many of the people have fought against this law and how that law affects them. I was one of the many who worked on the case. The film also shows what happened to the girl who was killed. I can imagine that the directors did not try to make this film a highlight of a long list of 'good films'. I think that it is a good film and I recommend it.

Mary J. photo
Mary J.

The documentary "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" is a great example of what happens when a documentary is done properly. The movie is an all-star cast and crew who work together to put together a documentary that is true to life. The movie is a look at how the media portrays the issues of domestic violence. It focuses on the people who are victims of domestic violence, their stories, and how their stories are told. It also takes a look at the media's response to domestic violence. The movie is very informative and will keep you interested. The movie does a great job of showing the different stories and their different aspects. It also shows the different opinions and reactions to the different stories. The movie is very well done and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys documentaries.

Jerry Anderson photo
Jerry Anderson

The documentary was very good, and it gave a great insight into the lives of the people in this community. I was very interested in the people involved in the documentary, especially the kids, because they were very real and had some very interesting stories to tell. I was also interested in the people who were interviewed, because they had a lot of personal stories to tell. The film did a good job of showing the lives of the people involved, but also the different people in the community. I think that the film did a good job of showing the differences in the communities. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in this type of documentary.

Julia Wilson photo
Julia Wilson

If you are looking for a movie that is funny and entertaining, and not too deep, this is the movie for you. The humor is not gratuitous, it is very subtle, and it makes you laugh. The acting is fantastic, and the story is very interesting. I have watched this movie many times and it keeps getting better and better. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Alice R. photo
Alice R.

I was really impressed by the documentaries on this channel, especially the ones about the JFK assassination. I was thinking about this documentary as I watched the current episodes of The Daily Show, but I think that I may have missed something. It was good to see so many people who were not interested in the subject, but who were still interested in the assassination. I think the way that they presented it was really good, because it didn't make it seem like they were just making it up. I also liked the way they used the interviews with the surviving people. I thought it was really good. I think that it was a good documentary, but I think that it could have been better. I would recommend this to people who are interested in the subject, but who are also interested in the assassination of JFK.

Johnny Contreras photo
Johnny Contreras

I'm not a big fan of these TV shows. They are a waste of time and don't do much for me. But I was really excited to see this documentary. It was well done, informative and had some great clips. I'm glad that they did this because I'd like to know more about the people involved. It was also nice to see that they didn't use any celebrity voices. That was nice. I also enjoyed the story about the homeless people who live in the park. It's a shame that the homeless people in the movie have no voice. They could have told their stories. I hope that this documentary is made into a full length feature film. I'd love to see more of this documentary.

Karen Ross photo
Karen Ross

I was looking for a documentary on the cancer world, and came across this one. This movie was a bit too long, but it was great. The facts were great, and the research was great. The footage of people living with cancer was very informative. The story of one person in particular was very moving. I was shocked to see how many people were affected by cancer. I was shocked that it wasn't treated better, and the research wasn't more funding. If you're interested in the topic, and want to see how much research is being done, you'll enjoy this documentary.

Ralph Kelly photo
Ralph Kelly

This is a great documentary about how a group of the most influential people in the history of the planet have gone to the "Tunnels" of the "UN" and been "tricked" into signing the "Agenda 21" treaty. I think that the fact that it is "fake news" is a great benefit to the viewer. It is not really news but it is a documentary about the future of our planet and how we are going to deal with it. This documentary is definitely worth watching, especially if you are a science enthusiast or if you are a concerned citizen. I am definitely going to watch this documentary again and again. The one thing that I can say is that it is a must see for everyone. The "Art of the Deal" is a wonderful metaphor for the way that the elites of our planet are now "tricking" us into signing the "Agenda 21" treaty.

Christopher photo

I had the opportunity to see this movie at a private screening and it was an awesome movie. The actors were amazing and the audience was into it. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in learning about the "hidden" and "unseen" people of the world.

Brandon M. photo
Brandon M.

A movie that really brought home to me how the people in my community are living in a constant state of fear. The documentary, this is the people's voice and their views are what the movie is about. It is a good idea to see a movie like this, you see what they live and feel for them. They are not at all a bunch of angry people, they are really caring people. They want to see you succeed in your life and that's what they are telling us, "You have to give it your all to be successful". This movie is not a Hollywood production, it is based on a real story. I hope to see more documentaries like this. The most important thing in life is to believe in yourself and to make your dreams come true. This movie will definitely be a great one for everyone. I'm giving it a 7 out of 10, for it's informative and a good idea to see how these people live their lives, and how they believe in themselves.

Roger H. photo
Roger H.

A collection of documentaries about the history of the BBC, focusing on some of the stories that the corporation tells. It is great for the history buff and for those who are interested in the British broadcasting history. In fact, this is probably the best documentary I have seen about the BBC since "The Gathering Storm" from 1996. The documentaries are mostly from the BBC's archive, and there are a lot of other documentaries of great importance to the BBC. This is a must-see. It also contains several behind-the-scenes documentaries, which are informative. Overall, it is a good documentary, and is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a while. The documentaries are very interesting and give a lot of information about the history of the BBC.

Roger Lewis photo
Roger Lewis

I don't know if the director or the producer of this documentary intended it to be this way, but I'm pretty sure that the majority of the people in the audience were on the edge of their seats. It was almost as if we were watching a documentary about our own lives. We were all talking about what we thought was going to happen, and then we were horrified to find out that what we thought was going to happen was actually not happening. The director of the film did a wonderful job of portraying what it was like to live in a small town, and what it was like to have to take care of people who were in need. You really got to see what a real human being would do, and the director did a fantastic job of showing you what a real person would do. I would recommend this film to anyone who has ever lived in a small town, or has ever lived in a small town. I think it is a very important film, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in watching a film about what life was like in small towns. It is not a film that is going to change your life, but it is a film that is going to make you think about what you are doing, and what you are thinking. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a film that will make you think about what you are doing, and what you are thinking.

Bobby Hansen photo
Bobby Hansen

This is a wonderful film. I found it to be an excellent presentation of the differences between the differences between the two sides of the Civil Rights movement. The way it was presented, the images were well done, and the voices of the people were well represented. I particularly liked the way the story of the Negro families was portrayed. This film is a must see, for anyone who wants to see a great film about the Civil Rights movement.

Philip Hernandez photo
Philip Hernandez

I really liked this documentary. It was very well done and I can't wait to see it again! I was actually surprised to see how many people I knew who had been around during the 60's and had no idea about the protests. I have to admit that I was a little surprised at the level of ignorance among the people I knew. The documentary shows how this protest movement was something new for the entire country. It was the beginning of the end for the hippie movement and the beginning of the end for the civil rights movement. I thought the documentary was very well done. I don't know why it didn't get much attention, but it deserves it. It was definitely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Jose W. photo
Jose W.

I'm a huge fan of PBS documentaries, and this is no exception. I also love the PBS style of editing, so this documentary was a delight to watch. The subject matter is interesting, and the information presented is quite valuable. The music in this documentary is also great. This documentary is not for everyone, but I think it's a must see for everyone. If you want to see an inside look at the world of the music industry, then this is a documentary for you. The only problem I have with this documentary is that it's very slow, and sometimes I was thinking that I wanted to turn it off. However, I did enjoy the music, and the documentary overall was a good one. If you are looking for a documentary that will help you to learn about the music industry, then I recommend this documentary.

Amanda photo

I thought this movie was amazing, it gave me the whole idea of how a real life relationship between two adults can go very wrong. It showed how relationships can change or be destroyed when you least expect it. If you are married and the woman you are married to is cheating on you, then this is the movie for you. I love how this movie changed my opinion of relationships. I now have the mentality that if a man and woman are going to be married for eternity, the woman should have the right to choose to be with her man or not. I also love how they showed how a man can have the choice to be with his wife. It showed how a man could be with a woman that is a total stranger, and still be in love with her. Also, the movie showed that relationships can change for the better if you are married to someone that is willing to stand up for you and the relationship you have. Also, the movie gave me the idea that marriage is not just a relationship, it is a life, and this was true for the woman and the man in this movie. This movie was very emotional and very interesting, and definitely worth the money.

Michelle Armstrong photo
Michelle Armstrong

I recently watched this documentary for the first time, and it was so wonderful. It took me back to when I was a kid, when I was introduced to the various ways we used to take care of our animals. I was very impressed with the way they made the story of the animals and their care and how they were treated, and how the way they treated the animals was the same way we treated them. It was a very touching documentary, and I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in animal care and raising animals.

Rachel Franklin photo
Rachel Franklin

A brief history of the film industry. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see this film. I had read the comments about it being boring and talking heads in the background, which is a bit of a turn off for me. After watching the film I was actually surprised how good it was. The story is extremely interesting and the film makers did a great job of giving you an idea of how film has evolved and how the way people make films is changing. I think the first half of the film is boring and there are a few parts that are slow but that is the only problem I had with the film. The second half of the film is great. I was very impressed with the cinematography and the camera work was great. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone. It is definitely worth seeing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes film.

Terry Henderson photo
Terry Henderson

This film is not one that has been made before. It is a simple look at the relationships between the members of the Royal family. It is a look at the art of making a painting and the trials and tribulations that people go through in order to create it. The film also tells the story of Prince Charles and his sister Princess Diana. The story of the prince is told through a series of interviews. It is not as glamorous as some of the other royal biopics out there. It is not as easy to watch as some of the others. The stories are not as interesting. However, I enjoyed the film and it was a good look at the life of the Prince of Wales and his sister. It was also a look at the art of painting and the trials and tribulations that people go through in order to create it.

Rebecca Burton photo
Rebecca Burton

I found this documentary interesting and interesting to watch, not just for the topic, but also for the cast. In particular, I liked how the producer (who was a woman) was not as worried about her voice over as other documentary directors were. The fact that she had a voice over for the entire documentary made her a more relatable person and made her more human. As I watched, I found myself thinking about the documentaries I have seen that are made by women, and the different ways that they make their documentaries. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in making a documentary. I have a few questions, however: Is this documentary about an actual person? Does this documentary have an ending?

Janet photo

This is the first feature film by the creator of the podcast, and his previous films include "The Strange Ones" and "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Worthy." This is a very interesting film about the impact of the internet and social media on a group of teen girls in a small town in Massachusetts. The interviews are insightful and the film is very well done. As with any podcast, there is always a slight interruption, but this is not a problem. Overall, I think this is a very well done film. It is more than I expected, and I look forward to future episodes of this documentary. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Keith photo

A wonderful film. The portrayal of the relationship between an African American and his teacher is so real. This film is more of a documentary than a movie, but still worth seeing. I recommend this film to everyone.

Ashley P. photo
Ashley P.

This film is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It's that good. It follows the career of a newspaper man, an inventor, a high school teacher, a political activist, and a person who lost his leg and still keeps going. The film follows his rise to the top and the changes that he's had to go through to get there. The interview segments are absolutely wonderful, including the one with the reporter, the one with the mayor, the one with the employee, and the one with the product person. And that is just a few of the wonderful interviews. The film itself is a real story about what's going on in our country. It's an amazing film that shows the failures of the people in power, but also shows the people who are trying to change it. It shows the people who have never been involved in politics and are willing to give it a try, the people who can't help but be influenced by it, and the people who are the biggest victims of it. I highly recommend this film, and I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the news. It is so entertaining and so interesting that I highly recommend it.

Tyler O. photo
Tyler O.

We just saw the premiere of this documentary on Friday, February 11th. The movie is a great insight into the minds of the people who make our nation what it is. It is also a documentary that shows that the people of Hale County, Alabama, did not support George W. Bush. This is a great reminder that people are not stupid. The documentary is a must-see for everyone who is interested in politics. The most important lesson of the film is that people are not what they think. They are what they are, and they make the decisions that affect their lives. It is a great reminder that we must remember that all of us have to make our own decisions. If we are not going to make our own decisions, then someone else will. I encourage everyone to see this film and to make up your own mind.

Douglas photo

I love this movie. It's one of my favorite documentaries. I also love the songs. I think it's important that we don't forget our history, but we also need to remember that we are all part of a greater story. It's also important to understand the impact of the genocide on the people who lived there, the people who were not affected, and the people who survived. I think the film is well done and I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the genocide.

Zachary Santos photo
Zachary Santos

I've seen it many times and it has become my favorite documentary. I do wish the movie was longer, but if you haven't seen it yet, it's well worth it.

Dorothy Alexander photo
Dorothy Alexander

A must see for any student of the history of American television. I have watched this many times and always find something new. The stories are interesting and the timing is perfect. There is a lot of history that is not known about the History Channel. This film is a great way to learn about the history of television and the history of the History Channel.

Donna Robinson photo
Donna Robinson

I am not much of a political junkie, I just like to watch and learn. This movie is the perfect way to do that. I started watching at the same time as the current election, and watched the entire program. It's a great exercise for students. The way the movie is filmed was very informative, and I felt like I was in the studio watching the show. If you're a student, you will not regret watching this movie.

Kathryn Snyder photo
Kathryn Snyder

This is a fascinating series of interviews with folks who work and live in Manhattan. Not only do these folks talk about their daily lives, but they tell us how they get it done. They have stories of how they got into New York, of how they ended up in the working world, and of how they deal with financial difficulties. In a sense, they are parables for us as well. This show is worth watching to learn how the people of Manhattan have gone about getting their way.

Christian Hayes photo
Christian Hayes

If you want to hear opinions from people who have actually been in the trenches of the Second World War, go see this movie. It's truly a fascinating look at the future of warfare, and it's also the story of a fearless American boy named Harry Hamlin who, having been through such a traumatic experience, is determined to lead a military expedition to find the 7th Armored Division's lost trench. Watching the movie really makes you see the hardships and sacrifices that are often met by the men who are to liberate Europe. You're really given a feel for the intimacy that war creates, and it's a great eye-opener for anyone who has experienced the horrors of war, or is interested in learning more about the long term effects of the horrors of war. The movie isn't preachy or anything, but it's really well done and it makes the experience feel real, and really powerful. If you have a younger child who is interested in history and doesn't know much about it, then this is the perfect movie for them. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you're interested in history and you're willing to invest some time in a film that is both engaging and informative, you will not be disappointed.

Pamela photo

If you are a viewer of all kinds of documentaries, then you will like this one. It's one of those documentaries that you can watch over and over again, and it never gets boring. I can't say I was particularly impressed by the film, but I did like the overall subject matter, and it made me want to look into a little more detail on some of the more shocking events that have occurred in our country, like the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. I also like the documentary's focus on the various issues that arise when a film is being made, such as the politics of the film, and the difficulties of getting the approval of the film's director. It's an interesting look into the film making process, and it makes me want to watch it again and again.

Justin G. photo
Justin G.

An interesting look at the very different ways in which people can get involved in their local communities. This documentary covers the 'community health centre' model as a vehicle for injecting local people with a vaccine to fight their own diseases and the 'homeopathic clinic' model as an alternative to pharmaceutical treatment. The documentary has some interesting bits, such as an interview with a young man in his teens who gave up his job to become a community health centre director and has since turned his full attention to the movement. It also has a very good piece on the difference between the two movements, in particular the 'homeopathy' movement which focuses on the medical treatment of illness and the 'community health centre' movement which focuses on a holistic approach to the treatment of disease. The documentary has some great images of local people, and the thing I found most fascinating was how the disease-awareness movement has been able to reach a large enough group of people to be able to change their views on the whole 'vaccination is a health guarantee' argument. It's not a perfect documentary, it is at times too long and the documentary could have focused more on the health issues in the communities, and some of the things that were not covered such as the issues around the national vaccine programme and the inability of the anti-vaccination movement to get their message across in the media. Overall though, it is an interesting look at the movement, and the people who are taking part in it.

Tiffany photo

I have been a fan of Lynn and Billie for years. I was fortunate enough to attend a "day of" screening of this documentary. I found it to be very informative. The film is not only informative, but it is entertaining. It is not about the history of the United States, but about the people and how they came to be who they are today. Lynn and Billie were simply phenomenal. They were just like you and I. They were beautiful, intelligent, and charismatic. They were as real as you and I are. Their love and friendship made them what they are today. I hope this documentary will help to educate and enlighten people. I look forward to watching it again in the future.

Brittany S. photo
Brittany S.

This was a terrific documentary. I thought that it was very well done. The show, "This Morning This Evening" was truly on my "to see" list, and now I can't wait to see this documentary on DVD. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see an informative, yet entertaining documentary on what's going on in our world today. This is the kind of documentary that is going to stay with you after you watch it. For those of you who are in the mood for a relaxing and entertaining documentary, then "This Morning This Evening" is the film for you.

Tiffany T. photo
Tiffany T.

The movie had a great message for everyone. Its very real and very entertaining. We all need to have a life of our own, and to not let anyone control our lives. This movie shows us how important it is to take care of ourselves, and that it is not only about what you eat, but what you put in your body, and what you put on your body. I think that we should not go to the doctor for a problem, but instead go to the store and buy a product to treat it. It is really sad that the doctor will not even take your prescription. But if you go to the store and buy a product, you will be able to find the product you need to treat your problem. This movie also teaches us how important it is to use the right amount of vitamins and minerals. I am definitely going to buy this DVD to help me to take care of my body. I think that this movie is great for everyone to watch, and learn about the importance of the body and the importance of taking care of it.

Louis photo

I have a great deal of respect for Michael Moore. He's shown how to have a serious film and really put a human face on what is going on in America. And for the most part, he has shown what it is like to live in the hood of our great nation. He has a way with dialogue, and he is able to set up his films as a question and answer session. But with this one, it's really quite an interesting story. It starts with a very interesting piece of information, but it doesn't let you know enough about the actual situation to make you care. And then after a few minutes of this, it just becomes about the person who has the story, and it doesn't let you know enough about the individual to feel compassion for. The film was about, and that is the problem, but it was done so poorly. As a movie, it is not much. There are several aspects that the movie is about, but they are not enough to make you care about the people in the film. The background information is given, but it is all just information, without being enough to make you feel compassion for the people who are just trying to survive. This makes it very difficult to take a human face on the real situation in the hood. And I think it also shows that in all the other films that have been done, they have done a much better job at showing the real situation. One that you can actually care about. The director, Peter Hedges, is the second film that I have seen in the last year that has really shown that there is an area that is able to bring together a lot of film industry people to come together, and show how people can come together and get together to create a great film, and a film that will have great effects. But this one, is about a group of people who are trying to get through a storm and they are in a van, in the middle of a rough part of town, and they are in a full house and they are not even sure that the electricity is back on. And they are having trouble getting people to come to them. It's really an interesting subject matter, and I think it's more of a subject that people can relate to than, "Oh, the only one I know that's ever been through that has ever been in that situation." It's a difficult subject matter, but it really does a good job at trying to show a humanity of the issue. And I think it should be seen by as many people as possible, because it really should be a great film. But it does have a few flaws. For instance, some of the people in the van do a great job at telling the story. But the entire film is a very boring documentary. The director is able to make it interesting, and very interesting, but the film just drags on for about an hour and a half. And the story really is more about one man's struggle to survive, than it is about the truth of the situation. The director's argument is that it is about the true events that happened in the night of the 12th of November, but it is mostly just about him and his family. But if it had been just about him and his family, it would have been just a good film, and it would have been a much better film than this. I think this film should be a big deal, but it should not be the film to be shown in the big media that it is meant to be. It is really one of the weaker documentaries I have seen in the last year. But it does a good job at showing a small group of people that has a different perspective on the events that happened on that day. And that is definitely a great film, and that is a film that I think that people should see.

Adam photo

All I can say about this documentary is that it is incredibly well put together, and that it is very informative, but that it is somewhat predictable. However, if you know someone who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, you will find it very helpful to know how to talk to them about their trauma. A very good documentary, it is worth seeing, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about PTSD.

Bobby D. photo
Bobby D.

In a segment that's as touching and funny as any I've seen in a long time, the hosts of This Morning, This Evening take the viewer through the day's events in a variety of areas. The best part is the exchange between the hosts. From the opening segment on the financial crisis to the last segment on the suicide of an officer, it's a great set up and it's all done in a way that makes it feel very real. I particularly enjoyed the segment on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. The way that the hosts talk about the riots and the way they set up the segment really helped me understand what was happening. I was also impressed with the segment on the First Lady's appearance. It was very touching and emotional. I was also impressed with the segment on the personal lives of the hosts. I particularly liked the segment on the host of This Morning, This Evening, who was the mayor of Cleveland. It's a great segment and really shows how much he cares about his community. In all, the segments were very good. It's not a documentary, but it is a great set up. I'd recommend this to anyone.

Juan photo

I was recently asked to write a summary of the movie "Saving Private Ryan" and I have decided to write my own. In the end I really don't know what to say. It is an incredible piece of film-making. I loved the acting of Tom Hanks and I also loved the way the movie was filmed. The cinematography was very well done, but it was all about the action. I would give this film a 10 out of 10, but the subject matter will make some people extremely uncomfortable. I think the subject matter should not be made a political issue in the least. I don't want people to be afraid to go out and see this movie, so I would suggest you go see it. But if you are afraid to go see it, you should not go see it. You have been warned.

John Wheeler photo
John Wheeler

I'm not a big fan of the music in the movie. I don't know if that's the intent, but it doesn't fit. It's a little too long and the music just doesn't have that same impact on me as it does for those who have seen the movie. I guess it's the story and the music. The story is interesting, but the music is just too loud and not quite appropriate. The story is pretty good, but I think the music and the story don't quite match. I think it would have been better if the music was less loud. It's not too bad, but I just don't think it fits the movie.

Beverly C. photo
Beverly C.

The members of this film-making team were a great team. One person who didn't get a mention was Thea Hutchinson, who, after my wife and I watched the film, said to us, "That was the best interview I have ever seen!" And I agree. A real gem. The real experts were the directors, the producers, the writers, the cameramen, the actors, and everyone else involved in the making of the film. They had a great time, and you should, too. It was a great story, a great story. We've seen it many times, and we always love it. It is a story about a place, a time, and a generation. We are glad we got to see it again, and we hope you will too. We hope you will watch it. We are very glad to be able to give the film a 10. Thank you.

Rachel Morgan photo
Rachel Morgan

I am not familiar with the series of books that were written about the same topic, but I am familiar with the series of movies based on it. And, I was pleased to see that the movie version is not the same as the books. The movie is a well-paced and highly enjoyable film, with some good humor and a few good dramatic moments. But, the movie is not as accurate as it could be, and in my opinion, it should have been a bit more accurate. The movie is worth watching if you want to see some of the real personalities of those involved in the events that happened at the end of the book. But, don't expect it to be the same as the book. There are a few things that were left out of the movie that I would have liked to see in the book. But, overall, I would recommend the movie to anyone who has read the book.

Teresa King photo
Teresa King

I really liked this documentary, it made me think a lot. It's hard to get an idea about the movie unless you see the trailer, so I recommend that if you see the trailer don't read the book and skip this one.

Karen F. photo
Karen F.

I don't like to give this movie a negative rating, but I feel compelled to do so. This movie was a huge eye opener for me. I have been a fan of the National Geographic Channel since I was a little girl and have always wanted to see a documentary on the subject of what I consider to be a great story. I am not one of those people who likes to watch a lot of movies. I usually sit down and watch a film that is very interesting and that is about something that I can relate to, but this movie was so captivating and interesting, I felt like I was watching it for the first time. I didn't know what to expect and I was blown away. I was completely blown away by the incredible stories told by the people who had been in the community of Hale County, Alabama for the last forty years. The stories were very inspiring and there were some very good actors involved. I was very impressed by the way the documentary makers were able to portray the people of Hale County in a very realistic way. I was also very impressed by the way they were able to portray the history of Hale County. It was very interesting to hear from the people who had been there for many years and how the community had changed over time. I have never been to Hale County and I have never been to the University of Alabama, but I was able to see a few of the buildings and buildings that were built there. I was also very impressed by the fact that they were able to film the people of Hale County in a way that was so easy to understand and follow. I also was very impressed with the way they were able to put together a story that was very interesting and told in a way that was easy to understand. This is the type of movie that you can watch over and over again. It is very inspirational and it is very interesting and very captivating. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the people and history of Hale County, Alabama.

Stephen photo

This is a must see documentary for those who are interested in history and history in general. The filmmaker was in our area, and I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in history. The film is well done, and well-edited, and the narration is clear, as is the documentary footage. This film is well-worth watching, and it will be well-received by the people of the town of Spring Lake. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the history of the town, and who is interested in the history of the area around Spring Lake.

Pamela B. photo
Pamela B.

It is hard to believe that this documentary, with its mixture of interviews with people involved in the film, is being made in 2003. It's a film that should have been made 30 years ago. The documentary is really about the idea of the public, the way the public view people that they don't know, and the way the public view the film industry. This is a great movie. The documentary is narrated by John Cusack, and he is fantastic. He is great, in my opinion, as a character actor, and he is great as the director. The film is really about the idea of the public, and how they view the film industry. It is a good idea, and I recommend it.

Patrick Romero photo
Patrick Romero

This is a great documentary about the story of the Dawg Pound, an alternative community and an alternative way of life for gay men in the 1950's. It is the story of the great gay writer and activist Harvey Milk, and his efforts to put the rights of gay men in the community before the state. His journey is told through interviews with people who were involved in his life and helped him out along the way. The interviews are very entertaining and there is no shortage of history in this film. This is a must see documentary.

Howard photo

My take on this is that there is no magic here. There is no hidden message, no hidden meaning. It's just a bunch of people saying what they think and not saying anything else. You can see it from the start, but you don't need to watch the whole thing. It's not a great documentary, but it's not a terrible one either. You have to watch it to know what it's about, but I think it's worth the time. You may not like it, but it's not the worst documentary you'll ever see. I think the most important thing to remember is that it's a bunch of people saying what they think. That's what makes it interesting.

Gerald Nichols photo
Gerald Nichols

I watched this on a cable channel and was really surprised. I have to admit I had never seen anything about the story before, but I was really interested in what happened to the family. After all, they were the first people to report on the incident. It was quite interesting. The only problem I had with this documentary was the timing of the end. It would have been better if they had made the story longer. I do not think the filmmakers would have gone as far as they did if they had made it longer. It was still a good documentary and I would recommend it.

Keith M. photo
Keith M.

I loved the stories, the way they were shot, the music, the actors, and the cameraman. I loved the style, it was done in a way that I've never seen before. I loved the way that the director took us into the lives of each of the people and how they felt about it. I was completely taken in. I think it was all done with a very subtle, yet very important, style. I loved it. If you're not a fan of documentaries, or just want to learn more about the music of this great band, I would highly recommend you watch this. I'm also going to give it a 9/10. But I'm giving it a 10/10 for the way that it took me into the lives of these people and how they felt about it.

Henry Olson photo
Henry Olson

It's a little strange to be so critical of a documentary, but this is what it feels like. I think I can say without a doubt that The Golden Gate is a documentary that is excellent. The film is funny, and there are some great interviews. I was surprised that the film was made in English, as it's such a great language. The Golden Gate is a very funny, and thought provoking film, and is definitely worth seeing. I recommend this film to everyone.

Mary photo

This documentary is one of the best I've seen in a long time. The stories of the poor and the young people of Hale County, Alabama. The problems of the black and white families. The kids that have nothing, the kids that have everything. The parents that have no clue. The corrupt politicians. The beautiful, dreamy music. The hope that the children of the poor can make a better life for themselves. The conversations of the fathers and mothers, the sadness that they see in their children. The hope that they can give them a better life. The hope that they can make it better. This is a film that needs to be seen by everyone. It shows the struggles of the poor and the strong, but also the happiness that they have. The scenes of the farmers, the poor and the farmers are very inspiring. I also liked the story of the young people, the funny things that they say. And I liked the family who's son was a little boy who didn't want to be a kid, but his mother took him in, and that made the whole family happy. I think that this is a great documentary that will leave a deep impression on the viewer. This is a must see film.

Jane photo

This is a fascinating film, and one that I can watch over and over again. It's like a diary of a normal family with a very strange past. This is the kind of documentary that is hard to watch at first, but I still feel it's very important. I found it to be very insightful, and it's really hard to not think about what the film is showing you. It really goes into detail about how the family came to be, and how they are dealing with the past. It's also very interesting to see how the people who were there before the war changed their lives, and what they're doing now. I really like this documentary, and I highly recommend it. I think it's very interesting, and it's very well done. It's a great documentary.

Douglas Kennedy photo
Douglas Kennedy

After a promising beginning, this film begins to drag at the very end. It has a good message, but it is not executed well. It was a good start, but the film could have been much better. The cast was strong, but the editing was not good. There are too many scenes in the film that don't add to the story, and the transitions between scenes are confusing. There are too many flashbacks and short scenes in the film. There are too many scenes that don't add to the story, and the transitions between scenes are confusing. The editing is very poor. The movie could have been much better if the editing was better. It is not a perfect film, but it is an excellent film.

Randy photo

Some of the most disturbing, saddest, most insightful stuff I have ever seen on television. And I've seen a lot of it. I'm a big fan of the film, and was very pleased to see it in the program. I think I watched it twice. The documentary is well made and well-edited, and the subjects are well-represented. The only complaint I have is that the actual footage is of a different kind than the interviewees' footage. I was looking forward to hearing from the subject of the film, Kevin Barrett, but he was interviewed in his bedroom, which I don't think is the way a real documentary should be done. I was disappointed. It should have been much better. As for the subjects, I felt they were all very well-spoken and articulate, and were at pains to make their points clearly and without emotion. I was impressed with the quality of their writing, as well. This is a film I will recommend to everyone who wants to know more about the War on Drugs. I think it's an important film, and I think it will help us all understand the impact of this issue on so many people. If you want to know more about this issue, I think you should watch this film.

Theresa E. photo
Theresa E.

The makers of this documentary got the power of God to put into the minds of the viewer the meaning of life and to awaken the life in us all. It shows us the power of the power of love and how it can lift us up, and open the heart to see the beauty and the goodness of God. The story of Adam and Eve, a simple story that is used to understand our world, is beautiful, because we all are brought up to understand and accept this story and the facts of it. This movie is a wonderful lesson that everyone should see. I am so glad that this movie was made, because it gives me hope and it helps me to be more open and more understanding of the world. I love this movie and I will always love it.

Henry photo

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see this documentary on HBO. It was done with such great care and really kept my interest from beginning to end. The "man on the street" interviews were very interesting and I loved the way the subjects of the documentary were presented. It made me feel like I was actually there. It was not only interesting to hear about the different things that people experienced but it was also fascinating to hear from some of the people who were in the situations they were in. I found the documentary to be very informative and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys documentaries.

Charles Barnett photo
Charles Barnett

If you are an old school NBC guy like I am, then this documentary will make you cringe and cringe and cringe. NBC has a vested interest in covering this story and in the end it's the story that matters. The last thing you want to do is to give them a reason to do a documentary about your network. As for me, I can only say that I am thankful that I am not a NBC executive. It's a good thing that they didn't have me in it. I hope this movie makes me feel better about the network. But that's about it.

Matthew Morales photo
Matthew Morales

A must-see documentary that should be shown in every school in the United States. It provides a very clear and concise picture of the American middle class that has been steadily deteriorating since the 1970's. The film shows how many of the people in this country are unable to see past the surface of their lives. This is not just an issue for the middle class, but the people of all backgrounds. The film will have a profound impact on you and will leave you feeling that you have been robbed of some of your own time and money. I recommend this film to everyone who is interested in the middle class and its discontents.

Nicholas W. photo
Nicholas W.

I really enjoyed this documentary. It shows the incredible struggle that many have to go through to get a job, to get a house, and to have a life. The interviewees are many people who are stuck in a cycle of poverty, and many of them are women. This documentary is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to know more about the struggle of getting a job, getting a house, and having a life. I highly recommend this film.

Linda Larson photo
Linda Larson

I've read the book, and thought the film was a very interesting film. I have to say, however, that the film does not give the book the credit it deserves. It is an accurate portrayal of the life of Jack and his father, but the film does not capture the imagination of the audience. There is a wonderful scene in which Jack's father gives him a tour of the old farmhouse. The camera pans down the street to the house, and the camera slowly pans back up the street to the house. It is a beautiful scene, and the camera lingers on the house and the street. The scene is just as great if not more than the scene in which the camera is just a few feet from the house. If the film had stayed true to the book, it would have been a wonderful film. However, the film does not capture the imagination of the audience, and the book is a much better film.

Betty C. photo
Betty C.

This documentary is an attempt to give an objective view of the life of Jerry Garcia, one of the greatest rock and roll performers of all time. Garcia is interviewed by the band and others who have worked with him, including his wife and the other band members. Some of the interviews are very good, but there are a few that are simply out of place. The interview with Garcia is the best of the lot, because it is clearly Garcia, talking about his life and music. The others are good too, but they don't seem to have the same feeling that Garcia has when he talks about his life. The film also includes some of the people who were involved with Garcia's band. In some cases, this is interesting because Garcia is saying that these people have made a huge impact on his life, and they all know him personally. In other cases, it is just a long interview of a guy who has no connection to Garcia whatsoever. The film is a good attempt to give an objective view of Garcia's life, but it is also a biased view of his life. Still, it is a good documentary that is worth seeing.

Dorothy J. photo
Dorothy J.

I was in a position where I had to make a decision about which TV channel I wanted to watch. I was in college at the time, and the first TV channel that was available was CBS-TV. I'm not a big fan of the network, and I had no plans of watching it. That is, until I happened to find out about this documentary. I thought it was great! I was very surprised that this documentary was only available in the states. It was so well done that I didn't even have to watch it. This is the first time I have ever watched a documentary in the movies. It was so entertaining and informative. I was actually shocked to see how the main character of the documentary, Jackie Gleason, was a producer on "This Morning." I hope that everyone that views this documentary will see it. I think that everyone should see this film. It is so entertaining. It is very informative and makes you want to learn more about cancer. I highly recommend this film.

Randy H. photo
Randy H.

I watched this movie and I have to say that it was very interesting. The only problem was that I didn't understand the words. I'm not a native speaker, but I don't think I would have understood much of what the people were saying. I would have appreciated a little more explanation. I think the director did a good job of explaining the events in the movie. I think it would be interesting to see how the movie would have turned out if they had added more dialogue. I think it was worth watching because it was very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Ruth photo

After watching this documentary, I came out feeling a little bit like a kid again. Yes, it was a bit long and it wasn't very compelling. But the fact that it was based on actual events that took place in my own family made it all that more poignant. I was at the movie theatre, not expecting to be so affected. The only thing that really disappointed me was that it was so easy to identify with the characters. It was very hard to empathize with people who were struggling with mental illness. I felt so bad for the people in the hospital that I had to fight to stay awake at the end of the movie. The director did a great job with the whole documentary and I would recommend it to anyone.

Alexander D. photo
Alexander D.

The movie is a must see for all of us who love to have a good laugh. For those of us who can't take a joke, this is a great way to relieve stress. The movie is also great for our youth who have the potential to be funny and can relate to the characters. This is a great movie for the entire family to watch. I can't wait to buy the DVD when it comes out.

Randy Lee photo
Randy Lee

The BBC is still using the same old theme music from the 1950s in the opening and closing credits. The film itself was never shown in the UK until last year. This film is a film that is not about sports, but about life, and it shows just how much sports, and the world, has changed since the 1950s. The old show had more substance, the new one has more entertainment, but it's still a great piece of work. It's worth watching if you're a sports fan. The film is only 90 minutes long, but it's one of the most interesting documentaries I've ever seen.

Jerry photo

This movie was made in the 1970's and has a very good story and a very good cast. I am a fan of the band, although I'm not a fan of the band themselves. This movie was made in 1974 and shows how they performed at that time. The music was good and the music was very good. The movie is very good and I recommend it to anyone who likes rock and roll and also those who like this movie.

Benjamin photo

The other day, I saw the documentary "I Am The Messenger", and was really surprised to learn how many people were asking the same question I was. If you're wondering how many of the people interviewed were gay, or if you're curious about what the other side of the argument was, you can read some of the other comments in this comment section. I have not seen the documentary, but I am looking forward to seeing it when it's released on DVD. I was really surprised to see the number of people who said that the documentary was a waste of time. I did not see that many people who did not want to see the documentary. I think the documentary did a good job of explaining the events of that day, but I think that the interviewees were a bit to soft on the subject. It's definitely a good documentary, but it's not going to change your life.

Ethan P. photo
Ethan P.

This is the first time I've seen a documentary on a topic that I've been interested in. I was very impressed by the way they showed this story and made it accessible. I don't know much about how to use social media, so I appreciate the information they shared on social media, especially on how to find out what you should be looking for. I also appreciated the fact that they gave a lot of information about who was involved and how the story came about. It's not that I had a hard time following it, it was just that I had a hard time following the story. I don't know how they did it, but it was really well done. I think they could have been a little more thorough on the things they were talking about, but that would have been hard to do. The film has a lot of good information, but some of it could have been better. There is one part of the film that I think could have been better, and I think that the way they did it was a little too easy. I think they could have shown that there was some kind of connection between the two families, but it was hard to tell how or when it started. I think it would have been more effective if they showed it a little more. Overall, I think the film was very informative and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Jose A. photo
Jose A.

This movie is a must see for all who are interested in the UFO issue. It has a lot of information about the real life incidents. It also has some interesting and humorous parts about the real life cases. The movie is well done and it is very interesting. I enjoyed it very much. This is a must see movie.

Judith photo

It is refreshing to see that people are finally doing the right thing. The movie is so wonderful and informative, I was amazed. I was thinking about this documentary for hours and days after I saw it. The most surprising thing is that people in the UK can find out more about the issues in the UK and I am very glad that there is this documentary. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know more about the issues of terrorism in the UK. I am a member of the United Nations, and I am wondering if there is any way that this documentary could be made into a UN session or something. I think it would be a very good idea. I have not been able to find out if this documentary has been shown in the US, but I am sure it is. If it has, please let me know, I would be very happy to learn more about it.

Albert S. photo
Albert S.

I have watched this documentary many times and I still find it interesting. It's interesting that the main character is a black man who is on the verge of being fired. The whole film is about how he is trying to get his job back. I am not sure why he is trying so hard. There is no real evidence of discrimination in this town. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in seeing a documentary about discrimination in the workplace.

Eric F. photo
Eric F.

This is a really well made documentary. The documentaries that I have seen have had very few "Wow" moments, and this one has several. The one thing I thought was wrong about this documentary was the length. The documentary runs for about two hours, and I found it a bit too long. I would recommend this documentary to people who are interested in philosophy, philosophy of mind, or are just interested in what it means to be human.

Alexander A. photo
Alexander A.

The documentary is fascinating, the visuals are awe-inspiring, and the subject matter is rich. The film is one of the best documentaries ever made. The subjects are an interesting mix of celebrities, political figures, and everyday people. Some of them have more exposure and have been in more of the same sorts of situations as the subjects here. Others, however, have a history that goes back generations and are a lot more common place. This makes the film a bit more interesting in an almost too-often-overlooked way. And some of the actors really make the film shine. Everyone has something they can relate to, and they all go through a variety of emotions during their conversation. It is fascinating to watch, and the topic of the documentary is fascinating, too. If you are interested in the subject, I would recommend seeing this movie.

Grace photo

There's nothing more I can say about this documentary that hasn't been said already, but it was very very moving. I've seen it four times in the last year alone and it's almost like a 'period piece' but I don't mind at all. The documentary was created by Alex de la Iglesia-Sanchez. The man who created the first 30 minute short film from Neil and Samantha Green's daughter, Keisha (played by Emily Deschanel). This documentary is very insightful and keeps you involved all the way. This doc was made by a nonprofit organization called 'Alianza-Cinecinema' in conjunction with the Documentary Foundation of America. It focuses on the aspects of filmmaking that is more important in today's world and focuses on the importance of art, art, and more art. It shows how important it is to know the people behind the scenes in the film and how important it is to view the whole production before its release. I strongly believe that this documentary will reach a lot of people and to be honest, if they've never seen the original, it's a must-see. I highly recommend it and highly recommend you go out and buy it and/or view it at your local library.

Frances M. photo
Frances M.

I saw this documentary in the theater and I was moved. I thought it was a good representation of a typical workday for those of us who live in the country. The way the stories of people living on the edge of the state line are told are fascinating. The way the stories of people living in the country are told are interesting. I think this documentary is a must-see for everyone. I would have loved to have seen this documentary at the 2004 Academy Awards. I am a big fan of the actors and actresses in this documentary and I think they are all amazing. I would have been so happy if they won an award for best documentary. This documentary is a must-see for all.

Virginia B. photo
Virginia B.

What a wonderful and enlightening documentary. The beauty of life is found in the simplicity of the people who live it. It is beautiful to see that people can be so unassuming. This documentary is about the people of Hale County, Alabama, a small, rural town in the heart of Alabama. These people are surrounded by nature. They have nothing to do with big cities or the big cities. They have everything to do with nature. And, in fact, they are thriving. It is so refreshing to see these people in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a big city. I am a resident of this small town and I am so happy to see how these people are thriving. I am grateful for this documentary because it shows us how amazing life is. We are blessed to have these people in our lives and to have the opportunity to witness their incredible lives. I recommend this documentary to anyone who loves life. This is a film that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Nathan T. photo
Nathan T.

This documentary is very good. It is a very balanced look at a whole range of people, from the celebrated artists, to the ones who struggle daily to support themselves and their families. It is very uplifting. There is a strong sense of the old and the new coming together, as if they have been waiting for a long time for this to happen. It shows us the struggles of people who are struggling to pay their bills, but that is the way of the world. It shows us how hard it is to be a single parent, to have a disabled child, to have to take care of a sick child, to have a sick parent. There is no easy way out. There is no easy way to be a parent, to be a single parent, to have a disabled child. There are no easy answers. It is a very moving film, and a very realistic look at what it takes to support yourself and your family, and the sacrifices we all have to make. It is also a reminder of the importance of living in the moment, because as we go through our lives, we will have many opportunities to deal with challenges, but the moments we don't take advantage of, we will feel regret, and will always be searching for the right time to get the help we need. It is a very uplifting film. It will have you smiling, and it will make you feel good. This is a must see film.

Sandra Mendez photo
Sandra Mendez

I just saw this at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is a documentary that focuses on a real-life man, John Coleman, who was a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War. Coleman is one of the most decorated servicemen in US history, and was killed in action during the first Gulf War. It's a story about his family and his life and his relationship with his wife, whom he lost to cancer. The film is very interesting and well-made. The interviews with his family and friends are very interesting. The film is very well-made. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Vietnam War. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Vietnam War.

Ruth photo

I saw this on the road a few days ago, and I was very impressed with this documentary. The director does a great job of keeping the viewer engaged and learning about the subject matter, without overdoing it. There are many interesting points made in this documentary, and some of the comments are quite insightful. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the subject matter.

Kevin photo

I watched this documentary on PBS and was impressed by it. It was not a "dinner and a movie" type of film, but a documentary that covered a lot of information that I had not heard. I had to read some of the other comments here to make sure that I had not missed anything. The real story is not the politics, but the problems with the healthcare system and the costs to people. I am not sure that I have ever heard a film that covered so much in one sitting. It is an eye opener to see what is going on in the healthcare system, and how expensive it is. I am glad that I saw this film and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject. I think that it is a great way to learn about the issues that are going on in the healthcare system. I think that it is a great movie to watch. I also recommend it to people who are interested in politics.

Joan R. photo
Joan R.

It's the first time I've seen this documentary, and I was intrigued by the idea that a single man could do this. It's a fairly interesting documentary, but it's not particularly inspiring or gripping. It's kind of a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Bill Clinton, and I would have liked to see more of the background of the man and his family. It's a good documentary that has a few interesting things, but it's not a great documentary.

Denise photo

Although I don't agree with many of the points made by the director, I do have a soft spot for this documentary. It's interesting to see a person who has done so much of their life in the church and it's interesting to see how people come together. I believe that the church is a powerful institution and there are many people who don't want to see it change. This documentary gives us a glimpse of what that can look like. I think this documentary is a great starting point for people to get to know and like the church.

Kathy Vargas photo
Kathy Vargas

This is a very entertaining documentary, and one that I would recommend to anyone. The film is based on interviews with several individuals who have had a "John Doe" case. These are the people who are the subject of the film, and the people that have come forward to tell their stories. They are all different, and they are all interesting. It is very interesting to see how some of the people who have come forward have dealt with the Doe case, and it is very interesting to hear the stories of others. The documentary is also very well-written, and the interviews are very well-done. The film is very well-made, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this topic. It is not a documentary that will make you think about the Doe case, but it is a documentary that will make you think about the Doe case, and it is very interesting.

Philip Hamilton photo
Philip Hamilton

What can I say about this film? It's so moving, it makes you feel like you are in the situation. I can't describe it in words. The way it portrays the lives of these people, the children, the older people, the people that are not related to the children, is so real. This is the story of a family that doesn't get along and the people that help them to get along. It shows the life of these people, how they are struggling and how they are going to live their lives. This is a great film, and I recommend everyone to watch it. The story is so real and so moving.

Joshua R. photo
Joshua R.

This documentary follows the journey of a team of volunteers who are trying to save the lives of 2,000 patients at the University Hospital of New York-Lincoln Hospital. The film is fascinating in that it is a long documentary, but the details of the medical care provided to the patients are well-documented. This is a very important story, and it is well worth watching.

Barbara R. photo
Barbara R.

I was surprised to see the high rating of this documentary, considering the subject matter. The documentary was interesting and informative. The interviews were insightful and well done. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of research on the subject matter. The time frame was a bit off. I was expecting a bit more research on the current issues, but I don't think it was necessary. I would recommend this documentary to anyone, even if you don't agree with the conclusions.

Zachary Stanley photo
Zachary Stanley

A series of interviews with George Bush and other presidential candidates in a series of one-hour shows. Some of these are from the Bush-Cheney era, some from the Bush-Cheney-Kerry era, and some from the Bush-Cheney-Gore era. The interviews are generally interesting, and the interviews are mostly from the Bush-Cheney-Kerry years. This film is a good overview of the Bush-Cheney-Kerry years. It is worth seeing. It does not give you the inside story of the presidential candidates, but it does tell you what they have been saying about various issues. The interviews are done by the candidate or his advisors, and they are usually very interesting. One interview with the elder Bush was a bit too long, and I found the Bush-Cheney-Kerry interview to be slightly better. However, the Bush-Cheney-Kerry interview is very interesting, and it is worth seeing.

Frank photo

I saw this documentary at the Art of Film Festival in San Francisco, and it's a really good look at the process of making movies. I'm a little biased because I was a producer on "The Office", and this documentary is a lot more fun to watch than the TV show. I think that the biggest problem with "The Office" is that it's not really a documentary, but more of a political statement on the way that the business world works. In this documentary, we learn about the various types of jobs that the people on the show work at, and how they all come together to make movies. The documentary is very entertaining, but I think that the movie itself is a little too long. The documentary is pretty much the same story told over and over again. It's also interesting to see how much the people involved in the film work for different companies, and how much of the movie is a reflection of the actual life of the characters. I think that this documentary is really good, but it's not really a documentary, because it's a really boring documentary.

Kevin J. photo
Kevin J.

I saw this documentary on television a couple of years ago and was impressed by the way it portrayed the 1970's. The 1970's were a time of transition and the film showed the same transition that was taking place in the 1980's. It was interesting to see the changes that were taking place in the 1970's. There was a certain nostalgia and feeling that was missing from the 1980's. This documentary was really well done and was a great way to look back at the 1970's and understand what was happening in that decade.

Gloria J. photo
Gloria J.

I saw this movie on the Showtime network and was amazed. I haven't been this impressed by a film since The Last of the Mohicans. The acting was superb, the cinematography was spectacular, and the story was truly moving. The main characters are so believable, and you really feel for them, especially their mother. I think the story is a little thin, but the emotions are so strong, that you don't even care. This is definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I was amazed at the amount of time and money that went into making this film, and I can't wait to see it again. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good story, and a great story is what this movie is. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it, and you'll be glad you did.

Tyler Woods photo
Tyler Woods

This film is about how the characters of the two worlds interact. It is a great example of how human beings come to understand each other and how they come to change. I loved the way the film depicted the everyday people in the "prison" world and how they relate to each other. It was very interesting to see the psychology of people who were in a different culture and who had to adapt to a different environment. It was very informative to see how the two worlds interact and how people learn from each other. This film is a must see for people who want to learn more about human psychology.

Julia S. photo
Julia S.

The "Hale County This Morning, This Evening" series was a series of documentary films that aired on PBS stations in the United States during the 1970s. The first one was titled "Hale County, This Evening". It ran from 1970-1973 and was also the first of the series to feature a host. This film was made in 1980. In this film, Sam Hanna, the host of the PBS program, is interviewed. He talks about the impact of television on the children of the 1940s and 1950s, the importance of having a television in the home, and how children's television shows are still being produced. He also talks about how television is a great way for parents to get information about the children's television shows they are watching. Hanna mentions how the "Hale County This Evening" series was originally a series of documentaries that were broadcast on PBS stations, but it was eventually bought by CBS. In this film, he talks about the effort to get the series on television, but they were unsuccessful. Hanna tells the story of how they got the series on television and how they tried to get it on television. Hanna also talks about the success of the show and how it was eventually bought by CBS. The film is a good look at the television show and the history of it. Hanna is interviewed in this film by PBS director Peter Radford, who is also interviewed in the film by Sam Hanna himself.

Peter Vargas photo
Peter Vargas

I agree with the other reviewers who say this is a great documentary. It was just that this documentary did not have the same kind of impact as the original "People's Court" documentary that I saw as a child. This documentary is based on the case of a woman who was convicted of manslaughter after she was driving drunk and killed a man. She was also convicted of killing her husband who had just died in a car crash. She was also sentenced to 25 years in prison. She has never been able to get out of prison. The film is basically the story of her case, the judges and lawyers involved, and the reasons she was able to get out of prison. This is a documentary that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the case of Diane Keaton.

Alan photo

While this documentary may have been made for the sake of a doco, it is a well made documentary. It is a very good story about the people that work for the county government. The problem with this film is that it is a bit too long. I don't want to say too much about the story, because there are so many good things about it. But I do want to say that this is a great film that I would recommend to anyone that is interested in county government. This is a great story about the people that work for the county government.

Sarah Schmidt photo
Sarah Schmidt

I remember watching this show when I was a kid and being so entertained by it. I'm a fan of the show and can't wait to see it again. It was good to see them interviewing the late comedian, Tony Danza. There are some great moments in this show, like the interviews with the current stand up comedians and some great interviews with the old stand up comedians. It was great to see how much the show had changed since it first aired. It was a great show that was hard to find. It was a great show to see and a great show to see it again. I hope to see more shows like this.

Edward W. photo
Edward W.

I am a huge fan of TV documentaries, and this is one of the best I've seen. It really is a documentary on the weather, with plenty of weather and weather related topics. The weather is a lot like a "super storm" for a few days, and then it just stops and it's back to normal. There are many other interesting weather related topics that are covered in this movie. It's like watching a weather forecast that is just made up to make a movie. There is no real drama to it, the weather is just a part of life, and the way they portray it, it makes you feel like you are there. The narration is really good, and you feel like you are there, watching the weather. It's a great documentary that is a great way to learn about the weather. This is a must see, it's well worth the time.

Raymond photo

I think the main reason that I was attracted to this movie is that I am a parent. I know that the human race has made some terrible mistakes, but at the same time, we have also made some good ones. This movie is about the period that the US and Russia were negotiating to establish a diplomatic and economic relationship, and the American people had an opportunity to make a difference in the process. If this movie had been made during the Cold War era, I believe that it would have been much more accurate. It is a shame that the makers of this movie have chosen to focus on the negative aspects of the negotiations, rather than the positive aspects. If the US and Russia had made a deal to restore their relationship, the US could have avoided the economic collapse that we are now experiencing. This movie is very informative, and will hopefully give us the opportunity to take a closer look at the history of the United States and its relationship with other countries. We all have the right to ask the questions that the movie raises. We need to remember that we are the ones that made this country great, and we should be proud of that.

Alexander photo

For me, it was a good experience. I'm a big fan of Keith Haring and have seen a few of his films, including The Circle and A Million Ways to Die in the West. I thought the film was well made and a good look at the evolution of the alternative music scene in the 80s. I also appreciated that it didn't take itself too seriously, something that is often hard to do these days. Overall, I thought it was well done and well worth watching. It's not a documentary, it's not an interview, it's not an episode of a real life radio show, but it was good entertainment. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the work of Haring and that of his crew.

Steven photo

I liked this documentary. It was refreshing to hear someone not act like they were on a reality TV show. I agree with the people that this movie could have been more informative. It did not tell the whole story. The part that i did not like was the "Real" Life segment. I thought that was so unnecessary and it did not explain much about how people actually think and feel. I think that the real life segment could have been a little more short. I think the REAL Life segment should have been used to show the actual effects of drugs on the real life people in the documentary. Overall, this is a good documentary that tells a good story. I like that they showed a lot of the good things about this country that are not discussed in most of the documentaries.