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After Auschwitz is a movie starring Eva Beckmann, Rena Drexler, and Renee Firestone. "You're free. Go home" Most Holocaust films end with these words, the very words that survivors heard at liberation. After Auschwitz begins with...

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Jon Kean
Jon Kean, Deborah Blum
Rena Drexler, Eva Beckmann, Erika Jacoby, Renee Firestone
USA, Poland
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"You're free. Go home" Most Holocaust films end with these words, the very words that survivors heard at liberation. After Auschwitz begins with these words, inviting audiences to experience what happened next. For survivors, liberation from the camps was the beginning of a life long struggle. They wanted to go home, but there was no home left in Europe. They came to America and wanted to tell people about their pasts but were silenced for over three decades. "You're in America now, put it behind you". After Auschwitz is a "Post-Holocaust" documentary that captures what it means to survive and try to life a normal life after unspeakable tragedy. Six extraordinary women who all survived Auschwitz take us on a journey that American audiences have never seen before. These women all moved to Los Angeles, married, raised children and became "Americans" but they never truly found a place to call home. What makes the story so much more fascinating is how these women saw, interpreted and interacted with the changing face of America in the second half of the 20th century. They serve as our guides on an unbelievable journey, sometimes celebratory, sometimes heart breaking but always inspiring. It is also the only "Holocaust" film that includes Ricardo Montalban, George W. Bush and an appearance at The Kennedy Center Honors. After Auschwitz gives us the story that we have always wanted to see and one that in many ways is as important as the stories of the camps themselves.

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Paul Hart photo
Paul Hart

I can't say this is a "good" film. I like it, but I'm not sure I understand it. I can't really explain what it's about. I've read the comments posted by people who love it, but I think that a more complete understanding of the film is going to take some work. I love a good story, and this was a pretty good story. I found it interesting that they were in a town where there was no Jews and where they had to have a Jewish neighbor to make sure they didn't go to the gas chamber, and I felt it was a little over the top. The documentary director told us that they were not there for any religious reasons, but for a political reason, as well. It seemed as if they were looking for a non-judgmental view on this story. That was interesting, and I have to wonder if it was true. The director and others were saying that the Germans were merely trying to break the Jews, and that the Jews themselves were in the wrong. I felt the same way. I think they were also wrong about the Jews being innocent, and that they were in fact complicit in the Holocaust. There was definitely some glorification of the Nazis, and I think that people who really knew what the Holocaust was were very aware of that. There were many videos and stills on the internet of Nazi atrocities, and I think that people who were already aware of the atrocities would also be aware of this film. I think it was a good film, but I think that a lot of the analysis that people are putting in the film could have been done better.

Scott photo

You will feel sorry for the families of the victims, if not for the murderers. This movie is very well made. As for the killers, they didn't even deserve what they did. But the families will. It is almost a horror movie. But the ending was totally unbelievable. I just can't believe that such people could survive for so long. It is the worst act of cowardice. But it is also a crime.

Beverly Barnes photo
Beverly Barnes

This is a real history film. It does not try to be an art film, as such. It tries to tell the story of what happened. If you have been a part of the camp or have family there, it is a very important story that cannot be told otherwise. If you are a movie goer, it is a powerful, effective, and chilling film. I am not surprised that it has received so many rave reviews. One of the reasons for that is that it has a real heart and soul. It is one of the most emotionally powerful movies I have seen in a long time. Many will disagree with me, but I think it is one of the best movies of the year.

Anna photo

Excellent film, in many ways, on the subject of the Holocaust. If you've ever been in a camp, you've probably seen them, even if they are your own memories. But it's also important to remember that, since the Holocaust, there have been various "unfinished business" in the form of conflicts, such as the Iranian Revolution, the Yugoslav Wars, the Korean War, the Gulf War, and the War in Afghanistan. Not surprisingly, the films in which the testimonies are based on the "I survived" or "I have survived" episodes tend to be more powerful and emotive. The one about the Soviet Union is particularly powerful because the "memory" is personal, and because it's of a country that was arguably the most evil of all. But in this case, the stories that these men have to tell are not the ones about the Holocaust; they are about their own experiences in the camps. The camp scenes are always striking, as are the testimonies of the other camp survivors. The documentaries and other stuff about the camps are also very good, as is the story about the liberated Russians. I recommend this film for anyone who wants to know more about the Holocaust.

Susan Allen photo
Susan Allen

The final scene of this film has been dramatized brilliantly by the author. As the red dust begins to gather in the air, the fact that he was still alive makes the film. The overall tone of the film is reminiscent of C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, but this is the only book I have ever read that was based on the history of the Holocaust. No doubt the film is a realistic look at what happened, but in order to show it the viewer must be familiar with the history of the Holocaust. That being said, the movie is good, the subjects are also good and the manner in which the subject matter is presented is brilliant. The director shows that he has a great eye for historical details, showing the security of the camps and also the detail of the research and production of the films, thus he has been able to make a great film.

Alice Elliott photo
Alice Elliott

A German-made movie by Peter Kranz and Lutz Bachmann, "In the Land of Blood and Honey" is a disturbing account of the Holocaust, and an historical one at that. The movie is a real accomplishment for both Kranz and Bachmann, whose previous efforts were mostly modest, but still good. The director has done an excellent job in turning this documentary into a superb film. The only problem with this film is that it has too many characters. There are at least a half dozen people involved in the making of this film, but they all go in for different stories. One of the characters is an American man named Paul Kropf who has an interesting and fascinating past. He claims to be Jewish, and has a wife and children. The other is his great-grandfather who fought in World War II. He's a fascinating man, as he speaks about the Holocaust, and has a lot of interesting stories about it. The documentary has a large cast, and although we get to know all of them, there are a lot of interesting stories that don't get touched on. The film has a lot of disturbing footage, and the reason for that is because the subject of the Holocaust is so disturbing that it has been handled differently than other subjects. It's interesting to see how the director deals with it. He lets the story go and lets us watch the characters, but he never shows the story. The only time we get to see the events is through interviews with Paul Kropf and his great-grandfather. Kranz, a director from the end of the 60s and early 70s, has a unique style. His documentary style is refreshing. I think this is a good documentary and that it's the best of the bunch. I rate it 8/10.

Harold W. photo
Harold W.

As one of the many survivors of the Holocaust, I can say without hesitation that this film is one of the most important films ever made. For those of you who have not seen it, it is a very personal account of the events that occurred in Auschwitz between 1942 and 1945. It is not a documentary, and as such, it cannot be all too objective. What it is, is a story about the horrors of the Holocaust and the human beings that lived through it. I would recommend it to anyone who has never seen a film before, or has seen a few and liked them, or is a person who has a strong interest in the subject of the Holocaust. It is a very well-made film, with excellent photography and editing. The actors all did an excellent job, and I can only hope that there are many more like them.

Gerald J. photo
Gerald J.

Excellent documentary on the real facts and the hidden things that happened in Auschwitz. It has the power to move people to action. It is a must see film.

Kathryn Scott photo
Kathryn Scott

This is a very good documentary. It is very hard to watch some of the scenes in Auschwitz and realize how it is possible that such a place could exist. This is a film that makes you think about what could be done to stop the atrocities that are taking place in this country. The film is very well-made, and it shows how the Jewish people of Poland have been treated and abused since the end of WW II. It also shows that the treatment of the Jews in the Nazi camps is still going on today. This film is a must-see for anyone who has a love for history and a desire to see things in a different light.

Cheryl Tran photo
Cheryl Tran

I loved this film because I can see that people can do a lot of research. However I was left in no doubt at all that what is being presented is very accurate. It is based on what happened and this film makes it very clear that it is not a bunch of lies. The film tells how people were actually complicit in what happened to the Jews. It also shows how the people of a country can be manipulated into doing things that they did not want to do. There are many things that this film is going to do. For example there is the following quote "The idea that Jews were smarter than Germans is just not true. In the history of the world, we have never known a population of people that are more intelligent than the German population. We don't know what they thought, they just did it. Germans were just stupid." I would recommend that people watch this film as it is very important.

Kevin B. photo
Kevin B.

I went to see the film as a student. A group of us were invited to stay the night in the same hotel room and watch it with the lights out. The next morning, the lights were on. It was a warm and sunny day, so that the film was still very good. It was a good movie. As I understand, the film follows the life of a woman from the ghetto and how she is able to make a living out of it. We see the great efforts she had to make to live her life in a place where it is not allowed. The life she leads is very difficult and she seems very unstable. One thing that struck me the most was the example of how the Jews were treated. They were not allowed to do anything that would annoy the Jewish people. In other words, they were allowed to buy food, go to the markets, etc. It was very sad, but in the end, we all know that this is not the case. As an aside, I think that the film was very well made, and the editing was very good. It is very interesting to see how they film the ghetto and the Jews. Overall, the film was very good, but I think that the people that watched it would disagree. This film is very powerful. I think it deserves to be shown to more people, so that more people can understand what is going on in that area. I would say that this is a must see.

Debra photo

This documentary is a must-see for anyone who has ever wondered about the Holocaust. It will make you think about the horrors that took place in Europe during the second world war and about the different camps that were used for the purpose of exterminating the Jewish people. The film does an excellent job in showing the camps, showing the people who were put into them, and showing the way they were run. It also shows the atrocities that were committed by the Nazis and the many different ways that the Jews were killed. It is a very sad and disturbing film, but it is not a film that you will want to watch over and over again.

Marie Hopkins photo
Marie Hopkins

I just wanted to say I was very impressed by this film. I just read the comments and people are complaining that it is too biased towards the Nazis. In my opinion this is the only way to make a good film about the Holocaust. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to see it. This film is very well made and I was very impressed by the way it was made. It is a very interesting and well thought out film that I would recommend to everyone. I have seen this film twice now and it's still very much worth watching. If you want to see a good documentary about the Holocaust watch this film. I think it's very well made and the way the film was made was very well thought out. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes to see a good documentary about the Holocaust. I give this film a 9 out of 10.

Bobby S. photo
Bobby S.

I'm a big fan of docu-dramas and this is a great example. We are taken through the daily life of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, and they tell us how they are forced to eat what they don't eat, and the stories they tell are both poignant and very moving. This film also contains some of the very sad and violent memories of the people who lived in the Ghetto and the horrendous horrors that took place there. I am sure that for anyone who knows about the Holocaust, this film is very moving and very important to them. I think this film is very important and I would highly recommend it. This is a very good documentary about the Holocaust.

Philip photo

I think the way in which the Holocaust is portrayed in this film is one of the most important aspects of the film. The film is a tribute to those who survived the Holocaust and to those who had to live through it. The film is not about the Holocaust. It is about the human spirit and the relationship between people. It is about the ability to survive and the ability to create. It is about the struggle of survival and the ability to create. The film is a reminder to us all to keep up the fight against racism and intolerance and to be mindful of those who have passed on. The film is a reminder that there is more to life than just the pursuit of money and power. It is also a reminder that those who were able to survive the Holocaust had to be able to do so. They had to be able to look at the Jews in their midst and not see them as mere human beings and to not be able to see them as a threat. It is also a reminder that the Holocaust is not the end of the world. The Holocaust is just one of the ways in which the world is affected by racism and intolerance. It is just one of the ways in which we are affected. This film is a tribute to the human spirit and the ability to survive and to create. It is also a tribute to those who have survived the Holocaust and those who had to live through it.

Craig C. photo
Craig C.

This film is a very moving documentary that gives us a very good understanding of the Holocaust. It shows us how the Jews were treated in concentration camps, the cruel treatment that was given to them, and how the Nazis had a system of "ghettos" where they had to be separated from the rest of the population. The film also tells us how the Jews were treated by the Germans, especially the war criminals, and how they were put to death. There are some powerful scenes in the film, such as when the Nazis come to the Jews and tell them that they are going to be killed. This scene is one of the most powerful I have ever seen, and shows the hatred that the Nazis had for the Jews. It is also very sad that the Jews did not escape the Holocaust, and were not able to get out of Germany. The film also shows the sad condition of the Jews in Germany, and how the Germans were treating them. The movie ends with the film showing us the last days of the Jews in the camps. Overall, this is a very powerful film that should be shown in schools and schools should show it to their students. I think that it is a very important film, and it should be shown in schools.

Bruce K. photo
Bruce K.

I read a comment on the movie that was so angry about the "abhorrent" and "unjust" way in which the Nazis were treated. The movie is so much more than that. There was a Jewish family that had been saved by the Nazis and was moved to a ghetto and then finally a concentration camp. This is a true story that the director captured. It's a wonderful movie, and I'm so glad I saw it. The real life characters are so much more real than the fictional characters of the movie. The real people in the real story are more real than the fictional characters. The real people in the real story have more dignity than the fictional characters. It's so sad to see that in our time, Hollywood is still producing these movies that glorify the real life victims of the Holocaust and glorify the Nazi's as heroes. The real story is far more disturbing and horrifying than the Hollywood movie.

David Rios photo
David Rios

I'm not sure what to make of this film. The subject of Jewish Suffering is a very sensitive topic to the point where I would have been forced to sit through it even if it was a live documentary. The time period it was made was not the most ideal for a movie. The Holocaust of World War II is a difficult subject to work with and it is hard to dramatize the horrors of this horrific event. There was no real conflict, no warlords, no car bombs. It was just another time period in history and the Holocaust is still a very tough subject to tackle. This documentary is not that documentary. It is not trying to convince you of anything, it is simply showing the crimes that took place. For some viewers this might seem to be a slow documentary but for me it was slow and very effective. The movie's most powerful moment comes at the very end when you get the sense that the viewer might not be getting the full story. The director just shows you the scene of the concentration camp and how it began and ends. This is a very powerful scene because it forces the viewer to look at the whole picture and think about the whole thing. When the movie ends there is no question about what the Holocaust was about, just what it was about. It is hard to overstate how powerful this scene was, and how powerful it is when the movie ends.

George photo

It was a pleasure to watch this documentary. I was very moved by the reality of the situation of the Jews in Europe. I think that it is very important to show this documentary, as it is the reality that we all must see. I do not think that the people in the documentary are evil, but rather they are people who have been abused and exploited. I think that we should not forget that we are all human beings, and should not judge people based on their race or ethnicity. I think that the Holocaust is the most horrible crime in human history and I believe that this documentary is very important in educating the public about the Holocaust.

Larry Morrison photo
Larry Morrison

A German film about the extermination of the Jews. The film is very slow paced, but the film is very important and very informative. It is very well made and the camera work is well done. The acting is not very good, but it is still very well done. The music is very good and the film is well shot. The film is very hard to watch, but it is important. The Holocaust was the worst act of genocide that I have ever seen and I still can't understand how it happened. It is still very hard to understand how it happened, but the film is important and it is very important to see it.