Steam Puzzle


Puzzle is a movie starring Kelly Macdonald, Irrfan Khan, and David Denman. Agnes, taken for granted as a suburban mother, discovers a passion for solving jigsaw puzzles which unexpectedly draws her into a new world - where her life...

Other Titles
パズル 戦慄のゲーム, O Quebra-Cabeça
Running Time
1 hours 43 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Marc Turtletaub
Polly Mann, Natalia Smirnoff, Oren Moverman
Bubba Weiler, Irrfan Khan, Kelly Macdonald, David Denman
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Agnes, taken for granted as a suburban mother, discovers a passion for solving jigsaw puzzles which unexpectedly draws her into a new world - where her life unfolds in ways she could never have imagined.

Comments about drama «Puzzle» (16)

Dorothy L. photo
Dorothy L.

I don't know why this movie has a 5.9 rating, because I didn't find it that good. The story is predictable, the acting is terrible, the special effects are laughable, and the script is really bad. But the most annoying thing is the fact that the movie is about a girl who is in love with a boy who is in love with another girl. And she is trying to get out of that relationship, but the boy is stubborn and will not let her go. At the end, the girl comes out of the coma and is in love with the boy who had sex with her. I can't believe that the girl would ever fall in love with a boy who has a girl crush on her. But she does, and I guess she is happy. It is just too bad that the movie was made in the 90s and has to be like that. It should have been more realistic.

Carl Murphy photo
Carl Murphy

I have read a few of the reviews and am surprised that some people think this movie is bad. I thought the movie was very good. I think that the story is not original, but the acting was good. I thought that the movie was made with a good budget. The movie was a bit slow at times, but I thought that it was worth the watch. I thought the movie was about a group of people who are trying to find a place to live. I think that it was good because it gave me a different view on how people look at the world. I think that the movie was good because it showed the world from a different point of view.

Beverly W. photo
Beverly W.

The movie is a bit slow but the cast is good. I like the part when the main character is with the family. It is good to see a movie with a family and friends. I also like the part where the main character is in the hospital. The movie is not perfect but I like it.

Roy V. photo
Roy V.

The other reviewer mentioned the fact that the movie was shot on location. In my opinion, the location was the perfect backdrop for the movie. It allowed the movie to flow smoothly. The movie was great. It was a really interesting story, with a great ending. I liked the acting, the script, the direction, and the music. I especially liked the ending. It was a little predictable, but it was a really great ending. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Michelle photo

I recently saw this movie and I must say it was excellent. This movie has everything a movie needs. It is dark, intense, and not to mention beautiful. The acting is great, the special effects are incredible, and the plot is intriguing. This movie is definitely worth seeing. It is very well worth the money. If you are a fan of art house movies, then you will love this movie. If you are looking for a good movie, this is it.

Richard Castro photo
Richard Castro

I watched this movie on DVD and I must say I have not seen a movie this well done since Glengarry Glen Ross. It was an amazing movie and I could not wait for it to come out on video. I am a big fan of movies about the South, and I am so happy to see that this movie was filmed in the South. I love the idea of the movie and the way it was filmed. It was really good. I really enjoyed the movie and I hope that it will be available on DVD. If anyone knows where it is, please let me know and I will be very happy to buy it. I am so happy that I have finally seen a movie that I can really recommend to anyone who is looking for a good movie.

Gary Jenkins photo
Gary Jenkins

I have watched this movie many times, but never have I seen it on the big screen. The movie has a very good plot, and the acting is very good. The story is very interesting, and it makes you think about life and the meaning of life. The movie is a very good movie, and it is worth watching. It is a must see movie. The movie is based on a novel by Ray Bradbury. I have seen this movie many times, but never have I seen it on the big screen.

Amy Mendoza photo
Amy Mendoza

This film is a bit of a mystery. There are clues to solve and clues to avoid. I can't figure out the puzzle. There are some very dark scenes. I'm not sure if the director intended to make a drama or a horror film. I don't know how to describe it. It's a bit slow but it's interesting to see the relationship between the two men and the way they interact. I'm not sure if it's a true story. The film is a bit slow but it's interesting to see the relationship between the two men and the way they interact.

Angela photo

I was shocked to find out that this movie was actually made by a woman, I'm not sure why, but I think it's a great movie. The story is very interesting and it's a great movie for a family night. The movie is very well directed and the actors are amazing. I can't wait to see it again!

Shirley photo

A movie that tells the story of a young man who tries to make his life better, and the choices he makes to get there. I would give this movie a 7.5, but it's not really a 7.5. It's a 7.5 for the way it shows the things that make life worth living. I can't say that I liked it, but I think that it's worth seeing. It's not a movie that I would watch again. But it's worth seeing.

Ethan Peters photo
Ethan Peters

A wonderful story about a group of people who are struggling with their own issues and their inability to talk to each other. It is very funny and has a great ending. The story is very real and the characters are very real. The story is not too dark and the humor is subtle. The movie is not to be taken seriously and is not meant to be a "thriller". It is a story about people struggling with their own issues and their inability to talk to each other. The characters are very real and the humor is subtle. The movie is very funny and the ending is very good.

Crystal Flores photo
Crystal Flores

I don't understand the negative reviews. I liked it. I thought it was a good movie and I'm glad I watched it. The story was good and the acting was great. I think it was the actors that made it more realistic. I don't understand why people hate this movie. I think it's a good movie and I will watch it again.

Carl Edwards photo
Carl Edwards

I've never been a fan of the English National Opera. Their staging of "The Marriage of Figaro" is the most beautiful, most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. That being said, I was looking forward to watching "Puzzle." I am glad I watched it. I think this is a very well-made movie. I don't know if it was the opera, the characters, or the director that did this, but it was well-made. I think the director did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of the music, the characters, and the story. This is a movie for opera fans, and it's a movie for people who love opera.

Harry W. photo
Harry W.

I really liked this movie. I have not seen a movie like this since the "Happiness" (2014) and I am a big fan of Michael Haneke's films. The story is about a young girl who is raped and she has to go to a mental hospital. The film is shot in a way that is very intense. It is like a movie from the beginning till the end. The movie is very intense and the last scene is really beautiful. It is a great film. I recommend this film to all of you who like to watch a movie with a great story and great acting. This is the best movie I have seen in a long time.

Virginia Wilson photo
Virginia Wilson

This is a movie that I wanted to see. It has a great cast, great story, and great direction. The cinematography is great, the acting is good, and the soundtrack is great. I have to say, I'm glad I went to see this movie. It's a great movie. I'm giving it an 8 out of 10 stars.

Austin Lee photo
Austin Lee

This is a wonderful movie about a young boy's search for his father, and how his search is not limited to his home town. The acting is superb, the story is wonderful, the music is superb, and the plot is very touching. I have seen this movie many times, and each time it comes to me with a new feeling. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has not yet seen it, or to anyone who has seen it and wants to see it again. I give it a 9 out of 10.