Steam Ce magnifique gâteau!

Ce magnifique gâteau!

Ce magnifique gâteau! is a short starring Jan Decleir, Bruno Levie, and Paul Huvenne. An anthology film set in colonial Africa in the late 19th century telling the stories of 5 different characters: a troubled king, a middle-aged...

Other Titles
Upea kakku!, The Magnificent Cake, ¡Este magnífico pastel!, This Magnificent Cake!, To niezwykle ciasto!, Welch himmlischer Kuchen!, Tas nuostabus pyragas!
Running Time
44 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Short, Drama, Comedy, History, Mystery, Family, Animation
Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels
Marc James Roels, Emma De Swaef
Bruno Levie, Gaston Motambo, Jan Decleir, Paul Huvenne
Netherlands, France, Belgium
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An anthology film set in colonial Africa in the late 19th century telling the stories of 5 different characters: a troubled king, a middle-aged Pygmy working in a luxury hotel, a failed businessman on an expedition, a lost porter and a young army deserter.

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Cynthia photo

I really enjoyed this movie. It was an entertaining and suspenseful ride. I liked the fact that it was based on a fairy tale. The movie is full of great imagery and realistic details. This movie is a good family movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes "Family" films.

Catherine M. photo
Catherine M.

I love this film. It is brilliant in its wit, spirit and the heart that it represents. The story is simple but very clever. It shows us that a new vision is possible and that our world is not perfect yet. Even the characters are brave and unique. They are not cliches but complete characters and great work by director and screenwriter. The animation is excellent. The characters are a little older but not to old for a young audience. There is no profanity and no sex. If you love this movie you should watch it to know what i am talking about. A lot of people have said that it is racist but i don't think it is. My view on this is that all cultures have different beliefs and values but it is a good thing to respect them. If you are a supporter of other cultures you will probably like this movie as well.

Hannah photo

It is strange that one can be in love with a movie that has no music, no set design, no cinematography, no story, and no plot. It's like a really good piece of art you have seen somewhere else. This is a movie that has nothing but its wonderful animation. It is one of the best I have ever seen and is one of the most underrated movies of all time.

Betty photo

The story is a little hard to follow at times, but it is worth it. The animation is breathtaking. It is truly amazing. The story is about a man who is on the run after his family is killed in a plane crash. He is finally brought in by the British government to help find the person who killed his family. The animation is stunning and the voice acting is excellent. It's great to see some animation that looks as good as the ones that are used in other Pixar films. The voice acting is not as great as that of the last three movies, but it is still very good. The animation is spectacular. The voice acting is excellent. This is a beautiful movie that deserves to be watched by all.

Carolyn Hicks photo
Carolyn Hicks

I really enjoyed this movie! The children are great and the voices are great. A must see!

Joan R. photo
Joan R.

I went to see this movie with my four year old son. I wasn't expecting much, but boy was I surprised. The movie was awesome. It was so refreshing to see a movie that actually made me laugh. I have enjoyed so many movies in my life that have been a comedy, but this movie made me laugh and cry, it really was worth it. The characters were awesome, they were fun, and they were all really funny. All the characters were different, and you actually felt bad for them, which made it very sweet and fun. My son loved this movie, and i think he'll be very jealous of his friends when they see this movie. All in all, this movie is worth seeing, and i highly recommend it.

Michelle photo

I have never seen a movie where the graphics have been so exaggerated. That is the most positive comment I can make about this movie. It has a very low budget and a very high production value, but the problem is that it has a very high message, and a very high cast. The film is about environmental protection, and it has a message that is not well communicated. A lot of the message of the movie is about bad actors and poor dialogue. It is a great movie, but the graphics and graphics of the movie make it a very different movie.

Samuel G. photo
Samuel G.

I've seen both the French and the English version of this film and have to say that I prefer the French version. The English version of this film is loaded with pop-culture references and it's a shame that they didn't stick to one language. In the French version, the pop-culture references are all in French and are used sparingly. It doesn't bother me that they're not used in the English version but it's a shame they couldn't use the French version. Also, the French version is much more interesting. There are a lot more characters. In the English version, there's only four and it's always boring because they're so shallow and the other characters are never interesting. Also, in the French version, there are more points of view and a lot more dialogue. Also, the French version has the most entertaining characters and is funnier. Finally, the French version is a lot more creative. The French version has more of a story. In the English version, the characters are all just people and it's boring. I also like the French version more because there's more emotion and emotion is what makes a good movie. In the English version, the characters are just sad and boring and it's very dull. So, I recommend this film to anyone but it's not one I would see again. I give it a B.

Daniel Hicks photo
Daniel Hicks

This is a remake of the hit 2002 animation The Little Mermaid, but the differences are most noticeable, especially in the characters. My two favourite characters are Ariel and the voice of David Bowie. Both characters were created by the two voice talents, Emma Thompson and Jack Black. It was also well written, with a very clever script. The plot of the movie is basically a human who has fallen in love with the fish. She can't forget her true love, so she dresses up as a mermaid and stays at the beach all day. However, a bunch of mermaids (very similar to those in Disney's Beauty and the Beast) attack and kill everyone she goes to see, so she must save the day. It is also funny, but at times also very sad. The characters are extremely well done, with a good voice cast. The story is very creative and has good production values. The characters are very likable and relatable, and there is a lot of heart. The story has some really clever and unique ideas. It's funny, but the emotional moments aren't as touching as the movie may think it is. The animation is very good, the animation is very beautiful and the character designs are quite creative. The music is also very good. It's great, with some really nice songs and interesting soundtracks. My only complaint is that there are too many characters, especially when it comes to the main character. The main character is a bit over the top, and it really gets annoying after a while. But it's still very good, and the movie is still very good.

Judy W. photo
Judy W.

I wasn't expecting much from this movie, which has already been reviewed a few times. I was pleasantly surprised. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly made this movie so much fun for me, but I think it was the animation. I mean, there's really nothing wrong with it. I saw this movie at the movies and it was totally the same as when I saw it in the video store, except now I was in a theatre. I thought the only reason I didn't see it in the video store was because it was so boring and I was watching the TV instead. I mean, there are several parts of the movie where you could watch the animation, and you'll be so bored and you'll want to turn the TV off, but you don't have to. It's a cartoon, so you're not supposed to get too interested in it. In the movie theatre, I was entertained. The characters were really adorable and I could really get into them. The characters' personalities were also funny and funny. Also, the animation was pretty darn good. It's not great by any means, but I found it pretty damn good. The first hour or so was pretty dull and boring, but after that, it was a lot of fun. I laughed at the characters, and I laughed at myself. My wife actually laughed out loud at one point, and I didn't. I think this movie had me laughing more than anything else, and I actually really liked it. It's not going to win any awards, but it's definitely not boring. I thought the movie was just fun and enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone. It was quite fun and funny, and it's a very different kind of movie. My vote is seven out of ten. I give it a B+.

Richard photo

This movie is very different from the original film. It is one of the most charming movies ever made. I was really moved by this movie. It is really a must watch.

Joseph Woods photo
Joseph Woods

I enjoyed the movie, but I felt that there were some very weak points in the movie. First off, the plot is very poor, and seems to rely heavily on "how far can we go without hitting the fan?" I also felt that the most "out-of-the-blue" plot twist was very obvious and the ending was quite disappointing. I also felt that the animatronics were not very good and were just plain weak. That is, the animatronics in this movie were not quite up to par to the animation in the first two, and that is something that I really do not think that is a good thing. Finally, the characters were not particularly well developed, and I felt that their acting was not very good. I also feel that this movie was a bit too preachy and took too long to reach its destination. I know that they wanted to make a movie about the importance of friendship, and I think that this movie did a good job of conveying that message. However, the message was not very well delivered and it was difficult for me to relate to the main character, and I just felt that they could have gone further in the development of the characters in this movie. However, I did enjoy the movie and I do think that it was a great example of how a great movie should be made, and it was certainly worth my time and money.

Lawrence photo

The visual style is dark, the soundtrack is heavy, the characters are reminiscent of an early Disney movie and there are some dark and creepy sequences which appear like they are set in the past, but are actually set in the present day. But it is not too bad. The characters and plot are quite strange and almost incomprehensible at times. You may not like it, and may not care about it, but it is not a bad movie. You may hate it, but you will still want to watch it.

Kimberly Rose photo
Kimberly Rose

In France, it was very difficult for me to watch this movie, because I live in France. In this movie, the most important words that are in the English version of the movie are "hello" and "hi", which is completely different. In my opinion, it's very funny, but also very boring.

Linda photo

A proud French cinema. The movie of 'La fave' by Rene Russo is not without its flaws, but not all of them. The movie seems to be based on a lot of old scenes from movies from the same time and genre. The movie tries to give the impression that the best times of the Spanish civil war is really in the 60s and 70s. The movie was actually very successful at the box office, and has been a success in Europe as well. The story of the movie seems to have been the same in all versions. It seems that the movie was really loved by the Spanish people. It has a good story and good animation, the reason why the movie is really good is the beautiful animation of the movie. The movie is made in the way that the movie never really ends. The movie is divided into three parts, and the last part is always the same, but this time it is about what is happening in the second part. But the movie ends in the same way in all versions, the movie is not without its flaws. The movie has one big problem, it has a very weak voice acting. It is hard to understand what is happening in the movie, it is really hard to understand what the characters are saying. The movie is made in a very elegant way, and that is why the movie is not really bad. If you like a movie with a good voice acting and a very nice animation, and if you like the Spanish civil war movies, then you should see the movie.

Joe photo

I recently saw this movie on TV and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The story is fairly simple and the animation is gorgeous, especially in the desert scenes. I like how they use small spaces, instead of the typical wide shots that most animation movies have nowadays. The main characters are also nice to look at. They are pretty well developed and you can relate to them. The characters in the movie are also nice to look at. They are very well drawn and have a lot of personality. They are also very appealing, I liked how they were very creative and creative designs. The only problem I had with the movie is that it could have been longer. The film did drag on a little bit at the end. This is not a bad thing though. This is a good family movie and it was very enjoyable. It does have some very minor plot holes, but that is expected of a movie based on a children's book. I would recommend this movie to anyone and I hope that this movie can make a splash in the Oscars. It deserves it!

Beverly photo

I was not very familiar with this movie, but as soon as I saw that it was directed by an English-speaking artist, I was immediately sold on the idea that I would be seeing it. I'm not very much of a movie-going person (I am a mere 6 years old), but I have to say that this movie was very much worth my time and money. Yes, it's a typical Disney movie with a touch of humor and a few songs. But that's all that it has. The artistry of the movie is truly incredible. I love the dark, mysterious feel to the story. It's like a well-thought out fairy tale in a way. The characters are likeable, though I have to admit that I like Celine Dion's version of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" more than most people. But that's just my opinion. Overall, I was very happy with this movie. It's definitely not one that I would be rushing to buy or even rent. However, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it again.

Stephen S. photo
Stephen S.

I love the Disney films. "A Bug's Life" is one of my favorites. I love how the main character (Flint) is a musician, and that she gets exposed to the world of music while the bugs come around and help her develop as a singer. The bugs are really cool and they do help Flint with her singing. I have to say, that this movie is not the most complex of all of the Disney movies, but it is the best one. The ending is perfect. All in all, it is a perfect movie. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. I don't know if it is a classic, but it is one of my favorites. 9/10