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I'm Leaving Now is a movie starring Felipe Hernández. After 16 years in Brooklyn, working three low-paying jobs and collecting bottles on the street in his spare time and sending the bulk of his earnings home to his family in...

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Ya me voy
Running Time
1 hours 14 minutes
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Lindsey Cordero, Armando Croda
Josh Alexander
Felipe Hernández
Mexico, USA
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After 16 years in Brooklyn, working three low-paying jobs and collecting bottles on the street in his spare time and sending the bulk of his earnings home to his family in Mexico, Felipe decided to return after almost two decades. But when he informs his family of his homecoming, he discovers that they've squandered the money, are deeply in debt and don't want him to return. They need him to stay in the US.

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Doris photo

When I first heard about this documentary I didn't really know what to expect, but I thought I'd give it a try. It's a well-made documentary which shows how these little-known social changes affected the lives of people in the 80s and 90s. There's plenty of pictures, but a lot of them are self-satisfying, and many seem to have been cut out. (Which is not a criticism of the film at all; it's a real issue for me with documentaries I've seen.) So, if you want to see a documentary about a subject that's relevant to the world today, I'd recommend this one. But even if you're not interested in social change, I'd recommend this documentary for the same reasons: it's well-made, and it tells a story about how a small group of people influenced a huge portion of people's lives. It's hard to watch, but I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the effects of social change on individuals.

Joseph Sandoval photo
Joseph Sandoval

I recently discovered that this movie has been widely available on DVD for a while now. I remember watching it in the theater a long time ago but didn't get around to buying it at the time, so I'm glad I finally got around to watching it. There are some very great behind-the-scenes interviews with all the main cast. They provide a fascinating look at the creative process behind the movie. There are some incredible stories behind the making of the film, the making of the trailer, and the making of the first trailer. It's fascinating to hear about the film's production history and the challenges that went into making the film, and how it was still very much a labor of love even after all these years. The movie is highly recommended to anyone who loves independent cinema and especially to people who appreciate the work of artists that make their art free to create. I'd give this movie an 8.5/10, but I have to be honest that it's a bit long, so I can't really rate it higher than that.

Bryan Wagner photo
Bryan Wagner

I've been watching documentaries for as long as I can remember. My Dad showed me this one one day and said "this is going to be really boring so I'm going to leave." I thought to myself "huh? What a weird coincidence." I was disappointed.but then I read on the back of the DVD that it was based on true events. That was great. The documentary is about a woman who was harassed by one of the largest hotel chains in the world. She went to court, won, and got a settlement worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. At first, I thought the documentary was going to be really boring. But once I learned that it was based on true events, I started to laugh. There is so much comedy in this documentary, it makes you want to laugh! It's like a character that has a million personalities, but you can't tell which one is which. I will recommend this documentary to people who enjoy comedy. It's a very funny documentary and I think the director did a great job. There are a lot of problems in the world and a lot of people do not know how to deal with them. A lot of people are living in a bubble, and have a huge amount of control over other people, but they are wrong. But some of them are just so vain and don't know how to express themselves. If you're one of those people, I highly recommend this documentary!

Patricia F. photo
Patricia F.

I think the movie is great! It has everything! It is entertaining, it has great actors and actresses, it is very well made, and it has some really great scenes. It is a very emotional film. It is based on a true story, and it is great! I think it is a great movie and I give it a rating of 8/10.

Nicole photo

This film is about the poverty that these people live in, and how they want to be free of it, so they can have the opportunity for greater things in life. I have seen some comments here saying that this film is anti-capitalistic. That is wrong. The workers of this country have been doing this for over 100 years, and they have done it for a reason. This film is a little different from other films on poverty, because it shows the problems of the poor, and also shows how they try to work towards their freedom, and they try to work against their oppression. That's what it really is about. Overall, this is a good movie, but it is not for everyone.

Janet Jacobs photo
Janet Jacobs

For a first time director, Michael Moore has a lot to show. The documentary "Roger & Me" (2000) was among his most famous works. The documentary "All the President's Men" (1976) showed how the media handled the Watergate scandal. The documentary "Hate Story: The Rise and Fall of the Ku Klux Klan" (1996) showed how the Klan was suppressed in the Jim Crow South. Moore also made a documentary on his friends and family, such as the other films mentioned above. The film "An Inconvenient Truth" (2014) is a follow-up of this. Moore's research is conducted by the University of Virginia and George Mason University. I am not a "Dr. Moore" fan and I did not know who he was. I did, however, recognize his work as well as his style. The documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" is also filmed by Moore and edited by him. I believe Moore's style is very accurate. The documentary "All the President's Men" did not show the Nixon administration's involvement in the Watergate scandal. In fact, it only showed the media's coverage. The Watergate scandal is important because the media covered it extensively. The media reported on the Watergate scandal for a long time and so did the people. By covering the Watergate scandal, the media was the key to covering the Watergate scandal. The media's involvement in covering the Watergate scandal was the reason the Watergate scandal was so significant. All the president's men did not seem that important. This is an important documentary that should be seen by everyone. I give "An Inconvenient Truth" an 8/10.

Gerald Patterson photo
Gerald Patterson

I watched this on the advice of a friend who said that it was the most interesting documentary she had ever seen, and that it was the most fascinating thing she had ever seen. My opinion is that it is the most fascinating documentary I have ever seen, though I have seen some. This movie is about a photographer's journey into photographing homeless people. At first, he does it out of curiosity, but he becomes deeply involved in the people's lives, and they become part of his work. It's a very long film, but I think it is essential viewing for anyone who wants to know more about the homeless, or anyone who wants to better understand homelessness in the United States.

Austin Burns photo
Austin Burns

Before I saw this film, I thought it was about music and artists and how the music industry went down during the 80s. I was actually expecting a lot more than what I got. I thought it would be a documentary about musicians and how they went from friends to musicians, to becoming stars. But, it wasn't. What it was, was about one man. What the film did was show how, even though he was making records, his life was very difficult. From all the drugs he was taking to all the problems he was having, it just really shows you what it's like to make music and to become a star. It was good, but not great. The first hour of the film was great, because you get to see some of the great stories about the recording studios, how they created hits and how artists became stars. But, the last hour was very slow and not exciting at all. I think it was trying to be too funny and not too serious. It was nice to hear the stories of other famous music artists, but not really something that would really make you want to see this film. I'm still not sure if I would ever go see this film again, but, if you go, just see it for yourself. It's not that bad. 8/10

David photo

A nice documentary, shows some of the real problems in our society. What really bothers me is that so many people say they love the TV shows and movies. They have no real knowledge about the society, or they know a little bit about it, but are unable to criticize them. They just say that they love the stuff they see. They don't understand the huge differences between the TV show and the real thing. The only thing I don't understand is, why the whole world would take such a big interest in such a trivial thing like that. I know what the "Eskimo" says in this documentary: people from the whole world are very stupid, it's just a matter of time until it will start. But I don't understand how people from the whole world can say "Oh, it's a very funny show." They know it's not funny, and they don't even see it as a comedy. They just don't get it. I don't know how people in the real world could say "Oh, it's a very nice show." They don't even see it as a drama, they just don't get it. I know this is the way things are, and it's just a matter of time, but I don't understand how a movie like "The Simpsons" is able to achieve the same ratings that are shown in this movie. But hey, if you don't know much about the real life, you will love it. You are not needed to see the real life. So, my advice: don't think about it too much.

Sarah J. photo
Sarah J.

There's a lot of people that don't like this film. Some of them are just judging it by its soundtrack. But there are also some people that like the music, too. The soundtrack by two American composers is a brilliant piece of work, and one that should be appreciated by people who are in the same boat as the people who make this film. It's all in the soundtrack. From the first moment the film begins, the music builds. The music is almost like an emotion, like a thread tying together the story. The first time I heard the music, I just thought it was very cool, like a modern and abstract version of Beethoven. The music is almost like a play, but a different one, and for that reason I was impressed. As the film continues, I was mesmerized by the music. The music is almost as important as the story. It's like watching a film with a soundtrack. It helps the film feel more natural. And for that reason I liked it the more I heard it. This is a great movie, and I suggest you give it a try. It's a great soundtrack, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. So, I hope you like the music, too.

Anna R. photo
Anna R.

I would like to add that I did read a book by Martin Amis about this period in Irish history. It's called "Sinn Féin and the Provisional IRA." It's an excellent book and a must-read. I can't remember the title or the cover art. I'm not sure where I read about the movie. It was mentioned that a film based on this book had been made. I'm glad to see that it wasn't made. It's so sad that it happened. And it's tragic that people are actually inspired by this book. I hope they make another movie about the Irish-American experience. I'm sure there's more material out there. I do hope there will be a movie. I would recommend it. I can't wait to see it. Hopefully there will be a sequel to the book.

Michelle photo

This documentary explores the role that small town life can have on a child's life, and how this can affect their relationship with the people around them. It covers a variety of subjects, including the family of a young boy who is a popular figure in the community, but at the same time he is confused with the way the town is run. It also focuses on the father of a young boy who is struggling with his job, and his relationship with his son. I really enjoyed this film, and I think it is a great documentary. I didn't find it overly depressing or boring, and I think it is very moving and realistic in its portrayal of small town life. It also shows that small towns aren't always what they seem to be. The documentary explores small town life, and the effect it has on children. I highly recommend watching this documentary, and I recommend it to anyone.

Jennifer Hernandez photo
Jennifer Hernandez

This film is a very good and important film to tell the story of our current times. One of the main problems of today is the lack of truth and proper vision in many fields of society, especially in the information industry. The film gives us a clear view of how the new generation is using "information" as a tool for their own purposes and how it affects us as individuals. I would highly recommend this film for all people that are interested in seeing what's going on in our society. It is so important to learn how to control the news and to be able to freely use it as a tool for our own purposes, without being concerned with what others think about us and our decisions.

Dorothy Keller photo
Dorothy Keller

I really liked this documentary. It really did give a good view of the effects that the late 60's had on the country. I felt the story line was unique and really made you think about the American way of life. I found the camera work very interesting and the editing interesting. I found the music and voices very interesting. The production quality was top notch. The photography was beautiful. The sound was very interesting. Overall, this is a very enjoyable documentary that shows the effects that the 60's had on the country. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the effects of the 60's.

Joyce W. photo
Joyce W.

Well done to every person who was on the island. Hopefully there will be a follow-up to this documentary and hopefully it will give a proper account of the times. A good documentary and I was impressed that the filmmakers used the current technology to interview survivors. We can see how it is to be in a group of survivors. I would say it was a good film but in a different genre. It should be called "How To Survive The Summer Of '67" and they could interview people like me and maybe even other survivors.

Patrick photo

I have seen a couple of documentaries on Jonestown and the cult, but this one I think is the most impressive. I had never heard of Jonestown and so it was a good idea to see if it is still a thing. I haven't seen it for some years and I'm just now getting round to viewing it. I have to admit that I did have to look away a few times as the documentary dragged on for a bit too long and it was hard to tell if the viewers were having a great time or if they were watching the same things that others who had seen it already had. I have to admit that I had expected the film to be more straightforward and that it would just focus on the key issues that affected the lives of the people and their impact. I was left wondering whether there were other matters that they were interested in - especially because it seemed that the documentary seemed to leave out all the important stuff. I do hope that this documentary will get a wider release, because it would be a good way to tell the story of Jonestown.

Emily Burton photo
Emily Burton

I don't usually comment on reviews, but this one is so terrible and I feel like it needs to be reviewed. I can't believe the average score on IMDb is a 7.6. I think this is a very low average. It is not a bad movie, but the majority of people who saw it only because it was in the theaters, and saw it because it is in theaters, gave it a 1. That is just silly. This is not a movie that deserves a rating of 7.6. It is a very low average movie that deserves no rating at all.

Susan photo

One of the most disturbing films I've seen. "My mom, my mom, my mom, I am leaving" I watched this at the theater and now I'm going to rent it and see it again. The reasons I have not already written about is because this film is so good that I can't get out of the film in the first place. The way we are shown how life for women in the 1970s and the way we see it is not the same thing. There are so many other films, especially documentaries that are far more entertaining and informative on the subject of women in the era, but this one is for sure worth a watch.

Jeffrey F. photo
Jeffrey F.

A very important documentary that shows that the way to make a film is to first find a good story to tell. This is where the footage comes from, but also how they were able to pull it all together and present the story. The film follows the relationships between the six men in the film and how they changed their lives, but also shows the effects that the accident had on them, and how they eventually recovered. A film that is certainly worth seeing.