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Dolor y gloria

Dolor y gloria is a movie starring Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandia, and Leonardo Sbaraglia. An aging film director suffering from chronic illness and writer's block reflects on his life.

Other Titles
Pain and Glory, Skausmas ir slove, ペイン・アンド・グローリー, Pain & Glory, Dor e Glória, Bolečina in slava, Fájdalom és dicsőség, Πόνος και Δόξα, Leid und Herrlichkeit, Acı ve Zafer, Ból i blask, Tong Ku Yu Rong Yao, Ke'ev ou'Tehila, Kärsimys ja kunnia, 痛苦与荣耀, Smerte og ære, Sāpes un slava, Valu ja hiilgus, Бол и слава, Smärta och ära, 痛苦與榮耀, Douleur et gloire, Tuga i slava
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
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Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar
Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandia, Nora Navas, Leonardo Sbaraglia
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Romantic Salvador Mallo, a filmmaker in the twilight of his career, is plagued by health issues just as SABOR, a film from early in his career, is readied for re-release. As his physical ailments begin to consume his vitality, he is incapacitated by an immense depression that debilitates his creativity. In this desperate state he reconnects to SABOR's leading man, Crespo, from whom he's been estranged for 30 years. Crespo, too, has seen better days and self-medicates between gigs. Tapping into Crespo's 'vacation' routes, pain takes a backseat allowing Salvo to revisit the temperate climes of his past - memories of his loving but emotionally frustrated mother, the purity of his first crush, his greatest muse and lover 'lost' to addiction...grasping for existential relief and closure, creative salvation emerges in the form of a shelved autobiographical script.

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Robert Lucas photo
Robert Lucas

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Harold Little photo
Harold Little

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Susan F. photo
Susan F.

The plot of this film is about a young man who is a successful business man, but he is about to be divorced. He decides to move to Spain to work at a new business. The opening scene is taken from the movie "The Full Monty" and the other scenes are also taken from the movie. The movie is about how the divorce affects the young man and his family. The young man is not really happy about the divorce but he realizes that he needs to do what is best for his family. The young man is not the only one who is affected by the divorce. The other family members also have to deal with the loss of a parent and the financial difficulties that come with the divorce. The young man is trying to make up for the financial damage that his family has to suffer by working hard to make things better for his family. This movie is really good. The acting is excellent, the story is well-written, and the plot is interesting. I think that this movie is a good choice for those who want to see a good film that deals with the divorce and the effects that divorce has on the family. I think that everyone who watches this film will enjoy it.

Kenneth Herrera photo
Kenneth Herrera

As the film opens, the story of a family from Spain moving to the US is told. This movie is not about the family but rather about the relationships between the characters. The family in question are a young couple who move into a new house with their teenage daughter. They want to start over and have an apartment. While they are moving, they begin to feel the same isolation that they had when they lived in Spain. They feel the same loneliness and dread that they had while they were in Spain. The plot in the beginning is a little different. The family have a new baby to take care of and the husband and wife decide to go for a trip to a new country. After they arrive, the family starts to feel the same isolation as they did in Spain. The same sense of feeling alone and without any support. The film then moves on to a couple of stories involving the couple and their young son. There are some changes to the original story, but the film is still about the loneliness that the family felt. The father of the two children, Jose Manuel, shows a lot of humanity and compassion. The mother of the son, Alice, is also very human. The mother tries to make the young son understand the importance of the family. Jose Manuel, the father, also shows a lot of humanity. He is very compassionate and understanding. This is a great film about family and the importance of family in a modern society. It is very well made, but at the same time, very moving and moving.

Brittany Fisher photo
Brittany Fisher

I have never seen this film, but I am thinking of it. When I saw the title and the trailer I was actually curious about it. But then I saw that it was based on a real story and I had to see it. I think it's a great movie about the history of the poor of Spain. The actors did a good job and it has a very good story. My favorite is probably Diego Luna. It's a very sad story, but you can't forget that the Spanish government is not always right. It's an interesting story and you can understand that some people are really desperate to survive. I hope that it will be shown in the U.S. someday.

Christopher F. photo
Christopher F.

As a huge fan of the films of Luis Bunuel, I was very excited to see this film. The last time I had seen a Bunuel film was 'The Passion of Joan of Arc' a few years ago. Since then I have watched and enjoyed all of his films. So, this was a big film for me to see. I must say, the film was enjoyable. It was very interesting and had a lot of good acting in it. I thought the music was really good. The last few minutes of the film was very emotional and powerful. I think it was very well acted, especially by the two leads. The film was very moving and had some very powerful scenes. It was very entertaining and well worth seeing. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Helen L. photo
Helen L.

I watched this film with my father and he was blown away by it. I felt the same way. It was a beautiful film that really spoke to him. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes to think. I think it is a must see.

Terry photo

I saw this movie when it first came out in 1993 and I was so impressed. The story was so powerful and the performances were so good. The story of a mother and her daughter is so powerful and sad. It was a great movie. I think that this movie is a great film for everyone. I think that everyone should see this movie. I think that this movie is a great movie for everyone.

Ryan Price photo
Ryan Price

This movie is about the life of an 18-year old who, after the death of his father, starts to live with his younger sister in a small town in Mexico. He's very interested in the world of music, and does not like being associated with his parents. They try to make him forget about his father's death, but in the process of this, he has a wonderful experience with a local girl who wants to be a singer. This movie is very different from other Mexican movies because it has a lot of music and a lot of action. I think that this movie is a great film. The acting is very good, and the music is very good. The director is very good and the production is very good. I think that this is a very good movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Mary H. photo
Mary H.

I am not a person who usually likes the Mexican or Spanish cinema, but I really liked this movie. I found it to be really great. There are a lot of things I liked about it. The acting is very good. I liked the way that the actress managed to make the character's behavior look natural. The music is also really good. There is not much to say about it, but I really liked it. I have not seen any other movies by the director, and I really hope to see more of his work. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "A Travesa" ("In the Way")

William W. photo
William W.

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Donna photo

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Arthur photo

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Jason Stephens photo
Jason Stephens

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Laura photo

This is a wonderful film about a family that is struggling to make ends meet. I had never heard of this movie before and it is a shame that it is not available in the U.S. I was very impressed with the way the story was told and the way it was presented. I was surprised at the level of emotion the director was able to achieve. The acting was excellent, the script was very strong, and the story was told in a very unique way. I would recommend this movie to anyone.