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93Queen is a movie starring Amy Ackerman, Hadassah Ellis, and Ailin Elyasi. Set in the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, "93Queen" follows a group of tenacious Hasidic women who are smashing the patriarchy in their...

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Paula Eiselt
Faigy Freier, Amy Ackerman, Hadassah Ellis, Ailin Elyasi
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Set in the Hasidic enclave of Borough Park, Brooklyn, "93Queen" follows a group of tenacious Hasidic women who are smashing the patriarchy in their community by creating the first all-female volunteer ambulance corps in New York City. With unprecedented-and insider-access, "93Queen" offers up a unique portrayal of a group of religious women who are taking matters into their own hands to change their own community from within.

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Eugene W. photo
Eugene W.

I am a film student at UC Berkeley. I am a member of the film society and am a film critic. I have always loved documentaries, and have a very strong interest in human history and social movements. This film is one of the best I have ever seen, and it's a shame it doesn't get more exposure. The people of Palestine deserve much more exposure, and the filmmakers deserve a lot more credit for their work. This film is very accessible, and it's not really for the people who have never been to Palestine. I highly recommend this film to people who have seen the Israeli version, "Livya".

Ethan photo

I would say that Queen is not only a great film but a great film for everyone. I am a HUGE fan of Queen and i was a bit apprehensive about seeing the film for some reason, but when i saw the film i was surprised. I never thought that they would make a film that is so emotional and touching. I can't wait for the DVD, it is going to be a treat. The film really does a great job of showing the struggle Queen was going through in her life and the emotions that she was going through during filming. I feel like the director did a great job of showing the emotion in the film and showing the struggles that Queen had. I definitely recommend seeing the film, it is one of my top 5 favorite films of all time. I will definitely see it again and will be recommending it to everyone I know.

Keith Weaver photo
Keith Weaver

I was shocked when I learned that this film was nominated for the Oscar. It is a great documentary and a must see for anyone interested in the history of hip hop. It is the story of Black people who were killed by the police and of their families who didn't let it affect their life. I think this film is very important to all people who are not Black but who know something about the history of hip hop.

Danielle photo

Although there are many aspects of the "Queen" that I agree with, I was disappointed in the ending. I expected that she would be in prison for her actions and that the government would have the people punished. However, after the scene where she tries to escape, the government just leaves her to die. She did nothing to warrant this. The movie was so beautifully shot, especially the last scene with her and her children. It was touching. I also agree with the comments that people who don't like the movie should look at the original film. It was much better. I wish the directors had kept the ending, but I think they should have made it more of an attack on the government and less of a celebration. It is an important film for people who are politically minded. I think that most people are going to be shocked by the end of this movie. It is such a sad thing that so many people who should be against the system are so quick to praise it. I really hope that this movie is shown at the "Greenbelt Film Festival" in Virginia.

Brittany photo

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I was hooked! I cried a lot during the movie and I never cry in movies. I think this movie made me a better person. I never felt like I was a victim or a victimizer. I am so glad I went to see it. I can't wait to see it again. I was shocked to hear that this movie is a documentary. I don't think it is that kind of movie. I hope it is because I really want to know what happened to all these people and why they did what they did. I hope this movie can show the truth and change a lot of people's minds. It's a good movie. I have seen a lot of movies and this one is definitely the best. I think I will give it a 10 out of 10. I love the way the documentary is put together and the way it is put together. The camera is always right where it needs to be. The director and the people who make the movies are so good at what they do. I think this is what people want. A documentary movie. People are so ignorant and they don't know what's going on in their own lives. People need to know what's going on and they need to know who they are dealing with. I think this movie will make people realize that they can't control what other people are doing to them. I have seen some horrible things in my life. I know it's possible to change but it's not always easy. This movie is a good example of what people need to know. I hope people will go and see this movie because it is a good movie. I think this movie will change a lot of people's lives. I hope that people will see this movie and it will change their lives. I hope this movie will help people to see what's going on in their own lives and that they can't control what other people are doing to them.

Christina photo

The film is set in the era of the 1960s. During this era, we see, among others, the rise of The Beatles, the advent of rock 'n roll, and the music industry's gradual decline. The film is a combination of interviews with former Beatles and artists and musicians, and clips of various songs, songs of the day, and newsreels. The songs featured range from the more popular Beatles songs to lesser known ones. The film has a musical quality that makes it one of my favorite films of all time. It is a good introduction to the Beatles, and I would recommend it to anyone who has never heard of the Beatles, or the music industry in general.

Scott Henderson photo
Scott Henderson

Not many documentaries are of this quality. This one was made with a bit of care and accuracy. The photos are very well done, the way they are shot and edited is well done, the narrative is very clear, and the timing is quite good. The documentary shows the life of the very beautiful Queen Elizabeth I and how her life was turned around by the European powers after the death of her husband, King George VI. She was sick for the first few years after the king's death, and there is a great deal of historical information about that period. We also learn that the Queen had a love affair with the King's most trusted adviser, Lord Randolph Churchill, and that she had the ability to decide to live or die, the power to declare war and the power to disband the monarchy. As we see her visit with her family and see the events that led to her death, we learn how much of an impact she had on her nation. A great story, and a very good documentary.

Denise Foster photo
Denise Foster

I found this documentary to be very insightful and inspiring. For those of us that are in the working world, this is an eye opener. This is not just about getting a job, or even getting a job. It's about the "woes" that come with getting a job, and the "woes" that come with getting a job. The documentary shows the everyday struggles of the "blue collar" workers that work in the United States. They talk about the home lives, the friends, and the struggles they have to face in order to make ends meet. I think that this documentary is very accurate and shows a lot of information about the working class in America, and how they are struggling to make ends meet. I found the "woes" of the working class to be the worst things that can happen to any working class person. I would have to say that this documentary is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It's very inspiring, and very enlightening.

Michael photo

I can't see how anyone could be against this film. To the people who hated it, I say this: You're not the audience. I'm a guy with an IQ of around 70, and I watched it with my girlfriend, who had a 20 IQ and an IQ of 130. I can't imagine anyone that was anything but brilliant and full of life. Everyone should watch it, but the people who give it 1 or 2 stars need to take a good long look in the mirror. It's not your opinion. It's the audience's opinion. I would definitely recommend this film to everyone. The way they portrayed the Queen in this film was so brilliantly done, and it's incredible how they kept it so true to the real Queen's life and the story. The people who didn't like it, well, they need to think about it more. It's not a 'Queen for Dummies' film. It's a film about the Queen, and it's absolutely incredible that they did it so brilliantly. A true piece of art, it's truly amazing.

Sarah photo

The most amazing thing about this film is the fact that it can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, and in a way that it does not offend anyone. It is a powerful film that highlights the responsibility of women, and also shows that any man can be a victim of a rape or abuse. This is a powerful film that reminds us of the power we have, and also what we can do to make a difference in the world. This film is not for everyone, but if you love to listen to documentaries and are not easily offended, then this is a film you should watch.

Sandra James photo
Sandra James

I am not a huge fan of Queen, but I was totally blown away by this documentary. The interviews are very interesting, and the movie itself is very engaging. It is also very well made. I do not understand why some people are complaining about the 'messiness' of the film. It is very well done and I am not sure I could have done a better job. If you are not a Queen fan, this movie is not for you. If you are, you will love this documentary.

Anthony G. photo
Anthony G.

I recently saw this film and was not disappointed. It's so much more than what I expected. I was hoping for a bit of a 'feel good' film but what I got was a really deep look at the psychology of oppression. As a survivor of a lot of this I was able to empathize with many of the people in this film. The story was well-told and the actors did a great job. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in looking deeper into how the world sees and treats women. It will definitely make you think and will give you a great understanding of what's going on in the world.

Sean photo

When I saw that this documentary would be made into a movie, I was skeptical as to what to expect. Then I watched it, and I was blown away. I saw the documentary in a class, and it was one of the most fascinating and thought-provoking things I had ever seen. The documentary itself was filmed very well, and really gives you an inside look of the struggles and struggles of the women in the household. It also speaks to the impact of family structure on the mental health of the women. This film should be released on DVD and has a great soundtrack. It will be one to watch for the whole family. I highly recommend this film.

Emma H. photo
Emma H.

I saw this movie last night. I loved it! It was a short, sweet, simple story. I did not know a lot about Queen, I just saw the band once on the album "Slaves of the Night". I found this movie to be very entertaining. It is not a movie that you have to pay attention to. It is a story about life in the 60's. I like the way they showed life in the 60's. I liked the music. I also liked how they used music to represent life. The acting was good. The music was good. The movie was good. The movie was worth watching. I hope this movie is shown on TV sometime soon. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I think it is a great movie!

Nicole photo

The first half of Queen is really good. The second half really sucks. But, if you like documentaries about the history of the Beatles, you will love this. It has a lot of great footage. But, the documentary feels very fake. I felt like I was watching a documentary about the Beatles in the 60's. If I wasn't a fan of the Beatles, I would have given this a lower rating. But, I am a fan. So, my recommendation to all Beatles fans is that you watch this documentary. You will enjoy it more if you like Beatles documentaries.

Eugene photo

I will admit that I am a huge fan of Queen, even after I became a total Queen freak. I actually had to take my son to see this movie because he was afraid I would hate it. I think I was pleasantly surprised. I've always been a huge fan of Prince's music, and this movie was a very good example of that. It has some great songs in it, like "One" and "We Will Rock You" that were the first songs I knew Prince was singing. Also, the movie was very well done, because it was made by someone who knew Prince very well. I was really impressed by this movie. I would give it an 8 out of 10.