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Der goldene Handschuh

Der goldene Handschuh is a movie starring Jonas Dassler, Margarete Tiesel, and Adam Bousdoukos. A serial killer strikes fear in the hearts of residents of Hamburg during the early 1970s.

Other Titles
Golden Glove, El monstruo de St. Pauli, Der Goldene Handschuh, Il mostro di St. Pauli, Az Arany Kesztyű, Złota Rękawiczka, The Golden Glove, O Bar Luva Dourada, 金手套虐殺事件, 屋根裏の殺人鬼フリッツ・ホンカ, Den vidrige Herr Honka, Den gyldne handske, Kultainen hansikas, Altın Eldiven, Den Gylne Hanske, Το Χρυσό Γάντι
Running Time
1 hours 55 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Horror, Drama, Thriller, Crime
Fatih Akin
Heinz Strunk, Fatih Akin
Katja Studt, Margarete Tiesel, Adam Bousdoukos, Jonas Dassler
Germany, France
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A serial killer strikes fear in the hearts of residents of Hamburg during the early 1970s.

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Joe H. photo
Joe H.

The film is set in a small town in Germany, where a group of people are trapped inside a house with no way out. The film is divided in two parts: The first one is about the escape from the house, the second one is about the journey of the group. The film is a very good example of how to make a movie in a different way. The director has not show us the same scenes as in the first part, but he shows us the whole story and the whole point of the movie. It is a very good movie, I recommend it to everyone who wants to see a good film about the escape from a house.

Frank photo

The first time I watched this film, I was completely blown away. The movie was very original and well acted. The acting was excellent and the movie flowed well. The story was intriguing and the movie was more than a thriller. It was a great movie that I would recommend to anyone who has not seen it yet.

Doris Fox photo
Doris Fox

I have seen this movie three times and I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know what it is about it, but it has a great story and I can't stop thinking about it. The main character is not the normal guy, he is not good and he is not bad. He is just a guy who has done some bad things in his life. It is not a movie about him but about him and his family and friends. I think this movie is really good. I love it, it is really good and I love it.

Gregory C. photo
Gregory C.

The film was one of the best films I have seen in a long time. The director, Kevin Jarre, is an exceptional film maker and has brought a very unique film to the world. The film was extremely well written, well acted, well directed and well photographed. The acting was exceptional, especially by the lead, Tom Cruise. The film is about a family man who has a wife and a daughter who is not really his daughter. This film is a great work of art, and one that will stay with you for a very long time. I highly recommend this film to all film lovers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Mark M. photo
Mark M.

The movie was very well done. It was very well acted and the story was very well done. I really liked the main characters. I also liked the storyline. The ending was very well done. I really enjoyed the movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Scott photo

I have to say that this is one of the best films i have ever seen. The story is superb and the actors are also really good. The first part is very good, and the second part is very good also. The ending is very good, and the film is so good that i can not get rid of it. I am going to see it again and i can not wait to see the third part. It is really very good, the best film i have seen in my life. I recommend it to everybody. You can watch it with your friends, family, or any other people. I recommend it to everyone. It is a really good film. 10/10

Doris May photo
Doris May

I am a fan of the director's previous work, so I was not expecting much from this movie. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was so well made, so well directed and so well written that I was shocked at the end. I found it very moving, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a story that is not very familiar. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see something different.

Larry Ferguson photo
Larry Ferguson

In the first half of the movie, I was thinking that the film was going to be a horror, and it was. But the second half of the film, the movie changed into a thriller. I really liked it, because the movie was full of suspense and the ending was great. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a great thriller.

Carol photo

This movie is one of the best movies of the year. The story is very well done. It is very difficult to make a movie with a story like this. I hope that the story is not the only thing that makes this movie great. The actors are very good. The direction is very good. The camera work is also good. The music is very good. The cinematography is also good. The actors and actresses are very good. This movie is very well done. I can't find any faults. This is a movie that you will not regret watching. I hope that the movie is not only nominated for the Oscar. The movie deserves it.

Harold photo

I really enjoyed this movie, I am a fan of director Michael Rohmer and I have seen his previous films and this one is no exception. I have seen the trailer and read the reviews, I was skeptical about it but I decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised. I was not expecting much but the movie was well made and well acted. The plot is simple and straightforward, the acting was well done and the direction was professional. The music was well done. I have never seen such a good movie in my life, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Virginia A. photo
Virginia A.

I am a big fan of German crime films, and this one is very close to my heart. It's very similar to the famous film "Trollhunter" and the first "Alferd" film. I think the film "Alferd" was the best film of the series. The director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, also directed the very good "Savage", so I'm sure that he is a great director. The acting is really good, especially from the lead actor. I think that the character of the good cop is a very interesting one. I really like the way that the film ends, it's really surprising and very unexpected. The film is very violent, and I think that it's very much better than the other two films in the series. I recommend this film to anyone who likes crime films, especially if you like the "Alferd" series.

Shirley photo

Do Not get the hype that's going around. If your a fan of European cinema then you need to see this. I'm sure you already know this if you've seen a few of the "coolest" films of this year. This is the movie of the year. It's smart, it's full of surprises and it's different, it's original and it's interesting. I don't have much to say about it, but I want to say that no one else should even try to. This is the movie of the year, and it deserves it. 10/10

Donald Scott photo
Donald Scott

The idea of the movie is very intriguing, it is a kind of modern day movie that is a bit more disturbing than it should be. The story is about a young girl named Lola who is kidnapped by a group of people who want to use her for sex and torture. The movie is not very well made, the acting is not very good and the story is not very interesting. I would recommend this movie to people who like a good thriller, it is not that good but it is still a good movie.

George photo

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this movie, but I was extremely surprised. This movie was an absolutely incredible experience, and I was completely blown away by it. The acting in this movie was incredible, and I think that they did a phenomenal job. The movie is also incredibly well written. It was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I'm glad that I decided to go to see it, because I think that it is going to be a really good movie to watch with friends. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that are realistic and not about a group of people who are just out for a good time. I hope that this movie gets more attention than it has gotten because it deserves it. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. I give this movie a 10 out of 10, and I'm going to go see it again. I hope that this movie gets a lot of good reviews because it deserves it. I'm not sure if this movie will ever get a wide release, but I hope that it does because it deserves it.

Alice photo

Once upon a time, a young child was left for dead in the woods. Unaware of where he was or what happened to him, the child is seen by a priest (Otto Preminger) and others as he tries to find his way home. The young boy is picked up by a boy called John (Robert Mitchum) who is an oddball young boy. John soon becomes fascinated by the kid and the boy takes his interest to the point that he is willing to go beyond John's own limits to help the kid and ultimately, in the process, becomes a stranger to himself. Otto Preminger is a "talent" whose performance is awe-inspiring. From the early part of his career he has been known for playing "young" and the fact that he has only really been in a few small roles is a testament to his potential. He is then able to display the depth of his acting ability and was probably one of the most gifted and important actors of his time. He was also a great storyteller who always maintained the honesty of a true character. He was a player who moved effortlessly from one scene to another and didn't leave an inch of screen time on his part. At this point in his career he was getting very good reviews and his performances were often hailed by film critics. His performance as "Luke" is one of the best performances of his career and it should be mentioned that he was one of the few actors who actually carried off an English accent. However, there was still one thing he did not have in abundance and that was a large body of screen time. And that is his performance as the older man. The boy was not in quite as large a role but still did a great job in showing his emotions and empathy for the kid. Robert Mitchum is always worth watching for a chance to see him but he really shines in the role of Otto Preminger. This film was made after the highly acclaimed film "Silence of the Lambs" and "Psycho" and although many would argue that "Psycho" was the superior film, the performance of Charles Durning in that film is second to none. As usual with "Silence" and "Psycho", Mitchum is great as the psychotic killer and it is also no surprise that he was also the only actor who was able to match Durning's intensity. The film is definitely a classic but it is one of those films which will appeal to a much broader audience than the film that it was directed towards.

Paul R. photo
Paul R.

Not a movie I will watch over and over again. A good thriller. If you liked this you will enjoy the following movies I've highlighted: The Silence of the Lambs, The Omen, Exorcist, Alien, The Exorcist Part II, Night of the Living Dead, The Thing and several others. I also recommend the last two "the Silence" movies as well as one of the three short films that I'm the proudest to have ever written. You will enjoy this movie. There are some "knock offs" like The Hunger Games that are really enjoyable to see but this is one movie that will keep you coming back for more. As a "twist" to it you will probably not realize it as the film is completely original. This movie was so good I can only imagine the drama will soon be replicated and will surpass it's predecessor. Watch it and you'll know why. So after making one of the best movies of the last decade. I won't lie to you and say this is the best movie of the year. I have one word to describe it.AMAZING.

Grace S. photo
Grace S.

If you know that Michael Myers is in the past then you can laugh at it because you know he is and now he is back. I was disappointed in some ways, but was prepared for that because the only thing they showed in the whole movie was the past. They had the Black Hand and the knife that Myers brought back to himself when he was alive and they showed the past and then later they showed the present, and there was no right way to show it. The flashbacks were very good but they could have shown the knife in the past and then just it happened. It made it seem more fake. But all in all it was a great movie and I give it 10/10

Diane photo

I recently saw this film at a London film festival. I had read the book, and was really excited to see this film adaptation. I'm glad I watched it, it was really good. I don't think anyone who has read the book will be disappointed. It's a bit of a prequel to the book, and there's some stuff in the book that's never really seen on screen. But this is very good film. I'm glad I saw it and I hope you do too. You can catch it on TV soon. I give it 10/10

Keith M. photo
Keith M.

This is a typical Danish classic. A slasher movie, in fact, with a man-eating tiger. The victim? An innocent woman. The antagonist? An innocent, elderly woman. The message? Be careful what you wish for. And yes, this is the movie that put Jeff Goldblum on the map. He is superb. But who wouldn't like to see the crocodile or two? This is such a good movie. Like any good movie, it isn't perfect, but when it has a great message, it's no doubt one of the best.

Dennis D. photo
Dennis D.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this movie. I'm a huge fan of the genre and usually avoid genre movies unless they are terrible. So when I first heard that a remake was being made I was like wtf! In hindsight I should have waited. I can honestly say that I would have been very disappointed had it been made. This movie was so much better than I expected. I went in without reading the book (which is a bad move) and I definitely recommend the book. It is just as entertaining as this movie. It takes place in the 90's, and it is definitely not for the easily scared. This movie definitely has a dark and dark mood. I've always said the film simply doesn't have any happy moments. There are no happy scenes, and if you're not easily scared, you will definitely hate this movie. You will be curious, but you will want to get back to the playing card game. I don't recommend this movie for anyone who likes the genre. It's definitely worth a look, but it's a horror movie so you're not going to be so gagged that you don't want to see it. It's a horror movie so you don't want to go into it scared to death. I would say the story was better than the book, but I wouldn't compare it to the book because the book is a good read. I'm just so glad this movie was made. I've never been scared by a movie before and this one definitely left a scar.

Hannah Rogers photo
Hannah Rogers

i was just back from the theater with this movie. I read the reviews that made people say that this movie was so slow, boring and just didn't work at all. so what? its just a movie, and when you watch a movie you go in to it with a completely open mind. if you don't like the movie, don't watch it. i could of made an entire movie about how slow it was but in reality i wanted to see more and more from this movie. it's a 10 out of 10 movie! a very underrated film. i saw it 3 times, and would definitely watch it again. i have heard that its pretty hard to get in to this movie, so i think the studio and the critics didn't care too much for this movie. i do like this movie. for those of you that hate slow movies, i encourage you to watch this movie. it's awesome!

George W. photo
George W.

This is one of the best movies of all time. The characters are the most interesting. Nobody seems as normal as they really are. We follow those characters from the start until the end of the movie. Each character has an extreme personality and an extreme journey of self-discovery and self-destruction. The score is spectacular, as usual, but the action and story is so compelling that it leaves you begging for more. I watched this movie again after the 4th time, and I fell in love with it more. When I first saw the movie, I was so impressed and intrigued by it, but I wasn't thinking that it would be so great. And then I saw the music video for this movie, and I just fell in love with it. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, is absolutely amazing. I can't think of another one with such a powerful and expressive score. Everything about the score fits the movie perfectly. It makes it sound more like a music video than just a movie. The screenplay is so original and imaginative, and the actors are just perfect for the roles. It's very unlikely that any movie has this much to do with the concept of time travel, or indeed any movie has that many characters and that much complex and captivating story. The movie ends as a mystery, but is at the same time a great thriller, and makes you think and re-think the entire movie. If you liked the first and third part of this movie, you will definitely love this one. It is a cinematic experience that will make you want to watch it again and again. I give it a 10, and will be seeing it again and again.

Jesse Hill photo
Jesse Hill

This movie was so beautiful. It's so heartbreaking to see such a beautiful man as Hidetaka "Hidetaka" Miyazaki being killed. I wish the world could see what happened to him. This is my favorite movie. I give it 10 out of 10. Please give this film a chance, because the message is so powerful. I don't know what's happened to Hidetaka, but the world can learn a lot about human emotions. This movie is great for people who aren't really into movies. But this movie is so important to all people. It should be seen by everyone.

Phillip Bryant photo
Phillip Bryant

I didn't think the film would be as good as it was, but it was. It was really well done and I was glad that it didn't take itself too seriously. It was a little predictable, but it was still enjoyable. The film is about a guy named "Simon" who is a real estate agent. He is a big fan of the movie "Hannibal" and he likes to watch it when he's not working. One day he sees a young man in his office. He immediately suspects him and tells the guy that he will give him $10,000 if he will help him. He then takes the money and goes to a secluded location where he keeps the money in a safe. The next day, he finds out that the money is missing and he is left with the job of tracking the young man down. This film was really well done. It was a great twist and a great ending. I really liked the way the film ended. It was good and it was well done. I think that this film is definitely worth watching.

Edward Sullivan photo
Edward Sullivan

This film is a bit like a twisted version of "The Ring", only the camera moves and the sound is muffled. This is an excellent movie with a dark and brooding story line. I don't want to give too much away, but I can say that the plot is dark and complex, and the characters are well developed. The ending is somewhat disappointing, but I think that was the point. Overall, it's a great movie that is worth watching. 7/10