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El silencio de otros

El silencio de otros is a movie starring María Martín, José María Galante, and Carlos Slepoy. The Silence of Others reveals the epic struggle of victims of Spain's 40-year dictatorship under General Franco, who continue to seek...

Other Titles
The Silence of Others, Duchy wojny domowej, O Silêncio dos Outros, Diğerlerinin Sessizliği, A mások csendje, Sannheten Spania vil glemme, Le silence des autres
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo
Robert Bahar, Ricardo Acosta, Kim Roberts, Almudena Carracedo
María Martín, Carlos Slepoy, Ana Messuti, José María Galante
USA, Spain, Canada, France
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The Silence of Others reveals the epic struggle of victims of Spain's 40-year dictatorship under General Franco, who continue to seek justice to this day. Filmed over six years, the film follows the survivors as they organize the groundbreaking 'Argentine Lawsuit' and fight a state-imposed amnesia of crimes against humanity, and explores a country still divided four decades into democracy. Seven years in the making, The Silence of Others is the second documentary feature by Emmy-winning filmmakers Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar (Made in L.A.). It is being Executive Produced by Pedro Almodóvar, Agustín Almodóvar, and Esther García.

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Harry photo

I had the privilege of seeing this film at the film festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the end of July. I was fortunate enough to be the guest of honor at the screening, which was very well attended and was a very emotional experience for the audience. The film, which is based on the book by the same name, was filmed in Argentina, and is a documentary film about the life of the writer, Fernando Pessoa, who died in 2003. The film follows his life from his childhood to his death, and is also about his love for the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, which he loved to live in, and which he loved to write about. The film is a very moving, honest, and fascinating look into a man who was very close to his heart and who died in a way that was very unexpected. I was very touched by this film, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a passion for the arts, or for the human spirit, or for people who just want to be a part of something that makes a difference. This is a film that I will be watching again and again, and will be sure to add to my DVD collection.

Virginia photo

This is a great documentary. The film is a collection of interviews with various people from the area. I would have liked to have seen more of the people who lived there, and of course, I would have liked to have seen more of the people who worked there. The film is very interesting, and it is a great story. The interviewees are interesting and tell their own stories. It is a very good documentary and I would recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries. I give it a 10.

Lisa photo

This is an excellent film. It makes one think about what it is like to be an adult. It is not about being a kid, it is about growing up and trying to live a life that is not easy. The film is interesting to watch because it gives you the perspective of a young adult. It shows the ups and downs of a young adult life. It shows the struggles of a young adult with an alcoholic father. The film is not about a young adult life. It is about the life of a young adult. The film is not about drinking, it is about an adult life and the struggle to live that life. The film is very educational and the film does show the struggles of an adult in a very realistic way. I think that this film is very important because it shows what life is like for an adult. It shows what the struggles are and what it takes to live a life. It is not about what is good or bad, it is about what is good and what is bad. The film is about what it is like to be an adult. I think that this film is a must see for anyone who has ever been in the situation that a young adult can be in.

Joan Lane photo
Joan Lane

I have just finished watching this documentary, and it was just what I expected. It is a bit slow at times, and there are some parts that could have been edited a bit better. But overall, this is a very well-made and informative documentary. It's not the most exciting documentary, but it is very entertaining, and it will definitely make you want to know more about the history of this country, and about the events that took place during this time period. This is not a documentary that I would watch again. But it is definitely worth watching, and I am glad that I saw it.

Lori Meyer photo
Lori Meyer

I had heard that it was the worst documentary ever made, and I can say that it was very accurate. The documentary is a one man show, a man who can't get any sleep, and is one of the most interesting and talented people on the planet. In this documentary he goes through the different phases of his life, and the things that he is still dealing with, the things that he would like to change, and the things that he would like to change. I have to say that this documentary has to be the most interesting documentary that I have ever seen. It's a must see for everyone. It is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Kelly Ward photo
Kelly Ward

I don't understand why this movie is not being shown in schools, because it is really a good movie. It is so good that you feel bad for the child who was killed and the adults who were complicit. It is a really sad story, which shows how much hatred there is among the politicians in this country. I hope that this movie gets more attention and that it will be shown in schools. I think that people who have seen this movie should watch it, because it is a very important movie that should be shown. It is really a very good movie, that is why it is not shown in schools.

Judith T. photo
Judith T.

This film is about how the social problems of the world are due to the lack of social rights and how this is not only the case in countries like the United States, but also in countries like Brazil. I personally thought that the director did an amazing job in showing the social problems in Brazil. The film covers a lot of different subjects and shows the people who are affected by the social problems. This is a really interesting film, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to know more about the problems of the world. 9/10

Michelle L. photo
Michelle L.

The movie follows a group of people who have gone through a tragedy. One of them, a young man, starts to make a documentary about his experience. He has a lot of material to work with, so he goes to different people in the town to talk to them about their experiences. He starts to talk about his experience with his mother, his friend's father and his teacher. I really liked the documentary style of this movie, it is very well made and very interesting. I was interested to see what happens next. The thing that made this movie interesting for me was the fact that the director has made this documentary on the one day of the week he is in the town, so the movie really shows what the town is like during the week, because I am not from there, but I saw the movie with my family and we all agreed that it was very interesting. I also liked the fact that the director is very open with his audience. The interviewees were not allowed to say anything about their experience, but the director was very open about it. He had a lot of questions to ask and he answered them in a very clear way. The interviewees are very open and honest. I also like that the director never gives the interviewees any names, so I can't tell who the interviewee is. This film is very interesting and very well made. I liked it a lot.

Adam Soto photo
Adam Soto

I was very impressed by this documentary. I thought the director did a great job of creating a documentary that is both realistic and informative. It is very entertaining and makes you want to know more about the subject. I think this is a very important subject to be able to tell the story about and I think that this film did an excellent job of telling it.

Angela Spencer photo
Angela Spencer

A movie about the history of a place that is still highly controversial in Mexico. It is a very interesting film because it is not only about the history of the past, but about the present and how people today relate to it. The acting is very good, the directing is very good, and the story is very strong. The characters are very interesting, and I was surprised that they could relate to each other and that they were all different. It was also interesting to see how some of them lived and what they did. Overall, this is a very good movie, and I recommend it to anyone.

Eric Arnold photo
Eric Arnold

This is a great documentary about the real life of a man who was a notorious drug smuggler in the 70s and 80s. A great cast was assembled to tell the story of one man's journey from the streets of Mexico to the glittering heights of Hollywood. The main character is Antonio Estrada. He was an impoverished child and went on to become a millionaire through the smuggling of cocaine. He was caught by the DEA and spent time in jail for his crimes. He was released and later became a director, producer, and a screenwriter. He was arrested and convicted in 1994, and then released in 2005. He was then arrested again and spent time in prison. He was released in 2008, and then arrested again in 2009. He was sentenced to a 3 year prison term in 2011. The story of this man is told in the most gripping way. He is the most fascinating character in the film. He was a man who was so determined to make a good living that he even resorted to the worst forms of crime to get the money he needed. He was also a man who believed in the American Dream and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. His story is compelling, and it is a very important story for the history of drug smuggling. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the story of this man. It is a great documentary and I highly recommend it.

Jeffrey Olson photo
Jeffrey Olson

This film is by far the best I've seen. It is interesting to watch, with an intriguing story and a nice setting. I feel it is a great film to watch when you're bored, you just want to get away from the real world. You can't get much more seductive than this film. The first part of the film is a collection of interviews with both the subjects and their families. They tell stories about their past and the lives they led. The second part is a sort of retrospective. The story of the interviewees is told, and we are shown pictures of the interviewees, their homes, their possessions, and their families. This is a great way to get a feel for the lives of the people in this film. After the interviews the film moves to the present, the present day. The interviews are from the present day, and the film then jumps to the past, the past of the subjects. We see the interviewees at their homes, their jobs, and their businesses. We see the people they were before they met each other. The film is a great way to get a feel for what it must be like to live in the slums of Buenos Aires. The film does not attempt to tell the truth about the people in the film, but instead tells their stories. This is a great film, it is an interesting look at the lives of the people in the film.

Jacqueline photo

The Silencio de Otros is a wonderful film that chronicles the life of the late, great Mexican film director Alberto Nava. It was made by his wife, former film critic and critic, Carina Nava. The film shows the life of Nava and his relationship with his wife and his wife's relationship with him. The film is not just a biography of Nava, but also of his wife. It is a wonderful film that should be seen by anyone who has a love of film. The film is a wonderful look into the life of one of the most important Mexican film directors of the last century.

Phillip J. photo
Phillip J.

The most wonderful thing about this film is that it is so simple, yet so powerful. It is a documentary that does not try to tell you what is going on, but rather just tells you what is going on. It is a simple story, but the power of the film is in its simplicity. It is a film that should be seen by everyone, but especially by those who believe that a good film can be made from the heart.

Lawrence M. photo
Lawrence M.

I saw this documentary at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and it is an impressive piece of work. It is a great introduction to the international movement in the 1960's and 1970's to remove nuclear weapons from the US. The movie is very well done and the documentary does a good job of showing the background of the nuclear disarmament movement. The filmmakers also talk to a number of people involved in the movement, which makes the movie all the more interesting. The documentary is definitely worth seeing.

Judith photo

If you are a fan of Argento's films, this is a must see. It's very interesting to see how he made this movie and how it was made. The images are amazing, and the interview with Argento is priceless. It's a must watch for any fan of Argento's.

Edward S. photo
Edward S.

I first saw this film when it came out and I was blown away. It was like a different world, a new kind of film. I was blown away. I went to see it again last night and I have to say that it is still one of my favorite films of all time. I am a film student and I am in the process of writing my dissertation on the film and it was very interesting to see how the film was shot and the story behind the film. The acting is great. I was very impressed with the acting by everyone. I have to say that the main characters in the film are very well played. The story is great. I would recommend this film to anyone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Carolyn photo

This is a really well made documentary on the big controversy that occurred when a journalist tried to interview the women who survived the Holocaust. It is amazing how this situation became so much more complicated than just an interview. There are some interesting insights in this documentary as well as a great cast of characters who each have their own story to tell. The "silencio de otros" is a group of women who are living in the ghetto and they tell their stories about their experiences during the war and how they lived. They tell how they were used by the Germans to do their dirty work, how they were sometimes beaten up and treated badly by the guards and how they tried to escape but were often caught by the German soldiers. This is a very sad and sad film and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the Holocaust and the women who survived it.

Mark H. photo
Mark H.

This documentary does a very good job of describing what the U.S. government has done in the past and how it has effected the people of Latin America. It does a great job of showing the side of U.S. officials that is not usually seen in the news. It does a good job of showing the results of their actions. It is interesting to see what their history has been, and they talk about what the country has gone through as well. For those who are curious about how things have gone in the U.S.A. for this country, this documentary should be viewed. It does a good job of showing what the U.S.A. has done in the past and how it has affected the people of Latin America.

Kathryn Owens photo
Kathryn Owens

This documentary tells the story of how the heroic actions of two French miners in their attempt to rescue the US ambassador in Aden, Yemen, in 2002 were financed by a Russian-Israeli joint venture. There was no need for a pre-production film, as the two men were already famous. The narrative follows the personal history of the two men as they prepare to make the rescue of the ambassador. The men start off as unskilled but skilled workers, and later make their first steps into a real life. Their experiences are well documented, and their stories are fascinating. The work they do is an indication of the kind of work they are doing, and their work is to bring down the world's superpower to make way for a stable and secure world. The narrative is structured into the basis of a documentary, and as such it is quite clear. There is a lot of footage of the men in action, and the documentary also includes interviews with the families of the men. The men's roles are not completely clear, and it is difficult to know whether they are volunteers or paid soldiers. The film is well documented and edited, and the text is clear and concise. It is well done and the documentary is well done. This documentary was made during the time when the US was a very powerful military power, and it shows that there are many men and women who believe in the United States and want to protect it. The men are proud of their achievements, and they make a real impact on the world. The United States is a great country, and we should not forget that.

Alexander photo

I went to the screening in Spain and it was well received. It is a film about the human rights abuses in Latin America, with a particular focus on the case of Ecuador. This film does a good job of showing the historical background and the government's response to the protests of the women who were being held hostage. The director, Jose Luis Garcia Beristain, was on hand to answer questions from the audience and make comments about his background. He was able to show how the feminist movement in Latin America got started, the relationship between the women and the governments, and the role of the churches in the conflict. It is a great movie, but I think it would be better if it were a documentary. This is a film that should be seen by all the people in the world. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Andrea R. photo
Andrea R.

Filmmakers, directors, and other professionals have a tendency to pretend that the public and the press are unaware of the everyday reality in which they work. "Silencio de otros" shows this in the most basic of ways: by making us aware that, for the vast majority of us, our work and our lives are inextricably intertwined with the daily activities of the global community. I find it very difficult to describe this film to others, because it is a masterpiece in itself. The film is more than a portrait of the daily life of the people of the world, but a way of describing the world of those who work in the film. It is a kind of investigation into the idea of the work. There are moments when the director and actors are all around us, sometimes speaking, sometimes just watching us. It's a wonderful experience. I recommend it to everyone, and I hope that the director will continue to make films like this. But this is not a movie for those who are not interested in the issues it tackles.

Benjamin photo

This film is a combination of interviews and in-depth research into the "silent" experience of Puerto Rican immigrants during the 1950s. The film follows the relationships of a group of undocumented Puerto Rican men who have been working in the U.S. for decades and are now facing deportation. There are stories of loneliness, rejection, and emotional turmoil. The film covers many topics including racism, drug use, and the environment. The "silent" experience is an experience of being a part of a community and having a distinct language. The film is a film that should be seen by anyone interested in a better understanding of the history of Puerto Rican immigration. It should be noted that the interviews are part of a larger documentary project that will eventually be released on DVD. The interviewees are all educated and have made their way to the U.S. The film was filmed in Puerto Rico and was completed in 2015.

Dorothy V. photo
Dorothy V.

I really don't get the fuss about this movie being violent. It's not really a violent movie, and I don't think that it should be viewed as one. This movie is about the use of "Nuclear energy" as a tool for the world's economic development, and a fascinating look into the development of the country of Bolivia. I think that the content of the movie is accurate, and what it really shows is that Bolivia is a country that is going to be an important player in the world, with a population of some 7 million, that is currently in a recession, that is dependent on the foreign loans that are being received by the country, and that is facing the decline of its food supply. The film is narrated by Fernando Ortega, the Bolivian journalist that exposed the nuclear accident, that happened in 1984, and that led to the loss of some 70,000 people. It is a great story of a country that was once a great nation, and is now a country that is facing the decline of its food supply. This film is a must see.

Olivia photo

This documentary focuses on the work of a small group of scientists who have been developing and testing a vaccine that could help stop the spread of AIDS. The idea is to have the vaccine be given to people in the first world, and to prevent the virus from spreading to the rest of the world. The film is actually quite interesting, although the story isn't really the focus of the film. Instead, the focus is on the people who are working on the vaccine. The scientists are all quite interesting, and the film is very well made. The film focuses on one scientist at a time, so that you can really get a feel for what their work is like. The film is actually quite exciting at times, as we get to see what the scientists are doing and how they are going about their work. The scientists themselves are quite interesting too, and it is quite interesting to hear them talk about what they are doing. Overall, this is a really interesting documentary, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in HIV/AIDS. Overall Grade: A

John G. photo
John G.

I first saw this documentary on TV a few years ago. I was amazed by the sheer amount of work that went into making it. I felt that it was very honest and very very well made. The documentary was very informative, and very well done. I would recommend this documentary to anyone, especially those who are interested in politics. This documentary does a great job of showing the ways that people from all walks of life can come together to fight for what is right. I would also recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to see the difference between a politician and a politician who just wants to make a quick buck. I think that this documentary will be very influential on how people will see our current politicians.

Alan Reid photo
Alan Reid

This is a documentary that focuses on the life of Miguel Angel Mora. A very talented musician and actor, who is the subject of this documentary. It's a very emotional film. Mora is a very passionate man. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 44. The documentary is not only about his illness but also about his love for music and his passion for making music. It's a very touching film, with an emotional tone and a real story. The director, Eduardo Sanchez, is very talented. He really knows how to make documentaries. He is also a very talented actor. This is his first film. He did a wonderful job. The other actors are also very talented. I was very impressed by this film. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Marie photo

For years I've been interested in watching documentaries. This is one of the best ones I've ever seen. I am not a big fan of Mexican films but this one is very good. I don't think there are many documentaries I could like more. This one is a must see for all Mexican film lovers. It's very well done, you don't need to be a Mexican to understand it.

Samantha V. photo
Samantha V.

The Disappearance of Alice (1957) is an entertaining film with an interesting premise, but as a whole it is not very satisfying. It is an excellent story, but it is also rather predictable, the characters are underdeveloped and the plot is rather easy to predict. This is not a film that I would want to watch more than once, but it is a fine example of an historical mystery, with a good cast and excellent cinematography. In fact, it is one of the few films in which I felt the need to look up the name of the director. I have always felt that the director of The Disappearance of Alice was also the director of the magnificent novel of the same name. I think that this is a very good name for a director, but not a very good name for a film.

Sara Soto photo
Sara Soto

The man who gave us the most harrowing-yet-very-human-view of the world of those affected by the atomic bomb. The story of a man in Japan who went into the mountains to search for survivors of the Hiroshima bombing and brought back two men who lived in their wake. The two men and their families were so desperately desperate to find survivors, that they would kill anyone who came into their way to make sure no one got to them. I'm not going to ruin the movie for you, but I will say that it's very well done, very poignant, and very powerful. I've always been fascinated by the situation in Japan, and I've been following this story from the start, watching this documentary. And I'm glad that I did. I can't recommend this movie enough. It's extremely well done and has a powerful message about how important it is to keep remembering what happened in this horrible day in history.

Beverly B. photo
Beverly B.

This is a great film that will educate you about the importance of not only what is right but what is left to us. The director and the cameraman were doing their best to get as much information as they could about what is going on in Cuba, but in the end, I'm sure they would have enjoyed the time more if they had spent more time focusing on the people and not the politics. I wish they had spent more time on how they did it, and not just on what they did.

Gloria Castillo photo
Gloria Castillo

I have seen this documentary twice. It is not a documentary, but a series of interviews with people who have either been in the drug war or the anti-drug war. There are a lot of interesting things in this documentary, but it is also quite depressing. The people interviewed talk about how they have lost their lives and how they are now afraid of the future. The documentary is filled with beautiful shots and images. The documentary is quite long, but the people talk very well and you can get an idea of what they have been through. The interviews are very well done, and I believe that the documentary is well worth seeing. The main problem I had with the documentary was that it did not focus on the drug war. It was more focused on the drug users and how they have to deal with the war on drugs. I think that the documentary would have been better if it had been about the drug war instead. The drug war is not the main focus of the documentary, but that does not mean that it is not important. If you want to learn more about the drug war, I recommend the documentary "The War on Drugs" by journalist Mark Mazzetti. This documentary is much more in depth and much more entertaining.

Brittany Aguilar photo
Brittany Aguilar

This film is extremely well made, with excellent cinematography and editing, very impressive. It's well-rounded, with a significant number of scenes dealing with social injustices and themes of class, poverty, environmental degradation and the like. The actors are all very good, particularly the three principal characters. The subject is very well-balanced, with very few points of view being left out, and the film's conclusion is quite moving. Overall, it's a very good film that deserves much more attention than it received.

Vincent H. photo
Vincent H.

There is no doubt that the Holocaust was an awful tragedy. A crime against humanity that left no one untouched. And no matter how hard you try to put the events behind you, there is always a part of you that has to live them every day. The Holocaust was an event that no one could forget. And this documentary is made to tell that story to the world. In the opening sequence, the narrator, director and actors are all in their early thirties, but they are all still able to look and act as if they are in their forties. There are some long pauses, but this is not a problem. The characters do not look old, but they still look like young adults. This is a documentary that will be hard to watch, but that will leave you with a strong feeling of empathy for the victims of the Holocaust. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the horrors of the Holocaust. It is not a documentary that will make you cry, but it will make you want to know more about what happened.

Dylan photo

In the early days of cinema, the directorial debut of the great, Luis Bunuel, was greeted with both praise and derision. And, in my view, the film was so successful that a second film was required to follow suit. The result is a unique, rich and powerful film that is both highly personal and deeply moving. The first half of the film tells the story of a journalist, Isabelle, whose career is put on hold when she is repeatedly ordered to leave the country because of her work. While she is away, she is forced to look after her terminally ill mother. During her absence, she begins to create a series of self-portraits which are part of a series of self-portraits. It is an ongoing experiment in self-portraiture, and the camera-work is often startling, often moving, and often all of the above. There are several scenes where the camera is fixed on Isabelle as she watches her mother and other family members die. The second half of the film takes place in a family home. This is where Isabelle begins to learn more about her mother, and the movie becomes a study in how much these two things are related. The film is both personal and deeply moving. The performances are all excellent, with Isabelle's performance being particularly memorable. The film is the story of a remarkable woman, Isabelle, and is the story of a complex, moving and deeply personal film.

Bryan photo

After seeing the director's "El Silencio de Otros" (Eyes of the Cat) in Berlin, I wanted to see more of it. The director was explaining how he got the title and how he got the idea for the film. He mentioned that he saw the movie in the cinema in the early '90s and had a lot of fun with the cinematography. One of the main elements that interested me the most was the cinematography. The movie is shot in a realist way and, more than that, the director used the camera to show the audience the animals. He used the camera in a way that made you feel like you were actually there. He showed us how the animals came to life and how they lived their lives. He used the camera to show us the animals' behavior and to show us what they were thinking. For example, the photographer used a dolly to capture the animals' actions and actions of the people. The people in the scene looked at the camera in a way that I would call "slow-motion". I thought this was one of the main reasons that drew me to the movie. It was a unique way to show the animals. The cinematography was great, but the realist aspect of the movie was what got me the most. I can't say much more without giving away the ending of the movie, but it's a very emotional movie that I really enjoyed. It was also interesting to hear that the director got the idea for the movie when he was watching the black and white movies in the cinema in the early '90s. He didn't know what to do with the idea, but he tried and the idea came to life. I really liked the movie and would recommend it to anyone who is into the topic of animal welfare. It was a very interesting movie that has a lot to say about the animals and how they come to life.

Ryan C. photo
Ryan C.

I was able to get a copy of this documentary on DVD. The subject of this film is the disappearance of the three young people on the infamous Blue Train, and the families of the missing are now suing the train operator. This documentary does not tell you anything you didn't already know about the case, and it is basically about the families, trying to get their money back. The film doesn't tell you what actually happened on the Blue Train, but instead it focuses on the families and the personal stories of the families. I think the film should have been a bit longer, but it was very interesting and I would recommend this documentary.

Donald Williams photo
Donald Williams

This movie was very important to me. I loved it from the very first minute, and I watched it several times in a row. It's a movie that shows the life of an artist, artist in general, and the problems he or she had with the world around him. It's a beautiful story of a man who was fighting for his own life. I was very impressed by the way the director and actors showed the life of the artist. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It is a must see.

Andrea photo

In a country like Spain, where unemployment is at 20%, I find it hard to believe that this film would be shown on TV. The story is about a group of workers in a car plant in Barcelona. They were fired for reasons that have never been explained. The reason for this firing is that they had to go to a factory in the north of Spain, where they were not wanted. They were told that they could go to the north, but they did not. The workers say that they were told that they could go to the north, but they did not go. I found the film very interesting, because I found it very hard to believe that this would happen in Spain. I also found it interesting that the film was shot in Spanish, but the story was translated into English. I do not know the people who made this film, but I hope that they are not people who are influenced by the Spanish government. The film is very interesting because of the way it was filmed. It shows us the conditions that workers are forced to live in, and how they are treated. It shows us the conditions that people live in, and it shows us that people in Spain do not like to see their country suffering. I would recommend this film to everyone, because it is a very interesting film.

William Wright photo
William Wright

I have a great deal of respect for the way Mr. Tarrantino uses the camera to reveal his characters. For this film, the camera is a very important tool. It is used to capture the passion and emotions of the actors, to show the point of view of the characters, to reveal their thoughts and feelings. This film is a great example of this. I saw it on DVD and it is a great work. The performances are very good, the actors are well chosen, and the camera work is superb. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves to see good cinema. It is a very good film and I will be looking for it again.

Dorothy Stephens photo
Dorothy Stephens

This documentary about the once vibrant urban center of Buenos Aires covers a lot of ground, but I think it does a fair job of summing up the issues. I think that the main problem with the film is that it doesn't try to answer the questions it poses. It leaves you to your own opinion. The result is a work that is more a commentary on the past than an answer to the question it asks. I think it's a film worth seeing for anyone interested in the history of urban Buenos Aires. The director, a history professor, is very well known for his documentaries and I'm sure this will be the next one he makes.

Cynthia Johnson photo
Cynthia Johnson

I have to say that I am surprised that so many people have made this movie about the problems with the women's movement. It is certainly not the fault of the women in question that they are not being respected and not being treated as equal. It is a matter of their own personal choices and attitudes. Many of the women in the movie are not exactly happy with what they have to deal with and are not very open to the idea of doing something about it. I have to say that they did a wonderful job, especially the ones who were on the front lines. They show a great deal of courage and persistence in standing up to the system and the "nice" people who would rather not see anything positive in the world. As I said, this is not a movie for everyone, but if you are ready for a different perspective on things, it is worth seeing.

Janice photo

This is a wonderful documentary about how the world changed over the past few centuries. The film is mainly about the transition of power in Europe from the Catholic Church to the Protestants of the Reformation, and how the latter has become the dominant force in Europe and the world. The film has some beautiful and moving moments, such as the famous interview of the Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury (now Cardinal Keith O'Connel). It is a very good history lesson for people who want to understand and appreciate the history of the past and who want to understand the current political climate of the world. But it is also an interesting story of how the influence of religion in the world has been different from time to time. I especially liked the idea of the Italian explorer, Don Quixote, who lived in the Middle Ages. He was obsessed with being a knight, but at the same time was interested in being a priest and the scriptures. He was a good example for the idea of living a life of celibacy for a life of simplicity, but also for the idea of simplicity in general. The idea of the living life as a single person in the world without regard for the role of religion, was also a very interesting and important point in the movie. However, the film is not always good and you may find the history lesson is sometimes too boring. You may want to watch this movie again and again. It is definitely worth watching.

Amanda A. photo
Amanda A.

I was very disappointed in the first hour. It was too slow. It wasn't exciting. I was waiting for the revelations to come, but it didn't. I was left feeling like I didn't really know anything about what happened. The story is not interesting. There is no context. It is a very confusing movie. I don't think I have ever seen such a story unfold. I think the directors must have really wanted to make a movie that is really important, but the story was too complicated. I don't understand the point of the film. It is a really poor movie. I am not even sure I want to watch it again. I'm still trying to figure out what the point of the film was.

Anthony photo

A brilliant and wonderful film about the Holocaust. I love this film and it makes me feel so bad for the Jews. The film is in Spanish and in English. The film is very important for the Spanish people and the Spanish people in general. This is a must-see for all Spanish people. It is a very important documentary that is worth seeing.

Russell photo

It was, as the title says, the most difficult task of my life to get into the movies. I was born in the 70's and I watched lots of films when I was young. I learned to appreciate them, especially in the 1950's. I had a huge library of films and I watched them often. I thought I was an expert in movies. I thought I was smart. I thought I had seen everything. I was wrong. I never liked the movies like this one. This is the only movie I ever seen. It is the first time I saw the other movies of the 40's and 50's. I have to say that this movie is a masterpiece. Every single scene is absolutely fantastic. The idea of the "City of God" is so interesting. It is an extraordinary movie. I think that it is a great achievement for Carlos Loret de Mola to make a movie like this. In the end, it is the same thing as a documentary. If you want to see a documentary, watch a documentary. But if you want to see a movie, watch this movie. The stories are incredible. The people are amazing. You can't take your eyes off the screen. I don't know what the people in this movie are doing on a regular basis. The story is very interesting. It is a great masterpiece. It is so interesting to watch this movie. I recommend it to everybody. It is an excellent movie. I think this is Carlos Loret de Mola's masterpiece.

Aaron Payne photo
Aaron Payne

The idea behind this documentary is that of the director of the video for the song 'The Sound of Silence', who is sick with cancer. I knew the film was going to be made, since it is based on the person's diary, and it is about his journey to find the reason why the cancer took hold. He gets the support of his family, but also the film crew, friends, and a psychologist. He talks about his past, the stories he remembers, and about his future. And the film itself is more than just the personal story of a person. The director talks about the battle against cancer, and the effect it has on the family, on the friends, on the friends' families. It's a great film, and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about cancer.

Ralph photo

I watched this documentary when I was in college. In it I learned that in Argentina, a drug epidemic was sweeping the country. Every year there was a film festival dedicated to drug-related topics, including this one. I remember thinking, "This must be interesting." I now realize that it was. This is a very good documentary, which shows the story of the drug epidemic in Argentina, and the effect that it had on the local communities. There are some very moving scenes, and you can see that the local people were at first unaware of the disease. The film also shows the drug-users as they changed. In one particular scene, a drug user goes from being a kind of maniac, to a kind of compassionate person, to a kind of caring individual. I was surprised to see that the drugs were actually more harmful to the local people than the drugs themselves. The director, Alejandro Medellin, is also an activist, and he shows in the film that he and his wife had actually used drugs in their youth, and it wasn't until they started looking for a drug to control their addiction, that they started to view the situation in a more positive way. I had heard that the drugs were not really the problem. I had heard this before, and I had to make an effort to find out why the locals were such hypocrites. The film was also interesting to see the reactions of the local people, who said that this disease was really affecting their people, and that they weren't really affected, so they thought it was good. The director also made a point that they wanted to stop the drugs from killing the people, and that they had started to change. I have to say that the film was really well done. I will admit that I was shocked to see how many people died each year from drug use. I don't know if the real numbers are higher than what I have seen, but I know that there are many more people dying each year, because the people don't know what to do with their lives. The movie was also informative, and I learned a lot from it. I don't want to make this review too long, because I want to show how good the film was. I think it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I have also been told that the film is about the effects of the drug epidemic in the drug-using communities, and that the local people are not really affected. I think this is a very important message to get across. The film has been very well received in Buenos Aires. There are people who are angry about the drug epidemic, and there are people who are trying to help the people affected by it. The people in the film are divided between those who want to help, and those who want to stop the drug use. Alejandro Medellin is very passionate about his work, and I think he is a very good filmmaker. This film is a must-see for anyone interested in the drug epidemic in Argentina, or anyone interested in the drug problems in general.

Nicholas L. photo
Nicholas L.

A really very interesting documentary about the life and career of Erick "The Silencer" Ringo Ishii, a genius Japanese computer programmer who created the infamous illegal software "Silencer" that allowed an individual to erase any and all trace of any computer programs on a computer and also prevent them from ever being written again. In the late 1970s, Ringo Ishii was the world's leading programmer, and his work was so amazing that no one could ever have guessed that he would eventually become the top programmer in the world. This documentary is very interesting, and very moving. However, the documentary is completely overshadowed by the computer "Silencer" itself. This is a great film, and it is worth the time to watch it, but it's not really the best documentary of all time.

Michelle Vargas photo
Michelle Vargas

I'm going to take a very unusual approach to this. I went into this film thinking that I would see a very interesting film, but I ended up being quite disappointed. It was a very slow, very boring film. I did not feel the plot developed or the film took any real interest from me. The film looked quite interesting, but it wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. I was expecting something along the lines of The Godfather and Goodfellas, but I found it rather boring. It was one of the most boring films I have ever seen, but I wasn't expecting it to be this boring. The film has some very interesting angles to it. The interview with Juan Linz was great. The film is very well made, the performances are good, and the editing is very good. I really think that this film has a lot of potential. The only problem that I had was the length. The film would have benefited from a shorter length. I was very disappointed that the film took so long to develop. There were times when I was thinking that I wanted to see something else. I was expecting to see a great film, but I ended up being very disappointed. I would not recommend this film to anyone.

Shirley photo

This is a documentary about the people who live in the slums of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The film focuses on four families living in a neighborhood called El Silencio de Otros. The film is divided into four parts. The first part is about the families who live in the neighborhood. The second part is about the children who live in the neighborhood. The third part is about the police. The fourth part is about the community. The families are not well off and the children are not well educated. The children are separated from their parents and are forced to work in the slums. The police are not able to protect them. This film is a very well made documentary about the children of the slums. It is interesting to see how these children grow up and how they cope with their situation. It is interesting to see the children and the police in the same room and to hear their stories. This documentary is an important documentary because it shows how these children grow up and the problems they face when they are growing up in the slums of Buenos Aires. I really recommend this documentary.

Katherine Cook photo
Katherine Cook

I was able to view this film at the Sundance Film Festival. I had not seen the film in a while and thought it would be interesting to see what it was about. I found the film to be a bit boring and the director made it seem like it was made for TV. The acting was good but I did not feel that the director was the right person to make the film. The film was shot in a style similar to a documentary and the documentary style was very distracting. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Spanish Civil War. I think this film will be interesting to those who have not heard of it.

Marie P. photo
Marie P.

I was in the mood to see this film when I saw it at a local theatre. And now I've seen it again, and I have to say that it's a very interesting film. I can't say that it's a film that has any real meaning. It's simply a documentary on the people who live in and around the "Silent City", in Rio de Janeiro. Some of the things that the characters say or do, even the physical gestures and the music, are just too bizarre. But, if you're willing to look past all the weirdness, you'll find yourself in the middle of a very interesting documentary.

Justin S. photo
Justin S.

I have been a fan of the documentary for a long time. I was fortunate enough to see the original version in the theatre. I was a little disappointed with the editing. I think the story should have been told in a more coherent way. I was also disappointed with the title. It was a great idea to name the film after the film itself. I think the film should have been titled "Silence of the Lighthouse." The film was very well done. I would recommend it to anyone.

Helen Hernandez photo
Helen Hernandez

This is a wonderful film, especially for the general public. The story of the suffering and survival of the church workers during the Nazi occupation is one of the most heart-breaking, yet most inspiring stories ever told. I have personally seen many testimonies of the suffering of the church workers. This is a moving film, that should be seen by everyone.

Joshua W. photo
Joshua W.

I have seen many documentaries on the subject of human trafficking in Latin America. These have mainly been produced by NGOs (nongovernmental organizations), and were made in a very limited time frame. The film "Silencio de otros" is the first to be made on the subject of the vast majority of those women and children who end up in the hands of human traffickers in Latin America. I think it is a very important film that should be viewed by all who care about human trafficking and how that crime affects innocent people. The film follows a journey of three sisters who have escaped from the clutches of a network of child traffickers. The film includes interviews with the family members of those women and also the children who have been trafficked. It is told from the women's point of view and shows how they feel when they have escaped. The film is also a warning to the people who may think that the women and children will end up as happy and productive members of society because they have escaped from the hell that their family and society has become. In the end, the film shows that the trafficker is actually the one who gets the girls and women. She is the one who gives them their freedom and she is the one who keeps them chained to the rack in their lives. The film also shows how the traffickers are able to get women and children into the hands of the traffickers. It also shows the ways in which the traffickers try to keep the women and children in a very dark world where they are subjected to all kinds of degrading and degrading acts and conditions. The film ends on a very sad note where the women and children are told that they will be sent back to their country of origin. The film is very important because it shows how an entire country can become a place that is filled with misery and despair. It also shows how the traffickers continue to take advantage of the women and children and the children that have escaped. The film is very well made and the footage is very compelling. I recommend that you see it and that you watch it at least once. You will not regret it.

Betty Newman photo
Betty Newman

This is an excellent film, even if you are not a fan of Jose Canseco, I still think it's a good film. This documentary follows the life of Jose Canseco as a baseball star, from his humble beginnings in Mexico, to the professional days in the States. The film is very informative, and gives you an insight into the life of a very famous man. I would recommend this documentary to everyone, and to anyone who is interested in baseball. I think it is a great film, and I hope everyone who views it enjoys it. I gave this film an 8 out of 10.

Jennifer Pena photo
Jennifer Pena

This is a really nice documentary about the life of a woman who has the appearance of a beautiful woman and she works as a masseur for rich and rich people. I love the interviews with people from the sex industry, because the people in this world are all different. In my opinion this film is a great insight into the life of this woman. She was very kind to everybody, she knew what she wanted and how she wanted it, she never wanted to be alone, she never wanted to be ashamed, she was very happy and happy and happy and happy. I think the people in this film were very well chosen, they were very friendly and nice to her, and this is one of the things that makes her so good at what she does. If you are interested in what she does, or if you are interested in the sex industry, you should definitely see this film.

Stephanie J. photo
Stephanie J.

The problem with the film is that it is so focused on the life of a single mother that it becomes rather monotonous. As a result, the film seems to get lost in the tediousness of its subject. The film begins with an interview with her son, who tells his story of what life was like for him growing up in the countryside. His mother had to leave him and his family when she was a child. It was her choice to leave, and she did not regret it. As a result, the boy's story is not presented as a piece of life, but a documentary of a child's life. This lack of narrative allows the film to become more of a series of interviewees and not a story. The film also fails to tell the audience the story of how his mother got the job that she had. She was a woman who had the means to get a job, but was unable to do so because of the circumstances of her life. This film also lacks the ability to tell the audience the life of her daughter. Instead, the film focuses on her husband and her daughter, but fails to tell us what their lives were like. This failure is compounded by the film's decision to make its subjects' lives so distant and inaudible. The only thing that was in the film's favor was the footage of the boy's life. The footage was beautiful and well done. However, when the film was over, I was left feeling that the film had not given enough of a reason to care about the lives of the subjects. I was left with a feeling of emptiness. As a result, I was left with a feeling of disappointment that the film did not offer anything to the audience.

Jane C. photo
Jane C.

The last film of the short series of a real-life crime novelist, whose real-life life is shown in the film. The director is the writer of the trilogy of the novel, and here he does a good job. The film starts off in a boring way, with some filming of a night in an old manor. Then the director introduces the author, who is a man who was a very big writer, but lost his work and all his friends in a fight. He is now a very poor writer, and as he tries to write a novel, he cannot stand the fact that his life is not the same as he had. The whole film is about his life. You can see some part of his life, like his daughter, his wife, his work, his friends, his bad childhood. The director doesn't show much of his work, so you have to learn a lot of information about him, but this is not a problem. You see the films of a real writer, with lots of interviews, so you know a lot about the writer. At last the director shows his books. You can see the title, but it is not like the author's name is on the cover. The director also shows some pictures of his work, some of his friends, and his personal life. This is also a good thing. This is a good film, a good film, and the director does a good job.

Christopher Morgan photo
Christopher Morgan

This documentary takes a fresh look at the history of the movie industry. It has an interesting look at the changes in the industry due to the success of movies such as Superman, the Hulk and Star Wars. It's interesting to see how the movie industry has changed over the years. The documentary covers movies such as Superman, The Hulk and Star Wars. There is a lot of information that I thought was very interesting to see. The majority of the information was found in the movie industry's history books. However, some information was left out such as the way the studios operated. The documentary also covered the change in the way movies were made. The documentary also discussed the importance of independent films. Overall, I thought it was an interesting documentary. There are a few things I didn't like about the documentary. First, there were some parts that were left out of the documentary. For example, they didn't cover the social aspect of the movie industry. I would have liked to see more of that. Second, some of the information was left out such as the way the studios operated. However, it was still a good documentary. The documentary covers a lot of information that I thought was important to learn. In addition, the documentary is informative and entertaining. I give this documentary an 8/10.

Brenda Duncan photo
Brenda Duncan

I saw this film last night at the Freehouse in New York, and I loved it. It's a story about a very difficult time in Mexico when the US government did not want to have anything to do with the country, but then the film takes you back to the beginning of the current administration. When the US decided to invade, the Mexican military were furious, as they knew the consequences. In the beginning of the film, you see images of a typical village, of the first crops being harvested, of people who are happy and happy. Then the US government starts the invasion, and all the peaceful people start to be killed, or they are jailed, or they are forced to leave their homes, because the US government can't stand the presence of these people. It's a story of the human rights and the humanity of the people, but also of the international community. I think this film is very important because it's a documentary and it's about the human rights that are being violated in the name of human rights. In the end, we see that the international community does not support the government, but instead supports the people, and we are seeing how the human rights are being violated, and how people are suffering from it. It's a film about what is happening in Mexico, and how it affects the international community and how it's affecting the international community. It's a very good film. I recommend it.

Alan Griffin photo
Alan Griffin

As a long time fan of the cinematic work of Pedro Almodovar I must say this is an excellent film. There's no question about it, but for those who are not familiar with the work of Almodovar you will enjoy the film. There is a lot of very interesting information in the film. The photography and the narrative are very smooth and the acting is very good. The message of the film is clear: men with a lot of money can do whatever they want to women, no matter what. In my opinion the film is very good and worth seeing. For the people who are not familiar with Almodovar's work this film is not really a recommendation to them. But if you are interested in the work of Pedro Almodovar or just want to see a good film about the work of Pedro Almodovar, I suggest this film.

Karen Hansen photo
Karen Hansen

This film was not meant to be a documentary about the operation of the Ordo Templi Orientis. It was intended to show the way in which the Ordo Templi Orientis functioned and the work that the priests and monks did in the name of the Catholic Church. As the director of the film, Massimo Betti, stated in an interview, "I did not intend to make a film about the Templi Orientis. I wanted to show how the Templi Orientis functioned."

John Bowman photo
John Bowman

While this documentary isn't really about the "disappearance" of the astronauts, it is about their experience in space and the dangers they faced, not to mention their use of the space shuttle to perform medical research. One of the most interesting things about this film is the fact that they went through a lot of research and planning to get a special medical condition to be diagnosed by astronauts. During their first flight, the only thing they were allowed to use was a space suit and a medical instrument. When they were sent on the second mission, they were only allowed to use their space suits and a medical instrument. The astronauts are shown in interviews discussing the difficulties they faced during the flight. The footage is also shown on the "Discovery Channel" and other TV stations. The film gives a much more personal account of the actual experience of the crew and their preparation for their mission. It also shows their reactions when they came back to Earth and were asked why they were not home. When they were asked why they were in space, they would respond with, "We couldn't be home because we couldn't breathe." The astronauts talked about the very important questions that were asked during the mission. They also talked about the damage that they received from the space shuttle. When one astronaut was badly injured, the crew was told to take a vacation. One of the astronauts thought the crew should take a vacation because they had given so much of their time to the mission and the mission was over. The crew members were asked what they wanted to be remembered for and the first answer they gave was "To serve the public and our country." They also discussed the problems with the air traffic controllers that they encountered during their mission. During their flight, the controllers had to deal with a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic, and they had to monitor the traffic with multiple satellites and the astronauts' radios. While on the ground, the astronauts had to use the space shuttle to check out the space shuttle. While the astronauts were in space, the controllers had to deal with a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic and they had to monitor the traffic with multiple satellites and the astronauts' radios. All of this adds up to a very personal and interesting film that offers a great insight into the most important thing to a human being and their work in space. It is an extremely good documentary that is well worth watching.

Sean C. photo
Sean C.

The quality of this film is just outstanding, and the storytelling is extremely compelling. It is not a documentary, but it is a fascinating insight into the mind of a man who is in his mid-40's and has spent the last 30 years in prison for murder. The subject of this film is this man's life, and what happened to him in prison. There is a lot of history in the film, and you learn a lot about how a person can change in a short amount of time. You also get to see a glimpse into his mind, and how he deals with his mental illness. There is also a lot of drama in the film, with some great acting, and some great writing. The director does a good job with his camera, and he has a very good grasp on what he wants his film to look like. The editing is good as well, and the direction is very good. This is a film that is not for everyone. It is very hard to watch, and some scenes will break your heart. However, I recommend that you watch this film. It is not for everyone, but it is definitely worth it.

Justin Diaz photo
Justin Diaz

First of all, I would like to point out that this is not a documentary. It is an interview and also an art exhibition. I have read some reviews of this film, where people write that it was a documentary and therefore it was very boring. This is not the case at all. This is an interview with the director and also a brief description of the film. All in all, this is a great film, I can't say more about it. It is an excellent documentary that has a lot of information about the film, in particular how it started and how it ended. It is also very interesting to see the way the film was put together and also the way the director spoke. He is very articulate and intelligent, so I would say that it is a must see for all documentary fans. But if you are a film fan, then you definitely should see this film.

Charles M. photo
Charles M.

This is a very interesting film that delves into the ways in which people in Mexico live their lives in the face of illegal immigration. It is interesting to see how Mexico City is affected by the illegal immigrants and how the Mexican government is affected by them. The filmmaker takes the viewers through the lives of different people who live and work in Mexico City, including a street vendor and a guy who works as a taxi driver. The film is very interesting and one can learn a lot about the lives of different people from their point of view.

Jacob photo

I was very interested in this movie because I am a fan of Agustin Lopez. I'm also a former producer of the "Pacta de la Energie" (the Pact of the Energetic), a movie which Agustin Lopez co-wrote and directed. I also worked on the screenplay of the movie. I was very impressed with the documentary, and I really liked the actors' performance. I have seen Agustin Lopez before, but I never really saw him perform in a movie. This is one of his first performances. I think the movie is very good. It is very interesting to see his life from the perspective of the former producer of Pact of the Energetic. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of Agustin Lopez. I recommend this movie to all the people who enjoy documentaries. This movie is a must-see!

Benjamin R. photo
Benjamin R.

This film is not what it seems. It is a love story that is told from the perspective of the daughter, who is addicted to heroin and her sister. The stories are interwoven and the whole thing is presented in a very strong, dark way. I recommend this film to everyone, it is well made and not overly graphic, but that's what makes this film special.

Russell Rice photo
Russell Rice

I was a little apprehensive going into this documentary, as it was released under the title "Guerra del cielo." The title was a little misleading as the movie is about the military, but I am glad that they chose to go with that title. I was very impressed with the way the film was filmed. The attention to detail was incredible. It is very hard to find a movie that covers the Mexican drug cartels in a realistic manner. The way the movie was filmed was very realistic and the camera was very steady. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in the topic of the drug cartels and the history of the Mexican drug cartels.

Susan Alexander photo
Susan Alexander

I have a really hard time to understand how many people are having a hard time to watch this movie. It is really a very moving film. There are very few people in the world who do not understand the humanity and the spirit of these animals. And the movie is just fantastic. It is a very beautiful film. I really recommend it to all of you who want to see a good film. I have already seen it 5 times. I have to say that it is one of the best films I have ever seen.

Jose photo

As the opening credits to this documentary draw to a close, the viewer is treated to an image of a man on a road, smoking a cigarette. The image cuts to a close up of the man, holding a flower, his eyes glazed over, but staring intently at the camera. The film proceeds as if he is some kind of hallucination, like some kind of alien who speaks English and French. The film never explains why the man is in the hospital, but it is clear that he is suffering from an undisclosed illness. The viewer is treated to interviews with his doctors, and friends. As the camera pans through the hospital, we are shown various rooms, and he is shown in various stages of recovery. The scene moves from one room to another, with some of the rooms shown in close-ups, such as the examining room. The patients, like the man, are all treated as if they were other people. Their voices are recorded in Spanish, and they are then read in English. After the screening, the doctors told the audience that the man was suffering from terminal cancer, and that he would have died had it not been for the film. They explained that the man, named Jose A., was in his late 30s when he had an accident, and was driving drunk. He was taken to the hospital, where doctors began to treat him with chemo and radiation. Jose was never to see his daughter again, and the film ends with the young man's sister telling the audience that the man is gone. Jose, it seems, has gone to his death in his own way, as though he is never coming back.

Olivia photo

I'm a big fan of documentaries about the Cuban Revolution, especially the first part of the 20th century, when the Cuban Revolution started. But, I didn't really know how to comment about this documentary until I watched it. And, after watching it, I can say that the most important thing in the movie was the fact that it was not just about the Cuban Revolution. There are many other important things that are discussed in this documentary. One of them is the character of Fidel Castro, and what he has done for his country. I don't really know how to comment on this documentary. I think that this is a documentary about the Cuban Revolution and the people who were involved in it, so I can't comment on their opinions on the Revolution. The only thing that I can comment on is the fact that I think it's important to be open about the facts of the Cuban Revolution. If you think that the Revolution was an important thing in Cuban history, I think that you should be able to comment on this documentary. And I think that this documentary is really important, because it's the only documentary that has been made about the Cuban Revolution, and I think that it's a great documentary because it tells us about the problems that the people of Cuba had to deal with at the time, and it shows us about the problems that the people of Cuba had to deal with. I think that it's important to be open about the facts of the Cuban Revolution, because it will help us to make better decisions about our country.

Frances Russell photo
Frances Russell

The new documentary, "The silent war", is a pretty good film. It is the story of how the state of war was portrayed in the movie "The Silent War". It was a very powerful movie and it made me think about it. Although I was rather shocked by the lack of information given about the silent war. I wasn't exactly sure about the war itself, and the depiction of the Japanese soldiers was not too clear. I would recommend the movie for it's special effect. I would recommend it to people who like to see the power of propaganda. It is really hard to have an accurate portrayal of the Japanese war effort in this movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Rebecca photo

At the time this film was made, in 1980, the USSR was under the control of Khruschev, and the pace of the development of nuclear weapons was at its zenith. The world was going to be changed forever. And we have the film to look back on. It is interesting to see how much the films make of the secrecy of the nuclear age, how many are concerned about how many will die and how much they will suffer. They are also concerned about how much people will suffer from the resulting radiation sickness, what they will eat, what they will drink and how they will live. But I found the documentary to be overrated. It is mainly the arguments that do not convince. And while there are some interesting anecdotes, the film is a bit too long and the politics are too politicized. This film is still a good watch, but it does not bring me to a different opinion.

Danielle Bradley photo
Danielle Bradley

This documentary is a must see for anyone who loves the arts. It is very well made, with interviews with a number of the people who are involved with the film and the events that led up to it. It is a very entertaining documentary and has a great deal of information on the subject of the film, so it is a very worthwhile watch.

Donna Chapman photo
Donna Chapman

This documentary shows the last days of a man, Alberto, who was a member of the Colombian guerrilla. This man was tortured and killed by the Colombian government, and his memory was erased from the national consciousness. The film was made in the years 2000 to 2006, and this documentary is part of an exhibition at the National Museum of Colombia in Bogota. It shows the struggle for a true democracy in a country that was under the control of a military junta for 40 years. As the documentary shows, the Colombian people fought for their country, and for peace. This is a powerful film. I recommend it to everyone.

Charles photo

Films that speak directly to the public and not just the few that have a big budget. It's a film that can be watched by everyone, but it is definitely worth watching by those that have a passion for history and the story behind it. The film is centered around the first steps of the Peruvian army, that made it's way into the Amazonian jungles. This is the story of a group of young Peruvians who are pioneers and a small group of young soldiers who were able to survive and take on the jungle. The film is told in the same style as The New Yorker's articles, which makes it easy to follow. This film is a great resource for anyone interested in the Peruvian Army, their stories, and their struggles. I highly recommend this film.

Jonathan photo

This is a very interesting documentary about the life of one of the world's most famous paintings, a 1602 painting called "The Second Coming of Christ" (or, in English, "The Second Coming of Christ" in Latin). The painting is now owned by the University of Texas at Austin, and the artist, Salvador Dali, has donated it to the university, as a gift. In the documentary, the director, Alberto Otero, and artist and collector, Mircea Eliade, talk about the painting and the impact it has had on the lives of those who have seen it. The film is a beautiful look at the painting and the story behind it, and the effect it has had on the lives of those who have seen it. The story is interesting, but the film is also very well made, and the director and the collector, Eliade, are very interesting people to talk to. The documentary is also a very good look at the painting, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in art or art history.

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I've seen a lot of films about the student movement, and this one is by far the best. It tells the story of the protests and the students' struggle against the dictatorship, from the first day of the uprising to the death of Salvador Allende in 1970. This film is extremely well made, with a lot of footage from the protests. It's well-acted and well-edited, and it does a good job of showing the students' struggles and their connection to the people who supported them. The students are depicted as being all about the revolution, but this is not the case. The students are very united in their hatred for the regime. They are constantly trying to create a revolution, but they never succeed. The film shows the students' motivation, and the students themselves talk about the revolution in general. It shows the student leaders as being very much like the soldiers, who were killing and raping people in the streets. The film is very interesting, and it does a great job of telling the story. I think that it's worth seeing.

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Kathy G.

I just finished watching this documentary. It's a real eye opener. The country's history is a part of the people's history, and people will be affected by the movie. The history of Mexico is so rich and diverse that it's hard to tell the whole story, but this movie does a good job at showing us what happened and what is happening today. I really liked it. I really liked the way they went through the history of the country, the stories they told, and the stories of the people they interviewed. The movie is so well done and so well done it's hard to believe it's just a documentary. I really recommend this movie.

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Nicole A.

I am not sure how to describe this film. It is very subjective to what kind of film it is. If you are an academic, this film will definitely not be for you. It is a documentary about a guy who has a hobby. That hobby is collecting video games, in particular the games of Mario, Yoshi and Link. He is very curious about this hobby and collects them as well as he can. When his hobby becomes a bit more popular, the guy begins to lose his interest in it and his life changes. I am sure that this film has a lot of influence on the modern game-collectors, but that doesn't mean that it is a good film. It has a lot of technical errors and some technical errors are really funny (the film is in Spanish). If you are an academic, you will probably enjoy this film more than I did. I liked it because it is a good documentary about a guy who does not really collect games but only watches them and he thinks about them, but it is not a film that I would recommend to anybody.

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I think there are many reasons to watch this movie, and in my opinion it is a good one, just don't go by the title and expect a story about the Palme d'Or of Palme d'Or of Palme d'Or, it's just a movie about the "life of the devil" in Mexico, and the "life of the devil" in Mexico is a very tough story. The story was about my grandfather (Francisco Serna) and his friend Vicente (Jose Luis Carpio). Vicente and his friend are very interested in the stories of the Palme d'Or and they had wanted to see it, but they were not allowed to go. The story is about their meeting of the devil and the "evil" they end up doing, so this movie is about what they did and the consequences. The movie is very interesting and it is a movie that should be seen. I think it's a good movie to see, if you are interested in the Palme d'Or and have watched it.

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Although it is a very good documentary about the heavy censorship of the late 1960s, it is less clear about the censorship of the 1980s. The principal reference point for this is a famous picture that was shown during the 1980s and that was a movie made for Spanish television. It was called "Pina" (Pink) and it was about a girl, named Pina, who was a model in a very popular magazine in Spain. The movie was very popular and it was shown very frequently. Because of the popularity, the magazine was given the choice of sending her or not. The movie was a success in Spain and Pina was sent to a very bad school. The movie was very hard to get a release, and it was broadcasted in a lot of places. At the same time, a lot of films were being released. And this is how the picture was censored. And there are a lot of censored pictures, and some of them are better than the one from the 1980s. This is because this is a documentary, not a documentary about censorship. Because the censorship was very strict. I think that this is an important document and it is one of the best documentaries made about censorship, because it is very clear and it shows the reality.

Lisa F. photo
Lisa F.

The true story of a man's pursuit of a dream. It takes place in the beginning of the 21st century, in a city called Santiago, in Argentina. The title is taken from a song by the Chilean rock band 'La Boca' (The Bomb). The film follows the life of the man, who is a conman, a professional killer. He is also a chess player, and he has written many novels and poems. He also does many things for the youth of Santiago, even the teenagers. He is famous for writing books to sell at the local book shop. I have never read his books, but I understand that they are full of violence and strong language, but this film tells the true story of the man. You will learn many things about his life, his personality, his motivations, and also the negative effects of his profession. The film is a little slow at times, but that is just the way it is made. The acting is great, as always, and the direction is great. If you want to see the true story of a conman, you should see this film. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): 'Dias de Ocho' ('The Dream of Ocho')

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This is a brilliant documentary that offers some really positive messages, from the point of view of the Indian farmer. The documentary talks about the injustice done to Indian farmers by the government of India and how farmers are treated, even in America, where there are farmers who are free to choose their own way of farming. The documentary also shows how the Indian farmer has had to go through the poverty of the Indian middle class which has been made to look like the rich ones. I am not sure if the documentary is biased towards the Indian farmer, but it is clear that the Indian farmer is being mistreated by the Indian government, and the documentary shows the farmers in their misery. This documentary also shows how Indians are fighting for their rights. It is a shame that the documentary has not been released in India, and that is a shame. The documentary is well-made and worth watching, and the documentary is a great thing for farmers. This is a great documentary.

Albert R. photo
Albert R.

This is a very simple and short film, yet it's probably the most interesting one I've ever seen. The images are very clear and the sound quality is excellent, which is a great credit to the film. The film starts out with an interview with a guy from a farm in Paraguay, and how his life changed after a accident at work and his wife, who is dying, brought him to her place in the US. There's no boring interview between them, as they talk about their life, their children, their thoughts and feelings. Then there is a summary of what they've done, their hopes and dreams. There are some very interesting views of the world, the kind of places they've been to, and the kind of people they've met. The last part of the film is a visit to a small town, in Paraguay. They talk about what they've done there, the different things they've done, the pictures they've taken and the architecture they've seen. The last part is also very interesting because it is the story of one of the workers from the farm. The interview with him and his wife, which is very emotional, was the most moving part of the film. This film is very powerful and you can easily feel the emotions of the people on the screen. The film is very short, but it's very well shot, very interesting and very powerful. It's very enjoyable to watch, and the images are very clear. The film is a must see for everyone who has an interest in the human condition.

Steven Montgomery photo
Steven Montgomery

Not many films are as visually stunning as this one, and the one it's taken from is the original, which is the one I knew as a child. From then on, I've been familiar with the various directors, the various locations, and the many characters in it. All that's really important to me is the story, and what the characters are doing, and what they've got to do. I can see that the film has been criticized for being too "religiously" aligned, and in fact, it's not really a religious film at all. It's not just about the story, but it's about the characters and their lives and how they all intertwine in the plot. That's what I take away from it, but I also feel it's what I can take from it. I'll say this much: it's not all about religious matters. I'll also say this: it's not a film I'd recommend to anyone, but it's an eye-opener for anyone who's taken a long time to get around to seeing it. It's a film I'll take with me on my travels, but I think I'll have to stay away from the street scenes, because that's not the sort of film it's about. I can't wait for the DVD release!

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Billy Anderson

While many of the subjects in the film are of interest, the main focus of the film is on the families of the victims of the Silencio attack, and the doctors, psychologists, lawyers and family members who participated in the trial of the attacks. The film is beautifully shot and tells the story of the trial, but it also shows the effects the Silencio attack had on the families. The film is so interesting because it's a true story, and because it's the first film to tell the story of the Silencio attack. While the story of the Silencio attack is interesting, the film is not particularly informative or dramatic. This is not a bad thing because there are other films that are more informative or dramatic. The Silencio attack is just a story about people and how they got affected by the tragedy, and there are other movies that talk about the Silencio attack, including the Oscar-winning film "The Silence of the Lambs". I think this is a very good movie and it's worth seeing.

Ruth Castro photo
Ruth Castro

This film will appeal to those who like to see how other countries view the US. Most will probably be able to enjoy it and not be bothered that the country is portrayed as a hypocrite for not showing the images of war atrocities it has committed. The film also goes into a bit of history of the US and the role of Hollywood in how the US portrays other countries. The film shows that the US had a large influence on how the media portrayed the Vietnam war. The film also shows that the US is not only a country of war, but that the media portrays the war in a way that may not be correct. The film also tells the story of the man who was kidnapped by the Vietcong, and how he was able to survive the war. The film also shows that the US is involved in the destruction of Afghanistan. The film is very informative and it makes you think. It also shows how the US views other countries, and the way that people in other countries view the US. It also shows how some people in the US have different views of how the world should be.

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Debra Smith

C'est une fille, c'est une plupart. This is a French movie that will have you laughing out loud and drooling at the thought of what you might have done. The subject of this movie is about a bunch of young American kids who go to France to learn the language, and they really have no idea what they are doing there. The only thing they are doing there is to learn French, which is a hard language, and they are just learning it. And this is the point where the movie really gets going. What they learn there is so interesting that you will want to watch this movie over and over again. The main character, played by Jeremy Renner, is basically just a kid that has no idea what he is doing in France, and this movie shows that he just does not know what he is doing. The other characters are also not really focused on, but the other characters are the ones who really make the movie. These characters are all just as clueless and clueless as the kids, but they are the main characters, so that makes the movie all the more interesting. This is a movie that is not for the faint of heart. It is not a comedy, it is a drama, and it is very difficult to watch. But I have to say that it was really entertaining. It is very hard to see this movie. It is not a movie you would want to see on the big screen. It is not a movie that you would want to see in a theater. But if you have time to kill and you have the chance, you should definitely see this movie. It is very well made and very entertaining. It will be hard to get the time to watch it, but you should definitely give it a chance. You will definitely be thinking about it, and you will want to watch it again and again.

Mildred Ortega photo
Mildred Ortega

Films like "Saving Private Ryan" and "All Quiet on the Western Front" do not do this film justice. Not that I think those films are particularly good but they do have something to say. Here, we have a film that attempts to communicate the plight of the people in the Palestinian territories in the Gaza Strip. This film is very brutal. It is a documentary but it's not meant to be a documentary. The director of the film, Ben Yaghi, has no intention of presenting a coherent narrative. He's just interested in how to make a film. I don't know much about Palestine but I know that the Israeli government has made a lot of money by the destruction of Palestinian land. The film shows the very real plight of the people of the Gaza Strip and the absurdity of the Israeli government's policy. It is no coincidence that the film was made in the United States. The United States government is in the same business of destroying Palestinian land. It's a business that is very lucrative. So is the United States military occupation of Palestine. The Israeli government is a military dictatorship. In the film, you will see the real reason for the Israeli occupation. In the end, we can conclude that there are two kinds of people in the world. Those that have a heart and those that have a heart but no mind. What do you think?

Adam Armstrong photo
Adam Armstrong

The first time I saw this movie I was very excited. The plot is interesting, and the images are also very powerful. I was even moved by the story of the girl. And the fact that these people have lived through such a difficult time, and they still have the courage to tell their story. The main characters are very inspiring and the story is very interesting, even if it is not the most accurate. The images are beautiful, and the words are powerful. The only thing that I don't like is that I don't understand Spanish, so the subtitles weren't very useful. I could have easily been completely lost, because of the language barrier. I also didn't understand the end of the movie very well, and the way that it ended was very disturbing. I am sure that there will be a sequel. The fact that the characters have survived this hard time, and the fact that they are still so courageous, makes this movie even more powerful.

Jane photo

The Story of the War on Drugs is a beautifully shot, very powerful and quite moving documentary that I really wish more people would see. While it's mostly filmed in Mexico, it touches on the US drug problem as well. While I don't think there's enough on the US drug problem, the documentary does tell a very powerful story about the impact of the drug war on the people in Mexico, and the effect that it's had on people in the US. While the documentary is slow, it's a very well done documentary, and it's a story that is worth seeing.

Benjamin photo

I really enjoyed this documentary, because it presents the entire story of the movie and nothing is left out. I'm not sure if this movie is really a documentary, but it is very informative. It was very interesting to see how the director of the movie and the producer of the movie worked together on this project. I really enjoyed the interview with the director, because he is a very kind person and very respectful to all who work with him. He is a very successful director, but he is also very modest about his work. He wants everyone to understand that it is not that he is making a movie for the money, but that he wants to tell a story about what happened in the movie. It was also very interesting to see how the producer of the movie and the director worked together. I also enjoyed the interviews with other people involved in the movie, because they all had their own stories to tell. I really liked the way the director was able to put himself in the movie as well as the producers. I think it was a very interesting movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Christina P. photo
Christina P.

It is a hard to believe that the most important theme in modern Mexican cinema has been the creation of a modern Mexican cinema in the last ten years. The Mexican Revolution (1936-1942) was a turning point in Mexican history and a period of economic and social turmoil for the country. This documentary gives a good perspective of the period and gives the viewer an insight into the life of the revolutionary leaders. It is also interesting to see how the first film students in Mexico, with their camera, went to Hollywood and what they did with it. This documentary is well worth watching.

Amanda photo

I really liked this documentary. It is a must see for any audience that appreciates or has a general interest in the interplay of cultures, cultures that tend to merge into one another, cultures that are not so easily separated. It also helps to be an advocate for the poor and oppressed because if you're a privileged white male, you probably won't have a real chance to see the reality of what goes on in the world, and that is very easy to miss. I have two major problems with this film: 1. It is too short. There are many more important issues that the film does not address. 2. The African people in the film are portrayed as being "submissive". This is not true. It is the same as the situation with the U.S.A. where the poor and oppressed are portrayed as being "macho". I don't see this as being the case. There are many powerful men in the world that would not trade their power for "the woman". It is important to remember that the only difference between the poor and the rich is that the rich are a bit more privileged. The rich are not "submissive" because they are "macho" and the poor are not "submissive" because they are "fragile". I think the only reason why the film is not showing more of the rich and powerful is that they are not worth showing. It is important to remember that the wealthy are not the "submissive" and the poor are not the "macho". All in all, the film is a very good and informative documentary. If you have any interest in history or politics or even just the human condition, then you should see this film.

Ethan B. photo
Ethan B.

I thought this film was a great representation of what it was like to be a foreigner living in the country. The students interviewed were incredibly respectful of their host country and this is truly a story that needs to be told. The documentary is well-directed and well-written. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the challenges of living in a foreign country.

Margaret A. photo
Margaret A.

The following is an attempt to create a historical account of the Cuban Revolution, the Cuban Revolution of 1959. This is an attempt to document the various episodes that lead to the Revolution, the events leading to the establishment of the Cuban Government and the events leading to the Revolution. I was not able to get the film in the United States but I did get a copy of the DVD, and I was able to watch it through out the film. The film is divided into segments, some of which are more interesting than others. I recommend this film to those who are interested in the Cuban Revolution, the Cuban Revolution of 1959 and what happens when a government is taken over by a small group of people, often with the help of the media. The film is an attempt to present the revolution and the events leading to it in an accurate and interesting manner, and to portray the events as accurately as possible. My rating for the film is based on the first two thirds of the film, which is very interesting and gives us a good overview of the events leading up to the revolution, but unfortunately, the third part of the film is not very interesting. I do not want to give away the ending but the film ends with a statement that is very interesting. Overall, this is a very interesting film that is worth seeing.

Brittany Pearson photo
Brittany Pearson

I had heard about this film for a while, but never really had the chance to see it, or even pick up a copy. However, I did decide to give it a chance, and I am glad I did. This is a fantastic documentary that has the potential to break new ground in the art world. The film's main idea is that if you want to be considered an artist, and the answer to the question "What are you?" is "What do you want to be?", then you must learn from the artists that preceded you, in the sense that the people around you had to go through similar experiences. This is why you have to see the films that were made before you, and then you can decide what to do. The second thing that makes this film interesting is the interviews that the artist gives. The films that were made before, and the interviews with the people that made those films, can provide us with the insight that the artists had, and the insight that they had from the artists. This is the basis of the film, and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the art world. It is an excellent documentary and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the art world.

Peter H. photo
Peter H.

I've been watching documentaries for a while now and I've been to a few. I have to say that this is the best documentary I have ever seen. The cinematography is amazing and the documentary is excellent. It's like a movie about a very serious issue. It's very honest. It's about the effect that the Holocaust had on the people in Poland and how they cope with it. It shows the people who survived the Holocaust, the survivors, the people who were affected by it, and the people who lived through it. It also shows how the Nazis tried to control the Jews, to control their speech, their religion, their clothes, their behavior, and to control the Jewish people. It shows how the Nazis tried to control the Jews and how they were able to control the Jews. It shows the history of the Holocaust and how it affected the people who survived it. It also shows the history of the Jews who survived it. I highly recommend this documentary.

Hannah A. photo
Hannah A.

A breathtaking look at the power and brutality of the Mexican drug cartels. The film starts out with footage of the first week of the first drug bust, and then we cut to a man in a boiler room, a man in a laundry room, a man in a basement, and so on. It's not clear if they were caught by the police or the cartels, but they're all incredibly brutal and terrifying. It's amazing to see how even people in their thirties and forties look like they're in their teens. I don't really have anything to say about the acting. Most of the actors are old, but I've seen some young guys who look like they're in their twenties. The cinematography is very good, and it's very well-made. It's really interesting to watch how a small amount of drugs can change a whole culture. I was interested to see how the Mexican government dealt with the cartels, and I liked the fact that the government couldn't really take advantage of the cartels' power. I also liked the fact that there was a woman in the film who was going to be a judge, but the judge wasn't able to use the drug cartels because of their violence. The government had to go through some pretty tough times, but they stood up to the drug cartels and were successful at the end of the movie. Overall, this is an extremely powerful film and I would recommend it to anyone. I have to say that I'm very impressed with the cinematography and the fact that it's shot in Mexico. It's so well done and it's very well made.

Megan Murray photo
Megan Murray

The film "The Silencio of Otros" (The Silenced Ones) is a documentary about the Argentine Mormon community. It's based on the story of a man who is seeking to understand the mysterious happenings in his community. The film also focuses on the people in the community and their lives. It's a documentary that is both personal and informative. The people in the community are portrayed as a tight knit community that have the same beliefs as the rest of the world. The documentary makes the point that Mormons have been in this community for over 150 years. This is a documentary that is worth watching and that is worth telling.

Larry F. photo
Larry F.

I was very impressed with this documentary. It was a great attempt to cover a very important issue, and the stories of the families are amazing. It is an eye opening and emotional experience to see the way the children live their lives and to hear the story of the parents. The interviews are very well done and the information is well presented. I think it is a great film that shows how much is at stake for a family. I have seen this documentary and will be purchasing it. I think it is a very important film for all to see and I would recommend it to anyone.

Sara S. photo
Sara S.

A very sad story about a family that tries to survive the housing crisis in Mexico City. The director takes us through the lives of the family members and the problems they face. There is a very interesting point in the middle of the movie when the mother and father are talking to the television, while the father is trying to describe the problems he is facing, because he is a doctor and the mother is a housewife. The father's eyes are filled with tears and he tells the mother that he has been living the same way for a long time and he wishes he was able to go back to the time when he was a doctor, but he cannot, because he cannot go back. The mother's eyes are filled with tears again and she tells the father that the problem is not the way that the family lives. She says that the problem is with the city itself and the way that the people live there. The director shows us the consequences of the problems that the family faces and how they try to cope with them. I think that this film is very important because it shows us that we have the power to change the things that are bad about our lives. We have to make choices about the things that are bad and we have to make the right choices about the things that are good about our lives.

Julie F. photo
Julie F.

I was intrigued by this film after seeing it on the Discovery Channel. I'm not a fan of documentaries. I don't think that they are all that important. I do like to watch them, but I'm not that impressed with the films they make. I think that documentaries are a good tool to make a point, and this film is a good example of that. This is a documentary about the project of a woman who wants to use her "gift" to help her family. It is a good way to get the idea of how someone can use their gift to help the people around them. The people who are affected by the project are shown and they are interviewed. This film is very well done and the interviews are very good. I think that this is a good documentary to watch, but it is not something that I would consider a "must-see". I think that it is very well done, but I think that it could have been better.

Brittany Campbell photo
Brittany Campbell

When I first saw the film I was struck by how uneducated people can be. If you look at the actors, you will find a lot of people who don't have a clue about the local language. This is a serious problem, and is a huge problem in the world today. I'm not saying that this is a bad film, it's just that it shows what a crisis it is, and shows how important it is to learn about the world around you. I also think that the film is well made and it's well-acted, and I'm a big fan of Tom Holland and he is great in it. The fact that this is a documentary is just a bonus, it's not necessary to show the facts, but I'm sure that people will enjoy this film. And I believe that it's a great film that will be remembered. I would recommend this film to anyone, but especially to people who don't speak Spanish. You will find a lot of people who don't know the language, and you can see the results of that in the film.

Matthew photo

In Spain, in the 90s, the practice of abortion was legalized, but there were still many obstacles. The film "El silencio de otros" (The Silent Generation) tells the story of the most famous of them. It is a documentary about a group of teenagers, who were born in the 60s and grew up in the 70s. They tell about their life in the 70s, their attitudes, their feelings and their dreams. It is a story about the social and psychological changes that the generation had to face, and the impact of this on their life. In my opinion, the film is very interesting, but the narration and the narration of the teenagers are too slow and the young people are not very convincing. In this sense, it is a pity that this film was not nominated for an Oscar. However, it is still a very good film, and I recommend it.

Marilyn photo

This documentary follows the daily life of a couple of small-time Mexican citizens living in the heart of the country. At first glance, you might expect that they have a great life, and that the main problem is that they can't afford to live there. But that's not true, they have a great life, and are able to live with their friends and relatives. In fact, they are the epitome of what it is like to live in a small town in the south of Mexico. The director, Diego Gonzalez, and his wife, Maria de la Cruz, do a very good job of giving the viewer an insight into what life is like in a small town in Mexico. They talk about the difficulties that they have in maintaining a relationship with their own family. They are also very interested in discussing the reasons why small-town life in Mexico is so different than that in the big cities. They even talk about the differences between the two worlds. I really enjoyed watching this documentary. It is very interesting and tells a great story. It is great to hear the views of the two men and the people in the town. It is also interesting to see how they see the way things are in their small town, which they have come to love. The director is also very interested in the fact that there are two distinct cultures in the town. This documentary is not just about the people, it is about the town itself. This is a good documentary, I think.

Ashley C. photo
Ashley C.

In Mexico, the only hope for women to have a voice is through abortion. That's why the film opens with an interview with a doctor who says that a woman's only way to get an abortion is through the Mexican medical system. This doctor, Alejandra Pineda, works in a clinic that helps women get an abortion. But as soon as she says that, her work becomes a fight against the government. Pineda says that the government is trying to force her to perform abortions but she doesn't want to do it. This is not a happy film. Pineda's work is hard and she feels isolated. She has been married for years and has had two children. She feels guilty because she has a husband who supports her work. But she is getting tired of the feeling that the government is trying to force her to do abortions. But when a government official tells her that she will have to perform an abortion if she wants to stay in her job, she feels that she has to do it. She has to have an abortion, but the government won't give her the money. She is a fighter. She gets in touch with a Catholic priest who agrees to help her and he also gives her a phone number. She calls the number and a voice-mail message is sent to her. But there's a lot of language in the message and Pineda's efforts to help her are not easy. She's given a little more than she can handle. But she gets through it and comes out the other end very happy. I like this film because it shows a different side of Mexico. I like it because it's a story of a woman who is doing her best to give women a voice. I also like it because the film doesn't paint a rosy picture of Mexico. I like it because it doesn't glorify abortion. I like it because it's a story about a woman who is determined to help other women. And I like it because I like Alejandra Pineda and I like the way the film ends.

Melissa S. photo
Melissa S.

This movie was filmed in a manner that was so different from all other recent movies that I thought it was a very good documentary. I enjoyed the movie, and I think that this is a great and important documentary. If you are at all interested in the history of animal research, you should see this film.

Helen photo

The story of a circus-tour group is told from the point of view of one of the members, who is unable to see in the circus. I think that this is very important and very significant. The story is well written and I think it should be seen by all people who love circus. It is full of joy, sorrow, passion, tears and many more emotions. It is also very funny and very moving. If you want to know what the circus is really like, and how it all started, this is the movie for you. If you don't care about circus or you have no interest in circus, this is not a movie for you. If you want to know what a circus is, and why, this is the movie for you.

Bobby Santos photo
Bobby Santos

I didn't like the book very much and wasn't much interested in the movie adaptation. But it's a pretty good one. It's not at all a criticism, it's just that I had a very different opinion of the movie. I did like the way they gave the movie the name of "The Silencer" (Diane Silva) as it was the name of the character in the book. In the book, she was a very mysterious person who tried to make the world a better place by eliminating all the animals and killing all the people that they didn't like. However, in the movie, she became a more human person. She realized that killing was wrong, but she didn't want to kill and she wanted to live peacefully. Also, in the movie, there are some disturbing scenes in the beginning that make you think that the movie is not for you. But it's a good movie for people who love movies and want to learn more about animals and how they're treated.

Emily P. photo
Emily P.

A personal take on the life of an unusual scientist who specializes in injecting a sleeping pill into human beings, without their knowing. This film is unique in that it is in English. However, the film is very well done, thanks to the great director, and the production values are great. The best thing about this film is the incredible amount of footage of Dr. Joseph Bell, who was a very unique and interesting person. There are some very good things about the film, however. For example, you can watch the interviews with Dr. Bell's patients, where they discuss their experiences. You can also watch a video that Dr. Bell recorded on his cell phone when he was at home, which is very interesting. However, the most amazing thing about the film is the last ten minutes, which is an interview with Dr. Bell's students, who all describe what their teacher was like. The students are very honest about their teacher, and you can see how their teacher's work affected them. If you are a fan of documentary, this is a film you should definitely watch. This film is a must-see, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves documentaries and science, or anyone who likes film-making in general.

Brian photo

Well, this documentary "Silent Hell" was a revelation for me. It was an hour and a half of insight from many people who knew nothing of the true horrors of what the Spanish Inquisition had done to millions of innocent people. Some of them were born in the same time as the Spanish Inquisition and went through it. Others were children during the Inquisition. I think this documentary is more accurate than most. It is a must watch for all people who are interested in the dark side of history. It was also interesting to see how different people viewed the same event. Most people in the film who were close to the Inquisition never felt any emotion for it. Even the ones who were not close to the Inquisition seemed to be more fascinated with the movie and not the subject at hand. For example, I was told the story of how the Spanish Inquisition was started and how they eventually started torturing and killing people. I also heard of how people who were innocent were killed in the Inquisition and how many were tortured and burned alive. There were also people who hated the Spanish Inquisition for being a "bad" religion. They were very passionate about it and were very willing to say that it was the "worst thing to happen to the human race." Another fascinating point was the history of the people who were innocent victims of the Spanish Inquisition. These people were too poor to afford a lawyer, so they had to hire one. These lawyers were hired from the wealthy and educated and they were the ones who brought the case to the court. They were the ones who made sure the facts were presented in the court room. This movie is a must-see for anyone interested in history and its impact on the human race.

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Hannah Moore

A very good documentary that has a few interesting facts about the secret prisons of the communist regime. Also it's interesting to see the effect the war in Iraq had on the Cuban's and how it affected their economy. Interesting to see how the US is using the same old arguments against Cuba, but since the US doesn't seem to be interested in the Cuban people or their situation, we can only guess what they're really thinking. I've never seen a documentary like this before, that really gives you an inside look at a political regime. I recommend this documentary to anyone that has ever been to Cuba, or ever will be.

Edward W. photo
Edward W.

A film that tells a great story about the experience of a single mother in Venezuela in the 1990s. I think this film was very well done. The images and the narration really did a great job at conveying the essence of the story and it was even better at showing the personal life of the mother. There is nothing really wrong with this film, except that some of the narration was a bit hard to follow at times, but it was still a very good film. The best part about the film was the photography and the music. The photography was great and I think it was the best part of the film. The photography is very well done and made me feel that I was in Venezuela. The music is very effective and the songs fit very well with the film. The film also is very emotional, with a lot of stories told. Overall, this film was very well done and it was very well done by the filmmakers. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in Venezuela in the 1990s.