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The Plagiarists

The Plagiarists is a movie starring William Michael Payne, Emily Davis, and Lucy Kaminsky. A young couple is shaken by a seemingly fraudulent yet unprovable act that strikes to the core of their cultural pretensions.

Running Time
1 hours 16 minutes
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Peter Parlow
Robin Schavoir, James N. Kienitz Wilkins
William Michael Payne, Eamon Monaghan, Emily Davis, Lucy Kaminsky
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A young couple is shaken by a seemingly fraudulent yet unprovable act that strikes to the core of their cultural pretensions.

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Benjamin photo

I have never seen the film and have never heard of the author before I saw it. I thought that this film was brilliant. I have just watched it again and am completely in love with it. I have never had a more riveting film than this. The acting was amazing, the photography was amazing, the cinematography was amazing. The story was captivating. The sound was amazing, it gave me goosebumps. I thought that the music was superb and the sound effects were excellent. I have seen this film about 50 times and I never get tired of it. I think that this film is very special because it has given me a different outlook on life. I have watched it a thousand times and I still find it very riveting. I think that it is one of the best films of all time. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has never seen it. It is a must see. I think that everyone should see this film.

Carl Weaver photo
Carl Weaver

The story is based on a true story and it is a good film. The cast is great, the script is good and the acting is good. I was not very impressed with the ending, but I thought it was done well. The story is a good one, and it is a good film. I recommend it.

Sara Knight photo
Sara Knight

In this movie, a young man named Trevor (Ryan Reynolds) is trying to get a job at a nightclub. He is trying to get a job by helping his friend and fellow bartender, Carlos (Riley Keough) with his problems. Carlos is very strict and will not let Trevor take the job. He wants to use Trevor to get his boss's daughter, who he has been having an affair with, to come over to his place. Trevor tries to get Carlos to allow Trevor to take the job. However, Trevor wants to stay away from the place and is afraid that Carlos will tell Carlos' girlfriend that he is having an affair with Trevor. Trevor meets a young girl named Karen (Mila Kunis) and after the night he is having, he feels like he needs to get out of there. However, he gets a job at the bar and after that, Trevor starts to fall in love with Karen. He goes on a date with her, but she is not his type of girl and she doesn't feel the same way. The whole thing is not the least bit romantic. In the end, Trevor does what he thinks is best and gets the job, but he doesn't realize that he has fallen in love with Karen. The movie is really good. It's a well made movie with good actors, especially Ryan Reynolds, who does a great job. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is very good and I give it a 7 out of 10.

Bryan S. photo
Bryan S.

My wife and I loved this movie. It was so well done and so touching. The dialogue was great, and the characters so well defined. I have seen this movie three times, and each time it was a wonderful experience. We both love the movie so much, we have the book with us at all times and watch it on the DVD every day. I also love the movie on the big screen, it is just great to watch. We will be buying the DVD, and the book as well. I have a lot of respect for the actors and the movie, and the great writer/director for making it happen. I know I will be buying it for my own collection.

Keith Bishop photo
Keith Bishop

Saw this at the San Francisco International Film Festival and was immediately drawn in by the performance of Mariel Hemingway. I found this movie so honest and so moving. The story is about a young man's father being killed in the line of duty, but he is too young to really know what it's like to be a father. He doesn't know that he should feel anger for the way his father died, or the way his father died, and that he can't let go of it. This movie captures the anger, and the love, and the sadness. The story, the characters, and the performances are all top notch. I feel that all of the actors in this film are doing great work. I think Mariel Hemingway is a terrific actress and really makes the audience care about her. She is so good in the part, and I think that you will fall in love with her in the end. The young actor in the lead role is very good. I was afraid he would not be able to hold it all together and could not pull off the scenes, but he pulls it off very well. All of the actors are doing great work, and I highly recommend this film.

Amber Larson photo
Amber Larson

First, this movie was not made for the purpose of getting the average movie-goer to say, "I want to see this movie." Rather, it is a celebration of creativity and creativity that is hidden within the human spirit. The movie is full of ideas that one can come up with. It takes an audience to think about those ideas, and it allows you to draw your own conclusions. I can not wait for the DVD to be released. I would like to see this movie again, and I would like to see other artists do their version of this movie.

Christian Stevens photo
Christian Stevens

I am surprised to see that this film got such a bad review. I thought it was superb. The plot is a little thin and the acting can be a little shaky, but it was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who is into anti-drugs films. In my opinion, the characters were a little underdeveloped, but that is because I was not completely familiar with their personalities. I think this film is one of the best anti-drugs films ever made.

Linda W. photo
Linda W.

I'm a big fan of Greek culture and this movie captured the best parts of Greek culture and language. The actors did an excellent job. The film had the right balance of comedy and drama. The story was interesting and I believe everyone would like to learn more about this fascinating culture.

Rachel photo

I know the comments are in the minority, but the movie is terrific. The characters are so realistic, and I think this is a film to watch when you need a good laugh, or a fun time. It's a really good movie that will stick with you. The plot is believable, and the characters are strong and believable. The cinematography and editing are excellent. And the cast is fantastic. The storyline is good, and the humor is real and believable. The story is not typical Hollywood, and it works well. The characters are interesting and interesting. I really liked this movie. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours, and it will stay with me for a long time.

Crystal photo

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to see this film after reading some of the bad reviews. But, after seeing the movie, I think I may be changing my mind. The film is well written, well acted, and the directing is well done. I was most impressed with the cinematography. It was very well done, and I felt the camera work was very subtle and not overly over the top. The acting was excellent, and I think everyone did a great job. I thought the movie was very emotional, and it was very well done. I didn't see it as a typical comedy, but more of a drama. I was very impressed with the way the story was told. I really liked how they went about telling the story, and the way they had the story flow through the characters. I also liked the way they mixed comedy and drama. The ending was very good. I didn't see it as a comedy, but more of a drama. Overall, I would recommend this film. It was well written, well acted, and I think everyone did a great job.

Evelyn photo

I saw this movie in my elementary school class. It was a good movie, but the language was too hard to understand for my younger children. The language was very strong and I felt that I could not understand what they were saying. I was the only one in the class that was not able to understand what they were saying. I would not recommend this movie to anyone younger than 6 years old. This is not a movie for those with a weak heart. I think this movie is for people who want to see a movie about friendship and how to overcome problems with language.

Donna Harvey photo
Donna Harvey

In the fall of 1995, at the age of 18, I graduated from college with a degree in English Literature. I went to New York and took a summer job at a movie theater. I was very happy to be out of my shell. I had friends, I had a job, I had a place to stay. I was a little bit of a rebel. And then I read the reviews for "The Plagiarists". The reviews were so negative that I thought it was just another piece of garbage. Then, after seeing the movie, I decided to give it another chance. And I have to say that it is worth the price of admission. The acting is great, the plot is good, the characters are well-developed. The story is interesting, and the characters are believable. The main character is very likable. There are a lot of subplots that have no real bearing on the main plot, but it is all done well. I don't think that the movie is perfect, but it is a good movie. It is worth seeing.

Laura M. photo
Laura M.

The film itself was very powerful. In the beginning the way of how the film was written and how the characters were developed was very exciting. The film had many different directions that made the viewer think. I also liked the way how the film was directed. The director did a really good job at directing the movie and capturing the audience's attention. Also I liked how the film was very beautiful. The camera shots were very nice. Overall the film was very good and it was a great movie to watch.

Sharon Carpenter photo
Sharon Carpenter

Not a particularly good movie, but a good look at a situation that could happen. It's the sort of movie that could be funny, or sad, or depressing, or just plain bizarre. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, but if you are feeling depressed and want to kill time, then this is a movie that you will enjoy.

Anthony photo

This film tells the story of the Plagiarists, a group of student writers who were caught cheating in the class of the year. The film is not great in any way, but it is a good film. The main actors, Willem Dafoe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Joanna Lumley, all give excellent performances. However, the writing of the film is awful. The dialogue is extremely cheesy and the writing is just horrible. The plot is not even that interesting, and it is too predictable to really care about the story. The only thing that kept me watching the movie was the performance of the actors, but the acting is not enough to make this film worth watching. The film is also very over-the-top, and you really have to be into movies like this to like this film.

Jason Carpenter photo
Jason Carpenter

I had no idea this movie existed. I am so glad it did. This movie had me in tears. It was beautifully shot. The acting was perfect. I have seen it 4 times. The ending was sad but it made me smile. The movie will have you crying and shaking your head. The ending was so real. I cried and laughed as well. This movie was a winner for me. I am so proud to have seen it. I hope more people will see it. I loved the message and the script. I think it's a great movie. You don't have to be a Christian or a Catholic to love this movie. It is an inspirational movie. It's one of those movies that will help you to grow and grow and grow. It's a film that everyone should see. You will leave the theater thinking about it. Thank you to the people who made this movie. You did a great job. The acting was amazing. I hope to see it again. Thank you to everyone who helped make this movie. You are the reason it exists. You are the reason that I watch it every day. I love it.

Mary Smith photo
Mary Smith

What I found remarkable about this film was that the scene in which Mr. Stone was supposed to have been about to commit suicide by jumping from a building (as he did) was very much a scene of his in the film, and the other two scenes that were supposed to have been in the film but weren't were in the film at all. The suicide scene was totally new and a very good scene, whereas the rest of the film was either completely out of place, or just too distracting. It's also interesting to note that this was one of the first films that actually appeared on the Internet. The actors in this film were so great that I was surprised that they were all so good looking, and that the actors in the film all looked so young. In other words, I've always felt that it was very difficult to find films like this that are good, and I'm not really sure why that is. I think it's just that a lot of good films are hard to find, and most people don't seem to like good films.

Jonathan Snyder photo
Jonathan Snyder

My friends and I were watching this movie in class, and I couldn't believe that a movie could make such a big impact on us. What we were watching was a complex plot, not for kids. But, what I liked about the movie is that it showed what really happens to kids. We all knew that it's not a good idea to steal or steal someone's ideas. But, I found the movie so interesting because of the characters. They are really like the real life heroes we have in our lives. You can't help but admire them. The acting is excellent, and it is really funny to see the things that happen in this movie. The best part is, this is real life. There is no hero in this movie, the main character is just trying to do his best. I really like the movie, it is a must see.

Elizabeth photo

I was in a rush, and missed seeing this film at a festival. I was just watching it for the first time, and I was pretty impressed with it. I had to buy the DVD to see it again. I really liked the character of Annie (Laura Linney) and was very impressed with the acting by Mimi Rogers. I have to say, though, I am disappointed with the ending. I thought it was very, very rushed, and I didn't feel any closure with the characters. I guess that's what happens with films like this. I liked the cinematography and the location, but I just didn't feel that much emotion or connection to the characters. It was definitely a movie I would buy and recommend to my friends. It's worth seeing.

Katherine Larson photo
Katherine Larson

This is a great movie. The cinematography is excellent. The acting is good. The direction is great. The story is good. The dialog is very well written. I give this movie an 8 out of 10. The story is interesting. It is a good movie to see with your friends. I recommend this movie to people who like to watch movies and enjoy a good story. It is also a good movie to see with your wife or girlfriend.

Deborah S. photo
Deborah S.

I am a huge fan of the Three Stooges. They are great and this movie does not disappoint. The acting is great. The plot is very good and you are going to see a lot of laughs. The dialogue is really great. I loved the way the movie ended and the way it ended. It is very unique and has a lot of twists. The ending is very funny and unique. It is a great movie. I recommend it to anyone who likes the Three Stooges or anyone who is a fan of the Three Stooges.

Jesse photo

I watched this film after reading the reviews. I was somewhat curious about it, since I liked "The Plagiarists" and the trailer looked promising. I decided to give it a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised. The film is very well-done. I particularly enjoyed the cast, especially the two leads, Kevin Spacey and Julianne Moore. Moore is fantastic as a woman who is desperately trying to recover from a lifetime of sexual abuse. Spacey is also excellent, and his performance is very convincing. I was impressed with the direction of the film, and the cinematography is beautiful. The plot is actually pretty good. It has some interesting twists and turns, and the ending was very good. I really liked this film, and would recommend it to anyone who likes films about sexual abuse, as it was very good.