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In Search of Greatness

In Search of Greatness is a movie starring Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice, and Pelé. Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius.

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Gabe Polsky
Gabe Polsky
Jerry Rice, Pelé, Wayne Gretzky, Ken Robinson
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Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius.

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Wayne F. photo
Wayne F.

Being a film student, this documentary was one of the most interesting ones I've seen. Although it focuses on the history of jazz, the film is mostly about R&B music. As a lover of R&B, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that some of the jazz performers on the film are actually B&W players who are using jazz notation. The emphasis on jazz is one of the reasons why I like this film so much. It's a very personal documentary of one man's love for music. I wish the film had been longer, as it is almost 2 hours. In that time, I felt the need to fill in some blanks that had not been fully filled out, but it never got to that point. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in R&B and music in general. I hope this was of some interest to you.

Karen Peters photo
Karen Peters

This is a fascinating film, and it has an amazing story. I feel it is a bit to long, but I didn't notice the ending when it was over. The people in the film are super-genius, and the people in the story are super-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-

George W. photo
George W.

In Search of Greatness is a documentary that takes the audience through the people who have contributed to the history of the Grateful Dead. Each of these people has a story that is interesting, but not to be told. This is a perfect example of why documentaries are so important, because we can learn more about the people behind the music we love, and thus find out more about ourselves. This is a film that is supposed to be educational, but I have to say that I really enjoyed watching it, because I found it to be extremely informative and entertaining. I found myself at times in awe of some of the more obscure people in the documentary, and it is hard to believe that such a small part of this world exists, but it is real and it is fascinating. In Search of Greatness also takes a look at the music that these people have created, and how they have become legends, and how they have shaped American culture in a way that is timeless. This film also discusses some of the more controversial parts of the Dead's history, such as the Bobby Beam of the band being outed as being gay, and the reality of the group's sexuality, as well as the more mainstream aspects of the band's life. It also brings out how the group was able to defy the odds of success and the critics of it, and how they managed to bring an almost unknown band to the big time. All of this is extremely interesting and interesting, but there is one other very important element to this film that I think is very important, and that is the dedication of the band members to the project. These people put in an incredible amount of time, and in doing so, they have made the documentary more than just a documentary. The band members seem to have really taken the time to make this documentary, and it is amazing to see that it is as good as they made it look. I am not a big Dead fan, and I have never listened to the music of the Grateful Dead, but I have always been fascinated by them, and I think that this documentary gives us a much better understanding of why they are such great music. This is a great film that is worth seeing, but I would recommend that you watch it after reading this review, because you will be better informed of how the Dead have impacted the music we love.

Shirley photo

This documentary follows three generations of the art history of art. The documentary is divided into three sections. The first part covers the history of modern art from its inception in the 1800s until the 1960s. The second part covers the history of the 20th century art, from the 1950s to the 1970s. The third section covers the art of the last decade of the 20th century, from the 1980s to the 1990s. Each section is connected with a single interview and short history of the art. The interviews cover a wide range of artists, art historians, painters, curators, critics, and artists themselves. They cover the major figures in modern art history: Picasso, Monet, Matisse, and Rembrandt. The interviews were made by people who knew the people, and it is wonderful to hear their opinions on the art and the people who created it. The interviews also include some interesting background information about the people who were interviewed, such as their background and what they were doing. The sections on modern art and the art of the last decade of the 20th century were very informative and enlightening. The documentary is very well-made, with a great music score and great cinematography. It is also very well-edited and has an interesting plot, with good performances, especially by the interviewees. It is a very good documentary, and it is well worth watching.

Ryan Fowler photo
Ryan Fowler

The documentary is an incredible thing. There are a lot of shots of people (and animals) looking out at the landscape, trying to figure out what they're seeing, and a lot of them are real. I highly recommend it, as it really takes you inside the mind of a world-class scientist, who's done some of the most amazing work I've ever seen. If you are interested in trying to solve a problem with the mind of someone who does incredible work, then this is the documentary for you. The question is, what would you do to accomplish your goals if you had this sort of knowledge? I guess that's the point. The movie does a great job of explaining what he is doing, but I think it also goes a bit too far in explaining his methods. It's about the methods, not the mind, which is where the real work is done. The methods are much more powerful than the mind, and he does not explain how to use them. You really need to watch the movie, because you will see how effective they are, but you may be slightly frustrated that it doesn't give a complete explanation of his methods. I'm not a scientist, but I've seen a lot of people, including scientists, who are very intelligent, but don't understand things like this. I think that's the problem. To see how an animal would deal with a situation, I think you need to understand the people involved. I think the people in the movie were fantastic, and you really need to pay attention. I think it is a great movie, and I've watched it twice now, and I really want to watch it again.

Charles H. photo
Charles H.

You are not going to believe this documentary. I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. This is one of those documentaries that makes you feel as if you are on the road with the people involved. The ending was awesome. I also have to mention the incredible music. It was just awesome. I highly recommend this documentary. There is something for everyone in this documentary. I will never get tired of it.

Susan Cox photo
Susan Cox

The only question I can answer, is that I feel that I am an "unnecessary" member of this society, and I am an outsider to it, for I am born in the wrong place. I think that in the US and Europe the only things that are possible are the modern, mass-produced goods and the traditional, family-based values that are not so well-known or understood by the world at large. I am also an outsider to the US. The first part of this documentary was about my experience of living in a country where you can't say what your identity is. It's the only country where you can't say what your identity is. In the US, you can say your name and your birthplace, and that's it. That's what I think it means to be an American. I also think that you have to be a male to be considered an American. You have to be born in the US. So if you're not an American, you don't belong to that group, and you don't know what that group is. But in the US, you are also an outsider to that group. And when you have that feeling, you know that you don't belong to that group. That's the thing that I think is wrong. That's the problem with the US. It's not that you can't say what you're feeling, but it's the problem with the US that you have to say that. You're an outsider to the group. You have to be an outsider to the group to be considered an American. I think that the US is the only country where it's possible to say what you're feeling, and you can also tell how you feel. It's a good thing. I think that this documentary is an important thing for people to know, and that's why I give it a 7/10.

Grace Reynolds photo
Grace Reynolds

A documentary on the 1969 fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Beatles. It's a biographical film about John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They all share their recollections and their experiences on the creation of their great songs and the incredible friendship that they developed. You will hear a lot of stories about the famous activities that took place during the day, and during the night, and you will see them all in a way that you won't see them in a documentary ever. A lot of things are not shown, like their drug problems, but it's still interesting. I don't know if it is true, but I heard that the film is biased in some way towards the Beatles. They said that they had a lot of friends in high places, like a lot of people that had important roles in the Beatles, like George Harrison, and of course Paul McCartney. There was also a lot of talk about the band that was on the streets and in pubs, but I don't know if it is true. I don't know if they are biased, but it's the only thing that I heard. It's just that I heard it.

Brandon F. photo
Brandon F.

I don't know how this film got so many positive reviews and an Oscar nomination. But as a critic, I can say that it's not an easy movie to watch. There is no magic to this movie. There is no love story to this movie. There is no plot to this movie. It is a very very hard film to watch. But if you are in the mood to watch something different and don't mind a bit of a brain-dead "what if" plot, you should watch this film. Because this is one of the most well made documentaries I've ever seen.

Doris H. photo
Doris H.

This is one of those documentaries that really makes you think. It is a really good film that makes you feel like you are there with the filmmakers. It is not your typical documentary. It really puts you in the shoes of the people involved. You are not watching a documentary. You are not watching a documentary about a documentary. This is about one man's life, and his struggle to change. The documentary is very informative, and it is very moving. It also shows you how to make a documentary. I would recommend this documentary to anybody who is interested in documentaries.

Grace W. photo
Grace W.

I just saw this at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. The audience was amazing. It was really great. I agree with most of the comments in this review, it's an important story and the photography was great. I believe you could see more details of the paintings from the different angles and get more insight into what was going on. It was a great film.

Samuel Turner photo
Samuel Turner

I first saw this film when I was in high school in 1995. The images were so powerful and so raw. They brought me back to my own adolescence and to what it was like to be a young kid. I have watched this film many times since and I am still so moved by it. I am now in my early 30s and was raised in a middle class suburban family. I can tell you that I have not had one genuine personal experience of family conflict. My family has always been very supportive and accepting. However, I can tell you that my siblings and I have never felt that we are in a constant struggle with each other. We can all understand that we are different and should not make too much of it. My wife and I have had two children in the last 20 years and have had an honest and open discussion about this film. I have been quite open and honest about my love for our two children and how they affect my parenting. I was surprised to see the amount of comments on this site and how many of them have given this film a bad review. The film is important and should be viewed by everyone. It is a rare film that shows that most people can be in this position and can relate to their own experiences. The film is not a comment on divorce but it is a commentary on our society. The film shows that a person can have more than one job and still be struggling to provide a stable home. Many people are struggling to meet their needs, but many more are struggling to provide the needs of their family. Many of these same people are also struggling to get by and provide for their children. This film is one of those rare films that can bring tears to your eyes and can have a profound impact on you. The DVD box also indicates that this film was shot on Super 16mm film. As a high school senior, I grew up in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles. My family and I still live in that area, but I do not live in a suburb anymore. I am in my early 30s and have had many challenges to meet my needs, but we have not been in a real struggle. My children have always been able to provide the basic needs of their family. I have been able to provide my children with the basic needs of my family. I am not in a situation where I have to work and provide for my family or make a lot of money to support them. I just need to have a stable job, provide for my family and a good home. I still do not have a stable job. I feel that I am able to provide for my children because I know that they can provide for me. I have to ask myself, "What would I do if I had to meet my family's needs?" The film provides a positive attitude and attitude that everyone can relate to and find in themselves. If you are in a position to meet the needs of your family, find it

Christian photo

The first part of the movie was a must watch. There are a lot of positives and negative in this movie, but I think it's good to show a side of how America is today. It's not just politics or religion that is on the forefront. It's also the way we live our lives, what we buy, what we talk about, and what we do. It's an interesting look at how we're living. The country is still struggling with the same issues as the past. I think this movie will be a little bit of a trend-setter in the future.

Aaron photo

I love this film! I think it's one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It's full of great stories from different countries. You can definitely identify with all of the stories. But what makes this documentary so great is that it is very, very entertaining. The humor is hilarious. In fact, this documentary is so entertaining that it will make you laugh so hard you'll forget about everything else in the world. I love how this documentary is so charming and interesting. This is what makes it so great. I loved how they used a lot of clips from many different countries. They show different things from different countries. It's really fun to watch. It's an interesting documentary, especially for anyone who is studying a different culture. If you like this film, you should definitely check out the other ones. They are great too.

Susan Allen photo
Susan Allen

Just a film that captures the confusion of being a child of the 80s. As the 40s and 50s turned into the 60s, the only two parts of the day that we were really free to see were the morning and afternoon. The film is very beautiful, touching, inspiring, and leaves you with a longing for a world that could have been. I saw it about 2 years ago, and I recently saw it again, and it is still so fresh in my mind. When I saw it, I also saw an amazing performance by Melinda Dominguez, a performance that was outstanding. However, this is not just about Melinda, but about the rest of the film. I think that the film has something to say about the child, the adult, and the government, but it also touches on love, anger, and beauty. The film is not perfect, but I think it is worth seeing. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good film about the 80s. I think this is a really good film, and I would love to see more films like this. This film will stay with me for a long time.

Carl photo

I've never had much of a problem with Ken Burns documentaries and I've watched a lot of them, but I found this one quite fascinating. The film covers some interesting topics such as the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the role of alcohol in Vietnam, and the effects of the war on the Vietnam veterans, and it does this in a way that's entertaining, but also informative. The film also has a very strong message that you should always be looking for the good in people, and the film does a good job of showing this through the footage of these veterans and their families. The film does a great job of showing the Vietnam war through a different perspective, and I think that this film does a great job of showing the American public what the war was really about. Overall, I think this is a very interesting and informative documentary. It's a shame that it didn't make it to the big screen. I recommend it.

Jacob Fowler photo
Jacob Fowler

It's a great movie, very important. Not sure why it has gotten a low rating here. A lot of people didn't understand the messages it was trying to convey, so I think the movie deserves a little more than the average 8 rating. It's more of a critique of America, but it's also an analysis of how the American dream is not working for most people. There are good points, too. I think the one that struck me most was the deep sadness in the faces of the kids, as they're saying goodbye to their parents. And they're not always saying good-bye, because their parents are still around. The American Dream is a lie. And it's a lie that's hurting our children. So what does that say? What do they want to say? I hope this movie reaches as many people as possible, because this is a movie that needs to be told.

Jacqueline photo

What is remarkable about this documentary is that it is both highly entertaining and insightful. I don't think that this is the type of film that most documentaries are made for. The movie is designed to provide an overview of the struggles of a group of people and the struggles of their movement. This film was a chance for the filmmaker to take a look at the actions of the Occupy movement and the movement as a whole. I think that it did this very well. There is a great deal of information on the Occupy movement, which I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about this movement. The documentary gives us some insight into how these activists have lived and experienced their struggles, and it does this very well. In addition, there is a great deal of information about the many different types of protests that have occurred during the Occupy movement, including a look at the support of the protesters, the treatment of protesters by police, and the treatment of the protesters by the media. The movie is really entertaining. There are many scenes that are very funny, but I don't think that this is a documentary that you want to watch if you want to be entertained. The film is just a great look at the actions of the protesters, and the actions of the media. It is a very informative look at the Occupy movement and a very interesting look at how the protesters have changed the way the world perceives America. I would recommend that you watch this film if you want to learn more about the Occupy movement, but I would not recommend it if you are interested in learning about how the Occupy movement has affected the world.

Louis Carpenter photo
Louis Carpenter

This film is an excellent summary of how the world's social and economic problems are not evenly distributed, and how people can overcome poverty and other barriers to gain their share of the prosperity and wealth that lies at the heart of all of our world's problems. This film is more than a story, it's a powerful critique of how the United States is currently experiencing its own problems and how to overcome them. It's a very powerful film that should be seen by all who care about the future of our world.

Kathleen B. photo
Kathleen B.

This is a very moving documentary and a must watch. I also liked the voice over that was done by Jack Black's character in the movie. A lot of times these type of documentaries are not as interesting as the actual subject matter. However, this film did a great job of presenting all sides of the topic and it had a lot of great information. The documentary was a good balance of humor and emotional content. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the LGBT community. This documentary had a lot of information to cover and it is really good because there are many different stories and all sides of the issue. You will definitely learn a lot from this documentary and the guy behind the camera was very good at presenting the facts and presenting all sides. It is an excellent documentary that you should watch. 9/10

Raymond Soto photo
Raymond Soto

I'm not sure what to make of this film. The narrative and ideas presented are very interesting and compelling, but the execution is a bit too over-the-top for me. The guy is like a kid at a party with a lot of personality, but he's still pretty hard to understand, especially as the film runs on for hours. It's a little distracting at times, but the film is worth watching. There are some good insights on the psychology of addiction, and the use of the car for "recovery" and the beginning of a new life. But the narrative gets pretty lost at times, and the guy himself is not really all that convincing. At times, he sounds like a complete idiot, and he seems like a pretty unhelpful and arrogant jerk, which really brings it down. All in all, a good documentary, but not one that I'd want to revisit.

Susan S. photo
Susan S.

I saw this movie with a friend and she was totally hooked on it. I am an avowed John Belushi fan and so I was looking forward to seeing this film. I did not want to miss anything but when the movie ended I was wondering why I just wasted my time and money. I thought it was a really good movie but it seemed to me like it had a few good points but they were overshadowed by the bad. I found the actor who played John Belushi's son (Aaron Paul) to be the worst character in the movie. I found it so unbelievable that a man with such a serious illness could be such a jerk and I was very disappointed in his performance. It was so unbelievable that a man with such a serious illness would be so rude to his son. I mean he would not only hurt his son, but to him he would be hurting his own son. I also found it so unbelievable that John Belushi would do something like he did to his son and then act like nothing had happened. I think the movie would have been a lot better if it was made a lot shorter. I would have liked to see John Belushi have a better role and maybe even had a few scenes. Overall I was very disappointed with this movie and I do not recommend it.

Emma A. photo
Emma A.

As someone who has been searching for a new career, I really appreciate this film. I was really impressed with the material they used in order to cover a very wide spectrum of topics. It was so refreshing to hear someone talk about the difficulties of being a single parent, and the decisions they have to make for themselves and their children. I think this film is very well put together, and the interviews and the background information that was given was very interesting. The story was told very well, and the transitions from one topic to another were very smooth. The most important thing to me was how many people were involved in the making of this documentary. We got to see the experience of the producers and the directors, the crew, the crew members and the crew members. The people that were involved in the process were all very credible and very good at telling the story. I think the producers were very good at bringing together a team of people and making sure that they were all part of the same vision. I also enjoyed the fact that we got to see how many different countries the filmmakers were able to get to interview. This is a rare opportunity that is very important to those that work in the film industry. They were able to travel all over the world and get all the interviews they wanted. The whole thing was so well put together. It was very refreshing to hear about how they got the material and to hear the stories of people that worked on the project. The only criticism I have for this film is that it is a bit long, and that it did feel like it was a bit more than it needed to be. Overall, I highly recommend this documentary.