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Rodin is a movie starring Vincent Lindon, Izïa Higelin, and Séverine Caneele. An account of the famous French sculptor's romance with Camille Claudel.

Other Titles
Auguste Rodin, Rodin: Az alkotó, ロダン カミーユと永遠のアトリエ
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Romance, Biography, Drama
Jacques Doillon
Jacques Doillon
Vincent Lindon, Bernard Verley, Séverine Caneele, Izïa Higelin
France, Belgium, USA
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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An account of the famous French sculptor's romance with Camille Claudel.

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Doris Pearson photo
Doris Pearson

The movie was amazing. I was worried about the film being so great but I am glad that it wasn't. It was so refreshing to see a movie that didn't rely on computer graphics, it just needed to be real. I was surprised that it wasn't as long as it was and it didn't have that many songs. I liked the fact that the movie didn't have a typical Hollywood ending. The movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a movie that is different. If you don't like it then you can always just watch it again. I hope that everyone enjoys this movie as much as I did. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Alexander Rivera photo
Alexander Rivera

I'm not a great fan of Terry Gilliam, and this is a good reason to dislike him. But this film was his best work since "Brazil", and it was made in 2002, so it was inevitable. This film is about a group of 19th century musicians in Paris who can't get a job as pianists because the employers don't like the classical music they play. They turn to jazz, but it's not much of a success. After a while, they start making up their own music, and this is what we get. This is a clever film. It's intelligent, and it never tries to be too clever. It's a study of human nature, and it does a pretty good job of that. It's very funny, and it's very well-acted. The music is the best part, though, and I would definitely recommend it. The story is good, too, and I'm not sure it's a good story, but it's interesting enough. I think this is one of Gilliam's best films. It's worth seeing, and I'd recommend it.

Gerald photo

A complete and consistent story. Great acting by all. For all you critics that don't like the music, I just want to say that it's important. Just like the writing, it's the most important part of the movie. It's almost like a "musical." There is no song in the movie. I didn't like the music in the beginning, but I was just blown away by the end. It is amazing. And that's why I rate it 9 out of 10. This is a story about a great artist, and a story about an artist. I don't know if it is a great movie, but it is definitely a good movie.

Jack C. photo
Jack C.

I had been anticipating this movie for a long time and I'm very glad that I did. The actors were so believable and the story was very believable as well. I felt as if I was watching a documentary, and it was a very good one. I thought it was very touching and I felt as if I was watching a different movie. The story was very sad and very moving. I thought it was very realistic and very moving. I am glad that I got to see this movie because it was so great. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. I think that everyone should see it and I think that everyone should see it at least once in their life.

Terry P. photo
Terry P.

I have been a fan of James Ivory for years. When I heard he was going to direct a film based on the life of Pablo Picasso, I was excited. I was extremely disappointed that he did not turn this into a film. This was an incredibly sad story, but the only way to tell it was through music and photography. The camera work is amazing, and the music is so perfect for the scene. It's the best I've ever seen in any movie. The story of how Picasso came to create a painting is amazing. He came from nothing and had to fight to make his dream a reality. There's so much more to the story, but I think it's important to show that he wasn't just a artist. He was a man that was almost completely obsessed with life and death. If you can get past the story and just enjoy the photography, you will be blown away.

Jeffrey photo

This is the best film I have ever seen in my life. It is truly amazing to see a great film like this. It has amazing acting and great plot. I can't wait to see this in the theaters. It is an amazing movie. This is a movie that will be remembered for a long time. It is truly an amazing movie. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but just go see this movie. I can't wait to see it in the theaters.

Evelyn photo

I am a huge fan of Vittorio De Sica, and this film is a perfect representation of his genius. As a young man he made great films about the evils of fascism, but he also made great films about love, friendship, and friendship in general. The film is set in the 20's in Romania, and it is about a young man named Leopoldo, who comes to Paris to find his missing father. He becomes involved with the life of an artist, Vincent, who is just starting to make his career. He is a great friend to Leopoldo, and his art is truly amazing. Leopoldo also begins to fall in love with Vincent, but he is caught in a whirlwind of events that could change the world. I really recommend this film, and I would not be surprised if this film is a classic. 10/10

Zachary photo

This film is about a young man named Munch (Monsieur Proulx) who is studying to be a conductor in Paris. One day while performing at the opera, he gets a phone call from his ex-girlfriend who has come to Paris to work on a project. After some hesitation, he agrees to be a part of her project. When he arrives in Paris, he is greeted by the woman's mother (Natalie Portman) who is upset about the fact that she is leaving Paris for the project. Munch is told that his mother is leaving Paris for a while and that he is welcome to come to Paris as long as he does not speak French. Munch is immediately attracted to the woman who is the composer of the opera. This is a film that is very romantic. It is also very interesting because of the fact that the film has very little dialogue. The music is the most important thing in this film. The film is full of music that is very beautiful. The music in this film is a wonderful mix of classical music and modern music. The film is a good film and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in films about the music and opera.

Evelyn Wood photo
Evelyn Wood

To begin with, this is the best movie I've ever seen in my life. A masterpiece. The story is so very good, and the direction and the performances are so very good. I don't know why it has a rating of 5.8. I guess it is because some people are too young or too dumb. And if you are young or dumb, don't see this movie, it is very bad. But if you are a very intelligent person, and you like to see a good movie, you should see this movie. I think it is a masterpiece. I can't believe that it has a rating of 5.8.

Theresa W. photo
Theresa W.

This is my first review. I'm not sure what the point of this movie was, but I think it was meant to make people think. For the most part, I really enjoyed the movie. I found myself thinking about it after the credits were over. There were some parts that were too short, but the overall message was good. I was also really happy with the characters. They were all likable and made me laugh at times. This movie definitely makes me think about art, and how people can go to extremes to achieve something that is otherwise unattainable. The acting was great, and the photography was fantastic. The cinematography was great, and really helped set the mood of the movie. I think this movie really got me thinking about my own life, and the choices that I make. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been through a hard time. It's a great movie, and it really helps to remember what you've lost.

Katherine L. photo
Katherine L.

The true story of Bernard Bernstein, the German-born jazz pianist who became a cultural icon and a national icon in America during the 1950's. The film is an excellent account of his life, the events that led to his career, his tragic death, and the aftermath. This is a film that will leave you wanting to learn more about the man and his life. It also is a film that will leave you asking yourself: what would have happened if he had lived? A film that you will see again and again.

Willie photo

I have never been a fan of Sartre, but I was impressed by this film. It's a very interesting film about a man who has never been able to find the meaning of life. I can't quite figure out how the film came about, but I have a feeling it was an autobiographical film. I think the film is very much about the life of someone who had to live life for himself, and has never found the meaning of his life. Sartre's life is filled with struggles and problems, and he doesn't seem to be able to find the meaning of his life. The film does a good job of showing how life is a struggle for Sartre, and the events that are going on in his life are not easy to watch. There is also an interesting sense of humor in the film, which I think is very important. The film also has a very interesting sense of symbolism, which is very important to the film. The movie is very good, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the life of Sartre. I also think that the film is very well directed. The film is very well shot, and the cinematography is very good. The film also has a very good score, which is very important to the film. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the life of Sartre.

Katherine photo

I have just finished watching "Cyrano de Bergerac" (from 1940). I have seen it many times and always leave the theater with the feeling that the director has captured the essence of a piece of literature. This is not a matter of style, however. The "art" of the film is to recreate the essence of the original. I do not think it can be done better than this. I can see the film as a living document of the authors life and its affect on the writer. To me, the film is so rich that I feel as if I have been on the set of the film. I will be recommending it to all my friends and family who want to experience this kind of "art" of film-making.

Frank C. photo
Frank C.

I have seen this film a few times now, and each time I'm reminded how beautiful this film is. It's one of those movies that can leave you speechless, and it does so in a way that only Ruben Blades could. I'm a pretty big fan of David Bowie, but this movie is his masterpiece. The only complaint I have is that the film isn't released on DVD in the UK. I was expecting to see this film in an air-conditioned cinema, but this film is so beautiful that it's a joy to watch. It's got everything, comedy, drama, and even some sexy scenes, all in one. Bowie is superb as the main character, and he's perfectly cast. The whole cast does a great job, and this is one of those films that you'll want to see again and again.

Kelly A. photo
Kelly A.

I've read the reviews on this site and have to agree with many of them. The film is in my opinion a masterwork. It's not a traditional film, it's not for everyone. There is no linear progression, there is no plot, it is very much a character study of a very complex man, a man whose actions and thoughts are very much influenced by the other people around him, even the people around him. But what it does is show us how much he is loved by his family, how much he loves his mother and how much he loves his wife. This is the type of film that is going to take you a long way, but in the end you're going to be surprised at how much you really do care about the characters and the relationship between them. The only thing that I did not like about the film was the ending. It was a bit abrupt and I didn't like it at all. But if you can let yourself go and just sit back and just let yourself be completely absorbed by this film, you're going to enjoy it immensely. It's a fantastic film, and I can't wait to see it again and again.

Robert Berry photo
Robert Berry

I thought it was a wonderful film, very well acted and produced. This film really shows what the children have been through in this life, but also how a child can become a better person. The director did a wonderful job of showing the joy of growing up and growing up into a person. I think the best part of the film is the music, the film is very moving, and it really shows the effects of the death of the mother. It is a very good film, but it is not for everyone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Heather photo

Just saw this film for the first time in three years. I'm not a big fan of Sofia Coppola but she does a fantastic job of telling the story of how two young girls get involved in a world of drugs, sex, violence and murder. The story is told through the eyes of a 13 year old girl named Nina (Olivia Cooke), and her young friend Dolly (Jodie Foster). Nina is a brilliant child who has a way of seeing the world through a very different perspective. She is drawn to the world of drugs, sex and violence and it is through her eyes that we are shown the horrors of the drug world. She is able to see things from a girl's point of view and even though she is a 13 year old, she has a deep understanding of the world and her role in it. Dolly is a girl who is not able to see the world in the same way Nina does. Dolly is very naive and is more concerned with what she can get her hands on rather than what she can get away with. Dolly is more interested in her own comfort and is not interested in the world around her. Nina is able to see things through Dolly's eyes and in her own way she is able to see the world through Nina's eyes. This film is a great work of art and is a must see for anyone who is interested in the world of drugs and the dangers it brings to the world. I think that this film deserves much more recognition than it has been given and should have received at least an Oscar. This film is a great example of the powerful film that Sofia Coppola can make. It is a great film and a great film that should be seen by everyone. The performances by the two main actors are great and I think that the best performance in the film comes from Nina. She really is a wonderful young actress and I hope she gets some recognition for this performance. I think that she has a bright future ahead of her. The only real problem I have with the film is that the story doesn't really take place in the real world. I think that it would have been much more interesting if the film was in the real world. I think that this is a great film and one of the best of the year. I think that it is a great film that everyone should see.

Randy photo

I just saw this movie tonight at the TIFF Film Festival. I didn't know what to expect. I knew it was based on a play. And I also knew it was supposed to be an intense, dark drama. I was really surprised at how deep the film was. The performances were top-notch. It is hard to find actors who can play two completely opposite characters in the same movie. Tom Hanks and Nicolas Cage were perfect. The movie was really dark and there were a lot of scary scenes, but I think that was the point. I think it was really well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is very well made and you can really see the love of the two main characters.

Jean photo

I don't know how people can rate this film so low. This film is simply a masterpiece. Every single character in this film is beautifully drawn. The story is a little bit complicated, but that doesn't matter because it's an epic that spans several decades. The music in this film is simply perfect. The character of the artist, in this film, is well portrayed. Every single character is well played and each actor makes a great impression. This film is a beautiful and inspiring film that will remain in my memory forever. It is a masterpiece and I highly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of film or cinema. The best part of this film is that it's not a Hollywood blockbuster. It's a brilliant piece of art that is worth all of the praise.

Ashley photo

Truly, a great film. The performances by all the actors are superb. It is so true to life. I cannot wait to see it again.

Linda photo

The movie is a brilliant movie. The actors were really great, the storyline is perfect and the story is touching. It is the best movie I have ever seen in my life. The movie is so entertaining. I recommend this movie to everyone, even if you are not a fan of the musical.

Johnny N. photo
Johnny N.

I've read some of the negative reviews on this movie and I really have to disagree. This movie is a wonderful portrayal of a painter's life and its emotions. It is a great movie, as well as a very moving portrait of a man who had to face the tragedies of life and the choices he had to make. This movie is a very personal film and I recommend that anyone who likes art or art films see this movie. It's a very personal film and you will feel as if you are seeing it for the first time. It is very well made and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film that has a great message and a great story. It is very well acted and it is a very touching film. This is definitely one of the best movies I have seen and I highly recommend it.