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The Favourite is a movie starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, and Rachel Weisz. In early 18th century England, a frail Queen Anne occupies the throne and her close friend, Lady Sarah, governs the country in her stead. When a new...

Other Titles
Sarayın Gözdesi, Joouheika no okiniiri, A Favorita, Faworyta, Balance of Power, Ha'Mou'adefet, A kedvenc, Soosik, 真寵, 女王陛下のお気に入り, Omiljena, Favorite, The Favourite - Intrigen und Irrsinn, La favorita, La favorite, Favorīte, Favoritka, Miljenica, Η ευνοούμενη, Najljubsa
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Drama, History, Biography
Yorgos Lanthimos
Deborah Davis, Tony McNamara
Nicholas Hoult, Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone
USA, UK, Ireland
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Early 18th century. England is at war with the French. Nevertheless, duck racing and pineapple eating are thriving. A frail Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) occupies the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) governs the country in her stead while tending to Anne's ill health and mercurial temper. When a new servant Abigail (Emma Stone) arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah. Sarah takes Abigail under her wing and Abigail sees a chance at a return to her aristocratic roots. As the politics of war become quite time consuming for Sarah, Abigail steps into the breach to fill in as the Queen's companion. Their burgeoning friendship gives her a chance to fulfill her ambitions and she will not let woman, man, politics or rabbit stand in her way.

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Linda Sanchez photo
Linda Sanchez

This movie is based on a true story of how a couple of workers in a garment factory in Bangladesh was murdered and the families of the victims tried to hide the facts from the world. It is very depressing and you can't help but feel for the victims. The story is a bit unbelievable but the movie is based on true events. The movie has a lot of important message, it's not only about a bunch of young girls working in a factory but it also deals with the lives of the workers and the families of the victims. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, if you are a person who is thinking about going to a factory you should watch this movie because it's about a true story and you will feel something.

James photo

A very touching movie. I have never been to a movie where the emotions that the characters go through are so well portrayed and well acted. I can't wait to see it again.

Lawrence photo

This movie is excellent, although I have to admit that it was a little overlong. But the acting is terrific and the directing is very good. The cinematography is outstanding. The music is very well chosen and fit perfectly with the story. This movie is about the life of the Nazi's in the last days of the Third Reich. The story is very moving and emotional. I recommend it highly.

Albert photo

This is a great movie. It is a great movie for the whole family to watch. I think the story is very interesting and it was well done. The characters are well played and the cast is really good. The movie is very entertaining and I really enjoyed it. The movie has some funny parts and some serious parts. The movie is very entertaining. I really enjoyed this movie.

William D. photo
William D.

Most of the reviews I read were of a negative nature and I am surprised that this film has received so much attention. The story of 'The Favourite' is told in a cinematic way that is extremely effective and the actors have done a great job. It was a pleasure to see the production values of this film; the costumes, sets and photography. The film did have a rather high budget but it made up for it with great performances from the cast. 'The Favourite' is not a movie that is easy to watch. It has been criticized because it is not a comedy but I would disagree. I have seen comedies that were not funny and I have seen films that were funny but also had a serious tone. 'The Favourite' is the latter and is one of the few movies that is not afraid to get serious about a subject matter that is not usually funny. It is a tough film to watch at times but the cast and crew work well together to make it a film that I would recommend to anyone.

Roger Wong photo
Roger Wong

The Favourite is a decent movie, but it doesn't get any better. I was really looking forward to it. I had already seen the trailer, and it looked interesting. But it's not like the trailer was good, and the trailer is pretty cool. The trailer is about a journalist (who I don't know much about) who wanted to do a story about cancer, and she gets kidnapped. She's kept prisoner for a month and has to follow her dream to do the story. The story is actually quite interesting, but the movie is kind of slow. There's a lot of background stuff that doesn't add much to the movie. The movie is about a journalist, who is forced to follow her dream to do a story about cancer, and it's not too interesting. It's also a little boring. And the movie is too slow. It's not really a comedy or drama, it's just a boring movie. But, if you really want to see it, go ahead and see it, because it's pretty good, but it's not good.

Ashley V. photo
Ashley V.

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is a superb story about the life of the artist who is a real genius, but is not recognized by society. It is a very unique story, about the life of an artist who is on the top of the world, but he is not recognized by society, and he is afraid of being criticized. This movie is very true, and the performances are very good. It is a very beautiful movie, and it is very interesting. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is a very good movie, and it is a very good movie.

Alexander Jimenez photo
Alexander Jimenez

I don't think this movie was a waste of time. I did expect more from this film. I just don't understand how critics and viewers can give this movie such a bad review. I've read some of the comments here, and I think most of them were directed at the acting by the actors. I just don't get it. It is a well-made film. It is well-acted and well-directed. It is a great film, and I have seen many films with the same ending, so this one surprised me. I think the film was well-acted, directed and well-produced. I think the negative comments are directed at the director and the actors. They deserve all the praise they get. This film is a great movie. I highly recommend it. I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival, and I can't wait to see it again. I think it is a great movie, and I think the film deserves all the praise it gets.

Russell Holmes photo
Russell Holmes

A talented director and actor give their best to a movie that is deeply rooted in history. However, the film is not without flaws. It feels too sentimental and obvious to be considered as a true depiction of the decades preceding the First World War. It could have been done without. It also lacks any real tension, as the movie never uses its intensity. This is not a film to sit back and enjoy, it is a movie to think about and digest. It is not a bad movie, it is a good one. It is what you would expect from a film by this director.

Brandon photo

John le Carre is a master of the screenplay, and so is Oscar-winner (and director of THE EXORCIST) Alejandro Amenabar, whose very spare, and often 'natural' style, matches the nuanced narrative structure and the excellent acting. In the 70's and 80's, the acclaimed French director had been making movies for over a decade. His non-linear narrative, and multiple points of view, often ended up working against the originality of the film, but it's one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I found myself nodding off to the soundtrack, too. There are a few small flaws here and there. There are many small, but noticeable, flaws. For example, the final scenes, in which we see the young man's body after the incident, are quite hard to understand. Perhaps the director was trying to create a feeling of loss and desperation, but it just doesn't work. However, I was quite impressed with the characterizations, and the superb acting. The boy and his mother are quite likable. The film is also well-written, and the language is well-controlled. I found the story to be very absorbing, and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. 8/10

Phillip Harper photo
Phillip Harper

I wasn't very impressed with this movie at all. I'm a fan of Monty Python, and it's great to see them back on the big screen. This is the best of the Python movies I have seen. The main story is not as good as the second one, and I think that was the best part of the movie. The story, which was supposed to be about the rise of a band of comedians to fame, is not as good as the second one. But the funny scenes are really funny. You laugh at them all the way through. This movie is very funny, and is the best Python movie I have seen. This is a movie that should be in the top ten of Python movies.

Roger photo

This movie was not what I expected, and not what I expected. I thought this movie was going to be a boring, dull film, but instead it was captivating, especially the final scene. I was moved, and thought I knew everything about the movie, and was very disappointed to learn that I wasn't. I thought the movie was about a very famous journalist, played by Hugh Jackman. The film focused on his career, and his wife's rise and fall, from her writing about the Falklands War to her death. The film was very beautiful, and extremely well made. The cinematography was amazing, and was used in the right place, and in the right time. I have to say though, I was extremely disappointed to learn that the movie was not about Jackman, it was about a woman named Mary, played by Reese Witherspoon. I was expecting a movie that was based on the true story, and was just a historical drama, and not a biopic. It was actually much better than I thought it was going to be, but I would have liked to have seen more of the real Mary, and her husband and family. I was very impressed with the acting of everyone, especially Hugh Jackman, who was brilliant in this film. It was really good to see Hugh Jackman play a more serious role in this film, which I thought was extremely important for this film to be about. Hugh Jackman was excellent, and I think he was one of the most interesting characters in the movie. I would recommend this film to anyone, who likes a good film, with a good story, and is very moved by the end of the film.

Jeremy Chapman photo
Jeremy Chapman

I went to see this movie with very low expectations. I'm not sure why, I have never seen the original or anything but it's a very good movie and I was pleasantly surprised. It's very entertaining and very good. If you have seen the original, I think you'll like this one too. I don't know why they're changing the characters from the original, I think they did a good job. It's very nice and very entertaining. The movie is like a lot of other movies about music and the music industry. They don't have to change anything from the original or else it would be boring and it would not be a movie like the original. The story is good and the characters are very good. I think the way they show how music can be a very strong force in people's lives is very good. You have to be a fan of music to understand this movie. I would recommend it to anybody.

Douglas George photo
Douglas George

For a movie about the legendary Richard Burton, we have a fantastic director, a great cast, a fascinating script, a very good direction and a great soundtrack. It's no wonder that this movie is #1 in IMDb's top 250. It is an excellent movie that will appeal to many. While there are many similarities to Mr. Burton's other films, this one is clearly his own. It's the story of Richard Burton's life, from the time he was a child until his death at the age of 86. It's very interesting to see him portrayed by this great actor and this great director. I highly recommend this movie. It is a great tribute to a great artist.

Bobby photo

I don't get why this movie is not getting the recognition it deserves. I really love the movie and it has a lot of emotions that really should be understood by everyone. The movie is about an artist who has been burned out from all the work he's been doing and he decides to take his life in his hands. The movie really shows how cruel the world is and how easy it is to hurt another person. He takes matters into his own hands and ends up becoming a hero in the end. The movie is not just about the artist but it is also about a guy who just wants to live his life and not be afraid to do things that he thinks are wrong. It shows how people can just do what they want and not think about the consequences. He is just an ordinary guy who does what he wants to do, but it doesn't really matter. All that matters to him is his art and he doesn't really care about anyone else. He just wants to keep on living life. The movie is really funny. I really think that the comedy in the movie is just like it was written. There is a lot of really funny scenes in the movie and it really makes the movie so much fun to watch. The movie has a lot of emotion in it. I have seen it more than 10 times and I still laugh about it the next day. It also shows how cruel the world can be and how easy it is to hurt another person. The movie has a lot of scenes that are so tragic that you just want to cry. It also shows how much a person can change in the world. I really really like the movie and I think that it is really good. I am just so happy that a movie like this has been made.

Angela White photo
Angela White

As I watched this movie I was reminded of what a great movie this is. I'm not sure if it was the script, the actors, or the camera work but it was just brilliant. The movie shows the rise and fall of a young man who has to choose between his family and a love interest who he thinks is a little too close to his age. There are some great performances from the main actors and even from a young boy who is the son of the main character. The whole story is well told and it is interesting to watch the movie for a different angle. I was very impressed by the screenplay, it is a wonderful work. I highly recommend this movie and I hope it is nominated for many awards.

Juan photo

The acting in this film is superb. The story line is very believable, and all the actors are given very good performances. It's definitely worth a watch if you can find it. However, the characters are somewhat cliched, and the film overall lacks depth. It's not bad, but not great either. I would recommend it for those who can find it.

Daniel H. photo
Daniel H.

I'm not a fan of the war in Vietnam, and I've never liked the war itself. I have always thought of it as a pointless and brutal war that contributed to the deaths of so many. It's a tale of the how people in the military see the war, and how some people in the military see the war. I really enjoyed this movie, but I was surprised to find that it was made so well. I'm a lot more critical of Hollywood films than I am of other films, and it took me awhile to figure out this film was a movie. The acting was really good, and the story was pretty good, too. I think if the film makers had gone for the gritty realism of the Vietnam war, it would have been a lot more successful. The acting was really good and the story was interesting, and I thought the characters were very good. I'd recommend this movie.