Steam Tully


Tully is a movie starring Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, and Ron Livingston. A struggling mother of three forms an unexpected bond with the night nanny hired to help with her newborn baby.

Other Titles
Pszichoanyu, Tali, Cuộc Chiến Bỉm Sữa, Aukle Tule, Tully. Τα Παιδιά Είναι Ευτυχία;, タリーと私の秘密の時間, Ve'az higgiah Tully, Talija, 厭世媽咪日記, Tully - Dieses verdammte Mutterglück
Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Mystery, Comedy
Jason Reitman
Diablo Cody
Ron Livingston, Mackenzie Davis, Asher Miles Fallica, Charlize Theron
USA, Canada
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A struggling mother of three forms an unexpected bond with the night nanny hired to help with her newborn baby.

Comments about drama «Tully» (16)

Kathryn Jordan photo
Kathryn Jordan

Loved it! A perfect mix of drama and comedy. There are enough funny scenes to keep you entertained. I am surprised that a film this well done didn't win any Oscars or a major award. It is certainly one of the best films I have ever seen. Go see it!

Julia photo

I really enjoyed this movie. I think that it's a great movie, but I don't really think it's a great movie. The plot is interesting, but not really that original. It's not really an original story, it's basically a retelling of The Day After Tomorrow. The characters are not really likable, and the movie seems to drag a bit. But I still enjoyed it, it was still good.

Shirley Fox photo
Shirley Fox

I was shocked to learn that this film was originally a play. As a play, it's all very well, but as a film, it's missing a great deal. There's no great dialogue, and even the production values are somewhat limited. The film-makers are clearly trying to tell a story, but they don't seem to know how to do it. The characters are so thoroughly conventional that one can't help but wonder why they exist in the first place. The film is so bad, in fact, that it's difficult to understand why it's considered a cult classic. The film is a total mess. The actors, while not good, are very good. The sets are great. The cinematography is wonderful. The music is beautiful. The script is good. But it's not a very good script. The characters are terribly uninteresting, and the story is trite and cliched. I can't even say the ending is any good. I give it a very generous 7/10, but I can't help but wonder if that was actually an accurate rating.

Henry Gomez photo
Henry Gomez

I am a fan of John Boorman and I have seen his other movies, but this is one of his best. It's a shame that it was only nominated for one academy award, and then it's nominated for best picture. I just cannot get over the fact that it won. John Boorman is just a brilliant director. I don't think I could recommend any other movie to anyone. Just watch this movie and you will know what I mean.

Phillip West photo
Phillip West

I went to the movie not knowing what to expect. I knew it was not a conventional movie but not knowing it was about transgender issues I had a much easier time than most of the people in the theater were in understanding the movie. And although there were a lot of movies about transgender issues out there I felt the movie was fresh and it was very true to what trans people go through in everyday life. The movie was the perfect movie for this day. I never felt so glad to be alive. It has some very funny moments and the actors were very believable. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Vincent Evans photo
Vincent Evans

The movie is a perfect combination of both comedy and drama. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but once it got going, it became very entertaining. I was surprised to see that the movie is not based on a book. The movie shows the events that took place in 1778 when James Tully (Ben Stiller) was a high-ranking official in the British army. He was trying to find a good woman, but he also realized that he has been sexually attracted to his friend and fellow officer, Mary Tully (Scarlett Johansson). The movie was very entertaining and a lot of the scenes were very humorous and the acting was excellent. It is a great movie to watch with your girlfriend or a date. I gave it 8 out of 10.

Anthony Black photo
Anthony Black

I just saw this film at the Amsterdam Film Festival. It was a good screening. I am a big fan of Ken Loach. I have never seen the film before but it looks interesting and it was shot very well. My favorite scenes were when he is at the library and he tells a story about the house. The movie is about a man who is the son of a businessman. He is the son of the businessman and he lives in the same house. It is a great drama. It is a very sad story about a man who has a very hard time and he tries to get to see his son. The best thing about the film is that the actors were all very good. This is a very good drama and I think it will be a good movie for people who are fans of Ken Loach. I have never seen any other movie that has this kind of plot. I think it is a very good movie. I think the film was directed very well and it was very good. The director also did a great job. I think the film is going to be a great movie. It was very good.

Stephen photo

I saw this movie when I was about 11 years old. I had no idea what the story was about and I'm sure it wasn't what I thought it was either. I've seen it a couple of times since and I love it. It's a wonderful movie that's about a man who's trying to find out who he really is. I've also watched it several times with my friends, it's a great way to get to know other people. It's very simple. It's not about a big fight, it's about a man trying to find out who he is. I think it's a great movie that's really funny and very touching. I recommend it to anyone.

Donna Medina photo
Donna Medina

The film opens with a brief introduction to the characters, who are portrayed by a great cast. It is the moment when we are introduced to the main character, played by Matthew McConaughey, who we learn is a troubled man who is a retired Navy SEAL. The movie is also a great homage to the 80s and 90s, with lots of references to movies such as "Say Anything" and "Straw Dogs". The movie is very different from the typical "found footage" film, with a twist of the usual Hollywood endings. It also does not rely on some lame death-like style, as in many "found footage" films. The only downside of the movie is that it is very slow, and could have been better if the movie would have been longer. It also does not have the typical Hollywood cliches, like the relationship between the main character and his wife, or the other main character's wife. If you are a fan of these genres, you will definitely enjoy this film.

Jason S. photo
Jason S.

The movie is worth watching. It is about a man who is losing his mind and wants to get out. The movie is a brilliant portrayal of man's obsession with himself. The movie is very interesting. The script is very intelligent. The actors and actresses are brilliant. The movie is not predictable. The movie makes you think. It is a good movie to watch. This movie is really worth watching. This is a must watch movie.

Marilyn photo

A movie about a man who is a very close friend of a woman he is engaged to, and in the end decides to break up with her, and then meets her again, and then decides to break up with her again. The idea is good, but it could have been a lot better. I don't know if I can make out why the movie was so funny. There are some funny scenes, but also some that are so dark, you can't help but laugh. I guess it was an interesting idea, but I don't know if it would have worked. It's worth a watch, but you might not like it. The acting is good, and it's worth a watch. It's not a classic, but I think it's a good movie.

Shirley R. photo
Shirley R.

I loved this movie. I really did. I thought it was very funny. It had good acting, great effects, and good music. There were some parts that I thought were a bit forced, but that's just how it was. I thought it was a good story, and it was well acted. I was also surprised by how good the story was. There was some good surprises, and I was happy when the movie ended. I don't know why some people have bad comments on it, because they are either really dumb or they're really missing the point of the movie. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Nicole P. photo
Nicole P.

After I saw this movie, I wanted to go out and rent the first and second films. I just couldn't wait to see what this was about. I had read the reviews, and was concerned about the first one, but this one really surprised me. The characters were likable and all seemed to be on the same page, and the story seemed to be much deeper than I expected. This film was a good alternative to the more typical thriller and was a nice change. I have to admit, the soundtrack was pretty good too. I hope they release it on DVD. This is a film that needs to be seen, even if you don't like thrillers. It's a good movie that is well worth watching. I was very impressed with this film.

Ashley photo

The film follows the story of the plot of the play by F. Scott Fitzgerald. There is also a scene where John Cassavetes plays the director of the play. The film starts out with the Fitzgerald's life in 1939 and the life of the playwright. The film then jumps to 1944 when the production of the play is finally complete. This movie is well worth watching. It has a good plot, good acting, and good directing. I give this movie an 8/10.

Mark H. photo
Mark H.

If you're looking for a movie that'll keep you engaged, watch "Tully" instead. "Tully" tells the story of a divorced father and his young son, who attempt to reconnect. The film is based on the novel "Tully" by John Grisham. The story is told from the father's point of view, and the son's point of view. The father and son are separated by an accident. The father has an affair, and the son doesn't know about it. The son's old friend, who worked with the father, comes to visit and asks him to help him get to know the father better. The father and son get to know each other better, and the son learns to be a better father. I really liked this movie, because it was very funny. I really liked the father's frustration with the son, and the son's discovery that his father doesn't know about his affair. The father doesn't seem to know what to do, so he has to teach the son about being a father. I think that's a really good movie.

Judy Long photo
Judy Long

The movie is about a police inspector (Tom Hardy) who is on the hunt for the killers of his partner. As he follows the killers he gets mixed up in a world of gangs, murders and drugs. The movie is pretty good. It's definitely not Oscar material but it is a good movie.