Steam 3100: Run and Become

3100: Run and Become

What if running could lead to enlightenment? 3100: Run and Become follows an unassuming Finnish paperboy in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Miler - the world's longest race. His story takes the viewer around the world to the Kalahari Desert, the mountain temples of Japan and the Navajo Reservation.

Other Titles
3100, Run and Become, 3100: Correr y ser, 3100, Why We Run, 3100 Meilen: Laufen für die Seele
Running Time
1 hours 20 minutes
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Sanjay Rawal
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Robert Miller photo
Robert Miller

When I first heard about the documentary "Run and become" I was not expecting much, but after seeing it I'm glad I saw it. It is a very interesting documentary about the financial crisis of 2008, and the media and the people around it. I found it very interesting to watch because the documentary is very well put together, with interviews with many people, and it is very interesting to see what they have to say about the financial crisis. I think that the most important thing in the documentary is to see the reactions of people to the crisis, and the reactions of the media to the crisis. I think that the documentary is very good, and I think that the documentary is well put together, and it is very interesting to watch.

Raymond photo

This is a pretty interesting documentary that takes a look at the life of a man named Michael Jackson, who was born into a wealthy family. He is a big star and is famous for his music, but at the same time he is suffering from a mental disorder that has him thinking about death. The documentary focuses on how he is treated by his doctor, his mother, his psychiatrist and his lawyer. It's interesting to see how he is treated, and how the doctors and the psychiatrists are really trying to help him. There are some moments that are really disturbing, but in the end I really liked it. It's a very interesting documentary, and it's very well done. The director is a very good director, and he has a lot of interesting things to show. This is definitely a good documentary.

Rachel photo

Director Christopher Leavitt, who shot the documentary "The End of American Boredom" and the short "A Day Without a Mexican," is back with a documentary that is both deeply informative and much more entertaining than either of those films. Like "End of American Boredom" and "A Day Without a Mexican," "Run and Become" is a documentary that is easy to watch, but which also has a lot of practical and educational information. In the documentary, we are shown stories from the lives of friends, family members, and neighbors about how they deal with the lack of jobs in the US, how they can't afford to go to school or to work, and how they cope with the effects of unemployment. In many cases, their neighbors, friends, and family members are facing similar problems. It is not unusual for one of the subjects in the documentary to bring up the subject of illegal immigration or the illegal border crossings. What is interesting about the film is that it was filmed in four states (California, Texas, New York and Michigan) and uses the main states of this nation for its subjects. The fact that most of the subjects are living in this country legally makes the information much more accurate. The fact that the subjects have not had a job in a year or more makes the information much more realistic and realistic than any of the other documentaries we have seen in the last few years. While it is interesting that most of the subjects were not employed, they are actually very grateful for the opportunities available to them. What I also liked about this documentary was that it focuses on what we do not do, but what we can do. The subjects in this documentary were able to take action and start a business, and they were able to start a business in the US because they were working to create it in their local communities. There is also something more important to this documentary than just the practical solutions. One of the subjects in the documentary, Eliza, talks about the need for people in the US to not just pay for their daily needs, but for themselves as well. One of the things I have learned in life is that sometimes the only thing we can do is to do the best we can. This is what Eliza is doing. When she does not have money to pay for her medical bills, she takes care of herself. She has a group of friends who have also started businesses, and they are doing everything they can to create the business that they are doing, and they are doing it because they know that they are making a difference. If the documentary was only about what the subjects did, I would not have cared that much about it. It is about the importance of working together to create our own communities and for people to be able to get what they need to be happy in life. This is what I hope to see from this documentary.

Thomas Watson photo
Thomas Watson

I saw this documentary a couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information that was presented. The film was shot in the same manner that the man who made the documentary, Rob Pike, did his work. His comments and interviews were very interesting and made for a very interesting watch. I've seen a few documentaries on the same subject and it is always interesting to see how different people feel about the same subject matter. It was nice to see that all the people interviewed were in agreement about the issues and they didn't have any issues with each other. I liked the fact that the documentary was based on a true story and that it was a story that was based on real events. This is a documentary that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the same subject matter as the documentary.

Roy Boyd photo
Roy Boyd

This film is great. As the title says, the ultimate Run and Walk, it's about what people can do when they are out in the real world. The movie looks great and the best part is the interview with Forrest Gump's Jon Voight. Great!

Christine E. photo
Christine E.

I first became aware of this film while I was in France on vacation, in an independent film festival. The film was sold out, and the poster, title, and trailer had been posted on the board of directors. I was intrigued, and immediately went to the official site to order it. After that I saw it on the cable channel, then on HBO, then on Showtime, then on Showtime on demand, then on Showtime on demand, then on HBO. And now I am finally able to see it. I am extremely glad I did, because this film is amazing. Not only does it show the inner life of the film people, but it tells a compelling story of the life and death of the cult. It also shows the rise and fall of one of the leaders, the events leading up to the cult and his eventual death. I was very impressed with the way the film was edited. It gives you a feeling of what it would be like to be part of the cult, and I loved that the film is only shown from the perspective of the members, not from the outside world. I really do hope more filmmakers take the time to make films about cults and try to understand what they're like. If you are interested in cults, I highly recommend the film. It's a must see.

Ronald photo

This is a great movie to watch as a human being. It shows the breakdown of a family, and the impact it has on the rest of the family. I also love the last part where the police try to get through to the family, and finally they realize they have to move, or they will lose the house. This is a great film, that shows a real family that can not be changed.

Victoria photo

This is a very entertaining documentary, and I really enjoyed it. The documentary focuses on the life of the women who worked at the Detroit Red Wings hockey team during the 1970s and 1980s. The women in the documentary are very friendly, and they seem to have a lot of fun talking about their experiences working for the team. They also talk about the importance of working for a team and the importance of giving back to the community. I also enjoyed the fact that the women talked about the women's hockey league in Detroit and the women's hockey team that played there. The women also talked about the impact that the Detroit Red Wings hockey team had on the community. The women also talked about the impact that the Red Wings hockey team had on the community and the community in general. I really liked this documentary, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in women in sports, women in hockey, or women in hockey documentaries.

Pamela photo

I think everyone needs to see this film. It is filled with things that may shock you to the core, but it also serves as an enlightening overview of the things that the world has done to our planet. In fact, some of the things that are discussed in this documentary are things that are happening right now, and not just in the US. The documentary is very realistic in how much of what is going on here affects people's lives, and that includes the citizens of the US. If you think it is a shock to hear that oil companies are destroying the world, I think you should consider the level of corruption that is present in the US. These people don't seem to care about the environment, they seem to care about their own interests. I think the biggest problem that the world has is that they are ignoring the fact that we have to make some very difficult choices. The financial system is just out of control, and is leading to the next phase of financial crisis. In my opinion, the biggest issue that we have to face is that we have to do something about the energy supply. We need to look at the future of energy, and realize that in a couple of decades, it will not be a matter of if, but when. This is a film that should be required viewing for everyone, because it is very real and has a message that needs to be heard. And if you can, please, please watch it. Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you enjoy the film.

Judith H. photo
Judith H.

This documentary aims to examine the state of affairs in the fishing industry in Indonesia, with a particular focus on the trawler industry. The documentaries focus mainly on a trawler named Golden River, which operates in the Gulf of Malacca, and was owned by Vincents of S. A. van Looy. The documentary shows a range of footage shot by a variety of cameramen, while a few video interviews are also included. One particularly memorable interview is with a regional marine biologist named Ennis Paknjaram. The documentary also provides a wealth of historical and anthropological information about the fishing industry in Indonesia, as well as a wide range of images and other artifacts which are visually interesting to the eyes. These items are also of interest to those familiar with the marine industry in general, and fishermen in particular.

Angela M. photo
Angela M.

After watching the film I felt like I understood the true meaning of everything I saw and heard. I felt I was actually living the life of the lead character. Every song, every visual, every acting was brilliant. I left the theater thinking about how to make this movie into a museum piece of our time. I would love to have a show of this film in a museum to make the world a better place.

Crystal photo

I am a relative newcomer to this fascinating subject of our genetics and evolution. All I know is the title and description of this documentary; I did not know the origins of the genealogy until watching it. It does a good job of laying out a picture of our origins. It's a simple story; genealogy. It's a small film, almost 2 hours long. But the film does a good job of explaining the methods and methods of analyzing DNA and genetic data. Some of the information that is given is confusing; but not enough to take away the true message of the documentary. The documentary is not meant to be educational, although there are some points in the film that are educational. If you are just curious and interested in the origins of our existence, it is a worthwhile documentary. The documentary is quite entertaining and exciting. It is not scary or disturbing. There are very few films that are made to be educational, but this film is not educational. It is meant to be entertaining. It is well made and the information is interesting and interesting. The only downfall of the documentary was that it did not answer all of the questions that the documentary is trying to answer. I am a little disappointed that it did not answer some of the questions that it set up. For example, there were not enough questions that were asked about our biological mother, which was a good thing. It answered many of the questions and left open for further questions that would be interesting to explore in the future. The films conclusion, while it is very strong, is not completely satisfied. I hope that it does not end there. I think that the documentary has many points that are not answered. But it does answer many questions and leaves many questions that will be researched in the future. So I hope that the documentary has many more questions and answers. It is an important documentary that I recommend to anyone that would like to know more about our origins.

Dylan Lee photo
Dylan Lee

A marathon is like a free ride, like a ride in a train. It's no different. Some folks just want to get back to where they started. I was one of those folks, and I did. And it took me awhile to figure it out, and a lot of fun. That's what the Marathon Diaries are all about. And how it might have changed your life for the better. I'm glad I took the time to view it. Thanks for the film, and thanks for the people who helped make it possible. I'm glad that they showed it, and I'm glad I saw it. And I'm glad I'll never have to be without it.

Judith photo

At this point, I'm a big fan of Mike Freeman and am always very interested in what he does and his work. But what he does is simply remarkable and sometimes I feel like I need to be in the room with him to get his true vision of the world. I first got to know Mike through his books, which are about his relationships with his family and friends, and his relationship with his blog. He is also a talented photographer. A few of his images are the reason I saw this documentary and I wish I knew more about them. I have been waiting for years for a director's cut of this documentary, but what we got instead was a slightly edited version, which is now available on DVD, with a number of missing images. I watched the DVD at the Cannes Film Festival and when I saw the missing images, I was happy to see them again. But you can't fix the problems. This is one of the most intelligent documentaries I've ever seen. It's easy to see why it's become a cult. The cameraman, Mike Freeman, seems to be a very accomplished and very likable person. His words of advice are inspirational. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life and simply want to see a documentary about the human condition, I would definitely recommend this. There are many other documentary makers that deserve to be watched, but this one is a great and interesting documentary.

David Robinson photo
David Robinson

This is one of those documentaries which you watch without thinking about the subject matter. Most documentaries are the same with a lot of political statements, but this documentary is a celebration of human nature and how much of the things we take for granted. The comments made by the Director and the great actors in this documentary will have you remembering the positive things you would have had in your life had you taken into consideration what you take for granted. In some areas, the director and actor didn't get a chance to have their "side" on. This film has some amazing events in it. Although some are filmed in a boring way, and there is a lot of detail in this documentary, there are also parts which are filmed in a much more entertaining manner, and which make the whole documentary much more interesting. I give this film an 8/10, and recommend it to everyone who is looking for a "what if?" documentary.

Margaret photo

This documentary shows the truly incredible nature of that which we call the "green frontier" - which is actually the vast swamplands of the Middle East and South Asia. In terms of natural resources, land, water, sunlight and air, we live on a planet much smaller than our own. The documentary begins with a man walking on the edge of a river. It has only been a few days since the man was saved by a herd of buffalo. But the man had walked on the edge of the river for 7 years. He was so close to dying of dehydration. And it was only yesterday, when he first came to be washed ashore. From then on, the man had walked on the edge of the river for a whole year. It was his water, his food, his sunshine, and his air. This man had become an extremely resilient person. And that's what makes the world so beautiful. He is incredibly brave, and his story is unforgettable. This is the story of how a simple little buffalo herd saves a man's life and that of a child who is struggling to survive. You'll see the consequences of all of these elements. You'll see the devastation of the dams, and the destruction of the environment. You'll see the range of health issues that these people have, because the environment and land have been ravaged. You'll see the tears of joy and sadness, when they see the destruction and the destruction. You'll see the courage, the sacrifice, the spirit of people who will do whatever it takes to protect what they have and leave everything behind. It's inspiring. And it's inspiring that people like this exist. This is a documentary that we can all watch. It's about true, inspiring heroes and it's about the human spirit. I have to say, I was impressed by this movie, and I think it's well worth the time and effort that it takes to watch it.

Jane photo

As a boy growing up in the 1980's, I remember having a crush on a girl named Katie. Katie was a very popular girl and was a cheerleader. The movie was about her and her struggle to be accepted by the rest of her school. I remember being very impressed with her. The movie was very realistic and she was a very beautiful girl. I have watched this movie about a dozen times. I know her story and the struggle she went through. I always think about Katie. It is sad to know that she is not with us anymore. It is very sad that the world does not know about her. I love this movie. It is a great movie and I recommend it to everyone. It is very realistic and very good.