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Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable is a movie starring Alana Blanchard, Adam Dirks, and Tobias Dirks. After losing an arm to a shark attack at age 13, Bethany Hamilton refuses to give up her dreams of being a professional surfer.

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Nesustabdoma Betany Hamilton, Niepowstrzymana Bethany Hamilton
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Documentary, Sport
Aaron Lieber
Aaron Lieber, Carol Martori
Alana Blanchard, Adam Dirks, Tobias Dirks, Bethany Hamilton
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After losing an arm to a shark attack at age 13, Bethany Hamilton refuses to give up her dreams of being a professional surfer.

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Vincent W. photo
Vincent W.

I'm so impressed with this documentary about an Olympic gold medalist who, instead of admitting that he was unfairly fired from his job, says he never made any kind of apology for his high-profile sexual abuse. The thing that so shocked me was how the man who caused this debacle got another job with the same company to the tune of millions of dollars in a matter of years. It's pretty amazing how we're taught in schools that abuse of power and control of others is wrong. This man is one of the greatest ever and we're taught that he's a victim. This story has been told before, but it was so awful that I had to write a comment. This story will be featured in the documentary. But here's the thing. It's horrible when we put a Hollywood legend in the spotlight and then his whole life is ruined, when all we're left with is a sex offender who has a lucrative career because of this story. That's how I feel about this documentary. I'm sorry for Bill Cosby, but I'm sorry for his fans and I'm sorry for the kids and women who watched this video. This is the first time in my life I've watched a film and thought about it for two days afterwards. I'm sorry to see our country getting so nasty about something that was so rare, but if it happened to me, I'm sorry for the people who suffered. This is the most important issue I'm dealing with right now. I'm sorry we've forgotten that this is so dangerous to society, and that's what has made this man so successful in the past, without us knowing. It's amazing how he has continued to fight this battle. Hopefully this story and the other accusers will give us some idea about what happens to survivors and people who are abused. I'm so glad this story won't get ruined by the police or the media. I can't wait for this film to come out. What I found most interesting about this story was the manner in which it was put together. It's really important to keep these kind of stories coming and hopefully, this documentary will be a game changer.

Kevin N. photo
Kevin N.

I love the way the filmmakers manage to capture the spirit of the sport and the people involved. I love how they show how the sport is so much more than just a competitive game. It's a very human sport that we can all relate to. They show how there are so many sacrifices that go into being a professional athlete. The film is also very entertaining as the athletes and their families live their lives off the field. It's a very entertaining documentary that I highly recommend.

Pamela Campbell photo
Pamela Campbell

Bethany Hamilton gets her chance to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant, where she takes home the title of Miss Universe. However, while taking the crown, she learns that her coach has called her mother, played by actress Zoe Saldana, to tell her that she has failed to qualify for the pageant. However, while doing some research online, Bethany learns that her mother is a member of the Miss Universe Organization, a program that helps young women like herself, and the two soon fall in love. Directed by Stanley Tajiri and written by Tina Rothrock, this is a heart-warming film. The film is really interesting from the beginning. Bethany Hamilton is a great actress. However, I was disappointed in how little she was used in this film. In fact, she is not even really in this film. She's just there to get a phone call from her mom, and to talk to her mother about her winning the Miss Universe pageant. Zoe Saldana plays Bethany's mother, and she is a great actress. I felt that she was the best choice for the role, but it was also very hard for her to play the role, because she's a very emotional person. I also felt that she played the role very well, but I just didn't like the way she played it. She was just there to get a phone call from her mother, and to talk to her mother. Other than that, the film was very good, and I definitely recommend that you see it.

Robert Bell photo
Robert Bell

The movie is also one of the best I have ever seen. I have been living in California for 18 years now and I know what it's like to see this kind of movies. The fact that a majority of the audience does not support this kind of movies is amazing. This kind of films are very successful to attract the younger audiences. I think that the movies are very realistic and should not be allowed to continue with the same story. The acting is very realistic and everyone should go to see the movie.

Christian Hopkins photo
Christian Hopkins

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable is a documentary that features the incredible feats of four women who have conquered the female equivalent of the Ironman triathlon, the half-marathon. Bethany Hamilton is the director of the documentary, she is a former Olympian, who was also a professional swimmer and has become a commentator for the BBC. Her documentary is a very personal film about a very special woman and the lives of the women who have become professional triathletes. This documentary is an extremely entertaining documentary that tells the story of a woman who was born to excel in one of the most physically demanding sports. The documentary is well made and it is well worth watching. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable is a very personal film that is worth watching.

Madison photo

I don't know why the bad reviews here are so out there. I think this movie is great, the more i think about it the more I like it. There's so many good things about this movie, some are funny, some are sad and some are just really touching. And sometimes I think about this movie over and over again. The most annoying thing about this movie is the general trend of teens and college students just being jerks and being a brat. But then there are some people that try to come to terms with it, and in the end, it's all about everyone being happy and feeling good about themselves. And then there are some people who are just bad at accepting who they are and what they are. So i really don't understand how these comments can be written about this movie. I really love this movie, I think it is one of the best of the summer. It is also one of the most tragic movies. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this movie.

Louis Gordon photo
Louis Gordon

I was actually a little disappointed that the film was shot entirely in the US. In the UK the film was shot in Greece, and the story was a little better. But the film was still very interesting and it had some very nice editing. The film is definitely worth seeing if you like biographies of athletes. I think this is a good film to watch if you are looking for a good biography.

Sara G. photo
Sara G.

I was shocked to see that this film got the (7.5/10) on IMDb, which made me wonder what is it that I missed. Perhaps because the movie is based on a true story and the story-teller (whom I would imagine is a very good and talented woman) should have gotten a lot more credit. I'm a huge fan of the medical sport of gymnastics, so I understand the motivation behind this film. However, the film can be summarized in a few words. Bethany Hamilton is a super-successful model who dreams of making it big in gymnastics. For those who have never seen this movie, it is a bit of a love letter to the women in gymnastics. Bethany just wants to be the best in the world, so she trains hard, works really hard, and grows herself up a little bit and makes a perfect little gymnast. Well, that is the basic plot. There are a lot of other elements which relate to the movie, but those who are not gymnasts would not understand the importance of gymnastics and also those who are not really into gymnastics would not understand the high level of talent that is needed to be a champion in this sport. It is an amazing feat to have been a champion in gymnastics and to have succeeded in gymnastics while at the same time have a small body. Bethany's trainer and coach is unimpressed by her talent, and she does not accept her. However, she realizes that Bethany has a lot of potential, and she decides to help her try her best to reach that potential. The main goal of the movie is to show the true story and the realization that the gymnasts, the coaches, and Bethany herself have. The story-teller has to show a lot of different things, because she is obviously very talented and the real Bethany is a very interesting person. I think that it is very important to know that the training in gymnastics is very hard, and that you have to dedicate the whole day and the whole night for it. This is why gymnastics is so much more than just a physical sport. However, one thing that is very important to understand about gymnastics is that it is a team sport. When a coach talks to the team about their goals, he emphasizes that all the team has to do is to practice, but at the same time the team has to work really hard, too. Therefore, when you see the coaches of gymnastics, you see them work really hard to help their team reach their goals. I will also say that a lot of times when you see people competing in gymnastics, you see all the coaches and athletes working really hard. When you see a competition, you see the coaches competing with their athletes. In short, gymnastics is an amazing sport and it is one of the most incredible sports in the world, which makes it extremely difficult to be a champion in this sport. To be a champion, you have to have all of the skills, to work really hard and do everything in the world. If a gymnast is a gymnast, it is more like an Olympian in gymnastics, because it is more about the person and the sport than the physicality. I think that this is one of the most powerful things that the movie tells. I think that the movie is very inspirational and shows the amazing things that gymnastics can do for a person and the things that a person can accomplish in his/her lifetime. All the people who are watching the movie should be

Charles W. photo
Charles W.

I went into this movie expecting nothing, the reviews weren't exactly glowing either. To my surprise, I actually found it very interesting. I wasn't expecting much but I found myself really interested in what this film was really about. The acting was great. Kevin Hart, Brittany Murphy and Paul Rudd made this movie really believable. The movie was pretty straight forward at times and then it had a twist, which I thought was clever. I also like the ending. It was very surprising and I don't think the critics or fans ever would have guessed. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially sports fans.

Martha Alvarez photo
Martha Alvarez

We all know that competition is the backbone of society, how do you feel about it? We all know that when you go out and compete with others, your self image is severely damaged. It's difficult for many of us to understand this when we see our competitors to be flawless. I can't say I was competitive, but I certainly learned from my mistakes and was extremely respectful to the sport of skiing. In a way, I think the three lessons I learned about competitive skiing came from the events I competed in. They seemed quite simple, but I think they did not let me grow as a person as I could have. I learned to respect my opponent more and I developed my technique and strategies. I found the only true winner in my skiing competition was the winner of the three finals. The three contestants did not feel like they lost. They had suffered a defeat, and they could see that the other two competitors were great skiers. That showed them that they were not just doing this for the money, they were doing it for the thrill of it. So while it is true that competitors should respect the other competitors, it is also true that the two competitors in this movie must have respected the other two, and so did I. This movie is a good look into the world of competitive skiing, but not so much into the world of professional skiing. I hope it is enough to make some people consider the sport of competitive skiing. It was not for me.

Julie Stevens photo
Julie Stevens

I loved the story and I was moved. I have not seen a movie that has affected me like this one. I don't know where it is, but it is here.

Julia Anderson photo
Julia Anderson

After watching this movie, it is easy to see how impressive the gymnastics of Ms. Hirsch are. When she competes, she displays gymnastics that would make Angela Davis or Simone Biles proud. When I watch films such as "Runaway Train" or "Without a Paddle", I always feel I have to take a break because of the repetitive nature of the plot. Not so with "A Cinderella Story". Ms. Hirsch is great at her sport, the other gymnasts are great, and it was enjoyable to watch her get better. As a fan of gymnastics, I was impressed.

Joan photo

This documentary doesn't give the complete story of the death of one of the greatest marathon champions ever. I believe what the filmmakers didn't say was that the premeditated murder of Brian Boitano was covered up because of his fame as a runner. It was important that he be remembered and honored as a champion of his time. As much as we want to see such things happening to athletes today, they were not covered up because of their fame. What we are left with is the murder of a professional athlete that was admired by his peers for his efforts and abilities, especially his marathon. At the end of the day, this documentary makes you feel good about all of the athletes that would get killed, not just Brian Boitano. Not the one on the sidelines.

Catherine photo

This movie was nothing short of amazing. I do not think I have ever seen a movie that has impacted me in the way this one has. It has given me a completely different perspective on things in life. It has had a profound effect on my life and how I would wish it would have. I wish there was a way to thank every person in this movie that has made a difference in my life. I wish there was a way to say thank you to all of the people who helped make this movie happen. It is a true example of the power of positive thought and the power of the internet. I hope everyone who sees this movie gives it a chance because the effect it has had on me is immeasurable. I can't wait for the DVD.

Gregory photo

The final feature-length documentary on Bethany Hamilton, one of the most-loved gymnasts of all time. "Unstoppable" is truly an honor, as the doc provides a glimpse of one of the greatest Olympians of all time who defied the odds and what it took to be an Olympian. A well-crafted look at one of the most-loved women of all time. In addition, the documentary provides some insight into Bethany's personal life, what inspired her to pursue the sport of gymnastics. All in all, "Unstoppable" is one of the most impressive docs of all time, that is highly recommended.

Kathleen M. photo
Kathleen M.

This is the documentary that follows the life and career of New Zealand athlete, Jock Lindsey. During the course of the film, we see him as a young man, as a professional athlete, and as a coach and trainer. As a coach, he gives advice to athletes and coaches. As a professional athlete, he is successful at his sport. As a trainer, he shows athletes how to train for sports. As a coach, he shows his athletes how to be the best they can be, and how to handle stress. He also shows how athletes can improve as a person. The film is a good representation of the life of a professional athlete. It is not the typical "high school sports person" documentary. It shows the athlete's life as a professional athlete. I enjoyed the film very much, and I highly recommend it.

Jane H. photo
Jane H.

A fantastic documentary. I didn't know that the young actress, Bethany Hamilton, was talented enough to appear in a film, and I only learned this thanks to this film. The fact that she appeared in the film also made it very relatable to my own life, and that fact, in a way, is what made it more relatable to me. Although I only got a few minutes of her in the film, I would have loved to have seen more. But, other than that, I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone.

Benjamin S. photo
Benjamin S.

This is a must-see documentary for anyone interested in cycling. I was a little skeptical going in as I'm a cyclist and not a great fan of documentaries. But, I was surprised by the amount of information and the great detail that was put into this film. I loved the way that they managed to get information from both sides. I also liked the fact that they included interviews with people like John Bauchau, Bob Stenhouse Jr, Dan Futterman and Brian Tracy. I think the only negative aspect of this documentary is that there wasn't enough information about the other side. I know that this is a subject that is very controversial in cycling circles, but I think that they did a great job of covering both sides of the argument. It's not a perfect documentary, but it's a great documentary that I would highly recommend. 8/10