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Crime + Punishment

Crime + Punishment is a movie starring Manuel 'Manny' Gomez, Sandy Gonzales, and Rukia Lumumba. A group of brave NYPD officers risk it all to expose the truth about illegal quota practices in police departments.

Other Titles
罪与罚, Zbrodnia + kara
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1 hours 52 minutes
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Stephen T. Maing
Manuel 'Manny' Gomez, Rukia Lumumba, Sandy Gonzales, Edwin Raymond
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A group of brave NYPD officers risk it all to expose the truth about illegal quota practices in police departments.

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Linda photo

I had never heard of this movie until I was on the PETA news for a movie.I was in the program, and I just happened to have something to do, and my wife got me a snack that I couldn't resist. I just happened to put the VHS on, and I have watched it every week. I feel like the movie is very accurate and, sometimes, a bit emotional. I agree with the points raised in the movie, but I think it's important to highlight the beauty of animals. It's important to talk about the way their lives are farmed, and how well we treat them in that way. But the way people treat animals in captivity isn't just cruel, it's disgusting. I wish I could tell you about the animal being violently murdered, or having their teeth pulled, or their skin peeled off and used for trophies, but I don't know what to say about that. I also don't know how the director was able to get so many people in the audience to pay attention to the atrocities. But it's very well done. I recommend this movie for those of us who are concerned with cruelty and violence towards animals.

Gary Kennedy photo
Gary Kennedy

I'm not the kind of person who sits through a film to be horrified by the horrors depicted on screen. In fact I tend to do that - very rarely does one sit through a film because the violence is so graphic and the events portrayed so gruesome. I was drawn in by the film's compelling subject matter: Slavery in the United States, and the question of how the war criminals can get pardoned. However, the experience was largely a black and white matter; it wasn't really my place to judge. The film's message is not to be taken lightly. I found it clear and strong in its aim to cause a debate, and to encourage people to open their minds and ponder over the truth of the crimes committed. Overall, the film was effectively informative and entertaining. However, at times it felt like the film was merely talking about its subject matter, and that this was more than likely intentional. The film clearly drew the attention of other film makers to keep up the pressure and write articles or even documentaries on the subject matter. It also became apparent that many people who sat in on this film was not particularly passionate about the subject. The film's subject matter is certainly important, and needs to be discussed. However, the information provided by the film was not compelling and had a slightly lack luster. On the flip side of that coin, I felt that the film contained an information overload. This was not to say that the film was not strong or relevant, rather that the information provided was completely insufficient for the subject matter. If I knew that someone could be given a chance to redeem himself, I would have given that person the opportunity. Instead, I was presented with an information overload, which made the viewer even more reluctant to even look into the subject matter at hand. This leads me to the second point: The information provided was information that was already available through out the film. The information provided didn't give me the information I needed to take action, which is why I did not do so. This is clearly a limited group of people, and I am not sure that the film was even worthwhile to watch for all of its core audience.

Janet Campbell photo
Janet Campbell

I thought the documentary was well made, and it gave me a great deal of insight into the idea of what justice and punishment is really about. It was also very educational. I am glad that someone took the time to make this documentary. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has a little bit of time on their hands, and wants to know a little bit more about the subject of justice and punishment.

Katherine Stevens photo
Katherine Stevens

When a judge hands down a life sentence to a man who is known to have "graved" in prison in order to deal with the bad character he has created in himself, the prison authorities go all out to try to clear up any misunderstanding. Not just about the man, but about the men who have been serving their time. It may sound like an excuse for them to get to know each other. It's not, though. You get the idea that these men aren't like any other men. They aren't like any other people. They are a very isolated group who were put in a very frightening situation in their younger days. One of the judges who is dealing with this man's character goes so far as to acknowledge that it is probably the first time he has had to deal with someone like this. He is certainly not the first. The film highlights the difficulties that are associated with this behaviour, and how the staff are taken aback by this "normality". The filmmakers do an excellent job in bringing this reality to the screen. It is difficult to relate to some of the scenes. I never felt sorry for the prisoner, who was fully deserving of what he had to go through. But his was a real-life situation. There was no "normality" here. It was a psychological situation where the young man, his family, and the guards knew that he was going to do it. And they did nothing to help him. The film points out how the guards in the place where the young man is being held have been told that this is a one-time thing. However, I couldn't help but think that this is something that the guards who do these things should be prepared for. If the guards were "unrelenting" in trying to get the man out of jail, then perhaps the judges wouldn't want to deal with them so much. The footage in the film was incredibly disturbing. This man, in the time that he spent in prison, had lived in complete isolation, and the harsh reality was that the only other people he knew were his fellow inmates. No one knew where he was, and even when he did, he didn't know who he was. But he did have a small amount of normal human contact. He had a phone with him, a place to stay, and a few cigarettes to light up before the guards started to talk to him. The film was not made to show his emotions. It wasn't made to show him scream, cry, or scream and cry. No, it was made to show the life in prison, where he had no way of being connected to the outside world, and was really on his own. The two main prison guards who were involved in handling this man's character were put in a very difficult position. At the time, no one, including the prisoners who knew him, believed that he was the kind of person who would end up being a violent criminal. The guards knew the man as a hard-nosed man, and they did everything possible to see him sent back to prison. He ended up having to be locked up on the other side of the prison wall. In the end, he was sent to a place that would eventually be called "The Hole". It was there that he was doing his time and the guards were doing everything they could to ensure that he didn't do more time. One of the guards saw him and said that it seemed like he was having a good time. She said that it was like he had gotten through another day of punishment. He would occasionally see that she was starting to get a little bit upset. He would turn to her and say "Hey, it's all good now". When he walked out of that prison, he was proud. He was proud that he could not get out, because the other prisoners would take him back into jail and begin to treat him as if he was just another prisoner. They would talk to him as if he

Margaret photo

Since the 1970s, only five American presidents have made the 'crime + punishment' paradigm their calling card. By adopting this approach, a handful of presidents, particularly Herbert Hoover and Ronald Reagan, have significantly contributed to the decline in crime rates in this country and the subsequent decline in violence. Hoover was particularly successful in lowering crime rates while Reagan was more successful in reducing homicide rates. Many in the media have questioned the relevance of this approach in recent years, but I question how many would still believe the police department is morally and politically 'tough' because the arrest rate in this country is actually lower than crime rates. In conclusion, police departments in this country, like any other American institution, should be viewed as institutions, not as part of the state. This way they become the partners in crime reduction and also help to prevent crime in the first place.

Elizabeth A. photo
Elizabeth A.

This is an excellent documentary about the struggles of the poor and disenfranchised of our country. It is about the plight of the poor and it's impact on our country. It is a very important documentary, which should be shown to all the public. It is not about politics or religion, but it's about the poor and the people who are in need of a better life. The documentary is very well made, and I enjoyed watching it very much. It is very uplifting, and it shows how the poor and disenfranchised are affected by the economic and political changes. I really recommend it to everyone.

Patrick H. photo
Patrick H.

This documentary was not as intense as the first one, which had great implications about how to make a society, but still not as important as the first one. However, they made a good job to explain some of the things that the government of China do. It will be a good thing for people who live in China. For me, I think that this documentary is so good, because I will make a lot of comparisons to other Asian countries and even people from abroad. There are differences between the way that we have education in the west and the education that they have in the east. I can say that I have never felt like they had education in the west, because in general, their education systems are not as well developed as ours. I think it's better to have education in the east than in the west. Some of the things that the Chinese government do is very important, for example, they make an all of it free of charge. Some of the subjects they do in the documentary is very interesting and interesting. I can't understand why people have such great confidence in this documentary. It's not that I can't understand what they have to say. I can't understand why some people think that they have everything that they want, but they have to work to achieve those things. I think the documentary is better than the first one because it's more interesting and it shows some other important things that they have done. They should keep making films about something like this and not more documentary like this.

Jordan H. photo
Jordan H.

It's an amazing thing, that filmmakers have to make more movies. Every director has a particular vision, and sometimes it's better to have just a collection of short clips and montages. This documentary for the most part doesn't disappoint. The production values are fantastic. You have the nice weather, great location shots, and you have the amazing talent of good film making (Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, and so on). There are many scenes in which your jaw is dropped. Like when James Cameron walks around the desert, you just can't look away from him. We also have several documentaries on modern religions and how they are interpreted. It also shows the practical side of making films and the cynicism of what this industry is. I like it when filmmakers are willing to tackle controversial subjects. There are plenty of documentaries on the UFO phenomenon and it's a new industry to tackle it. It's fascinating how they did it. I could see this movie when I was ten years old. But it's about to be ten years old for me. It's a great reminder of a time when I believed in film making and it really inspired me to be a filmmaker. I wish they wouldn't make so many documentaries. It's time that documentaries come more often.

Philip B. photo
Philip B.

I was in very early stages of my scoliosis. I only had a few craggy areas in my back. I felt like a freak during the whole 30 minutes of this film. I have an honest feeling about the person making this film, as well as the level of pain that you feel when you watch it. It is real. No lies or exaggeration. Everything in this film is what it really is: horrible to watch, and extremely painful to watch. It's a real life experience. And most of all, it should be a reminder to people who think that a piece of human flesh is just some kind of empty ornament. To be honest, the only reason I'm giving this film a higher score than one star is because of the wonderfully shot, and surprisingly well edited film. The story itself, is very interesting and entertaining. If the makers of this film thought that this film would be a step in the right direction of "knowledge," they were definitely wrong.

Jennifer G. photo
Jennifer G.

Good points: Michael Moore and Bob Fosse are two of the most courageous, creative people working today, and they both make the film as interesting as possible. I agree that they do a great job of using archival footage to add to the story, and it is beautifully shot, at times it almost feels as if the camera is on a low angle, making the images less restricted and more focused on the content. Moore's commentary provides insight and a surprising amount of humor, and I felt at times I was reading his thoughts in a different language. I agree that there is a lot of historical knowledge that they went through and plenty of interesting history to learn about. Some of the problems I have with this film are that, while there are numerous archival footage that clearly shows Moore and Fosse working on a story, it seems the only problem the filmmakers faced was getting the footage to be re-edited to match the new footage. So, while there are a lot of interesting historical details that Fosse, Moore and the film makers have chosen to leave out, we're left with a fairly chaotic narrative, and the images that fit in are often so hard to find, that we just can't fully enjoy the film. The ones that were most important, and ended up on the DVD, were chosen to be edited and brought in to the film. I also feel that a lot of what is interesting about this film is in fact not particularly original. These are shots taken by the U.S. Air Force and Army, and they were likely used in a similar fashion to what the film makers did, but they're not unique. It's one thing to do an insightful, documentary style film, it's another thing to do a film where all the stories that don't fit in the narrative are completely put out of their minds and forgotten. Moore makes a film that has certain shortcomings, but it's the type of film that makes you want to watch it over and over again, and it's something that's worth seeing over and over.

Shirley photo

To the Editors: Though most of you will not have heard of Charles Dickens until sometime in the 1970s, he was a prolific author who popularized many of the concepts we now take for granted. Perhaps he was not a very nice man, but he was an incredible writer, and I believe that if there were only one moment in his life that had most lasting impact, it would be one of his "little novels" written for children. I believe this film will be almost as popular with adults as it will be with young children. The book, which is currently out of print, I believe, has a parallel to how our own society is continuing to go through a slow, powerful, and truly inspiring transformation. For the record, "A Christmas Carol" was actually written in the 1840's. The protagonist of the novel was twelve years old when it was written, and the book is set during the height of the Civil War, making it very relevant to today's world. One thing I know for sure, I won't be watching this film any time soon. You may not agree with me, but I'm not alone in my opinion that "A Christmas Carol" is, in my opinion, the greatest literary work ever written. "A Christmas Carol" is not a story that is easy to follow, and I will agree with many of the other posters who say that the movie lacks in several areas. The characters are not well developed, and the actors don't do a particularly good job. But that doesn't mean that this is a bad film. I recommend it for any audience, or for any age. I think that if you have a little time to kill, and you have not yet read the book, go ahead and give it a shot. You might be surprised.

Virginia Rios photo
Virginia Rios

I saw this movie in the theater, and I have to say that I think it is one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen. I've seen a lot of documentaries, but I have never seen one that had me feeling as though I was actually witnessing what happened. I was absolutely speechless when the movie ended. I was left speechless and wondering what to do next. I want to give this movie 10 stars because it has a great message and it makes you think. I recommend this movie to anyone, regardless of their political beliefs.

Tiffany B. photo
Tiffany B.

I recently re-watched Dyan Cannon's film Mystery Killings, not knowing it had only been a few years since I had seen it. I was intrigued by the premise of this film, because it is based on a true story. I always feel the need to see movies based on true stories, because I cannot truly know their circumstances or how they ended up in that situation. I mean, I can't really tell how a 14 year old became a serial killer, although I can tell you if he/she killed 10-15 people in one day. But what do I know about murder and that? I do not want to just watch a documentary about a murder, even though that might be interesting. I want to experience that, not just watch it. So when I first saw this film, I was intrigued. Because I have not seen the original film, I didn't know that the murders in the first version were just flashbacks. That was very interesting, as I wondered what would happen if I watched the original movie instead. I was not disappointed, as the murders were very good. And the recapping of events was interesting. Now I know that the original movie is very hard to find, so I think it is a good idea to watch the original movie first. I would have also liked to see the film with subtitles, because I do not speak Korean and I had to learn some of the characters names. But I do not really like watching films that are hidden to a lot of people, like this film was. I was hoping for it to be a better film, than the original, because I was excited by the idea of the film being based on a true story. However, I am surprised at how similar this movie is to the original. I think the entire idea of the original is to show how serial killers really were, and to show how this is just an everyday event for those who are serial killers. But that was not the case in this movie, there was not a whole lot of violence, only blood. But I would have liked to see more blood in the movie, as it did show a lot of the killings. I think that I would have liked to see the murders more in this film, because it is a very different movie. I felt that the movie was interesting, and I would definitely watch it again. The fact that I was not disappointed in the movie, but I was disappointed in the first film is a bad sign, because I never thought the first film was all that good. I would also like to see some more scenes in this movie, because it is very different and probably a little better. But it is still better than the first film.

Russell McCoy photo
Russell McCoy

This documentary follows the lives of John Gotti Jr. (son of John Gotti Sr.) as he deals with the media scrutiny he's being subjected to. While the documentary doesn't delve into the details of what actually happened during the investigation into the murders of his father and brother, it does touch on the decision of the family to keep the family name in the news and that of the resulting violence. If you're looking to see how the Mafia came to be, this documentary would be an excellent way to start. I'd say that I enjoyed this documentary as a documentary, but I'd say it's also a good educational film, if you're into the topic. If you are looking for some news coverage, this documentary is probably not the documentary for you.

Philip photo

This is a great documentary. It covers a lot of the common misconceptions and myths about America. From the iconic "Treat the World as a Commoner" to the real "We Are Not The Same as You". I've watched this movie 3 times and it's still interesting to see it again. The main issue that I had with the movie is that it's not a very personal look at the American psyche, which is what makes it great. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to learn about America and its people.

Samantha Patel photo
Samantha Patel

I really enjoyed this movie. The most surprising thing is that it was not made by a film student or a film critic. It was made by an expert in the field of film-making and it is also very well made. It is not a documentary, but a documentary about the world of film-making. I really enjoyed the discussion between the two men who made the movie. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Catherine S. photo
Catherine S.

I had to watch this movie as I was out of town. I didn't want to miss out on any of the important issues that this film covered. I can't wait to see this movie again on DVD. I had to watch it twice, just to see the different perspectives and understand the perspective of different people. I was amazed at the differences of the people in the theater. The story of this movie was so powerful and the questions were so important. I had to keep reminding myself that this is a story of a mother who was severely beaten by her husband, who was a rapist. I felt like I was a witness to the beatings, the sexual abuse, and the poverty and abuse that was inflicted on her and her family. I was very impressed at how the film was able to tell the story of these things. I felt that it was a powerful film, and one that I would recommend to everyone. I also would recommend this movie to anyone who is a victim of domestic violence, or a victim of rape or a person who is being abused.

Katherine A. photo
Katherine A.

When I first saw this documentary, I was a little worried about it. I knew that what I saw might be a little over-the-top, but I thought I'd give it a chance. I was really pleasantly surprised. This is the story of a man named Jerry Bergman, and his encounter with a group of prison inmates. In the movie, he says that it's the most beautiful thing he ever saw. I could not disagree more. I saw it again and again. It is truly wonderful. And what a delight it is to watch Jerry Bergman get to the point of speaking to them, getting to understand them. The characters he meets are fascinating. They are beautiful, and they are men of very good souls. They do not seem like people who would do anything harmful. They are the opposite of what most people think they are. The men he meets are real men, and they are all innocent of any wrongdoing. There is no need for him to find out what happened to them. That would be far too boring. What he has to do is just try to understand them, to learn from them, to try to understand his own human nature. That is what Jerry Bergman does. This is one of the best documentaries ever made. I recommend it to everyone. It will enrich your life, and it will make you smile. I rate it a 10/10. See it.

Patrick Hanson photo
Patrick Hanson

I've just watched this film and it has left me thinking about a lot of things, mainly about the way the government is trying to eradicate drugs and alcohol. The way the drug lords operate is not the way I thought they operated and the way the British government has reacted to the problem is not the way I thought they would. I found this film to be very informative and very thought provoking, and I'm glad I watched it. I thought it was a good film and I would recommend it to anyone. The only downside to this film is that it is very hard to find on DVD, so I would suggest you watch it on video. I gave it an 8 out of 10.

Matthew Hill photo
Matthew Hill

I guess you can say that The Invention of Lying was the first Documentary about the Latin American drug war that made it to the Oscars. I'm not going to even pretend I've seen that movie. I've heard the story before and had my own opinions, but seeing this documentary definitely made me think. It makes you think about what you have learned about the drug war, and how its history and what happens to some people affects them, but the human element that makes you feel the pain is the real power of the film. The documentary was made for the awards. I loved the actors, the subjects, the scenes, and even the music. If you have seen documentaries before, you have seen these. If you haven't, you have to see it. I wish this documentary had been a "big hit". It made me want to think about the drug war and what is happening in Latin America and in the world in general. I would have liked to have seen more interviews with people who knew more than me, but then again, there's always more to learn. The people that told me all the stories and gave their opinion on the subject matter gave me a lot more insight into the subject. The film was made for the Academy Awards, but you know what, I don't think it was the best film for the Oscars. As I stated before, I know it didn't win, but I also know that in the end, the film was not the best documentary. I would have preferred to see a film about the causes and effects of the drug war, but there's always more to learn. If you haven't seen The Invention of Lying, I would highly recommend it.

Victoria Griffin photo
Victoria Griffin

I guess the reason I got to see this documentary was because I'm one of those people who's been moved to tears by the pain and injustice that our world can inflict on the most vulnerable and innocent among us. It's a very moving and honest documentary, and it does show the devastation that our world can cause to the families of the victims of that particular tragedy, and it doesn't take itself too seriously at all. It's just a good-hearted documentary, and it shows that life isn't always what we want it to be, and sometimes you need to make the most of it. And if that's the case, then I'm so glad I watched this documentary.

Gregory Clark photo
Gregory Clark

The story of a young woman's struggle for justice in a small Texas town is an uplifting one, and it's an all too common story. But the fact that a person of color, a woman of color, or a person with disabilities can suffer a similar fate is one of the most amazing things about this film. I've watched it once, and it stuck with me. It made me think about how so many people can be victimized by a small criminal act. How one moment can have a devastating effect on the lives of so many others. The fact that it's a documentary made with the same attention to detail as the "Say Anything" films shows that this film does a great job of telling a story. It's a story about the effects of an act of violence on one person, and how that act has a lasting impact on so many others. What I love about the film is that it's a story about a woman's struggle. It's about her struggle, and it's about her healing. This film does a great job of showing that a woman who is victimized by her abuser, can be able to get back on her feet and rebuild her life. It's an inspiring story, and it's one that should be told and shared.

Laura J. photo
Laura J.

I am a committed Catholic, and as a matter of fact, I believe that a lot of the things that are happening in this world are just that. People are being persecuted because of their beliefs, and we have a responsibility to help these people. I am also very committed to protecting the environment. This documentary, however, does not just focus on the church's role in the environment. It also focuses on the personal and social impacts that the church has on the individual members. This film also addresses the effects that religion has on society, and the impact that religion has on individuals. It is a film that I will never forget, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Church and its role in society.

Nathan photo

I would have given this film a 10 if it were not for the fact that it was almost 3 hours long. This is the first time that I have ever felt so uncomfortable watching a film. I will be watching this again to make sure I don't miss any important scenes.

Rose photo

A remarkable, if perhaps over-simplified, look at the history of Roman society in the West. Roman society was brutal, but there was also a sort of honor code, with the most honourable persons being the ones who did not have to fight or kill, they simply did not fight or kill. You can tell by the bone structure of the feet of many soldiers to determine if they were warriors or not. Military discipline is portrayed as something akin to killing the other person. Everyone is guilty of murder and murder is a capital crime, that is, if you kill a person, you are considered to be a traitor to the state. It was commonly understood that the "walking dead" (as they were called) were immortal, but there was also a law against killing them. The appearance of the "walking dead" is sometimes attributed to the Romans, since there were stories that they were all dead. Although the idea of the "walking dead" is popular in modern times, it really was not common at the time the Romans ruled. There is very little violence in the documentary. There are a few accounts of gladiatorial games, but not very many. The only violence is the occasional bludgeoning by soldiers of the body of one of the living gladiators. The violence that was used was simply throwing food in front of the gladiators. The people of Rome and Rome-apparently-exalted martial skills. Almost every gladiator had to be trained in boxing and some had to be trained in Karate. When fighting in the arena the gladiators did not wear much armor. Most gladiators wore simple vests and shoes. They were designed to be extremely agile and strong, and the sound of their blows was enough to kill a person. This made gladiatorial fighting a martial sport, more akin to a sport. The Roman Emperor Trajan forbade gladiator fighting as a political and social reform, and the Senate also called for the abolition of gladiator fighting. However, the best gladiators were still fighting in the Coliseum, and those who still competed for them were still forced to be sober and show some restraint. In the West, we have a very different story. We do not have a 100% pure form of Roman culture. We have a "Roman" attitude to life, to violence and death, to honour, and to the idea of honour. We have societies that are dark and brutal, and societies that are not completely civilized. We have cultures that have slaves, slaves that are beaten, slaves that are raped, slaves that are exterminated. We have societies that commit genocide in large numbers, such as the Holocaust. It is very hard to take Roman society at face value. The Roman attitude toward life is presented as the norm of the time, and we have very few stories of even the most honourable members of society. The most important story told by the film is that of the daughter of Marcus Aurelius, who was himself killed in the fighting at the arena. It is a good film that is extremely well-made. I was very impressed by the fact that the director didn't try to use actors who had known actors in Roman history, but just an ordinary non-Roman (if you can call him that) who never knew anything about ancient history, who didn't know anything about gladiators or gladiators' families. He didn't do this to hide the fact that he was doing this documentary. He knew that he would be able to make a film that was important, because it is an important story. This documentary tells a story of a story of a story. It is an interesting documentary that really shows the difference in culture between Rome and the West. It makes you realize that there is a lot of good in the West.

Harry photo

I found this film very interesting. It's about a bunch of criminals who get sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit. The film is about the aftermath of the prison and the impact it has on the inmates and their families. It's about what happens to the prisoners and the families after the prison is over. The film is very interesting because the inmates are given the opportunity to go on with their lives after they are released. They are given a chance to take a leap of faith and follow their dreams. It's a powerful film about the impact of prison on the people who go through it and the families who have to endure the long-term effects of that. The film is really good and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Ronald B. photo
Ronald B.

This is an amazing documentary about the prison system in the United States. The stories of the inmates are both compelling and disturbing. It is an indictment of the prison system in America and the way it is run. The film is not just about prisons but about how the system has been turned upside down. The people who do not want to see the system turn into a place of torture are being punished by the system. In fact, the system is turning people into criminals, while the people who want to see the system reformed are being punished by the system. I think the film shows the way the system has become, and how it has been turned upside down. It is a very powerful film. I recommend it highly.

Martha photo

This documentary is definitely not for those who are easily offended or offended by gay relationships. This is a film that should be viewed by all. The video is quite simple, yet extremely powerful. In a perfect world, there would be no need for this documentary, but sadly it is the world we live in. This film is a must see for all people who want to learn more about the lives of people who are different from us. I believe it is a MUST see film.

Gerald photo

I was always looking forward to this documentary. It was the first documentary that I watched and I was impressed. The way that the filmmaker tries to present the way that the media spreads a message. He wants to show the typical ways that media groups make their money. I was shocked at how fast the media spreads the message. He tries to show that this was one of the main factors that caused the crisis of the mid-nineties. It is also a lot of other factors that we still have to fight with today. There are so many ways that media groups spread their message. It is even harder than before. It is not that much difficult to watch. The documentary is very interesting. I think that it is important that we have this kind of documentary to show what is going on in the media and how they influence our lives. We need to be aware of what is going on in the media and how they are influencing our lives. We need to know how they are influencing our lives. It is just as important as ever. It is not the media that is the problem, it is the way that the media is spreading their message.

Mary photo

This documentary is extremely well made. The content is compelling and you feel a connection with the subjects. The conversations between the people who have lived these lives are incredibly meaningful. The documentary makers are able to elicit a sense of realism and the subjects' stories are very real. You have to see this film. It's an important story that needs to be told.

Deborah Reid photo
Deborah Reid

Based on the 1996 book by U.S. Senator Helen Gandy and following the rise and fall of Jimmy Carter, this documentary examines the powerful influence Carter wielded in his home state of Georgia during the civil rights era. Gandy, a journalist, was one of the first black reporters to cover Georgia politics in the 1960s. Gandy was initially opposed to covering this time period, but as the civil rights movement gained momentum in Georgia, she turned to it as her calling. Gandy's time covering the civil rights movement in Georgia helped to define her as an informed reporter and helped to legitimize her writing career. She was later elected to Congress in 1990 as a Democrat and has been a member of the Georgia state legislature ever since. Gandy and her husband, former Senator Henry Wilson, later became active in the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War and were instrumental in passing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The film's format is primarily a compilation of Gandy's interviews with Georgia legislators, political insiders, activists and activists at the time. Gandy also interviews a wide range of other prominent Georgia personalities, such as James Farmer (the late Supreme Court Justice), George Wallace (the former governor of Alabama), George Baker (the former U.S. Senator), and former Governor Nathan Deal. Gandy's interviews and commentary are generally strong and insightful, particularly the first segment, the conference with the state legislators. The first segment of this interview features Carter, Farmer and the actor Roy Scheider discussing Carter's interest in the civil rights movement. Carter emphasizes that his later years were motivated by his belief in the rights of all people, rather than by a concern for the rights of individuals. Farmer, who was present during the first conference and later served as Carter's advisor on civil rights issues, reinforces this point in a later segment. Carter is able to illustrate his motivations for his activism with the help of Scheider, who shows Carter footage of a movie showing black folk being beaten up by whites in the 1960s. The second segment is the first public appearance by Carter, who also serves as an interviewer and writer of a book about the civil rights movement and who expresses his opinion on the impact of civil rights on Georgia. The segment includes an interview with Billy Graham, who is interviewed in a somewhat hostile manner. Graham is also interviewed by Gandy, who seems to give Graham the benefit of the doubt in a frank and open manner. Graham's record as a social reformer is touched on in the first segment and then later touched on in a more sympathetic manner by Gandy in a later segment. The third segment features several interviews with prominent activists and activists from Georgia at the time and the final segment contains interviews with former Georgia Governor and Senator Nathan Deal and former Governor Carter. The segments are interspersed with clips from some of Georgia's most famous films and documentaries. This segment is the first of many that will become an important

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Patricia Richards

This is a great documentary about the many ways people have struggled with love and relationships over the centuries. It features interviews from people who live through the stories and the sadness they have suffered in their relationship. This film is not about the people themselves, but about their perspective and the context of their love. The documentary takes you into a different part of the past and then shows you the connection to some people who lived through the same pain and struggle and how they cope. This film is not meant to be about a love story and how it must have been, but more about the relationships and the histories of the people who have lived through it. Each of the people in the documentary is told their story through a different angle. Some are telling their story of love and relationships, others are telling of the tragedies they have suffered through. In this film, you can see the problems of the people who suffered the most, or maybe the most sad and horrible. But it is not the same. This is the history of love and love stories. It tells you the sad stories, the tragic and painful ones, the ones which changed the lives of the people around them. This is not a film about modern love and relationships. It is not about the modern relationship between people. It is about the history of love and love stories, and it is a fascinating one.

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What is the difference between good and bad? This film tells the story of one man's struggle to live his life to the fullest. I think that this film was very well done, because it gives an unbiased view of how the system in our country treats those who are deemed a threat to society. The only thing I didn't like was the one-sided view of the judge, who gives the villain the benefit of the doubt, and the fact that he was the only person who helped him get out of jail. The reason he was never punished was because the judge didn't believe in his innocence, and wanted to protect the people who worked with him. Overall, this was a very well-made film, and I would highly recommend it.

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This film is very interesting. I had trouble concentrating and I missed a couple of the scenes. However, it is a must see for anyone interested in an objective view of the world around us.

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Edward A.

It's an interesting documentary, and it was the best thing I ever watched on the History channel. It's a very interesting idea to take a look at the history of the internet, and then see how it has affected us. Some of the points I found to be more valid than others, but overall it was very well done. I wouldn't say that it was great history, but it was very interesting. All the interviews were very well done, and I can't believe the amount of time they took to do this. It shows that they're not just looking at history, but history itself. It was very interesting to see how the internet has affected our lives and how it's affected the people around us. I found it very interesting, and I recommend it.

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It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you this powerful documentary, The American War on Drugs. The film itself is an interesting mix of interviews and footage from a wide variety of places, from the streets of Mexico, to the walls of the prison system. As the documentary progresses, we find out more and more about the various ways the government is using drugs and how the drug war has been used to justify all manner of other wrongdoings. The film, as well as its predecessors, uses a lot of very serious language and I don't want to give anything away, but I'll just say that I was very much moved by this film. It's a powerful documentary, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the drug war. It's also important to note that this film does not have a moral compass, it's not trying to get its message across to anyone. It's simply telling the story. In the same way that War on Poverty is about the evil of capitalism, this film is about the evils of drug prohibition, and I think that it's very important for people to see the film in this way, because that is the message this film is trying to get across. So, if you haven't seen this film yet, see it.

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I loved the movie and I think it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It was so hard to find, I think it was for a long time. I was shocked to learn it was a real documentary. I think it is important for us to understand the mental illness that is being treated, and not just the symptoms. I think this documentary shows how one person can be so depressed, and so much in pain, and yet still do the things that he or she would normally do. I think the main thing in this film is how we all can be a part of a cycle, and not be able to stop it. It shows how some people can do the things that they do and still be able to control their actions. I really hope people see this documentary, and then do something about it. I hope they will not be able to continue to take the actions that they do, and just like in the movie, they will be in prison. I really hope that this movie will be shown in many schools around the country. I know that it will get out there.

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This film has great information on how the US and UK government dealt with their citizens who were either imprisoned or executed by the government. A must watch. I know that there is a lot of confusion about the Bush and Blair governments but it is important to remember that both administrations have always had different ideas on what is right and what is wrong. A film that should be shown to everyone is that of John Pilger's "Death Sentence" that has a lot of information on the CIA, the UK government and the US government. The information is not only good but very important. As a former CIA officer myself I felt that there was a lot of information that was not very well communicated. For example, there is a scene in which a man is being tortured in a cell and it is said that he is just the "lowest bidder" but he is actually one of the highest paid CIA officers. Another thing that is very important is that the CIA did not torture people and was not involved in any of the torture scenes shown. It is a fact that the CIA did torture people, that is something that has been proven and I feel that this film is very important in showing this fact.

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Peter Russell

I saw this movie at a screening in New York City, and I was shocked at how much I liked it. I think this is a great movie about the choices we make in life. It was very well done. I think it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The story is well told, the music is great, and the acting is great. I loved the way the movie was filmed, and I think the editing was amazing. I think this is a movie that everyone should see.

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Denise M.

This film will change the way you think about society and what is right and wrong. I was shocked to see that the majority of the people in this film were in prison. I mean, the majority of the people in this film were convicted of crimes that they didn't commit. They were punished, but they did not do the crime. I thought that the film was very well put together, and that it was very well made. It was very well researched, and I think that you will be surprised by the topics that were covered in the film. I highly recommend this film to anyone that wants to learn more about the truth about America. I hope that you will see this film, and you will think about what you were doing, and what you are doing, and what you have done.

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Christine Bradley

An excellent, insightful and funny documentary which reminds me of the 1971 film "The Manchurian Candidate" (also starring Robert Redford) on which this documentary is based. Director Mike Hoffman succeeds brilliantly in creating a fascinating story and using his expert skills to tell it. Hoffman is also aided by the writing and acting skills of Simon Neuwirth, who would later become a top-billed director and writer in the independent-film world. For a very brief period in the early 1960's, perhaps more than half a century, the Soviet Union was the Soviet Union. From the vantage point of today, I don't know why this film has been censored. As the Soviet Union was in the 1980's considered to be the most oppressive dictatorship in the world, and was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people, this film makes an important and valuable contribution to the understanding of this troubled time. With such a poor state of the arts in the United States at the time, the influence of this film could not be more timely.

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If you think a movie is over-rated, then watch this movie! It's not about art, it's about justice. This movie shows how racism is a very big part of the world. There are still people who think that white people are the only people who have a right to live and do whatever they want. And if they don't have a right to live, then they should be taken away. I don't want to give anything away but this movie is an excellent eye-opener for anyone who thinks that racism is okay. If you want to know what a "justice" system is, watch this movie. It's definitely worth watching.

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Kimberly C.

This film was one of the most educational documentaries I have ever seen. It was powerful and powerful is exactly what it was. It is about the reasons that some people commit crimes, and the consequences of those crimes. It is about the prison system in general, and the people behind bars. It was informative and inspiring. I would recommend it to anyone, and would even recommend it to parents and children alike. It will have you in tears, and will leave you thinking about the people who are still behind bars, and the crimes that they are still committing.

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Larry K.

The "the modern man is a victim" thesis has been around for a long time. What makes this film unique is the way it's presented, that it's a man's perspective, and it's not as the usual "victim-of-the-world" narrative. The film covers many different subjects, from the rise of black slaves, to the beginnings of modern slavery, to how the penal system works, and it goes beyond the usual scope of a documentary. This is a must see film.

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In this documentary, John Cusack (the real-life star of the film) shows his experiences as a prisoner in the infamous Angola Prison. I felt like the film was a little short. I felt like I really wanted more from it, but it did end pretty quickly. Also, the film was too violent. I think the film could have been better if they had a little more time to develop it. The documentary was interesting, but I think it could have been a little better. Overall, I really liked this documentary. It was a good documentary about a very important issue. If you're interested in prisons, I think this is a good film.

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Janice Simpson

This documentary is about how the United States penal system works and the effects it has on people. The documentary does a great job at telling the story of a man that has been convicted of murder and is serving a life sentence for it. While in prison he is repeatedly harassed by guards, especially by the warden, who threatens to send him to the electric chair if he doesn't comply with his requests. It is clear that this man is mentally ill, but no one seems to care about him. This documentary goes into detail about the various prisons, the mentally ill inmates, and the prisons themselves. There are some shocking things in this documentary, like the way that some guards are allowed to have sex with their inmates. Another shocking thing is that many inmates get out of prison on parole and go on to commit new crimes. This documentary is one of the most important documentaries that I have ever seen. I strongly recommend that everyone watch it.

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I'm a fan of Brian and Bob's work and I was really excited to see this film. I'm glad I saw it. What a beautiful film. I've seen a lot of documentaries and seen a lot of movies, and this is one of the best I've ever seen. I have no idea how to summarize this film, but I'll try: I thought this film was very very important to me because it really showed me a lot of people's pain. I think that's why I was so moved. It's sad when we feel like we're not doing anything to change the world and it's really sad to me that some people don't see that. I think that this film is about that and I think it's very important that people see this film and understand that this is a very important issue. I think it's important to show the world that it's not that bad, that we can all make a difference. I'm really glad I saw this film. Thank you, Brian and Bob.

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There is a little point to the documentary about 'Son of Sam'. The case was obviously bad, but that's why we can all laugh. It was more like a comedy. As a documentary, this is great, but it lacks a certain essential. It does not convey the kind of emotion, the painful and intense feeling, that a good documentary should have. It's not that there are no funny moments, but they are not powerful, they are more so funny than real. I found this documentary a bit boring, and not very informative. It had a few bad moments, and some good moments. I give this documentary 8/10.

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My review of this movie will be short and sweet. Like the title says, this is about the crime and punishment systems in the US, how they have evolved over time, how different they are and how we are just getting to grips with it all. I have seen this movie at the SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas, and although I was a little apprehensive of it, I ended up enjoying it a lot. It is quite interesting to see the evolution of these systems, how they differ, and how they interact. There are some good insights and many quotes from people who have had experiences with these systems, but the majority of it is in regards to current systems. There is one sequence in particular that sums it all up, and if you get a chance to watch it, do so. After you see the scene, you will see how people live and what it is like to live under these systems, and you will see that the same sorts of things that happen to others in the real world are happening to us too, but in a different setting. The film is also a very insightful look at why people feel the way they do, and the problems that are brought about when this happens. So if you are interested in a good look into how people feel about these systems, and what it is like to live under them, you should definitely watch it. Otherwise, the rating of 6.2/10 may be a little bit too generous. But if you are open to the idea of different systems, the natural and human-influenced nature of these systems, and the way that people act in their situation, then I think you will really like it. So in conclusion, this is a very good look at the current systems, and an excellent introduction into the different ones that exist today.

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Ashley Butler

What if all you wanted to do was to be a criminal? What if you want to live out your wildest dreams, and not have to be a criminal in order to fulfill those dreams? This documentary tries to answer that question, and the answers it gives are not as clear cut as the title would suggest. You have the right to be whoever you want to be, but if you want to be a criminal, you are just going to have to live out your fantasies, and not be a criminal in order to fulfill them. It's a shame that so many documentaries on this topic, on all kinds of criminal activities, seem to be less and less relevant. It's good to see a documentary on the good side of being a criminal, and the bad side of being a criminal. That's what this documentary is about, and it's an interesting watch.

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Madison Smith

At the heart of this movie are its characters. Not so much a story, but a character study. In what is perhaps the best movie about a misunderstood character, although far from his typical best, we find both Matt Damon and Julia Roberts working well with their roles. You can see the tug of war between the two sides, and the desire to see justice done, and the resentment of not being in the right. It is an interesting character study, and does a good job of showing the psychological and social toll on both sides of this one-sided argument.

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Harold Ellis

In "Prisoner of War" director Michael Haneke presents a rare look at the concentration camp system of Nazi Germany. The film is a beautiful look at what happened to the Jews, but there are many other points that I would recommend it for. Haneke does a great job of staying with the Holocaust and not sensationalizing it. He also does an excellent job of showing the people, but never showing the atrocities, which are just as important. In the film, there are some beautiful images, like the scene of the children learning how to build a watermill or the children sitting on the table eating their candy. But he does not show many people being killed. There are one or two moments where it is shown, but nothing too graphic. There is one photo of a man being ripped apart, but it is only for a few seconds. He is not shown killing anyone. The reason I recommend this film is because it was a very personal journey for me. I did not know any of the people, or see any of the atrocities, but I got very close to the Holocaust, and it affected my family. I think that the audience will also be affected by the film, so the Holocaust is never left out of the film. This is one of those films that could only have been made if Haneke were not making it. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did.

Sharon photo

I was moved by the work of Lisa A.G. Morris, who has spent the last 15 years documenting the brutal, cynical, and inhuman conditions that are often faced by the homeless in the streets of Los Angeles, California. She uses archival footage, interviews, and time-lapse video to tell the story of some of the people she interviewed, and their everyday lives. The violence and cruelty of Los Angeles has been explored in a lot of other documentaries. However, this film brings out the humanity of these people and their desperate struggle for survival. The film also captures the strange dichotomy between the well-off and the poor. When one is homeless, there are always people who offer to help. However, the more poor the person is, the more difficult it is to get help. I found the film to be very well done, with excellent, human interviews and a compelling story. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn about the people living on the streets of L.A. and the struggles they face.

Ethan photo

The power of this documentary is that it really touches the issue. One person has to take responsibility for the problems and issues they have. In the movie, I had the opportunity to talk with people who had been in prison, and they told me how difficult it is to get out. One of the things that people need to remember is that they are not criminals. They are victims of the crime, and there is no excuse for it. If a person is convicted of a crime, they are legally responsible for the consequences. They need to be responsible for their actions, not just because they were convicted of a crime. In the movie, I was able to see how people with past history in prison have problems getting out. The people who were serving time in prison in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, the people who had served prison time in the early 1900s, and the people who were in prison in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, they all tell me that they were not able to get out, because of the difficult conditions they had to go through. For example, in the early 1900s, they had to take as much drugs as they could to keep themselves going through the day. In the late 1800s, the people who were in prison for crimes like robbery and rape, were not able to do the same thing. They couldn't have access to any of the drugs that they had to take, because of the strict conditions of prison. The director, John Harris, is able to show that the system is not perfect, but it is working. It is working because people are able to get out, and because the prison system is working, because they are not able to get out. The director, John Harris, is able to show the harsh conditions and the harsh conditions that people have to go through in prison. It is not a perfect system, but it is working, because people are getting out. People are getting out because the system is working. The movie really does show the issue. I was really impressed with the documentary, because it really touched my heart.

Melissa M. photo
Melissa M.

What is your definition of "life"? What is your definition of "death"? What is your definition of "liberty"? These are questions that are asked and answered by the subjects of the film "Death + Liberty". In this documentary, a film-maker and photographer portray the differences between the two, and how the two aspects of life are often in conflict. These topics include: freedom, death, and morality. We are asked to see how these two aspects of life are perceived, and to try to answer the questions posed by these subjects. The film-makers themselves did not expect to be giving their opinions, but that is what they chose to do. The questions are very real and have a lot to do with the morals that they hold dear. The most surprising aspect of the film is that it manages to be very entertaining, and not boring. If you want to see a film about the theme of "death and liberty", then this is the film to see. "Death + Liberty" is a must-see for those who are interested in this topic, and for those who want to see a different perspective. This is the kind of film that you will want to watch again and again, and for which you will want to see the Director and the team of the film-makers answer the questions that you ask. If you like this film, then I would definitely recommend to you to check out the other films by the same team, which I have already seen. I recommend "Death + Liberty" to everyone, and I look forward to seeing their future work.

Joe photo

Not sure why this movie is not on the box office, I think people need to go and see it. This is an amazing story of a man who was wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit. It was the greatest thing in his life. A man who knew he was innocent and was determined to clear his name. This movie is a great way to learn about the justice system in the United States. It also has an amazing soundtrack. I can't wait to see this movie again, and I am looking forward to watching it again soon.

Catherine photo

You know the story: young people at a center of poverty fight to make it through the brutal system that the world has forced upon them. It may not be a life changing experience, but it is very much worth the effort. It is worth the struggle to say no to people and situations you know are bad. Even if you are not of the age to know the impact of those experiences, the intent of the film is to make you realize that there are people like that in the world, and that you can do something about it. If you have a daughter or sister, watch this film. It is extremely hard for parents to do anything, because their children are living in a world that may not be so bad, but it is not good enough to get them to do anything about it. That may be why the parents are fighting so hard to bring their children up to be better people, to be better role models. We see that this world has its problems, but there are many other things in life, things that have nothing to do with people, but everything to do with society and how it is used to control us. It is worth watching this film. Not because it will make you think or teach you anything, but because it is an example of how one person can change the world for the better. A high point of this film is the discussions the young people have. Most of them are just kids, so it is hard to relate to the adults, but they are able to explain in a realistic way why and how the people they meet are treated this way. The movie is very well written, and even though some of the things that happen are a bit exaggerated, you can still see that it is real. Some people in this world have problems, but those problems are problems that are being helped by the society. It is not just for the children, but for everyone that knows the problems in this world, it is a lesson for everyone. It is a must see movie. It is not so much a statement about the world, it is more about how people act when they see problems in the world, and how the world will try to get them to act and be the way it wants them to be. It is a great way to teach those kids to treat others in a better way. It also teaches a lesson about morality.

Barbara photo

The movie is based on the true story of Alonzo Harris, a black man who was convicted of a brutal rape and murder in 1972. His conviction was based on testimony from two witnesses who swore that they saw him with another black man. He was exonerated a year later by DNA testing and is now a fully-fledged member of society. He spends the majority of the movie talking about his life and how it changed for him after his exoneration. This is a good story and he does a good job of telling it. The movie is well-paced and interesting. There is no boring moments and the movie moves along quite nicely. There are some good moments of humor and the film has some good quotes. I was surprised that the movie didn't end on a cliffhanger. It is a well-made and good movie. It was a long movie and there were a few parts that I could have done without. Still, it was an enjoyable movie. There are no big problems with the movie. It's a good film and it is well-made. It's worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone. 8/10

Kyle Dean photo
Kyle Dean

I saw this film at the 2003 Berlin Film Festival. It was a great and heartwarming story about two young teenagers. The movie tells the story of the conflicts between the two young lovers. The director has a good story and the two teenagers are so charming. I think the most interesting part is the interaction between the two boys, and it is always fascinating. The two girls are also pretty, and even their mother does a good job at showing her disapproval. I also enjoyed the scenes where the father is speaking with the boy. I wish there were more like this in the movies. I think that the three points are important. The first point is the most important: There is violence. The boy and the girl have many fights. The first fight was a good example of how much violence is acceptable in a movie. The second point is the first point: No sex. This point is also important, as I am an advocate of the gay rights. But there is a lot of sexual behavior in this movie, and I thought it would be interesting to show that it is normal. But the two main characters didn't have sex and it wasn't sexual. But the two main actors were very good. I can't really explain how much I enjoyed the movie. I liked it very much. I hope that the director will make a movie that can be more emotional and at the same time more important. He should work on making a great movie, that is a bit better and more emotional. I also liked the director's style. I found the movie very interesting and refreshing. I would like to see a movie like this in the future. Maybe in the future, there will be movies like this, that deal with problems of the world, problems that are not very human and that are not dealt with at all. I would like to see more movies like this, that show the whole world and its problems. Thanks for reading.

Danielle photo

This movie was very much worth the watch. In a certain sense, it's an insight into how a psychopath can have their "happy" ending.

Patricia photo

In my opinion this is the best documentary about the Chinese and their relationship with the US. I've seen this movie at least 5 times and I still get a little teary eyed at the end. I think it's a great film to show the American people what they are missing. I think the director did a great job of getting the facts straight. I also think the documentary was very entertaining and very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has ever wondered about the Chinese or Chinese culture.

Eugene photo

I had never heard of the South Africa of the apartheid years before watching this documentary. This movie explains the story of how apartheid affected the lives of everyone living there. It was an awful period of time. The real story is not the stories of the people who were suffering during that time, but rather the lives of those who lived during that time. A lot of the people were going hungry, and it was hard to find food. This documentary also shows how much suffering was inflicted on the black population of South Africa, as well as the whites who were victims of the discrimination. In my opinion, this is a must-see documentary. It is a must-see for anyone interested in world history. I give this documentary a rating of 9 out of 10.

Matthew B. photo
Matthew B.

This movie is about the story of one prisoner in the Illinois prison system. It's a real eye opener and it's almost like reading a book. Not only that, but it's the first movie I've ever seen about a prison in which they are not shackled. Prisoners are always shackled, but they don't use them because it takes so much time. What's going on with this film is so interesting and it makes you feel like you're there. It's so nice to see that some people are going to prison for something that you did, but you don't know why. It's so weird to think about that kind of thing, but it's just a bunch of facts. It's not a documentary and it's not a movie. It's a movie about how one person was punished for something that he didn't do, but he was punished for something that he didn't do. It's a very interesting story. The man who's making the movie, he's a filmmaker and he made the movie about himself. He was actually a writer before that. I hope you see this movie because it's really interesting.

Adam P. photo
Adam P.

This movie is absolutely brilliant. It has everything that is required to understand what the power of a system is and how it works. The very nature of the system is what this movie is all about. This is a great film. All the scenes are realistic. In fact, it is almost as if you are inside the prisons, watching what goes on. There is very little violence, but the extreme violence is quite realistic. The subjects of the movie are: 1) The nature of power 2) The nature of punishment 3) The nature of control 4) The nature of destruction of a system, and 5) The nature of the people who are in the system. These are the most important subjects of the movie. The movie is all about the power of the system. It is a very good movie and is worth watching. It is one of the best documentaries ever made.

Jesse H. photo
Jesse H.

I saw this at a local film festival and I thought it was great. A mixture of film maker and religious fanatic are interviewed in the film, and you can tell that the people involved have a lot of faith in their own faith and the truth, and it is evident that they are not trying to "sell" anything, but simply sharing the truth. The reason I am giving this film an 8 is because it was pretty clear that there were a few editing issues at some points. But overall, the interviews were very interesting and the ideas that were put forward were very well put forward. I would recommend this film to anyone who is into documentaries about religion and their teachings, or anyone who has questions about their faith.

Gerald photo

It's interesting to see the state of the art technology in the future, and the social changes that have occurred as a result. What is interesting is how the movie has been completed with the participation of the participants themselves. It is a beautiful experience.

Frank E. photo
Frank E.

Although this is not a documentary, it is much more about the three main protagonists of this story, and it shows how they react to their situation. To me, this film is like a movie, because it is about real people, and it's about them reacting to their situation, but it's not a documentary. I think that's what makes it interesting. If it was a documentary, it would have been boring, but this is not a documentary. It's a story, so I think that's what makes it interesting. I think that you should not judge a film by the cover, but by the content. If you want to see a documentary, go and watch one. If you want to see a film about real people, go and watch it.

Jennifer Hopkins photo
Jennifer Hopkins

This movie is the story of the a young man who is a free man, who is at peace with himself and his life. His life is filled with joy and he feels he is at peace with himself. The idea that he was robbed of his freedom is the crux of the story. His father was a gangster and his mother died in a car accident when he was a child. He grew up in a poor neighborhood and had a very hard time growing up. He was a very troubled boy. The movie does an excellent job of showing the full spectrum of the problems a child has to go through to be able to fully come out on top. He is always at odds with the people around him. The movie shows how people try to get him to stop his violence and drugs. His father tried to be a good father but he was not successful. He was very controlling and could not get his son to stop smoking pot. The movie shows how he is very smart and how he is able to learn from his mistakes. He was able to overcome the obstacles that he had in his life. The movie does a very good job of showing how his life could have been much worse. There are many examples of people who have been robbed of their freedom because of their parents and this movie is a very good warning for people who have not had the opportunity to grow up in a loving home. It is important to not take what your parents do for granted and to learn from what they do. I recommend this movie to anyone who has not had the opportunity to grow up in a loving home. It is a must see for anyone who wants to know what it is like to be a free man.

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To those who think that I am a 'sexy' filmmaker, I say: please take the time to read the reviews. It is a tough job and when you get down to it you have to take some time to understand what you are reading. Not to mention that the sex and nudity scenes are quite tame and tastefully done. What you do not get are the many stories behind the scenes of the production of this film. You get the sense that they really cared about this film. If you are going to watch this film for a 'how-to' guide, then by all means, watch it. If you are going to watch it for the sex, nudity and thoughtful production, then I would suggest that you go to a porno film and do so. It is true that some of the scenes are not all that graphic, but then again, you are getting a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of a film. It is not porno and it is not porno-quality. It is, however, a film that I think many people would enjoy. I do not know if I would say it is 'classical' as some of the reviews have suggested. I do know that I think it is interesting, well produced and a little bit sad that we have not seen more films like this in the modern age. I am sure that it is a lot more challenging to make a film that is not a 'sexy' sex movie. I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone. Not only that, but I do believe that it would be worth the time to read the reviews and try to understand what you are reading.

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Samantha M.

I saw this movie on the Television, and i was moved, especially when i heard the word 'Punishment' in the first ten minutes of the movie. The story was told in a very moving way, and i was very impressed, since i am a former high school student, and i also know about the harsh punishments given to our young people. This movie is an example of what the educational system is doing, and is trying to do, for our children. I think it's a good idea to let the young people know about this subject, since it's so important. Also, i can see how it can affect other people, if they know about this subject. I think this movie is very interesting, and i recommend it to everyone who has a little time to spare, and wants to know more about the subject. Thank you for reading, and best regards to all.

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Douglas Robinson

I enjoyed the documentary in itself but felt that the film did not do the documentary justice. The movie concentrates on the horrendous crimes committed by the Jemaah Islamiyyah and how those were committed in the name of Islam and how a small group of extremely violent fundamentalists and drug dealers with drug money set out to capture and kill those involved in the Baha'i religion. While it does provide a great amount of information about the atrocities committed by the JI, there is no way to present this with justice on the part of those involved. For example, the viewer would not have been able to have a good view of the house the Baha'i's lived in. If the movie showed the interior of the house, it would be impossible to see what they lived in. The movie fails to present a balanced view of the Baha'i's and their violent crime spree. The video director could have shown the Baha'i's that lived in the house and told the viewer a true story that went wrong on their part. I also felt that the narrator was a little too much to ask for. While he was trying to provide a perspective from a good place in the story, his voice seemed to be superimposed over what was going on. If a movie is able to present both sides of a story, the narration should not be in a different voice to match the situation. For example, the narrator should not be telling you the background of a story in a different voice to say, "I am trying to make sure the viewer understands what I am saying." It seems as though there were many reasons for the narrator's voice to be different. To be fair, the narrator did tell the viewer the story but his voice was different. I think this movie would have been better off with just one voice for the narrator. I think it would have been much more effective in a more balanced and less superimposed manner. I would recommend this documentary to people who are interested in the story of the JI. It is well worth watching, but it is a little hard to find.

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Nathan C.

I watched this documentary last night, and I have to say that it really changed my perception of life in Iran. In my opinion, this documentary should be a mandatory viewing in every university in Iran. In addition to the excellent content, the documentary also has great interviews with various Iranian people, such as Ayatollah Khomeini, Hamid Reza Naderi, and Agha Mohammadzadeh. This documentary would be a great resource for anyone interested in the Iran/US relationship.

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Zachary H.

A very good documentary, and it's hard to find any movie that will touch you like this one. The concept is very difficult to understand, but it will be very interesting to you. The movie is about the criminal justice system in a particular country, which is very similar to the USA. I am surprised by the amount of information that is presented here. I think that this is a very important movie, and I am very glad to have seen it. I hope that it will be released on DVD.

John Richards photo
John Richards

This documentary is very well made. It is so very good that I actually had to watch it twice. If you like documentaries, this is one of the best ones out there. The filmmakers did an excellent job. I thought it was very realistic and it took a lot of courage to do such a thing. The documentary was very well done and I loved it. I am very proud of this documentary and it is something that should be shown in every high school and college. It is not propaganda. I recommend this documentary to everyone.

Jennifer photo

I was lucky enough to attend a screening of this film in Amsterdam last year. The whole audience was so moved by this movie, and it left them with a profound impression. I have not seen any movie about this subject before, and I am really looking forward to seeing what they are going to do next. The message of this movie is so simple, yet so powerful, and the way the director has chosen to tell this story is so amazing. I think the film is going to be very popular, as it is so good. I think that it is a movie that can change the world, and even save it, if it is not already. The movie is just as important as the situation, the people, and the government of the countries it's based on. It is a must-see, and a must-watch.

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Jacqueline Cruz

The film is a very well made documentary about the life of a man who is facing a very harsh life sentence in a very harsh prison. This man has been in prison for 17 years and he is facing a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. The film does a great job in showing the point of view of the prison officials and their views on the case. The film also shows the many problems that he faces when he tries to find out why he is in prison. He is also forced to fight against the prison guards and his prison guards. The film also shows how the guards treat the prisoners. The film is very well made and you will find that it is very interesting to watch.

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Jessica Morris

This is a great documentary, and is more of a commentary on the meaning of life, rather than a lecture on the subject. It is actually a combination of several documentaries, but with a particular focus on the "school of hard knocks". This film is about the life of a young man named Edward Snowden. This young man is the main focus of this documentary. He is from a very poor background, and has no education. His life is the result of a series of events that began when he was 12 years old, and continues to this day. He is the main focus of the film, and the person who leads it. The events that led to his current situation, are very well documented. It is a very interesting story, and makes you think about the world we live in, and the way we treat one another. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the world we live in, and the way we treat one another.

Carol B. photo
Carol B.

I had the chance to see the documentary "Cult of Personality" and I was totally amazed. This film is very well put together. It really makes you think about what it means to be a cult leader and what you can do to help the cult members. The documentary is not really about the cult itself, but rather about the cult leader and his own personal life. It is a very deep film and shows you exactly what it takes to be a cult leader. The documentary also shows you how you can become a cult leader and how to gain followers. There are so many different things you can do to help your followers and how you can really make your cult leader a cult leader. It is really a must see documentary. It is very well put together and makes you think about cults and cult leaders. If you want to know more about cults and cult leaders then you should definitely see this documentary.

Jonathan White photo
Jonathan White

Truly remarkable documentary that I have never seen before. It's an enormous shame that it will be, like the so-called "Judgment of Paris" the same day (November 13) when this film will be shown in many theatres in France. A film that deserves to be shown in the theaters as well as in the cinema, and I have no doubt it will be seen by many thousands of people, as it is. Very powerful and touching, this film is also interesting and a powerful argument that the Holocaust never happened and has been falsified by the SS. The film is certainly not about the Holocaust. It is about the injustice and the tyranny of the SS. I believe that the film, which is a masterpiece, and I am sorry that it will be shown this way, but this is a very serious thing.

Marie Fowler photo
Marie Fowler

This documentary is a very interesting look at the life of a man who is a prolific writer. It is a fascinating look at his life, and how he works, and how he lives. The film is very well done and I really enjoyed it. The only thing that I did not like about it was the pacing. I thought that it was a little slow at times, and that it was not as interesting as it could have been. I thought that there were a few scenes that could have been better, but overall, it was a great documentary. It was well worth the watch.

Phillip photo

The wonderful, funny, moving documentary about two women who are very different. From the perspective of a man who is drawn to a woman who is broken and who can't be understood. But you are drawn to this woman. The film is very informative and even has an ending. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes to learn more about the 'other' sex.

Jeffrey G. photo
Jeffrey G.

I didn't think it would be this long, but I was wrong. The documentary is about the infamous 'Crimes and Punishments' program, and how it affected the people who were involved in it. It is a story of how a small group of people, led by a young man named Chris Hutton, managed to set up a network of dealers, and how they did this through their methods. They were trying to help people in their lives, and to help them become more successful in life. The documentary is mostly about the people involved, and how they overcame the challenges that they faced. The documentary is not a very long one, and the pacing is a little slow at times, but it is well worth watching. The documentary is well worth watching, and I would recommend it to anyone who is into their drug/crime stories.

Edward W. photo
Edward W.

The film opens with a television news segment about the life of Dr. William Faulkner, the only African American doctor to win a Nobel Prize. In response to his winning, some white Americans came up with the idea that African Americans can't write good books. But in reality, Faulkner wrote four, the most famous being "The Lonesome Death of Sam Coffin" (1884). The film then follows Faulkner, his wife, and his family in the years following the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize Museum, and the Holocaust Museum. It also gives the viewer an insight into how and why the Nazis came to take away the freedom of the people, and why they killed more than 2 million people during the Holocaust. In the end, we learn that as long as you work hard for your rights, you can get them back. We see many of the characters and learn about them, including Faulkner's brother. There is also footage of the Nazi's watching the black people, learning what they were doing, and trying to control them. After seeing the film, I had a hard time believing that the Nazis, who were so violent, were so kind. I have to say that the Holocaust Museum gives me a much better view of what these people were doing, and how it affected the people who were being killed. As with all documentaries, it's important to have subtitles for those who don't speak English.

Victoria Moore photo
Victoria Moore

The most chilling part of this documentary was seeing the horrifying effects of war on the children in the villages. They were children that had not experienced anything like this before. I would recommend this documentary to anyone, as it will give you a clear understanding of what the children were going through and how their families were coping. This documentary is a must see.

Teresa F. photo
Teresa F.

This film is a fascinating look at the history of the "modern" prison system, and the wide-ranging issues it touches upon. For some reason, the film focuses on the US prisons, but the history of slavery in the US is also covered, and the effects on the lives of the people in the prison system. This is not a documentary, as the interviewees are not always properly identified, but I think the result is a very entertaining film.

Doris Hall photo
Doris Hall

This documentary about the horrible consequences of the war in Vietnam is a must-see for everyone. The film covers the consequences of the war and how it affected our society in a way that few films have been able to capture. One thing is for sure, there are many aspects of the war that will always be with us forever. The film does a great job of showing the different aspects of the war. The movie was shown in the Pacific Theater and was shown in the US in theaters, but the films shown in theaters were limited to theaters in the West. Also, it was shown on television and radio in some cities. But it was never shown on DVD or VHS. The film will leave you with a lot of questions. One thing that I really enjoyed was how the soldiers in the theater who watched the film got to talk about their experiences. There was no other way to tell their stories other than to tell their stories. And it was interesting to see how different people felt about the war and what they had to say about it. I recommend the film to anyone who wants to know more about the war and the effects of the war on the rest of the world.

Nicole L. photo
Nicole L.

I can't say this enough: this movie is a must see! It was about a person who has lived and suffered since the day of her birth. This movie is so inspiring and enlightening and a must watch!

Katherine S. photo
Katherine S.

The 10 year war between Israel and its Arab neighbours (the PLO) has always been a contentious issue. During the 1990s, the conflict was at its peak. The Palestinian people lived under an oppressive regime of the PLO. Israel's military presence was used as an excuse to launch the first intifada, a series of brutal attacks on Israeli civilians that was largely responsible for the deaths of thousands of Palestinians. There is no doubt that the Palestinian people have been treated unfairly throughout the years. Israel has not been a friend to the Palestinians. Israel has sent in its own troops to carry out many of the wars in the Middle East. The occupation of the West Bank is a fact of life for the Palestinian people. It is the occupation that has made them more desperate. Many of the Israelis who served in the IDF during the 1990s are Palestinian citizens of Israel. Many have lost family members in the wars. But the conflict is not just about Palestine. It is about the occupation. For all intents and purposes, the PLO is still the only legitimate Palestinian government in the country. The conflict between Israel and the PLO is the main cause of the conflict. The Palestinians have chosen the PLO over the other Arab countries. The PLO has control of the Palestinian bureaucracy, media, and military. The PLO also controls the tax system in the West Bank. The PLO has also control of the Israeli military and the Israeli Police. This gives the PLO complete control over the Palestinian Authority. When the PLO declares a unilateral ceasefire, Israel sends in its troops to enforce the ceasefire. The Israeli troops do not enter the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. They simply fire rubber bullets at Palestinian civilians. Israel has also attacked Palestinian villages, villages that are occupied by the PLO. Israel has also been involved in the political agenda of the PLO. During the intifada, Israel played the PLO and Hamas against each other. The PLO was using the war to try and gain political power. Israel was using the intifada to try and achieve its political goals. Israel had no intention of respecting the ceasefire, as it has always been opposed to Palestinian independence. Israel has had many reasons to use force against the PLO. The PLO has refused to recognize Israel. The PLO has also rejected peace proposals from Israel. When Israel had to make peace with the PLO, it began to expel the PLO from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It has been a highly effective means of advancing Israel's political objectives. During the intifada, the Israeli government, in a show of force, began to allow the Israeli military to enter Palestinian villages. This was a move that was not well received by the Palestinian leadership. Israel had the support of the majority of the Palestinians in the West Bank. It had the support of most of the Palestinian citizens of Israel. The intifada had a severe effect on the Palestinian people. When Israel had to fight the intifada, the Palestinian people had nowhere else to turn. The PLO became increasingly unstable. The PLO leaders, Hamas, and the PLO began to pull back from the intifada. The intifada became a self-inflicted wound. In the end, the intifada killed several hundred Palestinians. The violence caused the PLO to lose its legitimacy. The PLO began to drift away from the intifada. The violence created a feeling of hopelessness among the Palestinian people. The PLO began to become more moderate. The PLO became a political party, rather than a guerrilla movement. It became more reasonable and pragmatic. It began to negotiate with Israel and to negotiate with the other Arab states. The PLO became more and more a political force. It became less and less a military force. The PLO began to leave the West Bank. The PLO moved away from its support base in Gaza and to other parts

Benjamin Wheeler photo
Benjamin Wheeler

This was a very interesting documentary and i was very disappointed that there wasn't a movie about it but it was still very interesting. Although the reasoning behind the punishment was weak, it was still interesting to see what it was and why was it done. Another good thing was that there wasn't a lot of violence used in the documentary and the director did a good job at showing the psychological effect that the punishment had on the people involved in the crimes. Overall, the director did a great job at telling a complex story about a difficult subject and it was great to see the outcome of the director's attempt.

Douglas Palmer photo
Douglas Palmer

The movie is well made. It really does show the difficulty of the lives of the poor. This movie is very good in showing the conditions of poverty in the country and the pain of the poor. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a more realistic and realistic view of the poor people of the country. The movie has a good message of what is happening in the country, but it is also very strong in showing the people who are very poor. They are not bad people, they are just poor people who need help. This movie is very very good. A must see.

Brenda photo

This is the most powerful and powerful documentary that I have seen. It is a brilliant film that shows how life is actually terrible and horrible. Life has a horrible feeling and people are living in a hell. That is the reason why I feel the pain of the victims and their families. This is a great film. It is truly amazing. I will recommend it to everyone.

Howard Hunt photo
Howard Hunt

Paul Johnson's documentary about "the other side of the coin" is a fine example of an overview film. It opens with a series of interviews with people on the other side of the coin. They have all come to believe that they are responsible for the death of an innocent child. The film is not a "documentary" in the usual sense, but a film that examines the depth of the problem and then moves on to some sort of solution. The film is extremely well-made, even if there are some minor problems. It is clear that Johnson had extensive contact with the family, but I can't imagine how much of the footage is true. Also, the way Johnson presents the interviews is very different from the way he presented the interviews in the book. In the book, we hear directly from the parents. The way Johnson does it here is that he presents the interviewees with their own voice. This is interesting, but it doesn't fit well with the documentary style of the film. There are other problems. Some of the interviewees are just plain weird. The way Johnson shows them is very different from the way he presented them in the book. Johnson's method of showing them is very different. He shows the interviews in sequence, so it's not clear if one interviewee is actually the one to be interviewed in that particular sequence. The way Johnson does it makes it hard to understand. This is one of the problems with the film. It is hard to understand if it is really the interviewee or the interviewer who is telling the interviewee's story. I also have some problems with the way Johnson presents the interviewees. He sometimes presents them as if they are talking to the camera, but the way he does it makes it hard to understand if it is really the interviewee or the interviewer who is telling the interviewee's story. The film does have a few good points, but it is very hard to understand how much of the footage is actually real and how much of it is just a series of interviews. Overall, the documentary is very well made and I have seen far better documentaries than this one. It is a good example of an overview film, but I think it is far from perfect.

Jean Harrison photo
Jean Harrison

I had the good fortune to see this film in Chicago at the recent ACADEMY/TIFFIC film festival. The title of the film is not an exaggeration. It is a bit of a "7 Days in Hell" by way of a long film with a lot of great pictures and no character development. The film is a prologue to the first part of "Punishment" that is about the creation of the program by a group of Dutch business and government leaders in Holland. It is a study of the inner workings of the Dutch justice system and how this program was funded and how it was implemented. The program was part of the Dutch justice system, but I think the film goes beyond this. It also explains how the Dutch system is like a modern slave system, and how it is abused by certain people who do not deserve it. The film is quite hard to watch, but it is a very important film, and should be seen by all. To sum up, this is a very interesting film, and I hope that other countries will take note and try to take a look at the Dutch justice system. It is a modern slave system, and it needs to be abolished. If you like my reviews, please check out my other site, and sign up for my mailing list.

Dylan Martinez photo
Dylan Martinez

At a time when the U.S. Government is fighting an endless war in Afghanistan and the world is becoming more and more dangerous, a young Israeli man becomes a leader of a team of three children who decide to do something about it. I was lucky enough to be at the London premiere of this film, and I was astounded to see that the film had a real audience, both inside and outside of the theater. There was no pretense in the way the filmmakers handled the war in Iraq. It was simply and simply the truth. The message is clear and powerful. I do not see how the U.S. Government can continue to support this war, even though there is no guarantee that they will be able to do so. I saw this film with a group of non-military people who were excited to see a film that really spoke to their world. It is unfortunate that the film did not get the recognition it deserves, but I would recommend it to anyone who has a chance to see it. I will continue to follow this story. A brave man, a mother, a father, a brother, a daughter, a son, a husband, a lover, a friend, a brother, a friend's son, a father, a son's friend. This is an excellent film, and I hope that it will continue to spread awareness of the true nature of war. The truth is this: if you do not support the war in Iraq, then you should not support the war in Iraq.

Kathleen Smith photo
Kathleen Smith

This is a great film that I would like to see on television. I am also a vegetarian, and so I would recommend this film to anyone that wants to get their point across. It is also a film that everyone should see. The film is really good, I recommend it to anyone.

Grace photo

The title is misleading. On the surface, this film is about crime, punishment, and life. However, what I really like about this documentary is how it makes it seem like there are many sides to the world, and you have to get your mind out of the story. The first part of the documentary goes a little slow, and at times it feels a little unorganized. But once the film gets going, it becomes a very interesting documentary about all the different stories in a single city. I love how the film never mentions politics or religion, and how the focus is always on people's lives. The only time that politics or religion comes up is when people complain about the cops and politicians. It's never mentioned that the police are not the ones who are to blame for what's going on, and that there are many other factors to the problems that people have. There are some moments in the film that are really touching, and that are very poignant. And I thought that the ending of the film was very powerful. Overall, this is a really interesting documentary. I would recommend this film to anyone. I would definitely give this a 10.

Samantha D. photo
Samantha D.

This is an in-depth look at the final years of the regime of Chiang Kai-shek. The film covers the whole period from the Chinese Civil War to the Japanese invasion of China, from the loss of the throne to the loss of the people. It also covers the American involvement in China and the consequent failure of the Chinese Communist Party. The film is somewhat uneven. The first half of the film is very interesting and well produced. The second half is a little slow, and the second half is too dark to be appreciated. The film is definitely worth seeing.

Shirley C. photo
Shirley C.

It's hard to deny that the world has seen a lot of bad things in the past two decades, and a lot of good things too. There is still room for improvement in the world's poor and desperate people. But the good things that are being achieved are rare and very important to the lives of many. Here, on the other hand, the subject is a rich and entertaining story, beautifully told. We are treated to the everyday life of the poorest and poorest of the poor, in a wonderful and convincing way. The story goes on and on. The effects of these experiences, the kind of problems they have, are shown in an incredibly clear way. They are very relevant to the lives of the people, and the story is not only about their problems. The camera follows them, but not all the time, because they do not want the camera to. They don't want it to interrupt their conversation. The story also covers the life of the people in a way that makes it interesting. It is a life that needs a lot of effort and persistence to change and it is hard to change. We see this in their struggles, in the world they live in and in their hope, in their dreams, in their decisions, in their failures. The last 10 minutes are very important to the whole story and provide a great explanation for the problems in this world. The emotions of these people are shown in a very clear way, and the story is not about how bad the situation is, but about how important the things are. It is about the things they are making and they are making it very well. There is not one piece of the story that is not excellent, but the quality of the story is quite high and the world is the source of the perfection. The people in this story are real people, the situations are real and the words are real, they are alive. This is a beautiful movie and is very good.

Gerald M. photo
Gerald M.

This is an excellent documentary. On the surface, the documentary looks like a docudrama about the life of Jorgo, but I think that's not the case. The film is not only about the lives of the two brothers, but the life of the people who are involved in the projects in Rio de Janeiro, such as "Amando". The film is really a little story of the people, and it's a story that is true, but it's also a story about Jorgo and his brother. I think this documentary is so good, and I think it's worth watching. I think this is the best documentary of the year. The filmmakers took the time to interview people who knew the brothers very well, and showed how important their lives were to them. I think this is a great documentary. 8/10

Aaron photo

Danish filmmaker Nils Hannebo presents a series of interviews with the most influential theologians of the early 20th century, including Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and John Paul II, as well as a fascinating look at his work as director. Nils shows us some of the early writings of the theologians, the ones who are considered "masters of the universe" by modern thinkers. He gives us interviews with Ratzinger, Ratzinger's biographer, and some of the theologians' fellow academics. This is a very interesting documentary. It's quite interesting to see a documentary that doesn't hold back, and there are some great insights. It's a good look at how people who are considered to be "great" can be controversial, and it's quite fascinating. Nils gives us a look at the controversy over Vatican II and its replacement with the doctrine of papal infallibility. It's very interesting to see the history of the church, the men who were behind the changes and the people who were involved in the Vatican II process. It's interesting to see how the church has changed since the Vatican II process. One thing that really stands out in the documentary is that it gives you a look at how important the process of Pope John XXIII was to the church, how important the process was for the church, and how important the church was to the Vatican II process. This was a process that was heavily criticized by many who opposed the process. And this documentary shows that, because it shows that the church really took the process and tried to implement it. It's a great look at how the church has changed in the last two hundred years. This is a documentary that's not as political as it could have been, and it's not as religious as it could have been. It's also a little boring at times, but it's still an interesting look at the history of the church. I recommend this documentary.

Patrick Hart photo
Patrick Hart

Watching "Punishment + Punishment" was a very interesting and enlightening experience for me. This documentary tells the story of a people that's so unlike what you'd ever expect. I have no idea what my ancestors were like, but I can tell you that the stories they tell are something very special. I also found myself laughing a lot, as I do with most documentaries, and I felt that the director did a really good job with the language of the narrator and the way he expressed himself. He really made me feel that this is really a story that I should know and that I could be part of. I recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about the people of the region of Bolivia, their stories, their customs and their culture. I know that it's not just a documentary, it's a way of life, and I think that it's something that any single person could learn from.

Danielle Adams photo
Danielle Adams

I was lucky enough to see this film at the Glasgow International Film Festival. The film is based on the story of another prisoner, "Fisher" (played by Danny Boyle) who went to prison for his part in a gangland killing in Scotland. He was released, and got his revenge, which was to kill a gang member. He got his revenge, and went back to prison. This film is based on the stories of the other prisoners. The stories are all interesting, and each one is a story of a different person. The director did a great job. This film was a great piece of art. I really enjoyed the story of the story. I also enjoyed the background music. The director also made a great movie with a great story. The film is not just about a person. The director has made a great movie, with a great story. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in politics, crime, or prison. The film is a great film, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in politics, crime, or prison.

Brenda Lewis photo
Brenda Lewis

The theme of this documentary is the role of crime in society. The film deals with the sadistic nature of crime in a society which values money over human life. It's sad that people choose to do things they are not capable of. It is sad that they sacrifice their own lives for others. It is sad that they even choose to commit suicide. This documentary is a must see for anyone who is interested in crime. It is very graphic and very disturbing. The people in the film are people who are not normally seen in the media. They are not typical criminals, not typical victims, not typical victims. They are people who have been impacted by crime. It is interesting to see how they cope with their circumstances. The people in this documentary have very few choices. There is no way out of the situation they find themselves in. They have no choice but to do what they must do. The police and society have no choice but to ignore the problem. It's sad that there are not many people who would be willing to share their experiences and knowledge of crime with the general public. Crime is very real and difficult to get away from. We need to learn from people who have been affected by crime. We need to change the way we view crime.

Evelyn C. photo
Evelyn C.

The Hollywood movie studios just can't help themselves. They constantly push their own agenda through their movies. If they want to make a good movie, they should give equal time to the news and human rights groups. They have the right to make movies with the message that they want. If they want to make a movie that is politically incorrect, they should not show that message. I can't think of another movie that is more hypocritical in this day and age than "Bicentennial Man". The media should be taught how to portray the news and the human rights groups in a better light. This movie was not entertaining. The one exception was the ending. It was a very interesting and exciting story and the ending was emotional and inspiring.

Alan Martin photo
Alan Martin

I really appreciate that this film did not end with a "the bad guys get away with it" scene. The film gives you a sense that the whole thing is really a tragedy. The way the characters talk, the way they interact, the way they act. The film is a visual tour de force. You get a sense that it's just a movie, but you feel like it's real. This is not just a movie about "drugs, violence and death". It is about the whole thing, and how it's affecting people. It's not just a movie about "life" but a movie about "human nature". I think that the film is really effective. It makes you feel a little bit sorry for the people in the story. It's a very powerful film. I would love to see it again. I really feel that it deserves to be seen more widely. If you are looking for a good film, check this out. You will not be disappointed.

Jean photo

I'm writing this after having watched this film several times. I am in the process of watching all of "The Man in the Iron Mask", and after having viewed it a couple of times, I have decided to write a review of the film. This film has been one of the most consistently excellent documentaries I have ever seen. I have watched it over 20 times, and each time it gets better. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in human rights and the political scene of Germany in the 1970s. The film starts with a two minute overview of the political climate in Germany in the 70s, followed by clips of politicians and their speeches, then takes us to the topic of war crimes in German concentration camps during WWII. The documentary then takes us to a hospital where a young German boy is about to undergo an operation. The doctor is interviewing a bunch of other children who have similar problems, and in the course of the conversation, the boy tells the doctor that he is planning to escape from the camp and kill his family. The doctor is then forced to reveal his role in the operation, and the boy is made to live in a labor camp. After a few days, the boy escapes the camp and is captured by the SS and put in a concentration camp. The doctor then manages to escape and return to the camp, where he meets his old friend and fellow inmate, Adolf Eichmann. The doctor then goes on a journey through Europe to try and find the doctor's son, who he believes is still alive. He eventually ends up in East Germany, where he finally meets Eichmann. Eichmann tells him that he is in fact the doctor's son, and that his father's life was spared to make sure the German people would not know of his role in the war crimes. The doctor is then forced to tell Eichmann about his son, and the doctor is forced to reveal his true identity to the man he has been hiding from since the 1970s. The doctor is then brought before a court to answer questions about his actions, and after a long and difficult journey, the doctor is finally able to return to his son. After this, the film takes us through the whole process of the trial. The film also shows us how much human rights the doctor's son had been denied and how the judge in the case was allowed to ignore the evidence presented by the doctor. I also recommend that people who haven't watched the film yet should watch it before viewing it. This is because the documentary has been cut down in length and cut out of its original format. The first cut was 20 minutes long, and it was used for showing the trial as it happened, which is the best way to watch this film. The second cut was 7 minutes long, and it was used to show the doctor's son's first statement to the court, which is also the best way to watch

Teresa M. photo
Teresa M.

The movie's themes are really, really important, and, at the same time, also disturb the very human aspect of their subject matter. The filmmaker, Jia, has done a brilliant job, and I think this movie will be a great support for more movies about social and social causes, which really are not meant to make a profit or to benefit the movie industry. I hope this movie gets distributed in the United States, because it deserves it. I would love to see it on video, because it really deserves it.

Doris T. photo
Doris T.

This is a great movie that is very inspiring. I think that it is very important to show that good and evil are completely different and have no common ground. I think that it is a very good film for any people of any age, religion, race or background. If you like your movies to be true to life, this is a must see movie. If you don't agree, you can still watch this movie for a great story and to see what we are all about. I think that this movie is the best of the year.

Christopher D. photo
Christopher D.

This is the documentary that shows a part of the reality of life in prisons. This film shows how the life of an inmate is not like the image in the news. The main character in the film, "Joe" is from West Virginia and he has been in prison for 15 years. He tells his story and explains how he got here and how he is treated by the other inmates. Joe has not experienced much hope or joy during his prison days. He does not know what to do with his life. He does not have a job, no money, no family, and is very lonely. He also has a small daughter who does not know what to do. He says that he would be better off if he had not been in prison, but he is convinced that if he had been in prison he would have been better off. The majority of the film is spent telling the story of Joe, his life in prison and the story of other inmates. There are scenes that are very depressing, but they are necessary for the film to tell its story. There are also scenes that show the very joy and happiness of other inmates and even a moment where the inmates are singing "God Bless America". I have seen this film twice and each time I have been moved and had tears in my eyes. The film is not depressing, but it does have a depressing tone to it. The film is not trying to show the "dark side" of prison life, it is trying to show the very joy that Joe experiences as well as the sadness and despair that he goes through. The director, "Jim Miller" has done a very good job of presenting the film and it does have a very dramatic story to it. The director has done a great job in presenting the film. The director has also made the film very interesting to watch, especially in the end of the film when Joe comes out of prison and talks about his experience and what it was like in prison. I think that the director has done a good job of making this film entertaining and enjoyable. I would recommend this film to anyone that has been in prison or anyone that has been in prison. This is the documentary that will change the way you see prison life.

Adam O. photo
Adam O.

This film is a must see for anyone who cares about the drug culture and how it affects society. What a shame the mainstream media has not covered this important topic. A film I hope to see again in the future. Thank you for your time.

Joyce F. photo
Joyce F.

I think this documentary is an excellent example of a documentary that touches on all of the critical issues and points that are pertinent to people in society today. I think this is a great work of art and it's great to see how the documentary looks and how it looks at issues and points that the general public does not want to hear about. I think this documentary is very informative and can be viewed by all people. I think people need to know what is going on in the world today and the society that we live in and how it affects people. I think that this documentary is very well done and I think it is a very good one.

Dorothy S. photo
Dorothy S.

I watched this movie with my mother and father. My father is a retired cop and I am a teenager. This movie is about the evils of drugs and how we as a society have failed to stop the flow of this drug. The movie is very honest and tells the truth about the problems we have in our society. The movie is also a story about a young man who was wrongfully convicted and has now been released from prison. The movie is very sad and shows the damage of the drug trade. I give this movie an 8/10.

Samantha Knight photo
Samantha Knight

The morality of a society is something that should be questioned. "Punishment" by a Hong Kong filmmaker, Jeffrey Yang, clearly shows that the people of Hong Kong have such a low moral standard, that they don't even know if they are guilty or not. Hong Kong's old, rather unjust, system of capital punishment is evident in this film, and it is no surprise that this system is very effective. "Punishment" shows that the Hong Kong justice system is far from perfect. There is a special punishment of death, which is so extreme that even some of Hong Kong's own lawyers find it hard to handle. Yang has an extremely hard time convincing his subjects, and even more difficult to convince the viewers of this film, but he succeeds. The cinematography is great, the editing is great, and the subject matter is much more interesting than I expected. The moral of the film is that Hong Kong, a society so wonderful and clean, is one of the most evil places on earth. "Punishment" is a good example of how to do justice.

Larry M. photo
Larry M.

A very brave and courageous film. Great production values, excellent photography, and a great story. I would recommend this film to anyone, especially those who have had to face the consequences of the American penal system. The film is an important story about the aftermath of the American penal system, and also about the American justice system. We need to watch this film, and learn from it.

Jacqueline Garcia photo
Jacqueline Garcia

This is not the talk of the town, nor was it intended to be. For me, this documentary was a well-made piece of work, with very clever interviews with not only film critics, but also of the directors, actors, and writers of some of the major films. The reason I wanted to see it was because I am a big fan of Ang Lee's film, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," and I had seen a lot of comparisons between the two, and because I was expecting a similar tone of conversation between the film's directors. I was not disappointed. There were three directors interviewed in the film: "Bill Murray" (the Canadian), "David Fincher" (the director of "Fight Club"), and "Uwe Boll" (the writer of "Magnolia"). All of them talked about the significance of the directorial styles, the way the films were made, and the strength of their craft. It is as if each of the film's directors had a major vision, and the key to it all was the passion for their craft, which, again, I felt, was the same in "Crouching Tiger." All three filmmakers, and director of photography "John Toll" were very proud of their work. It is as if they wanted to help other filmmakers, as well as themselves, learn from their style. These conversations made me realize just how much I enjoy the work of my favorite directors. It is fun to hear them talk about their filmmaking and their films. I also have to mention the cameo appearance of "Tom Cruise." He was, of course, a very important part of the discussion, and did not disappoint. I believe that it is important to have this discussion with the films' directors, because without it, a filmmaker's personal views will not be shared with the people who want to know what their work is about. This is not a matter of taste, because it is the views that determine a filmmaker's impact on the film industry, and how his work affects people. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the works of the major directors. I thought the views of these directors were very interesting, and that is something I hope all filmmakers will consider when they begin to produce their films.

Cheryl May photo
Cheryl May

Not many people have heard of the Judeo-Christian god, except in the context of the gospels, which are the earliest sources of the Christian faith. Even the world's most famous and revered monotheist, Jesus Christ, is never mentioned in the gospels. What's more, it was only after the birth of Christ that Christians began to question the origins of their faith and to try to establish the existence of a god. The birth of Christ is often credited with bringing the concept of the Trinity into focus. The fact that this story has been considered the most sacred of all the gospels is no coincidence. In the first century, one of the earliest witnesses of Christianity was St. Paul of Tarsus (also known as Paul of Tarsus), a Roman citizen who came to Jerusalem with the aim of founding a Christian church. The city was founded by Paul's disciple, St. Peter, who claimed to have received an answer to his question about Christ's divinity in the cave in the area around the temple. Peter's teacher, Jesus Christ, was believed to have been born some time after Paul's arrival, and the claim of Jesus' divinity was central to the Christian faith. The question of Jesus' divinity became the focus of Paul's long-term quest to establish a church in Jerusalem. The Apostle Paul believed that Jesus Christ had been born in Bethlehem in Judea, but Paul himself was unsure as to the precise date. This uncertainty ended when, around A.D. 30, he traveled to Judea in order to investigate the possibility of Jesus being a descendant of Abraham. The Apostle Paul wrote a letter to the city of Jerusalem which he later described as "a call to repentance". Paul's conviction that Jesus was a descendant of Abraham was reinforced by the birth of the first Christian Jesus Christ in the city of Jerusalem. "The man who said that he was the Christ was not the Christ, but the Son of God". When he was a young man, Paul was a very religious man. He believed in the doctrine of the Trinity, as did the other early Christians. However, as the story unfolds, he becomes increasingly doubt about the existence of the Son of God. To be sure, there is no question that Jesus Christ was a man. However, he was not exactly a man, because he had been born and died as a man. His birth and death were attributed to his mother Mary. It was her conception that caused the Lord's resurrection from the dead. At this point, the argument of the Apostles became more and more strong. At this point in the story, the Apostle Paul was convinced that Jesus Christ was the son of God. When asked about the Lord's resurrection, Paul replied: "We have seen the Lord" (Acts 1:7). He believed that the Lord Jesus had risen from the dead, and he claimed that "this is my own testimony, and the word of the Lord" (Acts 1:8). Paul believed that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was an act of God's will. This belief of his was further strengthened by the fact that the Apostles and the members of the Roman clergy believed that the Lord had raised Jesus Christ from the dead, and that this was God's will. At this point, the Apostle Paul became a disciple of Jesus Christ. He believed that Jesus was God, and that he was the son of God, but he did not accept Jesus as the son of God. In other words, Jesus was not the son of God. This belief of the Apostles and the Roman clergy became a strong drive to the early Christian churches. Paul died before he could have his testimony to the Roman authorities or his testimony to the Apostles be accepted. The next major source of the faith of the early Christians was the Gospel of John, written sometime in the first century. The Gospel of John tells the story of Jesus Christ. It begins with the execution of King Herod. The story starts in Galilee and moves to Jerusalem, where Jesus Christ is crucified. When Jesus is resurrected, he gives his disciples the authority to go and preach the gospel to the Jews. From that time on, the Apostles and the Roman authorities became friends. But that friendship did not last long. Soon after the birth of Jesus Christ, the Roman authorities made their decision that the Jewish authorities should have no power over the churches of the Christians. At this point, the disciples of Jesus Christ were no longer the disciples of Jesus Christ. The apostles now became servants of the Roman authorities. For this reason, the Apostle Paul began to doubt the existence of the Son of God, and his belief in the Messiah was seriously damaged. Because of Paul's doubt, he became one of the most famous and prominent of all the gospels. And the Apostle Paul was

Justin photo

This is a good movie, although it is not without flaws. The movie starts out with some very good, and original, science fiction ideas that we have seen in movies before. The concept of a giant robot destroying the city in a few minutes by some technology that is not present in the present day is a good one. We are also given an idea of how much technology has advanced since the original film, as we see some of the original equipment that was used in the original. Also, the movie tries to show that we are moving closer to the future and that we are seeing more and more "experiments" with our technology. All in all, the movie is good. Unfortunately, the way it is done does not seem to go all the way to the bottom of the societal problems that it is trying to address. I believe that the film is attempting to use the fact that the government is corrupt and that people have a tendency to be complacent in the face of those problems. However, the way that the movie attempts to show that these problems are getting worse and that people are becoming complacent is not very convincing. I believe that the movie could have been better by using a more clever way to do this. If the movie had more of an edge, it could have been better. Overall, I think that the movie is good, but it is not a perfect film.

Eugene photo

On the eve of World War II, the German philosopher Erich Fromm argued that if one of the worlds' greatest thinkers could be reduced to an interview, it would be the English author J.G. Ballard. At the time, Ballard was serving time for 'malicious libel' for publishing a collection of essays that some readers saw as anti-Semitic. In an interview with the filmmakers, Ballard said he never really understood Fromm's argument, and suggested that the "philosophers" in his book (and those who think they are talking about them) may not actually know what they are talking about. This was just before the film's release. It's clear from the footage that the film makers got the full picture, and were determined to get it right. There is no mention of Ballard's book being anti-Semitic. He is merely making an observation that shows how much his opponents have misunderstood him. He's more interested in the 'narrative' of the book than what he thinks of it. The most glaring example is the discussion of the Nazis, who Ballard sees as a man of evil intent. What he has here is a kind of 'anti-Nazi' theory that would have been laughed at and rejected by most people in the 'realist' tradition. In one of the interviews, he gets the feeling that the film makers had this idea but didn't quite have the courage to go with it. He says that the film makers never told him what they were going to do with it, so he was left to infer it himself. To some extent this is true. The film makers don't talk about what they are going to do. In the end, they seem to have only said that they were going to do it. The footage is not even particularly remarkable, but it does offer a kind of documentary style that some of the other ones are not. It is a clever and well made film that explores some very deep questions about human nature, and human relationships. It is definitely a recommended film, and a film that would be very hard to forget.

Pamela W. photo
Pamela W.

It is extremely rare that a documentary can be so insightful and make me question my own thoughts. In this case, it is so brilliant, it was almost painful. This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It was a great idea to focus on the two main characters and the way they went about their respective paths. It was such a shame that this documentary was not nominated for best documentary. It is not often I watch a documentary that I can watch over and over again, but I do watch this documentary over and over again. I cannot understand why it is not nominated for best documentary. It is not just a documentary, it is a life experience, it is a really amazing documentary.

Kenneth S. photo
Kenneth S.

This is a movie that is full of information on the war on drugs. It talks about the roots of the drug war and how the government is manipulating people to make money for the war. The story is about how a group of friends discover that they have an addiction to drugs and they try to stop it. The movie is very well made, I loved how the director decided to show us the very dirty and dangerous way that the government is trying to manipulate the people. It also shows that we are not the only ones in the world that are affected by the drug war. It also shows how the government is trying to control the people through propaganda. The movie is also very well made, it is made in a very simple way. I really recommend this movie to anyone that is interested in the drug war. It is very well done.

William Dixon photo
William Dixon

A riveting film that leaves the viewer reeling with a lot to think about. I don't care how much of the world is locked up in the American penal system, I have never understood how this is done and how these people are so entitled. To me it is clear that this system is not doing anyone any good, it is taking money from some people and giving it to the people that are responsible for their crimes. The system is not broken, it is just not doing anyone any good. A must see for anyone interested in human nature and the human mind.

Russell photo

This is a film that will probably offend a lot of people. I know that this film will make you feel that you are the most important person in the world. This film is a great documentary and I highly recommend it. I think this film is so well done and has such great commentary that I can't help but like it. I don't think that anyone could dislike this film and that is why it is so good. I think that this film is a great way to get to know a lot of people and to see how the world really works. It's like a documentary but with a lot more action. I think that this film is really well done and I think that everyone should see this film.

Catherine photo

You have to be really patient in order to watch this film. I went in expecting a depressing, but informative film. That is, until the final credits rolled. It was amazing how quickly it made me re-evaluate my life, which for the most part I would have had the patience to do if not for the film. I found it to be a very personal film about a subject that many of us have lived through. It was very hard to watch at times, but I am glad I watched it. For me it was a very important film. Although I have not experienced much violence myself, the violence depicted in the film made me think of all the deaths that occurred around me. It was disturbing, but I felt that it was necessary. I was not the only person that had a hard time with the film, so many people in the audience left the theater disgusted and disappointed.

Billy photo

I saw this documentary in the same theater that saw 'Breaking Bad', and I was blown away by how much it touched me. It is, in my opinion, one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I can't believe that I am reviewing it as a summary, because I think that every single scene in this movie is important and speaks volumes about the current situation in America. But, most of all, it is a very powerful and relevant film. I am not surprised that the film won the Best Documentary Oscar, because it is that powerful. The way that the filmmakers approached the subject of drug addiction was very well done. The subjects were discussed in a realistic and sober way, which made the movie more interesting and understandable. The fact that the subjects were young people, and were not addicts themselves, was also important. As a parent, I can tell you that this film is very real. I felt that the parents of the subjects were very much in control of their children, and that the subjects were in control of their own lives. The subject of drugs was also very important, because it is a taboo subject, and it was very important to show that the subject of drugs is no different than other things that we do in the world. People are not just killing themselves because they are addicted to drugs. They are killing themselves because they are being abused by the society, and that they are being led down a dangerous path that is destructive. I think that this film will be remembered for a long time, and I am looking forward to seeing it again.

Alan H. photo
Alan H.

If you're a person who can't stand the idea of slavery, or if you're just an intellectual who doesn't like to be reminded of the horrors of the past, this film will likely change your mind. It is certainly worth watching. It's worth seeing again, especially if you have a history degree. The film is very, very well made, and the stories are well told. The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is because of the "bloopers" at the end. They're not really bloopers, but they are noticeable, and I think they hurt the film. It's not a big deal, but it is noticeable. If you don't mind those things, you should enjoy this film. I hope this review helps. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to answer.

Bryan B. photo
Bryan B.

In my opinion this is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It makes you want to do something about your own life. I recommend this documentary to all people who are interested in the topic of crime and punishment. I personally feel that if more people knew about the bad effects that punishment has on people, there would be more people who would try to do something about it. This documentary was very well made, and I really enjoyed it.

Gary photo

I found this documentary in the bin of a video store and was surprised to find it so informative. It is a very important subject to cover, but with no action figures, no celebrity, no soap opera, the interviews are great and it gives you a much deeper understanding of the subjects. I love this documentary and it is very informative.

Sandra photo

Here's a documentary that shows the murder and rape of women in the Soviet Union. The film has two main focuses. The first is to show the life of an orphan and what he has to do to survive. The second is to show the torment and horror that these women endure. The film is narrated by one of the women involved in the crimes. His life is a bit dull, but at least it isn't boring. The second thing the film focuses on is the culture of the children. There are many themes of this documentary. The children are portrayed as being self-centered and to a large degree, they're not. But they are also self-centered and selfish. They're quite aware of the existence of people who are much more intelligent and better than them, and they're not afraid to use that against them. Their goal in life is to achieve the status of a leader, and they do that by bullying and manipulating people. The film isn't without its faults. The second of the main focuses is too far-fetched. The orphans in the film are too young and they're portrayed as being an immature bunch. It's hard to believe that a child would commit such crimes. The acting is good, but the direction is a bit dull. It's a good documentary to watch, but it's not going to change anyone's life. If you're a woman who's had to deal with these problems, you'll enjoy this film.

Amber Wagner photo
Amber Wagner

I was fortunate enough to see this at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and I was totally impressed. The film is an interesting exploration of the nature of racism and the social, political, and cultural dynamics that drives that kind of racism. It is both a great look at the "other" and also an introduction to the politics of racial and ethnic identity. The title is a reference to a racist sitcom of the same name. The title, by the way, is quite appropriate because in the film we are treated to a variety of images of two cultures of varying degrees of racial and ethnic diversity. The film also includes interviews with people who have been living in the U.S. for many years and their thoughts on racism and the different types of racism that exist. It is a unique experience that can only be had by watching the film and not just hearing about it. The film is edited and narrated by the director, so it is not a movie where you can just go in and get your fix. It is a very difficult film to watch, as it is very thought provoking. While some may disagree with the way that the film is presented, the end result is an extremely well made film that I believe should be seen by everyone.

Walter Sullivan photo
Walter Sullivan

I found the film interesting because it was not a documentary. It was a collection of clips from a variety of people's lives. It is not a documentary about the Holocaust, but about the impact of the Holocaust on the lives of ordinary people. I am not an expert on the Holocaust, but I found the film very informative and enlightening. The film shows the difficulties faced by the Jewish people in their struggle to survive. The film is not an accurate representation of the Holocaust, but it does tell a story that is not often told. I found the film to be very interesting and thought provoking. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Holocaust and the impact it had on the lives of ordinary people.

Madison photo

I think this film will probably be a part of my top 10. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. I don't know why this movie wasn't nominated for an Oscar. The movie was a great concept and the actors were amazing. I loved the music in the movie and I thought the story was very real. I thought that it was very realistic and honest. The director did an amazing job with this movie. He really went out of his way to make this movie as realistic as possible. I highly recommend this movie.

Denise Gilbert photo
Denise Gilbert

I think this is a very well-made documentary, that's a bit slow, but it's still very well-made. I think it's a very important documentary about the war on drugs, and it's definitely worth watching. There's some great stuff here, and I think it's well worth watching.

Olivia photo

Hector's, in a way, is a movie that could have been done on a smaller budget. Instead it was not only very impressive, but also very rewarding. The images are beautiful, the stories are beautiful, the acting is beautiful, the script is beautiful. Even though the movie is very slow and at times almost un-watchable, it is still a very entertaining film and it will certainly not be for everyone. This movie is not a movie you will have to rush out to see. It will leave you satisfied and still thinking about it days later.

Virginia A. photo
Virginia A.

I have been a fan of documentaries for a long time, and have seen documentaries of various types over the years. This documentary was very interesting and well made. I am not a fan of the drug war, but I think that the documentary did an excellent job of showing the point of view of the drug war. The documentary has a very strong message, but it is not a message that is easy to digest. It is a message that is very powerful and very hard to understand. I think that the documentary was very well done. I am glad that I watched it, and I will definitely buy the DVD.

Gregory Carr photo
Gregory Carr

The whole thing is great, and the message is really good. It's a good story, and it's not preachy or misleading. I've been a big fan of Pankaj Tripathi for years, and he's really become a good director. I really enjoyed this film, and I hope to see more from him. The subject matter is very important, and I really recommend it.

Bruce K. photo
Bruce K.

I wanted to give this a higher rating, but I couldn't because I don't think it was as good as the other film. It felt like they just started the documentary without really getting it off the ground. I felt like they needed more information, and they didn't really get it in the first place. In addition, the interviews with the parents didn't seem to be very real. The documentary just felt like a "why not?" to the rest of the movie. I was really glad that I watched it, and I think it was a very important piece to the puzzle. I am sure there are a lot of parents that are struggling with the same thing, but it's really important to see the true side of it. I think they did a great job in getting that. Overall, this was a good documentary.

Stephanie Salazar photo
Stephanie Salazar

I'm a little late in this review, I admit, but I wanted to see the documentary about my husband, and my own life. The film has been around for awhile, but I saw it on Netflix. I am so glad I did. I didn't know much about what the movie was about, and I had no idea who they were or what they were going to talk about. So, I read the reviews and figured, "Oh, yeah, I'm going to watch this." I saw it, and then it was over. I was very glad that I did, because it was a very insightful documentary about my life. It really opened my eyes and gave me a little bit of an education about what life is really like. I have no idea what kind of pressure is put on people when they are in their thirties and they have children. We live in a society where you have to be a certain age to have a family. But what if you're older? What if you're in your fifties and you have kids? How do you make those decisions? And how do you cope with the pressure that comes with that? It's really interesting. I thought it was really interesting. It was very interesting to me. I don't know if it's for everybody, but I think it's really good. It's a very well done documentary. I've never heard of this before, but I really think it's a really good documentary. I think it's going to be good for everybody.

Wayne Sanders photo
Wayne Sanders

This is a documentary that's actually more of a movie than a documentary. I was expecting this to be about the struggles and problems faced by the refugees in Europe and the people who live there. Instead it's more of a look at the problems that arise when one group is forced to flee their home in the middle of a war, and the difficulties of dealing with the new neighbors. The documentary is quite interesting. I think the biggest problem I had with it was the time spent on the refugees. I think this should have been at the beginning, but it's not a bad idea to have it in the middle. As I mentioned earlier, this is a movie about a refugee crisis in Europe, and there's a lot of people here who have a problem with that. It's just the point of view of those who are affected by the situation, not necessarily of the refugees. The documentary itself is about the refugees, so I was expecting a lot more of them. However, I think this is a pretty good movie. The filming was great. The music was excellent. The editing was very good. The editing is done very well, and I think that's one of the best things about this movie. The film is well-edited. The one thing that I didn't like was that I thought that the director was putting too much emphasis on the problems that the refugees had. It's not like that all the refugees are bad, but in some cases they are just a bunch of troublemakers. This is not really a big deal, but it is something that I think could have been done better. I also thought that the director was giving too much attention to the refugees and not enough to the problems that the people in the host countries had. I think this is one of the major problems of this movie. Overall, I think that this is a good movie. It's a good look at the refugee crisis and the problems that people have. It's a great movie that I'd recommend to anyone.

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Jason Taylor

This film has a beautiful and unique style that reminds me of a documentary film I saw once. It's just a great film. I highly recommend it. It's not easy to find. Go to your local library and rent it. You won't regret it.

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Kyle H.

The last few days have been full of all sorts of information about the IRA, and one of the things that I've heard time and time again is that the IRA is a bunch of terrorists and that all that has ever happened in Ireland is the IRA fighting other people. Well, this documentary, "The Story of the IRA", is a complete look at the IRA from its formation in the late 60's to the present day. The film follows the IRA as they recruit new members, train them, and try to defeat the British. The film covers the history of the IRA, including the IRA's history, their wars, their people, their ideology, and their methods. The film covers all the different branches of the IRA including the Irish Republican Army (IRA), the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA), and the Irish Republican Army (IRAI), and even covers the paramilitary groups like the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Irish Republican Army (IRAI). The film covers everything from the IRA's beginnings in the late 60's, to the war with the British, the civil war, and even the peace process. The film is very informative and shows the great amount of work that the IRA does and how they are trying to prevent war between their country and the British. This film also shows the amazing dedication that the IRA people have for the cause and the way they fight. The film is very informative and I would recommend that you watch it.

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Thomas M.

A must see for those who believe that bad things happen to good people. How do we make sure that this never happens again. After all, the movie is based on true events. If you believe in God, then you should see this movie. I believe that this is a movie that will inspire you. A must see for all who believe in God.

Jason A. photo
Jason A.

I was fortunate enough to see this film in the cinema. As a film student myself, I was thrilled by the message of the film. I can not begin to explain how much I enjoyed it. The performances are extraordinary and the message of the film is not only clear but accessible to everyone. This film can touch any person, regardless of race, creed or social status. If you are a film student, I recommend that you see this film. If you are a film student and haven't seen this film yet, go to your local cinema and see it. This is a must see.

Barbara B. photo
Barbara B.

I just came from a screening of this film in Brisbane, Australia. I'm very proud of this film. I've read the book and watched the movie a couple of times and it left me speechless. There are two things that strike me about this film, the first being the fact that there are so many voices involved in this film, yet they all speak for themselves. The second is that the director of photography and the editor are all Australian, and we can hear them all. This is a very powerful film. It was an excellent performance from all of the actors, and the director and cinematographer also deserve credit. It's a very powerful and important film, and I encourage everyone to see it.

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Ashley Valdez

What a shocker! What an eye opening movie! I wish I knew more about the world of prison life. This movie has it all. I have been in prison and have heard it all. This movie brought it to life. What a great movie and you will be on the edge of your seat watching this movie.

Henry photo

I'm sure this movie will offend some people but I highly recommend it. I think it's important that people are aware of what happens to people who are in this situation. We need to talk about this and get help, not just throw away people like this.

Larry W. photo
Larry W.

I am a black female and I have a very hard time to understand the outrage of this film. The subject is a very sensitive one, and it is understandable that the filmmakers had to be very careful not to offend anyone. I think the film would have been a great success if it was not for the racial implications. I am glad I did not see it in the theaters, because it would have been a waste of time. However, the film is very good and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a documentary about black history.

Megan R. photo
Megan R.

This is a must-see documentary, because it gives an in-depth insight on what the prison system does to the people who are incarcerated. It gives an insight on the psychological issues that come with being in prison, and the severity of it. The film is made by survivors, who share stories about the hell they go through, and the happiness they find in a society that has turned their lives upside down. The main point of the documentary is to educate people about the conditions of the prison system. They also show the harsh conditions they live in. This documentary has a lot of very personal and revealing information about the conditions they have to deal with. The only issue with this documentary is that the subjects who share their stories are mostly children. The documentary doesn't go into detail about how they come to be in prison, or what they have to endure. That doesn't make this documentary bad, but it does make this documentary a bit too soft on the subject. They also don't go into the reasons that some of the children end up in prison, and some end up in prison because of their parents. Overall, this documentary is a must-see for anyone who has ever been in prison or a person who has ever been in prison. The people who share their stories are all very honest and honest in their stories. The documentary is well-made, and I recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries.