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The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is a movie starring José Luis Ferrer, Ismael Fritschi, and Juan López-Tagle. Toby, a disillusioned film director, is pulled into a world of time-jumping fantasy when a Spanish cobbler believes him to...

Other Titles
Muz, který zabil Dona Quijota, Muz, ktorý zabil Dona Quijota, O Homem Que Matou Don Quixote, Žmogus, kuris nužude Don Kichotą, テリー・ギリアムのドン・キホーテ, 誰殺了唐吉訶德, El hombre que mató a Don Quijote, Ο Ανθρωπος που Σκότωσε τον Δον Κιχώτη, Omul care l-a ucis pe Don Quijote, Mees, kes tappis Don Quijote, L'uomo che uccise Don Chisciotte, Don Kişot'u Öldüren Adam, Człowiek, który zabił Don Kichota, L'homme qui tua Don Quichotte, Az ember, aki megölte Don Quixote-t, O Homem que Matou Dom Quixote
Running Time
2 hours 12 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Terry Gilliam
Terry Gilliam, Tony Grisoni, Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra
José Luis Ferrer, Adam Driver, Juan López-Tagle, Ismael Fritschi
France, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Spain
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Toby, a cynical but supposedly genius film director finds himself trapped in the outrageous delusions of an old Spanish shoe-maker who believes himself to be Don Quixote. In the course of their comic and increasingly surreal adventures, Toby is forced to confront the tragic repercussions of a film he made in his idealistic youth - a film that changed the hopes and dreams of a small Spanish village forever. Can Toby make amends and regain his humanity? Can Don Quixote survive his madness and imminent death? Or will love conquer all?

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Amber photo

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2009) This film was a huge disappointment, especially considering the great cast and the wonderful story. The story is told in flashbacks, and even though the main character, Don Quixote, dies in the first few scenes, I was never really attached to the character. I kept thinking "is he going to live, or will he die?" It was frustrating to see him being so fake and illogical in his actions. It was even more frustrating that the actors playing his two best friends were not good enough to carry the film. I could not help but feel like the film would be better if the main characters were not in it. The film was very shallow, and although I was looking forward to seeing some action, it was only a few scenes. It was not until the last third of the film that I felt like I was watching a masterpiece. However, when the main character died, I was truly disappointed. I just wanted to see him come back to life, but I couldn't. The film is not as good as it could have been, and in my opinion, it was a huge disappointment. However, the cast was amazing, and I would recommend the film to anyone looking for a good film.

Andrea Lynch photo
Andrea Lynch

The movie is the story of Don Quixote, who is already an old man, in the beginning, but at the end of the story, he is in his 70's. Don Quixote has been living his life as a recluse and is not at all happy about it. He thinks that he has been left with no place to go, so he thinks he should become a knight. He meets a young woman and falls in love with her, but he does not realize that she is the woman that killed his wife. So, he tries to kill her, but the woman is still alive. Don Quixote, after he has been killed, is brought to a village in Spain, where he meets a woman named Elvira, who tells him that she has been waiting for him for a long time. When she realizes that Don Quixote is not dead, she is extremely happy. And the two of them go on a journey, which is one of the most touching movies I have ever seen. It is a masterpiece, and is one of the best movies of the last decade. It has great acting, and also great directing. I really recommend this movie to everybody, and it is a movie that I am going to watch again and again. The cast is excellent, and I really recommend to everybody to watch this movie. 10/10

Cynthia photo

I loved this movie. I am not a fan of the book but I liked the movie. The acting was excellent. It was a beautiful story. The cast was perfect. I didn't know the story but I am glad I watched it. I hope to see a sequel to this movie. I highly recommend it.

Heather J. photo
Heather J.

For the first time I really enjoyed a movie that didn't try to be "great" in some way. This is just an entertaining film. It's very well done. The special effects are good, but not in a way that they are clashing with the story. The characters are strong and very well written, and the story is interesting. It's not the "ultimate" movie, but it is a good movie. It is very different from the previous films in the series, and that is a good thing.

Justin Santos photo
Justin Santos

Having seen this film at the cinema, I must say that I'm a very big fan of the books. However, I'm also a huge fan of the original, and I was very impressed with the way the filmmakers have used the film. This is a fantastic film. It's not just a family film. It's a good family film. It's funny and violent, and it has some really moving moments. It's also really good fun. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who loves the books and the original. The only thing that is different is that it's a really good movie. There's something about this movie that really works. If you haven't seen this film yet, go and watch it. It's really great.

Amber Nichols photo
Amber Nichols

I loved this movie. I am a big fan of the original novel, and the book is about the madness of the madman Don Quixote. I was very excited when I saw the movie and was not disappointed. It was a great story and I loved the actors and actresses. I was also very surprised at how much this movie had to do with the novel. The storyline was very good and I was surprised at how much they had to do with the novel. The only thing that I did not like was that they used the same setting from the book. The setting was very good and I loved the setting. The film does not have to be the same, but if they change it they have to be more true to the novel. I thought it was a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Janet Beck photo
Janet Beck

There is a sense of humor to this film, but I think it was still a little too long. The ending was kind of unbelievable. The characters are all good and there are some nice comedy bits. I think the film could have been better, but I still think it is a pretty good film. The only real bad point is the music. It is a little too sweet and it can get a little annoying. The film has good points and some bad points. The film is well worth seeing and it is worth seeing again.

Benjamin photo

The movie is a mixture of the story of Don Quixote and the story of a man who doesn't know what he is. The two stories are interwoven and each side has its own point of view and its own story. It is a very good movie with a very good ending. It is a very good movie to watch with a friend. It is a movie that will stay with you for a long time.

Sara photo

I have to say that this movie is a very good film, and a good movie for all ages. The story is a very good one, with a lot of twists and turns. The acting is very good, and it is very realistic. I can't imagine anyone saying that this is not a good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be entertained, and is willing to learn something new.

Beverly K. photo
Beverly K.

For me, this is one of the best films of the year. It's funny, the plot is clever, the acting is superb and the direction is fantastic. It is quite surprising to me how this is the best film of the year, but I suppose I should have seen this year's Oscar nominations. If you haven't seen it yet, see it and decide for yourself. I have to admit I have a thing for this movie and I am very proud of it. It has got everything that a great film should have and more. 9/10

Janet photo

I just saw the movie and I was amazed at how well the film was made. It is a very true story and it is done so well that I don't even want to spoil it. The whole movie was amazing. The acting was amazing. The cinematography was amazing. I loved the music. The story is very good and it was done so well that it will keep you hooked. I don't know why there were so many negative reviews, I thought it was very good. It is worth seeing.

Sara W. photo
Sara W.

I think that this film is one of the most fun films I have seen in a long time. I'm not a big fan of the classic novels but I have always enjoyed the movies. I thought the story was great, the acting was great, the direction was great. The music was great. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was the ending. I thought that the ending was very predictable. I also thought that the actors did a great job. I'm not a fan of Kevin Costner but he did a great job. I also liked the role that John Malkovich played. I think that this movie is very underrated.

Cheryl Reynolds photo
Cheryl Reynolds

After watching "Don Quixote", I came across the first version of the film in "The French and Indian War", and I found it to be pretty good. It was a slow and somewhat dull movie, but the actors all did a great job. A lot of people think that Ben Affleck did a bad job playing the part of Don Quixote. But, I disagree. I thought that he was perfect for the part. I think that he portrayed the character perfectly. It is true that he wasn't the best actor, but he was the best I've seen. I don't think that he is the best actor of all time, but he is certainly the best that I've seen. I think that most people don't like Ben Affleck for playing the part of Don Quixote. I don't think that it's the best, but I think that it's pretty close. I think that it was a good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in it. It's a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in it.

Jeffrey G. photo
Jeffrey G.

For me this is a good way to introduce to audiences some great new talent. I thought this movie would be of some kind of a one trick pony. It was not. I am not a fan of big budget Hollywood productions, but it was good to see the new guys who are doing good work. The plot is a little different, but this movie was a good adaptation of the book and also it has a great cast. The first half is a little slow but once you get into the story it really picks up. The director did a great job of using the best parts of the book and also to give us a lot of new ideas. I thought the new characters were very good, they are all different and I really enjoyed the new characters they created. I hope this movie does well because I would love to see a sequel.

Emily Lewis photo
Emily Lewis

I loved the first one, and I also loved the first two. I went into this expecting it to be a typical "CGI-filled" movie, and it was so much better. The costumes and sets were amazing. I loved the music. The fight scenes were really good. The whole movie was very creative and well thought out. The movie was enjoyable to watch. It kept me entertained. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, but I don't care. I think the ending was good, and I think that was the only thing that kept me from giving it a 10.

Sarah Schneider photo
Sarah Schneider

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was expecting something that would probably bore me, or I would be disappointed. But I wasn't. I was actually surprised how good it was. I have been a fan of the books, for as long as I can remember, and even though I'm not a huge fan of movies, I still find it interesting to read the stories and see how they relate to the movies. I can't really think of anything that they didn't touch on in the movie, and I was pretty impressed. Not everything was perfect, but the film did it's job very well. I think the only things that I didn't like about it was the fact that it didn't have the same emotional impact as the book. That being said, I think that it still holds up very well. I think that the film will be a huge success, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again. It's a good film, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again.