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This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything is a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Mira Nair, and Shonda Rhimes. An investigative look and analysis of gender disparity in Hollywood, featuring accounts from well-known actors, executives and artists in...

Other Titles
Gender in Hollywood, Tout peut changer, et si les femmes comptaient à Hollywood?, Hollywood: A Caminho da Igualdade, To zmienia wszystko, Por la igualdad en Hollywood
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
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Tom Donahue
Mira Nair, Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, Tracee Ellis Ross
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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An investigative look and analysis of gender disparity in Hollywood, featuring accounts from well-known actors, executives and artists in the Industry.

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Walter D. photo
Walter D.

I just watched the film on Netflix and I am still shocked. It is a brilliant film. I am glad I went to see it because I have always been interested in the history of the church and its leaders. This film gives a good understanding of how the church has changed over the years and how it continues to change. I am glad I went to see it because I feel it is a good film. The church has changed and has changed for the better. It is important for people to know that the church is a place where people come together to worship and pray. It is not a place where people are "just" a church. The film was very good because it gave a good understanding of what the church was and why it is different from other religions. I highly recommend it.

Brian photo

I was very impressed with this film. It was a very well made film that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the subject. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the film and the strong opinions of the people who made it. I believe it's very important to be educated on the subject of environmentalism. I hope this film is a turning point for the future of the environmental movement.

Alice photo

I was never a fan of Clinton, but this movie was excellent. The truth is that the country is in a terrible state. If you are thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton, please watch this movie. I know that she has said that she is not a candidate for president. But her policies have to be made into reality. I think that this is a very good movie, because it shows how bad the current administration is. This movie also shows how the Clintons have lied and lied and lied and lied. I think that this movie will make the public realize how bad the current administration is. This movie is very important. I am a teacher, and I am sure that this movie will be very important to my students. This movie will also make the public realize that we need to be responsible in our voting. Please watch this movie.

Marilyn R. photo
Marilyn R.

It's amazing that such a simple question has such a profound impact on our society. I'm not sure what I expected when I heard the title. I didn't think I'd see a documentary about the film that was like "the Godfather", but "The American Dream" was actually one of the most important documentaries of the past few years. The "American Dream" really changed my life and I'm not sure how many people would agree with that, but the film really made me think about the things that were happening around me and it made me realize how much the government was controlling us. In the end, the film really changed my life and I was able to realize what I was missing out on and what I was doing wrong. It made me realize that my life wasn't perfect and that I was really missing out on something that I should have been able to enjoy. If you have the chance to see the film, don't miss it.

Jesse H. photo
Jesse H.

You know what the biggest misconception about the movie is? That it's one of the most insightful documentaries I've ever seen. The thing that really drew me in was not the movie or the message, but the awe and the beauty that seems to be on display. At one point, I felt like I was watching a documentary of life, not the story of how people died or the people behind the lives. In some ways, I felt like I was living the lives of these people, and when the movie ended, I realized that I just watched the lives of people who had an immense amount of love and caring for each other. The documentary does not portray an uncaring, cruel world, but it does show how it could be, and the beauty of its beauty. So if you're like me and you want to learn more about life, or just think about life and the human condition in a new way, I highly recommend this movie.

Kelly D. photo
Kelly D.

I think that this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I was at a party the other night and I had no idea what to expect, but I thought this was going to be a boring documentary. I was wrong. This movie was just so amazing. I was in tears at the end. It was just so good. I really don't know how to describe this film, but it was just so good. I think it is just a great documentary. I think that all the characters were really good. I think that the filmmakers did a great job with the movie. I think that it is just one of those documentaries that you should watch. I think that it is one of those documentaries that you should watch.

Alice P. photo
Alice P.

The story is about a video editor who travels around the world in his van searching for film that has been deleted or hidden from the public. He gathers a small group of friends to help him search. All of these films seem to be important to him and they all seem to be important to their countries. Some of them seem to be vital to the preservation of their cultures, others seem to be irrelevant or even critical. The movie is able to convey the idea that editing a film is like trying to unearth a forgotten place in the past. The journey is a journey of discovery and it is interesting to see how he deals with his surroundings, how he finds film and how he deals with the censorship on the internet. This film is highly recommended to any film student or film buff.

Randy G. photo
Randy G.

Toby Harner spent 5 years filming what is arguably the most important film in recent years about the Snowden story. The film's concept is simple: he documents the Snowden story without ever being seen. But the documentary is not like most other Snowden documentaries you have seen. It is very patient and doesn't rush to the answers. Most documentaries go for the answers right away. He waits for them to come out and puts his feelings about Snowden and the story in question. Instead of doing that, he shows the reality of the issue, often with help from other Snowden supporters. He works behind the scenes in the intelligence community, trying to learn what was done and how it happened and what it says about us. He shows us an America that is also divided. One part hates what Snowden did, while others are scared to talk about it. He shows how that division is dangerous and how the most intelligent people often end up with a self-serving mentality. There is a video interview with Snowden that's worth the price of admission. Overall, this is a very interesting documentary. It is the sort of film that shows how much can happen in one person's lifetime. It is a film that never leaves you, it leaves you with a feeling of frustration and heartbreak but at the same time it gives you hope for the future. It shows what it would be like if we all shared our secrets and tried to get the answers for ourselves. It shows what it would be like to be free and how important it is that we let the government and our corporations know that they are not the only ones who have our privacy.

Jordan H. photo
Jordan H.

In the mid 1980's I watched this film with some friends. We felt it was quite profound and thought it had a powerful message, but were left wondering how much of the film was fictional, and how much was real? We were very disappointed in the final film, which we watched at an advanced screening of it at a film festival. I don't know whether or not the film is real, and whether it is a fictional story about the development of a book. What I do know is that it is a powerful film that provides a powerful message. I recommend it highly. I found it very powerful in its ability to touch me and the viewer.

Rachel G. photo
Rachel G.

This is my first review and I have to say that I am a bit biased. I am a huge fan of Thom Yorke and have been listening to his music for a very long time. I was also a big fan of the Making of a new Wave album and enjoyed listening to the entire documentary. One of the highlights of the movie was when I saw some of the answers to the questions put forward by the filmmaker. One of the questions posed to Jonny Greenwood was "Who were you hoping to appeal to when you were making the new wave album?" His answer was "Do I still appeal to people?" I think that answer is correct as well. I would also like to add that there are a lot of "famous" bands that have gained a certain amount of fame because of their music. I am not referring to the "big names" like Radiohead or Fleetwood Mac. I am referring to bands that you would never even think of as being famous like Pink Floyd. Thom Yorke is a musician that does have a certain amount of influence on many of the bands he was playing on, but he does not appeal to the mainstream audience in any way. I would like to mention that I have watched a few documentaries about the Beatles in the past. They are not well known and not very well documented. One of the things that I liked about this documentary is that it took a unique approach to a subject. It was not about the Beatles as such. It was about the music that these guys were producing and how it affected them and how it affected others. I would like to also mention that the soundtrack to the documentary was incredible. It was made by one of my favorite musicians, Beck. I felt like the documentary had a realistic feeling to it. When you watch it, you are reminded of the music that these guys were producing. I think that the documentary did a great job of portraying the work that the band was putting into their music and it was impressive to see their work come to fruition. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is a music fan and would like to learn more about the people that made music.

Marie S. photo
Marie S.

The film is divided into 6 chapters, each covering a different theme and the information on each chapter is very general. This is a first attempt at a documentary on history. There are 1 million American soldiers in WW2 who didn't even receive formal orders to fight and ended up fighting the most pointless war in human history. What i find to be the most interesting part of the film is the discussion in the German officer meeting. After a discussion about how terrible and useless the war was, he had a thought: "If this is not the beginning of peace, i don't know what is". He concluded that the world would be a better place if all of these people had never been born. After the film ended, we all left feeling this kind of radical emotion. After a year of reading and watching documentaries about WW2, i can say this is one of the most emotional films i have ever watched. Everything in this film was handled very carefully and it is obvious that it took some time to prepare the material, and that's the first part of the film.

Cynthia F. photo
Cynthia F.

Peter Ackroyd and Bruce Willis were amazing together, and it was amazing to see them on screen together again. I am a huge fan of both men, and I think they were great together. They created such a dynamic chemistry, and it was the best way to capture that feeling of the time. They created a great storyline that was well thought out, and I think that anyone should see this movie. This film is all about the politics of their time. I am thankful that there is still people that are willing to come forward to make sure that the truth gets out. I think that there are so many political and civil unrest going on in the world, but there are so many people that are still trying to hold the same beliefs, and I think that this film is a great place to start. I really hope that this documentary gets some recognition. I'm sure that it will get a lot of recognition from the public, and hopefully inspire people to see the truth. I definitely recommend it.

Eugene Rodriguez photo
Eugene Rodriguez

Watching this film and learning about our current state and how many people feel has always been the goal of the filmmaker. I am sure that there are many who will still find this movie frustrating in some way, but this documentary will help them understand more about those around them and the larger issues they face. It is clear that these people feel the same way as Peter, and that this film, with his interviews, will help to change the political climate around them. The film is well-done and honestly tells the real truth and serves as a great tool for understanding how our current government system works. I felt the film was very informative and well-edited. I applaud the effort of this movie, as I would never have the information I gained had I not viewed it.

Elizabeth S. photo
Elizabeth S.

This Changes Everything (2016) Here is the story of the way racial tension in America was solved by a black man named Jim Crow. As a family man he played the good-guy role. He was the good-guys, the intelligent man, the sensible man, the reserved man, etc. The way he overcame all the obstacles he faced was simply by being a good guy, he did not care about his own reputation, or his own safety. He just thought of doing what he was told and took it on his shoulders. There were others who weren't as fortunate as him, but who, even when they had the opportunity to do things differently, thought to give up. That is the most honorable and manly way a person can be. The way he did was honorable, but it was also the most consistent, the most consistently good. When a good-guy hero breaks down and breaks down, we are in need of a hero to help and support them. In this movie we have Jim Crow, but instead of one hero, we have Jim Crow and a whole range of bad-guys and bad-people who did what they were told by a boss or some authority figure, and what they got was Jim Crow. This changes everything, it means that Jim Crow has to come out, but also it means that no good-guy hero will ever be able to play that role again. Jim Crow changes everything, Jim Crow is not a human being who should be forgiven, it is a real human being, and he deserves our forgiveness and our support. This changes everything, but it is not a bad thing, it is a good thing. Jim Crow is a person, not a myth, and he is someone who deserves our support.

Gerald Hansen photo
Gerald Hansen

I have always loved these films. It is a story that touches the heart. The interactions between each character and their common struggle for their own future, can stir up our compassion and empathy for them and the problems they are facing. I am very proud of this film. The acting is superb. "This Changes Everything" is truly an amazing story that touches many hearts. There are many films that have been made on the subject. I highly recommend it.

Amber Newman photo
Amber Newman

I was impressed by this documentary, given the subject matter. The documentary is mostly in the form of a short story, but even that form holds a good message. The story is set in the 1950's in New York City, as Joseph Goldstein (played by Jim Carey) begins a new life, with two women. His new wife (played by Noomi Rapace), is reluctant to settle in the big city, because she doesn't think she could handle the extra social pressures and keeps harping about the lack of opportunity for women back in the 1950's. Her first question to Joseph is "Why do you want to move to New York? New York has nothing to do with what's wrong with the world." Joseph quickly changes her mind, because he realizes that this is how he has to live for his entire life. So he comes up with a new philosophy, a modernized version of the old Irish, Irish-Jewish, European-American philosophy, with emphasis on responsibility. He says that he is ready to accept the responsibility for his life, if it means that he and his family will have a better quality of life. He writes the beginning of this philosophy down, and keeps it on his refrigerator. The story of Joseph's attempts to resolve the current problems in his life is inspiring. He writes a book, "Is it too late to do something about it?" and continues to try to solve problems in his life, even though he knows it is probably not going to be enough. In the end, Joseph realizes that he should make time for his family, and does so, beginning a new life. This is an excellent movie, that makes you think about your life, as you watch it.

Tammy Romero photo
Tammy Romero

This is an excellent documentary. It exposes how the major media promotes the mainstream media and how they have compromised many journalists. I am not familiar with the original film, but I will review it here, since it has been made available for free. It is well-researched, insightful, and very funny. The documentary includes interviews with several sources, including one of the people featured in the film. I am glad this film has been made available, because it is interesting. I would recommend this to anyone. 9/10

David photo

I have to say I think this movie is really quite exceptional. Firstly, the actors are phenomenal, especially Scott Baio. I really like this movie a lot and even though there were some mistakes and some scenes where they tried to explain things to the viewer a little bit too much I still enjoyed it. Secondly, the movie shows the political realities and events that affect the earth's system. I loved the parts when the documentary was taking place in Iraq and showed the consequences of the war and the invasion of Iraq. It's good to see the consequences of the war and the effects on the people of Iraq, as well as the effects on the people who live in Iran. Thirdly, this documentary is really, really inspiring. I could feel the strong emotional and emotional effect the movie had on me. I definitely recommend this movie and it should definitely be watched by everyone. I recommend it highly. * END *