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Jay Myself is a movie starring Jay Maisel. Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates an intimate portrait of his mentor, Jay Maisel, as he leaves the 30,000 square foot building in the Bowery that he's inhabited and filled with his...

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Stephen Wilkes
Josh Alexander
Jay Maisel
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Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates an intimate portrait of his mentor, Jay Maisel, as he leaves the 30,000 square foot building in the Bowery that he's inhabited and filled with his eccentric collection of beautiful random objects for the last 40 years - known as 'The Bank.'

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Diana photo

After seeing "The Hunger Games", I was very skeptical of the idea of having an entire movie on the subject of Pan-sexuality. A bit disappointed after seeing "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games" where the focus was on the books and not the movies, but having seen the film, I can see why the director, Emma Thomson, wanted to make this film. I would say that this film is about much more than just books. "The Hunger Games" has the ability to be a movie about anything. In "The Hunger Games", Katniss Everdeen, a teenage girl, is a hopeless starry-eyed nerd. She has a passion for battling her peers in the Hunger Games. But when her love for Peeta Mellark, her former best friend, is revoked, she takes matters into her own hands and becomes a rebel. After hearing about the brutal events that took place at the school, she decides to take her own life. She makes an attempt at suicide, but is stopped and persuaded to keep fighting the oppression of the Capitol. Her determination is tested as the Games draw closer. "The Hunger Games" is a movie that focuses on Katniss Everdeen. It is the story of a young woman who became a young woman and became an independent woman. As a result, her death had great impact on the lives of the other characters in the film. Katniss has to fight for her love Peeta, whom she has lost. Her obsession is forced on her, and as a result, her death has a greater impact on the lives of the other characters. The other main character, Gale Hawthorne, becomes a new character in the film. After the events of "The Hunger Games", he becomes a one-dimensional character who cannot possibly comprehend the depth of the world that he lives in. He is a little boy. As a result, the conflict between Katniss and Gale becomes more intense as Gale tries to defend the uprising of the rebellion. The other characters also have roles in the movie. Although they have a smaller role than Katniss, they are much more important than her. The struggles that Katniss has to overcome, and the characters she has to meet, are the things that the movie is all about. I thought that "The Hunger Games" was great. It is not a perfect film, but it is a good film that is good for the whole family. It is a good movie to have on a rainy day. It is an awesome movie to see on the big screen. It is a movie that is worth watching.

John Banks photo
John Banks

The act of eating is one of the most basic and universal human needs. We all have done it, we all need to eat. However, some people, especially those in the western world, think eating is shameful and are not healthy. There are even people out there who make it their business to make a living off of eating. It's a terrible business. It's also incredibly dangerous, people have been killed and even eaten by animals because of overeating. But that doesn't mean we have to eat. The history of human consumption is filled with cultures that have consumed every single possible thing and as well as being unhealthy. It's something we're going to have to face in the future. A lot of times when we talk about food, it's a very emotional topic. But this film really put together a lot of information that many people may not have known about. Not only did it give the information but also it made it even more interesting. I recommend this film to anybody that is interested in understanding our current food system. I think it's an excellent documentary that will definitely change people's opinions about food.

Harry Murray photo
Harry Murray

It was quite a ride and it was both informative and enjoyable. I really enjoyed it. The story was quite telling and it gave you a good feel for the issues in Vietnam. The people on both sides were as bad as one would expect, but the truth is it was no more. Vietnam was the last war. It was not fought for the sake of fighting and I believe the American people will be happy with it. The main concern is to find out why the war was waged and what the cost was for us.

Emily R. photo
Emily R.

I'm an 18 year old who lives in the Chicago area. I was moved to comment on this documentary on a recent trip to Sweden. I was able to see the same people that I was sitting next to in class in my home town. That's a major cultural difference between Sweden and the US. I think it is a really good documentary. It is a great way to show how the US is not always the place where kids go to be educated. The kids in America are not always the ones that get the most attention. This documentary shows how the US is still not always the best place to be a kid. It shows that there are some kids that just go to school and don't do anything. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone.

Jennifer M. photo
Jennifer M.

There are some movies that defy categorization and truly define the phrase "in your face" cinematic masterpiece. This is one of them. While it's not one of the best movies I've ever seen, it is certainly one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It is a mix of interviews, archival footage, and everyday life in a working-class part of Brooklyn. I feel like this is the true essence of what it's like to be poor in the United States of America and what's really important to our nation. This documentary is not meant to be "politically correct" in any way, but rather to show the realities of life on the lower-end of the economic ladder. It will definitely make you feel like you know what it's like to be in that situation. The "WTF?" moments are the most hilarious I've ever seen in a documentary and I really can't wait to watch it again. I can't recommend this highly enough. 9/10

Samantha photo

What a great documentary. I mean a lot of people don't like the documentary, but it's not about just being against the police, its about what happened in L.A. during that period. Also, the fact that the parents of the young girl were arrested is kind of a shock, but they were innocent. That's a good lesson to learn, and one of the most important things that happened in L.A. during that time.

Laura H. photo
Laura H.

I have to admit that I had some doubts about watching this documentary. I've always thought that exposing oneself in front of the camera can be a brave, brave thing to do. However, the man in the documentary pulled it off. I have seen him in the past, as a sidekick to a friend, or just as a simple camcorder video. But the way he shot this documentary was amazing. He showed me the things he saw on the road, and told me his own story. As you watch this documentary, you feel as if you are watching a documentary, and are the one who is being filmed. It was not just about him being an addict. It was about his family and how his mom was being forced to live in a dead end situation. He went from being a caring husband to a cruel husband to a total addict. The man who filmed this documentary was never there to tell you how you should feel about the matter. You would have to take the matter in yourself. However, I have seen the documentary twice, and I don't regret having watched it. You should definitely give it a shot. It will make you think twice about your own life. And it will make you think twice about the life you live.

Ralph B. photo
Ralph B.

For most of my life, I have been watching The "Test" as it was, an undercover guy filming a woman. For about a month, I was sort of aware of that fact, and as of today, I am still sort of aware of that fact. But I am now a member of the group that has filmed everything, and will continue to do so. I am happy to see a documentary that is actually based on the real facts. My comments are based on having watched the whole film, not on my knowledge of the real story. The documentary is quite excellent, although there are still a few parts that are so far from the truth as to make you cringe. But all in all, it is an excellent documentary that should be shown in schools across the country. The only thing that might keep me from seeing it again is the fact that I am an out lesbian.

Jesse photo

To tell you the truth, I have never written a review on IMDb before, but, I felt compelled to do so after viewing this film. I am a big fan of Kendrick Lamar's music. He is, in my opinion, one of the most talented rappers out there. When I first heard that this was on my to watch list, I wasn't so sure about this documentary. I was a little worried about the subject matter. It is a very intimate look into the life of one of hip-hop's most prolific artists. This documentary is about Kendrick Lamar. He is the poster child of modern hip-hop, and the reason why many of us are here today. This film is about his personal journey from his childhood to becoming one of hip-hop's most respected artists. He was a quiet, introverted kid who, despite his "rapper" persona, struggled with his home life. After the death of his mother, his father gave up on him. His father, however, gave him some motivation. I am not sure exactly what he gave to him, but it helped him to grow up in a tough neighborhood. He grew up with his older brother, who was addicted to drugs. In the end, he became a natural star. As a youngster, he was a quiet, shy kid. After all, he grew up in a home with an abusive father, a drug addicted mother, and an unstable father who was dead at the time of his birth. He grew up with little outside support. Even when he went to school, he still had to do his own homework. This is an extremely difficult thing to do. But, he did it. He became a star. When he was a teenager, his father had a love-hate relationship with his life. He didn't want to have anything to do with his daughter, so he was always on the run from the law. So, when he got married, the couple was separated for 15 years. He had to go through this separation when he was a teenager. He spent a lot of his time going to school and working in a factory. He was a very dedicated worker. He started a business selling fabric for clothes. When he got married, he felt very responsible and decided to take care of his daughter. He eventually became the leader of his family's business and got to live the dream of being a super rich man. I don't know what happened to his father, but it seems like he was not able to help. The end of the film was very moving. He had to leave his family to be a star, and he ended up in a really rough situation. He was homeless and had no job. But, he still had his family. He was able to get a job working in a factory and eventually ended up making millions of dollars. I don't know what he did after that, but I know he did something very special with his life. He is one of my favorite rappers. I am going to see this film again. This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of documentaries and this one is one of the best I have ever seen. This is a very difficult thing to do, but he did it. This film is not for everyone. It is a very intimate look into the life of one of hip-hop's most respected artists.

James Barnett photo
James Barnett

In order to understand why anyone would want to run away from the weight of their responsibilities, one needs to have seen the reality of the American society as seen through the eyes of a young man who tried to commit suicide. Without giving too much away, the film is a fascinating look at the mental and physical health issues that young adults encounter when they try to live by their own standards, especially when their personal integrity is threatened by peers and authority figures. The film does not dwell on the choice of suicidal behavior, but the causes and consequences of it. Each of the characters in the film have their own story of the loss of someone close to them. However, one in particular stands out as a prime example of the damage caused by external influences. The film focuses on Kevin Kline, a 21-year-old college graduate who is ready to graduate with a degree in psychology, but has recently been told that he will not be able to graduate if he completes one more course on his path. Due to a lack of funding, Kevin is forced to return to college after his first semester and spend another year in the same classroom. He is faced with a choice between spending another year in the same class or going back to school for another semester. The decisions he makes ripple throughout his family, and he begins to feel pressure to accept a program to help him earn his degree. He chooses to attend the program, but it is soon apparent that he will have to sacrifice his personal integrity in order to earn the degree. The film is touching and informative, showing us a very real example of the stress and trauma that can be caused by others. Kevin is able to maintain a normal life, yet the emotions that he is forced to endure are so overwhelming that he has to look to the outside for help. The film portrays the struggles that Kevin faces when he returns to school, and the academic concerns that he is faced with during his time at the program. It is well done and informative. However, it does not dwell on the negative factors in Kevin's life. Instead, it focuses on the positive aspects that are presented in the film. Kevin also has a mentor in David Rees, a man who is a psychologist who is responsible for providing Kevin with a "rehabilitation" program. The program is dedicated to providing Kevin with the tools to make the most of his life and his future. This documentary is a good one for anyone who has been a student, an adult, or a parent to understand the challenges faced by young adults who have to deal with various personal issues that go beyond the school system.

Brittany A. photo
Brittany A.

An exceptional documentary about one of the most remarkable individuals in modern history. The film was wonderfully produced, beautifully photographed and edited. And it is one of the most meaningful movies I've ever seen, because it's as good a guide for understanding how we've come to be what we are as a species as any I've ever seen. It does a very good job of painting a convincing picture of how far we have to go to reach the ultimate level of intelligence, from where we are now. It also looks at the ways in which we can still alter our behavior to achieve what we want. The power of the movie is that it does this without asking us to be apologetic for the way we think. It just asks us to ask ourselves: what will we do if we reach that next level of intelligence? And how can we keep it in balance? The movie makes it clear that the only way to reach that level of intelligence is to really think about what we're doing. If we look at the nature of our actions and the way we live our lives, we can see that if we really think about it, we have the ability to reach new heights of intelligence. And this is just one of the reasons why I really like this movie so much. It shows that we can reach higher and higher levels of intelligence just by thinking about the way we live our lives. It's as simple as that. The movie is the result of a great deal of work and effort by some very talented people who have made it possible. The only downside is that the movie is only about one man, and that's the problem. The movie is an important document about one man and he's the only one who is told about the film and the process. So there's really no story for the movie. It's basically about the creation of the movie and how the people involved made it happen. And that's the problem. It's one person telling another person what he should do and how he should think about the way he lives his life. And then the movie is born. And the movie is a very important document, because it illustrates the way in which we can reach the level of intelligence that we think we will someday reach. It's just one person telling another person what he should do. So if you are one of those people who thinks that thinking is a waste of time, this movie is not for you. But if you are one of those people who think that thinking is the way to reach higher levels of intelligence, you should see this movie. It will certainly make you think more about what you're doing and how you're living your life. I can't think of anything else to say about this movie, so I'll just say that it's a brilliant document of one man's journey and how his actions have altered his life. And that's why it's such a fascinating film.

George H. photo
George H.

I have always loved David Lynch's films, but I have never seen him do anything in particular that was truly surreal and unique. My only interest in watching his films is that he's a very unique man in the world of film-making. I'm not surprised to find that he has his own "Kung Fu Panda" and "Dogma" movies. But "David Lynch: In the Realm of the Senses" is the best documentary I've ever seen, and I'm glad to say it's made by the same director, writer and producer. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the director had spent time to research the film, and that his presentation was full of interesting facts about David Lynch. My interest in the movie was the only one, and I had no idea what the film was going to be about. But I was completely blown away. The movie is only about an hour and a half long, but the topic of the film, David Lynch, is very important. The movie is based on David Lynch's original screenplay, and it was very well done, especially considering that it was made on a very low budget. The interviews with the cast and crew are also very interesting. In the beginning, I was surprised to see some old interviews from David Lynch's "TV show." I didn't realize that it was his own "TV show" before the movie. And the movie also has some great pieces of interviews from people from "Mulholland Drive." I was amazed to see that the director had done the same interview with several different people from his TV show. I was impressed by the documentary. The movie was well done, and I highly recommend it.

Alice A. photo
Alice A.

This is not a movie that I would recommend to anyone. I would put it at the bottom of the barrel of all the movies I've seen. It was boring, boring, boring. I was kind of relieved when I walked out of the theater. The message in the movie is so cliche, and the only thing it has going for it is that it makes a point. The message is that you're not really you, you're an external entity, a character. You're not like us, you're different. This is the main thing I take from the movie: that there is a lot more to being a person than being a character. This is the main message, that you can't just be a character and be great at being a character. That being different is valuable and not just the character being different. And that is the message this movie was trying to get across. Even though it's not a movie I'd put on my best list, it was definitely worth watching.

Shirley L. photo
Shirley L.

I recently watched this film after being told it was new and I was glad to see it. This documentary is about the effect and importance of the "Million Dollar Baby" to the world of rock music. This was the birth of rock music. It is a beautiful documentary about the birth of the world of music. It gives a clear insight about the influence the music had on the world and how it affected the lives of the people that heard it. When I first heard the title of the documentary it was actually a bit of a shock. It was a bit of a surprise that there was a documentary about the birth of rock music. After watching it I am quite glad I took the time to watch it and I am so glad I did. This documentary is an awesome look into the birth of the world of music. It shows the people that worked on the album and the influence that the music had on the world. It is a great documentary and you should watch it. It is amazing what a documentary can do.

Danielle photo

This documentary will keep you enthralled, but not for the entertainment. It will keep you up-to-date, on your stories of the extreme we have all experienced. It will make you want to go out and save the planet. I highly recommend this film. The people involved in this film have done such a wonderful job of portraying the reality of the issue, and the reality of the people affected. It was so nice to see, the stories of so many different people, and the images of their lives. It was especially interesting to see how many people can relate to the current issue. The documentary will leave you feeling inspired, and not be discouraged at the end of the film. It will also leave you with a sense of hope, that if we all joined together, we could save the planet. This is a must see documentary for everyone. Go to this film and support it. It will be one of those films, you will remember for a long time, and it will be one of those films that will make you want to support the environment.

Nicholas H. photo
Nicholas H.

I've seen this movie twice already and I am a longtime fan of Tim, but I have to say that this documentary is one of the best I've seen, and is so incredibly powerful, it made me want to write a review. The combination of interviews, narration, and the viewer's own voice is a piece of art. It does a great job of moving you from one point in time to another, and the images are truly incredible. I can't stop thinking about it. Every day.

Jacob photo

I was very disappointed when I first heard about the movie. As I was watching it, I was hooked, and then it started to become clear to me what was really going on, and I didn't know if I should be cheering for the people who were victims or the people who were hurting. I really felt like I was watching a documentary, and it was. The audience, which seemed to be very young, seemed to be incredibly supportive, and it was clear that they wanted the documentary to be good. The director of the film, who I will not reveal, did an amazing job, capturing the emotional and physical struggle that the victims were experiencing. The families of the victims were incredibly brave, and they did an incredible job in documenting their lives. I was really impressed with the actors. I could not imagine anyone else playing the role of the narrator. It was not easy to watch. I was so moved. The director, Jonathan Byers, was brilliant. He captured the pain and anger of the victims, and it really showed in the film. I do not know if he could have pulled it off with any other actor, but he pulled it off. I also felt like the film was a really great tribute to the victims, and to the people who supported them. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did. I highly recommend it.

Carol P. photo
Carol P.

When I first heard about the 2012 documentary, I knew I wanted to see it. My wife saw it and asked me to go see it with her. I decided to go. I was so thankful that I did. This film was very powerful and well done. I can't say enough about this movie. It really made me think about what I do. This is what I would like to say to all the people who are not aware of how much they are working for. They are responsible for the world around them and they should be proud of it. I have loved this film and I will continue to enjoy it. I really do not understand why this movie was not nominated for an Academy Award. I think this film deserves it. You should all go see it. I highly recommend it. I am going to go see it again and again. I am looking forward to the new documentary on the life of Pope John Paul II coming out. I am so very proud of the work that is being done to bring awareness to the fact that our world is on the brink of another Great Depression. I will be waiting for that one. I really do believe that this movie will bring about a worldwide discussion about the truth of what we are doing to ourselves and to the world. Thank you so very much for the work that you are doing and thank you for watching this film. I will see it again.

Karen photo

A good documentary, I enjoyed it and even though I am a fan of the subject of serial killer John Wayne Gacy I felt it was a very well put together film that didn't have an ounce of inaccuracies. John Wayne Gacy was not only a serial killer but a master of psychological torture. He could get people to tell the truth about the things he did to them and even later on he could get them to say that it was the truth. This was an important topic to the people of the United States and the world in general but I felt that the documentary did a very good job of showing the truth about Gacy, a real man who is not usually the subject of a documentary. The way the film was put together and the way it went from one interview to another was great. I am not a fan of documentaries because they don't have the right amount of facts in them but I thought that this film was excellent. The movie was very well put together and it did an excellent job at getting the information into the viewer's head and I felt that if they had showed more of his childhood it would have added some value to the story. It was very well put together and I give it an 8 out of 10. For the record, John Wayne Gacy was sentenced to 27 years in prison but he is still living today.

Catherine Henderson photo
Catherine Henderson

Kathleen Parker is a legend of many kinds, and I wish she could be a better filmmaker. Her films are deeply meaningful. Her documentaries, such as "The Devil's Candy", "The Year of Living Dangerously" and "The Buried Giant", are important and moving. "Dark Water" is a beautiful, powerful and inspiring documentary that deserves much more attention. The film is about the way water works as a life force. It deals with the power of the human spirit. When we think of water, we think of the sea, but what is there isn't something quite as deep as the sea. The same goes for the water that is taking away our children's lives. When we look at the water, we don't see the sea, we see the water. Water is what holds our life force in place, and in the moment we cannot stop it. This is a powerful film, that deals with the subject matter with a great deal of emotion. And I must say, it is beautifully filmed. It's a difficult subject matter to make a film about, and I'm happy that it's taken on with such honesty. It's about water, but it's also about the power of the human spirit, the power of human memory, and the power of our children. As the film was going to be a year, I thought it would be a difficult task to do this film, but I was not prepared for the complexity of this film. It is a remarkable film that has something for everyone, and for me, I would recommend it to anyone.

Bobby W. photo
Bobby W.

I was not sure how to feel about this documentary, as I didn't think it would be a film about Bob and Janis and their trial. I have a great respect for Bob and Janis as musical legends and I am very surprised that this documentary was not produced about the trial. It is shocking to see how hard they had to work to survive in this business. I think the most honest, honest and heart-felt parts of the documentary was when they were talking about the various ways they tried to support themselves. There were the good times they had together as a family, and the difficulties they had with their personal relationships. The documentary covers a wide range of subjects from their trial through the success of their music, and the ups and downs of the publishing deal. It is a very entertaining documentary and I am glad I watched it.

Andrew S. photo
Andrew S.

I was a teenager and not very interested in music but I loved the story. And, it made me appreciate the art form in a new way. I am glad that this film is on Netflix and it is on my must watch list. I recommend it to all people who are interested in art or music. I was really moved by this film and I would recommend it to anyone.