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Armstrong is a movie starring Harrison Ford, Neil Armstrong, and Mark Armstrong. Dramatic, moving and deeply human, ARMSTRONG offers the definitive life story of Neil Armstrong: from his childhood in Ohio to his first steps on the...

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David Fairhead
Mark Armstrong
Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Mark Armstrong, Harrison Ford
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Dramatic, moving and deeply human, ARMSTRONG offers the definitive life story of Neil Armstrong: from his childhood in Ohio to his first steps on the Moon, and beyond.

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Jeremy Weber photo
Jeremy Weber

I'm not a fan of sports documentaries. I found them to be boring and mostly unoriginal. However, this documentary is different. It is more than just a documentary. It is a story of how a young man (like myself) came to be the man he is today. The documentary shows a young man's journey from his childhood through his early twenties to his late twenties and beyond. It is well worth watching, and it is a true story. The subject matter is a little disturbing and the subject of the story is a little disturbing, but the story itself is powerful and well worth telling. I strongly recommend this documentary.

Lauren photo

This is a very interesting film. I feel it is very accurate and accurate enough to be very informative. I agree that it was not easy to get a hold of this documentary. I have to say I have been doing some research on this movie and found that there is very little information about the actual events. I read that the film was shot on location in LA and that it was filmed at the same time as the L.A. riots and that they were filmed in a few days. I also read that the LAPD is the second largest police force in the country and that they use a lot of violence and their weapons are mostly assault rifles and pistols. I would have to say that the film is very accurate and not too much biased. I do feel that it is very important to have an objective view of events. I do believe that there were some very violent riots in LA, but there were also some very peaceful protests that were not completely destroyed. The main reason for the riots is the LAPD's long history of discrimination against minorities. The movie has some very interesting things that you will learn about the police, but there are also some things that are not important and could be ignored. I also read that the riots happened because of a poor economy. I believe that this was a very important reason for the riots and that the LAPD had a very poor economy and they needed to improve their economy. The riots occurred during a time of economic depression in LA and the riots were a way to get the people to show their anger. I believe that the riots were not completely destructive, but they were destructive in that they caused the people to be angry. I would recommend that everyone watch this movie because it is very informative. I would also recommend that everyone watch the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" which I also read about the riots.

Kathryn P. photo
Kathryn P.

I first heard about this documentary while watching a documentary about a B-movie actor. I had to look it up to get more information on it. Then I read that this documentary was not intended for a specific audience, and it was made to appeal to the public. I didn't want to see this documentary because I knew that it would be good, and I'm glad I finally got to see it. This documentary was great. It was extremely well put together, but also very informative. I would highly recommend it. This is a documentary that should be in everyone's collection. I gave it a 10/10. I hope this film is available on DVD so that everyone can see it. This is a must see documentary for everyone. I would give this documentary a 9.5/10.

Kelly S. photo
Kelly S.

I don't know what people are expecting from this documentary, but it is very different than what they are expecting. It is very inspirational and it tells you that no matter what your circumstances are, you can always do something with your life and you can do it with the right people. The film also tells you that everyone has their own purpose and that we don't have to go through the struggles of trying to get by in life, as we all know that sometimes you have to just get up and do something. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has ever thought about how to live their life and how to make it happen. I would also recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know about what it's like to have a good life, and what it's like to be happy and live life to the fullest.

Ethan S. photo
Ethan S.

It is a well-made documentary. It shows the true picture of the people who knew the real story of the race. It is not just a bunch of people, but a story of human beings, and how each one of them took action and thought in the face of a crisis. The director used a lot of editing. He did it to show the dynamics of the story. This is something that documentary makers have to be able to do. He used a lot of new technology that the documentary industry has used to show the world that something is happening. We have some great examples of this. For example, he used the old camera with the lens attached. It shows us that the people of the movie are very active. He used a lot of new technology to show us that the actors are really important. He showed us that they can be involved in the stories. The whole time, he had to put in the faces of the people. It was the hardest part of the movie. He was trying to show us the people who were there, and their relationships. It was difficult to show them with the camera. This is something that makes documentaries interesting. I think this is something that all documentary makers should know. A documentary that is able to do this will be better. This is a good documentary.

Mark R. photo
Mark R.

What a brilliant movie. If you have a problem with that, you are in for a very interesting and thought-provoking movie. I really hope to see a sequel. A truly spectacular movie. I think it is the most underrated movie of all time. The cast and crew are so talented and so inspiring. I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to watch this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. My sincere congratulations.

Steven Morales photo
Steven Morales

I will try to be brief. This documentary tells the story of one of the greatest human beings who ever lived. It is one of the most memorable movies ever made, and it's been the basis for a million film and TV episodes. It is the story of one man who overcame every obstacle and made a difference. This is a must see documentary. Even if you are not a sports fan, it is an amazing documentary that will have you thinking about the life of the greatest man ever, who will live on forever. He is still alive, and he still does amazing things. He is still one of the greatest. This documentary is so well done, it will have you feeling better after you watch it. It is an amazing story, and it is one of the best documentaries ever made. I have no idea why it is not on the top 250. I think it should be. It is so well done and it is amazing. It is well worth watching.

Peter photo

I remember watching this film when it was on TV in my early 20s and being completely taken in by it. I think I was even a bit jealous of the 'hero' in the film, having seen him on TV and loved the way he looked and spoke. I thought I had to watch it again when it came on TV again recently and was stunned at how much I had changed. I still love the film and have watched it a few times, but it is a bit too long for me now. I don't really think I could watch it again and find out everything that was going on, and in a way I think it is a bit like going back and watching a film a second time, but it does make you feel a bit guilty that you have missed out on something. But I still love it and think that the film deserves more than a 5.5, I think it deserves a 9/10.

Douglas photo

This film is so well done. I am not going to comment on the details of the fight, because there are plenty of other people who can do that. What I want to comment on is the impact of the story. The film focuses on what happened after the fight, and how it affected the lives of all involved. It is almost as if the camera is focused on one thing and a story is told through it. The story is so powerful that it is easy to overlook the fact that there are a lot of people in the world who are not able to experience this kind of thing. This is a great film and it should be made more widely available.

Heather Murray photo
Heather Murray

I think this is a great film. I have been a motorcyclist for years, and I had a very hard time seeing how the accident happened. I found it very interesting and thought that this film should be seen. The main story is about a motorcycle accident, but it is not the only story. There are a lot of stories about other people that died in accidents. I think this is very interesting. I would recommend this film to anyone who has never ridden a motorcycle. I think it is very interesting and thought-provoking.

Jacob A. photo
Jacob A.

This is a powerful documentary that puts us in the shoes of the men who were forced into the sport. They tell their story, their pain, their joy, and their courage. It is very moving. There are some disturbing scenes, and some scenes that are very disturbing. I recommend this movie to everyone who wants to understand what the men who played football in the 1930's were like.

Cheryl H. photo
Cheryl H.

When I first heard about this movie, I was skeptical about the fact that it was about a life story and not about sports. However, I did not expect it to be so well done and I think the director and producer did an amazing job. I think it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The best part of the movie is that it goes beyond sports. It talks about how the World War II veterans were treated. The movie shows how these veterans suffered from PTSD. They were denied health care and eventually died. It also shows how the military treated these veterans. The movie is a must see. The subjects it talks about are not just sports. They are all subjects that are important to understand. The movie was great. I would recommend it to anyone.

Laura Cunningham photo
Laura Cunningham

This film is a must see. It takes an extremely important and difficult issue, the cost of military operations, and takes us into the lives of people who are directly affected by it. This is not a film for the squeamish or the faint of heart. It is not a film for the faint of heart. It is a film for all of us who are concerned about our military's use of force, and the cost of war. I can not think of a single movie that does more for us as a society than this one does. There are no scenes that are not well done. If you are not moved, I am not sure what to tell you. But if you are moved, I guarantee that you will see this film.

Jacob M. photo
Jacob M.

I was pleasantly surprised with the documentary on the subject of his Vietnam War. This movie is an honest and accurate portrayal of the events surrounding his war. The story is told in a way that is interesting and enlightening. There is no easy answers or sensationalized footage. The filmmakers present the entire story in a non-biased way. This is a must see for anyone who wants to know more about the war in Vietnam.

Dennis Williamson photo
Dennis Williamson

I had been considering watching this film for some time but I was hesitant to do so because I am not a fan of Armstrong and I do not think the film did a very good job of showing the athlete's life. But after watching it I feel that it was an excellent documentary about the subject matter. I thought the film was very well done, very detailed and extremely well researched. I really think that if someone could do a documentary on Armstrong's life, the only person who would have done it better than Armstrong would have been Michael Moore. I am really glad that I had the opportunity to watch this documentary. It definitely opened my eyes to what I had been told about Armstrong's life and it also made me understand the things that I had never heard of about Armstrong. The documentary is very well done and very informative. The only criticism I have about the documentary is that it does not really focus on Armstrong's life from the time he was first told about his performance until the time he retired. I felt that the film did not really focus on Armstrong at all and I think that it would have been a great film to show him through his entire career and the effect that his work had on the people around him. I think that the film would have been better if they focused more on his career than the life of his wife. I also felt that the film was a little bit too long. I think that they could have made it a little shorter. Overall, I think that the film was an excellent documentary that I would recommend to everyone. I do not think that it is very informative and it is definitely not a documentary that I would want to watch twice but I would still recommend it to anyone.

Emma A. photo
Emma A.

In a sense, this is a documentary about how people live. They watch it and think about it. Some of the scenes are quite funny and there is a good amount of documentary footage. It is entertaining. I would give it a 9 or 10. It is not really a documentary but a very well-made documentary.

Austin G. photo
Austin G.

I was lucky enough to attend the first screening of this documentary. It was so well done, I felt like I was a part of the film. The film is very well done and I was not bored throughout. The director, Sean C. O'Connell, did a fantastic job of capturing the importance of this event in history. The viewer is not only given a glimpse into the personal lives of the people involved, but the larger picture of what happened. It was great to see the historical footage of the aftermath of the crash. It was also great to see what the crew of the doomed plane had to say about their experiences. I was also very interested in the interview with the pilot. He was very well-spoken and engaging. It was very interesting to hear his thoughts and feelings about the disaster. He was able to show the viewer the story of how the plane crashed and how the events of that day affected his family. He also spoke about the recovery and what he had to go through. The only thing I did not like about this documentary was the ending. I felt like the director had to end the film before the viewer was able to fully understand what he was trying to get across. I think he did a good job of getting the point across and I was able to connect with the characters and the events of the day. I think this documentary would have been much more powerful had it ended right after the crash. Overall, I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in the history of the Challenger. It was a very well-done documentary that is well worth the watch. I would rate this documentary 8/10.

Joe R. photo
Joe R.

You might think that the reason why I like this film is because I love the subject matter. I'm not one of those people who would have put it in the same category as 'Animal Farm', 'Das Boot', or 'Braveheart'. I'm a big fan of films that are historically accurate and that are a good look into the lives of those in power. I also like films that show people who are oppressed. In my opinion, this film is a perfect example of that. It shows how far-reaching and how much of a burden people are willing to go to for their own personal gains. I would be lying if I said that I hadn't heard of this film, but I never really thought about it until I watched it. I have a pretty deep appreciation for history and I was just so fascinated by the fact that it was based on actual events. It's not only about the horrors of the Holocaust, but it's also about how these things happened, and how it affected people's lives. I have never seen a film that dealt with this subject matter that was this true to life. It's not just about the atrocities of the Nazis, but also about the lives of those who were affected by them. I thought that the film was really well done, but I still think that it was a bit slow in parts. It was not at all boring, but there were parts that were a little bit too long. I think that it was worth watching, but it wasn't anything that I would recommend to anyone. I just think that it was a little too long. I think that the fact that it is based on real events makes it even more powerful. It really makes you think about the things that you have heard about. I think that this film is a really good representation of the subject matter that I like. I definitely recommend that you watch it. It's a really good look into the lives of people who were victims of the Holocaust.

Paul photo

I've been a fan of T. Rex since I was a kid. I'm a huge fan of T. Rex's music. When I saw this documentary I had never heard of the man, and it was very interesting to see the different things he was known for, and then to learn about his life. I'm glad I saw it, and I would love to see it again. I think he was a great musician, and I think he was a great person. I hope he is able to make it to the end of his life, and to get the recognition he deserves. This is a great documentary, and I hope more people will see it.

Evelyn photo

I watched this documentary for the first time yesterday evening and I can't believe I have never heard about it before. This film has everything a documentary should have and more. I've always thought that if I was to be the next 'Alaska, The Land of the Free', I would be better off with a camera and a microphone. This documentary has it all, the latest and the best of modern documentary film-making. The stories of the different groups of people who were involved in the creation of this film are inspiring and well-researched. I was not aware that there were so many groups involved in this film, which I think is very rare. This documentary is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the true meaning of freedom and what it really means to be free.

Paul Wright photo
Paul Wright

I think this documentary was very good. It gives a lot of insight into how the business of the UFC was. It gives you an idea of the competition, the people involved, and the obstacles they had to overcome. I thought the way it was filmed was very interesting, and it was interesting to hear the stories of the people who worked for the UFC. I think it was a great documentary. I recommend it to anyone who has a love for the UFC, and a desire to learn more about it.

Judith photo

There are two types of people in the world: those who like to watch documentaries, and those who don't. The former will be attracted by the documentary aspect, and the latter will find it boring and disorganized. This documentary is about the life of the legendary space pilot, Buzz Aldrin, and the effects of his personality, as well as his medical issues. The documentary is well-made, and the film is well-edited. However, the story is too complex to make it easy to follow. The film also includes a lot of interviews, which are pretty pointless. The most interesting part of the documentary is the discussion between Buzz and his wife, who was his closest friend. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who likes to see a good documentary, but is too lazy to follow the whole thing.

Charles photo

I had the pleasure of attending a special screening of this documentary in the U.S. in October 2007, and found it to be an amazing and inspiring documentary. Although the content of the documentary is not particularly political in nature, the incredible amount of people who attended the screening indicated that the documentary was very close to their hearts. There were many comments from the audience, as well as a lot of positive comments from other people who had attended the screening. This documentary is definitely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It will definitely change the way that you think about the human condition. I believe that it is one of the most important documentaries ever made. If you don't believe me, you can watch the documentary yourself. I can't recommend this documentary highly enough. I can only hope that more people will see it. This documentary will definitely not disappoint anyone who is interested in this subject.

Kimberly Brown photo
Kimberly Brown

As someone who has always been interested in the history of the Apollo program, I was pleased to see this documentary on this site. While it is not an accurate portrayal of what happened on the moon, it is still an interesting look at the whole story. I especially liked the way they portrayed the Apollo 13 mission, which ended with a fire in the lunar module, the crew getting out safely, and the first lunar landings. In addition, it showed the difficulty that the astronauts had in communicating with the ground, with the NASA Administrator saying that "there is a tremendous amount of communication on the moon." I thought that the documentary also showed the joy that the astronauts felt after their first moon walk, and the fact that they had found their first safe landing. The documentary also showed the difficulties that the astronauts had with NASA and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which was at the time the leader in the space program. I thought that the documentary was informative, and it was well done. The only criticism I had with the documentary was the length, which was only an hour and a half. This documentary is very well done and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the Apollo program.

Eric F. photo
Eric F.

I was not expecting much from this documentary. I wanted to see a pretty man who just walked away from his record breaking 15th Tour de France. I was pleasantly surprised. His life was more than he had ever known. He was a wonderful man who was able to achieve his dreams and the lives of many others. The documentary does a great job of showing the various ways in which he was able to accomplish these goals. The way he managed to meet these goals and maintain his physical condition is a testament to his amazing spirit. I was so happy to learn that he had a little girl with him at all times and that he was able to share this special moment with her. This documentary is a must see for all cyclists. I am still amazed at the accomplishments of this man and how he was able to accomplish his goals. This documentary is an excellent example of the power of love and dedication to accomplishing your dreams. I hope that this documentary inspires all of us to live a life of love and respect for others.

Diana L. photo
Diana L.

The first part of the film is a straightforward overview of the various roles and personalities in the group, and the story of the train wreck. However, it is the second half of the film that really takes the film to a new level. The second half is a fascinating study of the inner workings of the group, and how they interacted and what went wrong. I will not give away the ending of the film, but I will say that it is a fascinating look at the group, and the situation at the time. It is an excellent film, that I highly recommend to anyone interested in the history of the group, or the history of the sport of bicycle racing. The film is worth watching, but you should be prepared to be somewhat critical of the film. It is a very well made film, but you should expect that.