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Anything is a movie starring John Carroll Lynch, Matt Bomer, and Maura Tierney. This is a story about the infinite possibility of love.

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1 hours 34 minutes
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Drama, Romance
Timothy McNeil
Timothy McNeil
Maura Tierney, John Carroll Lynch, Margot Bingham, Matt Bomer
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After attempting suicide following his wife's death, a Mississippi insurance agent moves in with his sister in Los Angeles, then into an apartment building filled with a group of interesting Hollywood people - nothing he has ever been used to, but perhaps he fits in well.

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Walter photo

This is not a bad film, but it's not great. It's a little bit boring at times and the end is a bit of a letdown. The actors do a decent job, but it's not exactly "amazing" or anything. I can't really recommend this film. If you like crime dramas and mystery films, then this is probably for you.

Randy W. photo
Randy W.

This film really could have been an epic. But it isn't. It is a quiet story that moves forward, it builds, and it builds some more. It also has a heart. The film is wonderful, but not perfect. It has some great moments, but the film drags at times. There is too much dialog for me to enjoy the film completely. That's why I give it a 7. I really would recommend it, but only as a film for people who want to see a great story, or a great love story. And if you are one of those, this film will be a wonderful experience.

William Martin photo
William Martin

If you like this movie you'll probably like this one too. If you don't you probably won't. The main reason I decided to watch this movie was because I have a friend who is very religious and this movie had the same theme as that. However, as the movie went on it did become somewhat funny to me. I did like the fact that the main character was basically just trying to fit in and he did a good job of it. All in all it was a good movie, but it doesn't have a lot of depth and its more of a girl's movie than anything. I also felt that the ending was kind of disappointing. Overall I found the movie good, but nothing great. I give it a B.

Randy photo

Eugene Levy's "The Full Monty" is a rather bleak and depressing movie about a young man who's life is turned upside down after a series of "events". To be perfectly honest, the movie didn't make a whole lot of sense. When I first saw it I thought it was going to be a documentary about life and death but I was wrong. In fact, it was more of a documentary about a man's inner struggles. The story begins with a young boy who's on the verge of being killed by a bully. He eventually flees the scene but the bullies follow him everywhere. One day, he meets an old man who says he's been in a house fire. The boy recognizes him and asks him how the boy is doing and the man tells him that he's fine. The boy takes him to his parents and they quickly decide to split up and travel by train to their home in a small village. They meet up with a group of young people who have been victims of a drug-fueled war. They go to a bar and they discover that the owner is an old man who tells them the story of how he ended up there and how he can help them. One of the young people asks him if he knows of any more stories like this and he tells him about his own story. They decide to go back to the bar to buy drugs and he ends up buying more than he bargained for. He starts to feel like he's going crazy and the girl in the bar helps him calm down. The people of the bar bring him to a hospital where he meets the young man's mother and they decide to go back to the bar. The old man's family members don't want to see him so he finds a way to bring them there. The story is very interesting and shows the full range of the human condition. There are several real life characters that play important roles in the story and they play them convincingly. It's very good but the movie just didn't make much sense. You have to be on the edge of your seat because it's a very sad movie and it really is too much to take. If you are a person who is looking for a good, uplifting movie this is not it.

Emily photo

I have read all the negative comments about this film and I really do not understand how some people are being so mean and self-centered. First of all, you are not the only one with a similar dream. Second, it is very very hard to get through this movie and be totally immersed in it. It is a very difficult movie to take it all in and totally understand it. I did so and was completely absorbed in the story, characters and world of this film. I did not feel like I had wasted my time, my money or my time. It was a very beautiful movie. I also recommend to read the book, it is also a very beautiful book. It is also very hard to make a movie out of a book, it is very hard. I would give this movie a 8. I would give it a 9 if I could, but it deserves a 7. I hope you understand what I am saying and that you go and see this movie if you haven't already. I do not think that it is for everyone, but it is for me. I really appreciate the way that you did it.

Judy P. photo
Judy P.

A somewhat slow, but entertaining little film, directed by James A. Gorman. I have always had a great deal of respect for James Gorman as a director, and I am surprised he did not direct another film more suited to his talent. He has directed many interesting and entertaining films, including "Thirteen Days" (1982), "The Damned" (1983), and "The Big Money" (1983). This is one of his best films, though, and is a very good film, especially with the direction of A.M. Orridge. I particularly liked the fact that the director had to keep his film in the 80's and try to keep it a little original. I thought this film was a little slow, but it is a good film that does not deserve to be completely ignored. The performances are good, but the direction is not the best, and it is a bit difficult to sit through this film. However, the film is a good film to watch, and one of Gorman's better films.

Alice photo

This film has a lot going for it. The acting is quite good, and the acting in general is a lot of fun. The direction is generally very good. But as far as the film goes, it's just not that good. The story is interesting, the characters are likable, and the plot moves along well, but not as well as it could have. The story takes place in a small city, and it's interesting to see the different cultures and customs of the different people. I do enjoy that part of the movie. However, this is not a good film. It's good, but it's not great. It's a good movie. But not great.

Roger Baker photo
Roger Baker

This movie is one of those movies that are entertaining and make you think. I have to admit that I'm not a great fan of romances but this is a good movie to watch with your partner. The performances by the leads are great, with perfect chemistry and there's also a great supporting cast. If you like romance, and want to see a movie that makes you think, then this is the movie for you.

Raymond photo

This movie is about a struggling painter who works in the art gallery and finds inspiration in the house of a woman he believes is his muse. I found it difficult to like this movie. It has a lot of talk about money, money, money, money, and more talk about money. The only thing I liked about this movie was the man, and his mother. I like the way the film keeps showing her as a child, as a child. In the end, the only thing I liked about this movie was the ending. It was good.

Alexander Santos photo
Alexander Santos

I watched this movie for the first time last night. I'm not a big fan of romance movies. But I found the movie very good. I must admit I had to rewind the movie once to re-watch it. I was mesmerized by the ending. I did not understand what was going on. But I did not think it was necessary to explain it. It was just that it was an outstanding ending. I have seen many movies. And many of them have a happy ending. But this movie did not. There was no happy ending. It was not a happy movie. There were only scenes that showed the darkness of the relationship. The scene where she went out of the room, her going to the window, her crying on the bed, her feeling like the door was closed, her being upset in the car. There were also scenes that showed the struggle of her and the doctor. And the scene where she was lying on the couch. The movie showed the struggle and the struggle. It did not show the happy ending. But it was good.

Gloria Perez photo
Gloria Perez

This is a movie that I had not heard of until today. I was intrigued by it but did not know what to expect. After seeing it, I can say that it is definitely worth watching. It is definitely a tale about finding happiness, but the relationship between the two main characters, Joyce and Warren, is very touching and heartfelt. I have not read the book, but I am certain that this film has been improved on from the book. Although the ending of the film does not exactly have the same ending, the ending itself is still touching and sad. I can't wait to see it again.

Sean photo

We meet the 'Clown Prince' in New York City, where he is being used as a public toilet for a media campaign. He's a clown. A horrible one. He has no soul. He's a pantomime villain with a mask on his face. Then we meet him in the factory where he lives with his 'brother' and 'mother'. There's some jokes about whether or not they make it in the big city, and about what type of role model they are. One of them does a good job in the role of the 'Mother' but the other is obviously a little bit too young and too heavy to be considered the role model. There's a twist of fate that happens when the 'Clown Prince' is hired by the New York Mayor to be the spokesman for a possible anti-smoking campaign. The King of Pop does a nice job in that role. The 'Clown Prince' is even better in his part. It's a parody of 'the Clown Prince of Music', one of my favorite movies. And as a joke about children, it's pretty good. But the movie is rather long and I could never understand what it was all about. It's definitely not a great movie. I did like it, but I don't think it's a great movie. But I did like it.

Amber L. photo
Amber L.

I've never been a great fan of "Twin Peaks" (other than the first, which I've seen on TV before the series went off the air), but I thought it was a pretty good film for a guilty pleasure. The film has a distinct, well-rounded feel to it, and a fascinating story-telling element (the scene where the Lynch-controlled motel meets a mysterious girl at the bus stop). Some of the performances are a bit lacking, but most are pretty good, and the characters are likable and believable. This movie is not for everyone, and it's not a great movie. It's not worth paying to see, but it's worth checking out. * out of *

Paul Johnston photo
Paul Johnston

The problem with looking at an award-winning film like "Brokeback Mountain" and saying, "Oh, that was great," is that, because you know that you've seen this type of film before, you can't really enjoy the film. "Brokeback Mountain" has a great message, but it's like everything in the film was designed to bring a level of emotional energy to the viewer that is just out of this world. The film is a typical family drama with a complex message of acceptance and understanding. It also has a great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal and a great performance by Heath Ledger as the cowboy. The dialogue is great, the story is simple, and the film is also one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. If you are a fan of either of these two actors, I highly recommend that you see "Brokeback Mountain."

Dennis photo

The story revolves around a very young man, Simon (played by Gerard Butler), who is struggling with his sexuality and has had a very traumatic childhood. The story is told through the eyes of Simon's sister, Lola (played by Rachel Weisz), who is at a young age about to have a baby. I thought that this movie was very well done. I think that it is a great movie that shows a very real story of a young man struggling with his sexuality. I liked the fact that the main character was very open about his sexual orientation and I liked the fact that there was no glamour. I also think that the movie was really well acted and I thought that it was a very realistic movie.

Rose photo

Michael Stuhlbarg is a young, quiet lawyer in a big New York firm, working in the same office as the boss (Alan Arkin). Stuhlbarg is a likable guy who has a steady girlfriend, Claire, who is worried about his judgment, but who is also coming to terms with her own fertility problems. One day, Stuhlbarg gets a call from an older colleague, and the two talk about the child she had with a man, who was not his father, and Stuhlbarg is shocked to hear that the man was the father. He is determined to prove that the child was not his, but he also wonders if he really does have a brother. The story unfolds in a steady pace and creates a realistic atmosphere that is made more realistic by the fact that both characters are not unlikeable. This film is a favorite of mine, and I give it an 8/10. I think that this is a great film that is worth watching.

Gary photo

The problem with most Asian films is that they are either too long or too short. If you go into this movie expecting a picture of life in Korea, you will be disappointed. I think this movie will be remembered for two things: 1) It's easy to watch. 2) It shows that Koreans can do better than other Asian countries. "Summer of Sam" is a great example of this. It has a lot of scenes that are interesting but you still have to look at the time to figure out what they are for. I'm not sure if I would recommend this film to a friend. If I was you, I would watch it and see how much I like it, but then I would also ask myself why I didn't like it. I'm not sure what the point of it is. It's an interesting story, I guess, but it's also a little too long. If I was you, I would like to see it again. I don't really know what the point of it is. It's a nice movie, but it's not really a movie.

Ruth photo

You can't judge this film on its many flaws, since it's really all about its many strengths. Before I saw this film I was not expecting much from it. I was at a point in my life where I was feeling tired of all the dull boring crap I was being fed by the Hollywood movie machine. But I just couldn't leave the theater without seeing it, and I loved it. I loved how it captured a nostalgic feeling of the 80's with a fresh new touch. The music is perfect, and that's the main thing that makes this film so enjoyable to watch. It's the music that will stand the test of time. The casting is perfect for this movie. Every single actor in the film is great. I am not a fan of the romantic genre. But this movie is so great because of its performances. I will never forget that special performance by Jeremy Piven. He makes you feel so sad that he has to leave his wife and kids to be a millionaire because he feels that the world is ending. I love how he is so sad when he walks away from his beautiful home. I also love how he says goodbye to his beautiful wife and kids in the end. I could not find anything wrong with this film. The story is very intriguing, the acting is great, the music is perfect, and it's got something special for everyone. I could watch this film over and over again. I love this movie. It's not a perfect film, but it is perfect for me. I am not the kind of person who gets carried away when a movie is good or bad, but this is one of those movies that I am willing to watch over and over again. I will be a very happy man when I find a movie that is perfect for me. This is one of those films that will definitely win an award. It will win at least one Academy Award, if not more. I was blown away by this movie, and I will never be able to forget it.

Donna Gonzalez photo
Donna Gonzalez

Pixote was a cute little child, but he's a burden on his mom (Rachel Weisz). She thinks she has made her husband happy, but he's just left his own life for her. This movie, "Diary of a Teenage Girl", tells the story of a young adult in her late teens trying to make sense of life and dealing with life's decisions. The viewer is thrown into a world that looks like someone's "Diary", but it is more of a slice-of-life look at life in this small town, Arkansas. The characters are interesting and the stories are interesting. But I was bored. The kids in this film are boring. Some scenes are too loud and way too loud. The actors in this movie are good. The movie gets a little slow at times. And, the ending is a little predictable.

Harry S. photo
Harry S.

Went to see this film expecting a weak plot. When the movie started I could already tell the direction was going to be "blah blah blah". The first act had all the elements to make a great movie. First it was a journey with all the characters. The second act was pretty good but the third act was pretty crap. The third act had a strong feeling of ending. The second act was fun and the third act was strong but that third act could have been so much better. The thing that bothered me the most was the ending. The whole movie was quite beautiful and the ending was beautiful. But the ending was weak. The ending is like the film was still having a good feeling and then it just got boring. It doesn't get better. There was a big chase scene and then the action ended and it felt like the last scene of a movie. That's a bit confusing and boring. Overall, this film is a waste of time and money.

Helen photo

An amusing indie film about a marriage coming apart after the arrival of a group of young women. The story is rather interesting and it's pretty funny, but it's definitely not for everyone. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Pamela J. photo
Pamela J.

I didn't know much about this film before seeing it. I thought that it would be a cliche movie, a cute girl meets a famous man, they fall in love and live happily ever after. The movie ended the way it began: it is a love story. I think the movie was very well made and it showed a very interesting aspect of the human condition, of how it is difficult to find true love and the many pitfalls of relationships. I was totally absorbed in the movie, it really moved me and made me think. I didn't have any expectations and I didn't really know what to expect, but this film managed to surprise me. If you don't expect too much of a romantic comedy, I think you will really enjoy this movie. I enjoyed it very much and I think you will too.

Jennifer N. photo
Jennifer N.

For anyone who's interested in romantic comedies, there are plenty of great ones. There are some really great ones that are also made by the same director, one of the best ones being "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes." However, this one is a bit of a letdown. It's a good movie, but it's not one of the great ones. There are a couple of really good scenes in it, but the whole movie just feels a little dull. The story is interesting, but it's just not that engaging. I really think that if they could have brought a lot more of the movie to life, it would have been a lot better. The acting is good, but the story just isn't all that engaging. It's not one of the great romantic comedies, but it's definitely a good one.

Randy Ruiz photo
Randy Ruiz

No doubt the movie has its ups and downs, but it is very well done, and overall very well done. The story is about a married couple who had the chance to get divorced but decide to stay together. They soon realize that they have become "favorites" with their respective families. They try to cover their mistake but it doesn't happen that easily. The real turning point is when their daughter who had been suffering from the same problems, finds out that her mother is still with her. This is a very well-written movie and the cinematography is very good. This movie should be given the Oscar for best foreign movie and it should be given the Best Picture Oscar for the last Oscar. However, the movie does have a flaw. The first part is really slow and the second half is a bit of a drag. There is also an ending that was a bit weird. So, I rate it a 7 out of 10.

Aaron S. photo
Aaron S.

In a word, excellent. This is the kind of movie that makes you think, feels good, and encourages you to give it a chance. My friend and I are both fans of Ryan Gosling, and he was brilliant. We both enjoyed the story, the acting, and the direction. If you enjoy thrillers, or like real-life characters that you can empathize with, then you will like this film. I thought the acting was realistic, the story was engaging, and the cinematography was breathtaking. I was quite surprised to see it was made for only $30,000. The film is about three friends, played by Ryan Gosling, Joe Roth, and Jeremy Renner. They decide to spend their summer together at the beach in Southern California. The problem is, as a group, they have no clue what they are in for. It's a good thing the directors, and producers, are in it for the money. They set out to make an artistic film, and do it with style and style alone. The story is so interesting, and the characters are so interesting, you are drawn into their world. When you watch the film, you are left with questions. Is it the ending that you want? Is it the beginning? What was the point? Is it a commentary on the real life situations, or just a film with great actors and a fantastic story? And to conclude, the ending is one of the most surprising and thrilling endings I have ever seen, in a long time. In my opinion, I would rate this film a 9.5/10.