Steam Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project is a movie starring Michael Metelits and Marion Stokes. For over 30 years, Marion Stokes obsessively and privately recorded American television news 24 hours a day filling 70,000 VHS tapes,...

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The Marion Stokes Project
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Matt Wolf
Michael Metelits, Marion Stokes
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For over 30 years, Marion Stokes obsessively and privately recorded American television news 24 hours a day filling 70,000 VHS tapes, capturing wars, talk shows and commercials that show us how television shaped the world of today.

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Tiffany A. photo
Tiffany A.

I saw this film at the 2007 Palm Springs International Film Festival. It was a great movie. While watching the film I found myself thinking about the people that were in it, the differences in how each generation had to deal with the situation, and the emotions that we all felt as we watched this film. I was glad that I had this opportunity to see this film. I hope that it was shown to others. I really enjoyed seeing this film. I can recommend it to anyone.

Theresa E. photo
Theresa E.

This is a VERY good documentary! Absolutely fascinating to watch how someone with a lot of potential is falling short of their dreams in life. It also illustrates the impact of our memories. We can get lost in the past and forget things we might have otherwise remembered. This is a very important film for anyone who cares about change.

Daniel photo

I can't believe how much I enjoyed this movie. I had an absolute blast. The documentary is fascinating and you get to hear firsthand about the lives of people affected by this tragic accident. It also tells the story of the organization that started the effort to bring the real story to light. I believe this story needs to be told.

Jesse D. photo
Jesse D.

I had the chance to attend a Q&A with Philip Bensinger on the Blu Ray of the film, and it was great to see him speak about the impact of the Making of the film and the release of the Directors Cut, which is now available on DVD and the director commentary. We also discussed the "Shock and Awe" moment in the movie, which is a sequence in which the mob gets upset with a mugging of their own, and that scene is very funny and emotional. The editing in this scene is genius, and it just shows how much care and attention has gone into the making of the film. The music is also very strong and important, and can be heard in the movie and is an important element in the film itself. Overall, this is an extremely good documentary and I recommend it to anyone interested in the making of a movie.

Patrick Riley photo
Patrick Riley

Marion Stokes (the lead singer of 'America') and others from her era were also interviewed in the film. Most of the movie is filmed in front of a green screen. I don't understand why they did it, but that's okay. The movie is entertaining and interesting. The soundtrack is quite good, too. As far as I know, it's the only documentary film of the era. It's also a good reminder of why we had to leave our own country for a while in order to live in another. "There was no real music. We were all trying to live as far as possible from the American music. When we finally got back, we started to live with the music. It was a struggle to find our own music. It was a struggle for the best music in the world. I had a lot of fun being in the movie, because I was the only one who had to be there."

Jennifer L. photo
Jennifer L.

This is a look at the life of Marion Stokes, a woman who has been an important figure in the history of women's rights. Her story was told in a very compelling and unique way. In the documentary, she talks about how she was arrested and sentenced for a crime that she didn't commit. The reason was that she was pregnant with her first child and the police were very reluctant to release her. So she was sent to a mental hospital. Her arrest and sentence is the subject of this documentary. She goes through a lot of emotional things, especially when she went back to her family to see her mother. But she also talks about how she was able to help the children of the people in the mental hospital and how she used that knowledge to help them. This was a very interesting documentary about a woman who went through a lot and was also able to help many people. The documentary is very moving and interesting and you will be glad that you saw it. You will definitely find something to like about this movie.

Jacob photo

In what should be the last segment of the movie, Jon Krakauer introduces a documentary by Simon Schama, "The Marietta Review" (MPR) to show how the Marietta News became an epicenter for journalism and how it shaped the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the highlights of the movie include the rise of the modern news service (i.e. The Washington Post and the New York Times), and the development of the idea of a major news organization (i.e. Hearst Publications, etc.). The movies further highlights the changes in the commercial broadcasting industry, and the emergence of the cable TV industry. By the time the film was made in the 1960s, cable television was not even invented! One of the problems that had to be solved in the 20th century was the lack of a unified view of all events in the United States. By 1996, CBS was broadcasting its own programs and could be classified as a news and information organization. As a result, the majority of news and information programs were confined to CBS, and a special focus was placed on the news of the day. This is evidenced by the reruns of "60 Minutes", "60 Minutes Live" (TV and radio), and "60 Minutes" Weekend Edition, among others. Another problem was the limited availability of television programs and the diversity of news content. This made it difficult for the public to get news of the day. By the mid-1990s, however, cable television and new technologies had changed this. Cable television was now available to almost everyone, and viewers could now get the information they wanted. Cable television also became available in the United States by the end of the 1990s. It had expanded greatly by the late 1990s, with the release of hundreds of new and popular shows. The majority of the new shows that became popular were the television shows "Hollywood Squares" and "The Real Story". Today, cable television can serve as a major source of news and information for the public. Many cable networks and cable news shows have extensive news coverage that covers events that occur in major cities in the United States. Some cable networks, such as CNN and the BBC, have extended news coverage to other countries as well, such as Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. I recommend this movie to anyone interested in the history of news and information. It can be viewed by anyone interested in how news and information has changed in the past century.

Gregory photo

The year was 1985, and Mike made his first public appearance, at the World AIDS Conference in San Francisco. He soon won a PhD in political science from the University of Chicago, and moved to Washington, D.C. to get involved in the burgeoning national movement to end the AIDS epidemic. In 1990, he founded the organization, Human Rights Watch, and went on to work with the UN to secure the release of Cuban spies who had been detained in the U.S. after the Bay of Pigs Invasion. In 1993, he was named U.S. special representative to the International Criminal Court, and continues to be involved in efforts to bring about an end to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. He is also a prolific contributor to the New York Times. After all these years, his DVD special edition of the documentary is now available for a limited time in our online store. It is a worthy addition to the Human Rights Watch archives, and we hope you will take a moment to see it and ask yourself, "Was I there?"

Christina R. photo
Christina R.

This documentary was originally intended to be a companion piece to my 2008 book, "One of the World's Most Dangerous Places: Paradise," that explored the human impact on the environment through our actions and what we can do about it. Instead, this documentary is more a companion piece to that book. The documentary focuses on the lives of two main characters, Mona "the recorder" and her daughter, Cal, and their reaction to the negative effects that climate change will have on their environment. It highlights what this movie will do to us, how we can make a difference, and why the consequences of our actions matter. The documentary also reveals how other people feel about climate change and how they are reacting to it. I hope you watch this documentary, as I did, and find it inspiring.

Judith S. photo
Judith S.

I watched this movie not knowing what to expect. I had no idea what I was going to watch. I can honestly say I was blown away. It is honestly one of the most honest, emotional and thorough documentaries I have ever seen. There are many things to take from this movie that are absolutely mind boggling. I have to say this is probably the most honest documentary that I have ever seen. It's about a mom and her husband who have 3 kids and try to raise them as a single parent. It's about their crazy problems and how it is really painful for the children to have to endure it. The director and actors make a great job of portraying their struggles. I love the way they discuss their struggles and how they try to keep them from happening in a realistic and realistic way. It's absolutely a MUST-SEE! It will make you feel something about the children. I can't say enough good things about it.

Keith photo

I just saw this movie yesterday. It was really good. The narration was a little forced at first but once you get used to it you realize the importance of the story. This movie shows the mistakes and the horrible things that were done in the early 1900's. I think that this movie would be great for the family to watch together. I hope that we can make a difference for this little girl to live with dignity and have a good life. This movie is just really cool and worth watching.

Gloria Cunningham photo
Gloria Cunningham

I wasn't expecting much from this documentary but I was pleasantly surprised. This is the first documentary I've seen that discusses the effects of the childhood sexual abuse on a person's life and even the life of the perpetrator. The stories of these people are fascinating. I'm always intrigued when I see documentaries on the subject. As a parent of a child that was molested, I was also curious about how the molestation affected him and his future. The movie was very entertaining. The music score was great as well. The director did a great job of showing the stories of these people as they were telling their own stories and then showing the background of the person who did the molestation. This documentary was well done and I can't wait for the next one.

Beverly photo

It is truly unbelievable that a film like this would have the bad reputation it does. This movie is very informative and has an amazing impact on the viewer. It is not a documentary like some of the other reviews of this film. I have heard comments that it is 'vintage racist documentary' and 'old footage', but those comments are totally unwarranted. There are no explicit references to race. This is not a documentary about black people or anything. The movies are about a group of people whose lives are extremely interconnected, yet we are never told what those people are like. This is a film about their impact on each other, their lives, and how those stories are intertwined, and how it connects to our world and our everyday lives. There are no ads or major news programs for this film, and the movie can be watched on most TVs and in the background. I've seen it three times now and I'm sure I'll be watching it again. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of film. I am amazed at the positive comments and the way the story has been received by so many. It's a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who has a desire to learn more about race. It's not a documentary about black people, it is a film about a group of people whose lives are connected and who find the connections in their lives through their interaction and through their connection to each other. It's an amazing story, that I hope will be repeated and will be told over and over again, and I hope that it can reach and inspire a whole new generation of people.

Shirley Shaw photo
Shirley Shaw

This movie is not for everyone. If you don't have the patience or the will to follow it, I think you'll be better off watching any other documentary. But if you don't mind a little bit of indoctrination, and a little bit of black humour, you'll love this film. It's a cautionary tale of a family and how they chose to cope. The family is played by both brothers, and I thought the performance was very touching. But to get to the point of the movie, it really is a beautifully made movie, a must see. If you want to learn about why people choose to sacrifice their children in the name of religion, or if you're a parent, it's a great film to watch. And if you've never heard of Marion Stokes, it's a great movie to watch. I'm sure you'll find a lot of things to discuss with your friends about the Stokes family. I'm not going to give any details about the film, but if you're looking for a good documentary that will entertain you for a few hours, this is the one to watch. 10/10

David photo

You'd have to watch this movie more than once to really catch everything. The history behind the design of the tape is fascinating, but not all of it is clear. On the whole, I found it a really fascinating movie. There are just so many things that you need to get into to get the full experience. I recommend this movie to people who love to look at history and are interested in finding out more about Marion Stokes.

Virginia Fuller photo
Virginia Fuller

If you've been following this story for a while, you will know that the night she disappeared is the night she turned in her recorder to the police and the story of the missing little girl and the killers in the woods. The last few years have been filled with many stories of missing children and their parents being found years later. This film is a perfect example. I have seen so many movies about missing kids and their parents, but this film is my favorite and I am a big fan of this story. I would recommend this film to anyone who is a parent or a person who has been affected by a missing child, but especially to parents of missing children. The film was made by the mother of the missing girl in the movie. I am sure the story is similar to many other stories that have been told, but it has always kept me on the edge of my seat as I wonder what's going to happen. The family and the police were fantastic at bringing the story to light and to make it a film. The movie is a very well made movie that tells the true story of the Marion Stokes Project. I'm not one of those people who reads the newspaper and thinks there is a missing child or a missing parent. I prefer to go to a movie to find out what is happening with the family, the situation and the killer and then I get the news on TV. This film is a real feel-good story that makes you feel good about your community. If you are looking for a movie that makes you happy and makes you want to help solve a missing child or a missing person, go see this movie.

Evelyn Murphy photo
Evelyn Murphy

I've seen this documentary many times, and it keeps getting better each time. The first time I saw it was about a year ago and was entertained enough. Now I saw it a second time recently and enjoyed it even more. It was the most interesting film I've ever seen. This documentary includes many interviews with people involved in the film, and also provides a lot of background information about the "little-known" Nolans and about their times in the "20th Century." The only thing that I felt was missing was a little more information on the size of the film budget for this project. I would have liked to see a little more information on the salary of the actors, or the money spent on the movie itself, but, if you're looking for a simple and entertaining film, this documentary will keep you entertained for quite a while.

Gerald T. photo
Gerald T.

This documentary is a true tribute to the work and dedication of Marion Stokes. I loved this documentary! It gives you a wonderful overview of the life and times of Marion Stokes. It includes her more personal side of her life. There is a lot of information that you might not have heard about her, but it is good to know more. The way this documentary is filmed is great. It feels like you are watching the history of Marion Stokes. I loved the way the camera shots are used and the way the locations are used to give you a sense of the story of Marion Stokes. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has a great interest in the life of Marion Stokes.

Patricia C. photo
Patricia C.

How many people out there would have the audacity to compare this movie to the Hateful Eight? That is beyond me. If you want to waste your time on this movie and listen to the 1st person voice of a sexual predator, than by all means do. But if you want to see a movie that explores the dangers of one of the most controversial social justice movements in our time, then don't bother. It's very rare that I go see a movie that isn't politically driven, and this is definitely one of those rare exceptions.

Jean H. photo
Jean H.

I have been a fan of Jennifer Lawrence since I saw The Hunger Games and I was thrilled when I heard she was going to be in this movie. I was even more excited when I heard that she had been nominated for an Oscar. I was excited to see the other people that she worked with and also how great they were. It made me realize that she is very talented and she should be recognized for her work. This documentary was fantastic, but the main reason I loved it was that it shows how well she did in the movie, but also how much she is capable of. I thought she was incredible in this movie, but then again, I didn't expect that much from her. I was also very impressed with Julianne Moore as the mother of Jennifer Lawrence's character. Her character did a great job of portraying her role and it was great to see her. There are some parts of the movie that are very shocking to see and they will definitely make you go into a double-take type of feeling. I was also very impressed with the acting by everyone. All of the actors did a great job in this movie. They really pulled off the roles they were given and did a very good job of it. The documentary also gives you a great idea of how Jennifer Lawrence's character was diagnosed. The director also gives you the information on how the movie was made and what it was about and also gives you a behind-the-scenes look. I think the director did a very good job of making the movie and it definitely shows that it was worth watching. Overall, I would say this is a great documentary that everyone should see. It will definitely make you appreciate Jennifer Lawrence even more. I hope she wins for the award for Best Actress and I am very excited for her next movie because she has become a fantastic actress.

Olivia N. photo
Olivia N.

This film has some very interesting things to say about this marriage. So I was very happy that I found it. The other interesting thing about it is that it is based on a true story. It is basically based on the true story of Marion Stokes and her husband, Maurice Stokes. It really seems like the story is from Marion's point of view. It is very interesting and at times shocking. I felt that there are lots of things that you have to think about before you act on them. I recommend this film to people who are interested in marriages and relationships. It is very interesting and I recommend it to people who are into the area.

Olivia photo

I believe this documentary should have gone to series. I feel the best way to engage a discussion and more importantly, give you the opportunity to learn is by giving people the opportunity to see how good quality and well put together this film is. The documentary, although slow, covers the story of the film makers of all backgrounds, from filmmakers to technical directors and others. I think that if people like me and the people who created the documentary want to help grow this film into a series, I hope that the series comes to our attention. I believe this is an incredible documentary, not only for the film makers involved, but also for the people who have not seen it yet.

Heather photo

The most incredible movie I have ever seen. I could never get enough of it. The stories and the facts. It is such a great example of what happened. And how a simple thing can change a whole life for the better. I am so inspired and in love with the Marriages of her children. I can't believe how she is still doing all these amazing things. She is very happy to see her children. Her joy is endless. She still loves them and never stops loving them. She is blessed to have them all. And it is amazing to see how the children are always giving her their hugs and kisses. I have never met anyone that loved her as much as she loved them all. It is a big thing for her to love the people she loved and to love them so much. And to be able to share the love with her children and grandchildren is really amazing. I have heard some people say that they don't love her at all. It is really sad to think that people might have this opinion. All she ever wanted was the happiness of her family and the happiness of her children and grandchildren. I can't even imagine that this is what she lived for so long. I hope to meet her one day and tell her how much I love her and to tell her how proud I am of her. She will have no doubt in her mind that I am the one that made her happy. And I know that she will be so glad to hear that she has made her happy too. I will forever be grateful for all the memories I have shared with her. Thank you for this beautiful film and to all the other people who gave their time to make it possible. I am so thankful for all that we have in this world.

Paul photo

I've seen this movie about 10 times and every time I hear something new. I'm also aware that this movie has a huge cult following. The idea is very interesting, and the production is quite amazing. All of the cast were really great and this movie is definitely not your typical blockbuster. It has a lot of emotion and has a great message about the influence of the media on our lives. This movie is not a movie for everybody. It's a must see for people who want to understand what happens in their lives. The message is very clear and the movie was made by the creator of the meme. I think this movie will be watched by many people. I think this movie is not only about Marion Stokes but the idea of memes is very interesting and also a message about how people can make memes and also make a meme in a very meaningful way. This is a movie that everyone should see.

James photo

I loved this film. I found it incredibly compelling. My wife and I found ourselves glued to the screen. We both agreed that the messages in this film were much more powerful than any Hollywood Hollywood crap we've ever seen. I'm glad I saw this movie and if you like this type of film, I strongly recommend it to you. We both enjoyed it.

Debra photo

The next time you're on the phone with a friend and you're about to end it, take a minute to think about what you want to say. Take that time to make the call, just for a moment. Think about it. And then talk about it. Maybe you'll end up talking about the "What We're Doing" song, or something else you haven't thought of yet. That's what this film is all about. Let yourself be vulnerable. And that's what the Marion Stokes Project is all about. You are vulnerable. So why do you feel like you're never in touch with anyone you know? Why is it that you're not curious about how people get along with each other? How do you know how to make someone feel understood? Let's find out.

Patricia photo

I'm a fan of Marion Stokes, so it's a bit of a challenge to watch a documentary about her, but I found it fascinating and the music and performances were excellent. There are some great interviews with the band members, and some of the details of her career are revealed and re-told. There's some really fascinating stuff about the movies and TV appearances that she made. It's also good to see how she managed to get a career on her own, without having to deal with the expectations of being a star. One of the most important things is the film's focus on the actors and actresses that she worked with and was influenced by, such as Joan Crawford, Ruth Gordon, Ann Sothern, Joan Jonas, Lizzie McGuire, and Jean Shepherd. It also features some of her musical performances, which are great to hear. The director of this film is an expert at making documentaries, and I think it's great that this documentary is accessible to those who aren't into music. I was surprised at how little music was played in this documentary, and I'm glad that there were some of the songs that were played during her interview segments. I think that there are some good things in the documentary, and I think it's an excellent introduction to the music of Marion Stokes.

Larry Guzman photo
Larry Guzman

I have seen this movie twice. I love it. It is a beautiful story and very real. As a Christian, I have seen how evil and sinful people are. And I have seen how evil and sinful people are. So, I am glad that the movie told us the truth. In the end, the audience was inspired. And that is good. I watched the movie twice and I have seen it again. And I have seen it more times than I can remember. The people in the movie told the truth. The sad truth. The depressing truth. I will never forget this movie. The world needs to see this movie. You should see this movie.

Paul Hudson photo
Paul Hudson

Although the Marion Stokes project is a low budget film, it is a good movie. It's just a shame that it is not widely available. What is important is that this film is not just a "tribute" to the memory of Marion Stokes. It is an important historical film that gives us a new perspective on the history of that time. This is one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. I also recommend that people look for the DVD. It's a good movie.

Evelyn R. photo
Evelyn R.

As a child, I could never imagine that I would ever meet a human being with such an extraordinary personality. The stories that I have heard from my family and others about her, are of a very special kind of beauty, but their uniqueness is that they are almost impossible to understand. This documentary does a good job of showing us the love, pain, and overall struggle that Marion has been through as a child. She had a beautiful family, a loving father, and a mother who took her in and cared for her every step of the way. She is my favorite child, and I think everyone who is a child of the 70's or 80's would agree with that statement. We will never see the same again. But her story is a tale that is so unique and unique that I think everyone should watch it.

Keith photo

When I saw that the MARION STOKES project had a movie poster in my local library, I decided to see it. The story, one of the best ever told of a troubled marriage, is a very emotional one, and very well told. The film is also about the struggle to change one's life. To those who have experienced a different situation, this is a must see film. Those who have not yet experienced this, will understand and understand it. The music is not to be missed. The story is very powerful, and makes you wonder how a man could fall so far and how quickly. To those who have never experienced a new situation, the film will not change your life. However, it will give you a new perspective on a very important topic. The film has the power to change your life. However, it has some major flaws. The film is very slow and it is not as effective as it could have been. Also, the music is not memorable enough. Overall, this is a must see. If you have not seen it, please do. Do not wait. DO IT NOW!

Samantha W. photo
Samantha W.

When you look at the subject matter, it is hard not to feel a little embarrassed for the filmmakers. But then you see the documentary. It is well done, and the audio is so good that it almost makes you forget the film. The story is not as strong as the presentation, but it is still worth watching. It was great to see how the people involved in the documentary were able to convey the story of the Marion Stokes Project. I really appreciate the producers for the work they did, and I hope they continue to do more like this.

Kathleen photo

I was really impressed by the documentary. It was a really important part of my life. I learned a lot about the women who worked with my father at the bank. I learned that my father was a good man, who cared for his family and cared for everyone. The documentary was really good, I recommend it to everyone.

Sara M. photo
Sara M.

This film is excellent, it is a great testament to the great work that this film did. The main message that this film brought out was the struggles of a black family, which is why I do not want to leave out the entire film. This film is about the real struggle that families go through when they are put through such a life changing experience. I think the reason that people do not want to talk about this film is because they are not sure of what to talk about. This is why I want to leave out the entire film. I think that people have to go and see this film, because this is a great film.

Ethan photo

Totally worth watching and thought provoking. Just got back from a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival and was surprised by some of the negativity around the film. We've heard that the film is a criticism of the War on Terror and the war in Iraq. I don't think that's it at all. The film is basically about an American family, not a war. The couple they play, Marjorie and Jerry Edwards, are real people who are experiencing a lot of emotions. They are religious, and struggle with the idea of having kids of their own. They are just trying to make some choices and not make decisions they are uncomfortable with. When the War on Terror begins to get out of hand and the life of the Edwards' becomes more and more difficult, they try to figure out if they should stay and fight or leave. In the end, they decide to leave. The Edwards family had some great advice for us. Marjorie and Jerry were born in Italy, so they really know what it feels like to be in the middle of war and want to do something to stop it. Marjorie's advice was to "surround yourself with people who love you and love you back." I think the ultimate message of the film is that we need to do something about the War on Terror. I'm not sure if it's possible, but this film is a very good and very important one.

Judy C. photo
Judy C.

As far as I'm concerned, it is not fair to judge this movie by its title alone. The movie does have a very good message, and it's not something that I can say is completely devoid of morals. I think the overall message is good, and it's a movie that people should watch, just to get a better understanding of the importance of the message. It's worth watching.

Danielle photo

It's easy to understand why I can't take this movie seriously. It is a total travesty. First of all, there is no such thing as "organic" as described in this movie. It is simply a good product that was marketed to the masses. As a matter of fact, the reason the "organic" claims were made was to generate more money for the manufacturers. The organic claim was just a way to justify more money for the manufacturers. Secondly, the "organic" claim is meaningless and made out of thin air. The quality of the product that the "organic" claim is based on, is determined by the consumer. It is possible to make a good organic product but there are some "organic" products that are not as good as the "organic" claims make them out to be. The "organic" claim is a marketing ploy to sell the product. It is really easy to make a product that is "organic". Just look at all the products that claim to be organic. The problem with this movie is that it is a blatant lie and an insult to the consumers. I guess we are supposed to believe that the average American would have such a high regard for a product that is not produced with a lot of care and investment. The only thing organic about this movie is that it is marketed to the masses. I mean, the movie is a bad joke. It is a slap in the face to the consumers. I would rather watch a good documentary than this movie. I have no problem with the "organic" claim but it should be a matter of taste and perception of the product.

Anthony photo

This is one of the best documentaries I've seen. It's a great story of a woman's fight for justice in the 1970's. It doesn't seem to be a political documentary at all. It's not about the struggle for women's rights, it's about the struggle for justice. It's a great documentary on how a woman who was accused of murder was able to overcome the system and prove her innocence. I don't think it's too late for women to be in the same position as the Marion Stokes case. There are so many stories of people who were exonerated by DNA evidence and the fact that the systems of justice in the U.S. are biased and just want to get to the bottom of a case before they accept the charges. It's a great story and I recommend it to everyone who's interested in the case.

Kathryn photo

This documentary is a must-see for anyone who has ever been a child, or is a parent, or who is a parent. It is an excellent look at the day-to-day life of the children of Marion Stokes, the founder of the National Organization for Women. The documentary is an excellent example of how a documentary should be done, and how well it is done. The film is beautifully shot and edited. It's an excellent documentary that should be seen by anyone who wants to understand the world of children and the lives they lead.

Kathy photo

I think that these women are not normal people. The most dangerous thing for us is that we can only think of how bad they are and that we know nothing about them. We just go with the flow, that's what a good docu-drama does for us. The film is based on the fact that the mother of these women killed herself by jumping off of a hotel balcony. The film is set in the beginning of the decade and it goes through all the emotional problems that were in their lives. I think that this documentary is very good for the first half of it because we get to know the mother, a little bit. We see that she is not normal. We also see how bad her relationship with her son was, but I think that this documentary can do something with the next few years. Maybe it could be a good life lesson. I hope that someday that something good will come out of this story. But the problem is that this documentary can only show us what they have been through. This documentary can never say that the mother and her son should be happy because this film is just a documentary about them. If they are happy, that is because of this documentary. I think that it could do something good for a second documentary about them, maybe if they had done that first, then maybe that documentary could be about something else. I am giving this documentary a 7 out of 10.

Jessica photo

This film is about the Marion Stokes project. Marion Stokes, a young woman who was a member of the Communist Party of the United States, was arrested and imprisoned for 30 years, and became a political prisoner. It's the story of her life and her struggle to break out of prison. It's a beautiful film that shows how our society is built on fear, and how the fear of being victimized makes people more fearful, which makes them more prone to be criminal. The reason why I love this film is because it shows how so many people, especially young people, are being brainwashed into becoming criminals. This film does a great job of explaining the causes of these crimes, and the methods that were used by the Communist Party of the United States. It's a great movie to watch, and a must see.

Joshua Moore photo
Joshua Moore

This is not a documentary. It is a film about the notorious Marion Stokes. The story of her life is told. It is a very interesting and well produced documentary. As I said before, it is not a documentary, but a film about Marion Stokes. The film is well made. The colors are great, the sound is good, the performances are good, and the production values are good. So, it is a good film. It is a documentary, but not a very good one.

Joe F. photo
Joe F.

Very moving documentary, showing the young couple's long struggle with HIV, and the parents' attempts to keep their children safe. Very well-made. But the question is: is it right to prevent a child from becoming infected with HIV, especially when the parents were using condoms correctly? Very hard to watch.

Johnny Howell photo
Johnny Howell

I was interested in this film because of the title and the fact that it was based on a true story. I was pleasantly surprised by the documentary format and how it was done. The footage was filmed very well and I was very impressed with the film's overall presentation. The documentary format is done in a very straightforward way and doesn't go into great detail about the various people involved in the story. The editing and presentation is very professional and the film is easy to follow. I was surprised that the story was not told in a chronological way. The documentary was well made and I enjoyed the way it was presented. The documentary format is very effective and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the Marion Stokes story.

Hannah Dixon photo
Hannah Dixon

This was an interesting documentary that used film to tell a story. I love documentaries because they allow me to witness a very personal, but telling story. And this film was no exception. I thought the film was very insightful and fascinating. The story behind the movie is very interesting and gives us an insight into the workings of the Marion Stokes Project. They say it is a major story, but I would be interested to know if there is a true story behind it. The whole movie is just a very personal story of Marion Stokes. It is a story of a person who has served her time, but is still not really able to function in society. A part of her is still behind bars. In the documentary they show her talking to her son who is also in jail, and they show that she has spent time and time trying to get him out. It is very personal and we are shown both the good and the bad. The one who is behind bars is really trying to get out, but she is unable to function in society. There is a whole story behind this movie, and it is very compelling. It is a great documentary, but I felt that it was a little too focused on Marion Stokes.

Frank Beck photo
Frank Beck

This documentary is a great, long-overdue look at the career of Marion Stokes, a woman who made her mark in the early years of the AIDS crisis. I loved the way the filmmakers approached the subject of the film, which was to focus on the life of a single mother. The documentary is not about Stokes herself, but rather the struggles she faced with the disease. The documentary also gives us an interesting look at the struggles of other people who came into contact with the epidemic. The documentary does a great job of focusing on the things that made Stokes a success, and not the things that made her a failure. I especially liked the way the filmmakers talked about the challenges of being a single mother in the early days of the epidemic. The documentary is also great at showing the trials and tribulations of the medical community and the response of the government. Overall, I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the subject of the epidemic. It's a great look at a woman who made her mark in the early years of the AIDS crisis.

Maria photo

This film is based on the real-life true story of Marion Stokes, an American politician who was a prominent figure in the Democratic Party of the time, and is known as the 'Mother of the Bill of Rights'. This is a very well done film, showing the many aspects of her life in a very human way. It is very moving, because the film shows the conflicts and hardships of her life in a very human way. The film is very well researched, and the interviews are done in a very authentic way, showing a lot of history, which has been left out of the history books. The film is a must see for those who know little about Marion Stokes or her life, because of the very emotional story it tells.

Danielle B. photo
Danielle B.

The movie is the "secret" to the complete study of Marion Stokes. The movie shows the efforts of the city of Baltimore to develop the program of the program, the effort to keep the program going, the progress of the program, and the ultimate success of the program. This movie shows the story of Marion Stokes, her story and how she met the people who were instrumental in helping her develop her talent. The film also shows the rise and fall of the Marion Stokes program in Baltimore. The story of the program and the amazing people who helped make it happen is told. This movie is an inspiring story of a great lady, who knew what she wanted, and didn't give up, and didn't give up when others tried to take her away. The movie is a great story, with great actors, and a great story, which is so inspiring and so motivating.

Timothy photo

I have been an actor for over 30 years, and I've never seen a documentary that really touched me like this. This film is a must-see. My whole family, including my husband, family and friends, loved it. We all had different perspectives, and we all shared our emotions. I feel like I want to work with and help those people that have experienced some of the stuff that is shown in this film. If you want to learn more about what real abuse is, and how to deal with it, this is a great documentary.

Dylan D. photo
Dylan D.

I am not a big fan of documentaries. The ones I have watched are generally the worst ones. I saw this movie and I was very impressed. I have been in a lot of bad relationships, and this movie really helped me see what happened. The only thing that I didn't like was that there was a lot of cliches. I think the only reason that they made this movie was to make money. I am not saying that they did a good job. They did a good job. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good documentary. I think it would be a good movie to see for a first time.

Billy Young photo
Billy Young

This is a very important documentary that is worth watching. I can't remember the last time that I saw such a well-made film. The cinematography is outstanding. The interviews are interesting and well-done. The editing is impeccable. The director did a great job with this movie. The story is simple but the way it is told is very powerful. The film is very well-made and has a great message. It is a must-see for anyone who cares about the future of humanity. I will definitely buy this one when it comes out on DVD.

Alexander photo

I have watched this movie a few times, and I am still not sure if it is a documentary or a true story. As a documentary it is good, but as a true story, it is definitely not true. If you do not know much about the history of Marion Stokes, then this movie is definitely not for you. However, if you have read the book, then you might find this movie more interesting. All in all, I recommend this movie for people who are interested in the history of Marion Stokes.

Daniel C. photo
Daniel C.

I can't think of a better documentary to get your mind off the cold weather of the past week. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you feel it's cold out there and yet, you don't want it to get colder. We need a lot of films like this, from great films to even great comedies. The Marion Stokes Project is a perfect example of a great documentary that is also a great film. The camera is only for a minute or two during the entire movie but it's great. The documentary doesn't always stay on the subject of Marion Stokes, which I'm not a big fan of, but it's interesting, and you will definitely like it. Also the actors and actresses are all great, especially Lauren Bacall and John Cassavetes, and the film is definitely worth watching.

Judith B. photo
Judith B.

Great movie for all kids and adults. The narrator, the cop, and the house and its history are all important. Just wish they showed more of the FBI being kind to the kids in this movie. We only learn about the FBI in the last 30 minutes. To be honest, I would have preferred seeing more of them. That would have been great. I love the way the movie shows how the children were able to communicate with the FBI in their original language. It's a great lesson and I think everyone should learn it. Also, it's a little scary that all of these kids were chosen by the FBI. They all came from pretty troubled families. The FBI is the only thing that saved them all and their families. The whole family would have been more troubled if they weren't able to communicate with the FBI. I love how they use the whole image of the boy who came with his family and his father who would not let him speak. Also, it's interesting that they have the FBI's motto at the beginning of the movie. The whole beginning of the movie is really slow but when you hear it, it makes you want to see this movie more. I think that the movie is really good. It is a little scary at times and at other times really cool. The narration is great. I can't wait to see this movie again. I think it's a great movie.

Jacqueline B. photo
Jacqueline B.

What a great, engaging, and honest documentary. Some people have complained that the documentary has a few flaws. It does. It would be nice if the film makers would make a second, "trailer" to show us the key parts of the story. They can do this, and this would be a much better film. As it is, I felt that there was a lot of missing parts, and would have liked to have seen a bit more of the Marion Stokes story. But it is still a great film. If you want to see a movie about a woman who had a major role in the development of the automobile, see this film. It will make you want to learn more about the person, Marion Stokes.

Patricia R. photo
Patricia R.

Well I think I was kind of expecting this to be a short film about her or what not but it turns out to be a much more extensive documentary that even though it's pretty boring. If you're into music then definitely check it out! I personally think it was kind of good since she really focused on the music industry and what the people were dealing with and even though it was kinda boring she still made some very interesting points. If you're into music, or just a nice guy who wants to learn more about her I'd definitely recommend this!

Gerald photo

Tears were running down my face. That's right, I have been going to the movies since I was a kid, and now as an adult I am still going to the movies. I just cannot get the urge to leave the theater when a movie is over. This movie gave me the chills and shook my stomach. My wife loved it too. But I didn't love it. It was good. I guess it was better than I thought it would be. I thought the acting was good and I enjoyed the story. However, I have to admit that I was very uncomfortable with the scenes that took place in the cafeteria. I am sure that I could have handled it better, but I'm not sure I would have minded. I will admit that I thought that it was somewhat exploitative and I could see how some people might not be comfortable with it. I thought that the scenes that were shot in the dorm were fairly realistic. I did think that they could have shown a little more of the sexual exploitation and was too short. I think that it was also a little hard to get into at times because I thought that it was a little obvious and could have been better. I didn't think that it was as good as the other documentary that I have seen. That is a very good documentary. I hope that this one is as good as it was because I think that this one would be very good. I can't wait to see it again.

Harry R. photo
Harry R.

I thought this movie was awesome. I thought the cinematography was very well done. I also thought the story was very well told. I think that it was a very good movie. I also thought that it was very well done.

Dorothy Wagner photo
Dorothy Wagner

This is an informative documentary about the making of the original movie "Million Dollar Baby" (1975), about the director, Meryl Streep, and her family. We learn a lot about Meryl and her family. The documentary takes us through the process of making the movie and how things were going at the time. Meryl's husband was afraid that they would not get the funding they needed for the movie. So Meryl and her husband created a miracle. They got the money and got the money. We also learn about the actors and the special effects, which was a big part of the movie. Meryl also talks about the movie and discusses some of the key elements of the movie that made it what it was. It's a good documentary, but a little bit slow. It was very informative and interesting.

Victoria McDonald photo
Victoria McDonald

This is a very entertaining documentary from the period where Arbuthnot was in power and he was on the cusp of doing something very radical. I won't tell you what he did but the film is good and entertaining. The interviews are mostly about the many issues that are facing us now and Arbuthnot is a fascinating and fascinating human being. He was one of the most fascinating politicians of the 20th century. He was not simply a politician but a great thinker. He was one of the great politicians who made a difference and lived a remarkable life. The documentary shows a lot of people at the time who were in the mainstream of the political scene but they are very interesting to watch because the documentary is not only about them but about the wider political scene. The interviewees range from people who were trying to win elections and become a politician to people who were doing interesting things. The film is good and very entertaining and has a good story to tell. You will enjoy this documentary but it is not a film for everybody.

Aaron W. photo
Aaron W.

I am a big fan of the documentary, The Marion Stokes Project. However, it did not seem to give an adequate explanation of what happened to Ms. Stokes. This movie also did not seem to give any explanation as to why she was a serial killer. I guess the audience will have to watch the documentary to get the full answer. I am not sure how much of this movie is true. However, it is worth watching.

Kevin photo

This documentary about the pioneering work of Marion Stokes is a must for anyone who has a love for photography. It's a fascinating look into the life of one of the most interesting women in American history. In addition to this documentary, the National Film Registry chose this film as one of the five most important films in history. I have to admit, I'm a big fan of the work of this woman and I've been a fan of Marion's work since I was a child. But I'd never heard of her until this documentary. And I must say, it was pretty interesting. I think that it was a very interesting and interesting look into a woman who did a lot of great things. The thing I really liked about this documentary is that it kept me very interested, I mean, how could you not be interested in a woman who went through so much that the people who loved her couldn't see. I just found it interesting that this woman was a painter and that she was able to create these masterpieces. She also did a lot of work with children. It was really fascinating that she did all these different kinds of work. I also really liked the fact that it was kind of a look at what life was like in those days. The photographer had to deal with the social problems that were facing the society in the times. And the documentary also showed how much the photographers were in control of their work and their personal life. It's a really interesting look into the world of photography and I think it's a really interesting documentary.

Virginia photo

I don't know how many times I've heard people say they don't watch documentaries. Well, if you're a skeptic, don't listen to that. If you're not a skeptic, watch the documentary and learn what the people on the front lines actually do and what they say. You can see the conflict in their eyes. The effect that their voices have on people. In a word, it's fascinating. The documentary is fascinating. And it's quite upsetting to watch the people. The narrative of this documentary is a little more real than most. A lot of the narration is done by the reporter. We don't see a lot of the people, but the video is clear enough to follow. We can see how they're all struggling. We can see that they're all a little insane. We can see how they want to survive and what they're willing to do to survive. I found the narration quite interesting. It doesn't seem to me that they're really narrating this from the perspective of a person, but I don't know if they're telling us from their own experience. But it's interesting, because we know that the camera is rolling. So it's the way that it was during the war. So, I found the narration interesting. We see the people as if they were people on the front lines, and we don't see them as human beings. We see them as robots, as to be controlled. We see them as robots. And that's really interesting, because if they were real humans, we wouldn't see them as robots, but as people. We would see them as people. The movie is a bit different from the book, but not really. It's a little more dramatic and has a little more of an emotional aspect to it. It's about a lot more than just the war in Iraq. It's also about the effects of war on the people who are actually involved. It's not about the war itself, but about the effects of the war on the people. We see that in a lot of ways, because the people are living in Iraq, and the effects of the war on them are really visible. And there are a lot of them. So, this is a documentary, but it's also about the war itself. I recommend it highly. It's a bit different from most documentaries, and it's not really about the war itself, but about the effects of war on the people who are really involved in it. This is a great movie.

Elizabeth H. photo
Elizabeth H.

The Marion Stokes Project is a documentary that features interviews with the late Marion Stokes and her daughter, Rosemary. It is the story of Marion Stokes' life and death from a drug overdose. This documentary is fascinating and informative, but also heart-breaking, and shocking. The interviews are amazing, especially the ones with the late Marion Stokes. The documentary covers a lot of ground and shows us how Marion's life was a bit like a roller coaster. We see the highs and lows of her life. The documentary also discusses the drug addiction that Marion suffered from. The documentary also gives us insight into the ways in which Marion Stokes tried to live her life in spite of the drug addiction. The documentary also discusses the struggles that Marion faced when she was married to her husband, the man who would eventually end up killing himself. The documentary also talks about how Marion tried to live a normal life after her husband's death, despite the struggles that she faced. This documentary is a must-see, even if you have no interest in Marion Stokes' story.

Deborah Simmons photo
Deborah Simmons

I recently caught this movie on HBO late night and I was pleasantly surprised. I was also slightly disappointed in the end. The documentary does not come out of nowhere and if you are willing to be open minded about what happened to Ms. Stokes and her family, you'll find yourself with a very interesting story to tell.

Sharon photo

As a guy who's lived in NYC, and knew the neighborhood, I was very impressed with the film. This was by far the best documentary I've seen. It focused on the people that had the largest impact on the area, and I was very impressed with the footage that was used. I was also very impressed with the interviews that were done by people who were living in the neighborhood, and their thoughts on it. It was not a documentary that was edited, it was more like a series of "one-shots" that would put you into the shoes of the people. I did not feel that this documentary was edited very well, and it was not even an edited "story". It just showed one particular person's perspective of the area and their memories of the area. It was interesting to hear what these people had to say about the neighborhood, and to hear their opinions on it. I also found that there were some people who had a hard time telling their side of the story, and it showed how some of the stories could be edited out. This documentary was very well done, and I recommend that everyone that is interested in the neighborhood check it out. I hope this review helped you in your decision on renting or buying the film, and if you enjoyed it, please feel free to rate it. I enjoyed the film, and I hope that you will too.

Hannah S. photo
Hannah S.

I recently watched this film on a flight and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I'm not a great fan of documentaries, but I think this one was pretty well done. The only reason I rated it a 7 instead of a 10 was because I felt it was a bit too long. The only reason I rated it a 9 instead of a 10 was because I felt it was too short. I felt that it would have been better to have a bit more of the same information presented in the first hour. But, I also think that the first hour of the film is pretty good. I think the subject matter is important and the film makers did a great job of presenting it. I really liked the fact that the film makers did not try to sugar coat the facts. They presented the facts and then let the viewer draw their own conclusions. Overall, I thought the film was very well done and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Marion Stokes case.

Raymond photo

This movie is about the life of Marion Stokes and her career as a record producer in the 1960's. This movie is amazing and a must see for any movie fan.

Gary C. photo
Gary C.

If you are not familiar with the Marion Stokes story, you will know that in 1966 Marion went to work with the director Stanley Kubrick. She was a producer. When they shot that scene, she did a lot of extra work on that. Some of that was her and her brother Frank's credit. I thought the final credits for the documentary were very well done and very interesting. This is a must see. It is definitely one of my favorite documentaries. Highly recommended.

Gloria Freeman photo
Gloria Freeman

This is an excellent documentary on a complex issue. It is one of the best I've seen on the subject. The film takes the viewer on a journey of discovery. The film takes us to the heart of a scandal that was never properly investigated. The film is a must-see for anyone who wants to understand what happened in the 1980's. The film does a great job of providing context and facts. The documentary is well-made and entertaining. It does a good job of showing how the media got it wrong. The documentary also explains how the media influenced the public's view of the story. It's a good film. I would recommend it to anyone.

Lauren B. photo
Lauren B.

A very well-made documentary that explores the role of Marion Stokes in the history of dance and the role she played in the creation of the modern dance world. The film covers her life and how she started in dance at the age of 6, where she was discovered by the choreographer "Ginette" and then her role in the development of the modern dance world, where she has inspired and helped many of the greats. The film is very insightful and shows the true meaning of "homework" and how to go out and do something that makes you proud. It also shows the importance of being a role model for young girls and the consequences that can come from doing things that you don't want to do. The documentary also covers the great impact that "The Masters" have had on the history of dance and how they are still making great strides in the world of dance. It also gives a good sense of what a good dance teacher must be and the importance of being a good friend and helping a person to develop a positive attitude. All in all, a very well-made documentary that shows a very important part of American history and how it can be used to inspire and help others. I highly recommend it to everyone who is a history buff and a fan of Marion Stokes.

Jeremy Wong photo
Jeremy Wong

I liked this documentary better than I did the original. I watched this one a few days after the first. While it does mention the movie, the movie is never mentioned, and it's just the director talking about it. It's the director talking about how he wanted to make a movie, not about the movie. I think this is the first time I've seen a documentary about a film and not about the movie. It's kind of like the original, but not as good. I'd say this is a good documentary, and it's good to see it. It's about how the director made this film, not about the movie.

Amy photo

This is an excellent documentary that is a must see. The movie is quite accurate in showing the real facts about the Marion Stokes case. The documentary does not tell the whole story of the case, but shows the evidence and arguments that the defense team put forward. The movie is quite interesting and informative. It is interesting to see how the media tried to attack the credibility of the Stokes family. It is interesting to see how the media was able to twist the facts in order to try to discredit the Stokes family. I recommend this movie to everyone who has a passion for the truth.

Emily Sullivan photo
Emily Sullivan

I love this film, and I think it's a very underrated film. I am not too sure about the "quotient" of the documentary, as I found some of it to be quite interesting, but some parts were pretty obvious. But overall, I loved the film. I was completely enthralled by it, and it was very informative. I would definitely recommend this film.

David G. photo
David G.

The movie is about a small group of foster parents, who are now in the foster care system. They live a more relaxed life with their adopted children and have created their own home away from the society, a sort of monastery. They also have a unique way of showing a child, like an interview. That's why I think this film is great. There is a lot of stuff that can be explained through documentary style, but it's still a very interesting documentary. The story of the foster parents is also interesting. It is a little bit complicated, but I think that this is actually a good thing. Because, if I'm going to explain something that is hard to explain, I don't want to talk about everything. I think the foster parents do a good job to tell a story and that's what I liked the most about the film. The only bad thing I can say about this film is that I think it is a little bit too long, and I don't know how to explain it. Maybe I should cut out 20 minutes, because I think that this movie could have been a little bit shorter. I would have liked to see more interviews with the foster parents, like with the guy who started the program, or with the other foster parents, because it's nice to see them in a little bit more detail. But I think that this is a very good film. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the foster parents or adoptees. 8/10

Judith S. photo
Judith S.

The film was made and released in 2006. A lot has been written about the film, and it is easy to see why. It was highly successful at the box office. I enjoyed it, but the main problem with it is that the movie itself has little substance. It is a collection of clips from various interviews, and there are many that are completely unrelated to the movie. While some are certainly informative and some are simply interesting to watch, most of them do not add anything to the story. What is interesting is the end of the film. When the movie ended, I thought "That's it?" The fact that it was never told how Stokes' and Soltis' characters died was not explained. It is never explained why they left the prison. It is never explained what happened to any of them. What is even more important, the movie does not end with the main characters even saying goodbye to each other. The movie did not even end with Soltis saying goodbye to Stokes. They just left each other for good. If the end of the movie had been much more intense, I would have found it much more enjoyable. But, it's not. It's just a collection of interviews, and the end of the movie is disappointing. I don't think the movie is as bad as the critics say it is, but it is still a mediocre movie. The story is lacking, and the acting is sub-par. The story is interesting, but the movie is not.

James photo

It's not often you get to hear a director speak candidly about what he has seen and felt in his life. Well, in the case of filmmaker John S. Carpini, it's the story of the battle that saved Marion Stokes's life. A great story, I say. And what a way to share it with us. This film is shot like a documentary, but with a different look. It's not so much about the battle itself as it is about the people who fought and survived it. It is a film that uses its camera in a way that is never obvious. The editing is always subtle, and the movie doesn't necessarily have a focus on one thing. It's an intimate look at the aftermath of war, and it's filled with remarkable personal stories. Carpini was a bit overwhelmed by what he was seeing, but he managed to make a powerful film. The most fascinating thing is that Carpini did all this in the early '80s. He has seen war for many years, but never before has he made a film about the battle of Iwo Jima. The film was shot in 1972 and released in 1982. It's an incredible piece of film-making.

Paul photo

It is difficult to get a general feel for this film, in part because it is not all that clear. Its intentionally slanted perspective on the history of the health care system in the United States, and the lessons it draws from its own experiences, do not make it particularly gripping, though it does have some engaging moments. It is one of the most thoughtful documentaries I have ever seen, with some really cool ideas that I really enjoyed. One idea in particular is the one presented in the end, where the focus shifts from the documentary to the history of the health care system. The film is also told from the perspective of the doctor, and the patients who have seen the doctor and the patients who have seen the doctor. This allows us to watch the doc and the patient as they are engaging in their own personal story. It also allows us to see the doc's desire to help his patients and how he has tried to reach out to others who are in a similar position. One of the most interesting things about this film is the way the doc's wife has come to terms with her husband's alcoholism, and the impact that has had on their relationship. Overall, this is a fascinating documentary that would be a good read for anyone interested in the health care system in the United States. Definitely worth a watch.

Edward Olson photo
Edward Olson

This is a movie about a woman who is, well, the most unusual American journalist of her time. She has a website about life and death in Afghanistan, and a person whose home she stays in as she is there. Her apartment, the place she lives, and the rest of the apartment that she has are the most important parts of the film. I think this is one of the best documentaries that I have seen in a long time. It's certainly not a documentary about Iraq, but it is a documentary about her life, and about her feelings. As a film, it is really beautiful, but I think that, as a documentary, it is very well done. It's a very quiet film, not full of screaming and sound effects, but full of quiet moments. You get a sense that her life is a little bit boring, and that her problems with her husband and her apartment are just details in her life. However, the film is still very interesting, because you get to know a little bit more about her life and her problems. It's like she is living it, and in her eyes, the story of Afghanistan is very real and even very much, in a way, understandable.

Megan W. photo
Megan W.

I really enjoyed this documentary. It was a good look at a phenomenon that has been a topic of fascination for over 50 years, but which was finally put to rest in the early 90's. The video of the interview with Joan Hickson is very moving and very revealing. Her testimony has been lost over time, and only recently was discovered by the Project for a Women's Century (founded by her son). The film is very well made, with superb cinematography, interesting interviews, and intriguing locations. This is a must see for anyone interested in women's issues in the film industry. *

Christina M. photo
Christina M.

I just finished watching this documentary and can't believe how much I liked it. It was really moving and shows the "power" of the media in this day and age. I watched it while I was watching the documentary on USA Network. I was just thrilled to be able to see it. The documentary started off with some background on the Marion Stokes Project, and then went into a personal story of the people involved in the project. It's a very interesting look into the people involved and the media's role in this story. It was great to see how the media affected people and their lives. I felt very connected to the story and was able to feel the pain and fear that the media was creating. I'm not a big fan of the media and am always on the lookout for something that is negative about it. I think this documentary does a great job of showing that the media is part of society and should be treated as such. I think this documentary was very well done and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the media. It will show you just how big of a part the media plays in our lives and make you feel good.

Tyler photo

This documentary is a work of art, however, the film is dull and the subject is boring. The documentary is a disappointing effort for documentary makers. It seems like they wanted to make a documentary about the Stokes family, but they didn't get a good one. They even tried to do a biopic of the late John Wayne's death. It just seems like they tried to do too much. They were trying to get it right, but they just didn't get it right. The story is boring, the subject is boring, the documentary is boring. This documentary should have been released as a video, instead of being a documentary.

Andrew photo

Spoilers: Before I get started, I just want to point out that I am a woman and I am a mother. My baby is very much a "girl" and I think this documentary is a great story for both women and men. I have seen my husband take one of my daughters to a doctor when she was a young child. This doctor had a large tumor and he was reluctant to do surgery. We went to the doctor and he said that he would do the surgery but he would not have to leave the hospital. He was a great man and a wonderful father to my daughter. He was not ashamed of being a father. It was not something that was talked about much in the family. For me, it was a father who was willing to take on a responsibility for another human being. I think that is the true purpose of the documentary. It is a great story and it is a very powerful story. I recommend that you see this documentary. It is a great story.

Craig Bates photo
Craig Bates

This documentary was fascinating. What it did not do was explain how Marion Stokes became what she became. But what it did do was give us a view of the world that was not only extraordinary, but completely unrecognizable to us. I believe this documentary will be a major landmark in the history of documentary making. The only drawback was that the documentary had a very limited number of subjects and it was difficult to follow, but the documentary was good nonetheless. I would highly recommend this film to anyone.

Brandon C. photo
Brandon C.

I'm not really familiar with the archival material of this documentary, but I would love to find out more. It's interesting, as a matter of fact, but it feels like it might be a little too much detail. Some of the problems I had with the documentary seemed like they were mostly caused by the cameraman's perspective on the film and not the story itself. So, maybe I should have watched it a second time to get the full effect of what I saw. My point is, I did enjoy this documentary. It was well made, shot well, and had a real documentary feel. It felt like a high school documentary. The problem I had with it was that the main topic of the film seemed to be a glorified documentary, and not a true documentary. I think they should have shown the other side, but, as it is, it's very misleading. I understand the intention of the documentary, but, honestly, I would have liked it to be a little more more honest about the archival material. Some of the anecdotes are fascinating, and, as the documentary shows, the archival footage is really the "hard drive" of the project, and it's a huge focus. But, I thought it was a little misleading to show that it was a documentary, but to show the archival footage as well. It just didn't make sense. I would love to have seen more archival footage, as well as the full documentary. I think it would have been interesting to see how the archival footage was put together, or how much of the film was filmed in one place. I would have loved to have seen the original storyboard. All in all, I think it was a good documentary. I'm still not quite sure if I liked it or not, but it was definitely entertaining.

Catherine photo

I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of "Marion Stokes: The Marion Stokes Project" at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was really impressed with the director's ability to capture the emotions of the film. The film itself is very good, with excellent performances by the actors. I think that the film could have been better, however, due to some of the acting and some of the editing. For example, the scene where one of the victims was sitting on the table, and was talking to the police about the rape and murder, the director cut the scene and replaced it with a different scene. This scene was probably the most moving scene in the film. The editing was also a little too choppy. Also, the scene where the victim's mother is talking to the police about the rape and murder was also cut. I think that the editing was also very choppy. The director was able to capture the emotions of the film, and also the emotions of the actors, so I think that the film is very good. I recommend this film to anyone who has not seen it, and to anyone who has seen it. I would definitely see it again.

Willie photo

I saw this documentary in the U.K. as part of the Women In Film Festival and was pleased to see that it was also shown in the U.S. Although I knew that this documentary was actually directed by the late John Cassavetes, I didn't know that it was a collaboration between the two. I had a feeling that I had seen a documentary before, but I was right. This film, directed by Nick Broomfield, who is also the screenwriter and director, is an account of the life of Marion Stokes, the famous pianist who was only twenty-four years old when she died in a car accident in 1965. She was a brilliant pianist and a beautiful person, but also a loving mother and a person of passion and faith. This film covers her early life in New York City and her career as a pianist. I loved the interviews with many of her admirers and her family, as well as her friends and colleagues, including her pianist son-in-law, who played with her and was a key player in her success. He says that his mother's music never left him, and he describes her as a mother figure, who took his mother and the others who loved her with her to places they had never been before. She was very much an American icon and she was widely known and admired, both by people who knew her and by people who had never met her. It was also important for the film to be told from the point of view of a man. We know that she died a year after her son and husband died, but the director is showing the man as someone who knew her from before she became famous. This man describes how she was a very private person, never talking to anyone in detail. He also describes how her mother wanted her to write a book about her life, but she never wrote anything about her life. She was a very private person, and it was this private nature of her that made her an icon, and it was her actions that brought her to this status. It is interesting to see how she managed to find the time and the resources to write and perform her songs. The film is very well made and beautifully shot, and it is informative and interesting. It is hard to believe that the circumstances in which she died are still very much in the news today. She had an extremely strong faith and her death had a great impact on her friends and colleagues. I think that people should see this film as a means of understanding the life and death of a woman that is very well known, but who also had a strong sense of faith and passion.

Keith Contreras photo
Keith Contreras

The story behind the Marion Stokes project is interesting and thought provoking. It is also a fascinating and informative look into the history of the inner city. The footage is compelling and does a very good job of bringing the inner city to life. However, as a documentary it can be very confusing. Some of the cutaways and scenes are hard to follow. This is especially true for the last two hours. I would have liked a little more explanation on why the project was created. It is obvious that there are many different angles to the film. As a result it is hard to follow. The documentary style and style of editing was very well done, however, at times it could be difficult to tell where one scene ended and another began. This is especially true during the last hour of the film. I would have liked to see more in-depth interviews with the various family members of Marion Stokes and their own views on the project. It would have made for a better documentary, but would not have necessarily been a bad thing. Overall, the film does a good job of capturing the inner city and the people who live in it. I would recommend this film to those interested in inner city history or if you want to learn more about Marion Stokes.

Mary photo

This documentary features interviews from four key people involved in the making of the film: The director, Sam Peckinpah (who has since died), The producers, Fred Olen Ray (who died in 2008) and Robert Evans, and The actors, known for their iconic roles in films such as The Maltese Falcon, Rocky, and Young Sherlock Holmes. It is also a retrospective look at their personal lives in the early years of their careers. The film highlights the producers' struggles with the violence in the 1930s and 40s, and the desire to make a film for the boys, both emotionally and financially. The film does a great job of being a celebration of the many contributions the boys made to cinema, and the movie as a whole. It also shows their struggle with making a movie based on their own experiences. I was reminded of the director's own stories as a child growing up in Chicago and watching his brothers and friends make movies. It is a tribute to the courage and strength that they showed, and it is a celebration of a moment in time, but it also tells the story of a generation's collective triumph over adversity.

Diana photo

The story of a 'lost' girl who is taken to the Philippines to be sold into prostitution, then was rescued and now in her early 20's, has become a viral phenomenon and is causing many people to be wary of going to the Philippines to be rescued. The movie starts off by giving a brief synopsis of the story and the life of the Marlissa Stokes, then it goes on to the Philippines and shows the reality of the conditions in which the girl was forced to work in. The documentary gives a very thorough and detailed account of the history of the Stokes, her plight and her escape from slavery to freedom. In the end it is shown how she is now living her life in New York, and how she is still very much an inspiration for other young girls who may have been the victims of human trafficking.

Wayne L. photo
Wayne L.

This is a very well done documentary on the Marion Stokes family. A documentary is only as good as the information presented in it. I think this is the best documentary I have ever seen on this family. The story is told by the historian and the researcher who has been working on this for years. The movie gives you an insight into the family's story as well as the film maker's research and the way they were able to present the story in a way that was interesting and comprehensible. The documentary has a great sense of humor in it. The film maker is very witty and entertaining and the documentary does not have a very slow or boring moment. I enjoyed this documentary a lot.

Emma Richardson photo
Emma Richardson

This is a fantastic movie. It's a truly inspiring story about one woman who, despite her tragic circumstances, managed to get a degree from Harvard. The problem with the movie is that it focuses on the 'witness' character, not the historical facts. For instance, she didn't get a degree from Harvard, and was not a part of the Harvard faculty, but she was a physician who worked in the inner city. Therefore, she should have a degree from the medical school, not Harvard. The historical inaccuracies, for instance, are not that great. In fact, the movie gives you a sense of what a real, living doctor would have looked like, not the half-ass story that the movie tells you. It also, in my opinion, gives you a more realistic, and real, picture of a doctor than you would find in a movie. In short, this is a great movie. The only thing I didn't like about it is that it leaves out some of the most important aspects of the case. However, I still recommend this movie to anyone, and anyone who is a person who has a keen interest in the medical profession. I also recommend this movie to people who are looking for a good look into a real story, and to people who are interested in the history of the medical profession.

Willie photo

A retelling of the case of the Marion Stokes. It is a good documentary and I enjoyed the use of real footage. I liked the pacing, and the level of humor in the film. It is a bit slow for my tastes, but overall I think it is good. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Amber Banks photo
Amber Banks

This is a film which is the most long film I have ever seen. As such it does not feel like it is going anywhere. In fact it feels more like you are watching the same thing over and over again. A strange thing about this film is that there are numerous reviews that talk about it being a film of its time, I disagree. The film is an interesting one to look at and see how people live today, but that is about it. I have always been fascinated with the film and it's legacy but I have to say it is a very strange one. Although it was filmed back in 1979, it feels much more like it is a modern day production. I think the film is a good look at the modern day and the realities of it all. However it is just too long and for that reason it does not feel like a film. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys film but would advise not to watch it as it is a very strange film.

David T. photo
David T.

Marion Stokes was a pioneer in the field of early AIDS research. A pioneer who didn't take any chances. She was just a regular doctor with a lot of passion and a good heart. Her passion and passion for life and living was infectious. I'm so glad she's here to share her story and I hope people learn from this and learn to not take chances with anyone. I hope people can see that life is never easy and we can't always get what we want. She's just a simple, strong woman who lived her life to the fullest and that's why we should always be thankful for her. She lived a wonderful life and I'm glad she's here to share her story. It's so important to get this information out there about people who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Marilyn photo

This film is a must see for any and all film lovers. It is a documentary that is very well done and an eye opening look into the film industry. The interviews are great and the film is edited well. It is a great documentary and worth watching.

Patricia Ortiz photo
Patricia Ortiz

This documentary looks at a different angle of the death of Marion Stokes, a woman who was known for being a feminist activist and a tireless advocate for women's rights. In addition to her activism, she was a talented and talented actress. She was also a woman of tremendous talent. I thought the documentary was very insightful, and the interviews with both the Stokes family and the people who knew her best were very moving. I thought the documentary did a good job of covering the background and the reasons behind the death, and the various ways in which the media has covered the story. The film does a good job of showing how hard it was to bury the woman who was known for being a feminist activist and a tireless advocate for women's rights. I thought that the documentary was very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a different angle of this story.

Sharon T. photo
Sharon T.

I have never seen a documentary on the 1960's civil rights movement as powerful and as honest as this. It's an inspirational story of how one man's life was changed by a group of individuals. While I didn't know anything about the activist in question, I had to watch this film to learn about his life. I'm a believer in the power of love and the power of one's own story to move people. This documentary does that. It's a great documentary, but I think the story deserves more recognition. That's not to say the film is perfect. The narrator's voice is a little bit cheesy at times, and the ending is a bit contrived. But, it's still a great film. I highly recommend it.

Jason B. photo
Jason B.

The story of "The Marion Stokes Project" is fascinating and the way it's told is very impressive. I think this film is a great example of how a documentary can be made that is not only factual but also has a strong and emotional connection with its audience. I think that the directing, editing, and photography are superb. I really appreciate the subtle ways the director used to tell the story. I especially liked the very slow introduction of the Marion Stokes story and how the director let the audience know just how cold her life was. The director also did a wonderful job showing how Marion's story has affected the people in her family and the people around her. It really makes the audience feel the sense of injustice that Marion experienced and how difficult it must have been for her. The film also made me feel for Marion and what she went through. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves documentaries. It is definitely a must-see.

George Patel photo
George Patel

I just watched this film last night, and it's one of the best films I've seen in a long time. It was just amazing. I could watch this film over and over again, and never get tired of it. I've seen a lot of films, but this one is without a doubt one of the best. The acting was excellent, the directing was amazing, and the film was just beautiful. It showed the pain that people went through, and the injustice that Marion Stokes was a victim of. This film was incredible and is one of my favorite films. It was great, it was awesome, and it was amazing. This is a must see for anyone. I gave this film a 9 out of 10, and I don't think I could watch it any less.

Susan Evans photo
Susan Evans

This is an excellent film for those who care about the subject of the United States war in Vietnam. Although it deals with a serious topic, it also looks at the human side of the soldiers who were involved. They are human, they are true, and they are willing to let their country down if they have to. This is a great film, it is not a documentary, but it is a very powerful and compelling look at the Vietnam War and the men and women who fought and died there.

Charles Mills photo
Charles Mills

It's a good documentary but a little bit too long for my taste. The reason is that they talk about the history of the Marion Stokes project, but it is only briefly mentioned in the film. They also talk about what the film is about, but they don't give enough information about it. But overall, it's an interesting documentary about the Stokes family, and the rest of the time it's really interesting to watch how the Marion Stokes project works and how the family worked with it.

Carl C. photo
Carl C.

This is an excellent documentary. I'm so glad it was done, it should be mandatory viewing for all children in America. In the late 60's, women were still struggling to find the "right" man. There was a lot of pressure to marry, and many women felt pressured to do so. Some of the interviewees are only a few years older than me. The documentary was made as part of the "Finding a Girlfriend" campaign. If you are looking for a good movie, you should definitely see this. I know I will be watching it over and over again.

Donna C. photo
Donna C.

It's really sad to see what can happen to a family, especially the parents and a couple of children. But the father was able to take care of them and keep them in peace, while the mother took care of her health. And the most amazing thing is that the father and the mother and two kids were able to live a normal life. In general, I thought the director and the producers did a great job. The way they were able to show the life of the people who had the power to stop it all, was very impressive. I especially like the fact that the guy who had a high position in the government was still able to still do what he did. It's a kind of an irony that we could still live in this world that was created by humans. It's a kind of an irony that we live in a world where one family was able to survive and survive. This film is very important and it should be in every school to teach the importance of family and responsibility. We can never live in a perfect world but the point is that we can never live in a world where there are no parents or children. There are no true heroes. The point of this film is that the parents are the heroes. We can not live in a perfect world but it's necessary to live in a family. And it's important to remember that the children are the real heroes.

Jacob photo

There is no denying that the Marion Stokes Project was a controversial case. I was in school at the time and was told it was "a story that would shock" and "will be a landmark in American history." After seeing the documentary "The Marion Stokes Project: The Last Case of the Century" I have to agree. Although there was a lot of controversy surrounding the case, the case itself was certainly not an issue. But there was also a lot of controversy surrounding the release of the movie "The Marion Stokes Project: The Last Case of the Century." I think that's what the film is really about. The case itself wasn't controversial. It was just a very graphic story of a very graphic incident. The movie is a documentary about the case and how it affected the community and the lives of people involved in it. I think the documentary was good and informative and didn't go into any sort of detail about the case or the case itself. It did show the motivation behind the case and what the case was really about but the movie was mostly focused on the events of the movie and the people involved in the case. The documentary did show a lot of the actual film footage from the case. There was a lot of interesting and disturbing stuff in the movie that made it interesting to watch. I think the movie was really good and informative and I recommend it to everyone. However, I would say that the movie was very different from the actual case and I think that's what the movie was trying to achieve. I don't think it was the right way to go about it and I think the movie was also very controversial.

Judith F. photo
Judith F.

Despite it's importance to the history of the country, the accuracy of this film is questionable. On the one hand, this is a documentary on the Coney Island 'Madame Fink' that was closed in 1939 and closed for good in 1949. The movie is set in 1940 and is very accurate about the real life events, but the movie shows people in a very uninteresting manner, showing them dressed in different uniforms and different colors (some are in shorts, others in t-shirts). The movie shows them with their automobiles and so forth, but they don't talk about that. On the other hand, the movie shows a lot of very funny stuff, but this is very unlikely. The movie is made in a very fast manner, and you'll find yourself laughing quite often. The narration is very funny and very amusing, as well as some of the scenes that are shot are interesting. The only problem with the movie is that the shots are very boring. As you watch the movie, you can see the scenes and hear the narration, but at no point do you get to hear the dialogues that the movie is based on. If you watch this movie for the narration, you'll be very disappointed.

Terry photo

I had not seen this film before seeing this film at Sundance. I was shocked that it was so unknown. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good story about the history of a women's prison.

Janice G. photo
Janice G.

This is an excellent documentary that I think everyone should see. It features interviews with numerous witnesses, including the real-life Marion Stokes, who was murdered by her husband at the age of 51. The documentary explores the circumstances surrounding the murder and the discovery of the body of her husband, and the murder weapon, which turned out to be a broken bottle of vodka, had a distinctive "T" shaped edge on the bottom, which was found in the front pocket of the victim's pants. What's more, the bottle was a couple of years old, and the last time anyone had seen it was during the autopsy. The documentary also includes other interviews with people who knew the Stokes family, including a former neighbor and friend of the family, who had the opportunity to interview the family several years after the murder, and a former member of the family who claimed that the family kept the crime a secret because they were ashamed of it. The documentary was produced by The Stokes Family and is an excellent collection of real-life testimony, including the real-life testimony of a journalist who worked with the Stokes family, and the real-life testimony of the real-life victim herself. The documentary is also extremely well-documented, with lots of archival footage of the family and the murder case, including interviews with the original prosecutor in the case, as well as a few videos of the family showing off the real-life murder weapon, as well as a number of photographs of the murder weapon. The documentary is also accompanied by a fascinating, informative featurette, which includes a number of interviews with people who knew the Stokes family and the real-life victim, as well as the real-life victim herself, who talks about her memories of the murder and her struggles with the family. The documentary is absolutely riveting. There are moments when you feel like you're watching a documentary, and there are other moments where you feel like you're watching a crime drama. You really get the feeling that you're watching a true story. The documentary is extremely well-made, with excellent sound editing and excellent music. The documentary was very well-made and highly recommended, and I highly recommend it.

Beverly G. photo
Beverly G.

I have seen many documentaries about the life of Marion Stokes, but this one is my favorite. I am a very big fan of hers and this documentary does a good job of explaining her life. It was very interesting to hear about her life before her famous career and what she did during that time. It also shows how she met her husband, her children, and the rest of her family. It was also nice to see how she overcame her addiction to alcohol and her personal problems. I liked the way that they put the documentary in chronological order. It was very interesting to see how she changed over time and how she ended up where she was. I really liked the way that they showed her personal life and how she used her fame to help others. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in her life.

Randy Delgado photo
Randy Delgado

This is a collection of five monologues, each one delivered by a different person, dealing with the impact of the Titanic disaster on each of them. Some are sad, others are angry, others are sad, others are angry. I found them all to be very moving. The pieces of the Titanic are shown in a chronological order, and the tears are shown in the manner of a "soap opera". The ten most moving were: 1. Paul G. Allen, "American Haunting"; 2. Thomas C. Foster, "The Seagull"; 3. Richard G. Allen, "Murder of a Mentor"; 4. James B. Thorson, "The Golden Arches"; 5. Kathleen Fanning, "The Big Ship"; 6. Gail Eyles, "The Conscience of a Killer"; 7. John P. Johnson, "At the Edge of the Sea"; 8. Kenneth Devereaux, "The Black Pearl"; 9. Jill G. Jones, "The World's Fastest Fireboat"; 10. Jim O'Connor, "The White Star Line."

Harry photo

I had the privilege of meeting Marion Stokes, the woman behind the L.A. Times "Slutty" cover girls and in charge of the editorial staff, at a conference of the Ladies Home Journal last year. She was so gracious and interesting, and had such a good sense of humor, that I was eager to learn more about her. So, I went to the VHS to see this documentary, which also features interviews with her two daughters, and her husband, who has also written about his wife's struggles. I was shocked to learn that Marion was in a wheelchair, as she was at the time of her death, and the documentary shows that she was actually much more self-reliant than I thought. The documentary is very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in female empowerment, and would like to see a documentary that really shows the good that women can do in a time when women are still routinely shown as sexual objects. If you are interested in the history of the L.A. Times and the stories behind the covers, you will enjoy this documentary.

Hannah H. photo
Hannah H.

I was in high school and I didn't get my fair share of music scholarships but I did get a tape from one of my best friends that she made. It was a classic, I remember hearing it from the day it was released. This documentary goes into the making of the soundtrack, it's a well done, high quality production that tells a story that wasn't told before. I wish there were more interviews with the people that worked on the soundtrack, I think they were all really good people and it's nice to see how they got it done.

Jonathan R. photo
Jonathan R.

It's not a perfect documentary, but it's really a lot of fun. The movie's not supposed to be a documentary. It's supposed to be a documentary about Marion Stokes, and about how she, her husband, and their son, had to survive the nuclear winter that devastated their community. It's a very personal story, but it's told in a very moving and honest way. I think it's very important that people see the movie, because it tells a lot about the people that were there, and the things that were done to them. It's not really a documentary, but it's a documentary. And it's very well made, and very well made.

Charles Griffin photo
Charles Griffin

Some movies in their own right are worth seeing, this is one of them. I had already seen the movie in a free screening, but I was so impressed with the movie that I had to see it in the theater. The film is the story of Marion Stokes (her life and the birth of her son) and the depression and suicide of her son. The film features archival footage, some interviews with the directors and the actors. It is narrated by the mother, the director and the actors. I enjoyed this movie so much, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good film.

Harold C. photo
Harold C.

This documentary is a bit flawed, but overall it is a good documentary. It covers the history of the movie "The Marion Stokes Project" from the 1940's to the present day. The doc will help you to understand the human story behind the story. It's a good watch and a must see.

Melissa photo

This is a great documentary on the famous fictional woman Marion Stokes. In her prime she was a real female idol, and she showed her great range in acting. A look into her childhood, her relationship with her father, her career and her relationship with her mother. The film is very well made, and the entire time you are on the edge of your seat. You have to think that this is not really true and that everything this woman has done was fake. But it is a very well made documentary and makes you think about what you are watching. It also shows some of her own personal life and a lot of personal details that you probably never knew. And that makes the whole film feel very real.

Kathleen S. photo
Kathleen S.

This documentary is a must-see for all those who care about the human rights of people in the world. It tells the story of Marion Stokes, a mother who was kidnapped by a group of young men, and was sold into slavery in the US. She was forced to work as a domestic slave in a New York City hotel. After being freed, she was forced to marry a man she had never met. She fought for her freedom, but eventually gave in and became a "custodian" to a man she did not know. She became a victim of domestic violence and was abused by her husband. The documentary shows her struggle to be free and find her freedom, and how she was able to make it happen. It also shows the work of the people who helped her to get back on her feet. The documentary is a must-see for all those who care about the human rights of people in the world.

Roy S. photo
Roy S.

This movie, just like the other one, is a must see for the fans of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and John C. Reilly, but, as a filmmaker and documentary, it is very accurate in its telling of what the Cady Stanton and John Reilly did, how they lived and what their characters did, for their country, and for the country at large. The filmmakers clearly did their homework on this one. The music, however, by a group of English musicologists and critics, was more appropriate for a contemporary piece, rather than the period pieces that this documentary is. This documentary is as much about the movie itself as the people and events involved.

Christine Kim photo
Christine Kim

A delightful insight into the life of a young woman who would change the way people think about child abuse. Although the film does a lot of grandstanding about her crusade against child abuse, it is really about the young woman herself, who is so passionate and determined, and she is not your average victim. The film has been criticized for being unrealistic and unnecessary, but I really don't see how that's possible. If this was a movie about a real life case, I think it would be sensationalized. The real Stokes family is portrayed in a very authentic way, and we see them as real people. If it's a documentary, it would have been much better if we were to see the actual case files from the Stokes case. It would have been much more interesting. Overall, I think this is a very interesting film, and I think it is very effective at conveying the point that it is trying to make. I think it was well done. I think that many people have already seen it, but I would recommend it. It is a worthwhile and fascinating look into an important and often overlooked issue.

Timothy photo

This is a great documentary, that discusses the life and times of Marion Stokes, a prominent female civil rights activist, journalist, and writer who died in 1967 at the age of only 32. It does a great job of delving into her career as well as her personal life, focusing on her relationships with her husband, mother, and children, and also exploring her political activism, particularly the anti-war movement, the anti-Vietnam war protests, and the emergence of the Black Panther Party, which she helped found. It also gives some interesting insights into her various roles as a journalist and author, as well as her efforts to raise awareness about her experiences, particularly on the subject of Black Pantherism. I enjoyed watching this documentary because it gives an excellent look at the life of Marion Stokes, and the issues that she faced as a woman, and a human being.

Brandon Sims photo
Brandon Sims

I think this documentary was a great attempt at telling a story and presenting facts, but in my opinion it lacked some of the substance that it needed. The film, while it gives a real, though fictionalized, account of the death of Marion Stokes, also misses a great deal of the details that would have been informative. The film is very basic in many aspects, and some of the facts presented are not new to me. The film is made more with one story, then how Marion died and how she went through the period of her life that she was a reporter, and how she worked with young, talented reporters, and how she became a journalist. While this film is good, it is incomplete and the information that it presents is too much for some viewers to digest. It's also very good for other viewers, but I think that it could have been more interesting for the average viewer, especially people who are not very well-versed in this type of topic.

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I recently saw the documentary "Marion Stokes Project" (2015) at the Sundance Film Festival. It is an extremely well made and entertaining film. It was a delight to watch. "Marion Stokes" was an extremely gifted individual who was a natural-born storyteller and writer, both of which were super important in her life and career. Her story is a powerful one, and the documentary itself is highly informative. There are many interesting points to this story, and the film is well made. It is interesting to see how her story ends, and what she did with her life after she is finally able to come to terms with her disability. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in this topic.

Crystal photo

I think the film is good, but there's not much in it, no real story, no real footage. It seems like a documentary film. Some good clips, but the film isn't that interesting, and there is no real direction. I guess you can call it a documentary, but it's more like a reenactment of a life. I would recommend it to someone who is interested in this subject, but it's not very interesting.

Kelly photo

After a twenty-year absence, I finally got to see this documentary. I was curious to see what the film's critics had to say about this film. I was surprised to see that they were mostly against this film. I thought the critics did a good job of giving this film an accurate portrayal of the real Marion Stokes. I felt that the film was very well done and very well-paced. I also thought that the film was very informative and informative about the real Marion Stokes. I think this film should be seen by all people who are interested in history. This film shows how the film was made and how the real Marion Stokes really felt about the film. I am very pleased to have seen this film.

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Albert Knight

I have to admit that I really love documentaries. There are so many great ones out there that I like to watch. But I don't like movies that are about a subject that I don't really like, like the Patriot Act. That movie was awful, I think it was a lie to tell the American people that this was something they had to do. If it was not for the Patriot Act, you wouldn't have 9/11, the movie "Do the Right Thing" would not exist, the Vietnam War would not have ended, or the D-Day invasion would not have happened. This is just a movie, and if it was not for that movie, it would not exist. People who say that this is a great documentary should watch documentaries like "A Beautiful Mind" or "Saving Private Ryan". Those documentaries are about real people, they are not made up stories. The problem is that movies like this are being made about real people, and they are horrible, not at all. I would recommend that people watch the Patriot Act, the film "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Saving Private Ryan", because those are great movies about real people. The problem is that the Patriot Act is just a movie.

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Nathan Stevens

It was not the biggest budgeted documentary I've ever seen but it was worth the watch. I was impressed by the fact that this was a relatively young director with a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve and a good eye for detail. The first time I saw it I was really impressed and would watch it again in the future. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone looking for something more than a general idea of a topic, something more than a simple synopsis. I'm sure there is something more that can be told and I hope that more people are inspired to create their own documentary. Thank you for reading!

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Madison C.

I have to say, this is the most entertaining documentary I have ever seen about the genesis of music. Although I enjoyed the film, I am not a fan of the music, so I have no doubt that most of the movie was pure fiction. But the fact that they did not include most of the music, and that most of the movie was from about 20 years ago, I believe that was intentional, and probably did the movie a favor. I also find it fascinating that the music is now "out of style" and that some of the bands are fading into the background. The movie did a good job of showing the beauty of some of the more "mainstream" bands, but, the truth is, they are more about the music and not the people. I am going to look for a documentary on the "punk rock" bands, since I feel that they have done a better job of portraying the bands than the movie. I highly recommend this documentary, and I hope that people will come out of the movie with a deeper appreciation of the music. There are several documentaries that I would have liked to see about the punk rock era, but this is the best documentary that I have seen about the punk rock era. It is true that there are not many bands who have been in the history of music that have ever made it to the top, but, I think that it is a great tribute to those bands to make a documentary about their music. I rate this documentary an 8/10.

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Theresa Torres

This film has to be one of the most well-known documentaries ever made. I remember seeing this movie in the movie theater when it was first released and thought it was great. It was obvious that it had been filmed in that era and I thought it was interesting how the director used footage from that period. It's a very good film and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the music business and is looking for a film about the music industry in the 1930's and 40's. I have seen the movie many times since then and it always remains as entertaining as it did when I first saw it.

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Martha H.

The documentary is based on the true story of the Marion Stokes, a child sexual abuse survivor. The director, Richard Winger, is well known for his documentaries on the Michael Jackson molestation case, and his "The Other Side of the Story" about the Karen Black case. As you would expect, this is a story of courage and perseverance. The filmmakers make the case for the real Marion Stokes in the film and show the world a documentary that will change people's lives. The documentary is great and will stay with me for a long time.

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Danielle Jordan

The movie is a historical drama about the life of Marion Stokes. She was an American author who was a leading feminist. Her books such as "The Niece, The Widow, The Bitch, and The Bitch" are full of feminist themes. The movie does a good job of capturing the ambiance of the time. I think it is an important movie because it shows the efforts and the sacrifices that women were forced to make to be considered equal to men. I also think it is an important movie because the movie is about women and women and women. It is a great movie because it is an accurate portrayal of the times. I think that the movie is a great movie because it does a good job of capturing the ambiance of the time.

Larry photo

For a film that was made before the internet age, it still is fascinating and very thought-provoking. The facts are the same as they were then, with the internet as a tool to spread rumors and false information. But it still does a good job of highlighting a time when a journalist's job was more important than anything else. Just as in our own times, the role of the media is the one that is most dangerous, and the fact that many people actually believe what they read and watch is a very scary thing. Still, the film does an excellent job at reminding us how the internet is a tool, not a tool for propaganda. It's not a tool to spread lies, but it's a tool to spread information. As an exercise in investigative journalism, it is very well done. The "news" that they report is based on facts that are publicly available. They make sure that they make sure that they get the most up-to-date information possible. The problem is that there is so much misinformation that it's hard to get the most up-to-date information. For example, some people say that the story is about a pedophile, when in fact it's about a professor who wants to destroy a group of people because he thinks that they are corrupt. This is an example of a false rumor that is spread to discredit a group of people. It would have been a lot easier to understand if they would have been more specific about the group of people they were talking about. I also felt that the documentary did a very good job of showing us a very "typical" "big-shot" journalist, who is still in the news business, but is not being as honest and objective as he would like to be. This is something that I've seen happen time and time again, and it's really disappointing to see a film about a subject as interesting as this one, and yet they focus on the wrong side of the story. Also, some of the stories and situations portrayed in this film are very similar to those I have seen in the news, but in a much more accurate way. Overall, I was very impressed by the film. It does an excellent job of explaining a very important and challenging topic to people, and it's definitely worth seeing.

Joshua Davidson photo
Joshua Davidson

The Marion Stokes Project is an eye-opening documentary about the misadventures of the media personality and the lack of justice she faced for the murder of her child. The film is a mixture of documentary and fiction, and features interviews with some of the real victims. The film also documents the murder trial of the child killer and her lawyer, and the judge who sentenced her to death. The documentary is quite well done, and it was refreshing to see that the murderer is not really a human being, but a robot, rather than an angel. It's a very disturbing and depressing film, but it's well worth seeing.

Pamela photo

This is a great documentary about Marion Stokes. I watched this documentary in college and was completely blown away. It is a must see. This documentary really got me thinking about Marion Stokes and the way she is remembered. Marion Stokes is a great woman and I really hope that she is remembered more than just the way she was remembered. This documentary really is a must see. If you haven't seen this documentary, watch it.

Diana M. photo
Diana M.

Just like the sound of rain and snow on a snowy day. The documentary is so good. The narration is the best part of the documentary. It is full of the memories of all the people involved. The documentary is made from the people's perspectives. It is an unforgettable experience.

Brian C. photo
Brian C.

A mother and daughter, Karla and Maynarde Stokes, went on a trip to Mexico, after which Karla was diagnosed with autism and Maynarde with Asperger Syndrome. It's very easy to be skeptical of a documentary like this. They were willing to spend their own money to make it, so it's not really a "hoax." On the other hand, if you don't take this documentary with a grain of salt, it's very inspiring. As a parent of a child with autism, I can relate to these stories. And it really shows you that if you are willing to take a risk for a better future for your child, you will be able to see that future come true. There are a lot of families like the Stokes' that are being left behind. It is really amazing to see the transformation of Maynarde. I can tell you that if I had a child with autism, I would not have given up my job, and I would have given my daughter to save her life.

Carl photo

This is a documentary that explores the life and career of Marion Stokes, the famed womanizer who was the first woman to win an Oscar in film history. The film is a very interesting look at the lives of Stokes, her husband, and her friends and family, and the director also does an amazing job of getting you to really feel for these people. The film is very well-made, with great photography and a great soundtrack. The story is told in a very interesting and engaging way. The only thing I would have liked to see was a bit more about Stokes' personal life, but this is not a huge problem. Overall, I highly recommend this film.

Zachary Miller photo
Zachary Miller

I was looking forward to this documentary for a long time. I was very much looking forward to the revelations from the "Marion Stokes Project", but sadly, I was disappointed. The documentary is about a woman who was a famous singer in the 1930's and 40's. Her name was Marion Stokes. She had a son, who was very troubled and did not know who he was. After her death, her daughter had the idea to do a documentary about her. She started filming her mother and she found out that she was very abusive. The film is very depressing and you can tell that she was a very controlling mother. There are many people who have had to deal with her and there are many people who have suffered from her. The documentary is very depressing. The only thing that I found to be good was the fact that it was very accurate. The documentary is very depressing and it is very hard to watch. I would recommend that you do not watch this documentary.

Gerald D. photo
Gerald D.

When she was a young girl, Marion Stokes was abused in foster care by a cruel family and lived in a mental institution. During her time in the institution, she wrote down her own name. This collection of several recordings of her stories is now available as a book. It is a significant documentary on Marion's life and the people who knew her. It is narrated by Deena Fidas, who worked with Marion at the Stokes home. The collection consists of three stories, including one about the adoption of Marion's nephew by a family in South Carolina. We also hear from her parents, friends, and care workers. They are often very supportive. The stories are mixed but often have a common thread that resonates with the viewer. The third story has a strong message and is also one of the best. There are many moving and moving moments in this collection. The collection is primarily about Marion and her family. It is also about the people who knew her. The audio is mostly in English. The voices are also mostly of women, and that might be a problem for some. If you have any interest in domestic violence or abuse, this is a must-see.

Roger L. photo
Roger L.

Film maker Rick Carlisle is a true story about a deaf and dumb man who was incarcerated at the age of 15. Since the moment he was born, he has never spoken, was mute from the age of four to 18, and is only partially functioning. His only instruction was how to use a pen. In an effort to help him talk, his mother took him to a library where a man named Robin Morgan, a famous psychiatrist, started the Talking Machine Project. In what has to be the most infamous film of all time, Carlisle plays the role of Carlisle who has been dubbed "Sharky." The director's take on the subject is also the best of the documentary. They play it extremely similar to the John Wayne classic "The Searchers." Carlisle was forced to act in some of the film and he says that is what he does. I don't know that they even wanted to act in the film. They were just trying to make a film, and one that they could not do. The documentary is a really well done story, but it's sad that Carlisle is still in jail. His name is Robert Carlisle and he is not getting any better.

Martha photo

I would have to say that this is the best documentary that I have seen about the story of Marion Stokes. The documentary is well done and the director does an excellent job of capturing the life of Marion Stokes. The movie is beautifully shot and the sound is good. The movie is very informative and the movie does a great job of explaining the story of Marion Stokes. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in Marion Stokes and her story. If you are interested in Marion Stokes, you should definitely watch this documentary.

William photo

This is an excellent documentary that I recommend to everyone, no matter what their age, gender, or sexuality. The director uses the medium of film to illustrate how our society's laws regarding sex are outdated and harmful, and how young people are just as much a victim of the current laws as older people. The interviews are always interesting, and the camera work is beautifully framed to show the vast range of emotions that can be felt when discussing this issue. Although the "first" film was made in 1999, it is still relevant, and I look forward to seeing what director Laura Dolby will do next.

Madison photo

I've been following this story since the beginning and was glad to see it finally get the attention it deserves. The documentary was shot in a way that gives the audience an intimate look at what it's like to be a single parent, a single parent with a child with a disability, and the struggles they face with a child who is diagnosed with autism. The documentary is a powerful testimony that the world needs to hear, and I am very thankful that it's finally getting the exposure it deserves. I am also grateful that the film makers were willing to go to all the trouble to make sure that everyone gets the chance to hear this story, and I hope that this documentary will inspire many people to get involved in autism research and to share their stories with others. It's a story that needs to be heard, and I'm glad that the world is finally starting to hear about it.

Jessica Perry photo
Jessica Perry

This documentary is pretty fascinating and fascinating, especially for people who don't know about the Stokes family or the family of the tragic events that happened in the late 1960's. The documentary starts with a segment on the man who died that day, but I would say it would be best if you watch it first, because then you get the whole story, including the legal proceedings. It's a fascinating story, but if you don't know much about the family, it might be hard to understand what's going on. I have a lot of questions about the family and their lives, and the documentary really helps to clarify them. It's a little bit too much at the beginning, but it will get better as it goes along. I thought it was great, and it was also very funny. I think that's the best part of the documentary, because it's really entertaining. I definitely recommend it. * out of *

Theresa S. photo
Theresa S.

When I first saw this documentary, I was very surprised to see the age difference between the filmmakers and the people interviewed. It's very interesting to see the couple talk about how they first met, their favorite foods and their favorite movies. I also liked the fact that they talked about how they had been influenced by those films and heard them speak. I'm glad that they've now released a DVD, and I hope they release it to the public in the future.

Cynthia photo

This documentary is about the television series "Marion Stokes", which ran from 1978 to 1983. It was written by Barbara Bain, the wife of CBS president Hugh Bain. The project was a box office success and eventually became the longest running series on television. I was a fan of the show when I was a kid, but after watching the documentary, I know it was a lot more than just a show. It's a look at how the show affected its host and its subjects. It looks at the time the show came to air and the show itself, and then into the various lives that were touched by it. It looks at the career of the show's host and its main subject. It also looks at the show and the personalities involved. We see how the show helped each of the people involved in it become famous and the stories they tell about their lives. It's also important to note that this is a documentary, not a news story, so it's very much about the people involved, not the show. And as a result, the documentary is very lighthearted. It is mostly very funny, with a few tears. I especially liked the interviews with the original writers and the cast members of the show. One of the interviews had a lot of insight into the writing process. One of the interviewees also had a very good sense of humor. This documentary has a lot of very good interviews and the documentary is very well edited. But I was kind of disappointed by the ending, which I can't remember the exact words of. I think the entire project would have been a lot better if it was a series instead of a documentary. It would have given the viewer a sense of the entire project. That is not the case with this documentary.

Susan M. photo
Susan M.

At first glance, this documentary seems like an interesting look into the life of Marion Stokes (née Gorman) and her son. However, that's not the case. The movie takes a lot of time to get to the meat of the story. We learn that Marion's son was not sexually abused by her, but rather sexually abused by her former husband. While Marion was not a child molester, her husband was. This all leads to her divorce and the dissolution of the Stokes family. As such, we get a good look into the Stokes family history and Marion's life as a single mother. We also learn a bit about the Marion's faith, which is shown in a good way. The story is filled with good information. It was a good idea to tell the story as a documentary. However, I think it could have been better because of the lack of the documentation. I feel that there is a need for more research in order to understand the movie.

Randy photo

I enjoyed the movie and loved the lead actress in it. It was very interesting to watch how she had to find out what happened to her son from the 1950s. She was quite a character and the two stories were interesting. It is so sad to think that this may be the last movie she will ever make. I am so glad that she has now found a movie that she can make and that she can tell her story. She made a great movie and it is great to see the progress she has made. I think the movie is worth seeing if you can find it.

Timothy R. photo
Timothy R.

I saw this documentary at the Denver Film Festival. It is a compelling story of a woman's quest for a truthful memory of her childhood, her efforts to gain access to her memories, and her marriage to her late husband. It is also a cautionary tale of the lingering legacy of false memories. The fact that this documentary was made by the original director and the first person interviewed is an indication that the subjects are doing a great job of telling the story in their own words. This documentary is not perfect by any means. There are numerous inaccuracies and inconsistencies. However, this film does a remarkable job of capturing the very heart and soul of the original woman who is now making this documentary. The documentary is about her true life story, but also about her journey into the world of false memories. If you are not familiar with the story of Marion Stokes, I recommend that you do a little research and watch the interview with Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who was the first person to get access to her memories. She is a very telling and honest interview, and you will hear some of her personal stories of her journey. As always, I enjoyed this documentary immensely. If you like a good documentary, watch this one. It is definitely worth the watch.

Amanda Patel photo
Amanda Patel

I came across this documentary by accident, and I am glad I did. It is a must-see for all who want to know more about the world of drug and alcohol abuse. And it does a great job of illustrating the effects that drug abuse has on the individuals involved. One can only hope that there are more documentaries like this one out there.

Howard photo

This movie is about the evolution of music in the 60's. One of the first interviews I ever saw was with the mother of Joan Baez. She was asking her daughter about her childhood. I was amazed how she could use her voice so well. The first words that came out of her mouth were "My mother made me write music." I couldn't help but think of my own mother, who was deaf, and I was just as passionate about music as she was. This movie is a great showcase of how the generations of music were born. It is full of interviews with many of the musical legends that shaped the culture. If you are a music lover, this is a must see.

Albert W. photo
Albert W.

This is an incredible documentary. I can't imagine anyone who doesn't like it. I can't think of anything I would change about it. It is in no way meant to be a comedy. If you want to see an intelligent, intelligent, intelligent documentary, watch an episode of The Daily Show. It is far more entertaining. If you want to see a documentary about a crime that happened over 100 years ago, see "The Greatest Story Ever Told."

Deborah Beck photo
Deborah Beck

It was a very interesting and interesting movie. It had a great subject, and it is a movie that is very realistic and very well made. The problem with this movie is that it is not really a documentary. This is a movie that focuses on a great subject. It focuses on a very big question and it tries to answer the question. But in the end, it does not answer the question. The question is not really answered. And if you look at it from a documentary point of view, this movie is not a documentary. This is a movie that is more focused on the human aspect. There are a lot of really important things that happened in that day. It is very hard to get that detail. There is no way that you can get that detail. And even if you try, it is just not possible. That's why it is very hard to understand the movie. So, I think that the movie is very good. I recommend it.

George S. photo
George S.

This is a very emotional documentary about the life of Marion Stokes, the first woman in the world to land a man on the moon. She was on the other side of the moon, and she was married to George White, a NASA engineer, who lived with her on the lunar surface. The story is quite extraordinary, and a lot of people who lived through it will relate to it. This is a documentary about a woman, and a person who gave so much, and lost so much. And it is a very moving film, because you really feel for her. There are some strange moments, but it is still very much a story about love and loss. But there is a lot more to the story than just that. There is the story of how she came to be on the moon, but also of her success and failures in her life, and how she has been able to deal with them. There are interviews with other people who were there, and some of the things that she experienced on the moon. This is a very powerful film, and I highly recommend it.

Gerald photo

This documentary presents the struggles of an ordinary woman who fights a battle for her life in the country where she works. The hardships that she has to go through to make a living, are things that you wouldn't expect. And they aren't something you would expect from a documentary about a woman who fights to get a better life. The stories that the participants tell are incredible and eye opening. The documentary is well produced, but it is not the most powerful documentary I've ever seen. I felt that the focus was very much on the women and the stories they tell. If you like the way that the women speak, I think you will love this documentary.

Lori Snyder photo
Lori Snyder

This is a very entertaining and thought-provoking documentary. It tells the story of Marion Stokes, a woman who lost her son in a fire. After the fire, she made a documentary about her life. This documentary is filled with great stories and interviews with people who have known Marion and her son. The film is very moving and shows the effect that her documentary had on her. She was a very important figure in the women's movement and the film does a good job of showing the impact her documentary had on women. The film also does a good job of showing the impact of the fire on her and her son. I also really liked the way the film shows the life of the firefighters. I think it shows the importance of firefighters and their work and also the tragedy that they had to deal with. The documentary is well done and worth seeing.

Lauren George photo
Lauren George

The real reason that this documentary is so great is that it provides an insight into the inner workings of a very unique film maker. It is not a documentary, but more of a film about the creation of a documentary. It is a look at the making of a documentary and the amazing process that took place. This documentary is truly a must see for anyone interested in documentary making, or in the world of documentary films. I think it is a must see for anyone interested in film, or in the film industry. It is a very important documentary that you should see, and you should see it with someone who is interested in the film industry. It is a great documentary and I am glad I watched it.

Austin photo

I found this documentary very interesting. I am a big fan of the Coen brothers, so I was interested in seeing this documentary. I have seen all of their films, and I have always enjoyed their stories. The way they made the documentary was interesting, and the stories that they told were also interesting. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who likes to learn about the Coen brothers.