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A Private War

A Private War is a movie starring Rosamund Pike, Alexandra Moen, and Tom Hollander. One of the most celebrated war correspondents of our time, Marie Colvin is an utterly fearless and rebellious spirit, driven to the frontline of...

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Uma Guerra Pessoal, Milkhama Pratit, Una guerra privada, Marie Colvin, Prywatna wojna, 私人戰爭, プライベート・ウォー, Moj lični rat, La corresponsal, Moj Osobni Rat, Ο δικός της πόλεμος
Running Time
1 hours 50 minutes
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War, Drama, Biography
Matthew Heineman
Arash Amel, Marie Brenner
Tom Hollander, Rosamund Pike, Alexandra Moen, Faye Marsay
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In a world where journalism is under attack, Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike) is one of the most celebrated war correspondents of our time. Colvin is an utterly fearless and rebellious spirit, driven to the frontlines of conflicts across the globe to give voice to the voiceless, while constantly testing the limits between bravery and bravado. After being hit by a grenade in Sri Lanka, she wears a distinctive eye patch and is still as comfortable sipping martinis with London's elite as she is confronting dictators. Colvin sacrifices loving relationships, and over time, her personal life starts to unravel as the trauma she's witnessed takes its toll. Yet, her mission to show the true cost of war leads her -- along with renowned war photographer Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan) -- to embark on the most dangerous assignment of their lives in the besieged Syrian city of Homs.

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Bryan photo

I'm not sure how I felt about this movie before I saw it. I wasn't a big fan of Liam Neeson and thought he wasn't the best choice for a war movie, but after seeing it, I found myself very impressed. The movie is a bit slow at times, but it does a good job of making you feel like you are there. The movie is not a great war movie, but it's a good movie nonetheless. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a good war movie. It's not perfect, but it's a good movie.

Jennifer photo

I really liked this movie, as it was a great story of the lives of the main characters. I was impressed with the performances of all the main players. The cast did a great job with the scenes they were given. The story was good. The battles were realistic, and the character development was great. I am also a big fan of George Clooney and he was wonderful as the lead character. I have seen him in several movies, and he is one of my favorite actors. The story was great. It was a great story of a man who was in Vietnam as a pilot. I really liked this movie. It is a great story of the Vietnam war and the lives of these men. I recommend it for all who enjoy great historical movies.

Roy Larson photo
Roy Larson

This movie starts out on a fairly realistic level, giving us the usual characters of Sergeant Lee, Private Porter, Corporal Haddad and Private Layton. They are all just ordinary young men, with a simple life, where they live in the outskirts of London. Lee is a former soldier, who has a love for girls and is generally considered the worst of the bunch. The sergeant is his younger brother. Porter is the black sheep of the family, who doesn't seem to fit in. The lieutenant is the kind of guy that can't really do anything without his men. The Private is a young man who goes out to get drunk and has a problem with getting into trouble. The Corporal has an unusual passion for books, and a strange interest in music. And then we have Private Layton, who seems to have a personal vendetta against Private Porter. The movie is not without its flaws. We are left wondering what the hell Private Layton is doing in the jungle. The end of the movie doesn't quite have a point. But I still give it a 7/10. It was a bit different than the usual Hollywood war movies, and it was interesting to see how the soldiers felt about each other. The movie is not overly violent, but is still gruesome. It is a good movie, but could have been better.

Louis G. photo
Louis G.

It is difficult to say whether or not George Clooney's film "Private War" is a triumph or a letdown, a good movie or a bad one. He definitely is one of the most gifted actors in the world, able to take a simple script and turn it into a complex and thoughtful story about a man who wants to do right. He is extremely good in this film, and I have never seen an actor so talented in his role. I'm not going to spoil the plot for anyone, because that is what you should do when you watch it. Suffice it to say that George Clooney portrays a young lieutenant, Lieutenant David Walker, who goes to Iraq in his early twenties and has his life turned upside down. The movie follows his rise and fall from the bottom of the barrel to the top. He does not have a lot of redeeming qualities, and he is a man who will not take no for an answer. He is a very sympathetic character, and the movie is very good at showing how his personality and his psyche is different from the other soldiers in the platoon. The film also shows how a simple slap in the face can really change a person. The most dramatic scene in the film is when Walker is pushed over the edge by his commanding officer and then is sent to Iraq to die. It is a very brutal scene, but also one of the most well-acted scenes in the movie. I don't want to give anything away, but I do want to tell you what I thought about it. "Private War" is an extremely well-made movie. It is filled with real life scenes that are dramatic and realistic. The plot is great, and the movie is one that I would recommend to any audience. I am a huge fan of George Clooney, and I am glad that he decided to be in this film. I can't wait to see what he does next. My Rating: 7/10.

Olivia McDonald photo
Olivia McDonald

I guess if you have ever seen any of Clint Eastwood's movies you know how that feels. And you might say "That's what I'm gonna do to him", but I think it's better to have your own opinion. This movie is not an attack on the American military or its history, but rather a retelling of the events that led to the conflict between Japan and the US. As you can see, there are many parts that are true. This movie is a bit long but overall it's very good. The cast is not that great, but it's not that bad. I like many of Clint's movies and this is no exception, but I think it's very obvious that he likes his films a bit more. As for the story, I don't really know what's wrong with it, but it's hard to believe that it's a true story, so I won't say anything else about it. I think the best part of this movie is probably the beautiful cinematography. The war scenes are so realistic that it's almost impossible to believe that the events are real. And the scenery is perfect. In addition, there is a great supporting cast. I really don't know who they are, but they are really good actors. To conclude, I think the acting is fine. The cinematography is nice. The music is perfect. I don't think it's good, but it's pretty good. And this is the best part of the movie. It's probably the most exciting part. But that doesn't mean it's the best part of the movie. There are so many parts that are unrealistic that it makes the movie boring. But this is not the reason to dislike it. Clint Eastwood should have been allowed to make a movie that's a bit longer, and better. There is some really nice scenes in this movie, but there is also some really boring parts, especially the second half. I recommend this movie to Clint Eastwood fans and everyone else. But it's not a masterpiece. It's not a must-see. But it's good.

James C. photo
James C.

The story of the infamous Baker's Cross Raid is a relatively new one, and the movie (though obviously portraying an inaccurate version) covers most of the basics. The movie was filmed at the same time as the aforementioned "At War With The Axis" (which was filmed by the same people, but not really a true war story). While "At War With The Axis" may have been an accurate account, it was not a war movie, and was more about the search for the men who were captured. The movie does a good job of showing the struggles and morale of the men during that period of time. I would have liked to have seen a little more focus on what the men did after the war, but I was able to make the movie not too boring. I thought the acting was good. I especially liked Max Von Sydow's portrayal of Captain Edward Tully, and was impressed by the performance of Sean Bean. I also thought John Hurt and Max von Sydow were great. All in all, a good movie, with an interesting story and good acting.

Mark R. photo
Mark R.

The story of John Lennon's life and the people around him is well-told, although some of the details are a bit thin. The movie is about John's struggle with being a different kind of person. In the last scene, when he is being taken from the hospital, his face is quite familiar to me, as it was in the movie. The actors in the movie were very good. In particular, Michael Clark Duncan was excellent as John, but the movie could have been better. The music and the colors are very well done, although some scenes could have been better. The movie was very slow-paced, but I think that was necessary, as the story was rather complicated.

Dylan photo

I didn't really know what to expect from this movie but I decided to give it a shot. And I was pleasantly surprised. The story of a Jewish soldier who finds himself in the middle of the war, fighting for the Nazis is a rather common one. This is a relatively good one that comes along once in a while. But it is a movie that keeps the viewer's interest throughout. The story is based on the real life of the man, who decided to fight in the war. And the story is told in an interesting and engaging way. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a movie with a good plot, a good message and good acting. And this is a movie that should be watched by all. It is a good movie that is worth watching.

Doris photo

For those of you who hate war documentaries, I suggest you avoid this one. It's too bloody for you. I think this movie is about Vietnam, the war that left over 200,000 dead, and it's about a small group of Americans in that war who lived in that war, and the few they left behind. The movie is well made, and the cast did a good job. I also think it was done well, and in a way that wasn't preachy. It was just a story of life, and how these people lived it. It was not a documentary, which is why I gave it a 7. I also liked the ending, I also liked the film's message, but I also have to say I was not very impressed with the film.

Joseph Riley photo
Joseph Riley

This movie is a very good film. The story is great and the acting is great. It is not a movie for everyone though, I mean, just watch it for yourself. It is very powerful, the power of the human spirit, the power of love and the power of patriotism. It is a film that you should watch and make sure you do not miss.

Walter Franklin photo
Walter Franklin

This movie was based on the novel of the same name by Daniel Ellsberg. It is a highly political and controversial book, and should be seen by all who know about the Vietnam war. I don't think it is a complete rip-off, but a few small details are wrong. The movie shows Vietnam as a complicated, full of wars, but not just one war. It shows the lives of the people and how they die. The movie is full of romance and political debates, and also shows the killing of a soldier. It is not only a good movie, but a good documentary about the Vietnam war. It shows the violence, the rape and the torture. I think the movie is good, but I think the information about the war is wrong. I hope the director changes the information in the movie.

Amber photo

There is a great deal of film history that was suppressed in the West for a long time, but what is still being suppressed is the vital lessons that the West learned from the very beginning of its development. This film is about that, and the lack of understanding of that history in the West, is what this film is about. There are some pretty ugly things in this film, but the message that the film brings is a powerful one. It is one of the few films that does not show the usual Hollywood anti-Americanism, and that is why it is still important to see it. It is an important film for all Americans. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the history of the United States, and to those who want to see an excellent film.

Marilyn B. photo
Marilyn B.

First of all I'd like to say that this movie is so much better than most of the movies I've seen lately. I liked this movie very much. It was different, exciting and very touching. I was so moved and wanted to know what would happen next. It's a story of courage and friendship. I'm glad I saw this movie and I would recommend it to anybody.

Joan photo

The movie could have been better. I found the first half of the movie to be overly sentimental, but it did make a point of portraying an interesting situation in a believable and interesting way. The second half, on the other hand, I found a bit too far-fetched, and the final action sequence to be too convoluted and rushed. If you're not into historical war movies and love the concept of it, you'll probably like this movie. If you like war movies, you might also like this movie.

Christopher photo

I'm not a big fan of war movies, so I was very hesitant about seeing this movie. I was wrong. This is an excellent film and the performances are all very good. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Vietnam war and its aftermath. I found this movie to be very realistic and very realistic. I thought the movie was very powerful, especially the end of the movie. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but it is a very powerful ending that is very powerful. The acting was very good, especially from Bill Paxton and Christopher Plummer. I found them to be very believable. This movie is very well done, and it is well worth seeing. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that is accurate and does not show any violence.

Frank photo

I am a bit skeptical about seeing a film that has been done so many times before. I saw this film the other day, and I thought it was a really good film. I think that the film was pretty well done. I liked the story and the acting was good. It was an interesting story and a good film to watch.

Betty photo

A Private War was made in the early 90s by UK Director Ian Holm. It tells the story of the two young soldiers in the French paratroopers, who are dropped on the beaches of Normandy for the first time. The film is shot in an authentic 1940's style and shows how the horrors of war were real for the men in the trench. This is a very emotional film and the final scenes are very powerful. Ian Holm is not a great director, but this film is his best film so far. It is a story that is very close to his heart and he does a great job of creating a realistic war film. The cast is all excellent and the performances are all great. The only real downside is that there is a bit too much going on, but it doesn't matter because the story is powerful and emotional. This is a very well made film and a great film about the realities of war. It is worth watching.

Jacob B. photo
Jacob B.

A Private War is a brilliant movie about the bravery of one man who went to fight in the European war. The film is based on the real life story of Major William D. 'Bill' Ryan. He was a courageous man who gave his life for his country and who became a hero after the war. I found the story very exciting and I thought it was a great movie. The film is based on the real life story of Bill Ryan. He was a private soldier during the war and he was an infantryman. He was captured by the Germans and was sent to a camp in Germany where he was tortured. During this time he was exposed to extreme situations such as solitary confinement and starvation. He was forced to drink his own urine. He was forced to watch the mutilated corpses of his comrades. He was made to watch German propaganda and he was forced to learn German. He was forced to fight against his own country. The film shows the harsh conditions of the camp and the atrocities committed by the Germans. It shows the bravery of Bill Ryan and the bravery of the German soldiers who gave their lives for their country. I liked the film and I thought it was a great movie. I recommend this film to anyone who likes history, war movies, or drama.

James G. photo
James G.

I saw this film at a screening in London. I was pleasantly surprised by the way it was directed, the acting, and the overall quality of the film. I was especially impressed by the performances of the two leads. My only reservation was the degree to which the script was so obtuse that I found myself constantly seeking the translation of the dialogue into a meaningful statement. I suspect that this is an extremely rare occurrence in the American cinema, but it was distracting. The overall tone of the film was set well before the plot began. There were only a few points in the film where I found myself thinking, "Whoa. This is going to be a lot more complicated than it appears." Overall, it was a very good film, well worth seeing.

Nancy photo

To be honest, I was skeptical to begin with. After seeing The Hurt Locker I was apprehensive to watch a film by Ben Affleck. That film was great, but the rest of his films were so predictable. The only reason I watched this film is because of Affleck. This is the first movie I have seen by him that I didn't feel like I was watching the same movie twice. It was different. I love the acting in this film. The chemistry between the actors is great. It is hard to believe that this was all the acting. I think the director did a great job with the camera movement. This is a very slow moving movie but I can't wait to see what the next project from Ben Affleck is. I look forward to more of his work.

Eugene Howard photo
Eugene Howard

I saw this movie at the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. The film was a very poignant and honest look at the aftermath of war. The characters in the movie were very real and the acting was superb. It was very interesting to watch the reactions of the soldiers in the movie as well as the soldiers who were involved in the movie. It was very moving and I found myself crying a few times during the movie. It was a very powerful movie and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a movie that is not filled with explosions, battles and blood. I give this movie a 9/10.

Christine E. photo
Christine E.

If you like an accurate depiction of WWII, if you are an admirer of Mark Wahlberg, or if you just like to see a great film, then this movie is for you. The movie is very accurate in it's portrayal of what the soldiers of the Army actually went through during WWII. The story is based on a book by Andy Weir and that book is one of the best I have read. I found the movie to be very realistic, which I love. The acting is amazing, Wahlberg and the other actors did an amazing job, and the actors portrayed the story very accurately. I give this movie a 9/10.

Lauren Warren photo
Lauren Warren

By doing this movie you can have two major benefits: 1) You will become aware of the many serious human rights violations committed by the Japanese by the end of the war, and 2) You will learn about the many instances of the Japanese military and civilian authorities taking advantage of the civilians during the war, such as, for example, raping, murdering and stealing of women and children. The movie gives an excellent insight into this situation, and it will make you think about how the Japanese people and government behaved towards the civilians during this war, especially in the infamous Rape of Nanking. This movie also gives an insight into the atrocities committed by the Japanese military in China during this war, which is very disturbing to see, and it also shows how the Japanese military and civilians were complicit in these atrocities. By making this movie you can see that even during the war, the Japanese were able to get away with committing many human rights violations. In the end, this movie shows that the Japanese people were not the bad guys, but they were still victims of a brutal war. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

David photo

If you can't be bothered to see this movie, then just go and get your dossiers ready. The movie is directed by Sean Penn (The Departed, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford) and written by Anthony L. Russo (The Irony of Fate, A Few Good Men) and a young actor named Andrew Niccol (The Year of Living Dangerously, The Spectacular Now). Niccol is best known for his work on the TV series Fringe and is also the man behind the new show Breaking Bad, a very dark show which has done really well for the studio and is something that I really enjoyed watching. This movie however, is something completely different. I won't give anything away because you'll need to see it for yourself, but the movie is a great movie, about what you would expect from a movie about Vietnam, and it's an entertaining movie, with some really great performances from Penn and Niccol. The movie is also very emotional, with many great scenes, and it really shows you what it was like to be a soldier in Vietnam. The acting is amazing and the cast is absolutely amazing, the story is also very powerful, it's a great movie and a great watch, with great performances and a great story. It's a great movie, but it's not a movie you should see in theaters. It's a great movie, and it's a great movie, but it's not a movie you should see in theaters, but I recommend you see it on a big screen. 9/10

Jeremy Y. photo
Jeremy Y.

The English speaking, and thus Western, powers of the 1940s were not only preoccupied with keeping the world from the clutches of communism but were also under an internal threat of a new kind of militarism. The strategy of the war had been to send out men to the front lines, far from home, to make the lives of those in uniform unbearable. The men who did this fought for the very notion of freedom, and at the cost of their own lives. This is an extremely well told story of the Pacific War. The film is made by the same man who directed the epic "Pearl Harbour", and it takes us back to those times. It tells the story of two very different men, and the men who fought for them. They were, in many ways, similar. Both were in the UK Army, both fought for the freedom of their country. But, of course, their war was different, and the film tells the story of a men who fought for their country, and who, at the end of the war, became a symbol of the old west, or rather, a symbol of a new west, which had been created from the ashes of the old west. The film is not too political, though it does touch upon some very sensitive issues. One of the key themes of the film is the relationship between the two men, the French and the English, who fought, and had fought, for their country. The relationship between the two men is shown in a number of different ways, both good and bad. The film shows a man who is weak, but has a spirit and a determination which others don't understand. The film shows the fact that he has a little bit of a 'child' inside him, which was always there, but was denied the opportunity to express itself. This film is a very important film, and a must see.

Margaret Armstrong photo
Margaret Armstrong

I have a friend who is an ex-military man and is a great actor. It's always great to see him in movies. So, I watched this movie, knowing very little about it. When I saw the trailer, I was interested to see what this movie would be about. And when I watched the movie, I found out it's a true story, the movie is based on true events. There are many facts and everything I expected. But, the movie is not about the war, but about the soldiers who fought in this war. They must be one of the most amazing stories, how they faced the horrors of war, especially at the end. I recommend this movie to people who are interested in war movies, especially those who have a military background. It's a movie about soldiers, and what they went through.

Walter B. photo
Walter B.

I am not familiar with the book. I am not familiar with the movie, though I have watched it many times. I thought this movie was very well done. It had great attention to detail and the story was well told. The only thing I could criticize was that the movie was slow. I just didn't care about what happened. The movie would have been much better if they cut out the unnecessary scenes. I found it hard to really care about what was happening. There were times when I couldn't even finish watching it. I thought the acting was very good, though I was not a fan of anyone in the movie. I think it is a very underrated movie. The actors and actresses were great, and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Sharon photo

An excellent movie for anyone who enjoys history and war. The story is true to life and the actors really bring it to life. It is well done and the performances are outstanding. I have been a fan of Tom Hanks ever since I saw his work in "Harrison's Flood". I was so excited to see him in this film. The same can be said for Cate Blanchett. It was good to see Blanchett back on the silver screen after a few years off. The movie is shot in such a way that you can see the many points of view of the soldiers. There is a lot of great photography. The scenery is beautiful and the special effects are done very well. All in all, I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Rose Beck photo
Rose Beck

I liked this film a lot. I have been a British Army officer for almost two decades and I was amazed at how authentic the filming was. There were a few scenes I didn't like but the whole film was very realistic. I didn't feel like I was watching a movie because it was so real. It made me feel like I was there and not a fictional character in the film. The acting was very good, especially by the American actor who played the British Major. I also liked how the film went back and forth from the war and how the lead characters were actually soldiers. I found it very moving and at the end I was very emotional.

Arthur photo

This is an excellent and sensitive portrayal of the second world war, a period of historical importance that is often under-explored. I was pleased to see that this film made no reference to the pre-war years, for which I am sure many people will feel very angry, but it also avoids many of the pitfalls of war documentaries, for which I think many other films are inferior. The acting was superb throughout, especially the two British actors who played the American pilots. In particular, the acting of the pilot played by Robert Redford and the US fighter pilot played by Paul Bettany was superb. I especially liked the scene where Redford tells Bettany about his flying school and explains that, unlike other pilots, he has not been given a chance to prove himself. Bettany is able to feel sorry for his former student, and there is a genuine sense of sadness that emerges when he finally gives him the boot. I have not seen the other "American" films about the war, but from what I have read they were all very good, and I am sure I will be looking out for more.

Brian F. photo
Brian F.

I am a huge fan of War of the Worlds, but this movie was a bit disappointing. The first scene was very intense, but then it just got a bit boring. It was a bit disjointed and a bit confusing, like the characters were running around in circles and everything was explained with some background information. I think this movie could have been so much better if the characters were more clearly defined, but overall it was a good movie, I recommend it.

Jessica photo

War has changed the world for better or worse, but it is a fact that the same things happen again and again. These days, the modern military is very much one of the things that has changed the world. From the battlefields of World War I, to the modern battlefields of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, modern wars have not changed the world, but they have changed people. Those who live in a war zone are those who have a certain emotional response to the events, and those who do not. In many ways, the modern military has become like the modern human. The soldiers, their families, and those who have been there with them, have changed. They are no longer the people who were brought up in a small, rural town, and raised by a single parent. They have become people of different backgrounds, and their attitudes are different. There are people who are very much attached to their guns, and are prepared to die for them. Others are quite scared, and want to know the truth about what they are doing. And, some are just people. For the most part, it is hard to say what is better: the soldiers in the war zones, or the civilians in the towns and cities. Sometimes, it is difficult to tell whether it is better for the soldiers or for the civilians. But the fact that it is very hard to say whether it is better for the soldiers, is exactly why it is important to know who is fighting and who is fighting for the wrong reasons. This movie was extremely well made, and does a very good job in portraying the conflict between the soldiers and the civilians. I also found it very interesting to see the difference between the two cultures, and how the civilians are trying to adapt to the culture that the soldiers have brought. It is an interesting movie, and should be seen by those who want to learn more about the conflicts that are taking place today. It is also interesting to see how this movie compares to other war movies. It is not at all like Saving Private Ryan, or The Hurt Locker, or Pearl Harbor, or The Last of the Mohicans, or The Thin Red Line, or any other war movie that I have seen. This movie is not about the war. It is about how people have changed and how they have changed. It is also about how the soldiers have changed and how they have changed. This movie is about changing people, and the way that people change, and how the soldiers have changed

Donald L. photo
Donald L.

I have seen this film twice. The first time I was in the theatre and it was a very good film. The second time I watched it on TV and I was very disappointed. The story was slow and the characters were not very interesting. It was like watching a film on TV. The story was very good but it was not very good. I would not recommend this film. The film is very good but it is not very good.

Angela W. photo
Angela W.

I had no idea what this film was about. I had never heard of it and was not familiar with the background. I am a big fan of the war in Vietnam. I am familiar with the 'war to end all wars' that occurred in South East Asia. I thought that the film was based on some other novel. I saw it, and was shocked to find out that it was based on a true story. I was completely unprepared for the level of detail that was included in this film. The film is a tear jerker and it has a lot of drama. It has a lot of love and sorrow. There are a lot of emotions that the film evokes. I loved it. I also thought that the acting was good. I think that the performances were the best that I have seen in a film in quite some time. The film was very dramatic and it was believable. The film is very strong on the facts and the story is very realistic. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the Vietnam War. It is very strong on the facts. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves war films, especially films about the Vietnam War.

Christian photo

The movie does not try to be too political or preachy. It's about soldiers and their families. I think this is an important movie. It will teach a lot of things. I love the story. It is a beautiful movie.

Samuel photo

This film does a wonderful job of showing the terrible violence and suffering of WW2. It is a good story and well acted. The film is also very informative and in some cases very interesting. I'm glad I had the chance to see this film.

John Salazar photo
John Salazar

I watched this movie at the movies and I really liked it. I enjoyed it from start to finish. I thought it was a very good film. The film starts out in 1944 when the Germans are invading Holland. They were going to attack Holland from the sea and were going to take over the city of Rotterdam. The Dutch were going to fight back. This is a great movie about the resistance. The story is good and the actors are great. There is a lot of action in this movie. It's a great movie to watch with friends and to pass time. The plot is very good and the action scenes are very good. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. It's a great movie.

Steven photo

The film is based on a true story, about the death of a war hero. The film is very well made, and very entertaining. The cast are good, and the director knows how to use his camera to capture a scene and tell a story. The story is very well told, and is very gripping. The film is very depressing, but the director has a way to make it bearable. The film has many twists and turns, and there are a few scenes that are a bit dark, but the director does well to keep the movie upbeat. The music is great, and the cinematography is really well done. This is a film that is very different from the usual war film. The film is very dark, and the director has a way to get the viewer to feel the emotions of the characters. I do not think the film is that good, but it is an enjoyable movie, and I do recommend it. I do think that the film is not as good as the others, but it is still very good, and worth a watch.

Jacqueline photo

This is a very interesting and at times touching film about war. It is a simple story of two soldiers who are determined to win a war that they could not win themselves. It is not a simple war story, it is a personal story about two men who, when their lives are in danger, will do anything to win their freedom. There is a great performance by Morgan Freeman. He plays a man who is afraid of death, yet he can not help but do what he is ordered to do. This film is definitely worth seeing, and it should be seen by anyone who is interested in war.

Carl G. photo
Carl G.

This is a good movie about how the Japanese executed Jews during WWII. The main problem with this movie is that it is too long. It feels like it dragged on forever. I believe it should have been 30 minutes shorter. Some scenes are just too long and you just don't care about what is happening. I don't blame the actors, but the director should have shortened the movie a little. The American soldiers are shown in a terrible light and I think it is unfair to make the American soldiers the only bad people. The scene where the soldiers are making jokes at a German officer is very bad and I don't think the director wanted to show that. The scenes in which the soldiers are attacking the Germans is also very bad. I think the director just wants to show how bad the German soldiers are and that is it. The movie is OK, but it is too long.

Angela photo

I was recently reviewing a film, "The Patriot", which was a true story about the Boston Tea Party. It is based on a true story and is a fictionalized version of the events. I was surprised to find out that this film, "The Private War", was based on real events. I was also surprised to find out that it was so true to the actual events. The film is a very powerful film and really shows the power of the United States and its government. I highly recommend it.

Deborah Wilson photo
Deborah Wilson

I am a historian and I have studied war in every detail. The film 'Private War' is a superb film in its own right. It is not an overly long film. It is well directed and directed with realism. The acting is excellent. The performances of all the actors are superb. The film is set in the trenches of WW1 and the soldiers are shown with authenticity and realism. The film is a superb depiction of a war in which the British soldiers are shown to be very sympathetic towards the Germans. The British soldiers are portrayed as not being as good as the Germans. This portrayal is of the British soldiers as being more human than the Germans. I have studied the war and I have seen the war. This film is a superb depiction of the war in WW1. I think the film was excellent and it is a must see for any war history fan.

Anthony M. photo
Anthony M.

A Private War is one of the best movies I've seen in the last year. The acting is top notch, the story is riveting and it really does capture the horrors of war. It's so easy to be cynical about movies, but this one is so realistic and well-acted that I couldn't help but feel a little sympathy for the soldiers and their families. I highly recommend it. If you haven't seen it yet, go rent it.

Phillip Cunningham photo
Phillip Cunningham

After the tragic events of 9/11, a certain segment of the American public became apathetic to the war in Afghanistan. The war is a large and costly venture that has been going on for years. As the US military moves closer to the end of the war, the general public does not seem to have any interest in the war. The film is the story of a private soldier who has volunteered to serve in Afghanistan and his struggles in the desert. This is an excellent film that portrays the war accurately and has a well-written screenplay. This is an interesting story of an American soldier who has volunteered to fight in Afghanistan and is drawn into a battle that he cannot win. The movie is told in the way it is supposed to be. It is a very interesting film that is worth seeing. I rate it 8/10.

Amanda Patterson photo
Amanda Patterson

I have been a fan of Tom Hanks since I saw him in "The Rainmaker" (1953) and I loved him in "The Best Years of Our Lives" (1961) and "A Streetcar Named Desire" (1967) but this movie was just too much for me. The reason is that the film was too long. There were too many scenes and not enough story. The story was too much of a conflict between two brothers. It was hard to get into the story. The film was not that good. The movie was too long and the story was not very good. I don't think that the film was that good but it was still a good movie.

Judy G. photo
Judy G.

The movie was just fine, it just didn't have a storyline or any real point. I was also bored during the first half, the first act was very boring. The second act however, was a very good one. It just went on for another 2 hours, and then the movie was over. There were many scenes that made me laugh. But for some reason the movie was very slow. The last act was also boring. It was very slow. It was a good movie though, it was not a bad movie at all.

Ruth P. photo
Ruth P.

I'm not a big fan of the war, but I really liked this film. It was very well made, well acted, well directed, and very interesting. I was expecting a war movie, but this one was different. It's not a war movie, but it's a war movie that is very much about the war and the people involved. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes war movies. It's a very good film.

Juan C. photo
Juan C.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was great to see such great actors in this movie. I especially liked the ending. It was extremely sad and very emotional. I also liked the ending. But, I also liked the way it ended. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is an interesting story about World War II and people in the US. I would recommend this movie to everyone who is interested in World War II. I rate this movie 8/10.

Ashley Wells photo
Ashley Wells

I am always up for a good war movie and I am not sure that this movie is one of the best, but it is certainly a good one. This movie shows a group of soldiers from each side of the war and shows a different point of view. Some war movies just tell you that the soldiers were stupid or stupid but this movie shows you that the soldiers were afraid and wanted to help out, but at the same time they were afraid of the war and wanted to fight back. This movie also shows the war as a human thing, and not just a military thing. The acting is great, and this movie is definitely worth watching.

Richard B. photo
Richard B.

This movie is not only based on a true story but it also offers insight into the war and the price that the soldiers have to pay. The actors are good and the setting of this movie is very beautiful and inspiring. The story does a good job at presenting the hardship that soldiers are going through and the willingness of the American people to help them. This movie is not for everyone but I think that most people would be pleasantly surprised by the storyline.

Benjamin photo

I am a fan of the War movies. This is a great example of the genre. It is an interesting story, but the script is a little bit too long. It could have been shorter and it would have been more engaging. The actors are great. I also like the direction and the cinematography. This movie is not perfect, but it is very good. I rate it 7/10.

Marie Hicks photo
Marie Hicks

I've seen many war movies in my life and this is one of the best I've ever seen. I don't think there's anything I could say about it that wouldn't be a spoiler for anyone who has seen it. I'm glad I got to see it. I think that every war movie should be watched at least once. This movie is a must see.

Randy K. photo
Randy K.

The most remarkable thing about this film is how it makes you feel. I was not expecting this film to be so emotionally affecting, but it is. I've never been so moved by a film before, and this one is no exception. The characters are so real, and their stories so poignant. You feel the pain of the people and the anger of the Nazis. The film also shows the horrors of war, and how people are forced to do terrible things. I'm not sure how this film could be better, but I think it is. It is a masterpiece of cinema, and I recommend it to anyone.

Anthony photo

This movie is an awesome movie to watch it in the cinema with your friends and family. It has a great story and a very good direction. The acting is great from the actors and the storyline is very well developed. The movie has a very good message and a very good ending. The movie is about a soldier's experience in a war in Afghanistan and the people who he met along the way. The film is extremely good and it is very exciting to watch it. The film is a very good film that I would recommend you to watch. It is a very good film to watch and I would definitely recommend you to watch it.

Jonathan Schmidt photo
Jonathan Schmidt

This film is one of my favourites of all time. The story of the men who went to the South African countryside to fight against the apartheid regime and ended up as martyrs is extremely well told and the acting is great. The film was also well-filmed and well-acted. The direction of the film is also very good. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who has a desire to learn about the history of the human spirit and how it is made up of two aspects: The physical and mental. The film is a wonderful example of how to show a story through images. The film is also a great example of how to tell a story in the best possible way. A film that everyone should see.

Harry B. photo
Harry B.

In a country with such a rich history, this film should be an instant classic. I was in the theatre for the first showing and I was so impressed by the powerful and heartfelt portrayal of the three war veterans. The way that the director and writers have portrayed the war veterans was so moving, and the writing was so well done. The acting was superb, the story was touching and the cinematography was amazing. The film had a very strong message, and it is so important to tell the truth about the war. It is a shame that we cannot get this film on DVD. The film is based on a true story, and it is important to tell the truth about the war. I was extremely moved by the film, and I encourage everyone to see it. I highly recommend it.

Jeremy photo

I went into the theater with my expectations of a classic war movie, which is what I got. This is a very well made film, and the cinematography is top notch. It's not a perfect film, but it's a very good one, and definitely a movie to see.

Eugene Douglas photo
Eugene Douglas

I'm very critical of war movies. I was a huge fan of Saving Private Ryan and the Frontline series. I loved Frontline II, Frontline III and Frontline IV. But in spite of all my love of these films, I'm very critical of war movies. That's why I was so disappointed by Saving Private Ryan. I hated it. There are few war movies that I enjoy. I've seen all of them. Saving Private Ryan is not one of them. I don't think I'll ever see it again. War movies can be all great and terrible, the film must be different to be worth my time. I'm not sure if it is. The War Room is a very good war movie. It was very moving and I felt for the characters. I was sad to see the end, but I didn't mind the story line. I was ready for the next movie to start. I watched it three times in two weeks. I'm looking forward to the next film. I know the story line of the war is a bit of a cliche, but it's better than Saving Private Ryan. I liked the ending better than the beginning. It's a good story and it's a good movie. I'm going to watch it again. I'm glad I watched it and I'm glad I gave it a chance. I have high hopes for it.

Judith Stephens photo
Judith Stephens

This is one of those films that will go down in history. I think that the real story of the Vietnam War is the history of the war itself. This film tells the story of how a private army, from the American side, tried to fight a war on the Vietnamese side. The film is very powerful and I think that it is a must see for everyone. I give it a 9/10.

Richard photo

I loved this movie and was moved by the portrayal of the war. The war was portrayed in a realistic manner and the acting was great. I was moved by the fact that the war was fought for freedom and that the soldiers were willing to give their lives for it. I was very impressed with the portrayal of the battle of Stalingrad and the entire battle. I think that it is a very good movie and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in history.

Judith B. photo
Judith B.

What a beautiful movie! For a very long time, I was struggling to find a movie that would grab me and keep me engaged for more than a few hours. When I found this one, I was a little reluctant but it was just as good as the first. It kept my attention the entire time. The story of a British soldier who is forced to fight for his country while in the middle of a conflict, which had an element of revenge and which also showed the tragic effect of war on the individual soldier. I felt that I was watching a documentary about the war in Iraq, but it was also a very good war movie. This one had the benefit of a very interesting plot and the cinematography was beautiful. It had an extremely well cast. There was no wasted time in this film. It was long, but not boring. The camera work was very beautiful and the acting was excellent. It was very hard to imagine that there would be an American, British, Canadian, French, Russian, etc. soldier in this movie. It was very realistic and it made the movie more realistic. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys war movies, documentaries, or just good movie-making. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

Brandon Cooper photo
Brandon Cooper

I have to say, this movie was an outstanding achievement. The film takes you on a journey to the heart of the Vietnam war. It is a slow but effective and important film. The acting is excellent, the cinematography is superb, and the script is excellent. I would recommend this film to anyone. I give it an 8/10.

Jason Bowman photo
Jason Bowman

I thought the movie was great. The cast was superb. The direction was brilliant. The acting was excellent. The movie was very emotional and well told. The movie had a lot of depth to it. The movie was a great drama and was very well made. The movie was very well directed. It was a good movie. It is not a movie to watch for entertainment purposes. The movie is a great drama and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in history and is into war movies. The movie is worth watching.

Martha Parker photo
Martha Parker

It's a great movie. I'm a fan of the book. The movie is about the life of a family in the 1940s. It's based on a book by Robert Ludlum. The movie is a bit too long. It was a bit too long to show all the characters and their stories. The movie is great. It's the best movie about WWII. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It's a great movie about a great war.

Nancy Jimenez photo
Nancy Jimenez

I was a little apprehensive about seeing this movie because of the reviews. I was wrong. It was very well done. I thought it was a little longer than it should have been but that's the way it was meant to be. I loved the cast, the actors, the cinematography, the story, the way the story was told. I think this movie is a very good portrayal of what happened to the men of Company D in the Pacific during WWII. It's a very well written story and the actors were great. The story of the men was very moving and it was very well written. It was a great movie. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Teresa photo

The story of a young Jewish man in the Russian front during WWII. The movie is very well acted and the film is very well made. I can't really say what it is about the movie but it is very moving and it is a very good movie.

Jesse H. photo
Jesse H.

I went into this movie expecting a few laughs. I was surprised by the depth of the plot, especially in the first act, and the surprisingly sensitive ending, especially in contrast with what I expected. And then I was happy that some things were changed and a few things were left out. There is an interesting discussion of the role of the "Army" in the Civil War in the second act. There are some good parts about the effects of war on people and the effects on their families. I especially liked the bit where Robert Duvall says, "Why do you want to die? Just because you've got a heart, a brain, and a soul?" This is a very moving discussion. I really liked the way the movie ended. It had a very intense feeling, even though it was a bit predictable. And I found the acting to be excellent. Robert Duvall was perfect in this role, especially in the scene where he gets the ball and does his "dodging and weaving" to get out of the way of the general's attack. He also did a great job with the chemistry between his wife and the general's son. One of the things I liked about this movie was that it was different from "Saving Private Ryan". The main difference was that this movie is much more focused on the treatment of the wounded. The movie also didn't focus on the fighting and the fighting was the focus of the movie. The people who were wounded and the people who died weren't really shown much in this movie. I also liked that this movie was a little different from "Saving Private Ryan" because it wasn't all about the fighting and the fighting was the focus. So it made it feel a bit more realistic.

Jason photo

If you liked the movie of the same name starring Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise, then you will like this film. It is a very well made film, and has some very interesting points to make about the war in Vietnam. The acting is very good, and the script is very good. This film is very entertaining and will keep you interested. The story is very interesting and the acting is very good. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good war film. I give it 7/10.

Douglas Campbell photo
Douglas Campbell

I love this film and I believe it should be shown more. I believe that all of us are at war and this film should be shown to all of us. This is the story of how the 4 brothers came to be. They were recruited to be soldiers and trained in the war. The stories of the 4 brothers are not only true but they are real and so is the movie. This film is not only a film but it is a history lesson. We need to show all of us that we are not alone in the world and that we need to help each other. It's a great film and I am proud to have seen it and have loved it.

Kelly Hunter photo
Kelly Hunter

This is an incredibly powerful film that reminds us that war is terrible, brutal and always has a horrible end. This is a story of a father and son who go to war against their own will, a father who is a traumatised survivor, a son who is betrayed by his father, a father and son who fight on the side of the British forces, a father who is destroyed, a son who is broken, a father who is troubled. What war is about is not about what happens to the victims, not about the brains and the scars. This film is about the cost, the cost of war, the cost of freedom and the cost of surviving, and what war does to you. It is a powerful film, I cried, and I am not ashamed of it. I am not ashamed of my country. I am proud to be British and proud to be fighting in a war for freedom and the freedom of the people. A great film, so powerful, so truthful, so real. 9/10

Madison M. photo
Madison M.

This is an extremely well made movie that is well acted. It shows the effects of the war on a civilian, and the American and British soldiers involved. It also shows the war from the viewpoint of the British and American soldiers, and the American soldiers in particular. It shows how the war affected the men who fought it, and how it affected the men who fought it. It also shows the war from the perspective of the German soldiers. The acting is excellent. The war in the movie is not a war of guns, but of men, and of emotions. It is a war of men, and it shows the effects of war on the men who fight it. I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys war movies.

Robert Reid photo
Robert Reid

I was extremely impressed by this film. It is a film that really needs to be seen. I have to say that I am not a big fan of war films but this one really stood out. It is an excellent film and will be in my collection for years to come. I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever been in a war or ever will be.

Mary N. photo
Mary N.

I am an Army veteran and I really enjoyed this film. The director is very sensitive to the actual history and it was very good. I was concerned about the anti-war message but it was not there. The only thing that bothered me was the woman's performance. It was very hard to believe that she was so detached and unemotional. It just seemed like she was acting. The director made sure to show that the women were tough and strong and that they were not to be mistreated. It is a very important part of history that we never forget.

Cheryl photo

I saw this movie in the theater in 1974. It is a very interesting movie. I don't think it is as good as "Saving Private Ryan" but it is good enough to see it again. It is very well done. The movie was made in the 70's. It is a great movie and it is worth seeing. I think this movie is one of the best war movies ever made. It is a good movie and it is worth seeing. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Amber Gonzalez photo
Amber Gonzalez

What a fantastic film, I was moved by it. I think that this movie is about the Vietnam War. It is very important that we remember the true history of the war. This movie is a great history lesson, and it is very important to show that the war was not about "liberating the country" or "liberating the men". It was about the Americans and the Vietnamese people. It is very important to show that the Vietnamese people were not fighting for "freedom", they were fighting for the freedom of their country. It was also important to show the mistakes that were made by the Americans, and the mistakes that the Vietnamese people made. The film shows the sacrifices that the Vietnamese people made, and the mistakes that the Americans made. I think that the movie is very important, and it is very important that we show this story to our children. This is a great film, and I think that it is a very important film.

Harold D. photo
Harold D.

I was never much of a movie critic and even today I'm a bit of a history buff. I've seen many films, but I don't think I've ever rated a film a 1 out of 10. Not today. Not today. In this film, Anthony Hopkins is perhaps the greatest actor of all time. He is perfect in his role and manages to keep you captivated throughout. The rest of the cast is also great, especially Chris Cooper and Daniel Craig. I saw this film in a packed theater, and I felt like I was actually in a war. It was pretty moving. You could actually feel the pain of these guys. I highly recommend this film.

Laura Guzman photo
Laura Guzman

I don't think I've ever seen a film which had such a strong effect on me. It is simply impossible to describe how I felt after watching this film. It is so powerful and emotional. I have been a film buff for many years, but never had I felt so strongly about a film. It is a shame that the film has been ignored by the film industry, because it is a truly powerful and moving film. I have no idea how this film will be received by the general public, but I hope that it will be widely received by the public. I recommend this film to everyone, regardless of their political affiliation. I hope that it will be widely viewed by the general public. This is a film that is definitely worth watching. I strongly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in history.

Zachary photo

The movie is very well written and well acted. It has a great cast. It's a great movie to watch.

Amber Wood photo
Amber Wood

This is an impressive film about the Vietnam War. The directing is excellent, especially the scenes in Hanoi. The acting is wonderful, especially from Robert Duvall and Hilary Swank. If you are a Vietnam War buff, you will appreciate this film. I rate this film 8 out of 10.

Robert Cole photo
Robert Cole

I just saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival and it was really powerful and moving. As a person who has been in and around the war, I can say that it is as real as it can get. The fact that the film makers were not able to do so is another example of the Hollywood system. They are able to get inside the head of a German soldier and show what it is like to be a soldier in World War II. The message of this film is that a man must not listen to the voices of those that have been there and know the truth. It is important to remember that there are some people who don't like this film because they do not want to see the truth. However, I think that this film has a message that most people should see and understand. The truth is that we are living in a war of survival. We are fighting for our lives and there are no winners in this war. We have to be grateful that we are alive and that we can go on. We should all do our best to be good to each other, because that is the only way we will be able to survive. We have to make a choice in this war: Are we going to be heroes or are we going to be killers?

Kathryn L. photo
Kathryn L.

This movie is about war and the end of the world. It is a story of how life became meaningless and what is left when you try to make sense of life. I do not recommend this movie to anyone who has not lived in the last 10 years, and I think this is a film for everyone who has lived. I also like the cast. A lot of the actors were from the army and it shows in the movie. They all have different personalities and have some background. Overall, I think this movie is great. It is well worth the price of admission.

Andrea photo

I am not a fan of war movies, but this film did not disappoint. It is not a good film, but it is not a bad one either. The acting is very good, the story is good, the characters are well developed. The production values are also good, especially the cinematography. The editing is good, and the sound is good. The film is not a masterpiece, but it is very good. The story is good, the performances are good, and the production values are good. If you are looking for a film that will be entertaining and not too serious, then this is the one to see. This is not a film for people who like to think. If you are looking for a film that will make you think, then this is not the film for you.

Rachel H. photo
Rachel H.

I just saw the film last night, and I was very impressed. The acting was very good, the story was very good and the cinematography was very good. The film is very realistic, and you can see that it's a true story. The plot is very strong, and you will be very interested in the whole film. I think this film will be very popular. The actors are very good, especially Tim Roth. The story is very strong and the actors are very good. This is a very good movie, and I recommend everyone to watch it.

Dennis Keller photo
Dennis Keller

PALIEB (RELEASED: 2001) *1/2 Christian Bale, John Hurt, Tim Roth, Mark Margolis, Anne Archer. Oscar nominee Christian Bale (Bateman's nemesis, as he's now called) is suffering from a deadly type of leprosy that his younger brother claims he contracted as a child. He's haunted by nightmares, and the most frightening of them all is one that involves him as a child. As Bale's healing progresses, he's forced to confront his family's secrets and relive the same childhood nightmare again and again. This is one of the most personal films Bale has ever done. One can't help but notice his convincing performance as well as the performances of the other members of the cast. They have been chosen to play Bale's own family, and it shows. Mark Margolis (as Bale's father) and Anne Archer (as Bale's mother) are great. The photography is great and the setting of the film is very cold, but what it lacks in production value it makes up for in depth of emotional attachment and it's all the more powerful for it. This film is extremely underrated and it deserves the accolades it's received. I give it an A-.

Marie W. photo
Marie W.

I'm a bit shocked that so many people have actually seen this movie, since it's one of the better films to come out of Hollywood in a long time. I am not a history buff, so I'm not sure how accurate the movie is, but I have no idea. My understanding is that it's based on a real event that happened on June 2, 1968, in Central America. The US invasion of Grenada, with hundreds of thousands of people killed and displaced, came after a coup against the government, and the invasion was made with support from the US and the UK. So, you can see how the movie could get a bit melodramatic at times. But I enjoyed it and the story itself was compelling. I have to agree with many of the other posters who were calling this a "documentary", and I don't see that as a bad thing. It's a great film and worth watching. If you have never seen it, watch it and make your own opinion.

Harold M. photo
Harold M.

This movie is based on the true story of a small group of men, under the command of a single officer, who faced a brutal invasion of Germany in 1944. They made a stand in the face of hopeless odds, and brought a message of peace and love to millions of innocent people. The film is well shot, with a great amount of detail and realism. The actors are superb, and the story is gripping and moving. However, the real stars of the film are the great performances by Michael Fassbender and Julianne Moore, as the lead characters. Moore is great as the spirited American journalist. Her performance is pure magic, and her ability to convey so much emotion in such a small role is incredible. Fassbender is also great as the young lieutenant, and manages to convey both his pain and his courage in a compelling and realistic way. The film is a very personal and inspiring story, and one that I feel that everyone should see. It is a powerful and honest depiction of the atrocities of war, and the reactions of those who survived and the ones who didn't. It is an uplifting and inspiring film, that everyone should see. It will be one that you will cherish and remember for many years to come. This is a must-see movie. I give it an 8/10.

Sara Smith photo
Sara Smith

A Private War is a movie which is meant to be viewed with a non-political lens. In the film, Captain Nick Parkes (Tom Hardy) is an Australian private in the Australian Military. He is in the Australian Army in World War 2 and is sent to fight in the French and Indian War. He is part of the Royal Australian Air Force and is fighting in Burma. He is not a war hero, but he does show great courage and shows that he is more of a soldier than a hero. He also shows great personal bravery. When he is captured by the Japanese, he is rescued by the Indian and French soldiers and then he goes back to Australia. He is then a colonel and works as a translator. The film shows his life in Australia. The story is good and the film is well-made. The acting is good and the directing is good. The film is good and is worth seeing. The only reason I am giving it an 8 instead of a 10 is that it does show some things which are very sensitive. I don't think it is a film to show sensitive things. I think it is a film to show a very good life and shows a lot of courage. The film is well-made and I give it an 8. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in Australian history.

Jean Payne photo
Jean Payne

This is one of the best war movies I have ever seen. It is not just a history lesson about the history of World War 2, it is more about the people of that time and their experiences. The casting of the main characters is absolutely brilliant. These are all true life actors, they play their roles very realistically. The scenery and the special effects are superb, so are the acting. There is a lot of drama, but the movie does not come to a standstill at any point. It keeps you glued to your seat. The story is moving and you will be very surprised at what happens. The only bad thing I could say about this movie is that there is no action. They had to cut out a lot of scenes that did not need to be in the movie. It is a very important movie for all people who are interested in the history of World War 2.

Gregory Palmer photo
Gregory Palmer

There are some films that are so good that you don't care what happens to them. There are some films that you could watch over and over and still watch them. There are some films that you will never watch again because of the sheer fear that they will make you feel, then they will, and you will feel even more. "Private War" is one of those films. I have been a fan of the director's work for some time now and while I did like "Donnie Darko," I really didn't like the subject matter or the storyline. After the premiere of the film, I watched the film several times, and each time I felt something different. It is a story about a man whose life was on the brink of collapse when he was called to an island to be a prisoner for some reason. After he is released, he starts to feel like he is a prisoner. He does not feel like he belongs to the people around him and he feels completely alone. He feels as if he is the only one who knows of what is going on. He begins to feel like the only person who can save him is himself. But he does not know that the men around him are there because they have been there before him, and they are going to go through it again. And then, a few months later, they will go through it again. It is a story about survival and survival is very important in this film. The story does not make you feel sympathy for the character or feel pity for the situation. It just makes you feel like something terrible has happened, and the only way to make sense of it is to understand it. The performances were amazing. Christopher Plummer and James Gandolfini were perfect for their roles. I especially liked the way Gandolfini portrayed a man who was being tortured. I think this is one of his best performances in a long time. It was a very dark film, but it was very good because it made you think. It made you feel uncomfortable and it made you feel scared, and you could feel that there was no way out. There were some scenes in the film that I felt really good about, like when Gandolfini and Plummer's characters were walking through the streets and they were walking up the stairs. I felt so happy for Gandolfini and he was really funny. I also felt sad for Plummer because he had to have this horrible experience and then there was no way out. It was a very powerful film, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be scared and then feel bad about it.

Christian M. photo
Christian M.

I have never seen this movie before. I was surprised by the quality of the movie. I was expecting it to be a typical Hollywood movie but it was very different. I liked the story and the characters. I also like the ending of the movie. I also think the acting of the characters was good. I was not expecting to like this movie. It was a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to watch a movie about war and the people who are fighting it.

Rebecca Curtis photo
Rebecca Curtis

A Private War is a fine film about the brutal life of the British Army during World War II. It is a simple story about a soldier who is sent to the front line of the war. He is sent to an Army unit which is fighting against the Germans. The soldiers in the unit are under pressure from the British Government to help the Germans. The soldiers are told to do their best but some of them don't want to help. The film shows the situation in the unit as the war starts. The film is very realistic and it shows the brutality of war. The soldiers are shown as being brutal and the situation is portrayed very well. The acting is very good and the film is very gripping. I think this is one of the best war films I have seen.

Gary Edwards photo
Gary Edwards

This film was really good. In a way it was also too emotional. I did not like it very much, and thought it was not particularly "American". It was very different from the usual war film, and it was very "Dakota Fanning shows us her dramatic acting skills". I would say the majority of the cast did an outstanding job. The film was a bit too emotional for my taste, but I do think it was really good. I give it an 8/10.

Andrea N. photo
Andrea N.

This film is a powerful indictment of the nature of war and its impact on the human psyche. It is not easy to see what was going on in these people's minds, and how they would deal with such a war. The film is filled with unforgettable images. The first image of the movie is of a tiny man running in the middle of the desert. The man was a young boy, and he was carrying a cross that he had made out of a piece of metal. It was the only sign of humanity in this little boy. The man's name was Robert Ford, and he was one of the youngest men to join the British Army in the late 19th century. The war against the Germans was in the minds of the British, but not the Germans. The Germans were not people to be feared. They were monsters. They were animals that had no conscience, and they did not have any idea of human emotions. They thought that the war was a good thing, and that war was an exciting game. But it was not. It was a terrifying, terrifying game. The Germans were completely ruthless. They took no prisoners, and they had no conscience. It was impossible to predict how they would behave, and it was easy to predict how they would kill. There was no way to tell them what to do. The British soldiers were completely defenseless. They had no idea what to do. The film shows that the British soldiers, and especially the soldiers who went to India, did not want to fight, but were made to fight. They were completely unprepared for what they were about to see. The film shows the emotions of the soldiers and the children who witnessed the war. It shows how much the soldiers and the children loved each other, and how sad it was to see how much they were loved. The film shows the soldiers as people, and not as monsters. The soldiers were very well portrayed by the actors. I was very moved by the movie. It is a very important film, and a very moving one.

Ashley Tucker photo
Ashley Tucker

This is a great film, even if I do not feel that I have seen anything quite like it before. It is the first war movie I have seen that is not a war movie, and it is very much the type of movie that I hope will become more common. The film opens in the summer of 1940, just before D-Day. We see men in the army, all with their families, and one group of the army that is made up of German and Italian POWs. The film is based on the book, "Rear Window" by David L. Cope, and is a brilliant movie. It tells the story of the POWs and their struggle to survive in the Allied camp in France. They must have an incredible amount of faith in their new camp. The film does not portray the conflict in the first two and a half years of the war, and there is not a whole lot of war in the film, but what there is of it is very powerful. The film is very realistic, and very moving. We learn that this was not an easy thing to do, and that these men, in order to survive, had to have faith, which is the main theme of the film. The film has a very powerful, and realistic ending. The film is not for everyone, but it is a film that is extremely important. I recommend this film to all of my friends, and I will be watching this film again soon.

Billy Ortiz photo
Billy Ortiz

I am not going to try to explain why I like this film so much. It is an amazing film. The story of the Irish Freedom Fighters and the battle of the Somme is fascinating. The film is shot beautifully. It is very well made. I highly recommend this film. I am glad I watched it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Keith Carroll photo
Keith Carroll

It is not a movie for everyone, it is a movie for all. Not only is it a movie about the Vietnam War but also a movie about what happens when a man dies in war. In my opinion it is a movie that is the best movie about the Vietnam War. If you are a fan of war movies then this movie is for you. If not this movie is not for you. It is not a film for people who can easily relate to the situation in Vietnam. The movie is for all of us who have experienced the war in Vietnam. It is also for all of us who have lost a friend in the war. The movie is so good that you can relate to the emotions of the characters and feel for them in the most emotional way possible. The acting is not the best I have seen but it is great. I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise but he does a great job in this movie. Michael Douglas is the best actor in the movie. He is an excellent actor who can do anything. He is a great actor, he has done many great movies in his career. The only thing I don't like is that the movie is slow. I liked it because it was not a fast movie. There is not a lot of action in the movie but the acting and the script makes up for it. I can not understand why this movie has such a low rating. I saw the movie on my school's library card and it was really good. It was good because it was good for all ages. It was good because it was for people who have experienced the Vietnam War.

Sharon photo

This film is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The acting was excellent, the story was gripping and the setting was very realistic. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. I think it was a little abrupt. However, I still give it a 9 out of 10.

Laura photo

This was a good movie. It did a good job of showing what happened in Vietnam and the way that the country was put together. However, I feel like the movie could have done a lot more to show how the people felt about the war and how the young people of Vietnam were very proud of the war. They were proud to be American and proud to have been in the war. It didn't show the psychological reasons that the Vietnamese people were fighting the war and why they were fighting the war. It did show the military aspects of the war and how the soldiers had to fight to stay alive. The movie didn't really give me a feel of what war was like on the other side of the water. If the movie had been more detailed and showed what war was really like, it would have been a great movie. Overall, I would give this movie a 7.5/10.

Peter Jordan photo
Peter Jordan

In the time of the Vietnam War, Robert DeNiro has the same role as he played in "Pulp Fiction", the role of Sgt. Jesse James "Jack" Brewster. Here he plays a soldier named Darry. The film tells the story of how he becomes involved with the Korean War, and why he does it. There are some very powerful scenes of war, especially the scene where Jesse James gives a statement to a police officer. Overall the film is well done and tells the story of how Robert DeNiro became involved in the Vietnam War. I think the film does a good job of showing the realities of war, and showing the differences between the two countries. It shows both the good and the bad side of war. It also shows the life of the soldiers and their struggle in the war, and how they see the Americans as the aggressors, and the Viet Cong as the victims. I really liked this film, and I think it is one of the better war films that has been made in the past few years. I give the film a 7 out of 10.

Jennifer Jackson photo
Jennifer Jackson

The one thing that I really didn't like about the film was the way it was shot. I like how it was filmed, and it was beautifully shot, but it just seemed to me like the camera was going into the dirt and it was not like I was in the dirt, I was actually watching the camera, and it just seemed like I was watching a camera. But it was the way that they shot the film that made it a great film. It was a great film, it was really a good film. It's a really good film, I recommend it to anyone who likes war films, because it's a really good film.

Doris photo

This movie is a good one to watch for an educational film. It is based on the book "The Right to Glory" by John O'Brien, which is an incredible story about a man named "Colonel Potter" who fought in WWI, and was one of the best soldiers in the British Army. His experiences in France and Italy are enough to make anyone who has seen this movie with respect for history and war look at the war from a different perspective. It also shows the atrocities that the Germans did to the British in the trenches of the First World War. This is a very important film for any viewer to watch, especially for those who have not seen it.

Daniel G. photo
Daniel G.

I watched this movie over two years ago. I remember feeling slightly embarrassed about myself when I was about 17 or 18 and I was watching this movie and realized that I was more embarrassed by the fact that I had watched it that long then I was about to admit that I was actually a good movie-going person. I don't really know why that is. The movie really didn't do anything for me other than make me think about what was happening in the world around me, and that made me really appreciate the importance of what I was watching. I think this movie is a good movie to watch if you feel the same way that I do about the world around us.

Ethan R. photo
Ethan R.

I think the same applies to this film. It's a remarkable story. The importance of this war is well and truly acknowledged in the film. However, I think the film could have been better written. Not that it's a bad film, it's simply not very well written. I do think, however, that the portrayal of the war is well portrayed. The film, I feel, is good enough for people of all ages, and is certainly not too mature for some viewers.

Rebecca A. photo
Rebecca A.

Historical and human drama - that's what it's about. Not much action in the movie. But it's a story of the war. It has a lot of historical facts. The movie is very well done. All the actors did a great job. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to see a good story. My vote is 8/10.

Joseph photo

What is the purpose of this film? To remind us of what we did to the Japanese in WWII, but also to show how terrible it was and how precious life is. People should not forget about that and how it affected their lives. The film could have been a nice re-telling of the events but I felt the way it was filmed was a bit boring and there were many parts where I wanted to fast forward the movie to the end. I guess this is how they portrayed the war. But this is not what I want to see. I would have liked to have seen a lot more of the Japanese characters as well as the US troops who fought with them. I also wanted to see the horrific attacks on Tokyo, the firebombing of it and what was happening at the time. The film was very depressing, but it was very well made. It showed both sides of the war and did not show much hate. The last part of the film was very interesting and exciting and I wish they had done more about the Japanese troops as well as the Americans. The movie is worth seeing if you want to see a good retelling of the war.

Margaret photo

Being a War fan, I was hesitant to see this movie. The ratings were high, the trailers were ok, and I didn't like the movie. I am so glad I saw it. This is a very realistic movie that has very good acting. I will not tell you how the war unfolded, but it was very realistic. I would highly recommend this movie to any one who wants to see a movie that is very realistic.

Dennis Reed photo
Dennis Reed

All these years later and now I have decided to watch this movie. I am not surprised that it was so well received because it is a film about war and that is what war is about. It is a story about two individuals and their views on the war. They are both men but they are also brothers and I think this film captured the spirit of what war is really about. The only thing I would change is that they do not get to the beach at the end but that is not really a complaint because the film is about people that do not get to the beach at the end. It was a sad film but it captured the spirit of the war. It was beautifully made and was a film that should be watched by everyone. It is a story about war and that is what war is about.

Carol photo

Robert Redford is a strong and likable actor. He has been praised for his performances in certain films such as Star Wars and Saving Private Ryan. With this film, he takes a role in which he plays a man who appears to be the most memorable of all his characters. The film also focuses on his love affair with Gwyneth Paltrow and his struggle to hide the fact that he was homosexual. I have seen the film twice and am now working my way through it. I think that it's a great movie and worth seeing. It's very hard to find films that work on so many levels. In addition to being a historical film and a biography of Robert Redford, it's also a great film for any viewer who wants to see a bit more of a comedy. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy this movie, but I'm sure that I'll be seeing it many times. My rating: 7/10

Marie photo

I have not seen this film for many years, but I was lucky enough to get a chance to see it again when it came out on DVD recently. It was a wonderful experience. I was amazed by the production values and the actors' performance. I think the best thing about this film is the way it shows how far our country has come. I think this film would have been very powerful if it had not been made in the 70's and 80's. But that is a different story. This is a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes war films. The only thing I would like to say is that the ending was not what I expected. I thought the ending was much better than the one in Saving Private Ryan. Overall, I would give this film an A-.

Samuel Watkins photo
Samuel Watkins

As I say in my review for The World Is Not Enough, any film that will capture the heart of the audience and make them feel the real fear and misery of war is worth watching. This film does that. However, when you go into this movie with the idea that it is an incredibly slow moving, slow paced, and 'unfilmable' war drama, you are probably going to hate it. For me, I really enjoyed this film. It is slow, but it doesn't really go at all. It starts out slowly, but doesn't let up for a moment. The story is slow, but I like that. I like that the story does not seem like it's trying to rush things along. The actors are all great, and the action is well done. The music is also great, and fits in nicely with the film. It's a great war film, but I wouldn't call it an action film. If you want to see a war film that will stay with you for a long time, go see this one. If you are like me, and you like to have a good time, but you don't want to watch films that you have to pay money to see, then this film isn't for you. But if you are into watching great war films, then you should see this film.

James photo

I just saw this film last night and I must say I was really impressed. I am not a big fan of war films at all but I do have to admit that I have never really seen the ones from WWII. I do however love war films, the best of the best and of the best of the best and this film was truly one of the best war films of all time. The story is very well told and the cinematography is superb. The acting is great also. Kevin Costner does a great job playing the ex-USMC captain he played in his previous film S.O.B and Robin Williams has never been better. The only real problem I have with the film is the story itself. I believe the book on which this film was based is much better than the film and I think they should have done the same. The story is so slow and boring and all I could think of was how could they ever end this thing and I am glad they didn't. I have not read the book and I cannot comment on it. I recommend this film to anyone who loves war films and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Gregory photo

This movie was the best movie I have ever seen. It was great to see a movie that was based on a true story. It was a great story of a young boy and his father who was a prisoner of war in WWII. This movie was very moving and very emotional. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I hope that it will be a big hit at the Oscars. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Randy D. photo
Randy D.

The idea behind this film was pretty original and I have to say that I liked it a lot. The plot was a little bit long but I think that it was not the film's fault but rather the actors'. They were very good and the film ended on a high note. The film's idea was good but some of the choices it made was a bit too extreme and didn't match up with reality. For example, why would a government soldier with a romantic relationship with a German woman, would he risk his life and liberty for a German woman? It would be better to go back to England or France to save his family but he still had to fight and die for the German woman. I have heard that the film has had a lot of negative reaction from the German government and I am not surprised as the film's story was not good. I would have liked the film to have been more realistic in it's execution and make it a better film.

Gerald Ortiz photo
Gerald Ortiz

I had seen the trailer and was very excited to see this movie. I was not disappointed. The movie was very well made. It has a very good story and great acting. The acting was very good. I think that the only thing that could have been better would have been to have a better ending. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Shirley C. photo
Shirley C.

This is a very decent movie and worth a watch. I personally liked this movie a lot and I don't understand the bad reviews. This movie does show the horrors of war and the emotions that people have. People who only like war movies, don't want to watch this movie. This movie is definitely one of the best I've ever seen and I'd watch it again. Overall, I think this movie is very good and worth watching.

Sharon Duncan photo
Sharon Duncan

This is a brilliant film. It is well done, the acting is top notch, and the narrative is incredible. The part about the French foreign legionary in the main story is the most dramatic and involving of all. The women characters are equally excellent. The only bad point I can see is the sad ending, which I won't give away. If you liked Saving Private Ryan, you will love this film.

Barbara Gibson photo
Barbara Gibson

DAMN! THAT'S A LOT OF TALK ABOUT THIS MOVIE. I, for one, am not a fan of either Clint Eastwood or Joseph S. DeMilo. This is one of his worst films. Not because he's not a good actor. I think he's a great actor, he just doesn't know how to play his character. The man is just a slumming mercenary and even when he's wearing a suit and saying stuff like, "Now it's your turn," he still fails. The way he says it, it's like he's saying it to himself. I'd be shocked if he was a soldier. But he's the same guy he's always been. This is just his preening and strutting around. That's the problem. The movie does have a lot of plot twists. You just don't know which one is coming, and it makes the movie drag. The movie also suffers from some of the same problems as P.T. Anderson's "Rocky" movies. The characters are either pretty shallow or they are just terrible. There is also a lot of talk about the Vietnam War, which is never really explained. A lot of the people in the movie are hippies and it's not clear what their point is, which doesn't help. If you are interested in Vietnam and don't want to watch a movie about it, then I can recommend "The Deer Hunter." In fact, I highly recommend "The Deer Hunter" if you have an interest in Vietnam, because that is a far better movie about Vietnam than this. This is one of those films where I'll never, ever see again.

Rebecca G. photo
Rebecca G.

This is an excellent film, from the story, the cinematography, to the music. The only real problem is the pacing. At times, it felt like the film was running just a bit too long. The movie is also very rich with symbolism and symbolism only. The film's only problem is that it can't seem to find an interesting point to make. It just gets on the track. It was at times a bit dull, but then again I'm not sure what you're looking for from a film. I'm not sure that you would want to sit through a film like this.

Amy photo

This is a dark, depressing, action movie with a serious message. It is a little bit of a "Battlestar Galactica" in that the soldiers are an American family, and the American government is a corrupt corporation. Some of the characters are great and some are terrible. Some are cartoon characters, and some are actual people. Some of the soldiers were great, and some were horrible. The movie is depressing, but it is still a very effective movie. It is definitely worth seeing, especially if you are a military person. The actors are good, and the movie is even a little bit funny. I give this movie a 9/10.

Judy Myers photo
Judy Myers

In an age where people are more concerned with violence than the good, and the bad, in war we have a film about the dark side of war. In this film we see a young soldier, who has lost his faith, and who finds redemption through a personal journey to God. What I liked about this film was the way that the movie portrayed the life of an army soldier. There are many soldiers who have been in combat and have lost their faith, but they have found peace through their faith. I also liked the way that the movie showed the war as a personal journey. The war was personal to me, but I could see how the soldiers felt about it. This film also showed that war can be a good thing, as long as the people are in control of it.

Richard photo

Well I'm going to give this a 8.5 out of 10. It is a very good movie. Not the best but good enough to watch. As a war movie, it is as good as Saving Private Ryan or Platoon. As a film, it is a lot better than Collateral Beauty, or Argo. The movie is about an American soldier, who after he gets captured by the Viet Cong, he tries to fight back. He does not fight the war, he fights himself. He does not want to kill anyone, he wants to kill himself. He does not want to go through a war, he wants to go through a life. I think this is a movie that most people will like. I recommend it to anyone. 9/10

Sandra photo

I liked the movie and I am a huge fan of James Franco. I found it to be very accurate and truthful to the story. The acting was good. The story was very good. I think this is a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone. I am a veteran and have seen the movie before. I have seen it on HBO and I think it is a very accurate portrayal of what happened during the Vietnam war. I also think that it is very informative on what was going on in the military at the time. I am a veteran and I can say that I am glad that I saw this movie. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn about the Vietnam war.

Peter photo

This movie is based on a book of the same name by Stephen E. Ambrose, which was also the basis for a 2007 movie. The movie is about an English pilot, Pauline Kael, who goes over to the United States to help out in the war against the Germans. Her job is to fly fighter planes and shoot down German planes and is tasked with tracking down an old pilot who claims to be able to fly the planes. When Pauline finds the pilot, she is taken to a secret Nazi base in Scotland and begins to find out that the pilot is a double agent. The rest of the movie is about Pauline trying to unravel the mystery of the pilot and his true identity, as well as to find out what really happened. It is a very good movie and I recommend it to people who are interested in World War II movies. It is a very interesting story that I think all people should know about.

Ronald photo

Terrific movie, I was a little upset that I didn't hear from a few of my friends about this film, I had heard so much about it. I'm glad I finally got around to seeing it. I love a good war movie and I always have been. I'm not sure why some people didn't like it. I thought the cast was great. Anthony Hopkins, Josh Hartnett, Justin Timberlake, and Jude Law all did an excellent job and really brought the movie to life. I think that the movie wasn't realistic. It was a little exaggerated but I think that's what really worked for me. The ending was a little ridiculous but I guess that's what you have to do for a movie. I also thought the acting was good. I liked the movie and I think everyone should see it.

Peter S. photo
Peter S.

This is a superbly made movie, with an excellent cast and story. I was impressed with the writing and the acting. The story was moving and the direction was expert. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in World War II. The only negative thing I can say about the movie is the ending. It was somewhat predictable, but it was still good. The ending made it seem like this movie was not a true story, and it could have been much better.

Catherine G. photo
Catherine G.

One thing I had a problem with is that the character of the Corporal was quite similar to the character of Private Turner. The way Turner had found his way to Vietnam, where he lived in the Australian Defence Force and the only reason he had survived was due to the fact that he was a "bad ass" was actually similar to the character of Corporal Miller. I liked the idea of using the Corporal as a "bad ass" but I didn't like the character of Turner. I didn't like the way the Corporal was portrayed in this film as being so cynical and he was a character that you just couldn't sympathize with. In my opinion, it just didn't seem like a true representation of a Corporal. So overall, this is an OK film that I would recommend.

Brittany W. photo
Brittany W.

The most interesting thing about this film is the way the writer has used the "Hollywood" aspects of the film to tell the story. When the film is set in World War II, it is often told from the viewpoint of an American soldier, and then from the point of view of the German soldier. I don't think that the film could have worked without that. In the film, the American soldier is portrayed as the hero of the war, and the German soldier is portrayed as the villain of the war. I think that is how the film should be presented, but it works well in this case. The film is a little slow to start off with, and I would have liked to see a little more action in the beginning. But I do recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the period of World War II.

Kathleen C. photo
Kathleen C.

This film shows the true story of a family who lost a son during World War II. It shows the pain and agony the family went through and the decision they made to stay with their son in the bunker. This movie is so moving, it will leave you with a feeling of loss and a sense of justice. I give this movie an 8 out of 10. If you are a person who has had a close friend die, or you have a relative who has died, you will definitely like this movie. It shows the true reality of what war can do to a family.

Billy O. photo
Billy O.

This is a great movie about the war in Vietnam. It's more of a story of the Americans and the Vietnamese. There are so many different emotions. You really feel the pain of the people that are involved. It's really a great movie. It tells the story of a small town in South Carolina and how the war affected it. The acting is great. I really liked it. It's very emotional.

Roger B. photo
Roger B.

This is the story of an international mercenary, working for the Nazis during World War 2, who joins the British resistance and ends up serving with the highest ranking soldier of the resistance, George Orwell. He is recruited by a famous professor of English to become a writer in the field of war, but when he meets a young woman who worked as a model and later, the daughter of a British hero, he is drawn to the resistance. I've never read Orwell's "1984" and this is not a book that is well known, but I do know that it is the novel that has introduced the concept of the internet, the social media and the internet as the platform of the world. And since I don't know a lot about the book, I can only say that the film is very well done. It is filled with political issues, like the war and the war is not always just about tanks. It is about a war that was based on lies, that was about a world that was turned upside down. It is a great story and it shows a story of a war that was ignored by the government of the day, and it shows the truth about the actions of the most evil of all wars. It is a very serious film and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of war. The music by the conductor Joseph Zito is also very effective. The film is worth seeing.

Amber J. photo
Amber J.

The film doesn't do a bad job of showing how the Japanese were completely insane. The acting is also superb. The ending is also very moving. This is a must-see film, and a very important film. Watch it and learn about what war is like.

Ronald L. photo
Ronald L.

We know the Germans were forced to kill, they were indeed. But what about the British, are they really guilty? Or was it the Germans who were victims? It seems to me that one could argue that this is all about the victors. But I think this is not the case. This is a war about a certain idealistic view of war. War is not about killing, not about beheadings, not about torturing people. War is about dominating other people, about oppressing them, by whatever means. And, as far as this war goes, those who were not willing to participate in the slaughter, that was their own choice. That is what it means to be a victim of a war. This is not something that the victors should be concerned with, but a crime committed by others. This is about an actual state of mind, not a supposed 'false consciousness'. And that is something that needs to be discussed, not the atrocities that took place. However, the movie did have some good points, especially when the government was made to appear to be more humane than it actually was. And there were some good actors in the cast. The ending was a bit cliche, but the rest of the movie was a bit more realistic. I think it is best to leave the outcome up to the viewer. But I think that the actions of the characters portrayed in the movie were quite believable, and they deserve the praise they have received. It is certainly worth seeing.

Frances W. photo
Frances W.

One of the most recent works of Kubrick that I have seen is A Private War. This movie tells the story of the battle of Anzio. A private war was a war where soldiers from one side were asked to serve in the war of another side. Sometimes soldiers of a certain side would enlist another soldier from the other side to help in the war and join their side. This movie will show the struggle between the 2 sides to win the war. The movie takes a look at the men who were in the trenches. Some of the men were Americans and some were British. This movie is worth watching because of the realistic battles and the acting. One of the best things about this movie is the great performances. William Hurt, Hugh Bonneville, Anthony Hopkins, and James Mason are great. The men were realistic and there was a good performance by Gary Oldman. The movie was directed by Peter Weir and produced by Barry Newman and John Curran. A Private War is a great movie to watch because of the realism. It also is a movie that is realistic. It is one of the best movies that I have seen. I rate this movie 8/10.

Henry photo

This film is not a biography but rather a look at the American war in Vietnam. While the film is not historically accurate, it's a good look at the events that happened during the war. The film is centered on John Kerry, a former member of the military. Kerry served as an aide to U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., during his time in Vietnam. The film follows Kerry as he goes to Vietnam to serve as a member of the U.S. Senate, in addition to the Senate's staff. The film is interesting in that it tells the story of a man who is not famous, but is a hero of the American people. This film is a good look at a war that changed the world. The acting in the film was very good. The only bad performance was that of Tom Sizemore, who was really bad in the movie. Sizemore was very bad in this movie and I really wanted him to get shot. His acting was just horrible. It's sad that a great actor like Tom Sizemore was even in the movie. The other actors in the film were also very good. It was a good film to watch and it showed the events that happened during the Vietnam War. The war in Vietnam was one of the most important events in American history and it should be studied in school. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Patricia W. photo
Patricia W.

In a world where we have to live our lives on the basis of the war, or the war will have to live on our shoulders, this film shows how a man can deal with the events that occur in the wake of a war. This is a film that is worth seeing, and worth remembering.

Brandon F. photo
Brandon F.

This is one of those films that keeps you in your seat for the entire duration of the movie. The story is intriguing, the characters are all interesting and there is a lot of emotion going on. The characters are well developed and the relationships between them are both believable and convincing. The acting is great and the directing is first rate. All in all, this is a film that is worth watching.

Jacqueline Lynch photo
Jacqueline Lynch

It's not a war movie, it's a movie about war, and it's about the war in Iraq. I know this, because I was in Iraq for two years and lived in the field, and I can tell you the truth. I did not like the war, and I don't like war movies. I don't like them, but I have to admit that this one is good. It's the first war movie I've seen in my life, and it's the best one I've seen in a long time. I don't like the subject, and I don't like the characters. But the movie is good. It's a very good movie, and it's a movie that I think you should see. If you like war movies, you should see this one. It's a good movie, and I recommend it to everybody. It's a very good movie, and I recommend it to everybody.

Samuel J. photo
Samuel J.

Taken from the books by Daniel Payne, "The Private War" is an interesting film that brings to life a war that has been a part of American history for over four decades. I first saw "The Private War" when I was in college in 1986. I think that it was one of the first films I saw on the subject of the Vietnam War, and I was riveted by the story. Now, after being a war vet myself, I can see the Vietnam War and I can understand why this war was such a big deal back then. But I just can't put my finger on why this film resonates so well to me today. I think it's because the story is so powerful. In the movie, two soldiers, Sgt. Martin Riggs (John Cusack) and Pvt. Bill Gates (Owen Wilson) become personal friends. They learn to share their emotions with each other and to see each other as men. One of the most powerful scenes is when Gates tells Riggs that he's on the same team as him. Riggs is unsure if he should trust him, but is very understanding. The most important thing I think about this film is that it does not glorify war. The film's cinematography is superb and the performances are superb. It is a powerful story, but the way it is told and the way it is told it can be challenging to the viewers. But it is a must see film. I give "The Private War" a 7 out of 10.

Jessica Flores photo
Jessica Flores

I am very familiar with the story of The Blackhawk Down. That is the name of the mercenary group which went out to Africa to rescue hostages from a US army. After a mission goes horribly wrong, a lot of men are killed and the group must find a way to return to the US. However, it took me quite some time to really get to know the story of Private Ryan and The Blackhawk Down. The movie has been mentioned on a few forums, but for me it was quite difficult to get into the story. Not only that, but the story is not very different to the story in that movie. The only major difference is that it takes place in a third world country and that in addition to the story, there is also the political and social elements. So if you are a film buff, then you might want to give this movie a chance. But it is really not that much of a story, and certainly not an entertaining one. The movie was quite forgettable for me.

William photo

I was not impressed by this movie. I thought it was very predictable. I do not want to give any spoilers, but it was very predictable. I was expecting more from this movie, because it is the second of two films dealing with the same subject matter. I am not saying it is bad, but it is just not that interesting or entertaining. The second film, V for Vendetta, was much more interesting. It was much more exciting and the movie had an interesting message to the story. I was disappointed in this movie because I did not think it was as good as V for Vendetta. I would have to give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Tyler P. photo
Tyler P.

The first few minutes of The Private War are the most fascinating. We watch a young girl and her older sister walking around the town in the snow. It's a good image of a time when the young girl has to live with the family of her father. Her father, a war hero, is executed for desertion and her mother is accused of being unfaithful. The younger sister is left to look after her younger brother, the most popular of the boys. It's a lonely life and the little boy becomes the symbol of the young girl's suffering. We know the story: the war comes to a close and the young girl is sent to a war-torn country to be with her father. She never returns. We see the girl crying and struggling to hold her brother together as the war comes to an end. She has to be sent back to her country to be with her father. The scene of the little boy crying and struggling to hold his brother together is a powerful one. It's a rare, powerful image of human suffering. I've seen it countless times. As the film progresses, we get a glimpse of the personal horrors of war and of the moral consequences of war. It's the film's strongest point. The great performances from the cast bring it all home. It's the most powerful and moving film I've ever seen. The Private War is the story of a child's struggle with the loss of her family, her mother's betrayal, and the consequences of war. It's one of the greatest films of its kind.

Jacqueline P. photo
Jacqueline P.

This movie was so much better than I thought it would be. It was very moving and inspiring. It showed a man who had a difficult time getting through life, but was able to overcome it. The acting was excellent. I think everyone should see this movie. I have seen it 3 times and will be seeing it again. I think it is a very important movie that should be seen. It is definitely a movie you will want to watch over and over again. It is definitely worth seeing. I am very happy that I saw it and would recommend it to anyone.

Amber Hernandez photo
Amber Hernandez

I saw this film in Cannes last year and I was impressed with the acting. The film tells the story of an African slave, who escaped the shackles of slavery and found refuge in the French colonies. The story is complex and the acting is superb. I am not a great fan of movies like this, but I enjoyed this movie. It was a well-paced and well-constructed story with great acting. This is a film that you should see.

Aaron M. photo
Aaron M.

A Private War is a great film to watch if you are a fan of war movies or if you are interested in the history of the American Civil War. The acting is great, the cinematography is great, and the plot is great. The film is about a young man named Lee Harvey Oswald who was a member of the Communist Party in Dallas, Texas, during the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This film is a very accurate portrayal of the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The film is not a great film, but it is a great film. It is a great film to watch if you are interested in the history of the American Civil War.

Ruth C. photo
Ruth C.

I don't know what to make of this movie. The acting is superb and the story is quite intriguing, but it just doesn't hold together. It's almost as if the director was just trying to make a movie that could be part of a series, but it just doesn't come off. The actors are all very good, but they just don't have enough to carry a film. I think the biggest problem is that the script doesn't have enough structure to work. It's too loose, too incoherent, and it doesn't really make sense. I was very disappointed that it was so poorly written. I'm sure there's a reason for it, but I just don't think it's worth pointing out. I can't say I really liked this movie, but it's not terrible.

Anthony E. photo
Anthony E.

An even better movie than War Horse. The difference is that War Horse is entertaining and shows true bravery and even a little bit of loyalty. John Wayne shows the same amount of guts and heart, and is able to show off his acting abilities. The difference is that this is a true story, and the movie shows the real suffering and brutality of the war. This is an outstanding movie for war fans. The acting is superb, the production is great, and the sound track is outstanding. For a true story, this is the best one I have seen. The movie is excellent for all ages.

Patrick Mendoza photo
Patrick Mendoza

This is a wonderful movie. It is the story of a young man in the US Army who tries to escape from a war and tries to get back to his country. This movie is about a soldier who is just a boy but is willing to fight for his country. I have seen this movie many times and it never gets old. It is a great movie to watch with friends and have a good time.

Gerald Wright photo
Gerald Wright

The first thing I will say about this movie is that it is a great movie. That being said, I will tell you that it is not the best movie ever made. The reason for this is because this movie is not really about WWII, it is a war movie. I do not know how else to put this, the war is not the center of the movie. The war is not the center of the movie. The movie focuses on a single story, the story of a small group of soldiers who go to Vietnam in the spring of 1965. The story is told through flashbacks, as the soldiers tell their stories. One thing that I liked about this movie is that there was no plot. This was not like the book "Das Boot" which made a lot of sense, but there was no plot. The reason for this is because I do not know how to write a plot. I cannot write a plot. I just know about the history of the world. I know about the history of Vietnam, but that does not mean I know how it started, how it ended, or what the people were like. I don't even know if the movie was based on a true story, I just know that it was a war movie. The one thing I did not like about this movie was the fact that the soldiers in this movie were not the same men that went to Vietnam. I am not saying that there were not soldiers who were there, but they were not the same soldiers. In the book the soldiers were the same. It was like watching a documentary. This made the movie not as good. There was a great director in "The Red Cross", and I have to say that "The Red Cross" was better than "The Killing Fields". The movie does not show the same soldiers as the book did. This was not a good thing for me because I was trying to watch the movie because of the book. But I do like how the movie was told. This was the most important thing about the movie because if you watch this movie and you know what I am saying, then you will not get the point of the movie. I give this movie a 7/10. I give the movie a B-.

Ryan Reed photo
Ryan Reed

I am not a fan of war films but this one I think is very good. It shows the atrocities that the United States military committed in Vietnam, and how Americans in general were more concerned with their own interests and doing their part for the "civilian nation" than the suffering of others. This film is very powerful in that it really shows how soldiers were not just the defenders of a country, but also the prime cause of war. The actors in this film really pull off their roles well, the scenes in Hanoi are good. It's a very important film, and the actors did a very good job in it.

Heather photo

Some people have posted comments that the film is about the events leading to the 'surrender' of the American in Korea and that it makes it seem as if there was a great war between the US and the Japanese. I would say that there are two parts of the film that actually show the battles of the two sides in the war and that is the first part of the film where we see the Japanese soldiers storming the American bunkers and what happens when the US troops surrender. The second part of the film, the battle of Saipan, has been lost by most people because it doesn't show what happened at the end of the battle. If the battle of Saipan had been shown in full it would have been a much better film and the film could have been a lot better than it was. The real war has not been told in the film at all. The film is really about a man named O'Brien (Richard Gere) and how he finds out what really happened in the war and the details about what happened at the end of the war. The war that O'Brien sees is the war between the Americans and the Japanese. The war is all about people. It is about a group of people fighting for their country and their way of life. The film shows the war and how people fight for what they believe in. The war is not about fighting for a country or a group of people but it is about fighting for what you believe in. The war is about how the soldiers fight for what they believe in. The film is about fighting for what you believe in, not a country or a group of people. There is a lot of war and fighting and that is shown in the film. The film has an interesting story about a man named O'Brien and how he gets involved in the war. The film does not show the battle of Saipan at all. The battle of Saipan is about a war between a country and a group of people. The film shows what the battle is about and what the soldiers fight for. The film is very interesting and it has a very good story.

Sara C. photo
Sara C.

I am an admirer of both Paul Greengrass and Michael Winterbottom. Paul Greengrass does a much better job in portraying war in general and the Vietnam war in particular. His War is more realistic, and the depiction of combat in general is far more accurate. What I don't understand is how Paul Greengrass is able to make War so grim and horrible. The violence is absolutely horrifying, but not nearly as gory as it could have been. I just can't get past it. I understand that war is horrible, but it should be gruesome and realistic. And that is what Paul Greengrass is able to portray. Michael Winterbottom's War is far more believable. His portrayal of the war is far more realistic and realistic as well. As for War, it is better because it shows more of the combat and more of the horrors that the soldiers go through, and I think that is what War needed. I also think War should have a greater focus on the battles and the war in general. The violence is an integral part of War, but not nearly as great as it should be. I don't think War is better than War, I think it is a good film. I think War is more realistic than War.

Henry Moreno photo
Henry Moreno

My sister sent me this film, I think that's the reason I decided to see it. I had heard about the Vietnam War, and thought it would be interesting to watch. The movie is about a bunch of soldiers who are looking to avenge the death of their comrade. Their leader, Brad Pitt, is played by Pitt. Pitt is a bad guy, but I really liked his character, because he showed no mercy for his enemy. He gave his enemy one of the best lines in the film: "Your gonna need a lot of patience when you're firing those first shots." I thought the movie was well-done, with some interesting special effects, and a good message. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes war movies.

Crystal Jimenez photo
Crystal Jimenez

An American POW who is taken prisoner by the Japanese during WWII, following his release from the prison camp, he becomes a "wounded warrior" and becomes a part of the Japanese resistance. The film is an interesting, realistic look at the life of a POW and the Japanese resistance, which also includes a sense of humor and a great soundtrack. The film is excellent, and it's a must-see.

Joshua O. photo
Joshua O.

I just got back from the National Theatre in London and it was great. First of all, it was a shame that more people didn't see this. This was definitely an "upcoming" film that the National would be doing. There is no way that this film is going to win the Oscar, but I still think it is an extremely strong film. I have read that this is a very sad story, and it was that way, but I was not completely in agreement with that. The film really doesn't delve into the actual story. The script was very interesting, but the film is not all that deep. I thought the main story was the Germans taking over the British. However, there were a few things about the Nazis that were still relevant today. The only thing I really did not like about this film was the acting. I would definitely suggest that you don't pay attention to any of the actors in this film. I think that these actors could have made the film much better, but they just did not seem like they were doing the film justice. The only actors that really caught my attention were the two leading actors. However, I would have liked to see more of both of them in the film. I think that if I had to choose, I would have preferred to see Tom Hardy in the film. He was very good. The acting is not good enough to really get me excited about this film. This is a sad film, and I am not sure how I would feel about it.

Elizabeth photo

This is a great movie and one that I would recommend to anyone interested in World War II. I saw this movie when it was released in the theaters and I have watched it many times since then. The story of an Irish soldier, Rick Dees, being in the line of fire during the Battle of the Bulge is very sad and I think it's one of the most dramatic things I have ever seen on the big screen. As a kid I used to love World War II movies and this movie captured the same feeling. The acting was good. I thought Brendan Gleeson was great as the leading character. I thought he was good in this movie. Kevin Costner was great as well. It was really impressive to see this film in the theaters. It is a very touching movie and I can recommend this movie to anyone.

Paul White photo
Paul White

This film has many elements that are being unfairly dismissed by the mainstream media. The script is excellent and the acting is superb. I had to watch this film twice to see the subtitles. I hope it does well at the box office and inspires other filmmakers to follow in the footsteps of Anthony Minghella and Martin McDonagh. I strongly recommend this film to all.

Janice Hernandez photo
Janice Hernandez

This movie had a lot of potential. The lead character's name is Adrian. I think it's a good thing that this character is played by Ryan Gosling. He's the real deal. The film is also full of funny and smart dialogue. The characters have a lot of depth. You can really see the lives they lead and how they are struggling. The characters are well developed. The soundtrack is amazing. I also like how the film shows the whole picture of a war and the people's lives during it. It also shows the effect the war has on the people. The soundtrack is really great and it shows how much the war affected the people. The film also has a lot of really good action. I love how the film shows the different war zones and how the people are trying to survive. The film is a good film for people who want to learn more about the conflict in Iraq. This film will be a great film for those who want to learn more about war and how it affects people.