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Puccini: Turandot
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Gary Halvorson
Carlo Gozzi, Giuseppe Adami, Renato Simoni
Christine Goerke, Yusif Eyvazof, Angel Blue, Yannick Nézet-Séguin
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Comments about musical «Puccini: Turandot» (7)

Austin K. photo
Austin K.

I liked this movie very much, because it was funny, sometimes romantic, but most of all, it was a lot of fun. I saw it when it first came out, but the DVD is still in the video store. I have to say, the DVD is the best. I know it's a different kind of DVD, but the movie is not just a little boy's movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a cute movie about a little boy who wants to be a concert pianist. I really enjoyed this movie and would buy it if I could.

Judy Y. photo
Judy Y.

If you love the music of John Tchaikovsky, you'll love this movie. Tchaikovsky composed the music for this movie. Tchaikovsky died before he could finish this music. It was recorded on VHS tapes in 1978, and then released as an LP on 1980. The soundtrack is amazing. The songs are in English, with a few Russian songs. The songs are also very well done. I have to admit that I'm a big fan of Tchaikovsky's music, and I also like John Tchaikovsky. If you're a fan of his music, you'll love this movie.

Helen W. photo
Helen W.

First of all, it is not a bad movie. It is pretty good, in fact. If you are looking for something really old school, this is it. And it is not too long, either. The songs are really good, and the story, well, it is not bad, just different. This is a good family movie, for all ages. The acting is okay, but it does not matter. I was really impressed with the performance of Johnny Depp. He is amazing! He is the star of this movie, and he does not disappoint. It is a shame that he is not in this one, because I would have loved to see him do more. I would recommend this movie to everyone, even those who are not fans of the original work. It is really worth it.

Steven photo

Puccini: Turandot (2001): Dir: Peter Shaffer / Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Anna Farris, Ken Watanabe, Maria Conchita Alonso, Sarah Brightman: From director Peter Shaffer comes an unexpected but brilliant romantic comedy about an aging rock star who is forced to deal with the death of his wife in a tragic car accident. Tom Hiddleston is a gifted and talented musician who's career is on the line as he has been driving his family's company, but is having trouble keeping his mind off of his wife's death and has trouble sleeping. When he gets a call from his old friend who is the music legend and producer of a group of songs he wrote, he is forced to return to the studio and make a deal with his ex-wife's new lover to get the songs out. It is his decision to return to the studio and make the deal with the producer that is the key to the movie. There are plenty of laughs in the comedy, especially when Tom Hiddleston tries to keep a straight face. He does have the voice of a veteran rock star and the look of a veteran rock star. The film is a nice effort to keep the story moving and has a nice cast that includes an unexpected guest appearance from Hiddleston's long time crush Anna Farris. The music in the film is good, but I could have done without the music of the Beach Boys. It was a nice change of pace, but it is not an original idea. Score: 7 1⁄2 / 10

Linda B. photo
Linda B.

If you are looking for something really good, this is not it. But if you want something very good, and have the patience to sit through the entire thing, this is it. The music is superb. It's great for a family film. And if you have the patience, it will be great for you as well. I think this is a perfect Christmas movie. It has everything a true family could want: great music, great acting, great story. It is definitely a classic.

Diana photo

I went to this movie with my friend with the intent of having fun and I think I got more fun out of it than I did. I do like the music and I thought the dancing was very good. I thought the lead actress was pretty good, but she was not the best choice for this role. Her dancing was very good but it was not something that I would see in a movie. It was a little too much of a movie for me. I think the movie was very funny and it was very good at portraying the feelings of a relationship. I really do not understand why this movie has such a bad review, but I think that the people that made that review did not like the movie. I would definitely recommend this movie. If you like jazz and dancing and a great movie then I think you should give this movie a try.

Wayne photo

I haven't seen "Puccini: Turandot" since it was first shown in the 1970's. The problem I had with it is that the story was much more complex and interesting than I remembered. As a result, I can't really appreciate the story as much as I did before. This is not necessarily a problem. It's still a very good movie. I think that "Puccini: Turandot" is a better movie than "Puccini: Deuxieme Septembers". "Puccini: Deuxieme Septembers" was a much more complicated story. And while I don't remember the story in "Puccini: Deuxieme Septembers", I can still remember the movie. In "Puccini: Turandot", the story is much simpler. It's just about a couple of friends. It's a story about the friendship between an Italian and a German. It's about the two friends growing up and growing apart. It's about their love for each other. It's about the friendship between two men. I don't think that I can really compare the two movies because they are so different in so many ways. But I still recommend "Puccini: Turandot" to anyone who likes the two movies. I also recommend "Puccini: Deuxieme Septembers".