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Xiao Q

Xiao Q is a movie starring Simon Yam, Gigi Leung, and Him Law. Adapted from the Japanese novel Goodbye, Khoru, following a guide dog and his conflicted master.

Other Titles
Little Q
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Wing-Cheong Law
Susan Chan
Simon Yam, Charlie Yeung, Him Law, Gigi Leung
China, Hong Kong
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Adapted from the Japanese novel Goodbye, Khoru, following a guide dog and his conflicted master.

Comments about drama «Xiao Q» (25)

Judy C. photo
Judy C.

I liked this movie. I thought it was well done, especially with the cinematography and the opening of the film. I think it was more realistic than the other films I've seen, especially the 2003 version. The concept of "the viewer is not really the camera" was a nice idea, even though it might be a bit of a stretch for some. I enjoyed how the characters were brought out in the film. I was really disappointed by how all the characters were written. I thought the main character was a little too typical. She was really strong and had a lot of charm, but other than that, she really wasn't that interesting. The way she was written seemed really forced. I didn't like the ending. The main character was just a bit too cliche and like she really was more like a dummy than a real person. The ending was so different. I thought it was a good idea to end the movie with the camera on her face, but that really didn't work. It just felt too forced. I think if the main character was a little more real in the movie, it might have worked better. I thought the ending was interesting, but not too great. Overall, I really liked this movie. It was better than the 2003 version and the one before that. I think they really did their research into different cultures and how people would act differently in different environments. I thought the cinematography was well done and really gave the film an attractive look. The movie was written well. It was entertaining, though not very deep, and I think that's what I like about this movie.

Robert W. photo
Robert W.

It's hard to find an example of a movie that perfectly combines all aspects of this genre, "The Man Who Saw" fits the bill. It takes place during a period in China's history where everyone lives in fear of what might happen to them. The movie is an allegory of survival. It tells a story that illustrates the extreme level of human life that is required to survive in a world that isn't all that fair. The two protagonists are a baker and a fisherman and they are both deemed to be a "Little Prince" of a family. One day their wife dies and the husband, Xiao Q, is devastated. When he goes to a funeral, he sees the father and the son who were his first two children and he can't accept what has happened to them. He feels that the father is abandoning his children to become a fisherman and that the son is being ignored because he is being bullied at school. Eventually, the son does become a fisherman and after a while Xiao Q takes him fishing. This is when the movie enters the "old world" and is about how people can survive and how society has changed. The story is very realistic and the way it is presented has become something that is very iconic in the genre. When I first watched it, I felt very sad that the main character had abandoned his children but now I understand that he is truly a hero for his sacrifice. If he didn't do anything, no one would have thought that he had abandoned his children, thus making it seem so much more pathetic. I feel that this movie is very effective in how it communicates the emotions that a man has to deal with in his life and the fact that a man can't just give up. This is also the movie's strength and it is something that makes it stand out among the genre. It is also very realistic and I felt that it had a lot of the same characteristics that a real life incident or even a story of a family has. All in all, I really recommend this movie to anyone who wants to get to know the heart of a movie, the words that it has to say.

Lisa Thomas photo
Lisa Thomas

You could not help but think that this was going to be one of those 'real' movies, with some kind of sad story attached to it. Well, it does not disappoint in that respect, but it's not the story that's the major thing. It's the performances that are to be lauded here. I personally do not find that Oscar-worthy for any of the main actors, but they do make the most of their respective parts. I particularly liked the young boy as the protagonist, and the almost complete lack of performance from his mom, though it's hard to be so hard on a mother with two kids. But as I've already mentioned, I do not have a problem with that. In fact, I do not find her performance at all. This movie has no plot, so there's really no reason for the story to exist. What it does have, however, is a heartwarming story, and great performances. I don't really know what it's trying to be. It just seems to be a simple movie with an entertaining story. The main character, and especially the kid, are two very well developed and natural actors, and their performances are the ones that really carry the movie. I really like the way the movie keeps the focus on the family and the events that come between, and the way it manages to deal with the theme of death without being too heavy, and I really like the way it's done. All in all, this is a pretty good movie, but I do not really recommend it to anybody.

Maria D. photo
Maria D.

Every time I watch "Martial Law" (another must see movie by Nicolas Jackel) I think of the highbrow references I've already made, the subjects I've already touched on, and the literary references I've already learned. The dialogue in this movie is amazingly intelligent and raw. The characters are interesting, the story is interesting, the plot is interesting, the cast is interesting, and the soundtrack is interesting. It's definitely one of my favorite movies. The lowbrow comparisons to the classic "American History X" would be a good idea here: yes, that movie is about gang culture and power and racism and suicide and suicide and drug addiction and other aspects of human nature, but it also manages to be an intelligent and funny look at racism and it's effects on society and it's effects on a young man's life. That movie has many references to "Martial Law", but the scenes are different. The dialogue in that movie is raw and intelligent and creative, whereas in "Martial Law" it's often just a little bit more stylized and superficial. It's not a "so bad it's good" movie, so if you're looking for something intelligent and/or challenging, I'd recommend "Martial Law", but if you're looking for something more "funny" than "brilliant" and/or "original", I'd recommend "American History X" instead. 8/10

Aaron Sandoval photo
Aaron Sandoval

Films like this are not often made nowadays. I've seen 2 films with Wong Jing in the lead this year and they were much better than this. Wong Jing is always fantastic and with the exception of his roles in the Ugly Truth and The Great Wall, I've never seen him in a bad film. The difference between this and his other films is the fact that he is given a script that is so clever and beautifully written that it makes you forget that he is acting and you just sit back and enjoy the wonderful plot. The performances in this film are incredible. You've got David Chiang as the tough bad guy and don't let the title fool you, he is fantastic in the role. His dialogue is so witty and so on the mark that it makes the whole film fantastic. He steals every scene he is in and his performance is simply great. Then there's the lovely Wong Jing. The beauty of her performance is how the film frames her and you are taken on a journey of her character. You can actually relate to her character and find a lot of compassion for her. She is a great actress and I hope to see her more in the future. I love this film because of the fantastic story, the beautiful direction and the great performances of all involved. I really enjoyed watching it and will definitely be buying the DVD when it comes out. So far this year I've seen Wong Jing in The Beguiled, The Great Wall, Ugly Truth, The Great Wall 2 and The Ugly Truth 2.

Kevin Castro photo
Kevin Castro

This is the most beautiful movie I've seen in a long time. There's nothing wrong with the acting, the story and the cinematography. The only problem is that I was not drawn in to the characters, I was also not really impressed by the movie. But it was a good movie. The title, The Butcher's Daughter, just made me want to see it. The way she is, her mother was the butcher and her mother was almost always the drunkard. The second part of the movie was more interesting, showing the life of the teenage girl and her mother. All in all, this is a very beautiful movie and a must see.

Roger Medina photo
Roger Medina

A movie that i will watch again and again. The story is very simple but very well put. It is a good movie that makes you think about the importance of love. And how people can not be loved by themselves. It shows that sometimes a love isn't real and how your life is a facade and that you have to love yourself before you can really love someone else. You also have to know what love is in order to understand it and in order to understand it you have to love yourself.

Diane photo

Mockingjay - Part 1 is a compelling and emotional film that takes place following the battle between the Resistance and the ruthlessness of the Machine. The cast of characters are well done and the storyline is presented with a tremendous amount of realism. The movie is better than the first one and has much more action. The acting is more emotional and powerful. Michelle Yeoh was superb as Katniss, with a beautiful and powerful performance. The same goes for Josh Hutcherson, the only real weak actor in the movie. Ian McShane was also well chosen to play Peeta. I felt that this was the best of the trilogy. I would definitely recommend watching this movie!

Emily Chavez photo
Emily Chavez

The story is about a Chinese boy who is kidnapped by a female. He is forced to become a courier for a notorious crime lord, who demands a ransom of millions of dollars to help him rescue the kidnapped girl. The boy wants to escape his ordeal but his guardians are making him watch a girl he doesn't know as a form of punishment. He will have to learn the hard way if he wants to survive. The action starts off with a bang and it keeps up the pace until the end. The movie is no masterpiece but it is good and I found it to be above average. The cast was good, the performances were good and the story is good and it kept me entertained until the end. The characters are well developed and it's not easy to hate on them. This is a good movie and it isn't the most high profile but it was worth the price of admission. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see a good movie with a good story, good acting and decent action.

Carl photo

THE TEN MINUTE MAN is a classic coming-of-age film that touches on important themes such as parental loyalty, the conflict between success and ideals, familial loyalty, and how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Although its focus on Chinese middle-class youth is somewhat superficial, the movie is still worth watching for its strong messages of family and patriotism. Although these messages are simplistic in nature, the film's performance by Huang Yu is strong and poignant. With a charismatic performance and a personal history, Huang Yu succeeds in creating a sense of emotional and social realism. This is what makes the film so important to this generation, and to this generation's children.

Debra Pierce photo
Debra Pierce

I saw this movie in Beijing when it was released. I was disappointed to see that this film was not released in the USA. I was so happy when I found this movie on the DVD. I love the film so much that I bought the DVD as well. This is really the best movie I have seen in a long time. I also like the performances of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. I have already watched this film more than 10 times, and it still remains the most enjoyable movie I have ever watched. I really feel that I have witnessed the real Jackie Chan in action. The director really made the best movie that he could, and I hope that everyone enjoys the movie as much as I did. This is truly a masterpiece.

Kenneth Hunt photo
Kenneth Hunt

Like, I remember the first time I saw this movie, it just felt so good. I just had such a great feeling when I watched it. There were so many scenes that I just remembered from the movie. I liked this movie because it showed me things that I never knew about China. I really hope that the DVD version will be released. The Japanese version was much better. I think it was very good. I hope they will release the DVD version.

Megan Ortiz photo
Megan Ortiz

Munger has made a good movie. But in the end, he lost his cool. I think the problem with this movie is that it's trying to be so much, and it doesn't know where it wants to go. It starts as a comedy, and it ends as a tragedy. I think the ending was a bit forced, and it was only for the sake of drama. But, I like the acting, and the dialogues. And the style is really cool. The actors are all really good, and the movie is visually very nice. But, in the end, it's a little too long. I don't know why. It doesn't feel like a drama, it feels like a comedy. I guess I'll have to watch it again.

Denise Estrada photo
Denise Estrada

It's always been a joy for me to watch movies in which the female lead does something right. During the early 80's I actually enjoyed watching all the films with strong female leads. I also enjoy seeing films with a strong female lead. And this movie is no exception. The film is about two sisters, who live in a family with two husbands. One is a mentally disturbed man and the other is a woman who is a recovering addict. Their mother has Alzheimer's and her mother-in-law is a drunk who gets drunk every night, but their father has never come home. The father tries to visit each night, but he doesn't do well with his sleeping medication. When he finally returns home, he feels he's not like the father he knew. This is because his father used to watch pornography, which is banned in his country, so he has lost his virginity. It's the father who is a former homosexual who's hiding the fact that he's homosexual. The older brother is much more aggressive and the younger brother is much more gentle. But, they are one and the same. I'd like to tell you more about the story, but the movie is too long and I think you'll be bored by this point. The female lead is great, as usual. I think you'll be shocked at how she acts in the scene when she is shown in the photo album. I wish there were more movies with strong female leads like this. I think it's important to show the lives of women, especially in Taiwan, because there are no movies that show them in such a way.

Patricia photo

I don't think I've seen a film in a while that really made me think and think deeply about the films that I watch. When I say I've watched a lot of films, I mean that I've watched them more than once and it's a lot of films. But this film is just one that I watched again and again. It is very special because it is based on a novel by Joseph Conrad, and that novel is one of the most famous novels in the world. It is also one of the most powerful and compelling novels I've ever read. I think that this film does justice to the novel. I've read a lot of reviews on the internet that say that this film was not faithful to the novel. I think that that is one of the reasons why this film works so well. The film is actually based on the story of a man named John March. I think that the adaptation of this novel is very, very well done. I think that it's good that they did not use the name of Conrad, because then they would have been missing the essential element that the film needed to be based on. The way that the film is made, the costumes, the actors, everything is very much like the book. But the novel is one of the most powerful and important novels ever written. And so it's really amazing to me that this film is able to show this story in a very different way. I think that that is the reason that the film is so special. I think that the best part of the film is the use of sound. I think that the film is very much like the book. But this is because of the use of sound. There are a lot of scenes that are very much like the novel, but because of the use of sound. The best part of the film is the use of sound. It's really great. I think that it is a very good use of sound, and I really enjoyed this use of sound. I think that this is why the film works so well. I think that this is one of the best films I've ever seen in my life, and I would recommend this film to anybody who likes movies, and I think that anybody who likes movies should watch this film.

Julia photo

It was a very nice movie. A group of men in a hotel are surprised to find a very beautiful woman in their room. The woman invites them to dinner with her family. Soon after they meet the young man who falls in love with her. It is a great movie. I like how it is a long movie and they show a lot of scenes in between. And they are really beautiful scenes. A good movie for those who like romantic movies. There is no love story in the movie. I give 8/10.

Kelly Perez photo
Kelly Perez

I had read about this film before seeing it and I was more than happy to see it. It has a wonderful story and it is very realistic. It is about a young man who lost his father and is always at the edge of losing his mother. His mother takes care of him and when he is older he realizes that he loves her and his family very much. It is a very moving film, you can feel the pain and the love that he has for his mother and it is a very touching story. The cinematography is also very good and is very poetic and there is not a single scene that is not beautiful. The film is really very strong in it's message and if you want to see a very good and powerful film about loss and loss of loved ones I would recommend this movie.

Terry photo

I saw this film at a screening in England and I was rather taken by the slow pace of the film. I was wondering if the film would end and if so, how long. I thought the film would be about 30 minutes long and I was shocked to find that it was over an hour long. It is a brilliant film that is a bit slow but I found the pace of the film quite interesting. The main characters, however, are not great and the acting is not very good. The film is very slow and I was thinking "what the hell are they doing here?". There is one great scene that I thought was quite amazing and that is when the main character, Li Qiang, has to get out of the car. The scene is shot at a very slow pace and the characters do not seem to have much to do. It is a very slow film, but I found it to be an enjoyable film. The acting is not very good. I thought the film was a bit slow, but I did not find it boring. I am not sure if it is worth seeing. I am rating it a 7 out of 10.

Mark H. photo
Mark H.

I loved this movie, although I'm not Chinese. I have always thought that "In The Mood for Love" was one of the best love stories ever. Although it is set in the 1980's, it seems to me that this film would be relevant to the 90's and 2000's. The story is about a couple, who have never met each other before, but have very close feelings for each other. When they first meet, they have very different tastes in movies. Their interest in movies is to the point of having their own movie store. Their interest in music and clothes, however, is quite low. The movie begins with the couple watching a film that they believe to be a love story, but it is really a comedy. It is a good comedy, but it does not have any romantic elements to it. The couple is then told by a friend that the film is called "In The Mood for Love". They buy it and are surprised to find out that it is actually a love story. However, they do not realize that the film is actually a comedy. The couple is now into the movie with very close feelings towards each other. In fact, the couple is so excited to watch this movie that they fall in love with each other. However, this is not what they thought it would be. The movie takes a turn when the couple meet each other's parents. They are the people who have not only been the driving force of their parents' lives, but also the reason for the happiness of their entire family. The couple learns that there are many emotions that must be hidden from one another. They also learn that to be able to tell a story is to understand the heart of a person. At the end of the film, they find that they have come to the conclusion that they are not who they thought they were. The story is well-written and the movie is very well-made. It is very moving and the movie, despite its low score on IMDb, is still one of the best love stories ever. If you have seen this movie, I think you will also like "The Piano Teacher".

Bruce S. photo
Bruce S.

This is the first Chinese movie to be nominated for an Oscar, and to be awarded for Best Foreign Language Film. This movie was a great attempt to bring the Chinese culture to the world, and although I do not speak the Chinese language I thought the movie was well done and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Chinese culture. The story is a bit unusual in that it is set in a western town, and the Chinese characters in the movie are from the same town. The main character is played by Zhao Tao who is an excellent actor. He also played a role in the movie "The Return of the King", and he is very good in this movie. The acting is also good, as is the script. This movie is not a typical Hollywood movie, it is an interesting movie that I would recommend to anyone who likes Chinese culture, or anyone who likes a movie about Chinese culture. This is a movie that is worth watching, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Chinese culture.

Dorothy photo

The one-act play, which involves the protagonist and protagonist, is given in the beginning of the movie, but in the third act, the title of the play is changed to "Rong jing xiao qi". The first part of the play takes place in the city of Changchun, a city with a very distinctive form of street theater. The play is a satire on the different levels of Chinese society. The action takes place at the level of the police. The main characters are a policeman, who is stationed at the Changchun police station, and his partner, who is assigned to the precinct in the city. They play a game of love and friendship in the police station, but it is not enough to keep the two people from falling in love. During the course of the film, the relationship between the two officers is broken. In the end of the film, the policeman is arrested, and his partner is left alone with his ex-girlfriend. He watches the last scene of the play in the police station, and he begins to realize that the character of his partner is not the one he imagined. The film ends with the scene of the man wearing a police uniform who has been shot, and is dying. The film ends with the question of whether the protagonist and protagonist are different persons.

Willie Sandoval photo
Willie Sandoval

To be honest, I think the story is great, although the story itself is not very original. However, this film is a different story. You can tell that the director has been very confident in his ability to portray the pain and loss of this young couple. All the actors were brilliant and a very realistic performance. I can't really say anything bad about the movie, apart from a few minor flaws in the script. However, this is a movie which, in the end, I hope to see again.

Anna photo

Focused in three narratives: the inner struggles of two people who are estranged from each other (the protagonist and the woman who develops a relationship with him); the end of their friendship; and the two people's dealings with each other in the light of the law. The principal actors, Andy Lau and Carol Ho, are excellent, but so are the supporting cast. Some of the photography is fine, and the background score is very good. A good film.

Lawrence R. photo
Lawrence R.

This is a very interesting movie with a very unusual plot. I would describe it as a coming of age story. I think it is very important for people to realize that this is not a typical movie. It is about a boy who grows up in a family with many hardships. He feels he has to get the best from his family and make his own life. There are many hardships and problems that the family goes through but they go through them together. The main character is a boy named Xiao Q, who has been raised by his family but he is not the eldest. He is the son of the eldest, the most powerful person in the family. He is very aware of his family's situation and so he tries to help the family through his own means. He tries to help his family with his own ability and he does not get many results. I really liked the way he handled his problems, even when he was getting a lot of criticism from his family. I think this is very interesting and makes you feel the situation. The movie is very original and is really worth watching. It is not too much of a drama but more of a coming of age story. I think the movie is very important to people who have parents that they must always be prepared for their problems. They should not be afraid of them. There is a lot of pressure on the family but they try to overcome it together.

Megan R. photo
Megan R.

First off, I don't think this movie is going to be very popular among the Chinese. It's about a very dysfunctional family who must deal with a lot of problems that go beyond simple sexual issues. I don't think this is something that the average Chinese would understand, but I think they would enjoy this movie. It's not exactly about a father-daughter relationship, but there are some nice moments in the movie that are touching and funny. The movie is also a bit unrealistic in some parts, but it's not a big deal. Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has an interest in Chinese movies, and I would also recommend it to anyone who enjoys drama. I give it an 8/10.