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Geu-hu is a movie starring Yunhee Cho, Ki Joabang, and Taeu Kang. The married Bongwan leaves home in the dark morning and sets off to work. The memories of the woman who left weigh down on him. That day Bongwan's wife finds a love...

Other Titles
Dzień po, その後, O Dia Seguinte, Sorekara, Η Επόμενη Μέρα μιας Σχέσης, The Day After, Le Jour d'après, El día después, O Dia Depois
Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Romance, Drama
Sang-soo Hong
Sang-soo Hong
Ki Joabang, Yunhee Cho, Taeu Kang, Min-hee Kim
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Bongwan, who runs a small publishing house in Seoul, wakes up early, very early this morning. Why is that so? To his wife who asks him for an explanation, Bongwan answers only elusively. He then sets off for work and while walking through the dark streets, he thinks of the woman who left him a month before. Later on, at the office, he meets Areum, his new secretary, a pretty young woman who takes on her first day of work. Meanwhile, at home, Bongwan's wife discovers a love poem written by him. She sees red and rushes like a fury into the publishing office. Mistaking poor Areum for her husband's mistress, she physically attacks her.

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Linda Burns photo
Linda Burns

It is just the Japanese "doggerel" scene, and a few scenes from "A Life Less Ordinary", that make this film interesting. But it is the script that is really the one main weakness of this movie. The characters are shallow and often lack depth. Also the dialogues are very badly written and it is very hard to understand them at some points. The music is very distracting. The ending is very emotional, and it is the only scene that is really good, but it is all the more powerful and sad because of it. The best thing about this film is that it does not really matter what kind of film it is. It is really a great "Asian" film, that can appeal to everyone. It is very funny, but also really sad and sadder. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Amanda J. photo
Amanda J.

A young couple and their new-born baby are captured by a team of agents who want to find a missing woman. When they discover the woman is not the missing woman, they're forced to fight for their lives. I've seen many Taiwanese movies, and this one is one of the most unique ones I've seen. It's about a man, his wife and the baby who are captured by a group of soldiers. The movie isn't long, but it's well-filmed, and there are some beautiful scenes of the family's home, the baby's nursery and the baby's nursery. The story is not that complicated, but it's well-told and the tension is very well-done. The acting in this movie is also quite good. The man is great as the man who is in love with the woman and the baby, but he has to be careful, because he has a tough job. The wife is also very good, but she doesn't have many scenes, but she has a strong and attractive personality. The baby is also a very cute baby, and his father is very nice to him. Overall, the acting in this movie is good, but it's not that good, because the story isn't that good, but it's good, and I recommend this movie for those who want to watch something different. It's not that good, but it's still worth a look.

Alice B. photo
Alice B.

In 2006, the Chinese filmmaker Wu Jing won the prestigious Oscar for Best Director, and his breakthrough film that year was "The Gift", a comedy-drama about a mother's desperate search for her lost daughter. This year, "Two Kisses", his latest film, is one of the best films I've seen in a long time. The story of this film is that of a former journalist who is now a middle-aged man who wants to make a film about his life, his wife, his relationship, and his daughter. He also wants to find out if he can return to his old life. It is the story of a man who wants to find out if his life is real. The father who has been dead for a long time suddenly appears in his life. The movie also deals with a tragic event in his life. The director, Wu Jing, has successfully woven the story together. The plot is simple, but the film is captivating, and it has a real feeling. The characters in this film are all very well-written, and their characters are likeable. The acting is also great. The actors who portray the father, the husband, the son, and the daughter are all very good. The story is simple, but the film is very interesting. I am very impressed with this film. It is definitely worth seeing.

Jacob J. photo
Jacob J.

I just saw the movie today and I thought it was pretty good. It's a story about an aging man who finds himself in a much better situation than he had before. The story is good and the acting is great. The best part about the movie is the ending. It makes you feel happy. It's not a comedy or a drama. The first half of the movie is pretty dull, but the second half of the movie is very good. The first part of the movie is slow and boring. But after the first part of the movie, it starts to get more exciting. It is a very good movie. I recommend it to anyone.

Jacqueline Holland photo
Jacqueline Holland

This movie was a very good movie, and has many parts that are amazing and very surprising. This is a movie that you can watch multiple times and you can't put it down. The acting was excellent, and it has a great plot, but it is very predictable, and the ending was very disappointing. I give it a 7/10.

Mary H. photo
Mary H.

I don't know if this is a true story but I have read this book a few times. The plot is simple, but the story is very sad and very realistic. The people are so poor that they have no choice but to do stupid things. Even the heroes of the book were people that couldn't get anything better than what they had. I think that this book is a very good one because the people were so poor, they just needed to have a good and good person to care for them. I recommend this book to anyone who likes real good stories and a real good movie.

Sarah photo

I must say that I was very surprised by this movie. I had only ever heard about the story, and just watching it made me feel much more connected to the characters than I usually do when watching a movie. I felt so much connected to the story, that I thought it was quite a tear jerker. The only drawback to this movie is that it isn't "just" a movie. It's a story, and it works like that because of the emotional aspects, the beauty, and the humor. I think that it was a great movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a tear jerker, or is in the mood for a good movie.

Jason photo

A really interesting story. And also very beautiful and sweet. All around very interesting. One of the best things about this film is that the actors seem to really enjoy themselves and there are so many amazing scenes. One of the scenes that stands out is the dancing scene, when the father and daughter get together. There is so much expression in this scene, it's like they are just having fun. It's not too long and it feels like an hour and a half. I think it is one of the most relaxing and joyful films I have ever seen. The story is about a man who falls in love with a woman from another city. But she decides to stay in her home and she leaves him with his sister, but he is not sure if she really loves him or not. The story then goes on and they begin a very long relationship. But after a while he decides to leave her, because he feels that he cannot live with her, because she is too selfish. But then he meets a girl, the daughter of the woman who left him, who is living with her father, and he is very happy. He starts a relationship with her. This film is really about two people who fall in love and they begin a very long and passionate relationship. The acting in this film is really wonderful. The story is very good. I have always loved films that make you think. It makes you think about the world and about the meaning of love. I have never seen such a film before. The only thing that I did not like about this film was that there were no happy moments. There was one thing that I did not like was that there was a moment when he wanted to go to his daughter's birthday party, but he was so nervous, so he stayed home. I would have liked to see a happy ending. Overall, this is one of the best films I have ever seen. It's a really good film, and I think that it's one of the best films of all time.

Nicole Foster photo
Nicole Foster

This is an exceptional movie that is far above what you would expect from a movie about a relationship that is so thin you can't tell what is real and what is fantasy. A movie about love, of course. A movie that will appeal to any adult with a sense of vision and taste for good storytelling. It is impossible to exaggerate the beauty of this movie. You will not be disappointed. Just go watch it.

Melissa Sullivan photo
Melissa Sullivan

It was very wonderful to see this film in Singapore. The beautiful landscapes and the songs were just a part of the film. Although I think the movie is about the difference between love and hate, I think it is more about what love and hate should be in our lives. I think it is so true that one should not be kind and one should not be nice. In my opinion, this film is about us all, and how we can change ourselves and change others. I think it is a very important film to be watched, and very touching, especially to young girls and girls who are interested in things like this.

Eugene B. photo
Eugene B.

There are movies that you watch with the anticipation of a romantic ending. Then there are movies that you watch with the expectation of the movie ending. This movie, my goodness, it will have you going WOW! The cinematography is really good and the visuals are stunning. This is one of those movies that will have you thinking about it for days after you've seen it. The cast is great. I particularly like the performance by Aamir Khan, who plays the role of a doctor. He has an excellent performance as a character that you actually care about. I like the way he acts, and I'm a big fan of Aamir Khan. He has great chemistry with his sister and brother-in-law and even his little brother, who he tries to save, which is a very touching part. I especially like the way he plays the part of the doctor. I can't think of a movie that has better performances than this one. The story is great and the movie will have you thinking about it for days after you've seen it. I can't think of a movie that's better in this genre, and I'm a big fan of romantic movies. I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez, who plays the role of Lisa, and I really like the way she acts in the movie. I really think she's a great actress. The music is very good, and I think the music is very good. The songs are really good and will have you going WOW. I love this movie. It's a very good movie, and I really like this movie. I love Aamir Khan and Jennifer Lopez in the movie, and they really act really well together. I love the way the movie is directed, and I really like the cinematography. I think this is a great movie. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Marilyn photo

Being an avid fan of Chinese cinema, I was always excited to see what new movies they had released. But now I've finally watched a few of them and this film was definitely worth the wait. I am not an expert on Chinese cinema, so it is hard for me to comment on the quality of the films, but I can say that it is definitely worth the watch. I didn't think it would be as good as it is, but it is a very well put together film. It has everything you would want from a film in this genre. It is a love story, a drama, a comedy, and a thriller. It is definitely not your average Hollywood film, but it is definitely a great film. I would say that the majority of the film is set in a school and a few other locations. It is definitely not a typical film, but I would say it is one of the best Chinese films I have seen. I definitely recommend it. 7/10

Diane Fisher photo
Diane Fisher

I loved this film. I thought it was very good. This is one of those films that will stay with you long after you watch it. I am sure many people will want to buy this film, and I can't imagine how it is going to be. It is not just a movie. It is a thing of beauty and beauty of art. I cannot think of a film as good as this one. I think it is worth buying.

Dylan photo

The story of the life of a single, poor farmer and his two young daughters is a great example of how to keep the film from becoming a bore. The film was first conceived as a comedy. As a result, the audience is laughing almost throughout. The ending is one of the best in recent times, and the film is a success in its own right. The film should have been cut to 70 minutes, and I think this would have made the film much better. The film is a good example of how not to develop a story. This film has been shown on television in many countries and is very popular. It's great to see it on the big screen, especially for its depiction of the harsh life of a farmer.

Anna photo

This movie is a dark comedy. You might not like this movie because of it's subject, but if you like the movie, you will probably like the movie. I have no idea why the movie is called "China's Daughter" but the Chinese word is called "Chi", so there it is. I think that this is a really great movie. It has a great story, a great ending, and great acting. The movie is a drama, but it is a comedy. It is not as good as "Love Story" but it is still really good. I would recommend it to people who like these kinds of movies.

Lori F. photo
Lori F.

This is one of the best Chinese movies I have ever seen, with a very good script, great acting, great music, and a brilliant plot. This is not your typical Kung Fu movie, but it is much better than your average Kung Fu movie. The plot is about a young woman named Sari who wants to study martial arts in China, and comes to America to learn Chinese martial arts. When she arrives, she is completely shocked to find out that American people think that the Chinese people are "savage barbarians". She and her friend "Chu Tung" become friends and help her fight her way through the school. She meets a Japanese student named Yuen who wants to learn Chinese martial arts. This is the best part of the movie, it shows how different cultures and countries view the Chinese people. I have never seen a movie like this before, but I really recommend it.

Paul photo

I am not a huge fan of traditional cinema, but this one was just good, not great, but good. I felt I was watching a movie from the 1970s, or the late 1940s, when I first saw it. It is in my collection, I don't watch it often, and I am a bit afraid that I will be disappointed. But I really liked this movie, it is very unusual for a movie, and you have to pay attention to the plot, or you might miss some things. The ending is not very typical of Japanese cinema, but the movie was very unique. I was surprised how little I knew about this movie before I saw it. I could see that the director was interested in the connection between war and a culture. I liked it, but I am not a big fan of Japanese cinema, and I think the movie was good. My vote is 7/10

Catherine Fisher photo
Catherine Fisher

A film that does not seem to be in English. What's with the subtitles? If you watch it in English, I'm sure you will find a lot of language you don't understand. I'm not sure how much of the film is in English. The film opens up in a dream, with the man in the red coat. This is one of those films that is so realistic, you can just feel the heat, the humidity, the rain, the silence, the fear. The young woman, who is trying to help her sister, takes the bottle of water, but when she tries to wash the blood off the floor, the water comes back to her. This is really something that happens to a lot of people. Some women actually put their babies in the washing machine and let the water come back to them. When they do this, they can't even take a bath. The film is about a man who is in jail and can't go back to his wife and child because of the law. The woman takes care of the child and cares for the husband, who has cancer. When he can't go back, he decides to move out. This film shows how a person is not able to be loved and accepted. I recommend this film to everyone.

Walter photo

The Chinese action movie "Laojian" ("The Father") is about a Chinese father who loves his son very much but is still waiting for his son to come to him. It is not a typical Chinese family movie. The father is not a powerful man, he is not the only one of his wife's relatives, and he is not an expert at martial arts. Nevertheless, he tries to protect his son from bullying and reminds him of his past and the love he still has for his son. The movie is filmed in a very beautiful and poetic way, and makes you believe in the movie. You don't need to know anything about Chinese culture to understand this film. I really recommend to watch it. It is a must-see.

Joseph Smith photo
Joseph Smith

This is one of my favorite movie, and I watch it every single time. The story of "love story" is something we all have experienced in our life. We have lived through it and we still do not understand what the meaning is. But that is exactly what this movie wants to show us. There is a point in time when you are in a relationship with someone and you realize that you have been in love with them for a long time and you have been in love with them from the very beginning. And then you realize that you will never have it like that again, because you will get married. Because of this, you have to choose your life in the next years or never even get married. You will always love someone in your life. That is how I feel about this movie. And in this movie, it is so clear that the relationship between Jung and Chu is in love and they have been in love for a long time. You don't know why they will never get married but they will. But it is also clear that the main character Yang (Chan) is in love with Chu. And the feeling is so clear in their life that you can't understand why they will never get married and they will always love each other. That is why the movie has so many special message in it. But the real message of the movie is the difference between two people. In that moment you will feel the feeling of love and that is why I love this movie. It shows the real meaning of love in your life. I hope I can tell you more about this movie but I can't because I have not seen this movie yet. But if you have watched this movie, I am sure that you will love it.

Angela B. photo
Angela B.

My wife and I saw this movie a couple of days ago, and after I left the theater, we both felt a little uneasy. While it was certainly a film that was worth seeing, we both felt it was somewhat lacking in depth, and lacked in substance. We both felt the story was a little more geared towards being a "soap opera" (what else could I say?) than a film about an entire culture, and some of the characters seemed more about a painting or a portrait than about real people. I would have to say that the only character we connected with on a deeper level was the young man. The story in this movie seemed to center around his experiences and the connections between them. While this may have been the case, it was not enough to hold our interest. The acting in this movie was well done, but not exceptional. The storyline was interesting and very well done, but we found ourselves wondering what was happening in the story. We also found the characters to be somewhat unrealistic. There were a few scenes that were unrealistic, such as the one where the man is being pulled into the water. This was just not believable, and if the boy was not brought back to life, the scene would have been a bit more believable. The ending was also unrealistic. While I did enjoy this movie, I felt it was not the film I had hoped for. I would say that the film was well worth seeing, but that the movie was lacking in depth and a bit more focused on being a "soap opera" than a story about a culture. I give this film a 7/10.

Vincent Garrett photo
Vincent Garrett

At times, I felt like I was watching a movie. I never thought that I would go to see such a movie. The story line was so fascinating, the acting was superb, the direction was amazing. I felt like I was there with these people. This movie was beautifully shot, beautifully written, beautifully directed, and simply one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. I've seen the critics giving this movie a low score, and I was impressed by their reaction to the movie. I am also surprised that it's one of the most popular movies of all time. I think the critics were expecting something like the latest Star Wars, but they should have given this movie a chance. It has everything a good movie needs, it is a powerful movie, it is beautiful, it is heart warming, and most of all it is intelligent. This is a movie that will be remembered for a very long time. I give it a perfect 10 out of 10.

Ralph photo

It is a true drama with true passion. The story of this movie is not just an love story, but a love story of friendship and justice. The movie is an experience to watch. The way it is filmed gives you a different feeling about the world. The music was very good and gives the story its emotional sound. It gave me a feeling that I can just imagine my life without problems. If you want to be a movie lover, this is one of the best. I think the people who didn't like the movie are just watching a different story. I think that there is a need for a movie that is more about the people and their life.