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Le Redoutable

Le Redoutable is a movie starring Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, and Bérénice Bejo. In 1967, during the making of "La Chinoise," film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 19-year-old actress Anne Wiazemsky and marries her.

Other Titles
Godard, amor mío, Yotze min ha'klal, Le Redoutable - Godard Mon Amour, グッバイ・ゴダール!, Redutabil, Il mio Godard, Yo, Godard, Mal genio, O Formidável, Le redoutable, Godard, O Temível, Siloviti, Godard ve Ben, Γκοντάρ, Αγάπη μου, Redoubtable, Godard, Mon Amour, Formidabile, Godard Mon Amour, Ja, Godard
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Romance, Drama, Biography, Comedy
Michel Hazanavicius
Anne Wiazemsky, Michel Hazanavicius
Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo, Micha Lescot
Myanmar, France
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In 1967, during the making of "La Chinoise," film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 19-year-old actress Anne Wiazemsky and marries her.

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Ryan Gonzales photo
Ryan Gonzales

I saw this movie last night and I absolutely loved it. The acting was phenomenal, the story was gripping and I think the casting was amazing. I also loved the musical numbers. The film was very touching and I think it will be one of the most talked about movies of the year. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has seen The Usual Suspects and Pitch Perfect, but I think the film will be of interest to anyone who has seen Pitch Perfect, or Pitch Perfect 2.

Jesse Delgado photo
Jesse Delgado

I saw this movie at a screening in New York City. I am a sucker for "real" movies. I am not a fan of "action" films and I am not a fan of musicals. This movie is very different from the rest. The actors all did a great job, and I was completely engrossed in the story. It was a very different movie, and I was glad I was able to see it. It was also very touching. It is not the type of movie that you want to see with your parents. I am glad I watched it, and I hope others will enjoy it as well.

Lori B. photo
Lori B.

If you're a fan of the original film, or if you're an X-Men fan, this is definitely a must-see. The cast is great, the storyline is interesting, and the cinematography is simply spectacular. If you're a fan of the X-Men, or you're a fan of cinema in general, you'll love this movie.

Laura photo

When I saw this movie, I was expecting to see a bunch of random characters with no plot, but instead, it was a drama with some funny parts. It was a movie with some surprises. I liked the first 20 minutes, but the rest of the movie was disappointing. The ending was not good and the main character was not good. The movie was not realistic. The main character was not a real person. The movie was not interesting and the ending was not good. I don't recommend this movie to people who like dramas.