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Le Redoutable

Le Redoutable is a movie starring Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, and Bérénice Bejo. In 1967, during the making of "La Chinoise," film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 19-year-old actress Anne Wiazemsky and marries her.

Other Titles
Godard, amor mío, Yotze min ha'klal, Le Redoutable - Godard Mon Amour, グッバイ・ゴダール!, Redutabil, Il mio Godard, Yo, Godard, Mal genio, O Formidável, Le redoutable, Godard, O Temível, Siloviti, Godard ve Ben, Γκοντάρ, Αγάπη μου, Redoubtable, Godard, Mon Amour, Formidabile, Godard Mon Amour, Ja, Godard
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Romance, Drama, Biography, Comedy
Michel Hazanavicius
Anne Wiazemsky, Michel Hazanavicius
Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo, Micha Lescot
Myanmar, France
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In 1967, during the making of "La Chinoise," film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 19-year-old actress Anne Wiazemsky and marries her.

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Brittany L. photo
Brittany L.

I must say, this is a movie that really could have been made by a 10 year old. But I was lucky enough to see it at the cinema, and I am so glad that I did. The movie is really well-done, and the story is really touching. I think that this is the best movie of the year so far. If you are a fan of the movie-industry, then you will love it. If you are not a fan, then you will love it. I have seen it 4 times now, and I will see it again, and again, and again. I highly recommend this movie to all people. You will not regret it. I will be seeing it again soon.

Laura photo

I found this movie to be the best film I have seen in a long time. It has a great story, the actors are superb and the music is also fantastic. I was really looking forward to this film but was very disappointed at the end. I was very disappointed that they were able to take the movie so far into the future. It was so far away from the real world that I could not believe that it was all going to be a fantasy. This movie was made for people like me. I am a very independent person and I really love to see films that have a great story line and great acting. This movie was a great story line and I loved the music and the acting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a great movie with a great story.

Raymond photo

I have watched this film many times and it is always a pleasure to watch. I am not a big fan of his films and I thought this one would be a failure. I was wrong. This film has a very good story and is very well acted. The characters are very well developed and the dialogue is very well written. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good story with a good ending.

Cheryl photo

This movie is not about a young boy's love for a young girl. It's about a father's love for his son and how that love is affected by the death of his son. I am not religious but this movie touched me so deeply. I think the story is very important to show how one man can affect the lives of so many people. I also think the actors are amazing. I have never seen anyone like him. I think that the movie was a success and I will watch it again. I think that it is important to have a story like this one. The director and the actors have done a great job. I think that it is a great movie and I recommend it to everyone. The only thing that I would change is to have more scenes with the mother. I think that it would have been better to have more scenes of her and her children. The movie is great and I think it is one of the best movies ever made.

Christina B. photo
Christina B.

I don't think I have ever seen a movie that has affected me the way this one has. It's funny, sad, and uplifting all at once. I think this is the best movie of the year so far. I think it deserves all the accolades it's getting. I'm not sure if it's because of the cast, or the writing, or the directing, or the directing. The writing is really good, and the directing is also really good. But the actors were incredible. It's hard to describe how great this movie is, but it's all about the actors. I was so moved by this movie, it has touched my heart. It's a beautiful movie, and I hope everyone sees it. It is one of the best movies of the year, and I think everyone should see it. It's amazing. 10/10.

Shirley S. photo
Shirley S.

I saw this film on a Sunday evening and I just loved it. The story is about a woman who is a very poor woman and her life is just ruined because of her mother. She is so in love with her son that she has to give him up for adoption. This film shows how the woman's life has been changed when her son comes back to her and she falls in love with him. The film has a very simple story line and a very good ending. I would definitely recommend this film to people who like romantic films and a good story.

Jessica photo

I saw this movie at the Sundance Film Festival, and I loved it. The story is very engaging, the characters are great, and the cinematography is amazing. I think this movie is one of the best films of 2012. The story is about a young man who is in love with his neighbor's daughter, and he is trying to win her back. The only way he can do this is to spend a night with her, so he goes to a "big house" and they spend the night together. They have sex, and he feels guilty about it, and he tries to convince her to stay away from him. He doesn't have any money, so he finds a way to borrow some money from her father. He gets a job, and he is able to pay his rent and bills. However, he still feels guilty about what he did, and he doesn't want to go back to his old life. He wants to leave his "old life". But he doesn't know what he can do to convince her to stay away from him. This is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot is very interesting, the characters are great, and the cinematography is amazing. I highly recommend this movie, and I think that it is a must-see.

Elizabeth Perkins photo
Elizabeth Perkins

This is the best movie I've seen in a long time. I just saw it at the cinema and I am so glad I did. The acting is superb, the story is so touching and the direction is perfect. It's just so easy to relate to the characters and this is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen. I hope everyone who sees it has a wonderful time. It's a very funny and emotional movie, so you have to be in the right mood to enjoy it. I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you so much to all who made this movie possible.

Randy photo

A refreshing mix of comedy and drama. I don't know why people call it a love story. Maybe it's because they want to save themselves for the end credits. It's a great movie, and it's definitely worth watching.

Kathleen photo

My daughter and I really enjoyed this movie. I was surprised at how well it held up after a few years, considering the title. I guess this movie is best watched on a rainy afternoon in the park with some fresh cut grass and some snacks. There is some nice scenery here, too, with some of the most beautiful northern lights I have ever seen. There are also some memorable quotes (and there are a few) that I would recommend seeing in the movie. One particular quote from the movie is very powerful and has stayed with me for a while. It goes something like this: "Look, a dog. When he gets mad, he's mad like a girl. He wants to throw you to the ground, and he'll do it. But if you don't fight back, he'll stop. So, don't let him get you. When he starts screaming, stop screaming." I have to admit, that line is very powerful, and reminds me of the old days when I was a kid. I guess that kind of a quote is something that has stayed with me from a long time, too. The actor who plays the dog was also very good in this movie. He was very convincing, and his reaction to the events was very realistic. I don't know if the dog in this movie is supposed to be a living, breathing human being, but he really had me on the edge of my seat, which is very rare for me, and I never really get to do that. This movie is worth watching. There are some very good quotes that you will probably want to use in the future, and it was really good to see all these great Northern Lights in the movie. Overall, a very good movie. It is definitely worth watching.

Katherine Payne photo
Katherine Payne

This is a French-German co-production that is based on a novel by Ewa Michalak. The film tells the story of a Jewish family living in the midst of Nazi occupation during the second world war. The central figure is the father, who is deported to a labour camp and his wife and children are sent to the countryside to escape the city. He survives the war, but after the war, his family is still without a home. They are left to fend for themselves in the countryside, while the world is still turned upside down for Jews. It is a film that deals with what it was like to be Jewish in a difficult time in history, and how much the memories of the war can affect the way you look at things. It is also a film that takes place in a war-torn country, and that is how the story is told. A few issues I have with this film is that the story is not as deep as it could have been, but this film is really well-made and I recommend it to anyone who likes film that deals with the Holocaust.

Theresa Wade photo
Theresa Wade

I love this movie. I am a 14 year old girl. I am an avid movie buff. I love movies about people getting together in a group and being together. The acting is great and the characters are so real. I loved it. I wish it was released in theaters, but now it is on DVD. I will buy it. It's a great movie for all ages. I am giving it a 10.

Alan Adams photo
Alan Adams

I can see that people did not like the movie. It was a bit hard to watch. I was also surprised at how some of the comments had been written. I guess a lot of people just don't like her. To me she was a very strong character and played it very well. I think that she was a little under looked and she is still underrated. I am very excited about this movie and I'm looking forward to it. I have watched the book and I will be watching the movie with my family next weekend. I am going to go watch the movie again on Wednesday. I hope everyone will like the movie. I'm going to give the movie a 9/10 because it was just a little hard to watch.

Amber C. photo
Amber C.

The pace of this movie is always fast paced and occasionally all the good characters get killed off but it's a great movie to watch and take notes on. The way they chose characters that were funny and tragic and made you cry just like the movie deserves.

Doris photo

I'm a big fan of the books, but I was a little hesitant to watch this film because of all the negative reviews. I've read all the reviews on this site and some are pretty much true. However, the only reason I thought this was a good movie was because it was based on a true story. I loved the characters and I thought the acting was very good. It was very sad to see how everyone got caught up in the hype and how everyone was putting their own problems up as the reason they were so worried. It's sad that the book was put down and people were afraid to see the movie because of the book. People have to realize that the books are good, but the movie isn't. I thought this was a good movie and I'm glad it was made. I'm glad that it was made because there are people out there that are still scared of it. I loved the movie, but I'm still not 100% on the movie.

Kathy photo

This film tells the story of two schoolgirls, Violet (Evan Rachel Wood) and Lucy (Katie Holmes), who are separated by age and sex. The first half of the film focuses on Violet's search for Lucy and the second half is about Lucy's search for Violet. The film is very slow moving, so the characters are somewhat dry. The film has a little bit of humor, but there is not much of it. The acting is good for a drama, but the characters are somewhat flat. The two lead actors, Evan Rachel Wood and Katie Holmes, are the main characters, so their performances are the ones that count. Evan Rachel Wood does a great job as Violet, but I felt that Katie Holmes, as Lucy, was a little over-acted. She didn't bring enough emotion to her character. The two girls, both of whom are fourteen, look very much like twelve year olds, which can be a little annoying. The plot is good, but there is nothing memorable about it. There is a lot of repetition in this film. There are a lot of scenes that are repeated, and a lot of scenes that are repeated but are not particularly interesting. This film was definitely worth watching, but there was not a lot of high quality in it. The two lead actors, Evan Rachel Wood and Katie Holmes, do a great job in the two leads, but the two leads are not enough for the film to be worth watching.

Steven B. photo
Steven B.

I am writing a review of this movie because I thought it was very interesting and entertaining. I am very surprised that I haven't heard more about it. I really enjoyed it. It was definitely a great movie. It was romantic and well written. I loved the dialogue and the performances. I thought it was extremely well acted. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is definitely a good movie for people who enjoy movies that have great dialogue and realistic acting. I liked this movie so much that I am going to see it again and I am looking forward to the DVD release. It was definitely an enjoyable movie to watch.

Elizabeth G. photo
Elizabeth G.

I liked this film very much, it is a very charming and very well written and directed film, and the actors do a great job, the film is very different from what you might expect it to be, but the characters are well played and the film is very enjoyable. The plot is very interesting and unique and I think this is what makes the film a masterpiece, I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a great film, and if you have not seen this film yet, do so, you will enjoy it very much. I am rating it a 7 out of 10, but if you are a fan of the film, you should see it. If you are not, do not watch it, but if you are, see it! I am writing this review as I am about to go to a film festival in a few days, I will be there and I will be reviewing films, so please do not be put off from this review, it will be a wonderful experience. Thank you. I will see you in a few days!

Cheryl Crawford photo
Cheryl Crawford

This movie is a must see for all audiences. The movie is about a young girl, who is a writer, who is struggling to write her book. She is not able to finish her book, and she is at the point of giving up. She gets a friend to help her, and they get her to write her book. They take her to the writer's house, and she starts writing her book. The book is a wonderful book, and the people in the town are so nice to her. They try to help her and they love her. The film is a great story, and the actors do an amazing job. The movie is a great movie, and it is a great story. I recommend it to everyone, and I will watch it again. I give this movie a 10/10.

Theresa Hart photo
Theresa Hart

I have to say I am pretty surprised by the number of people who have reviewed this film and have given it a negative rating. I watched this film with a friend who had seen it and found it very, very entertaining. I personally think it is a bit short but I did like how the film was paced and not too long. The whole movie had a very clever approach and the actors were very good at their job. The ending, which I really liked, felt quite unexpected and makes you wonder about your own perceptions. At times the movie got a little bit too repetitive but all in all it is a good movie and I really enjoyed it. If you have some time to kill and are not bored, this is a good movie to watch.

Mildred photo

This is a story about a young man who is sexually abused by his father. He tries to hide his abuse from the rest of his family, but when his father dies, he is left with no choice. He decides to move to Paris and work in a restaurant. He is caught in a situation that is far from his comfort zone. He is dealing with a lot of people who are either in the restaurant or in his life. One of his best friends is a guy who is a prostitute, and he also falls in love with her. There is also a kid who is in love with his step father. He is not a good person, but he is also not that bad either. The story is very simple, but the execution is very good. The main character is so likable, and the story is also very good. The movie is not predictable. It is also not a comedy, but a drama. It is a very good movie.

Rose Grant photo
Rose Grant

I've read a few comments here on the reviews, and have had the displeasure of reading the negative ones that got written by a lot of the reviewers who just didn't get it. I understand that some people just couldn't get it, and have jumped on the "everyone is a loser" bandwagon to the point where they've become all overly critical of a film, while seemingly having no knowledge of it's content. In my opinion, anyone who has a decent understanding of the writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn knows the piece is not going to be some type of political manifesto, it's going to be a fictional account of Solzhenitsyn's life and its portrayal of Soviet-era society. That being said, I think that all of the folks who panned the film simply missed the point, because the film is about Solzhenitsyn. Not about the plight of the Soviet Union during the war. Rather, it is about the life of the most famous pro-Soviet dissident, and about the harsh realities that his life would prove to him and to those who followed him. The film is a character study, as a young man, Solzhenitsyn was openly anti-Soviet and anti-military. He joined the Communist Party at a young age, but the party soon became oppressive and later, Stalin took over. The film shows the early years of Solzhenitsyn's political activism, his struggle against the growing power of the Communist Party, and the later years of his tragic life after the Soviet Union fell into the hands of the Nazis. The film captures his decline and death, which is also what gives the movie the weight and drama it is famous for. Without it, there would be nothing to give the film the emotional weight that it has. It is a film about the man, and not his political beliefs. If you are looking for political propaganda, this film may not be for you. If you like a good drama, this film is well worth watching.

Amber Coleman photo
Amber Coleman

What a great movie. The story was very unique, the characters were very likable and the script was excellent. The cinematography was brilliant. The story was so original, it was funny and original, but the ending was also very good. I loved it. This movie is so much better than "The Last Seduction" which I found to be very boring and boring. This movie is much more entertaining, the ending is great and original, and I loved the acting. I think that this movie is the best movie of the year. I give it an 8/10.

Patricia Gordon photo
Patricia Gordon

There's nothing particularly wrong with this movie. It's entertaining, entertaining. It's cheesy, and cheesy. And it's cute, and cute. It's not a particularly great movie. I couldn't really recommend it. There are a lot of good movies that are a lot better. It's pretty much a period piece, and that's what it is. It's not a great period piece. The story isn't really original, and it's just filled with random scenes that have nothing to do with the story. In fact, I found that the story is just kind of a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy. But, it's still a very enjoyable movie. In fact, I would suggest watching it just for the fun of it. I give it an overall 7/10.

Roy Thomas photo
Roy Thomas

Much better than it had a right to be. I was blown away by how well this movie had been executed. The lighting, camera work, and editing really captured the atmosphere of France circa 1958 and were all just so dead-on. Don't get me wrong, there was the occasional 'horror' movie feel to the movie, but it was done in a way that only truly great directors could pull off. This movie really shows how excellent Gerard Depardieu can be. The camera shots are extremely well done, and the casting was spot on. Also, the film really didn't need any of the love/hate into it. It was not trying to be a documentary, it was just an all out entertainment. It's not a criticism, but some people may find it a bit too-too-clever, but I loved it. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. This is definitely a movie you should see.

Judith Gibson photo
Judith Gibson

This movie is about a man who has had a great career as a dancer but the real life of the man is far more interesting and tragic. The movie is very well done. It has a very interesting plot. The way the movie is set up and the way the events play out is very interesting. I especially like the way the movie is set up and it makes you think about the life of the dancer. This is one of those movies where you don't know what to expect and you are just left to figure out the plot. It is very well done. The performances are very good. The story is interesting and the ending is very well done. I recommend this movie.

Gary photo

You can't help but to be moved by this film. It's a story about an innocent man who is caught up in a web of deception that he didn't see coming. He's the one who gets caught up in the most difficult decision of his life. It's an interesting film that is well written and acted, and it is not a story that you are likely to forget. There are some funny moments that I had to look up, but the film is quite dark in nature. I really enjoyed the fact that the film was not just about the case, but it also showed how the law was used against the innocent. This is not a film for everyone, but I really enjoyed it. I really liked how the film showed how the police were not always the right people to handle cases like this. It also showed how the police used the wrong evidence and how they were not the best people to handle the case. Overall, I would say this is a film that I would recommend to others.

Margaret M. photo
Margaret M.

The movie is based on a novel, but it is not a novel. It is a fictional story about the life of a man who is a taxi driver. The taxi driver was very successful in his life, but his wife was very unhappy. He lost his job and his life became very difficult. He could not find a job because of his past. He did not have a job and he was very depressed. The story is about how he came to accept his job, how he changed and how he found happiness again. It is a very interesting story. The story is very good. It is a very good movie.

Nathan Y. photo
Nathan Y.

Won't give any spoilers. The movie is about a young man who decides to change his life and it all starts with a date. The movie shows that if you are serious about doing something, you have to have passion. A young man and a young woman are in love and their relationship turns out to be one of the most dramatic scenes in movie history. There is something special about the love between them and it is so emotional. The movie is based on real life. This is not a romance, this is about true love. The movie was great. It showed that if you have passion, you can do something even if it is a little difficult.

Elizabeth photo

This film is the perfect example of how a film should be made, and the reasons why this film is great. It is the story of a group of friends who have a crush on a fellow student. A lot of the people in the film are not happy with this relationship, and they try to put a stop to it, but they don't succeed. They try to make him a 'nice guy', but they fail. They try to get him to change his ways, but they fail. The film is told in a very realistic way, and the characters are very likable, although some of them are a little exaggerated. The story is simple and yet extremely well thought out. The story is told in such a way that the audience can follow the story without thinking too much. The film is about the friendship, and the struggles of the characters, and the characters are very well written. The acting is superb, and the film is a classic example of how a film should be made. There is not a single moment in the film that is not enjoyable, and this film is a masterpiece.

Kathy photo

My whole family saw this at my college in May, and we all loved it. We all knew we were in for a treat, and I was glad to get a night out with my family. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people that is going to watch anything that I do not personally agree with. But I thought this film was great. I don't know if that was the case with the movie, but the message that this movie left me with was positive, and it really resonated with me. I love this movie for the same reasons that I love the music and lyrics of a song. So I would give this movie a 7.5/10, but if this movie was at least an 8/10, I would give it a 9/10.

Julie L. photo
Julie L.

I think this film will be a big hit. I saw this film in Cannes, and it was great. I was not expecting it to be a comedy. It is not a comedy but a drama about love, friendship and family. I am a big fan of Antoine Fuqua. He is the first director to give us the concept of an Italian gangster who is more than just a criminal. The movie is like an Italian version of "Moneyball", with the added element of gangsters being friends and also being heroes. The performances are all very good, and the direction is superb. I have seen a few movies of this director, and they all are really good, but this is the first time I have seen a movie like this. It's also very funny, and the whole film is based on a story about the culture of youth and family. The film is very similar to "The Shawshank Redemption", but in the end, this film is just as good. Overall, I think it is a great movie and one that I will watch again. 9/10

Harold photo

I can't believe this movie is getting so bad reviews. It's a great movie. It's about a man who is divorced. He meets his brother and they fall in love. It's a beautiful story about love, faith and family. The cinematography is amazing and the story is very powerful. I don't think I've ever been in a theater where people were so moved. This is a story about a man who wants to be happy and find happiness with his brother. There are many things that could have been better in the movie, but if you're looking for a good story, you won't be disappointed.

Denise photo

Based on the upcoming film The Redbird, a film about a group of lesbian aviators who say goodbye to their jobs, "The Redbird" will entertain you from beginning to end. Director and writer Eric Lively and his cinematographer Tracey Klackenbach (whose debut feature film, "Getaway" won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007) have produced an incredible film which will keep you hooked through all the action and great looking cinematography. Despite the fact that we see the lesbians once and do not see them again for two weeks, they will stay in your mind for the next couple of months. As a lesbian aviator myself, I have to say that the two acts of the film, the gay male and lesbian scene, are spot on. While the two male members of the movie would have done better in a movie directed by a male director, they did a great job in their small role and gave the audience a great story. Overall, if you are a lesbian, heterosexual, or someone who likes romance films, I highly recommend seeing this film. But if you are thinking about the gays, lesbians, and bi-curious, please wait until you see it in the theaters. It will not disappoint.

Keith photo

A very intelligent, well-written movie. It is very funny, witty, and a very human story. The performances are very good, especially the young actors. It is not a movie to make you think about what is really going on in the world, but a film to make you laugh and think. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story, comedy, and good acting. It is a movie you can watch with your friends or your family, and have a good time.

Gregory photo

It's a sad fact that a great movie like this is so rare. I don't think this movie is the best movie ever made, but it is very good and definitely worth seeing. I saw this movie in a packed theater in San Francisco. The audience was mostly male and the theater was packed. I was very surprised to find that there were no people crying, which I think is a very rare thing in a movie theater. I will definitely be buying the DVD when it comes out. I think the movie is very well done and you really get to understand the different cultures that these characters come from. I was surprised to find that the movie had some strong female characters. I thought it was a great and realistic portrayal of the Japanese American experience in the 1930's. I think the movie is definitely worth seeing. I was very impressed by the acting of the actors and the costumes, etc. I hope that it will be available on DVD soon.

Jane photo

I am a fan of the French comedy-drama genre, and I found this movie to be a pleasant surprise. The premise is not original, but the cast is very good. The movie is quite slow at times, but the story is enjoyable and the actors are all very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies with a plot, and those who like movies with good acting.

Dennis S. photo
Dennis S.

This film is a good one to watch if you like romantic films about a young woman who finds love with a man she had a fling with. It is a really funny film and I found it to be very romantic. The film was not just a film about love but a film about a woman's journey through a love story. I also really enjoyed the fact that the film was shot in England and France. The film does have a lot of great scenes and the acting was very good. The film is also very well made and the music score was great as well. The film is very good and it is definitely worth watching. The only reason I gave this film a 8 instead of a 9 is because I would have liked to see more of the film.

Ralph photo

I have never seen a movie so beautifully made. I thought I was going to go see "Titanic" at the movies, but the movie was so different and so moving. I do not know why people have rated this so poorly. I had a good time watching it. I laughed, I cried, I laughed and cried. I really enjoyed it. I am glad I saw it. I hope it will be a hit in the theaters. It is a good movie to watch with the family. I would not say this movie is for all ages, but it does not hurt to see it. It is a great movie. I would give it a 10 out of 10. I hope you do not take it too seriously. It is a good movie, and the acting is great.

Benjamin Knight photo
Benjamin Knight

This is the best film I have seen in years. It was very difficult to watch this film because of all the controversy around it. It was a great film that kept me glued to my seat for the entire time. There are so many great performances in this film. It was an amazing movie that showed the problems that exist in the world today and the way that everyone should react to those problems. The film was very moving and a lot of it was funny. The way that everyone reacted to their situation was very sad but at the same time very funny. This is a great film. I give it a 10.

Donald M. photo
Donald M.

I had high hopes for this film, as it has been getting high ratings from people who have enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to seeing it. But, it's not a particularly good film. It's about the relationship between a painter and his girlfriend, and there are a lot of things that happen that are not particularly important. But, the performances are good, the cinematography is excellent, and the story is interesting. The film does have a strong message about relationships and how we should never judge someone based on their sex, but the ending was a bit disappointing.

Linda Perez photo
Linda Perez

I found this movie to be extremely entertaining. I enjoyed the actors, the story, the cinematography, and the humor. I found the acting to be great and the story to be interesting. The only thing that I found a little disappointing was the ending. I think the ending was a little predictable, but that didn't matter to me. I thought the movie was great and highly recommend it.

Ann photo

Yes, it's a lovely story, but not for the squeamish. It is a moving tale of a man's journey to find a path to self-determination. What's most interesting is not the plot, but the filmmaking. Its photography and cinematography is very artistic. The acting is also wonderful, especially from the leads. While the story is thin, the characters are fleshed out very well. You can feel their emotions and sympathies through their actions. They really are two very likable characters. The director was able to keep the story moving along smoothly without it seeming like a lot of time was taken to set up the story. A lot of movie makers have the same problem with long drawn out scenes. I think he did a very good job of getting the story started and keeping the audience engaged without them getting bored. The pacing was really nice, and it really helps you focus on the story. I also really enjoyed the use of the color palette. It gives you the feeling that this is a living, breathing place, rather than a film about a flat landscape. I think it makes you feel very alive. It's a very moving story that is very real. The only complaint I have is the ending. It is somewhat rushed, but I'm not sure if that was intentional. I really liked it though. It was very emotional and I felt the loss of this man very deeply. I think he deserved so much more.

Diane Turner photo
Diane Turner

My wife and I watched this movie at home and it was really interesting. It was a little slow and the beginning was kind of slow, but it was the middle and end that made it worth watching. I loved the cinematography of the movie, especially the scenes in the theater. The movie is about a couple that is trying to get a divorce, and it is about their relationship. I thought the movie was really well done, and I think you will enjoy it. I thought the actors did a great job in their roles. I think it was a great movie, and I will definitely be watching it again.

Jordan K. photo
Jordan K.

A great film about an under-appreciated gay teenager in New York City. I am shocked that people who know nothing about gay people would consider this movie "anti-gay". No, it's not anti-gay. It's just about living and dealing with your sexuality. If you don't like this film, then you just don't understand life. The characters in this film are real. Some are very real. Some are very fake. They do a great job of convincing you that they are the real thing. I can't recommend this movie enough. There are scenes in this film that are so powerful that you can't look away. The only problem I have with the film is that it is a little too long. If you have time, watch this film. It's worth it.

Jean photo

This is a film about a mother and daughter and the trials and tribulations they go through as they are trying to raise a child. The daughter is the younger of the two and her mother is a much older woman who has difficulty coping with the child. The mother struggles with her emotions and the daughter struggles with her emotions. This film is a real eye opener for all women. I would recommend this film to anyone who has ever had a child or is going through a similar situation. It's a film that will make you feel what the mother and daughter go through and will make you laugh and cry.

Nicholas photo

I just finished watching this film and I am absolutely amazed. This is one of those movies that makes you think, it doesn't leave you with the feeling that you have seen it before. There are many scenes that just makes you want to cry. This movie is a must see. I just cannot get over how good this film is. I can't believe how good it is. It is just a great movie. There is no other word for it. It is one of the best films I have ever seen. This film is a 10/10.

Pamela photo

I know I am not alone in saying that I did not see this movie in theaters. So I bought it on DVD when it came out. I was so surprised by it that I wanted to see it again in theaters. I still don't know why I did not see it in theaters. I love movies. I like to see a movie that makes me think. I love a movie that makes me feel good. And this movie made me feel good. I recommend it to anyone. It is a must see. My sister liked it too. I can't wait to see it again.

Gerald photo

I went into this movie expecting to be disappointed. It had the potential to be a great movie, but it really fell short. The acting was great, the story was a little too convoluted, and the characters were very forgettable. There is nothing to get excited about in this movie. It is just a movie. I will give this movie a 7, but it is not worth a watch. I will not be looking for a sequel, I am done with the Disney Channel.

Tyler Berry photo
Tyler Berry

The movie is very well made. The acting is very good. It is a very realistic movie and it is very funny. I liked the actors very much. I think the movie is really good.

Janet W. photo
Janet W.

This is a very good movie. The acting is excellent and the characters are interesting. The story is simple and straightforward and there are no surprises or surprises. But it is still a very good movie. And the film is very entertaining. The music is very good and the cinematography is very good. It is a very good movie. I recommend it to all who want to see a good movie. The film is very good.

Jack M. photo
Jack M.

The film "Redoutable" is a biographical drama about the life of Elio "Elio" Gadelli, who was an Italian member of the Italian Communist Party and was executed by the regime in 1948 for trying to assassinate the Communist dictator Benito Mussolini. This is the story of his life as well as his fall from grace and subsequent life in exile. I found this film to be very well done and very moving. The acting is very good and the story of the story is very compelling. It's a great story about the rise and fall of Elio Gadelli, who was a great Italian Communist and political activist. The film has a very strong story of the fall of Communism in Italy and it's sad to see how it turned out for the people in Italy. The film was also very well directed by Kiarostami. The film is not without flaws though. It's just a little bit too long, but still very good. Overall I found "Redoutable" to be a great film that will definitely be a favorite of mine. I give "Redoutable" a 7 out of 10.

Debra photo

I was expecting a movie that would be more about the people than the characters. This movie is more about the people. It is about a man who is trying to find his soulmate and trying to find happiness. The movie is not only about the people but the relationships that they have with each other. The movie is also about a young woman who is struggling with her emotions. I really liked the movie because it showed a lot of emotions in a short time. The characters are very well written and the story is interesting. I think that this movie is better than most of the Hollywood movies because it shows more emotions than the Hollywood movies. I recommend this movie to people who are looking for a movie with a good story and a good story. This movie is good for people who like movies that are more about the people than the characters.

Aaron photo

This is a great movie. I'm surprised how good it is. It's got a nice pace, interesting characters, and a nice story to it. There's a lot of suspense and a lot of tension in the story. It's about a young man, who is a man who has been left at the bottom of the totem pole, and is struggling to make ends meet. His brother, who is a man who is a huge hit-man and is just doing it to get by. The movie is all about how these two people get their feet back on the ground. It's not about some big moral lesson or anything like that, but more of a psychological drama, where they're trying to figure out how to make a life for themselves. The characters are interesting, but the movie is a little bit overlong. It is a movie that is worth seeing. It's not perfect, but it's worth it.

Brandon photo

I have seen the film twice. I saw it because the cast was so well known and I had heard good things about it. I left the cinema with a great feeling of joy and a smile on my face. The film is beautifully shot. The costumes and sets are just wonderful. The songs are absolutely beautiful. I loved the dancing, singing and dancing in the film. The cast was perfect, the acting was superb, the direction was wonderful. It was a wonderful film. I enjoyed every minute of it. It is an emotional, touching, moving, inspiring, brilliant, wonderful film. I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes a good film and likes to be surprised by a movie.

Matthew photo

This is a film that really makes you think. You see the changes in the lives of the characters and how they change as a result of their trials and tribulations. It really touches your heart. The characters are all strong and this is one of the most moving and interesting stories you'll ever see. It's also one of the best films I've seen in a long time. Watch it.

Shirley D. photo
Shirley D.

I saw the film at the Los Angeles Film Festival and I was pleasantly surprised. Although I have not seen the book, I was aware of the film, and I was excited to see it. This film has some flaws. There is a certain style that some people may find to be distracting, especially in the beginning. It would be hard for me to describe what I was thinking when I went into the theater. I would like to see a better pacing, but the story is interesting. I would like to see more of the early years of the movie, but I don't think I would have missed anything. The movie is about the trial of a woman who was accused of murdering her husband and having sex with her friends and boyfriends. The movie is based on a true story, and it is interesting to see how the events of the trial were portrayed. I would have liked to see more of the trial, but I have seen the movie before and I have no problem with that. It was an interesting movie to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies with a political theme. The movie is good and it is worth seeing.

Christina photo

You're going to see a lot of films about high school, but none of them will capture the mix of emotions, drama, and humor that this film does. It's a story of friendship and the challenges of growing up. The film is well done and has a nice blend of comedy, drama, and romance. The acting is superb and the film has a great cast. It's not a perfect film, but I'd say it's a good film. If you like a film that is realistic, well acted, and has good story, you should see this movie.

Keith Porter photo
Keith Porter

So I came into this movie knowing absolutely nothing about it. I've never been to France, never been to Paris, and I didn't even know the name of the director. So I sat down and watched it, thinking that I'd have to be a genius to be able to sit through this movie. I was wrong. The main character, James, is a very flawed human being. He's a man who is so self-centered, selfish, and self-absorbed that he never feels anything for anyone else, including his children. When he is driving down the street and sees a little boy, he wants to save him, but he doesn't feel the slightest bit of compassion for him. He is so self-centered that he doesn't even want to know the child's name. He doesn't even care that he's hitting his own car. I really didn't know what to expect from this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting a tear-jerker or a murder mystery, but I was expecting a very realistic portrayal of a very flawed human being. There were many times during the movie where I felt like I was watching an actual film. The editing and cinematography were excellent. The camera movement was great. I felt like I was watching a movie. And the music was very fitting for the movie. I liked the way the music complimented the story. I also liked the cinematography. I didn't expect to feel so much emotion watching this movie. It was a movie that I would recommend to everyone. I hope that other people will watch this movie and feel the same way that I did.

Judith Spencer photo
Judith Spencer

I saw the movie today. I must admit that I was expecting a little more "realism" from this movie. It was more a drama than a comedy, but it had its funny moments. The best thing about this movie is the acting. There are several memorable characters, and some really good ones. Even the supporting cast (like the guy who played the love interest) was great. It's a very nice film to watch, but it has some flaws that could have been better explained. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Martha photo

An interesting film about a middle-aged man who is facing his own mortality. It is a sad story of a man who is the victim of a divorce and the loss of his wife and two daughters. He is the victim of a situation he cannot change and this is a problem that he can't change. His wife wants to be with him. His daughter wants to be with her husband. There is no solution. We see the way this situation plays out. A man must face his own mortality. He has lost his wife, his daughters, his home. He has no choice. He can't change the situation. He has to face it. The director is a great filmmaker. I would recommend this film to anybody who wants to see a film about a man who is facing his own mortality.

Ryan Gonzales photo
Ryan Gonzales

I saw this movie last night and I absolutely loved it. The acting was phenomenal, the story was gripping and I think the casting was amazing. I also loved the musical numbers. The film was very touching and I think it will be one of the most talked about movies of the year. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has seen The Usual Suspects and Pitch Perfect, but I think the film will be of interest to anyone who has seen Pitch Perfect, or Pitch Perfect 2.

Jason R. photo
Jason R.

This movie might not be the greatest movie in the world, but it was a good movie to see, it's just that the story wasn't that interesting. The story was a little "over the top" and the acting wasn't really what I expected from Margot Kidder. I would've liked it to be more about her. If I had to give it a grade I would've given it a "7." It had good acting, and great characters and some good comedy. I have seen the original version of this movie, and I thought that it was much better than this movie. The ending was very weak and it seemed that the writers just had nothing to work with. I think it was just a bunch of inane, over the top, all over the place jokes that were just thrown at you. The story was so over the top that I just didn't care about it. This is just a very weak, boring movie, if I can give it a rating of a "7" then I would.

Rose Gomez photo
Rose Gomez

I am not sure why so many people seem to think this is a masterpiece. Maybe because it has a couple of flaws. I thought it was entertaining and entertaining is not always enough. I thought the actors were good, but not great. There were a couple of times where the actors seemed too emotional. But overall, I liked the film and thought it was good. I give it a 7.7/10.

Helen J. photo
Helen J.

I didn't expect to like this movie, and I'm glad I didn't. It is an emotional movie, but it's not really a movie in the traditional sense. It's more like a drama and a love story. It's not a movie for the young or old. The music is brilliant, and the performances are very good. I was really moved by the performance of Anne Hathaway. She is so convincing in her character. The real star of the movie is Andy Lau. He plays the character of Kevin with such a realistic and intense performance. I can't say enough about him. It's not the usual movie about a romantic movie. It's more about a real life drama. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Frances Brewer photo
Frances Brewer

I was a little bit worried that this film would be a total bore. But it's not. The plot is very simple, but it's well done and doesn't feel like a set-up for something else. The performances are really good, the comedy is very funny, and the film is very sweet. This is definitely a film that is recommended to people who are looking for a light-hearted and easy-going film. I recommend this to anyone who likes a film that doesn't make you feel like you have to think too much about it. It's very simple and the story itself is so simple that it makes you forget about everything else going on. This is definitely a film that you can watch again and again. I think that it's a very good film, I recommend it to everyone. It's very good, and I really recommend it.

Jesse Delgado photo
Jesse Delgado

I saw this movie at a screening in New York City. I am a sucker for "real" movies. I am not a fan of "action" films and I am not a fan of musicals. This movie is very different from the rest. The actors all did a great job, and I was completely engrossed in the story. It was a very different movie, and I was glad I was able to see it. It was also very touching. It is not the type of movie that you want to see with your parents. I am glad I watched it, and I hope others will enjoy it as well.

David A. photo
David A.

You can't get much more lovable than this. The movie has a certain charm and even the story can be charming. The movie also has some very funny scenes and that is what makes it so charming. However, it is a tad bit too long. The movie doesn't have any good parts and that's the problem. Also, the movie is rather slow at times. It's not too slow to be boring but it's not a good pace either. I think the director wanted to make the movie more realistic. This is one of the better movies I've seen in a long time.

Jacqueline Walker photo
Jacqueline Walker

I've seen "Redoutable" before but this time I went to see it with a friend who has never heard of it. I like it, it is very funny and you do care about the characters. It's also very well made and it has a good story. I liked the main character and her journey to get her life together. It is very heartwarming. I also liked the twist at the end. It is a bit sad but it is also very funny. I think you should see it and make up your own mind. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Matthew H. photo
Matthew H.

There are so many film genres to choose from and this one was right up my street. It's a romcom, an adaptation of a novel and a crime thriller. All of these are excellent and the films in between are also very good. It's very easy to get caught up in the stories, but it's not as simple as that. The characters are very complex and you can easily see the motives and conflict of each one. It's very hard to have an understanding of who is who and what's going on and how they are related to each other and to the story. The acting is very good and the direction is very good as well. The story is not the greatest but it's not the worst either. The whole story is very good and I love that it's not a typical Hollywood story. It's very different and it's definitely not a predictable one. I really like the way it's filmed. It's a film that deserves to be watched, but if you are not a fan of this genre then I would not suggest you to watch it. I also liked the film's soundtrack. It's very good and it fits perfectly with the film. If you like this genre you will love this film. It's a very good film and it deserves to be watched.

Philip photo

A romantic comedy with the story of a young man and a woman who meet after they are together for a while. The story is told from their point of view. The characters are well defined. The story is engaging and keeps the audience interested. It has a good message. The movie is enjoyable and entertaining. It's not going to be a classic, but it's an enjoyable movie. It's a romantic comedy that's going to be a favorite for a long time. It's worth watching.

Douglas photo

It's not really a spoiler, it's just something to point out that the movie's title is very misleading, because the movie is about a woman named Jane, who has a strange fetish about making love to a man. But the title doesn't tell you what it is, and the movie isn't really about it. There is no sex, just a little flirting. But I liked the movie, because it's not really a 'feminist' film, and it's very funny. It's actually very different from a lot of movies, it's not really a comedy, it's actually a drama, with some very sad moments, but it's not really a tragic movie. And I think that's what I liked about it, it's not really about sex, it's not really about a man. It's about a woman. It's about a woman who has this weird fetish, and she has to do it to a man, so that she can find her true love. And I think that's what it's about. And it's really a really funny movie, and it's really really good.

Michelle Schultz photo
Michelle Schultz

I've been a fan of David O. Russell's work since "Silver Linings Playbook", and while "Silver Linings" and "Hannah and Her Sisters" were a little disappointing, "Silver Linings" was a good movie. I think that's why I liked this movie so much. It's really the story of a woman who gets a divorce, gets a new job, falls in love, and has to go through a lot of problems with the way she treats people. This movie isn't exactly "I'll Never Tell" or "The King of Comedy" but it's a good movie. The story isn't completely new but it's not as dull as I thought it would be. It's kind of a depressing movie but it's still a good movie. I give it an A.

Eric A. photo
Eric A.

This is a good movie. It is not for everyone. It is a drama and romance, but I think that the two things that I liked most about it were the acting and the chemistry between the two main characters. I also liked the scenery and the film's style. The movie does not rely on CGI or computer effects to enhance the scenes, which is a nice change from the usual, but that does not mean that it is not enjoyable. The movie does not fall into the usual romantic comedy cliches, but it is still a good movie.

Jacqueline photo

This is a movie about a kid that is abused by his father and he's depressed and unhappy. He has to fight his father and his mother to get the attention that he needs. There are a few hints that the father is abusing the kid and his mother is in on it. I really liked this movie because it is so realistic and it has a very strong message to the public about being a responsible parent and not being the one that your children should be looking to for approval and love. This is a movie that I would recommend to anyone who wants to watch a good movie with a message.

Jacob photo

The film's first half is very funny and well constructed. The second half is a bit weak but definitely worth watching, but it does not go on and on. It starts with some explicit scenes, in the first half, which is so true to life that you could hardly believe that the filmmakers did it. In the second half it has a lot of really nice ideas, which do not seem out of place in a "real" movie. There are many scenes, that are funny, charming, sad, dramatic, amusing and interesting. All of them, can not be missed. Just try to be patient. This is not a film about the problems of the student society, it is a story about friendship and friendship that happens to be quite beautiful. It is not a film about a relationship between two brothers, it is a film about a relationship between two brothers, and the film is not about sexual orientation, but about the relationship between two brothers. It is about a life and its consequences. The second half is much shorter and weaker but that is understandable. The first half is very funny, but is very effective, in the second half, but is only mediocre. "Mr. East is a really funny guy. The first half was funny but the second half is just bad, but not awful.

Brandon photo

But I am not a Catholic and I do not believe that God and Christianity are over-extended and "in your face". There is such a thing as "the Bible" and there is so much in it that is simply God's Word. This movie is not about that. It is about how a man from the other side of the tracks, and in a small town in North Carolina, finds salvation. The fact that it is directed by a member of the Orthodox Church is quite natural. It is an honest and beautiful depiction of the life of a man who is clearly in need of God, but perhaps not in need of much that is in the traditional religion. I would have liked to see more of the rest of the world and the friendship between Bishop Ward and the reporter. But overall I liked the movie and the acting of the actors. If you enjoy movie making, this is definitely worth the price of admission. You will not be disappointed.

Alexander F. photo
Alexander F.

The best way to describe this film is that it has some good acting, some good writing, and some good cinematography. The acting was very good, but the writing was a little lacking. I know that this film has a very high rating, and that people love it, but I'm not sure if it is the reason why. Maybe it was just the writing, but I think that if it wasn't for the acting, and the writing, this would have been a really bad film. There were parts of the film that were not really funny, and there were parts of the film that were not very good. It's not the worst film I've ever seen, but it is not the best. It is definitely worth a watch, but if you are not really into the whole "women being idiots" kind of thing, then I wouldn't recommend it.

Janice photo

I really enjoyed this movie. It was a very nice depiction of love and friendship. The acting was excellent. I also liked the story and the characters. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Mark photo

I have read a lot of bad reviews about this film, and was not expecting much. I was wrong, and I can see why some of these critics thought this was the worst film they had ever seen. For me, I was so drawn in to this film, that it was easy to ignore the bad reviews. I've watched the movie twice in the past week, and I am not disappointed. This movie was great. The performances were brilliant, especially by the young actors. This is one of the few movies where I would actually recommend the young actors. I think the actresses in this film were the best I've seen in years. The story is great, and it made me want to go to Paris, France. I didn't even really know the name of the city until I was about to go there. This film is a must see, and I would definitely see it again.

Amanda O. photo
Amanda O.

I was surprised by this movie. I didn't expect much but it was a nice change of pace from the usual Hollywood fare. It was a very funny movie and I really enjoyed it. I liked the cast. They all seemed to have a good time. The movie is about a boy who goes to Paris for his father's funeral. He is not happy at first and his father has a few issues with his son. The movie is set in Paris and the city is quite different than the one I live in. It's very different from the rest of the country. I think that the movie shows that Paris is a very special place. I was also impressed with the music. It was very nice and made the movie even more enjoyable. The songs were good and they fit the movie very well. I was surprised to see that the movie was rated R. It is rated PG-13 in the states and it is rated R in the UK. I think that it is a very appropriate rating. I also liked the way that the movie was set. It was a bit more intimate than I was expecting. It was a good movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good comedy. It was very funny and I really enjoyed it. I would say that it is worth seeing.

Lawrence Cunningham photo
Lawrence Cunningham

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. The acting was superb, the story was interesting and the characters were engaging. I was also impressed by the way the story was told. I have never read the book, so I don't know if the film version was faithful to the book. However, I would have liked to have seen more of the characters in the film. I also would have liked to have seen more of the relationship between the main character and his wife. The ending was also a bit predictable, but I understand why it was so. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good film.

Lori B. photo
Lori B.

If you're a fan of the original film, or if you're an X-Men fan, this is definitely a must-see. The cast is great, the storyline is interesting, and the cinematography is simply spectacular. If you're a fan of the X-Men, or you're a fan of cinema in general, you'll love this movie.

Laura photo

When I saw this movie, I was expecting to see a bunch of random characters with no plot, but instead, it was a drama with some funny parts. It was a movie with some surprises. I liked the first 20 minutes, but the rest of the movie was disappointing. The ending was not good and the main character was not good. The movie was not realistic. The main character was not a real person. The movie was not interesting and the ending was not good. I don't recommend this movie to people who like dramas.

Ethan photo

This film is a wonderful depiction of a man's life and the people who surround him. I think it is a brilliant and accurate portrayal of a man's life, and the people around him. I also think that the portrayal of the relationship between the two main characters is very accurate. The movie also shows the emotional and mental toll of dealing with an illness. It is not a movie that can be watched over and over. I think that the only way to truly understand this movie is to watch it at least once. I think that this movie is an excellent portrayal of the human condition. It is very realistic, and gives a very accurate view of how life can be for a man dealing with a disease. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Lori B. photo
Lori B.

When I first saw this movie I was in awe. I thought it was going to be great, and it was. But the ending was a bit of a let down. It was a nice way to end the movie, but it just wasn't enough to make up for the rest of the movie. I still thought it was great though, it just wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I think the actors were great and it was really great to see them on screen. I think this movie is a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone. It is definitely one of my favorite movies and I hope it is as good as I think it is. I think the main reason why I think this movie is a great movie is because of the acting and the directing. I really think this movie is underrated and I think it should be seen by everyone.

Doris W. photo
Doris W.

This movie is a good movie to see and I liked the performance of Kiefer Sutherland, especially in the first part. I thought the movie was a bit slow and it was a bit long but it is a good movie.

Jacqueline B. photo
Jacqueline B.

I just saw this movie at the Cannes film festival. It was good, I liked it. It is an interesting story about a man who fell in love with a woman from a different country. He's now married to her, but they still have feelings for each other. The story is very interesting, the movie is good. I'm really happy that it was in the film festival, I hope it will be more known. It is a great movie, I recommend it to everyone. The story is good and the acting is good, I think everyone can enjoy the movie. The movie is really good, I recommend it to everyone.

Philip D. photo
Philip D.

Just got back from seeing this film. The story was interesting and it was very moving. I would have liked to see more of the background of the life of the father and the family, but it was still very touching. The actors were great. The story was very good and the story was very moving. I felt that this movie could have been a lot better if it had a little more development of the father. It was good to see his wife, who was supposed to be dead, but lived for a while after the father's death. I would have liked to have seen more of her, and more of her husband, to make the story better. Overall, this was a very good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a movie that has some depth, but is not too long. It is a good movie to see with a loved one or with a friend.

Bruce photo

Before I watch a film, I always check out the ratings. I did this for "A Dangerous Method" and "The Wicker Man" because I was hoping they would be as good as "The Fountain". I've been a fan of Keira Knightley's for a while now and thought she would be good in "The Wicker Man", but she was awful in this. She looked like she was in a sleepwalking state, and her performance was completely wooden. The only good performance was from the daughter who was beautiful and had the most natural acting skills. The rest of the cast were horrible. I'm sorry, but that is the only positive thing I can say about this movie. I'm sure this movie was made with some artistic intent, but it just was not good. I'm a huge fan of Keira Knightley and I'm a huge fan of Darren Aronofsky, but I thought he was horrible in this movie. If you are a fan of Keira Knightley, then I would recommend you see "The Fountain", but if you are not, I'm afraid you'll hate this movie.

Samuel M. photo
Samuel M.

What is the best film that you have ever seen? In my opinion, "Walking Tall" is the best. I don't know why but I have a thing for a movie about people who are not like you. You could say that I like it because I am a member of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" generation. I am a little younger than the other guys. I do not have a sense of humor like they do. But that is not the point. What I like about this film is the fact that the characters in the movie are not like the ones we see on the screen. They are all like you. And I think that is the reason why I like it so much. Because it is like they are real people. There is a feeling of them that you can feel. And that is what I like about this film. If you like movies that are about real people, you will like this movie. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Walter Jones photo
Walter Jones

This is a story of two people who have met and fallen in love, with the help of a therapist, and then some. The therapist, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, is a real expert on the emotions of the person he is treating, and he is able to help the two of them get along. The plot is straightforward, but the film is more about the emotions and the relationship between the two characters than it is about the plot. I thought the performances were great, and the story was very moving. I don't think this film is for everyone. I thought it was a bit slow at times, but it was still enjoyable. The relationship between the two leads was very interesting, and the film was great.

Peter H. photo
Peter H.

In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown is an average guy who is being raised by his loving grandmother. After Charlie Brown's grandmother dies, Charlie Brown is made a citizen of a foreign country. He falls in love with Missy, a young woman who is also raising Charlie Brown. This film has a great Christmas message, but also has the feel of a classic holiday film. It is about the traditional Christmas spirit of giving and the holiday spirit of getting. Charlie Brown is always trying to find happiness, but the film's ending is kind of bittersweet. The special effects in this film are great, and the setting of the film is well-done. If you like Charlie Brown, you should definitely check this film out.

Jose T. photo
Jose T.

I didn't know what to expect when I went to see this movie. I've been looking for a movie to watch for a while and after the first 10 minutes of this movie I knew that it was going to be good. But I have to say that I was very surprised with the quality of this movie. This movie is so original and has a unique story that you can't find anywhere else. I can't say anything bad about this movie because there isn't anything wrong with this movie. It's just a wonderful movie that you can't miss. The cast was perfect for the movie and the movie's direction was perfect. It's one of those movies that you can watch over and over again without getting bored. You have to watch this movie for the story and for the characters and you will be surprised with the end. I was very surprised by the story because I didn't expect a movie that has a story that was so original. I didn't expect the ending of the movie to be so amazing and to end on a happy note. I was very impressed with this movie and I can't wait to see it again. I hope that this movie gets a bigger audience because I believe that it's going to be a hit. This is one of those movies that you can't miss.

Richard K. photo
Richard K.

This movie is very nice and very refreshing. It is a movie that shows us a side of our society that is very hidden, and it shows us that even people who are very close to us, are in fact very different and are as different as the hair on their heads. I also think that it is very touching because it is about a man who has just lost his wife and daughter and he is very close to his wife and he is not ready to accept that she is not with him anymore and he is not ready to accept that he is not with her anymore. I really recommend this movie because it is very nice and very refreshing.

Donald photo

It's been a while since I've seen the 2011 French comedy "Redoutable", but I am still very impressed by it. This film is a romance, but it is also about a man who is taking a job in a different country and will be separated from his family. The cast is great and the direction is pretty good. The biggest problem I have with this film is that the plot doesn't really move. The end of the film is not very satisfying. The ending is somewhat anticlimactic, but I understand that this film is a comedy and not a dramatic film. If the film had been a drama, I probably would have enjoyed it more. However, "Redoutable" is still a good film, and I am looking forward to watching it again.

Jose Burke photo
Jose Burke

I absolutely loved this film. This film is an amazing film. I really think that it is not that bad. It was very sad. I would really recommend it. I have never seen a film like this before. I mean I have seen the "Great Gatsby", but this is a whole different story. I mean this is not a film that you would watch for a laugh, but it is very sad, so very sad. I really think that this film is great. I would recommend it to anybody, you will really enjoy it. I really hope that everybody has seen it and enjoyed it as much as I have.

Howard photo

Greetings again from the darkness. In the tradition of "La Vie En Rose" and "Dieu et les Chinois," Alexandre Aja's "A Walk to Remember" (2012) is an intensely sentimental, yet thoughtful, film that reminds us that even the most unlikely of relationships are not always destined to end in the way we wish. A dynamic female love triangle that spirals out of control when one of the girls, Patricia (Brie Larson), decides to come out to her father (Kevin Costner), puts an exclamation point on the story as the three girls decide to take their chances with the father. It's an interesting premise, but the film suffers because of its length. It spends a good deal of time setting up the characters and their circumstances, leaving a lot of the film to the imagination. As a result, the characters and the plot are occasionally uneven, as a strong connection between any of them is hard to come by. Still, this film is a good start in the "Walking Through the Tulips" tradition, and is well worth the watch. Grady Harp

Christine photo

A young man finds his place in life. I was surprised to see how they made the film and the way they shot it. It was easy to see that this was filmed in 2004 with high-definition cameras. It is a great way to show how it has changed from when I saw it in 1994. The film had a good flow and was very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about this kind of stories.

Kenneth Robinson photo
Kenneth Robinson

I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well this movie was received. I found it to be an enjoyable movie. There were some parts that I didn't really agree with, but I found myself laughing. I don't know what the reviewers were expecting, but it was not like the film I expected it to be. If you like movies that are a little off the beaten path, this is the movie for you. I think that the acting was great. You can tell that the actors really enjoyed making this movie. They really took their time and took this movie seriously. I think that the viewer will enjoy the movie. The movie was very funny and made me laugh a lot. I think that you will enjoy the movie. If you don't like movies that are a little different, you may not like this movie. I think that this is a movie that you will enjoy.

Tiffany photo

The film was beautifully shot and I have watched it many times. The acting was superb. I was really impressed with the acting of both Sam Neill and Eddie Redmayne. I found the film to be very entertaining. I loved it. I would recommend this film to anyone who has not seen it yet. It is really a must see. I give this film 10/10.

Kevin H. photo
Kevin H.

This movie is absolutely brilliant. It's a must-see movie for every man and woman in the audience. The plot is very unique and original, and the characters are very believable. The performances are very good, and the movie is very well-acted. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie is that it was very long, and I feel that the plot could have been condensed into a little more time. I think that the time that it takes to tell the story could have been used better. But, all in all, I would recommend this movie to any man or woman who wants to see a great movie that is full of humor and drama.

Keith Diaz photo
Keith Diaz

Although I enjoyed the movie, it has been a while since I have seen the movie. I have to say that the movie is very good. It's a good family movie. The acting is good, especially from James McAvoy. I think that it is not the best James McAvoy movie but it's still a good movie.

Vincent photo

I'm not a huge fan of movies about vampires, so I was surprised when I found this movie on Netflix. After the first ten minutes I was thinking, "Oh no, not another vampire movie." It's a bit slow at first, but once it gets going, it's funny, creepy and well done. It's a low budget movie, and it's well acted and directed. The best thing about this movie is the cinematography. It looks like it was shot on a real DSLR. The locations are great, and the camera work is pretty good. The story is interesting, and the dialogue is well done. If you're looking for a comedy, you might find this one a bit slow, but I think it's better than you think. The cast is great, and it has a great ending. The only reason I'm giving this a 7 instead of a 6 is because of the pacing and the script. Overall, I think this movie is worth seeing.

Timothy O. photo
Timothy O.

What a great film. I saw it in the cinema in 1986 and I was hooked. It is so moving. The young men are great actors. The whole cast was brilliant. The director has done a wonderful job. I loved the cinematography. It's so beautiful. I recommend this film to everyone.

Deborah photo

After seeing some good reviews, I figured I'd watch it. I saw it in its original theatre version (like any other "prequel") and it was quite good. Now the special effects weren't as good as in the original (and I'm a graphic designer), but that was okay. The one part that really hit home was the cast. There were some very good actors in this movie, even if some were the new additions. The actress playing a German lady was one of them, and I was pleased to see her in a movie where she was not the main character. However, I'm not a huge fan of John Cleese and don't have much to say about him as an actor, so I don't know what was so good about this movie. But I was glad to see Michael Gambon in a movie. It wasn't a very good one, but he was great in it. I think the biggest problem with this movie is that it was overstuffed with characters, and that the movie itself was quite short. It's not worth the price of admission to watch it on the big screen, but you can get a cheap DVD at your local video store. It's not a great movie, but it's not a terrible one either. I recommend it to those who have seen the original, but don't expect it to be as good as the original.

William photo

I loved the movie and the fact that it is a true story. It makes you feel the sadness and the joy. It makes you feel like you know someone that really loves you. This movie is worth seeing. I have seen it 3 times and it gets better every time. It is a must see for everyone. If you are looking for a movie that is a true story, go to the video store and get it. The movie is not for everyone, but if you are a movie lover like me, I think you will love it.

Christina Olson photo
Christina Olson

I saw this movie the first time in my teens and I was so impressed that I bought the DVD. I've seen it a couple of times since then and I still can't get enough of it. The acting is amazing. It's very touching and the music is so good that it's almost like an opera. The cinematography is incredible. The whole thing is so well thought out. It's so perfectly cast and directed that it's almost as if it were made by a team of people who really cared about their job. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves cinema, or even just a good story. If you have the chance to see this movie, do it.

Samuel Martinez photo
Samuel Martinez

I saw this movie yesterday at a special screening in Tokyo. I love the movie for its realism. You feel it when the American interviewer comes in, as he really tries to be a journalist, but it comes out as an attempt to be an American and to be taken seriously, which is pretty bizarre. The story is very touching. It is about the loss of a child from an earlier family. He is forced to come to Japan because of a divorce. The writer-director does not really go to much into the background, just a background about a family that goes back and forth between Japan and America. I felt the director tried to be realistic with his perspective and without going too deep into the situation. The main character is funny, but he does not have a clear characterization. The real American's voice is heard as he is trying to get to the interviews, but it is not like a regular American voice, it is so different. I think this movie is worth seeing. It is good to see the relationship between Americans and Japanese.

Christina A. photo
Christina A.

This film is a great exercise in why (almost) no one can ever hope to ever escape the temptation to think of themselves as the hero or heroine of a movie, and the only reason for wanting to be a hero is simply the same reason for wanting to be the protagonist of a movie. The problem is that for the most part, a movie does not need to be a comedy or drama to work as a movie, or at least be a good one. It's important to note that this is a French movie, and thus the language is not English. If you understand French, you'll understand this movie. It's not about understanding, but about understanding the desire to be the hero. And in the end, the hero is just another human being. I've seen this movie several times and I always feel the same way about it. It's one of the most original movies I've ever seen. At the same time, it's also one of the most sentimental movies I've ever seen. It's about a father who wants to be a hero, but he doesn't know how to be one. He has to wait for someone to show him what he wants to see. This is the basic formula of the movie, but the only flaw is that it is quite too similar to other movies. I found it more a romantic comedy than a drama. The romantic elements are merely fluff, and most of the acting is wooden. The humor is rather slapstick, which is what it should be. The only character that seems to act and look like a real human being is the local cop. That's all I'll say about that. If you're looking for a good movie, see this movie, but don't expect a masterpiece.

Lauren Schmidt photo
Lauren Schmidt

Being a little worried about the true story of The Red Queen, I had the idea of watching it in the hopes of making up my mind about it. I was completely wrong. Although it may be a little predictable in the beginning, it develops at a very good pace, and the acting is pretty much spot on, from the actors, to the directors. I wouldn't call this a movie for everyone, as it's quite hard to stay fully engaged with a movie that may seem hard to get through, but I loved it and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Some may dislike the same things I did, but I can understand why they would dislike it. And that's what it is. It's a good movie that everyone can enjoy.

Lauren Watson photo
Lauren Watson

I just watched this movie with my boyfriend and we both loved it. I really enjoyed it, the story was very interesting and the characters were all good. I didn't get bored during the movie, even though it was a bit long. I don't like movies that are full of sex scenes and this one didn't even come close. This is a great movie to watch with your significant other. You will love it, and you will be talking about it for a long time. This is a movie that I would recommend to anyone. I don't know why it didn't get more good reviews. It is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Don't expect anything dramatic or romantic, just a good movie. I give it a 7/10.

Debra photo

Juliette Binoche has been in many of my favourite movies (although some of them have been flawed), and I am pleased to report that I liked this movie a lot. I am familiar with the issues surrounding the use of sexual imagery in cinema, and that includes this film. The strong language is just as important to me as the strong sex, and the female characters are very strong in their characters. I am a big fan of the Bond girls, and was very pleased with this movie. I was very impressed with the movie as a whole, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a movie about life and relationships. I think this movie could do well on DVD, as it is definitely not your typical chick flick. I would definitely watch it again. 7/10

Lisa G. photo
Lisa G.

I loved this film. It was so funny, it was so heartwarming, and it was so beautiful. It was a great movie. I am not a Christian and I didn't really know what to expect from this film, but I loved it! I have seen it 3 times in a row now and I still laugh out loud at parts of the film. It is very heartwarming and I love it. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves a good story about a family and is able to find themselves in this family.

Amy photo

I've seen it 3 times in the past week, and I would recommend it to anyone who has been depressed or at least had a rough day. I was watching it when I was at my friend's house and he said that he thought I should watch it, and he also recommended it to me. I think that people should watch it, and I hope that people see this movie. This movie really helped me to get out of my depression and to feel a lot better about myself.

Nicholas M. photo
Nicholas M.

A great movie for the whole family. I think it was the best movie I've ever seen. I think all kids should see it, because it's a great movie for them to see. It's a very realistic movie, and that's why it's so great. It really makes you feel like you are part of the family. I really like the character of the two girls, because they are so different, and they are just so cute. I love how they always make the best of their situation. The movie really shows the life of the family and how it is. I think it is really important to see a movie like this, because it shows that everything is good, even if there is a little bit of pain. This movie really teaches you to appreciate what you have and to love your family. I think that everyone should see this movie, because it really makes you feel good about life. I really hope you'll watch it, because it's really a great movie for everyone.

Ethan T. photo
Ethan T.

The first two stories (the third one is the film version of the second) are both entertaining, but far from being 'the best' of their kind. The first one, though more compelling, is better than the second, because it has a better ending. The second one is a little more 'mainstream' than the first one. It is also better. The third one is the best, but it is not as good as the first two. And this is not a very good thing, because if this film had not been the second one, it might not have become so popular. In conclusion, if you like 'three' stories, this is one to watch. I highly recommend it.

Scott Turner photo
Scott Turner

I don't know why everyone is bashing this movie, or that this movie has nothing to do with the book. This is a great movie. I read the book when it was first released and thought it was a great read. I thought it was the best book I've ever read and it was on my list of books to read, but I had to wait until it was released on DVD, and I just couldn't wait. I was so excited about it, and I was so happy when it was finally released. The characters were so great and believable. The story was great and I loved the scenery. I am a huge fan of the book and I can't wait to see it again. The story was so great, and I just love everything about this movie. I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Garner and I think she was so perfect for the role of Rachel. I just loved her acting and her personality. I loved her character so much. I love this movie so much, and I hope everyone can see this movie, because it is a great movie.

Jonathan O. photo
Jonathan O.

The film starts off with a really solid production which sets the mood for the rest of the movie. The story centers around a young woman who has lost her mother due to a car accident. She is given a job at a dance studio by her mother's friend. While she is working there, her friend becomes involved in a serious car accident that leaves her dead. This prompts her to lose her job as well. However, she also loses her job. This leaves her with a lot of debt. This is what gives her the motivation to continue to work at the dance studio. She is given a job to work as a dance teacher. However, she is told that she is not fit to teach and she is asked to leave. She finds a job as a teacher in the street. She also learns how to dance. This is the part of the film that I find to be quite enjoyable. It is a nice and heartfelt story with a great plot. The story gets slightly complicated in the middle of the film and I would recommend watching the whole thing. I think that the story is quite captivating and I think that the actors did a great job with the script. However, I did find the ending to be a little weird and the story itself seemed to get a little complicated. Overall, I enjoyed the film. It was enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story.

Billy C. photo
Billy C.

This is an excellent movie! I just watched it last night and was amazed at how true the story is! I will watch this movie again and again! It's an excellent movie that everyone should watch!

Judy W. photo
Judy W.

This is a movie that was so well made and acted that I was shocked. I haven't seen a movie with such a strong, strong message and message that is so true to life. It's so good. I have to admit that I was expecting a bit more action in the movie. But the story was very well written and very well directed. I love the music in the movie. The music is just so much amazing. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was the ending. It was a little predictable and I thought that it would be a little different. But I don't think that it was a big deal, I thought it was just a little bit different. I really think that they did a good job with the movie. I give this movie a 10/10.

Justin S. photo
Justin S.

The movie is based on the true story of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. She was a child model in the 1940s and she is portrayed as a young lady who is looking for a man to fall in love with her. But the best thing about this movie is that it is based on true events. The movie is really touching and romantic. It also has a nice message about women in today's society. This is a movie that should be watched.

Beverly M. photo
Beverly M.

I was skeptical of this movie because I had heard of it and I thought it would be a teen movie. I am happy to say it was a great movie. The acting was wonderful and the movie moved along at a very fast pace. I was very impressed with all of the actors. It was very intense and never gave me a break. The story line was good and the ending was unexpected. It was very original and was a great way to spend a couple of hours. The movie did not leave me wanting to watch it again but it was definitely worth the time spent watching it. If you want to see a movie that is fast paced and exciting, then this movie is for you. If you want to see a great story that has a great ending, then this movie is for you. It has a great ending and the acting was superb. I recommend this movie to anyone and it is definitely worth the time spent watching it. I rate this movie 7/10.

Ralph Greene photo
Ralph Greene

I have been really excited to see this movie for a while, and finally I could sit down and watch it. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the movie, and while I have to say that it's not horrible it is certainly not a great movie. I am disappointed that they didn't take a different approach and have a woman play the role of the mother in this movie. This is a good movie and definitely worth seeing. I just think that the real stars of the movie are the actors. I think that the acting was great and that the story was excellent. It's hard to believe that this movie won the Golden Globe, and it's hard to believe that this movie is rated a 5. I think that the Academy has a problem with showing movies like this and other good movies that are based on real life. I just think that the Academy has a huge problem with women who want to be in films and have all of the power. If you're a female and want to be in films don't take the way out. Go out and try to get the best of what is out there.

Willie photo

One of the most touching films I've seen in a long time. This movie does not have a single negative comment about it, and I will be watching it again and again. I think the best thing about this film is that it's not about anyones life, but their personal lives. The story is about a couple who have a child and want to get rid of him. In order to do this, they go through a painful journey of explaining the child to everyone and convincing them to adopt him. I think the actors were great and the plot was great. It's the best movie I've seen in a long time, and I will watch it again and again. I recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a movie that's not boring and you can cry with.

Grace F. photo
Grace F.

The other day I was watching a movie on cable called "The Cable Guy" and a girl who is studying journalism in college was sitting next to me. She was asking questions about the movie and the movie was very nice. I watched it the next day and I was blown away by how great this movie is. I cannot say enough about this movie. If you are a fan of the television show "Glee" or of the movie "Red" you will be happy to know that this movie is also a great addition to the list of great movies that are on television. I'm not a fan of the show and I think that they should have just ended the show after the fifth season. I would like to say thank you to the people at "Red" and to the people who worked on this movie for being so kind and understanding to me and my friends who are studying journalism. I'm also very glad that this movie is available on DVD and that I have been able to watch it.

Walter photo

Loved this movie. I loved the characters. I also loved the plot. I think it was good that the actors didn't make the same mistake as everyone else. It was so hard to keep track of who was who. The actors and actresses were fantastic. The plot was very well written. I think it was a very good movie.

Keith Porter photo
Keith Porter

I just saw the film for the first time. I am not a person who is very critical of movies and to be honest, I'm a bit biased. I love great movies. I love a good story and I love to see good actors and actresses. I have seen the movie a few times and I still have a great time watching it. I feel this movie is just right for people who are looking for a story, good actors and actresses and a good movie. I also think the way they did the movie was great. I think it was done really well. I also thought the music was really good and the songs were catchy and good. I really liked the storyline and I think it was very interesting. The actors and actresses were really good. I love it and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good story, good actors and actresses and a good movie. I am giving it a 10/10.

Louis Bishop photo
Louis Bishop

A must see for all those people who don't like melodramas. The movie starts with a bang! The opening scenes are a great insight into the life of a woman who became a film maker. She leaves home, travels to L.A. and to Paris to film the story of a young woman who's life is changed by a sexual awakening. The movie shows the complicated relationships of the characters. The plot is superb, the characters are great and the acting is excellent. I especially liked the scenes in the house where we get to see the dialogs between the characters. The director has a wonderful sense of timing and is able to capture the essence of the actors. The soundtrack is also great, it fits perfectly with the film and is a good complement to the story. This is a must see movie.

Dorothy P. photo
Dorothy P.

The little boy, Daniel (Aisling Donnelly), grew up in the 1930's. He is a typical orphan child. She runs away from home. She is loved by a friend of the family and at the end of the movie, she returns to her old home. Daniel decides to become a journalist and returns to his home. He is eventually able to become a writer and he gets his father to write his biography. This movie is very interesting, you can't help but to watch it, because it has great drama. The film has a good rhythm, and you can't help to be interested in the movie. This is one of the best dramas of the year.

Diane Rodriguez photo
Diane Rodriguez

First of all I'd like to state that I have never seen the movie, but I love Paris and like this place. I have heard and read about the movie and it got my attention. First of all, I was surprised that this movie was based on a book. As a film it has a strong point. The story is very well presented. You can relate to it. You can see the main characters in the movie. You can know them. You can feel the pain they are going through. The characters in the movie have a very different characteristics than in the book. So the movie was made for a different audience, it's not for the usual movie-going audience. I was very pleased with the movie. It had a lot of good things in it. It's the story of a young man and his life, and of his love and family. It shows you how he tries to make his life better. He has some very good problems. He is not very good at making the money he needs. He gets into trouble with his friends, and the trouble is serious. The movie is very sad and very sad, but also very funny. You can laugh a lot. It is very entertaining, you can watch it on a rainy day, you can watch it on a very warm summer night. It is very interesting and it is very funny. The movie is good. It's not the best movie ever, but it's not the worst either. The movie has a very strong point. It is good.

Charles photo

It is hard to tell if we are watching a comedy or a drama. One thing that is clear is that it is neither. This is a very good drama about a man who was a product of a cold war where Germany tried to eradicate the Polish nation. He lived in Germany for the rest of his life, tried to make money out of the tragedy, but didn't succeed. Then he tries to come back to Poland, not realizing that many of his friends were murdered, and that the dead had to be buried. I don't want to give away too much, but this is a movie that is full of drama, but I don't know if it is worth watching. The movie is not about a bunch of people that were murdered by the Nazis. I don't think that there is a single person in this movie who was not involved in some kind of situation. The story is about how one man, who is trying to make a better life for his kids, becomes a little too much of a moralist. A person can make a life for his children and it doesn't mean that the family will be ruined. This is an interesting movie, but it is not that great.

Mark Bishop photo
Mark Bishop

I'm a sucker for films where the main character has some sort of disability. In this film, it's mostly social and cultural differences but we also have the usual handicap in that the main character is male. And there's a love interest who has a disability. This film is a happy story that portrays the complexity of friendship, romance, loss, friendship and learning. It's really great to see in a new light. It's not too over-dramatic and I felt the characters were believable. I really loved the dance scenes with the dancing bear.

Zachary M. photo
Zachary M.

I am a 22 year old female who has never been to a European country. I do not speak any of the languages spoken in Europe. I watched this movie with a friend, and she was completely confused by the movie. I think that if a movie is supposed to make you think, this movie does it, but it is not the real reason to watch this movie. I do not know how much she was being paid to sit next to me, but she looked at me like I was crazy. I had no clue how to take her. I was so confused. I could not even understand her questions. She even told me to not say her name in the movie, because I had a feeling she was not going to talk to me. So I didn't. I think that was the problem with this movie. It was a great story, but they left out so much. I was expecting something that made me think, but it didn't. I think they should have put a little more effort into the story, and it might have gotten better. It was good, but not great. I was not sure what to expect, but I think that it is not a movie that you have to see before you die. It was a good movie, but not great.