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Sonchiriya is a movie starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Bhumi Pednekar, and Manoj Bajpayee. Set in the Chambal valley, the film follows the story of a legion of dreaded, warring dacoits who once terrorized the Indian heartlands.

Running Time
2 hours 23 minutes
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Drama, Crime, Action
Abhishek Chaubey
Sudip Sharma, Abhishek Chaubey, Sudip Sharma
Bhumi Pednekar, Ranvir Shorey, Manoj Bajpayee, Sushant Singh Rajput
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This is the story of a group of rebels in Chambal. The year is 1975. The Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, has declared Emergency in the country. Man Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) meanwhile leads a gang in Chambal, a region that more or less is lawless. Vakil Singh (Ranvir Shorey) and Lakhna (Sushant Singh Rajput) are important members of this gang. Man Singh is in need of money to procure new arms. Based on a tip from Lacchu (Jaspal Sharma), he and his men descend to Brahmpuri village. A marriage is taking place in this hamlet where the groom is about to get a huge amount of gold and cash. Man Singh and his gang reaches the marriage venue in order to loot this wealth. However, the cops, led by Virender Gujjar (Ashutosh Rana) ambush the gang. In the tough fight, Man Singh and half of the gang get killed. Vakil, Lakhna and others escape. Vakil, now the leader of the gang, accuses Lakhna of betraying them and calling the cops. Lakhna is fed up of being a rebel and wants to surrender. Meanwhile, as they are running from the cops, they bump into Indumati Tomar (Bhumi Pednekar). She's accompanied by her sister Sonchiriya (Khushiya) who has been brutally raped. Sonchiriya needs to be taken to the hospital urgently and she asks for Vakil's help. The gang agrees. They halt to seek blessings of their goddess at a temple where Indu's husband and other family members arrive. She is accused of killing her father-in-law and they ask the gang to hand over Indu and Sonchiriya. Vakil agrees but Lakhna realizes it's not just and hence revolts. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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Bryan photo

A truly remarkable movie. Every actor and actress is wonderful in their roles. And the story is also interesting and interesting. This movie is a must watch.

Theresa Evans photo
Theresa Evans

One of the best movies of the decade. A movie which keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. When you are bored, you will fall in love with the movie. All the characters have their own personalities. The storyline is so well-crafted, that you can easily relate to the movie. The dialogues are so smart and smart-looking, that you will find yourself laughing in the movie. The movie is a perfect example of how to make a good story in a very unique and entertaining way. The cinematography is also top-notch, and the songs are excellent. The movie is full of references to popular movies and books, and it is a movie which you should watch again and again. I think that this movie is the best movie of the decade. I strongly recommend this movie to all the people who like to watch a good movie. The movie is very well-made and the performances of all the actors are absolutely superb. My vote is 9/10.

Jessica photo

I really enjoyed this movie. A lot of people hate it because of the whole Hindu-Muslim thing. But, I think the movie itself is pretty good. It is well directed and acted. The movie is based on the story of a young girl, Shanti (Shailja Sharma). She is a Hindu girl who is forced into Muslim school. When she comes back to her Hindu family, she is still a Hindu. Her father (Prabhas) doesn't want her to be a Muslim, so she starts to be a Muslim. The movie is very realistic. There is no violence, no cursing, no sex, no swearing. The movie is very refreshing. It is very realistic. It is very nice to see a movie where the story is based on reality. The acting is also good. The movie is a little bit long, but it's not a big problem. It is just a little bit long. I don't really know how many times the movie was made. It's about 1 and 1/2 hours long. It's a good movie. I recommend it to everyone.

Jerry photo

A Tamil version of a German film of the same name, this is a tough film to watch at times. It's a straightforward story, but it's not a straightforward story. The characters are complex, and the story is complicated. I don't want to give too much away, but if you can take the violence, the blood and the nudity, you'll probably enjoy it. But if you can't take it, you'll probably find it difficult to sit through the film. The performances are excellent, especially the lead actor, and I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it. But it's a tough film to sit through.

Phillip photo

This is one of the most challenging movies to watch. I have seen this movie so many times. The fact that it is very well made is not the only reason why I like this movie so much. I think that it is the story that makes it so good. The story of the movie is about a mafia boss named Siva. Siva's life is complicated. He is trying to find a way to stay alive and to stay on his feet in a corrupt system. This is one of the most important and important stories that I have ever seen. The movie is about how he falls in love with a woman named Rani. It is an interesting story that makes you feel sad, happy, and sad all at the same time. The story is very well told. The movie is a must see. It is a very good movie. I think that this movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen. This movie is one of the best movies that I have ever seen.

Mary photo

Its a kind of movie where you are really lost in the story. but its not a comedy or a drama, its more a revenge story. Its the story of a person who has lost his daughter. he wants to punish the people who killed his daughter. he met a lady who promised to help him in his quest. then he was made to choose between two women. he chose the woman who was the mother of his daughter. the movie is very good, the dialogs are very good, the music is very good, and the cast is really good. its a great movie, you will enjoy it a lot.

Ann photo

Well, I have to say that I did not expect much from this film. It was a bit slow for me but I do not have any other choice. There were some good action sequences and I liked the music. It was not like the first movie where it was not like that. I was very happy with the ending. I was very happy with the film and I liked the movie very much. I have never seen a Hindi film so I have no idea about the actors and what they are doing in the movie. I hope this movie does well and is a hit. The director has done a very good job with the story. I have no idea why the movie did not get more recognition. This movie is very good. I like this movie very much and I will watch it again and again.

Hannah T. photo
Hannah T.

I had the privilege to see this film at the Cinema Nova Scotia in Toronto. It was the first of it's kind, and I was impressed with it's subtle, yet brilliant cinematography and the performance of the cast. This film has a great cast and a great story. It is a fascinating story of a young boy who is a very proud Indian, and the things he has to go through to live his life, and the things he goes through to keep it a secret. It is a great story, and I'm very glad I saw it. It was a pleasure to see the wonderful cast of characters in this film. It was a great movie and I hope to see it again.

Jonathan O. photo
Jonathan O.

This is a movie I saw in theaters when I was a child, and it left such a lasting impression on me. I had read the book in high school, and I was still a little confused about it, but I was hooked. I was a movie buff all my life, and I still am. I've been on a search to find this movie on video for years. I finally did a few years ago, and I had to watch it again. I had never seen it in the theaters, but it was only $2.50, so I was hooked. It's a little slow at first, but the acting is good. I loved the music, especially the songs by The Verve, and the sound effects are great. It's a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone.

Gloria Stone photo
Gloria Stone

A very good movie. I liked the story, the direction, the photography, the music. The actors were great and the story was good. The problem is that the movie is just too long. It has a good idea and the story is good but there is not enough time for it to unfold. If you like movies that have a good story, action, and a lot of emotions, then I would recommend this movie.

Paul Matthews photo
Paul Matthews

This film is a big hit among the kids in the neighborhood. It's a very good film that is very entertaining for the whole family. The plot is very simple but very well done. The performances are great. I think the director did a good job in bringing the characters to life. The film is a little slow at times but it's well worth the watch. I give this film 8 out of 10 stars.

Peter Hunt photo
Peter Hunt

I am a big fan of the director and this is his debut movie. He is a well-known director in Tamil Nadu. The movie has a good story and is very well made. It has a good plot and has some good action sequences. The music is good, but a little bit too much. The direction is very good and the acting is good. The movie is worth a watch for all the fans of the director and I am sure that this movie will be a big hit in the Tamil cinema. I would rate this movie 8/10.

Dylan photo

I think it is an excellent movie with a great story, good actors and very good direction. I think this movie is a remake of a famous Japanese film called "The Count of Monte Cristo" with a similar story. This movie is better than the original, but that's not a good thing because the original is a masterpiece. The only bad thing I can say about this movie is the ending, I don't think the director intended it that way, but it's still a bad ending. I recommend this movie to people who like action movies and action movies with good story, good actors and good direction.

Anthony Garza photo
Anthony Garza

This movie is the first movie from the popular Bollywood movie producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It was directed by Rakesh Roshan. The movie has a lot of twists and turns and you will get lost in the movie. I think the movie is very interesting and is definitely worth a watch. I don't think it's a movie you can watch just once. I think it's very good. I also think that the movie has a lot of action and you will be interested in the movie. The movie also has a lot of romance. The movie also has a lot of action and a lot of twists and turns. I think the movie is worth watching. I give it a 7/10.

Kyle photo

A family who lives in the big city of Delhi is threatened to be evicted from their house if they do not pay the rent. The father and the mother decide to fight back. The story of the film is a tale of struggle and revenge. The film has a unique style of its own. The film is set in Delhi and there are some famous locations that were used. The film is worth a watch because of its style and its realism.