Steam Marlina si pembunuh dalam empat babak

Marlina si pembunuh dalam empat babak

Marlina si pembunuh dalam empat babak is a movie starring Marsha Timothy, Egy Fedly, and Tumpal Tampubolon. Marlina lives quietly in Sumba until one day a man named Markus and his gang try to rob her house and she kills him....

Other Titles
Marlina: Zbrodnia w czterech aktach, Μαρλίνα: Η δολοφόνος σε τέσσερις πράξεις, マルリナの明日, Marlina, la tueuse en 4 actes, Marlina, a gyilkos, Marlina, omicida in quattro atti, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts, Marlina - Die Mörderin in vier Akten
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Western, Thriller
Mouly Surya
Rama Adi, Garin Nugroho, Mouly Surya
Marsha Timothy, Yoga Pratama, Egy Fedly, Tumpal Tampubolon
Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Thailand
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Marlina lives quietly in Sumba until one day a man named Markus and his gang try to rob her house and she kills him. Eventually, she is haunted by Markus, and her life turns in 180 degrees.

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Lisa H. photo
Lisa H.

The movie was very good, the characters were well developed and the story was interesting. The director's decision to include some of the Philippine history, such as the war between the Maute and the Moro, was very interesting. The movie was well made and well acted. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys historical movies.

Jacqueline Carroll photo
Jacqueline Carroll

I've seen many films about the Philippine revolution, but this one stands out for me. I saw it at a film festival in Manila and I must say that it was very well made. It has a great cast and a very good script. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Philippine history.

Philip M. photo
Philip M.

This is a remarkable film with some good acting and good photography, especially the scenes in the forest. The acting is convincing and the story is fairly interesting. The film has a dark atmosphere and it is interesting to see a "Western" film which doesn't feel like a documentary. If you like these kinds of movies, I recommend "Hondo: The Life and Films of the Teflon" by Alejandro Jodorowsky. This is also a good documentary film and worth watching.

Amy photo

This film shows an ethnic group that has survived in the Philippines, since the colonial era, but is still suffering. It is no longer controlled by the authorities, but by the criminal gangs. It is also about the power struggle between these gangs, so that they can control and deal with the drug trade. It is also about corruption, so that the gangs can keep their customers. This film shows how the Filipino drug trade is very similar to that of the drug trade in the US, except that the Filipinos are not supplying drugs to the US. The drug trade in the Philippines is not controlled by the police. The people who are supplying drugs to the US are not the police. It is not just the Filipinos who are involved in the drug trade. It is also the local gang members. The main character, the leader of the criminal gangs, is a local drug baron. The film shows how the gangs are trying to keep their customers. There are many connections between the drug baron and the police. One of the gang members is also an FBI agent. There is also a gun-runner, and many other connections that have to do with the drugs. It is a very powerful film, that will stay with you for a long time. You will not be able to stop watching it.

Sharon S. photo
Sharon S.

This is a good movie. The acting is great. The story is interesting and you will not be bored. The problem is the ending. It leaves a lot of things unexplained. It feels like it is missing something important. If you watch it without reading the book you will not be disappointed.

Pamela photo

What else can I say? This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. The photography is great and the acting is exceptional. It is a great thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie. The ending is sad and touching, but also surprisingly, I did not see that coming. Some may complain about the constant violence and violence against women, but I think that if we watch this movie, we will stop that. It is very realistic, the violence and gore are not gratuitous. We see the violence because it is the only way to show the real violence of this society. The violence against women is the most brutal and degrading that we see in this country. The shooting of a pregnant woman in her arm is enough to make us go "What? What? What?". If there were more movies like this one, then maybe we would not be so satisfied with the situation that we are in today. However, I am so grateful to the director and producer that they have done this film, because we are in a bad state of affairs. It is a good movie that deserves much more attention.

Donna photo

I have just seen this movie and I think it is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I think the director did a good job with the script, the actors were good, the camera work was good, the story was good and the music was really good. I can't wait to see the next movie from the director, I hope he will be able to make some great movies like this one. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Danielle photo

The movie is a good one and worth seeing. The director was able to make a good movie out of a good script and good actors. The movie shows a little bit of the life in a small town and the people. The movie is more than just a thriller, but has a good story and some nice action scenes. The acting is good by the cast, especially the young lady who plays the main character. The story is a little bit different from the usual, but it is still a good one and worth seeing.

Mildred photo

With the second installment of the "Triangle" series, "Arbitrage" (aka "The Collateral Damage") is a bit of a letdown, but that's not to say it's a bad movie. The script is a little weaker than the first, but it's still enjoyable. The story is good, and there's no major flaws in the direction. The actors all do well, and the direction is solid. If you've seen the first one, you know what to expect from this one. However, if you've seen the first one, you know what to expect from this one, and that's not saying much. I wouldn't call this a bad movie, but it's definitely not a good movie. It's definitely a film that could have been better, but it's still enjoyable. If you haven't seen the first one, I would recommend that you watch it, but it's still better than most movies that come out. * out of *

Danielle S. photo
Danielle S.

I saw this movie, more than three years ago, when I was 15 years old, and it left an impression on me. It is a perfect mix of action, suspense, and romance. As a viewer, you will never get bored, even after the second time. This movie can also be seen as an homage to old movies from Indonesia, including the classic "The Hunt for Red October" and the "Nauk Pidjo", one of my favorites from those films. The only thing that I noticed when I saw this movie was the fact that the special effects were well done, not only in the scenes of the movie but also in the background of the movie. The production was well made and the story was also well presented. The movie is not only about a couple, but also about a family. As a result, you will definitely have a good time watching this movie. I give it 9/10.

Cynthia W. photo
Cynthia W.

This movie is just awesome. It is one of the best movies of all time. It is very much a Western movie, but it is not. I think it is a masterpiece. I think the script is amazing, and the acting is great. The director did a great job. The actors are just amazing. I can't believe that this movie is only rated 4.9. I think that it is a masterpiece.

Catherine C. photo
Catherine C.

When I first saw this film, I didn't like it. I thought it was slow and I thought it was too predictable. But then I watched it again and it got better. It got better because I realized that it wasn't just me who hated this movie. People who loved it were also kind of mad at it. So, I decided to give it another shot and it got better. The actors were all great, especially the lead. It was a good story, and I liked the acting and the characters. The ending was really good, I think. It's a good film, and it's good to see it again and again.

Nicholas photo

I loved this movie, I just watched it tonight on DVD. I was so excited to see it, and I'm glad I did. The story is about two men, one who is a very good man, and the other is a very bad man. The man who is a good man is the one who gets to go to the country and the other one has to stay in the country. The good man who gets to go to the country is a very nice guy, and he tries to help the other one to get the money. The bad guy tries to kill the good man, and the good man tries to stop him. This is a very good movie. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Amanda Taylor photo
Amanda Taylor

The film tells the story of a young man (played by Franka Potente) who is forced to live with his abusive father (played by Alejandro Amenabar) and is tormented by the police who take him to a mental institution to "protect" him. He is eventually released and comes to terms with his situation, but the story does not end there. The film is about the slow realization of the father's insanity, the father's attempt to control his son, and the father's own death. The film is a surprisingly good film, especially in comparison to other Spanish films. The acting is great, and the film is very realistic. It's a shame that the film did not receive more attention, as it is a very well made film. The film also has a strong message, and the film does not shy away from showing the violence that the father causes. Overall, I enjoyed this film and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Spanish films.

Sarah Cruz photo
Sarah Cruz

Lola and Lola are two young women who have no parents. They are in love with each other, but their parents are dead and they are sent to a convent. Lola is abused by the nuns. The last scene of the movie is the most disturbing scene I have ever seen. The scene is very powerful and you will never forget it. The movie is so powerful, that it will leave you with a very strong sense of empathy for the characters. The movie is about the tension between the young women and the nuns. The movie is very disturbing and very powerful. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie with a strong message. This movie is a must see.

Christine photo

I was expecting a lot from this movie but I was not disappointed. The plot was very interesting and the actors were good. I think the director was a bit too ambitious in the way he portrayed the conflict between the two sides. The movie did not have any big action scenes. It was a slow and slow pace. I really liked the scenes where the two actors were in the same room together. The music was good and I liked the way the director used the music. Overall, I would recommend this movie to people who like good action movies and love to watch a good movie.

Kevin L. photo
Kevin L.

The title says it all. It is a film that illustrates the type of relationships that a married couple have to maintain while living on a vast expanse of sand. The cinematography is superb, the sound design is equally impressive and the acting is as solid as the film's two leads. The plot revolves around a married couple that have been living in an isolated town for a number of years. After many years, they decide to move to a larger town but have an ongoing argument with the local police officer. Their problem is that they have to maintain their habit of living by the sea and the townspeople are not willing to let them go. The couple soon realize that they are in for a fight, but this is not their only problem. In addition, there are a number of kidnappers that want to take their money, and there is a mystery that surrounds the location of the couple's homes. In the end, they are able to resolve their issues and end up in a happy marriage. In fact, the movie is so enjoyable that I will tell you to see it if you have not already. This is a must see.

Scott G. photo
Scott G.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was definitely one of the better I have seen in the genre. The plot is interesting and intriguing. The acting is very good. The violence is mild, and the language is not so bad. I enjoyed the movie a lot. I think that this movie was good for its time. It is the type of movie that you can watch with your friends and enjoy it. I think that the violence was not too bad and the language was mild. I recommend this movie to people who are looking for a good movie to watch with friends.

Kathleen Murphy photo
Kathleen Murphy

I have seen this movie a couple of times and I still enjoy watching it. The story is simple and it doesn't require much imagination. The acting is good, the camera work is amazing and the music is good. I really like the way the movie ends, with a bang! It has a great ending that will leave you feeling good. I recommend this movie to everyone. I also recommend the director's first movie "The Way of the Gun" to anyone who likes a good action movie. You'll see what I mean when you watch it.

Kelly Martin photo
Kelly Martin

I was expecting a typical "war" movie, but it was much more than that. It was a very good movie. It was very interesting and it was very well made. I think it is a good movie to watch when you want to have some sort of a "war" movie. I think it is better than some of the other movies that I have seen recently. It was very well made. It was a good movie, but I think that it is not a good movie for everyone. I think that it is a good movie to watch when you want to have some sort of a "war" movie.

Emily photo

This is one of the best Filipino movies ever made. I think it is the best movie in the history of Filipino cinema. The story is quite simple but the plot is quite interesting. The acting is also very good. I think this movie is the best of all the Filipino movies. I recommend it to all Filipino movie fans.

Dylan Ortiz photo
Dylan Ortiz

This is one of the best films i have seen in a long time. I am a fan of the original movie and this one is just as good. The plot is simple but the acting is great. The story is not about the story of the movie but about the story of the director. The cinematography is perfect, the action is great and the music is perfect. The film is a true classic. You will not find a better film. A must see.

Diana M. photo
Diana M.

An interesting movie that is extremely well acted. It has a story that is a lot like a fairy tale, but with a twist. It is a movie that is hard to get to the end, but it is a movie that you will enjoy. The acting is superb and the story is very intriguing. It is not a movie you will forget, but it is definitely worth watching.

Doris Montgomery photo
Doris Montgomery

As a fan of Western and Asian cinema, I'm not exactly sure why this movie is not more well known, or, at least, known enough to be talked about. In my opinion, it's a pretty good film, but it's a bit too slow and not entirely realistic. The main character is really annoying, and she's not really a hero. This is a woman who lost her husband to a drug dealer, who is now blackmailing her to bring the drug dealer back alive. The main problem is that the main character, the prostitute, is the only character in the film who isn't in love with the drug dealer. She's not exactly a bad person, she just needs to be more careful, or, at least, the film would have been more interesting. And, the film is long, so, there are times when the story just gets boring, like the one where the main character is trying to make the drug dealer see her in the morning, and she's suddenly killed. And the main character gets bored, so she just starts walking around the streets in the night, and, of course, the drug dealer is looking for her. At the end, the film is pretty boring, and the main character is really annoying. But, I think it's worth watching, just for the cinematography and the wonderful soundtrack.

Carol Garcia photo
Carol Garcia

I found this movie to be very interesting and very well acted. The direction and the cinematography are very good. The story line is very well written and keeps you hooked until the end. I really liked the characters in this movie. I can't remember seeing any other movie that is so well acted and written. It has a very good ending. I am very surprised that this movie is not out in the US. I would love to see it on DVD and on the big screen. The only thing I would change would be the ending. I would have loved to see more of the journey that the characters go through. I would also love to see the actors in a different roles. I think it would be good to see the actors in other roles, especially a more comedic role. The actor who played the son, played a very good role. I think the actors in this movie deserve a lot of credit. This movie is worth watching. It is very well written, well acted, and well directed. It is a very good movie and I would highly recommend it.

Dorothy D. photo
Dorothy D.

Only three years after I left the Congo, I watched the original Congo (2005) and was entranced by it's superb photography, excellent acting, but more importantly, its powerful, deeply emotional narrative. I finally saw the 2007 remake and was pleased to find that the film retained this same level of emotional impact, but was significantly shorter. I am not sure if this is deliberate or a matter of semantics, but this film is, in my opinion, far better than the original. The 2007 remake is not for everyone, but if you enjoy the original, it is definitely worth a look. I personally have not watched the 1991 version, but I am curious to see how it fares compared to this 2006 version. My overall opinion is that the 2007 version is a good remake, with good performances, and a good storyline, but it is shorter than the original.

Eugene C. photo
Eugene C.

I just watched this film after a long time, and I have to say that I'm quite amazed. I have seen a lot of cinema, and I'm usually not interested in them, but I thought this one was very interesting. The only thing that I have a problem with is the ending, but that's only my problem. The rest of the film is very well done, and it's a really great film. You should really watch it. It's about an accident that causes the death of a child, and then it causes the death of a father, and it's all connected to a woman. It's really good, and I recommend this to anyone who likes a good film. Don't take it too seriously, and don't judge it too harshly.

Andrew photo

This movie was great. The actors did a great job and the script was amazing. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good film.

Daniel photo

I saw this movie on TV one night and fell in love with it. The plot was great and I could tell that the actors were really into their roles. The atmosphere in the movie was very dark and you could feel that there was a lot of evil in the town. I am not sure why people say that this movie is a rip-off of The Silence of the Lambs. The movie has a lot of similarities, but it is not a rip-off. The movie is a great movie, and it is a shame that this movie has not been more popular. It is a very underrated movie.

Jeremy A. photo
Jeremy A.

I really enjoy the work of Valerio D. Andrade. This movie was made with the support of "Leonorin G. Fernando". This director and writer who loves B & W films, likes stories about a man who is not like anyone in the world. And what is the thing with this movie. Everybody who likes realistic movies who loves them because of their strong story telling, this is your kind of movie. This movie I loved. I highly recommend this movie to all who are curious about real history, well-written, and not driven by money. These kind of movies are very rarely seen. This is the kind of movie that is made for the public, not for those who want to make money. This is not a movie for the rich. I like the story and I like the music. I think it is a very good movie.

Jeremy D. photo
Jeremy D.

Cromwell is a wonderful character. I love his flamboyant style, his quick wit and his appreciation of life and beauty. As for the story, it was well written. One of my favorite scenes is when Cromwell tells a man that he owes him a favor. After he says he's sorry, he throws the man out of his house. Then he hears that the man will pay, so he goes after him. His wife is angry because Cromwell has stolen her best friend's love. What I love most is Cromwell's self-destructive behavior. This is a man who wants his son to live up to his own standards, and the best thing he can do is hurt himself. When he is finally able to feel no emotion at all, he comes to the conclusion that he would rather die than to live without feeling. In my opinion, this is one of his best films. A great film, without being in a class with "In the Mood for Love" or "Saving Private Ryan."

William photo

This is a great film. The plot is very interesting and the characters are very well developed. The violence is very real and the violence is in the right place. The actors do a great job with the material they are given. The story is about a group of people who are going to a remote village to have a meeting with a man named Marlina. There is a lot of tension and there are some very bloody scenes. The acting is good, especially by the main character, Marlina. The film is very well done and it is well worth seeing. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good crime film.

Charles M. photo
Charles M.

A very good and very intense film. The story is very well told, the cinematography is excellent. The story is realistic, and the characters are well developed. The acting is good, and the way the story is told, it's very realistic. It is a bit slow in parts, and that is not a bad thing at all. Overall, a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good story.

Benjamin Hudson photo
Benjamin Hudson

Being a fan of the original film I was very excited to see this remake of The Big Country. The plot is pretty much the same. The basic idea of this film is that it is based on the true story of a Texas sheriff that got involved in a corruption investigation. That is a pretty standard plot. But the director managed to capture the "old school" feel of the film. The film is all set in a small town and the actors are all good in their roles. I have to say I think this is one of the better films of the year and definitely worth a watch. The only down point of the film is the lack of characters you really care about. If you are looking for a feel good film that you can relate to, then this is the film for you.

Kelly photo

A tale of revenge, based on a true story. A young man named Juan (Akeyodhaja) was the first victim of the botched execution of a bunch of drug traffickers by police officers. Juan goes to a local hospital with his mother, and his sister, a nurse named Jolie (Sajidi), to seek revenge. The story unfolds, with clues and red herrings, in the same manner as a mystery novel. But, the movie takes an unexpected turn, when the police officer who carried out the botched execution is not only called on, but is the chief of the Police department, and the chief of the department is a fan of the protagonist. The same officer becomes Juan's inspiration to kill people. The movie makes the viewer think about how the police are going to respond to this new threat to the citizens. The movie has a lot of suspense. The ending is somewhat unexpected, but still, I had no problems with the ending. It is a little abrupt, but it is well done and can be attributed to the fact that the movie's story was based on a true story. The acting is all very good. Jolie Sajidi has a very powerful performance as Jolie, and I thought that the director gave her some freedom. The action is great. The camera work is just amazing. The story is very different from most modern movies, and that is the most appealing thing about this movie. It is a refreshing and refreshing story. I am sure that this movie will have a strong impact on people, because it is different from the typical Hollywood movies. The movie has a very strong moral, and I believe that it will do very well at the box office. This is one of the movies that will make you think about justice and how things work in the world. One of the best movies I have seen. Highly recommended. I give this movie a 9/10.

Jose B. photo
Jose B.

A truly wonderful film. I first saw it when it first came out and I was absolutely blown away by the film. It is one of those movies that you have to see to believe. I will watch it again and again. The film is so different from the normal Bollywood style of filmmaking. The actors are superb and the script is excellent. The film shows the dark side of the Philippine culture and the struggle of the Filipino people. It also shows how it is important to support the oppressed in the Philippines. It also shows the difference in the views of the two main characters. It shows how the people in the Philippines are divided into two groups. The rich people who support the rich and the poor who support the poor. The film is very interesting and one that I will watch again and again. I think that the film is great and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see a great film.

Carol photo

I have seen this film 3 times now, and it's been a great experience. The first time I saw it I was not quite sure what I was watching. I thought it was going to be another war movie, but then it hit me, this is a "noir" film. This is one of those films that has the same atmosphere as "The Big Sleep" or "The Man Who Wasn't There". You can't really tell that this is a war movie, because the violence is very limited, but you can tell that it is a movie about Vietnam, about the war and about the society. And it is very realistic. There is a very strong sense of reality, and this is very important in a noir film. This is a very good film, and it's a great film to watch with friends, it's also a great film to watch with a lover. It's a film that you have to see. I would recommend this film to everyone. 10/10

Diane photo

Since it's only been a year since I saw "Death Note", I decided to make a film review of "Death Note 2". This is the last film of the series, so I decided to review it first. This film is the best of the "Death Note" films. It is not as dark or as violent as the previous film, but it does leave you with a sense of nostalgia and hope for the future. I think that most people will agree that the acting in the film is great, with the exception of Yukio. I think he is very overacted, but you can't really blame him since he was probably the main character in the film. The other actors are also good, with the exception of Hiro. I think he did a good job with his role, but it is the same as every other actor. The rest of the cast are also very good. The story is definitely the strongest point of the film. I think that the plot is very unique and has many twists and turns that I never saw coming. If you are a fan of the manga or anime, you will certainly enjoy this film. It is definitely not as good as the first film, but it is definitely worth seeing. If you are not a fan of the series or anime, you may not like this film. I think that this film is definitely worth watching.

Wayne Riley photo
Wayne Riley

In New York, Joel returns to the desert after five years in jail, where he was sentenced for killing his wife and her lover. The prostitute he met there during the five years is now a prostitute herself, the one who works for him at the time of his arrest. After hearing from Joel, a friend of hers who knows what he went through, she decides to go back to the desert to get some more of her money. So, Joel goes along with her in her caravan to the desert to help her. But, when they come upon a roadblock, they decide to take a shortcut through the desert in the hope that they won't be caught. They find themselves in a Mexican standoff, but Joel still has a job to do. One thing is for certain, he isn't going to let that job get in the way of his goal. This film is a drama. It's a realistic movie about the consequences of two individuals deciding to change their lifestyle. The story is well written, the acting is great, and the cinematography is quite good. It is not easy to keep up with the whole story, but it's very well told. It's definitely worth seeing. The ending is also quite strong. In some ways, it is quite confusing, but in other ways, it is quite coherent. The ending is what makes this movie interesting to watch. A 6.8 is a bit much, but the rest of the movie is worth seeing.

Alice M. photo
Alice M.

This is a movie that is very difficult to describe. The plot is intricate and the actors are superb. It's a beautiful film, filled with mystery and emotion. It has a very beautiful story and the acting is superb. The script is beautiful and well written. The music is very good. The directing is excellent. The cinematography is superb. It's a very good movie. It's very difficult to describe this movie. If you haven't seen it, watch it. You won't regret it.

Evelyn photo

I've been following the story of the drug cartel from the beginning of the movie. I'm a big fan of director Richard Loncraine, who directed the first two films in this series, and I'm sure that I'll enjoy this one as well. The actors were good, especially the two leads. The story is very interesting, and I'm not a fan of the TV series, but I'm sure that this movie will be a good introduction to the story.

Jacob photo

Malayalam is getting better. They have been making good movies for a long time. But now the bad ones are becoming the bad ones. This is one of the worst ones. It has no plot, no story and no connection to the previous ones. It's just a very poor story. But I guess it's worth a watch. It's not a bad movie. But it's not a good one either. It's not good. It's just bad. The last two movies I have seen were good. But this one is a big disappointment.

Gary photo

If you have not seen the movie you have been warned. This movie is not for the faint of heart. This movie is for those who want to see a story that is complex, complex, and complex. I felt the movie was very good and it is definitely one of the best of its type. I also think that it is one of the most realistic movies of this type. I am not a big fan of the movie but I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to see a complex story and one that is very deep.

Janet photo

I have only seen a handful of romantic movies. "Romance" for me is about the concept of the movie. The way I see it, the idea of the movie is how a romantic relationship develops over time. In the world of Carpio, this movie really is about a relationship. The story is told from the point of view of the killer, how he finds out about the situation. A man has killed three people in his life, and he finds out about it by a guy who works at a movie theater. There is a relationship between him and the young girl, Marlina, played by Nicoletta Braschi. This guy is actually her father, and he tries to keep her away from the killer. She gets pregnant, and he gets upset because she is going to have a baby. He is very jealous and tries to get rid of her. It is a kind of love story, which is more than normal. Marlina is very nervous, and the way that this movie is told is how Marlina has to deal with the different situations. The relationship between Marlina and the killer is a very interesting one. As the movie goes on, it is interesting how the killers and Marlina are related, and the relationship between the two is very interesting. I will not talk much about the movie, but there is a reason that people are very confused about the movie. Because the plot was totally new to me, I really had a hard time understanding the movie. But it was an interesting movie and I am glad I saw it.

Alexander Hall photo
Alexander Hall

I don't know much about Indonesian film, but this film shows me what Indonesia is all about: creativity. I don't think that many films can compare to this one. A difficult situation is put into a film that shows the current state of Indonesia (not that of Indonesia of the past years) and it is a story with many layers. I think this film has so much more to offer than just a story with a simple plot. It has many layers of meaning and meanings: in a good way or a bad way. The acting is good, and I didn't know what to expect from this film, but this movie is really good. It has an unusual story, a political and religious message, and is interesting and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Kenneth Jackson photo
Kenneth Jackson

I'm a huge fan of these films. I really enjoyed seeing this one again. The acting was really good and the story was really interesting. It was definitely an interesting film that you had to pay attention to. This is my favorite of the trilogy and probably my favorite of the series. I can't wait for the next one to come out.

Frances Williamson photo
Frances Williamson

As I stated earlier, "Day of the Dying Man" is a very good movie, and I think that's why it's so hard for the general public to find it. For the people who have seen it, you know exactly what's going on, you know the bad guys, you know the good guys. The one thing you don't know is the motivation of the bad guys. If you are like me and you have seen it a few times, you will probably get a few good laughs out of it. I was really amused at how a movie that has the best name in the world and the coolest location, could have such a boring and stupid storyline. It's a great thing to see a movie with a good plot and a good, likable cast. Most people can't handle bad guys who are not good guys, but the actors in this movie do a great job of making the characters interesting. The villains are not just criminals, they are really strange people, they are strange because they are bad. As for the acting, it's a good job by all of the actors. I especially like the scene where the bad guy is walking down the street. He is so weird and creepy, and it's amazing that there is not one single part of his body you can see or hear. Every time I watch it, I still get a little creeped out. It's definitely not the most exciting or exciting of movies, but it's definitely a very good movie. I would say that it's about as good as "The Shawshank Redemption" but it's more suspenseful, and it has more violence and more violence. It's a good movie, it's better than "The Godfather Part III" and it's better than "A Few Good Men". It's a good movie, and I think it should have a higher rating than it does. I give it a 9/10

Timothy Perkins photo
Timothy Perkins

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The story is not as good as the movie, but it is still very good. I recommend everyone to see this movie. It is a must see for anyone who likes to watch a movie. It is a very interesting movie, it has a very good story. I think that everyone should see this movie. It is a must see.

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Elizabeth J.

As I said in the first line, I don't think this is a film I'd want to watch over and over again. It's more of a series of events, rather than a film. The narrative is divided into two parts: the first half is quite interesting, and takes the viewer into the world of a brutal drug lord. The second half, on the other hand, doesn't manage to tell us much, other than that the drug lord is an evil, violent, sadistic, sadistic man. After the first half, the film slows down a bit and ends. I guess the director wanted to develop the characters in a way that the audience would become attached to them. I'm not sure, though. The final part doesn't do much either. Still, there are some interesting moments, and it does get better as it goes on. I like it. And I liked it a lot, actually. If you are interested in seeing the movie, I recommend that you watch the first half. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it.

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Donna Kim

I just watched this movie, and I really enjoyed it. This movie is really long, but the ending is really good, I'm not sure how to describe it, but I really liked it. The movie has a good pace and the story is good. The acting is good. I really like the mystery, and the story is good. If you want to watch a good thriller, this movie is for you. The movie is not that bad, and I really like it.

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Stephanie H.

I cannot say anything negative about this movie. It is so beautiful and such a nice story. I always like this kind of movie. I am always learning about the drug culture, which is really what the movie is about. This movie is just a fantastic movie to be watched. It is definitely worth seeing it.

Dennis E. photo
Dennis E.

This film shows the perfect balance between cinematic and social science. It is a film about the human condition and it does not preach one political viewpoint. It doesn't even aim to influence viewers with any form of propaganda. The themes it tackles are universal and apply to almost every human. These are: The "castration" of a young man by a police officer, The interactions between the young men and the police officers, The close-mindedness of the people in the "village" and the way they treat the local citizens. At the same time the director adds his own observations on the social status of the people, the plight of the police officer, and the morality of the police officer. The film is very subtle in the way it portrays the story and does not make the viewer focus on the story, but on the characters and their attitudes. One of the reasons I enjoyed this film was that it emphasized the importance of individuality and the concept of non-conformity. The lead actor does a wonderful job of conveying the characters emotions and emotions. One other strong point was the editing. The director avoids the use of sound in the film, and makes use of the actors movements and facial expressions to convey their emotions. The editing is especially effective in the scenes where the main character is being shot by the police officer. The soundtrack of the film is excellent. There is not a single annoying sound in the film. The score is fitting for the film and the music perfectly compliments the film's themes. The acting in the film is very good. The lead actor is good in conveying the emotions of the lead character and the supporting actors are good as well. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film that will teach them about human condition, and how to be an individual.

Linda D. photo
Linda D.

Although the film is based on a true story, it's not based on a true story. The director and writer of the film, the writer is also the director. The film is a drama about a woman who is having problems in her life and it is a tragic story. It is about a woman who is trying to solve her problems in her life and it is a very interesting story. The director and writer of the film are very good. The film is very emotional and it's very good. The film is very good.

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Teresa Sandoval

I am amazed how bad reviews have been given to this film.I saw it on the 20th of March, and it has already won the Razzie award for best film of the year.I was expecting to see an average film with some good performances, but it is more than that.This is a story about an assassin who is hired to kill a mafia leader.He is accompanied by his lover, and his wife, and the bad guys all have a vendetta against the mafia leader.The story is so good that I am shocked that so many people have not liked it.The acting is good, the story is good, the dialogue is good, and the cinematography is good.It is not easy to see this film.This is not a film for everyone, but if you like action films, you should see it.I don't know if the people who have given this a bad review have seen the film, but I am sure they have not.It is a very good film. I have seen so many films that have been bad reviews, but this film is not only a good film, but also a very good film.I am very happy to see such a good film, and I recommend everyone to see it. It is a very good film, and I am sure it will win many awards.If you are not in a hurry to see it, I would recommend it.

Marilyn W. photo
Marilyn W.

This movie is a masterpiece. It is one of the best movie I have ever seen. The story is superb. The actors are amazing. I love the way they show the characters. It is a must watch.

Carolyn photo

One of the most shocking films of the year. The story starts when one of the most important policemen is in trouble and his wife is in danger. He flees to the mountains for some protection, he finds out that the law is not protecting him and leaves a trail of confusion. His two children are no longer with him. He returns to town and finds his daughter and the police officer that he is supposed to protect. After some talks the father and daughter finally decide to leave town. This is one of the best films I have seen in the past few months. The performances are excellent. I can't think of a better performance. The story is extremely good and you are glued to the screen. It is one of the best films of the year. The critics are not too fond of this film but I think it is very good. It is not for everyone but if you want to see a great film, you should see it. The film is worth watching.

Keith G. photo
Keith G.

This is a very good movie. The story is not as complicated as it should be. The main character is very good and is very convincing. The movie has a good pace. It's not too slow and the movie doesn't have too much of a story. The movie is a little bit boring at the beginning but it picks up at the end. The movie is worth watching. It's not a masterpiece, but it's a very good movie. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery and has a little bit of time to kill.

Diane photo

I've seen this movie in the first screening, and I must say that it was so moving and wonderful. I cried like a baby and I couldn't stop it. It's not easy to find a movie that can make you cry. This movie is so good, that I can't help but compare it with The Matrix. I'm not saying that it's a better movie, but it's just so touching and beautiful. It's like you're living in the movie. The actors, the cinematography, the story, the soundtrack, everything is so perfect. I recommend this movie to everyone, because it's so very good. If you have the chance, watch it.

Teresa E. photo
Teresa E.

At least 2 h's. During the whole time i was glued to the screen because of the atmosphere, the suspense and the love. And i'm not a fan of ultra violence and blood. I know i'm not a hater but i've seen this movie and it surprised me. I'm not saying it's a good movie, but it's a must watch. And im a big fan of thriller movies, this one is an absolute masterpiece. It makes you think about the beauty of the world and the beauty of life.

Evelyn Ellis photo
Evelyn Ellis

I can't explain how much I love this film. Every scene is just so beautiful. The colors, the situations, the emotions. It's hard to find a film which is as powerful as this one. It is just a masterpiece.

Timothy H. photo
Timothy H.

THE GOOD AND THE BAD: This movie has great performances from all the cast members. "THE BAD": The movie doesn't end. I think that's why some people are complaining about it. It's not a finished movie. It's going to be an unfinished story for a good many years. Perhaps in the future it will be finished, but until then it's an unfinished story. The ending of this movie is not quite as bad as many critics are making it out to be. It's just a little too cliche at times. Perhaps the director could have done more with the ending. Not too bad, not too good, but close enough. The film itself is quite dark. The color scheme is all over the place. You don't know what's right and what's wrong. The story is about a crazy woman who gets involved with the mafia and then she gets trapped in a room with an axe-wielding assassin. And then she has to find out who the killer is and why he's doing this. So, the story is a little bit convoluted and not necessarily good. It's a good film that is a little bit messy. But it's a good film. The acting is good, and the direction is good. The story is well done. I don't think there's anything wrong with the film. I would say it's one of the better films out there. I think it's one of the best crime films I've seen in a while. And, in my opinion, it's the best film out there. I can't really think of a better crime film that I've seen. This one is definitely in my top 10.

Julie H. photo
Julie H.

There are many movies which have been written about the Filipino's murder spree, such as "The Big Lebowski" or "All the President's Men" but none of them has made the trip through the Philippine film market. It was the country's second worst grossing film, and in the decade since it was released, the only other work with this much hype was "Olor." But then again, "The Devil's Backbone" wasn't the first movie to deal with the killings of the 30th president of the Philippines. It was the first movie to feature the romance of the first lady. The movie's plot is simple enough. Two ordinary people meet, and one of them falls in love with the other. It's the most basic plot line in Philippine cinema. It was the film's main selling point, and in this time of so many movies that deal with the same subject matter, it seems to be the most valuable one. But when we look at the actual story, "The Devil's Backbone" really isn't so much about love or romance. There is no romance in it. There is only the story of a vicious killer and his tortured wife. The main reason for that is that the director doesn't give the story a romantic spin. The film is gritty, yet raw and brutal. It's full of bad language, violence, and even a strong sex scene. In a country where some of the most popular movies ever made have been based on eroticism, it is very refreshing to see a movie where the two main characters don't really have any sexual encounters. Instead, they just go at it like a pair of naked bodies. "The Devil's Backbone" was not an easy film to make, and there are so many critics who say it's a mess, but when I saw it, it was a film that really hit home for me. I had to watch it over and over again because it was so much more powerful than anything else I had seen. It was also a very influential film, especially for younger audiences. It was the film that changed the way Filipino film makers would tell the stories of the 20th century. In addition to it's use of language, this movie was also the first to feature a woman having an abortion. This is a point of contention with many who have seen this film, but in the first place, abortion is illegal in the Philippines, and abortion is even banned by law in the U.S. The fact that the woman who has an abortion is the main character and has the most screen time, it just seems strange that a film made in the U.S. would be less successful there. But if you watch this movie and watch it over and over again, you will notice a lot of the film's themes emerge from your own life. You will see the mistakes you have made, the feelings you have suppressed, and even the things you feel you need to do to make yourself feel better. These are all things that can be applied to anyone in the world, and if you are like me, they can come across as very personal. It's also a very beautiful film. It was shot in a very painterly style. It has a very poetic look to it, but it's not boring. It's not heavy on the language, but it's not light either. It's the film's slow pacing that is its strongest quality. It takes its time. You get used to the slow pace of the film, and it's no surprise when it turns into a fever pitch. If you've ever been to a new hotel, it may feel a little different to you than if you've stayed in a familiar one. "The Devil's Backbone" is a film that will probably stay with you long after you've seen it. It's not a film that will make you forget the killings in the Philippines, but it's still a film that will change your life. If you don't care what happened in the Philippines, you'll probably have no idea what the film is about, but you will notice a lot of themes that will stay with you long after the film has ended. It's also a film that shows that not all Filipinos were guilty of atrocities.

Edward A. photo
Edward A.

The acting is great. I have seen this movie twice and still I like it more the second time around. The story is so interesting. It is a story of a corrupt judge who is not interested in the rules of law and does not care about justice. The villain is played by a very convincing and powerful actor, which makes the movie watchable. The director made a good job in this movie. The photography is great. The scene where the women have their drink, in the middle of the desert, in the dark, is one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen in a movie. It is a must see for all movie lovers.

Joe Barrett photo
Joe Barrett

The movie itself is not that bad and the acting is superb. But I don't know if I like this movie much or at all. This movie is more of a "Korean" flick rather than a "Crime Drama" as many other reviews are saying. In other words, it has some violence, but that's not what I expected. But I was hoping to see a more of a "Crime Drama" type of flick. However, I was expecting more of a drama and a stronger story. However, that wasn't what I got. So, I think the movie is watchable, but if you don't like it, you can go watch something else.

Kelly M. photo
Kelly M.

I just got back from seeing this film and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The acting was really good, it was a great storyline with twists, and the cinematography was wonderful. I especially loved the scenery, and the setting and the setting was really eerie and creepy. The characters are so much better than other Philippines movies. The actors played their parts perfectly, I think the only problem with the movie is that it's kind of predictable and slow, it kind of drags in the middle and doesn't really make much sense. The pacing is really slow. I also really like the music, I really liked the songs, I really like how they were put in the movie. It's very catchy. I also really like the camera work, I love how they used slow motion and sometimes it's so fast, it really gives the movie a unique and nice touch. All in all, this is a very good Filipino movie, it's very original and very enjoyable, I highly recommend it to everyone, and it's very good for a Sunday night movie.

Tammy R. photo
Tammy R.

I first saw this film when I was a teenager. I found the plot very fascinating and enjoyed it. The characters were also very compelling. I'm not the kind of person who likes to write reviews, but I have to admit that I was highly impressed with the acting in this movie. It seems that all the actors gave an outstanding performance. There were very few times where the actors seemed forced into acting, and most of the time the actors came across as natural. There were some scenes where the actors looked slightly unimpressed, but generally the acting was exceptional. I loved the music in this film, too. I just loved how it was used to build the tension. Sometimes it seemed to have the same effect as playing a small piece of music in the background, which I found appropriate and fascinating. This is a great film for someone who loves Latin American films. This film also gives an insight into the Mexican economy and their drug-trafficking networks. It's also a great film for someone who has been to Mexico. The dialogue is full of great slang and the stories are extremely well-told. All in all, I highly recommend this movie.

Emma Walsh photo
Emma Walsh

A "red herring" plot that didn't go anywhere was wrapped in a big bow of an ending that is not expected and leaves the viewer with a lot of questions. Yes, it's a long movie, but the more you think about it the more you will like it. I think that the makers of the film were trying to show the viewer that even though there are many twists and turns in this story, and even though it is a "red herring" plot, the movie will have a happy ending at the end. This is the way most movies are meant to end, so if you like movies like Matrix Reloaded, then you will probably enjoy this film as well. I know that most of the viewers who watch this movie will say that this movie is full of cliches and that they will not like it. I hope that they will think about it more before they go and watch the movie. Maybe if they are willing to think a little, then they can see that this movie is very unique and that the director was not trying to create a "classic" movie like you see in the beginning of the movie. They are showing that "no matter what happens, it will end up with a happy ending."

Daniel Davis photo
Daniel Davis

I can't say enough about this movie. I went to see it because of my interest in the two main actors, and I'm glad that I did. Both are talented actors, but both have also made some movies that I've enjoyed, like The Man Who Came Back From The Dead. The plot is very simple, but it's so powerful and original, it's worth seeing. The whole movie is about two people who are both very close friends and that they can't be apart. I don't want to spoil it, but I will say that this movie is very violent, and it's very sad and depressing, but it's very beautiful. I was shocked at the end of this movie, and I was really surprised. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10, and I'm sure that many people would as well. I highly recommend this movie.

Janice photo

This movie is what you could call a misunderstood gem. That is because it does not fit the standard Hollywood formula of a love triangle. I have watched this movie over a dozen times and have been surprised by some of the things I have seen on the screen. There are numerous elements that made this movie worth watching, but the most memorable and rewarding is the almost touching and tender relationship between two main characters. Marlene Siems and (Marijke) Rabai are two very different characters. I was never able to imagine them as lovers but I am sure I would have found Marlene more than intriguing. Her accent is a major part of the characters. The character of Rabai has such a romantic air to him, you would think he is an amazing person who is just trying to reach out to Marlene and love her, but I was surprised to see him so gentle and protective. Marlene and Rabai have a hidden affinity for each other that I have never seen before. In one scene Marlene breaks a window and she covers up Rabai's view to his actions, which I found very sad. That is because Rabai doesn't want anyone to see him as a vicious animal who does not care about anyone but himself. Marlene has been on a violent rampage since her husband was murdered and there is nothing she can do to stop it. She is in a self destructive situation. Rabai has just been released from prison and goes to buy some "nectar" from a policeman. He takes the policeman for a walk on the beach. Rabai offers the policeman a drink and tells him about his family. This has all the makings of a perfect love triangle, but Rabai and Marlene have a very complicated relationship, where Rabai knows that he needs to stay away from Marlene for his own safety. The policeman and Rabai develop a great relationship. The policeman is kind, passionate and even caring. Rabai seems to be in love with Marlene but at the same time it is obvious he is attracted to the policeman, but he is just afraid. Rabai realizes his true feelings when he realizes that he is not the only one who feels this way. Marlene tries to avoid Rabai as much as possible but she wants him to know her feelings. The movie ends with Marlene telling Rabai that she wants to be with him. This is where Marlene's relationship with Rabai is exposed. This scene is quite sad, and shows the reality of the movie. Rabai is in a lonely and desperate situation and he is trying to make Rabai understand his feelings. This is where Marlene's story begins. When Rabai realizes that he is not alone and that Marlene wants to be with him, he is overwhelmed by the strength of Marlene's love for him. Rabai has never had a woman like Marlene before and he is slowly dying of loneliness. Rabai and Marlene have a tender, and passionate relationship, but they have a lot of obstacles that prevent them from getting close. The beauty of the movie is the scenes that show their relationship, and their friendship. Rabai makes Marlene realise what it means to be in love, and he does this with a very subtle touch. Marlene's love is immense, but she does not let her love go to waste. Marlene is so determined to live her life with Rabai and not let him go, and she does this by always keeping Rabai alive. This is the strongest and most enduring element of the movie. Marlene Siems plays Rabai with such conviction. Rabai is a well spoken man, and Rabai is an artist. Rabai has this kind of "nice guy" personality that he uses in order to keep himself alive. Rabai has always been a gentleman, he has always been respectful to his colleagues and the police. Rabai uses his quiet nature to keep himself alive. He uses the kind of actions that he does in order to avoid the complications of a love triangle, he uses the extreme kindness and love in order to be able to continue to live with Marlene. Rabai uses his imagination to keep himself alive. Rabai is the perfect character to give us the edge on the love triangle because Rabai knows what love is all about, and he is also aware that Marlene does not. Rabai knows that Marlene does not love him,

Kyle E. photo
Kyle E.

Probably the best Thai film ever. It is wonderful how director Mrawan has used the camera to tell the story. And how he uses the old story, old man told by his friend, old lady told by her friend, old man killed by gun shots, old man telling his children, old lady told by her daughter. The ending, with the man dying by the old lady's grandson, is really sad. It's a great story that just flows from beginning to end. I really recommend this movie to everyone who loves Thailand. Especially my best friend.

Helen Green photo
Helen Green

My love for this movie never ceases to amaze me. It's not a well-known movie that's still getting decent distribution in Philippines. It is a rare thing. This movie is such a shame because there are so many great actors in this movie. There is Leal Abay, Ken Isaacs, Tony Cheung, and Fernando Santoro. My favorite scene is when they are all in the jail, on the boat, in the prison. I don't know how many times I have watched it. And I can't forget the scene when Raffy was giving the speech to the gang. The scene is so perfectly written and filmed. If you don't have the time or patience, you might be lost. But this movie is a treasure.

Carolyn Tran photo
Carolyn Tran

This movie tells the story of two brothers, a former drug addict and a former soldier who fought in the drug war, before they were sentenced to death. While serving time for the killing of his wife, they had a hard time during their prison time, and so they took revenge on the gangs that took care of the poor kids in the prison. Their plan was to give them a clean prison life, until they meet their last comrade, and in a series of events, they find themselves on opposite sides. While watching this movie, I didn't feel like the story was particularly complicated, but the visuals and the soundtrack made the story look like a movie. The story is very simple, but it's not too bad. The story, at the beginning, is about a drug addict, who gets a prison sentence, and then, goes on a revenge mission, and discovers that there are two more brothers. The story is not complex, but it's not too bad either. I liked how it was shot, it looked like a video, and the story is easy to follow. The soundtrack was very good, and the last scene was a great scene, I hope they make a sequel. The acting was also very good, they did a good job at playing their characters, and the acting was good, too. The story was good, the action was good, the story was easy to understand, and the visuals were very good. The violence was very good, there was not too much, and it was very well done. I recommend this movie, I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Keith photo

Even though this is a low-budget film, the fact that it is released in Italy is a great plus, not only because it could really expand the reach of the movie but also because it is a great example of what we do when we are not blessed with a lot of money. This movie is set in Rome, just before World War I, and tells the story of a man, a woman and a boy who are victims of a cruel and unjust way of dealing with war. It is shot with some exquisite attention to details, as it was in many of the great Italian films. I must admit that I saw this movie with my girlfriend, who has not been exposed to the great Italian cinema. As far as the story is concerned, it is very simple. We can compare it with a war story, and the fact that it is set in a very simple way (no love, no romance, no friends, no family etc.) makes it very easy to follow and understand. I would suggest everyone to see this movie, you will not regret it. (I will write more about the story, but just in case the viewer would like to know more about the movie).

Kevin photo

I knew that this was a very good movie and watched it in a theater with few people, but it was really well done. It gave the sense of an adventure that never gets dull. The movie is about a man that is blind and has a son and a wife and his other son who doesn't know him. He is an orphan and his older brother is a soldier. But they were looking for a job and when he is sick, his brother brings him to a small town in the Philippines. There, he is introduced to a lot of people and together, he learns that he has to work in the army for some time. But the army says that he must pay a military pension of 50,000 pesos. When he pays the taxes, he decides to get back his pension by killing the soldier, but he is arrested. He is given a place to stay and to start working in the army. But the soldier is responsible for a lot of things in the town. There are many things that they did not tell him about the town and the family. When he finds out about the real story of the town, he gets angry and wants to leave. The soldier lets him go because he has a son. But he also lets him stay for a little longer because the son wants to help him. When the son realizes that the soldier has a son, he takes the soldier and finds out that he is the son. The son also gets angry and wants to leave and finds out that the man that the soldier is working for is the son of the soldier. And the son and the soldier fight and the son dies. The movie ends with the son being a senator in the Philippines, and the soldier being a sheriff in the Philippines. The son and the soldier get together and have a lot of problems. But the son is aware that the soldier is the son of the soldier and he and the soldier fight. There are many things that I want to say but I don't know what to say. The movie is worth seeing.

Albert photo

In the modern age, the Philippines is still struggling to survive and take control of its resources. The movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" is a story of corruption, corruption, corruption, and a few more corruption. There are many things in this movie that are totally unnecessary, and it's not at all a masterpiece. But the acting is superb and the director does a really good job of making the audience feel like they are in the Philippines. You will definitely feel as if you are there, and it's also really good to see a Filipino movie about corruption.

Olivia Roberts photo
Olivia Roberts

I don't want to be "dumb" as the other reviewers on here. This movie is about the cold blooded murder of a mother, her young daughter, and her husband in a creepy house. The woman is the strong one. She calls her daughter's dead body "the one she loves". The daughter's dead body is her father's. The house is the cold one, no warm stuff in it. The mother and daughter were murdered, but we don't see the murderer. Instead we see the cold blooded killer. The end of the movie is also the ending of the cold blooded murder. You don't know what to think. It is also a vampire movie. There are many references to vampire movies, but you have to see it. I also heard this movie was part of a series of vampire movies that had to be cut because they were too violent. However, you will not be disappointed. I give this movie a 9/10.

Bobby Bishop photo
Bobby Bishop

The first scene, which was the worst of all, is still the most memorable scene in the film. The scene where Paulie jumps off the train and on to the pavement. The shot is so perfectly shot and so funny that I had to laugh out loud. The second scene was a little more disturbing, but still one of the best scenes in the film. Paulie's fight scene. It was a bit of a shocker to see how well the director managed to keep the film as a whole together. The director manages to keep the audience in suspense with all the events that happen and at the same time keep the audience interested in the story. Overall, I highly recommend this film. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Elizabeth Aguilar photo
Elizabeth Aguilar

I don't really know what to say about this movie. It has been a long time since I watched a movie with a strong plot, strong characters and strong action, but it didn't deliver. For that reason, it is hard to call it a great movie. Maybe it could be classified as a good movie. I think it is a good movie, and I wouldn't say it is a bad movie, but it isn't a great movie either. Maybe I am just old fashioned and don't like a lot of violence in movies, but I don't think that makes this a great movie. I think the movie is a great example of how to make a movie that is good, but not great. I don't know if this is a realistic or not, but I think the movie could be about the difference between reality and fiction. This movie is about how some people act in a way that is not correct, and it is about how some people act in a way that is correct. I think this is a great movie, and I am sure that this is not a movie that is a bad movie either, but I don't think it is a great movie either.

Sharon R. photo
Sharon R.

This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It is not your standard Hollywood crime movie. It is much more character driven. The acting is excellent, and the plot is quite captivating. It is a very interesting and enjoyable film, that makes you think about the country you are living in. I love to watch this movie every once in a while. The ending is quite emotional, and it will leave you wanting to go see it again. I would recommend this movie to everyone, but especially to Americans.

Roger photo

The best way to sum up this film is to say that it is a good mix of martial arts, mystery, thriller, suspense and also some drama. It is also very hard to decide where the movie is heading, although the movie is a bit of a mess. The story revolves around a couple of elderly street merchants who are toting a stash of gold which they refuse to sell. While they are still in that predicament they get a call from the leader of a group of assassins. The assassins tell them they need two men to find the gold. The two men refuse the request and then the assassins call the couple to pick them up. The assassin tell them they have two hours to find the gold or the rest of the gold will be stolen. It seems that the assassins are just trying to steal the gold to use for their own purposes. There are a few good scenes that are very graphic and blood dripping down the faces of the assassins. One of the best scenes in this film is when the assassins are executing the poor couple. That is probably the best scene in the entire film. There are also some good moments when the couple attempt to kill the assassins. The movie is about a pretty interesting story. You never really know what is going to happen in the next scene. There are also some good things to the movie. The action is good, the assassins are pretty good and there is a good supporting cast. This is a movie you should watch when you are feeling bored.

Louis photo

Thai movie is a little different from other action-thrillers. Even though it is a revenge story, it deals with a lot of philosophical aspects. This is one of the most rewarding movies I have ever seen. I have never seen a Thai movie where you feel truly engaged. The first part of the movie was easy, but at the end, you are left thinking, "I will never know what is going to happen next."

Gloria photo

This is a movie about a murder case that was caught on camera. The story is very good and the acting is very good. The story is not very interesting but the movie is very good. The movie is very violent and there is a lot of blood. This movie is very good and is very good for people who like a good movie. I give this movie a 7/10.

Christine Clark photo
Christine Clark

This is a film that should be watched by every one, except for some of the hard to digest very hardcore fans who may find it an offensive mixture of action, romance, and a whole lot of violence. It's not that kind of movie and it's not that kind of movie that should be watched by all. It's a film about an immigrant in Manila and his struggle to survive in the city's jungle. His presence is ever present, especially in a scene where he is ordered to hang a woman and he takes a knife to her neck. The way he does it, while the woman screams in agony and fear, as he holds her head, while she bleeds and is bleeding on his hands and knees is a piece of art that I hope people will remember. The Filipino women in this film are beautiful and vulnerable. Their personalities are equally as great and their weaknesses are equally strong. I think what this film is trying to say is that it is not so important who you are, as long as you have a place to be, a place to belong. That in itself is enough for me to recommend this film to everyone. I am glad that this film did not contain any gross out scenes or violence that might upset the brains of some people. I have seen it countless times and it is very difficult to make me cry when it is over. It is like the greatest art ever created. It is not for everyone. But if you like action and crime films and don't like all the over saturation in today's movies, you will love this movie.

Julie Carter photo
Julie Carter

This is the first film I have seen by the director of "The Last King of Scotland" and I have to say that this film is the most original and daring film I have seen in a long time. I have seen the other films by him and they were all pretty good but this one is the most original and the most daring film I have seen in a long time. This film is a very well made film. The acting is great, the story is great and the direction is great. I think that this film is going to be a real hit with the critics and audiences and I hope that this film will be seen by the people who have not seen it. This film is not just a film about an old man and his daughter but about an old man and his daughter who is not going to be around forever. The film is about a man who has just lost his wife and his daughter. The father is trying to be a good father to his daughter but he is not able to be a good father to his wife and daughter. This is a very good film and I hope that it will be seen by many people and I hope that this film will be seen by many critics and audiences.

Olivia A. photo
Olivia A.

A very good movie. Some people complain about the lack of plot. I agree. The movie is very slow and not really the action you would expect from a movie of this genre. But what makes it so great is that it takes place in the Philippine Islands and the people are not only indigenous, but they are also native to the islands. It makes you feel a part of them. The story is great. The acting is great. The cinematography is great. The cinematography in this movie is very good. I would give it a 10 out of 10. This movie is very underrated.

Roger W. photo
Roger W.

The story is about a young man who's blind, and he lives a life of delusion. There is one man he is not afraid of. He can't wait for the day he can become like him. He lives for the love of his friends and he can't wait for the day he can live the life of a man. He is obsessed with the beautiful woman he works with and it's too bad she has killed his best friend. This man is then brought into the story of an old man who is a gangster. This gangster is the leader of a gang that murders the people who they don't like. One of the people that they want to be killed is the man that they have been killing. The gangster is hired by a young man who's blind to kill the gangster, and that is how he gets the money for his car. He sets out to get rid of his blind friend, and the rest of the story is how he gets to the place where he wants to be. This movie is very interesting because the viewer can actually feel the depression of the blind man. They get very close, and when the blind man is blind, you can actually see the depression in his eyes. It's really amazing how they make a movie where it's really hard to see the depression in a guy's eyes.

Denise photo

This is one of my favourite movies, after "Tarantino" or "Spaghetti Western". It's very well done, very mysterious and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The pacing is perfect, and the whole movie keeps you guessing. It's just one of those films that has a bit of everything. A mystery, a revenge, a comedy, and even a romance. A perfect movie!

Willie Medina photo
Willie Medina

I'm not one to vote on the IMDb rating. To me it has become an exclusive and frankly not a good thing for me. I'm not going to vote to express my opinion. I simply vote as a pleader to make this review possible. I do think, that this film is one of the best I have ever seen. After hearing the different versions of the story from different persons, I had no idea of what it was about. So i never watched the original version. After watching this version, I found out that the story is indeed quite different from the original story. I felt the "H.P." story was not a good version of the story, but a "H.P." kind of story. I believe that the best version of this story, is the version that the story was filmed on. I think the movie had a great scope. The actors were well chosen for their roles. I did think that this movie had a lot of impact on me. My thoughts are the same as the people who commented on the IMDb rating. "The best" movies are not always made in a specific way. This is because the good movies are usually very different from the bad ones. The good movies are great movies for the most part, but also the bad ones. The best movies are made for all to see, regardless of their originality.

Roy Hernandez photo
Roy Hernandez

I was quite disappointed in the first half of this movie as I was expecting a lot more from it. I have to say that I have learned my lesson, and I will not go and see a movie just because there is a real controversy about its content. This movie is a masterpiece, and not only because of its high production values and the stunning cinematography. Marlene's performance is simply superb, and I am so glad that she didn't give up on this role, because she gave us a very strong picture of a woman in a situation where she needed a job and needed to make a good living, but she didn't know what to do with it. I don't think this movie should be judged on its content, but on the fact that it can be considered as a cinematic masterpiece, that is why I give it a 10/10.

Kathryn Martinez photo
Kathryn Martinez

I was very interested in seeing this movie. After seeing the trailer I had high expectations. It was a good movie, I had a great time. The acting was great, the story line was good, the tension was strong, the action was great, the story was unique and the photography was very good. This movie is a must watch!

Julie photo

The thriller "The Keepers" is a movie that should not be missed, especially if you like romantic thrillers. I really like this film because it has an ending that makes you think about what has happened. It is a thriller that is not predictable and it has a great story that will keep you entertained. "The Keepers" is a drama that is not predictable but the ending is unexpected. I really like the character of FBI agent Andrew Bonin (played by Mark Wahlberg). The film was filmed in America, it is a really nice and beautiful film. I really love the part when Andrew was born and he was a little boy. The film is like a horror movie and it really scares me. This is a great film that should be seen.

Kyle photo

Laila Akter, of the beautiful Nina and Sonam films, plays Nada, a young woman whose life was devastated by the death of her father, and who is now a widow. The young Nada decides to escape the clutches of the local gangsters, and goes on a journey to a small village in Thailand, where she hopes to meet her father. Nada has been promised a big house if she can convince her father to leave his life of crime and live with her. As it turns out, Nada does not get the house she is looking for, and instead falls in love with the young man she is supposed to marry, but does not. Nada's actions may seem senseless, but the film is a message of hope, a story about people overcoming their obstacles, and showing us the beauty of life.

Diana P. photo
Diana P.

In a town in the Philippines, a young man, who works as a bartender, is the only person who has a connection with the dead woman's son, and the old woman, who was his mother, and the rest of the townspeople are just trying to survive. The only way to survive is to kill each other. The movie is an excellent film that shows the reality of the Philippines in the 70's. The characters are well developed, and the dialogues are witty and interesting. The film is highly recommended.

Harry M. photo
Harry M.

This film is a twist on the true story of Adis, an innocent young man who was wrongfully convicted for the murder of his girlfriend. The film is a very real depiction of the life of a young man who is wrongly accused, and the way he comes to terms with his experiences and the rehabilitation of his life. The film was made by the father of the real Adis, and is made in the style of the true story, and gives a truthful account of his life. The cast is superb, and the direction is very impressive. The production values are very high, and the film is very realistic and very well done. This is a very good film for a mature audience, but there is one problem with this film: It is a bit overlong. Some scenes are way too long, and there are scenes that could have been cut out. I thought that it was a bit too long, but the film is a really good piece of art that deserves a great film festival.

Sara F. photo
Sara F.

The main reason for the very high rating is the very intense and thrilling story, which is very well-researched and is presented very well. The movie is very good for the viewers who like a good action/thriller and the main actors are very good. The story is very good, which is the reason for the high rating.

Carolyn H. photo
Carolyn H.

The actor Mademoiselle de Valmont was able to portray perfectly the great spirit of love and courage of a great woman. The movie told us how the French people endured a tragedy. How the lives of many generations were enriched by the example of a heroic woman. The movie was great, so was the story. The film was wonderful, the director was very good. The story itself was really good. I really enjoyed this movie very much. Thank you for giving this film. I watched this movie with my wife. She liked it very much. So did I. We enjoyed the movie very much.

Howard photo

I saw this movie last night and I'm still thinking about it. It's a good movie but I feel it could've been better. I can't say it's bad but it could've been better. The main problem I had with the movie is the movie is too slow. The movie is too slow and boring. There's a lot of things that I would have done differently. I'd do something different. I would have done something like, "Let's go to the war. I'm going to be a pirate." Or, "I'm going to be a blacksmith." I don't know what else to say. The main reason I gave it a 7 out of 10 was because it's a good movie and I think it deserves a better rating than a 7. I know I'm not the only one who felt that way but I still think it deserves a better rating. It's a good movie. It's a good movie that's just not that good. But, it's not a bad movie. It's just not a good movie. So, I don't think it deserves a lower rating than a 7. I'm giving it a 7 out of 10. But, if you have time to waste, you should see this movie.

Theresa A. photo
Theresa A.

It was a good movie. I would say it was one of the better ones I have seen. The acting was good, the story was good and the pace was good. It was a movie that I would watch again and again. It is very predictable, but it was worth the wait. The ending was very good. I liked the fact that the ending was a bit different than the rest of the movie. It was a good ending and I would recommend this movie to people that like to see a good movie and don't have anything better to do. It is a good movie and it is worth watching.

Kelly M. photo
Kelly M.

If you are expecting a typical Hollywood western, you will be disappointed. You will be disappointed if you expect a typical Indonesian movie. But if you are looking for a psychological thriller, you will like this movie. The movie has a few plot holes, but they are so small that you can ignore them. The movie has a few twists, and is full of good acting. My advice, don't expect to see another western western. Expect a good Indonesian movie.

Aaron Gardner photo
Aaron Gardner

I was very impressed with this film. I thought it was a masterpiece in terms of the way it was shot. I was also impressed by the way it was presented. The story is about a corrupt police officer, Raymond Corvin, and a former lover of his. She dies when her baby was stolen by Corvin. The police officer goes to the local town to find the baby, and finds the town drunk. The girl's father is about to kill her with the baby, so the police officer gets his wife, and his son and daughter to help him. He then starts to investigate the town and finds more bodies of dead people. I thought the main actors were good, especially Julia and Malc, but the whole film was shot with such a cinematographer, I thought it was fantastic. I give this film a 9 out of 10. It's very hard to rate something like this. There are so many different kinds of movies, and this one was much better than any of them. It was so great, and so different from other movies, that it's hard to rate this one. But I'm going to give it a 9 out of 10. If you want to see a great film, then watch this film. I think it's a masterpiece. A+

Grace photo

The story of a woman who needs to make her mark in the world and becomes a policeman. She becomes involved with the police while being accused of being a witch. She falls in love with a man who has some secrets about his past. This is not an excellent film, it is worth watching, but you can see a lot of flaws with it. The way the story is told is very different from the way it was in the book, and the way the story is told makes it very strange and weird. It is a bit slow and is not what you would call a thriller. The ending of the film is also very different. The ending was the way it was in the book, but it was good. There was some tension in the film, but it did not last long. The actors did a good job, and there were some funny scenes and some intense scenes. The costumes are very well done. I liked the music, it was good. Some parts were very good, some were not. The movie is not bad, but it could have been much better. The cinematography is very good. The set design is very good. I recommend watching the movie, because I am sure it is worth it.

Austin S. photo
Austin S.

A good thriller about a group of people who find themselves stranded in the middle of the jungle after a plane crash. This movie has a twist at the end which I won't tell you about, but it makes you think about the movie for a while. I really enjoyed this movie and I am glad I watched it.

Doris W. photo
Doris W.

The story is about two sisters, one who was abandoned by her parents and she was taken into the care of a gangster who took her in and gave her a job. The other sister was a little girl and she was given to the care of a prostitute who was taken in by the gangster. They both were raised by a father who was a warlord. The warlord who took in the children was a man who was ruthless and who did everything he could to get the children out of his control. This is a very good film, very interesting, very well acted, and very well directed. The acting is superb, and the direction is very good. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story with good acting.

Thomas P. photo
Thomas P.

The book was a real eye-opener. Its characters were different than the one portrayed in the movie, in which they were exactly the same. The movie seemed to have a high budget and editing was slow. All in all, it was a good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who liked the book.

Olivia F. photo
Olivia F.

The story of a young man, the son of a minister of a police state, who is found murdered in a motel room by an agent of the federal police in Mexico. The story is told in a series of flashbacks, that are not connected to the main plot of the movie. For a Spanish language film, the dialogs are typical and non-hilarious. As a result, it is difficult to follow the plot of the movie, because you are constantly interrupted by interjections from the characters, sometimes even causing a sense of fatigue to the audience. It is clear that a lot of thought and effort was put into the production of this film, but the dialogs don't really make a strong impression on the audience. Another thing that was lacking, was the way in which the characters were portrayed, mainly because of the lack of charisma in the characters. For example, the protagonist, Diego, is presented as a mysterious, arrogant, yet sexy man, who is apparently a conman. The film could have had a different presentation, if it was not so low budget. And finally, the end of the film was the most disappointing part of the movie. I am convinced that, if it was not for the final, the film could have become a better film. In conclusion, it is a good movie, that has an attractive cast, but its dialogs are not very good, the acting is not impressive and the climax is the most disappointing thing of the film.

Timothy photo

This is a good film. It is the typical Romanian/Korean War drama. Two veteran soldiers get separated from their unit and their families are scared. The main character is an old veteran and wants to see her daughter. Her husband is a drunk and she keeps trying to help him. She gets close to a young Vietnamese girl who turns out to be a spy for the enemy. She has a conversation with the girl, which leads to her being captured by the American soldiers. It is a very effective and original film that is well done and well acted by the main cast. There are some great visuals as well, like the three old veterans who are walking through the country, the towns where they live, the countryside and some good cinematography. The film is entertaining and has some heart and depth. There is also some humor in the film, which I did not catch at first. I will give it a 6 out of 10.

Kevin photo

I have watched this film in several screenings and I have to say it is an excellent film. What is this film about? Well, I think it is about the struggle between the police and criminals, it's a film about the struggle between the human and the inhuman. And when I saw this film, I thought this is just a simple adventure movie about a simple fish, but when I watched it, I thought it is more than just that, but also it's a wonderful, great film. What is also important in the film is the clash between police and criminals, as well as the clash between the human and the inhuman. I think this film is a film about human nature and what it is about, human nature, the human race and its conflicts. In the film, the violence is shown and in a way is a good thing, but I think the violence should be stopped and it should be avoided as much as possible. This film is a great film about the human race and its conflicts. For me, the film is very good. It is an excellent film.

Sarah Gardner photo
Sarah Gardner

After the departure of his father and his mother's attempt to kill him, Dominic (Eduardo Noriega) is sent to a boarding school. During his time at the school, he discovers that it is run by a man who he did not know, although the system he was educated in is organized. Soon after Dominic is expelled, he meets the handsome, feminine and cultured student Lola (Pamela Blakiston), who is taken in by the school's old teacher and her sweet-faced son, Christopher (Robert Barris), who he meets as an excuse to leave the school. His friends soon form a close-knit group, which is soon discovered to be a criminal organization. Dominic's suspicions about the men at the school are proved correct when he finds out that the very young Chris is the leader of the gang. Soon, Dominic learns that the gang plans to escape from the school by a local town and has set up a safe-house where they plan to plan the final escape of the gang. Directed by Melchior De Rosa, who has directed two films of the great Venezuelan director, there is no doubt that it is a good film with a very original plot. The story is unusual and original in that it has many twists in the story that lead to a quite unexpected conclusion. The cast is good. Eduardo Noriega is good in the lead role, Pam Blakiston, Robert Barris and others are excellent in their roles. In fact, there are many actors in the movie that show great acting ability. As for the music, the music is good. It is original and good. The motion picture was nominated for a few Oscar awards. The film was shot in Venezuela and Cuba. The film is well directed by Melchior De Rosa. This film has been highly criticized by critics and the film is only available on video.

Joe C. photo
Joe C.

The movie revolves around the young woman's self-deluded (if not entirely delusional) mind and its attempts to think beyond its own limitations. She is caught up in a life of death, or at least it seems that way, in a state of extraordinary paranoia. She is treated by her ex-boyfriend who now (due to a horrible experience with her brother-in-law) has convinced her that the F.B.I. are after her. In reality, the F.B.I. are after her husband, who has been responsible for the death of her son and now wants to kill her in order to get the money he owes her. She spends her time crying over the loss of her son and her husband and contemplating her new life in her son's memory. The film is the story of a woman in a state of extreme paranoia and suicide. It is a difficult film to watch, but it is a must see for those who like films that deal with mental illness and that deal with the ways in which people can lead lives that are more than they seem.

Frank L. photo
Frank L.

This movie is really worth it. As the title suggests, I think this movie has got to be the best Thai movie I have ever seen. I don't know if it is true, but I think the original script from the original Thai movie has been changed, and they have included the whole story from that movie. The movie is really worth to see.

Gerald Clark photo
Gerald Clark

This movie is about a drug lord who in his drug ring is actually running a mafia operation. In this way he is able to control the drug trade in Bangkok and it's operations in the countryside and also get in contact with an American agent. The movie starts out with him introducing himself to an American and his friend that have been around his territory. The other American that he brought to the operation is introduced as a cook in an upscale restaurant. He has also a lady friend that stays with him in his apartment. The movie has a very good introduction of the drug lord, as the American says that he has known him for 5 years. The first half of the movie is about how he is a drug lord, the first time he met the US agent, and his relationship with his wife, which she tries to change. The story then continues with the agent working with his friend on the drug ring, and how he tries to keep a distance and bring in the ultimate war on drug cartels. The movie also has a good ending, which is the last time I have seen an ending of the kind that really had a meaning, or a happy ending in the sense that you feel like you can take a day off from thinking about it.

Billy photo

I have been waiting for this movie for months. But never got the chance. Then i saw it and i was so blown away. I saw it at the film festival in Mexico and i was so excited to see this movie because i love a good mystery. But i was very skeptical to see this movie because i saw it and they have not done a good job with the story. But when i watched the movie, i loved it. It was an amazing story, it is a very good script. It was a really great movie. There was one thing that i really liked about the movie, that is the way that the story was told. It was like the movie was like a documentary. The characters were very well written and it showed how bad and bad things are in the Philippines. The actors did a great job. If you ever see this movie, you should see it. It's worth every penny.

Jose S. photo
Jose S.

I don't know if this is supposed to be a parody, or an actual commentary on the drug war, but it's a pretty good one. It's not a love story, but it does have some elements of that. I thought it was well-acted, and I didn't really care what happened to anyone. I think it was well-shot, too, and it had a good flow. I also thought it was well-written. It is a fairly quick 90 minutes, and it doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. The story is pretty straightforward, and it doesn't seem like the writers were trying to be clever. They just wanted to tell a story. The performances were good, and the cinematography was great. I thought it was well-made, and I would recommend it to anyone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Bryan Torres photo
Bryan Torres

I've always been a fan of Thai cinema, from the early films of Manat and Wani-Pal, to the more recent films of Manat Hiatkot, and Manat Sama-Hiatkot, and this film is no exception. This film has been praised for its realism and its depiction of everyday life in a Thai village. However, I was surprised to see how realistic it was. The characters, the events, the dialogue, everything was so accurate to life. I felt like I was watching the film for real. It was beautiful to see a film that could capture the truth so well. The characters were very real and they were believable. The film was also very realistic, in the sense that the people in the film, the villagers, lived the way they lived. They didn't just exist in the movie, but they existed in real life. The scenes of the village, the people, the dialogue, everything was very true to life. If you are looking for a good film, this one is not bad. It's realistic and it captures the truth very well. I recommend it to anyone who likes Thai cinema. It's very good.

Julia Bradley photo
Julia Bradley

There is no other film that I have seen in the Philippines that is as highly rated as the film "The Lookout". The film is about a family that lives in a rural area of the Philippines. They are forced to leave their home and move to a new house after a local gang kills their father. As they move, they start to notice strange things about their new house. They start to realize that their new house is inhabited by a very strange and deadly person. The Lookout is an excellent film and it is a perfect film to show off the Filipino film industry. The movie is great because of the great acting from the cast and the well-written story. This is one of the best films I have seen in the Philippines. I think that everyone should see this film.

Hannah Hunt photo
Hannah Hunt

A local general called Ma-din (an excellent turn by Nikus Kosid) takes over as the head of the Calming Army after a coup in which his wife and two children are killed. In the aftermath of the coup, he sends some of his men to hunt down a big game hunter and demand that he deliver the head of a local. He is met with resistance from the hunter's family and a fierce fight ensues. One of the things about the movie that I liked most was the strong characterization of the different characters. They all had a strong background and I really felt for them. The climax of the movie is very powerful and the action sequences are just epic. The story is somewhat slow and it is definitely not the kind of movie that you can sit down and just watch and be impressed by the main character and what he does. There are a lot of references to classical movies in the movie, but there are also a lot of things that the movie did not have and probably never would have, so that was cool. There are also references to the Vietnam War, but I don't remember them too well, so it was not like I was remembering all the words. The movie was an okay movie to watch, but I would not recommend it to anybody who wants to see a movie with action, which is not that common anymore. It is a film that would be good for the family to watch, and certainly has many strong scenes that I liked. I would give it a 7 out of 10. If you like movies like these and want to see a movie that is not about killing people, then you should definitely check this out.

Gregory Morales photo
Gregory Morales

If you have seen the first, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, I'll be brief. These two films are not your typical "anarcho-capitalist" cinema. They're also not your typical Colombian films. They're both unique and they're both great. "Car Wash" is the first of the two, and is well worth seeing. It is quite possibly the most well-acted movie I have ever seen. It's also the only movie in recent memory where I actually got annoyed with the audience after the movie was over, and I am a director. So I am biased. The story is, of course, the story. The first half of the movie follows the character's upbringing, and the two main characters go into some sort of deep underground oil deal. They discover that they need to get rid of the oil that they have inherited. The problem is that the oil is held by a rival of the owner, and the two sides have to find a way to get rid of the rival without killing him. This is where the film gets so complicated. The first half is just a bookend, the second half is a short story. The first half is about Marlina's mother, and the second half is about her relationship with her mother and father. Marlina gets a new identity. She loses her old one. And all that change is done by a writer. Her mother isn't even mentioned. And the story is told in very slow, thoughtful and enigmatic terms. Marlina begins to do drugs. She becomes an addict. Her father is abusive. She can't stand to see her mother being abused. She thinks that her mother was a little crazy. Then she gets more and more abusive. Her father, who also is an abusive man, is also abusive. Marlina has no friends. She becomes less and less her daughter's friend. She is adopted by a man that she is not related to. She thinks that it is strange that her mother is acting like that. She is the only person that she can relate to. The movie seems to slowly reveal more and more. Then there's the complication. Marlina and her mother move to a different town. They are estranged. Marlina's mother is a drug addict. She ends up in jail. Marlina and her mother get married. Then she tells her mother how she feels about her mother. The movie becomes even more complex. You don't understand everything until it's too late. The second half is much more complicated, and the last half is very good. There is a lot of symbolism. There is a lot of symbolism in the second half. You will also find the conclusion to be surprisingly good. "Car Wash" is a film that is completely unique. It's also a very good film. It is not your average film, but is definitely a great film. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

Benjamin photo

It's not surprising that the media reacted with shock and horror on the film, and rightfully so. This is a major cinematic event, and one that is sorely missed by the industry. The movie is a jaw-dropping, jaw-dropping, jaw-dropping sight. The pacing is completely unparalleled. I have never seen a film that has the opposite effect. I've seen movies that were an unnecessary distraction, and films that went in a "oh, you need to see this", and didn't let the audience go. This film has no such nonsense. It is wholly focused on the characters. The film has a very humanistic approach. The cinematography is stunning. The music is jaw-dropping. The editing is perfect. The acting is superb. The script is unbelievably gripping. The script is so good, I'm not sure how they could have missed it. The music and the editing are so good, I can't even explain how. I mean, I love everything about this film. The characters are all perfectly cast. I have never seen a film like this. I have seen many, many great films, and I have never had an experience like this. This is a film that should not be missed. It's extremely rare to see a film this great in the cinema, let alone in the theatres. It is a must-see. I'm still reeling from the film. You don't get many chances to watch a film this great, and this is an exception to that. You should go and see this film. It is a masterpiece. You don't want to miss this film. 10/10

Scott Shaw photo
Scott Shaw

As a fan of Robert Rodriguez's filmography, I can't say I'm shocked by this movie. If nothing else, it's still a highly enjoyable experience. This film has plenty of action and scares. There are many great characters. The one who is my favorite is Lola. This movie is also very much about human nature and family values. This is a very powerful film. There are so many interesting characters that you will get to know. The problem is that the characters aren't fully developed. They're all sort of confusing. The movie's pace is pretty slow. I like the use of slow motion in the movie. It adds to the tension. Overall, I give this movie a 9 out of 10. Recommended.

Jerry B. photo
Jerry B.

I had never heard of the film until i saw it in the cinema. It was a little slow but I liked the photography and the suspense. The fight scene was great. Also the character played by Romano was very good and so was the relationship between him and the other girl. I would give it a 8/10 but the ending seemed to drag on. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes the drama and suspense genre.

Theresa photo

The movie is really great. The movie is amazing and one of the best movie in Indonesian cinema.

Philip M. photo
Philip M.

If you think that is impossible for Marla Singer to play a role so captivating that it could attract the attention of major actors, you are wrong. The casting is perfect and the directing, script, story and everything else is perfect. Marla Singer and Alek Weisz are excellent together. The cinematography is excellent too. The picture has a lot of naturalism. The atmosphere is well established. I can't understand why this movie is not so popular. The movie is a perfect mixture of drama, action, romance, action, action. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies with more than two or three acts. 9 out of 10.

Shirley Richardson photo
Shirley Richardson

A western version of the famous Fannie Flagg crime novel. Based on a true story of the unsolved murder of her best friend. Director Marc MacHale sets the mood with some light and funny style that is the movie's strongest point. The camera work is perfectly placed in the movie and is a lot of fun to watch. The acting is also pretty good, especially the lead actress, Jolene Bernick, who plays the role of the main character, Fannie. She has the right amount of emotion to the role. She is very likable and I really enjoyed watching her perform in the movie. Anthony Edwards is great as the sleazy and evil gangster who wants Fannie dead. He also does a great job as the main antagonist. Only problem I had with the movie is the script. It's not very interesting and feels like a story written by a fifth grader. I still give this movie a 7/10. If you're in the mood for a good western movie, you should give this a try.

Andrew K. photo
Andrew K.

When I saw this movie I was not sure of the idea of the characters. But I really liked the way the story is told. This movie should be watched by everyone. I really think this movie will be loved by everyone. I suggest people to see this movie, especially for people who love "empat" movies. This movie is a must watch for everyone.

Madison C. photo
Madison C.

I went to see this movie last night and I thought it was an amazing movie. I think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It kept my attention throughout the whole movie. The plot was very good and believable. The acting was outstanding. I didn't expect that much from the movie. I was surprised. Overall, I think this movie was fantastic. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It was very well made. I would rate this movie 10/10. It was very well done.

Sean Webb photo
Sean Webb

this movie was so great, the atmosphere and the storyline is so amazing, the movie has everything, the story is really unique and this movie has something for everyone, there is something in this movie you want to watch, something that you don't get every time you watch a movie, and you are a little bit disappointed every time because you don't get what you want to see, i loved this movie, its great and i recommend this movie to everyone, i really love this movie and i recommend everyone to watch it.

Eric Carter photo
Eric Carter

Saw this film a few months ago. Thought it was ok. Very "frightening" film. I thought it was more of a thriller than a horror. The young actors played their roles well. It was very well made and the cast did a great job. No reason I can think of why it didn't catch my attention the first time. Just a good film, if you like horror and/or thrillers this one is for you. The problem is I never looked at my watch. I've been to see it several times and it's always as good as it was the first time. All in all, I'd give it 7.5/10

Henry photo

It is very difficult to put a theme into a movie, so if I say that the theme of this movie is conspiracy, I don't mean that we can see any conspiracy. We have a conspiracy about a bunch of corrupt cops who are overbearing and not good. There is a conspiracy about a kid, and that kid's mom is corrupt. There is a conspiracy about a country that is not allowed to have a good guy and a bad guy, and that is the whole theme of the movie. But it is a great movie and it shows us the real life of our country, where all the corrupt cops and corrupt government are the same. So the movie is very good. I really liked it. When I see the movie, I don't think that I am a movie critic. I am not saying that it is a good movie. I think that it is a good movie, and the movie is very good, so I would give it 9.5 out of 10.

Louis photo

When I first heard about the "Bolivian voodoo" (this is not the most accurate term) film made by a couple of foreigners I was excited. I love traditional films, they can be very scary and intense but also offer some real social messages. This movie was made for people who don't have anything better to do. I wasn't disappointed. The story isn't exactly original but it's told in a way that it's fascinating to watch. The characters are interesting and I really felt for the ones who didn't make it. The main characters and their relationships are strong and interesting. They are interesting people and I really felt for them. There are some scenes that are very disturbing and I'm not someone who will be easily scared but I didn't feel like I was watching a horror movie. This is a good film that shows the story of this isolated community and I really liked it. It's not a perfect film but it's very entertaining and I think you will have a great time watching it.

Jane M. photo
Jane M.

A fantastic thriller. Well acted by the cast. Crisp cinematography, excellent directing, very fine music. Excellent filming, fantastic location. The movie has a twist at the end that is not easy to guess. This is a great movie and I recommend it to all movie fans.

Jesse Gordon photo
Jesse Gordon

I remember when I saw this movie in 1988, I was very confused. Why did I watch it? I thought I was watching a Mexican movie. The opening scene of the film was just too strange to believe. I thought it was the Mexican Marines? The woman who talks with a sad voice? I mean, it was so strange to me. As I saw the movie more, I realized it was a true story. My uncle's friend was killed. He was tortured by the Mexican marines and he died. When I saw the movie, I could see how the Mexican Marines tortures and kills the people that are captured by them. The other part is that the story is true. They don't release the people until they are dead. There is no reason to have the people do that. I was very shocked. As I thought the movie was a true story, I was in love with Marlina's character. I was glad that she was very good and a tough woman. She has a tough skin. When she was in the hospital, she was very nervous. I felt that it was her first time being in a hospital. It was very strange to me. The last scene in the hospital was very sad. Marlina lost her husband and she was really sad. I think it was because she thought that her husband was dead. She was very sad and I was very happy for her. When I saw the movie, I found that I was very sad. Marlina didn't want to lose her son and she did everything to make him come back. This movie is very beautiful. I think that the Mexican Marines are the real heroes and they are the ones who are responsible for the mistreatment of the prisoners in their prisons. It is very sad to me that the Mexican marines are the ones who torture and kill and that the truth is not always good. It is sad to me. I think that they should give their medals and things to Marlina. They are the heroes who are responsible for the mistreatment of the prisoners. They are the ones who deserve to be medalists.

Kyle J. photo
Kyle J.

Thailand, the country of the King. A prison colony to one man, who leads a group of thugs. They go on a killing spree, and kill people with different methods. This movie is great, because it combines both good and bad. The acting is amazing, it keeps you in a different world of feeling. It is a really cool and interesting story. It is very similar to Hellraiser, but with a lot of new details. The director keeps you in the dark for a long time, you need to watch it again, and again. It is not recommended to be watched in one sitting, you need to watch it several times.

Sarah Murphy photo
Sarah Murphy

I'm not a fan of Coppola. But this film was much better than expected. It's a little slow at times, but I didn't notice that it was slow. It's a very well made film. The acting is superb, the locations are gorgeous, and the film is well directed. It's one of the better films that I have seen this year. I really enjoyed it. The only thing I didn't like about the film was the ending. The ending is a little too abrupt. I would have liked to have seen more character development in the film. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys Coppola films.

Ethan Watson photo
Ethan Watson

I am not really sure how I feel about this film, but I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had seen it in a theater. I can't say I was really shocked by the ending, but I was rather shocked at the way the story unfolded. I felt the ending was very anticlimactic. I think the film would have been better had the director not tried to shock us with the ending. It would have been better if he had stayed with the story and just let us have some fun with it. I am also not sure how I feel about the performance of the three main characters. I think the two main actors did a pretty good job with their roles, but I do think that the two supporting characters did a pretty good job too. Overall, I thought the movie was well-made, but the ending made me feel a little bit disappointed. I would recommend seeing this film if you are looking for a good, relaxing film. I think it would be better if the director would have stuck with the story and not tried to shock us with the ending.

Nancy H. photo
Nancy H.

A famous Spanish author, a couple of Hollywood producers, and an ex-soldier in Thailand arrive in Bangkok to make a film about the outlaw gangs that rule the city. The film, directed by Alberto Sorda, stars Gerard Depardieu as the protagonist, and Laura Silvestri as the love interest. The director, who was known for his work on TV's The Good Wife, has had a great deal of success in Hollywood, and this film is a clear example of his work. It's not very well written, but there are some good moments. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a taste for violence, and is interested in the Spanish language.

Benjamin photo

Just watch it, you'll feel what I do: when a film gets dark and it doesn't have a lot of action, you're also going to get bored, but when it gets epic, exciting, you'll feel that your eyes are being opened. What I really like about this film is that it keeps you in suspense and keep you thinking, but when it turns into an epic, you just feel like you're watching something else.

Amanda photo

In the land of the powerful, a wealthy businessman, the "Murderer", is running a prison. He is the biggest, the richest, and the most evil man in the world. But one day, the families of the victims of the Murderer start to go missing. The Murderer is determined to find out what happened, but he's got a lot of competition. He also has a young woman working for him, and she also wants to find out who killed her father and brother. One of the families, the "Black" family, wants to find out who killed their parents. This movie was not really known when I saw it, but I'm glad that I watched it. I was very impressed with this movie. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. The movie is really good. The acting is really good. The movie has some great action scenes, and the story is good. The actors did a great job with the characters. I would definitely recommend this movie to people who like good movies. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Larry Warren photo
Larry Warren

A very good film with a lot of twists and turns. It's also a very different film from most of the other films that are coming out of Indonesia. It's a bit slow at times, but it is a good film. I also really enjoyed the ending. The film has a great cast. It's a good film to see.

Janice photo

I was very excited to watch this movie because I had read the book and loved the movie. I loved the movie but was disappointed with the ending. It felt like the movie was over. The movie was good, but the ending was very disappointing. I really liked the movie and the actors, but it was a very disappointing ending.

Harry Young photo
Harry Young

The movie has some good elements, but the ending is really disappointing. The movie is about a man who is trying to survive in the jungle, and he meets a woman who is a former lover of his, and they both become friends. The woman who is the former lover is trying to find her son who was kidnapped by the army. The movie is a bit slow, but it is a good thriller.

Linda photo

A rather daring and uncompromising film, this mystery thriller may not be for everybody. This is a movie about an aristocrat (i.e. an Englishman) who takes a chance and leaves his life of privilege in Italy for a rural and self-sufficient life in Thailand. But he never stops to feel something for the countryside and for his family. When he returns to England, he finds that his wife has left him. But she never had any intention of living alone. This is not a happy and beautiful ending, and does not contain the traditional love and beautiful scene of a wedding. That is what makes this film not so enjoyable for the audience. Nevertheless, the film is not so much a traditional love story, but it has a story of a relationship and a people. And it is an extremely difficult story to be told. But this is a good movie, not so slow and not so violent, and it is not an action thriller. It is rather a film about a conflict between two people and how it affects their lives and their future. An interesting film.

Sharon W. photo
Sharon W.

I enjoyed the film so much that I bought it on DVD. The images of these villagers and the rich people is astonishing. The photographer has a really interesting way of filming, it makes you believe that the director is there, and you think you are in the village. The village is rich, the rich people are looking down on the poor ones. The film tells the story of these villagers, and you have to see it to believe it. I think it is a masterpiece. You have to see it. Good stuff.

Adam G. photo
Adam G.

I first saw this movie as a child and I remember thinking it was great. It was just a little more complex than the typical story. I don't know if this movie is a good one for adult's but I recommend it for all ages, because it's pretty scary and the acting is great. The story is very interesting and I like how there are not so many fights. It's very scary.

Crystal photo

Pocahontas is a great film for anyone who likes interesting movies with a fair amount of violence. The movie was well paced and well acted. It has been said before and many times that movies do not get better than this, but it does. My rating is 9 out of 10.

Terry Fowler photo
Terry Fowler

Tis a good film, a good story, a good movie. The film's music is beautiful, and the performances of the actors are so natural, it is even easier to believe that the actors are real. If you are going to watch this film, do it with an open mind, and you will enjoy it.

Amanda S. photo
Amanda S.

For me, the best action thriller of the year. No wonder the film was nominated for three Oscars. It was the perfect mix of genres and acting. The story is very dark, but it is very well thought out. There is no easy way out, and the ending was great. A lot of action, and some nudity, but you will have to watch this film to understand what I am talking about.

Albert photo

I have just watched this movie and I can tell you that it is one of the best movies I've seen in recent times. It is a movie that is different from the usual Hollywood movie. I love the story and the story telling is excellent. The cinematography is excellent and the acting is very good. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has an interest in movie making.

Gloria A. photo
Gloria A.

After losing her mother to a smallpox epidemic in the United States, a young boy gets a job at a motel with a huge gambling debt, because his mother was not able to pay it. He meets a woman, a beautiful prostitute, in the middle of the road. He tries to get her out of her current state of desperation, and tries to stay alive for her. This is a wonderful movie, because it's not about the plot of the film, it's about the people who live in the same world that the main character lives in. If you are not able to watch the movie once, because you are in a completely different situation, try watching it again. The ending of the movie is beautiful, and shows how a mother could give up her life for her son. If you are able to watch this movie more than once, then you need to do your best.

Jose Marshall photo
Jose Marshall

I have watched the movie about 3 times and the second time was better than the first one. The first one was in a video cassette and the second one was on the DVD. My friend came to me and said that she had seen it 4 times and she has seen it 5 times. This is a great movie. The actors played very well and the storyline is great. There is a lot of mystery in the movie and this is a very good thriller. The film also takes place in a desert and the story is about a couple who have met in the desert and the first thing that happens is that they become lovers and there is the problem. The film is based on the novel by Alejandro Jodorowsky and it has been very well acted by the two actors. The film does not give you a lot of surprises and does not make you jump from your seat. All in all I would like to see this film again and I recommend it to everyone who has seen it and who has not.

Arthur Snyder photo
Arthur Snyder

Saved by a stray bullet, a fugitive from the law (Alec Baldwin) goes to search for his wife and unborn child (Ivy Faris) in the Philippines, where he becomes involved in a drug war. The stakes are high: Baldwin is just a guy, and a long way from a Hollywood starlet. Unfortunately, the entire film is shot in the backdrops of the Philippines. From the first shots to the last, the Philippine countryside is the backdrop of the film. As soon as the shot of the gun barrel was taken, the film took a sharp turn away from the lush countryside of the Philippines. It is a betrayal of all the efforts of the filmmakers and of the whole Filipino community to make this film. I am not a fan of Alec Baldwin. His usual "spaghetti western" is one of his most disappointing performances. I think that I have been somewhat wrong in my assessment of him. I think that he does have some good acting skills, but the film is just too slow. There are too many flaws in the screenplay. The film is not so much of a film as a collection of scenes and dialogs. It is a big disappointment of the Filipino community to have a film with such great potential stolen from them. The script of this film is really bad. It is clear that the screenplay was written by an editor and not by a writer, because the scenes are more than a little boring. The dialogue is also bad. The dialogues are not as good as the best films in the history of cinema. Some of the dialogues are so bad that they are laughable. The film does not make the connection between the violence and the government of the Philippines. The first scene that they show is a little bit more serious, but the scene of the bullets in the background is just plain stupid. I really don't like this film. This film is not even a film. I believe that Alec Baldwin can do better than this film. But this is still not a good film. I think that this is just a bad film, but still an interesting film to watch.

Howard photo

The first film of this group of films, this is a masterpiece. It is a mixture of action, romance, crime, and drama. The story is about a young woman who finds a man who is really her husband. She tries to make him happy, but he is more than just her husband. He is a criminal and a killer. She is on the run from the law and the man she loves. It is a very beautiful film. The cinematography is very good. The music is great. The performances are also very good. It is a very good film. It is not just a movie about a woman finding a husband. It is a movie about a woman and her love and her life. It is a great film. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good film. It is a masterpiece.

Patrick G. photo
Patrick G.

A very intense and compelling film, and one of the most powerful I've seen in years. The film is about a man who was wrongfully accused of murder, and has been jailed for three years. After he is released, he is introduced to a very young woman who is a model. They begin a sexual relationship, and this is the beginning of the film. The film is very intense, and shows the psychological consequences of the legal system. The film is not perfect, however, and it is a little too long. I did not enjoy the ending, but I did enjoy the film overall. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Joan photo

There are a few moments of creepy black humor in this movie, and the violence is often on the very low level. It's almost unwatchable, but in a good way. A really well-crafted movie. The story is a standard western-crime drama, but it's done so well. The way the film is constructed is very different from what most movies of this type are. A story is not told at a rapid pace. It's told in layers, and I didn't understand the story until the end. The best thing about this movie is its characters. You care about them, and they are fun to watch. It's not about "who done it" but "who are they? Why are they doing what they're doing?" and you want to know what happened to them. The actor playing Detective Tom has that dark, eerie, weird, never-quite-real voice. He's a very good actor and there are a lot of good actors who can play Detective Tom. The movie is very well made, and the cinematography is very good. It has a very gritty look, which makes it very different from most movies. It also has the usual "shaky-cam" used to scare the crap out of the audience. This movie is not for everyone, but if you like to watch a well-made dark movie that is weird but also has a good story, it's for you. If you can put the actors aside and just watch the story unfold, you'll enjoy this movie. I gave it a 7, but it's not a masterpiece, so I recommend it.

Marilyn photo

I came across this film when I was looking for a film on the Thai cinema in the 90's.I saw it was released in 1995 and thought it would be interesting and wanted to watch it.I didn't expect it to be that good.It was a good film with a great plot but it was too slow.It dragged the film out a bit and i'm not sure it was the best Thai film ever made.The acting was okay and the film had a great ending.The direction of the film was good and the story of the film was good.I recommend it to Thai cinema fans and fans of films.It was a good film.

Rebecca Pena photo
Rebecca Pena

If you don't know who Sammy Davis Jr. is, you'll hate this movie. The star of "Hard Eight" and "Hard Times," he's no stranger to exploitation films. He even starred in "The Big Bopper." He's the voice of the MST3K classic "Popeye." So it was probably inevitable that his name would come up in this movie. He's an assassin for hire and he's out for revenge. He also goes around sucking on a bassinet, wearing a wig and, most importantly, a ball cap. I've always been a fan of the MST3K "Dead Ringer," so it was a big reason to get this movie. They just weren't going to call it "The Big Baller," which is exactly what it is. The thing that I loved most about this film was the amazing acting by many of the actors. I also enjoyed how the film was really "serious" throughout. It's like there were a lot of dark moments that you really didn't expect. I loved the flashback scenes with James Earl Jones and Gregory Hines. The whole gang thing really worked. The guys are basically trying to stop Sammy from killing a guy. One guy even gives a particularly good speech. There's also a lot of funny moments. The confrontation between Bobby and Sammy was really good. Another good scene was when Sammy tried to get the money to buy back a gun from a guy. And the end was really great. I really liked it and it's really one of my favorite movies. It's one of my favorites of all time. It's a film that really just doesn't need a bunch of great performances. It's a solid, exciting movie that I think should be more popular. It's definitely worth checking out. It's a very good action/thriller. It's definitely one of my favorites of the year.

Lori H. photo
Lori H.

I like this film because of the unpretentious, down to earth atmosphere and the realistic depiction of life in a small, remote town. Some scenes were disturbing in the extreme and many scenes were a little gross and, I am afraid, some were even offensive, but for the most part I found this movie to be honest and quite moving. I recommend this movie to all movie fans because it has everything a good movie needs to be - a good cast, some good and realistic acting and the atmosphere is believable, realistic, realistic. I am also afraid that the movie would be ignored by many movie fans who prefer the extreme action films. However, if you are looking for a movie with great acting, some good scenes and a realistic depiction of life in a small town, I strongly recommend "The Colonel's Wife."