Steam Combat Obscura

Combat Obscura

For years, Miles Lagoze served in Afghanistan as a Combat Camera, shooting footage and editing videos for Marine Corps recruiting purposes. In this devastating film, Lagoze assembles his own footage and that of his fellow combat cameramen into a never-before-seen look at the daily life of Marines from the ultimate insider's point of view. More than a mere compilation of violence, the edit ingeniously repurposes the original footage to reveal the intensity and paradoxes of war in an age of ubiquitous cameras, when all soldiers can record themselves with helmet-cams and cellphones. Combat Obscura revels in the chasm separating civilian from military life and questions the psychological toll war exacts on all that it touches.

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1 hours 10 minutes
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Miles Lagoze
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Marilyn W. photo
Marilyn W.

I'm a former actor and a former director. It's my opinion that this movie has some of the most inept writing in the history of film. There are some scenes that were perfectly plausible and some that just felt like a bad movie. But overall this movie is an insult to the audience. I don't know how to explain this other than it's the worst movie I've ever seen. The acting was awful. The script was worse. I was appalled that someone would come up with this as a premise for a movie. I've seen better scripts for TV. I've seen worse scripts for TV. I don't know why this was given a PG-13 rating. It was a terrible movie, and I highly recommend avoiding it. I gave it a 4 because it's a low-budget movie, and I can't be 100% objective about that. But that's the only reason I gave it a 4.

Tiffany H. photo
Tiffany H.

I have seen many documentaries, however, the ones that most moved me were those that involved the homeless, with the purpose of helping them overcome their problems and get back on their feet. Such documentaries are the ones that inspire me. So it was with great excitement that I went to see this film, as I knew that it would focus on the homeless of New York City. The film is not a documentary, as it is more of a series of interviews with the homeless. It was interesting to see the homeless experience the same struggles that we all go through, and I felt that it was a powerful film to watch. I was also very impressed by the technical aspects of the film, such as the use of hand-held cameras and the sound. I would highly recommend this film to anyone interested in the homeless. It is very interesting to watch, and it will help you see a different side of the homeless and how they cope with their problems.

Dorothy Stevens photo
Dorothy Stevens

This documentary is basically an exploration of the behavior of a couple of animal rights activists in Australia. There are no familiar faces, no solid information or real footage of what goes on in their personal lives. Theirs is a chaotic, not at all structured world. In this world, people have very little say in what happens to their own bodies and minds. The goal of the film is to educate, rather than to inform. This documentary shows how the activists are trying to change things. The ultimate goal is to end the practice of animal testing. They do it by themselves, with no outside help. As their goal is so difficult, it makes the film's message very hard to swallow. I thought the film was well made, but not very compelling.

Samuel photo

I enjoyed the movie immensely. It's one of those movies where it's hard to distinguish one scene from another and it's really difficult to know when one is going to happen, but the movie does not take itself seriously at all. It's an intelligent, thought-provoking movie that will make you think about what you would do in the same situation. The film's themes are: 1. Capitalism and the Money Monster. 2. Money and Politics. 3. Capitalism and Self-Interest. 4. Slavery and the Re-education of the Slaves. 5. Slavery and the Power of Money. 6. The Struggle of the "Whores" and their "War of the Whores". 7. Capitalism and the American Dream. 8. Capitalism and the Male-Female Relationship. 9. Capitalism and the Military. 10. Capitalism and the "War of the Whores".

Nancy B. photo
Nancy B.

I've been to the Sacred Heart's chantry twice, and the first time I was thinking I had to go back. However, I still think it's a great place, and the tradition of service is very strong. In fact, the choir is one of the only major groups that plays regularly, and also the only choir to play as a separate choir, just as in the US. And, of course, all the people are singing, including the young ones. It's a very close-knit community, and the chantry itself is beautiful, and is very well-organized. I think the story is good, and it's worth seeing.

Harry photo

I have to confess that when I first heard about this film, I was somewhat skeptical about how I would feel about it. It seemed like a boring documentary on a famous band, and even though I am a big fan of the band, I still had a hard time believing that it would be so gripping and insightful. In my opinion, it turned out to be much more than that. The film is basically an interview with all of the members of the band, and it is an amazing experience. The questions they are asked are very realistic and contain a lot of information that is not covered in the band's previous interviews, and this is a very good thing. It also makes you want to know more about the band and the people involved with it. The band members also talk about how they feel about their fans and how much they have loved them. It is a very touching story and really shows the ups and downs of the band. All in all, the film is a great piece of work and definitely worth watching. If you want to learn more about the band, check it out.

Heather photo

I'm a big fan of Peter Diamandis and his recent work with Google and Bill Gates. This documentary focuses on what it takes to create and operate a machine that's connected to the Internet. And of course, the impact it has on the everyday world. Diamandis did a great job and managed to keep the documentary moving and interesting. I found myself thinking about the implications of Google and how they impact the world. There were some great interviews with a lot of people who worked on Google. It was interesting to hear how they viewed the Internet as a revolution. But, there were some ups and downs in the documentary. Some of the interviews seemed to get repetitive. And of course, we don't get to hear from Steve Jobs. There's a lot of good stuff in this documentary. It's a great film to watch.

Kathleen photo

There's a reason I got into the field of documentary filmmaking in the first place. It's because I want to see the ugly side of humanity. That's why this documentary is so important. Not only is it a vital watch, it's a groundbreaking cinematic experience. It's a journey into the depths of the human psyche. It exposes the mind of the artist and shows us his fears, his insecurity, his inner rage, his love, his terror and his, dare I say it, his sanity. It's a must see.

Laura Martinez photo
Laura Martinez

This movie is probably the most well known of the series. It has a great background story of the struggle of the human rights movement in China. The movie is very well produced, and the acting is excellent. This movie is worth watching. The story is very interesting, and the cinematography is beautiful. I highly recommend it. *

Rose J. photo
Rose J.

This is an excellent documentary about a very important topic - the meaning of freedom. As a Christian, I am very grateful to the filmmakers for taking the time and effort to gather the information about what freedom is. They did a very good job of going through the history and presenting the many definitions of freedom. I hope to see more from this film. I believe that the information provided by this film will help to open the minds of many people. For those who are not familiar with the historical issues, I suggest that you see this film. It is very educational. The film is very well made and the music is very fitting. I have not seen such a good film about the meaning of freedom in many years. I hope that others will go out and watch this film. I would highly recommend that you go out and watch this film.

Cynthia photo

This film is about an Aboriginal woman who is leading a life of abject poverty in the northern Territory. Her father was a hunter and fisherman who also went into debt and was killed in an Aboriginal attack. She lost her mother and now has to support her young brother and sister. She is also being blamed for the welfare of her brother and sister by the local residents. She is being pressured to leave the community. I have read about the challenges faced by Aboriginal women in this community and I feel that this film does a great job of documenting them. In one scene, the young girl is talking about her mother and how she was born in a hut on a rock in the middle of nowhere. The woman then replies, "The rocks are all gone, now, it's all along the road." I felt the film was very close to reality. I also enjoyed the film's interviews with the young man who was killed by his father and the woman who was assaulted and killed by a group of white people. I also appreciated the film's focus on the women who have decided to leave their community and seek jobs in the wider world. I'm glad that the film was filmed and released here in Australia, because it is a rare film that does a great job of documenting the struggle of Aboriginal people. I highly recommend this film to anyone interested in Aboriginal culture and history.

Jessica Olson photo
Jessica Olson

I just want to say that I watched this documentary and it was absolutely amazing. I have been a very long time fan of the classic rock band, Led Zeppelin. I had a huge crush on them for a long time. When I found out that they were planning to play the final concert of their career in Chicago, I thought it would be a great idea. I was so wrong. This documentary was very well done and made me want to go to the concert. I think it was very well done. I have been watching this documentary for almost a year and it has never let me down. I have seen the documentary twice and I will probably watch it again. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is a fan of Led Zeppelin and wants to know more about them.

Jonathan R. photo
Jonathan R.

I've been fascinated by this topic for a long time. When I started reading about it, I thought that this was a must-see documentary. I saw it at a film festival, and it is one of the most compelling films I've ever seen. The director, Raoul Bova, is a brilliant filmmaker, and the story is very moving and inspiring. The information presented in the film is great, and the pictures are very beautiful. I'm a huge fan of Kaya Scodelario, and she is incredible. Her story is very touching and makes you want to learn more about her. This is a must-see film.

Rachel photo

This is a documentary about a film festival in France that has been called the world's worst film festival, and how the filmmakers got there and what went wrong. It's interesting to see how the filmmakers got their start, and how they became involved in this film festival. It's also interesting to see what the festival's creators think of the festival itself, as well as what it's going to do to the city of Lyon. I really enjoyed this film. It's very funny, very funny. And the documentary is very interesting, too. I recommend this to anyone who likes films and who wants to see some of the things that go wrong. I'm really glad I saw this. I've seen some of the films that were there, and I think that this is one of the better ones. The people who make this film are really talented, and they're really good at what they do. I'm glad I saw this. I give it a 9/10.

Gary Snyder photo
Gary Snyder

This is an excellent documentary about the relationships between two artists, John Cage and Nino Rota, both of whom died shortly after the film's release. Cage was an accomplished pianist, but was also a composer and philosopher who devoted his life to the study of music and literature. Rota, on the other hand, was a prolific film-maker and film maker who specialized in creating surrealist cinema. Rota was interested in the use of film in art and cinema in general, and his films were known for their surrealist style. Both Cage and Rota were both very influential in their own right, and both made a career out of their collaborations. Cage's films have an artistic quality to them, and are often quite interesting to watch. Rota's films, on the other hand, are quite strange and difficult to watch, but are also quite popular. Both Cage and Rota were very prolific, and made a career out of their collaborations. Their films were also known for their surrealist style. Rota's films were very interesting, but at times difficult to watch. Many of Rota's films are difficult to watch, but they are also very popular. The film is very informative about both artists' work, but it is also very interesting to watch, and I would recommend it to anyone.

George Sanders photo
George Sanders

I first saw this documentary on TV in the late 90's. It was the first time I had ever heard of it and I was blown away. I loved it and continue to love it today. I was fascinated with the personal stories and the simple yet powerful documentary. I have watched it several times and I still get caught up in the themes and message. It is an essential film that has changed my life. I love it and I still get caught up in it. It is a must see film. I am a fan of documentary and this film is a must see.

Robert photo

I didn't have a clue what to expect when I watched this documentary. I was expecting a discussion of the technology used in the film and its impact on our society. I wasn't expecting an inside look at the film makers, nor the subjects themselves. But the truth is that this film is about the human rights abuses of a system that is failing to meet the human rights needs of the people of the world. This is an important documentary that deserves to be seen. The questions raised in this documentary are all valid, and it is refreshing to see a film that takes a more humanistic approach. In fact, I think that this film is one of the best documentaries I have seen in my life. The performances by the actors and the technical aspects of the film are superb. It is well worth seeing.

Nicholas S. photo
Nicholas S.

This is a very informative and well done documentary about the history of the American movie industry and the influences and consequences of those influences. It is an important document that provides some historical context about the rise and fall of the Hollywood studios and the influence that those studios had on the American public and culture. The documentary covers a lot of interesting and important topics, and it is a good place to start for anyone interested in the history of Hollywood and the history of American culture. I really recommend this documentary to anyone who likes to learn more about Hollywood.

Patricia May photo
Patricia May

This is a must see documentary for anyone who wants to understand the causes of the problems we face today. It also shows us what our children are up against and what they can do to make a difference. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in the environment, the environment and what can be done to change it. It also gives us an insight into the causes of what we are seeing today. The documentary is very informative and you don't have to be a scientist to understand the issues presented. You can even understand the problems the world is facing if you are interested in the environment and what can be done to change it. It's a must see!

Jonathan J. photo
Jonathan J.

When you want to see a documentary, one that is both informative and entertaining, and does not take itself too seriously, then this is the documentary for you. It is a great compilation of interviews from some of the top filmmakers and musicians of the past, from music to acting to the arts. This is the kind of documentary that you can watch multiple times and have a different take on each interview. It is not a "great" documentary, but it is certainly a great documentary. This documentary is not only a great compilation of interviews from some of the top filmmakers and musicians of the past, but also an excellent, well researched look at the history of music. The interviews are very interesting, and the information presented in the interviews is insightful. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone looking for a great documentary. It is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Kathleen B. photo
Kathleen B.

I saw this film on the first day of its release in the UK. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a great film, and a great opportunity to see some of the finest talent in the UK. It is a very real documentary and that is one of the best things about it. The film follows the work of a group of British artists and writers, who are struggling to come to terms with the state of their art. It is a fascinating look at the UK's art scene, and how it has been affected by the new wave of British film. The film also has a great sense of humour about it, and it is a joy to watch the artists. It is a great film to watch at any time, and is very well worth seeing.

Paul G. photo
Paul G.

In the beginning of the film, we are introduced to a large group of people who live in the Shatila Refugee Camp in Gaza. We are also introduced to the Palestinian Authority, which has run the camp for over 10 years. As we follow the life of these people, we get a sense of what it is like to live there. It is very difficult to get into this country without papers, and it is hard to get a job without a formal education. One of the things that really struck me about the film was the extreme violence that exists in Gaza. There is a constant fear of death, and the lives of the people who live there are very fragile. The violence that exists in Gaza is not in the form of street violence. Rather, it is in the form of extreme acts of violence. When the camera first appears in the camp, one of the boys is filming a killing. When a girl is caught in the act, the director of the film is forced to take a photo of the girl. I would have liked to see more of these acts of violence, but I think the film is very effective in the way it shows how much the lives of these people are in danger. It is also very difficult to get in the country without a visa, and many of the people who live in Gaza are refugees who fled from Syria, or from other countries that have been fighting wars. This film is very effective in showing the need for the world to do more to help the people of Gaza. The film ends with the camera crew leaving Gaza and heading to Washington, D.C., and they are met by the President of the United States, who is very interested in the film. This is an important film that shows the need for the world to do more to help the people of Gaza.

Robert photo

I have been looking forward to this film for some time. I know that my friends and I will discuss it in the pub and argue about it. It is now in the can. I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD. The film is set in a small town in the UK where the residents live in their own bubble. It is a small world. Most of the town is made up of people who have never seen the outside world. It is this community of detached individuals that are so comfortable with their own world. The film is a fascinating look at the town and the people that inhabit it. I was also very impressed with the film's ability to tell the story of the town and its inhabitants without a single actor in the town speaking. It is not your ordinary documentary. The performances were first rate and the story was intriguing. I hope that this film does well at the box office. I would certainly recommend this film to anyone who likes to think about how their life is structured and how it may be changed by outside forces.

Kelly Castro photo
Kelly Castro

I'm surprised at the number of negative reviews on this film, considering how much I enjoyed it. I was interested in learning more about the film, and seeing the video archives. I'm so glad I found this, because it's a very interesting and insightful documentary about the history of the Indian music. I was also surprised to learn that this was done by the same group that did the documentary on the Civil Rights Movement, and that the editor was the same person who edited the documentary on the Civil Rights Movement. I thought that was very interesting, because there's a lot of history behind the film. I'm not going to spoil the film, but I can tell you that the music and the music video are very inspiring. The way the music is made is very interesting. It's like a documentary on the music of the 1950's, and I think it's very important that this film is made. I would recommend it to anyone who's interested in Indian music and culture. I think that anyone who is interested in music history will really enjoy this film.