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Church & State is a movie starring Jennifer Lynn Dobner, Mark Lawrence, and Jim Magleby. A surprise federal court ruling in 2013 legalized gay marriage for Utah - triggering a fierce battle in a state where Mormon church values...

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Holly Tuckett, Kendall Wilcox
Torben Bernhard, Holly Tuckett, Kendall Wilcox, Jennifer Lynn Dobner
Jennifer Lynn Dobner, Jim Magleby, Taylor Petrey, Mark Lawrence
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A surprise federal court ruling in 2013 legalized gay marriage for Utah - triggering a fierce battle in a state where Mormon church values control the Legislature and every aspect of public life.

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Billy W. photo
Billy W.

I saw this film at the Calgary International Film Festival and was so taken by it. It took me awhile to fully realize it was a documentary and not a film. I'd like to say it was just a film, but in reality it's a documentary of how the modern day system and corruption is hurting our youth. It was interesting to watch the film because it is really different than other films and documentaries. This film was never preachy or over-simplified, it just simply showed you how the system works and the horrible things they can do. You'll be amazed at how little the film had to say. The film focuses on the high school students from Edmonton who were charged with sex crimes and they went to trial. Their stories were truly amazing and I was very impressed with how good this documentary was. You will get to see the young men's testimonies and hear their stories as well as the testimonies of the prosecutor's and the judge's. It was also very interesting to see the young men's actions when they were later placed into jail. They were incarcerated in the same cell as some of the main characters in the film. I truly loved the film and would recommend it to anyone. I would also like to mention that the film was very respectful of the accused and the prosecution's time and their testimony. It was very respectful to the victims and their families. I really loved this film. I highly recommend it. 8/10

Carolyn Lewis photo
Carolyn Lewis

This is the best movie about the family of the Newtown shooting victims. This movie is even more disturbing than the film that is based on the actual shootings. It's a story of the real families of Sandy Hook. It is also a cautionary tale about gun control. The movie is very emotional, and I'm very glad that this movie is released. A lot of people think that the movie is too disturbing to be shown. It's not. It's just a story. It's very sad that this horrible tragedy happened, but I think that this is the only movie about the Sandy Hook shooting. I think that this is the best movie that's about the shooting victims.

Wayne Edwards photo
Wayne Edwards

It is sometimes difficult to get into the inner workings of this film. The back and forth between the documentary, the diaries, and the documentary of his two sons. I found myself sitting, somewhat lost. It was interesting, but it was hard to be fully engaged in the film. I found it to be both painful and beautiful to watch. As the movie progresses, we get to learn more about each man. I was especially interested in the diaries of Fred's son, Charlie, and his experiences of the Holocaust. While watching the film, I found myself looking back at the diaries and wondering what I would have done. What I would have done differently. I found the film to be moving, but it also was quite interesting to me that I had never seen one of Fred's films before. So, I wanted to check out more. This film did not disappoint.

Alexander Warren photo
Alexander Warren

The film does show the power of the state and the way it affects everyday life. The historical events of the civil war and the police who were charged with the care of the prisoners of war are brought to the surface. The best of the documentary, "Escape from Camp Delta" has the best idea of how to use the history of the civil war to cover the plight of black prisoners of war in the American system. The idea of making a documentary on a case of imprisonment is a brave and clever one and a huge point of focus. It also shows the tough and uncomfortable position of the law enforcement officers. As a whole, the film is a good documentary that also teaches us a lot about the history of the Civil War.

Jean Ruiz photo
Jean Ruiz

This documentary was one of the most fascinating I've seen in a long time. I've seen documentaries about the Holocaust, and this one was by far the most interesting. It was very emotional, and it made you feel like you were there. I really enjoyed the interviews with the people involved, and the story of the Holocaust. The documentary is very emotional, and it makes you feel like you are there. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know more about the Holocaust.

Joan J. photo
Joan J.

This film was made by a man who is part of the P&S community. He did the documentary for his local church and decided to make it into a film. I enjoyed it, but it does have its weaknesses. First, I am a man and the film did not give me the message that I wanted. I wanted to know more about the reasons that these young men were doing what they were doing. I wanted to know how these men were growing up and how they found their way into P&S. This film did not give me that information. Secondly, I did not find the documentary to be very entertaining. I was not really in the mood to laugh, and I was not very interested in what they were doing. I did not care about them, and I was not interested in what they were going through. I do not know what the P&S community is like, but I know that it is a very caring community and I think that this film could have been more informative. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in P&S. I would also recommend it to anyone who is a Christian. I think that the message of this film is very important and I think that it is very important that it is told. I think that it is a very good film, but it is not something that I would watch over and over again.

Lisa photo

Possibly the best documentary on the Holocaust I have ever seen. It has been made by American Jew David Grossman, a former Nazi officer. He was sent to a concentration camp for Jewish prisoners, and he witnessed the atrocities of the Holocaust. This documentary, in which he interviews the three brothers of Nazi officer Hans Kammler, who committed suicide in 1941, also showed the brutality of the Nazi's state in the occupied countries, but not the specific genocide of the Jews. Grossman's film makes the point that there was no Jewish anti-Semitism, that there were no secret societies, that the Jews were not deliberately persecuted. I would like to see Grossman's film released in DVD or on-demand, because it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Alexander R. photo
Alexander R.

Very well done documentary on the 1984 movie of the same name, which is well researched and presented. I had no idea of the movie until I saw the documentary and was very impressed with how it was presented and researched. It does not seem like there was any major editing, it is very well put together. It is very well organized, very well done, and I was impressed by the fact that it is still as relevant today as it was in 1984. I do not want to reveal any spoilers, but it is interesting to see how the lead actor, who is now an actor, was involved with the production. He was actually interviewed for this documentary, so it is good that he is still involved in the movie business.

Sara O. photo
Sara O.

The only reason I watch these documentaries is because I like to read reviews. This documentary is outstanding in terms of providing a message, which is the only way to go about a topic like this. But it is also an extremely well structured documentary, and I cannot see how it is not controversial. Many times in documentaries we find the facts of a story not being entirely accurate. But the documentary points out exactly how this happened, and if it was a real story, it should have been a no-no. The documentary was an excellent study of history and how people's views of what happened have changed over time. They covered all the main parties, both parties who were of one opinion and of the other, and all of the parties who supported the "truth". The documentary shows the main themes of this time, when both parties were fighting over the truth, and that this is still going on, and that is how it should be. It also points out the more recent historical events that are more modern. This is an excellent documentary.

Doris D. photo
Doris D.

This film is an interesting look at the "new American exceptionalism". It tells the story of a white man who wants to be a member of the elite American culture, which is white. He has lived in the country for many years and has been a white man in a white nation. He has many friends who look like him, and as he gets closer to the elite he is introduced to the principles of the new American exceptionalism. He is invited to the White House where he meets the new President, and he begins to question the principles of this culture. He doesn't quite fit in the new society, and is confused. He is in the middle of a society, where there is no separation between the "super-rich" and the "poor". The President seems to be the leader of a huge corporation, with a big army and other resources. The film is telling the story of the "privileged" American citizen. It is interesting to see what happens to the white man and the other people who are trying to fit in the new society. There are several things that should have been explained better, such as why there is a high proportion of blacks and a very low proportion of whites. I think it would have been more useful to have a different story than the one we have. Overall, the film is good, but I think it could have been better.

Marie photo

A major embarrassment for the Romney campaign is that they turned out to be wrong about the true extent of Bain Capital's influence on Bain Capital. On December 7th, 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported that Mitt Romney's son Tagg Romney, who was the lead economist on Bain's multi-billion dollar deal for the wireless carrier, Microsoft, is now a senior executive at Bain Capital, and is a close adviser to the Romney campaign. The son, Tagg, served on the Bain Capital board of directors, and advised Romney's presidential campaign. As in the previous two reports, the Journal found that Tagg had much influence on Romney's Bain Capital investment decisions. The Journal quoted Tagg as saying he didn't "want to be a political campaign contributor," and was happy to "take a pass" on politics. However, as the Journal's report showed, Tagg is still at Bain Capital, and still has "a leading role in some of the firm's projects." Tagg also helped set up a meeting between the Romney campaign and Goldman Sachs that resulted in a $500 million investment in the company. In fact, Tagg's role in Goldman Sachs has now become the subject of a lawsuit alleging that Tagg and his partners committed securities fraud in the investment, and that Goldman Sachs is part of a conspiracy to make a killing off the money that flowed from the deal. So it's not so much that Mitt Romney's campaign is wrong to take the advice of his son, but that they are wrong to continue to support Tagg's appointment as a senior Romney advisor. He continues to be part of Romney's Bain Capital investment decision-making, and still plays a central role in Romney's presidential campaign.

Robert photo

The downside of having a child is that you become a parent to the people you love and feel it is an achievement to be a parent. Unfortunately, as we all know, sometimes the people we love become the children of other people who have the same opinions and values. This film examines that phenomenon with the authors of The Difference Engine and more. It focuses on the positive side of having children, which I believe is the most important factor to have children, while focusing on the negative aspects. That being said, I really enjoyed the film, and felt it was a good depiction of the history of having children. It did not try to have a political message, and its emphasis was purely factual. It focused on how people reacted to having children and the success they had in their life. If you want to learn more, check it out.

Nicole W. photo
Nicole W.

The interviews are mostly foreign or cultural events, like a concert or a trip to the capital. This documentary shows how these events may have shaped the life of the people in those countries, how they reflected on their country, and how they got rid of the dark demons that they might have had. The documentary also shows how these events were recorded on television and film, and how this was used as a way to manipulate the people. Although I'm not sure what it means, it seems to show how governments in these countries created a situation where their subjects would talk about the dark sins they might have committed, so the governments would send their agents to kill them. It also shows how people in the audience are glued to the television screens and it shows how they hear their leaders speaking in different accents. These events may have had a positive or a negative impact on some people, but they probably would have also changed the lives of the people in these countries. This documentary also shows how the government tries to control the information it receives, and how it controls the media to get people to support their policies. This documentary is also full of interviews with people who live in these countries. The film ends with a video interview with people who had survived the genocide. It seems that the film's director wanted to show how much the atrocities were influenced by the media and the government. This documentary may be worth a look.

Gloria photo

I think this documentary is not at all a documentary. I would not even call it a documentary. This film is too long. What I mean is that the film could have been made in just 30 minutes. The film could have been put together in a day, and the remaining film would have been completed in two days. So, the film is not a documentary. The film does not have enough real footage to tell the story. I think that this film is mostly a very good look at what is going on in the middle east. But, I still think that the movie is a little too long, and I don't think that it is really a very good look at the Middle East.

Dennis M. photo
Dennis M.

When I first heard of this film, I was a little skeptical because I've never heard of it and I didn't know what to expect. I'm glad I watched it and I really enjoyed it. The film is a little slow in the beginning and a little boring, but the majority of the film is quite interesting. I really enjoyed the film and I think it's worth a watch. The film is about the relationship between the parents of a little girl, Anna, and her dad. Anna is a precocious, intelligent child who is extremely curious and interested in the world. She wants to know everything about it and her parents have been doing their best to keep her in a world of books and toys. At the same time, they also are doing their best to keep her from being influenced by her little sister. It's a fascinating relationship and it's not at all clear what the parents are doing to help their daughter. The film is a little slow, but I thought the film was interesting and it had a good ending. Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I think it's worth a watch.